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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  September 8, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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here we go again. i think it is thursday. this time another new date cleveland whiskey is, bar it is barely 10:00 o'clock in the morning. look at that. >> that does not look like me.
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about how to wear sweaters in different ways loves it. are so many different sweaters. can wearer my anytime time you are done with them. this is the day kids are not going to school. it is not a snow day. it is a hot day. what is that? a lot of people are waiting in on that. both f
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>> i remember if i went to a catholic grade school we always have the windows open. >> i never remember being out for a hot day, but i am also injured now. >> we may n be premature nurse d her sweater nowe but yes. we made make the cabbage roll. and we have about 15 volunteers doing it. we will probably end up about 15 w cabbage rolls by e end ofa the day.
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dish. everyone loves. everyone loves them everyone makes them differently depending on which region you come it depends on what region income ours were made out of work. most people do use pork it is the domain kind of meat. i have been doing this with the sausage. 700 and then waved the amount pretty unlikely to make sure they are all pretty even and from there they move downth and then they
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lot but it is worth it. my kids are growing up in the club as well.ds theirc routes. >> it continues roots. >> it continues our culture. are all ages here. a lot of the younger generation here. i can come here with my mom and
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together everyone has a good time. >> once we start getting those compliments of how much we are enjoying the fooddo and that is that was a fascinating time to complete that the sun. >> your is the good news. if you would like to try stuffed cabbage this weekend,f oktoberfest is the place to do it they also make sure sensible and a sausage. going to be a lot of fun. speaking of fun,
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about irish whiskey. this is pronounced irish pub. i think this is going through leave. this is right next to a. coming in and out of there. one of the friendliest neighborhood bars. you're coming from an area that
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add to some flavor to her the most important is the whiskey.h so you have a kettle of hot water in her. >> my could irishf have ae kettle of hot water. >> i like this million on, comes from my mom we always have it on the boyle heights home. here we go. but what kind. >> (you did your mom like? do you like to you? >> love it. i drink it all the time. i wish jamison measures
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established in 1780 i cloves and mount lemmon is this what you have inis ireland for breakfast my first is to do 50 of the close of them and they would all come in for lunch it was a liquid lunch to have to get ready for that. >> us >> it would be a good eye-opener to two ready for theod afternoon of work. >> lots of whiskey there. it really does with the citruss and cloves. beautiful mexican. >> they are beer and an irish pub in san francisco not too
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they brought about the distillerybr in trouble. >> they make it available scotch rose the difference between irish and scotch whiskey? >> and overer in order to be a symbol scott mount is all part stole the triple pot part distilled threee different processes. >> so it is a different kind of complicated. >> caps on in scotland they have
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>> i have no idea where to get the water.ea >> what is going on here? >> sure about the oldest are here in this here is taking a spinoff of craft breweries through the reverse is the cycle the reverse the brewery in county cork now they have the last of jamison and the porkbarrel work? >> i actually don't drink that was hurt. that's why you are successful it is definitely pork flavored. >> that is soft and smooth. a lot smoother. >> that is terrific. i think i
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about them other than drink thet a little early in the day taking a cue fromak you not to drink tm that is funny. d >> i want to tell people to auno down t to playhouse square where there is aua playhouse broadway series, it is a friendly place to do open it upoa with a nice private room in the