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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  September 6, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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today 90 degrees, and again tomorrow perhaps paired look at radar, about secaucus morning
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with increasing humidity with high '80s temperature here showers near strongsville did rain near canton and medina county see the boundary line between more comfortable air and the higher humidity aza moves through through the area it introduced a localized cold front drive in the showers the dewpoints are to continue to get more heat rain and storms from the midwest wil get in here about thursday with widespread rainfall increasingl likely that is still a couple days away we have a few left over shaw high today of 90
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changes the weekend coming up on set for man accused of a crime spree killing a maple heights mother and another man badly beatennli >> jessica dill is at the justice center the latestt perid brian burns junior was given $8 million bond after they say beat up a 71-year-old man, stole his car and ran through a red light andst hit and killed woman, mother of two, the 19-year-old made his first cour appearance today facingng aggravated vehicular homicide,1 aggravated robbery and receivin they say that on saturday night he attacked and robbedhe 71-year-old man leavin
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pier also accused of stealing the victim's car and then crashing into shirley duncan barnes killinger, duncan-barnes was a 49-year-oldsh mother of t from maple heights, she's on he way home from a high school reunion when the accident pushe her car into a building killing her,wd in court today the prosecutor asked for the high bond . on september 3 man had his car stolen at gunpoint in one hour later , he was driving the vehicle crashin and killing a 49-year-old femal on the side of cleveland after the carjacking at west 33rd, ask that nobody 1 million bond cash assurity. is also brought out today that he had no prior felonies,
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he has been assigned both medical and psychiatric help.e bressi white house is tighteninghi its kitchen of the home stretch here in cleveland hillary clinton donald trump arrived within hours of each other monday appeared was carrying donald trump's press corps had to pull over as hillary clinton's went travelin by. on its way to luke easter park.. >> just look at the facts, educate yourself,, your friends or colleagues, because the kind of f bluster and while claims he makes about everybody and everything,w don't stand up to
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she spoke at luke easter park after the annual labor day paradede suffering from a coupl of coffee pads ands joe beno was an allergic reaction to donald trump, and she was joined byby running mate tim kaine and thre national labor leaders, argued the case that she's the best candidate for working-class americans,ae her opponent made surprise visit , dropping in on the lunch crowd in brook park after a roundtable discussion a the american legion pose, trump and mike penceme group of labor leaders talking about manufacturing, promising to bring jobs back to the unite statesri. >> we will bring back the jobs and stop companies from leaving and it is so easyvi, all we hav to know is that when they make product in a different location than this country, the product does not come in here so easily like they think. a new cnn-orc poll shows trump william clinton by two
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campaign has seen each candidat holding a significant lead at some the last two months, according to the same poll,nini most expect to see her prevail in november, 59 percent think that she will be the next present in only 34 percent thin that he has a shot at winning. whenever you see the candidates, love to see them in local restaurants and you can learn a lot about them. >> see them one-on-one, absolutely. >> we have about 60 days until the election. please hunting for those responsible for an attempted smash and grabs, after 5:00 a.m. at a family dollar store on eas 180 5th street, they say a whit suv slammed into the building it ended up stuck, the would-be
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atm but they did get away from the scene, they said that they're looking for a blue minivan that the suspects were seen driving off and if you have information please contact the police. vi been a busy morning, around house m. they battled a fire in the third 2,000 of moun sterling avenue, believed to be a vacant house no word on the causeno. canton police looking for man who attacked an art gallery owner before stealing his walle and cell phone,,anll he says he closing the art factory on sixth street northwest in canton earl saturday afternoon exhibit he says he noticed a man relieving himself on the side of building and asked him to stop. >> someone else came around the side of the building, a friend of his, they said something i turned around > and that was said that's all i remember.
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stop by to help, if you realize his cell phone and wallet were gone, it is several stitches but is expected to be okay, his family and friends have set up a go-fund-me accou to help with his medical bills. one of cleveland's own the cemeteries has been damaged by vandals. dozens of headstones at the erie street ce east ninth street pier note fro their bases in some cracked police are not commenting , the cemetery is the final resting place for more than 8,000 including,e veterans from the revolutionary war, civil war an the spanish-american war. >> city councilman terrell pruitt will go overseas today i part of a six-month deployment with the national guard, the council and is a in the ohio guard and will go to the balkan
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brady will serve as utilities committee chair during his absence,e,i he was appointed to counsel in 2,008 and has been
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brock turner was released when california jail after three months were salting me unconscious woman he had received credit for time served the sentence creed outrage because they believed that six months wase too limited to begin with now there is a campaign to recall the judge to sentence brock turner,s judge aaron persky, now mandating prison time for similar sex crimesi governor has to september 30 to willr sign it. considering changes to a caribbean festivales after a shooting two killed yesterday short time before the predawn parade in aid to the governor was gunned down yesteryear they posted flyersar to warn of acts of violence will bebe prosecuted while doubling the number of police assigned to the eventnt. >> third person died as result of
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a south carolina man was trying to move the tree whe he was hit by a car on winds kept 18 wheeler saturday in north carolina killing the driver, the florida governor sent friday homeless man was killed when hit by a falling minnesota mother says she is grieving after the remains of her sone have been located in identified,ha masked gunman adopted jacob wetterling october 1989, e released a statement said they're not yet ready to speakd to the media, that's a photo of him, a person of interest has been held on child pornography charges since october. for a woman trying to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend end upen in jail, she thought she w sending his car on fire but it was the wrong car the 19-year-old was captured on video before and after torching the honda accord witnesses told police that they saw her right away from the sceneneic o bicycle, the owner of the car says he tried to put out the
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the woman has been charged with second-degree arsont . fans a nascar track got more of a show than expected a started when two of the truck drivers battled it out on the dirt track. the winner of the race took some time to be decided, in the end, john hunt nemechek won the nascar camping world truck series chevrolet silverado 250 period coal custer, who finished second, do not agreeee and he has made tha known . he wants the flag and not going to get given to him, now we have coal custer and me my
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coal custer do not like the way that the race ended. you try to tackle him that they were separated quickly in fox sports .com poll, 77 percent of fans said they do not believe that he had ones the race fairl. last week this photo went viral of a florida state football player travis rudolph schooler named beau passkey, wh has autism, though i had been bullied at school, ass travis rudolph continue to surprise young elementary student in his mother with a custom florida state jerseyst and he even got to be on the sidelines during thee victory over old mississippi
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yesterday a high of 89 and we're already in the 80s period it has been a while since we had measurable rainfa in northern ohio we started to have increased humidity triggering showers they are pretty localized by some spots and picked up good rainfall near cantonll and brecksville also
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it will be then trending cooler at the end of the week, rock creek 86, it was 473 mornings ago period webcam time lapse shows the clouds thickening earlierme huge difference from eight hours ago we will have high humidity unti release thursday.e increasing humidity now the cold front moving in on thursday because o these high now to set it up into new england as it moves
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the southwest and we get this summer-like pattern again with more rainfall along the cold front more than likely thursday. tomorrow there's going to be warmfront lifting north g. that will be enough to trigger a shower afte sundown tomorrow ig then the line develops thursday and another low that will be developing friday period during high school football lots of different elementsts each one h the capability to produce rainfall looking at the 8 -day forecast
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that it will be dropped the chances of hitting 90 after september 15 are very slim only happened a couple times the last 50re-60 years, more than likely this will be the last burst of summe heat for the year, with nothin close to 90. join us were dick goddard's second pet telethonon, you can make a pledge by phone or onlin
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the cleveland apl, the telethon is sponsored by stautzenberger
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british airways are struggling to fix a problem with this check in system today the problem leads to long lines and de unclear how many flights have been affected, passengers say the airline told that the syste failure had been going on for hours and was worldwide,re the airline says that it is checkin passengers as normal at heathro and gatwick airport in london n period delta air lines spending a lot of money to make sure tha your luggage does not get losts investing $50 million on
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get special tax it up with computer chips and antennas i can be tracked, if your luggage gets routed to the wrong fight it will stopte the conveyor bel and alert them of the error. off by you on apps on your phone? according to a new report the answer for most of is a lot, media analytics company comscore recently found that smartphone apps account for 50 percent of our online time come o clear that two computers 32 percent in tablets at 11 percentrmp it reveals just h important smart phones have becomeav to us, comscore credit the increase to our need to hav our phones on us at all times. a single texas mom admits that she is shocked by the positive responseeit she has received online following a schoolh event ask is dressed up as a man to take part in donuts
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she found out about it when she drop off so she went home to put on a different outfit with fake mustache and cologne says she wants to do whatever she can to make her son smiled, her two
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both of them said the man accused of a crime spree in cla than killing a maple heights mother andy left a man badly beaten. >> jessica dill is at the justice center with the latest. brian burns dinner was given a $1 million bond after they sa that he 1-year-old man, still in hiss vehicle, running through a red light and telling a woman,, the 19-year-old made hiss first cou appearance is facing aggravated vehicular homicide, robbery and receiving stolen property charges the police officer said that on saturday night attacked and robbed a send 1-year-old ma living saint rocco's church festival also accused of stealing his caroh a short tim later they say berndt sped
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rabbi crashing into shirley duncan barnes, killing her, she was eight for a 9-year-old mother of two periods prosecutor jay asked for high bond . >> on september 3 a send 1-year-old male and his car stolen at gunpoint then an hour laterer , he was driving the vehicle in christ into a, 9-year-old female on cleveland' east side after the carjacking period we asked that the minimu bond b $1 million cash assurity. was brought up in court that he had nono prior felonies he i also being assigned both medica and psychiatric help, jessica dill fox 8 news. h and we had a few showers earlierr but sees me clearing o
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pledges sunshine on tap today but more rainfall is around the corner in that's a good thing because wehodne still need more rainfall this is a live look from our roof-cam period check in with scott sabol for a look at our forecast. the showers moving through new philly moving into carrolto county also a shower near minerval appeared there moving out pretty rapidly because of increasing humidity increasing a mini front of source it is not much of a drop, but it was significantly lower earlier and the higher humidity to the west with lots of air that piled up on the boundary driving the showers. we had those in the forecast, introduce them aboutt 5:30 a.m.t period of a few spot
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increasing humidity all the way back to the midwest, the high that has kept us dry is not lifting out moving into new england and the beginning of th cold front. the cold front, is bringing moisture from the hurricane hitting western mexico c haziz works as it makes landfall the turns into at tropical system over arizona than a lot of the moisture will be absorbed into the, cold front. interesting feature to the forecast, it will be hot humid around 90 degrees a few showers to the east beginning to fade away tonight 68 degreeser mostl cloudy tomorrow partly sunny, more heat/humidity a shower possible tomorrow evening , when the warmfronte tracks north we anticipate the front to move through slowersh and also move
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thursday anticipating rain and storms to developop late thursd in another one friday we start to see things increasingw after nice stretch of four days period labor day cookout took an exciting turn in youngstown whe a man stole an ambulance crash party, they say that the 41-year-old got into an ambient , the key was on left inside, but he did not kno was that it had gps so the police were on his trail and h then drove to a cookout. the officers pulled up and drew their guns on himm, that's when we found out that it was not good. >> the driver park and that point.he was surrounded. they don't not know why he went to the cookout, he did not
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held without bond. scary scene at a cleveland labor day tradition as a contestant in the annual greasy pole climb at saint rocco's festival fellsy during monday's competition, the video was sent by a fox 8 viewer. the man was trying to pull himself uph on another competitor when he slipped and fell, paramedicscs tended to the man on the scene in told that he gave a thumbs u asce taken away there's no word his condition's morningak. back to school for johnny manziel, a spokesman for texas a&m sayshn that he has reenroll at his old college, they say he still living in la and is takin online classes, you left for th nfl before completing his classes required to receive his degree in recreation, parks and tourism sciencesr. >> lebron james is going hollywood again,n, be posted this
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b although there are some mystery as to why they were hanging out it was captioned, but this grea dude, coming soon as well as a number of hash tags including t camera ready. will know that fried food is ba for us. >> it turns out that other cooking styles are also very good, what's worse that could cause diabetes, tell you the healthiest way to prepare food. the friend i touched on crew is planning for week three here are the nominees for the game o the week, barberton and cuyahog falls,o still at solon and shaker heights at bedford in perryt at madison go to fox 8, the winner announced thursday night at 10:00 p.m.. this week special guest host
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westlake,w when they take a fie at their newly renovated stadium, join us for week three offf friday night touchdown fri
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will be a busy night tonight also ac/dc concert period welcome back, change the way that you cook me increase your risk of diabetes fried baked foods have advance glycation en products, higher levels system have been linked to insulin resistance, though sustained, stewed or poach thei meals saw improvement in insuli resistance and information suggesting that cooking styles may influence diabetes riskh period a group of people could face charges were knocking over ale sandstone rock relation in oregon, a group of about a people pushing over the 10-foot
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oregon state parks and recreation department considers it vandalism, a man spotted the groupal last week and am trying those involveda the latest in a growing number of vandalism cases in parks i >> is sure to be action-packed at the movies. >> jason statham plays the role of a master assassin,> arthur bishop, is back in action after an enemy can assessac love interest played by jessica alba here is j fox 8's david moss jess, joins super stuntman jason staitham in the sickle mechanic resurrection, back fro her dark angel days she plays a tough. >> i've done my own stunts that's how i got started in the businessss, it was fun to be ab to do them and do something physical and get into it period felt like she was ex- military
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training under her belt it is a little bit more modern, dark angel was stylized, i wanted to get that kind of gravity surreal, take down your opponent at any cost type of fighting style and that is what it does. i really appreciated his discipline and his thoughtfulness, he is, not only performing , and participating in the action, he has also very aware, of what needs to be shod, the variousus camera angles with the other actors are doing. he is behind the camera, very
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so i appreciate that about him and just how powerful he is about the whole process. i think is important for me, if i am in the situation, and i choose to do anything it is nic that i can highlight, that when i want to see women who are dynamic. and they can themselves. just, and mechanic resurrection, david moss fox 8
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auction nasa, senior financial plannerer from szarka financial is here too talk abou a windfall for divorced spouses
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the great thing is we know how the voices can be so its not like you're taking away somethingc of theirsso >> one the greatest threats of return security along with prolonged illness as divorce an one of the least knownwn benefits of social security is that you can collect on your ex-spouse's record under certain circumstances even if divorced . , and also he had to be married for a to.tain amount of time >> yes, you both had to be 62 and the marriage lasted a least ten years, for example, cases where the person was married nine years 11 months and no dice, it has to be ten consecutive years, some people, who have remarried the same personop it has to be ten
12:50 pm
count. does that person have to have put money into social security?t yes, your divorced benefits had to be greater than your own it has half of their full benefit, in general that's how it works. if you file when you are 66 or olderer you get half of your ex-spouse is full benefit. als you cannot have remarried, if s that you are out could have been remarried and that's okay. >> it is not revenge you do not affect them at all, they don't even have to have filed , but they are 64 and have not yet fileded you are 66 you can file and collect your divorced benefit based on their recordfi. >> they don't have to sign off on it. >> they don't even have to know
12:51 pm
the people married ten years that each made $50,000 a yearar then at age 62, have not remarried then what do they do? >> it depends on whose record i more aboutut it is half of the ex-spouse's benefit is greater than you can apply and get that instead , in your situation, married ten years,, what if you x-pass kept getting married ove and over they could create lots of beneficiariesh. i think mickey rooney had seven wise, but his marriages do not last seven years by johnny carson created a least three marriages that were over ten years each so he could potentially have three ex-spouse is all collecting on his benefitsts. >> was the biggest mistake that people can make when they try t do this? >> that they just are not aware of it it is one of least known
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complicated and important part of most people's retirement pla and is looking at some of the rules it is so complicatedd, yo need to take a close look to se what will be best for you >> need to hire the way people view them for you. >> especially in a divorce case. >> lots of tricking us in hoops ps to jump through but thank you for informing usus for more inf on szarka financial servicesf y can go to the website at fox >> . 5-year-old loves the police so much that he treated them to lunch but then they end up treating him to something else pretty special. >> time for the third annual i
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park@east cleveland on sunday september 11:8 a.m. proceeds benefit the dawson foundations to provide college scholarships, winter clothing and impermanent empowerment conferences for inn students, will find a link ata
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new jersey boy is a huge fan of the place and he wanted to make sure that they know it,
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said of his allowance to treat them to lunch last week he and his mother brought in subway sandwiches, that he was given a special surprise from the polic department, a special police department shirt and other gifts gifts, they also share photos o their facebook page,, commandin his acts of kindness and his parents for raising such a grea kid s. this is about a boy who was running late for school his mother dropped him off way and he got inside his texas school in her wa last figures played t other students pledge allegianc so hent stopped and joined then he said a spontaneous prayer, student resource officer nearby says that she was touched by hi actionsnsur, so she sent there other kids still rushing past him to get inside.
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can you tell me about your prayer?r? >> thank you god, i thank you for giving me a wonderful dayt. >> i can believe that he acknowledged that he was, a moment of, that you need to sto and do the pledge of allegianc and see jed and he ignored the other kids around him and kept doing it it was awesome. >> the boy's mother says that her post- has been shared.. and
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today on "the real" -- >> one lucky fan is facing the clock as we play down to the wire. >> we want you to win $500. >> let's do this. >> plus we pay tribute to dr. martin luther king jr. >> he gave us a voice. >> this show wouldn't be here today if we didn't have the actions of dr. >> "the real." ? this is our time ? ? don't waste another minute ? ? this is our time ? ? grab ahold of time and get it ? ? starting right now, right now, right now ? ? it's all right we got a choice ?


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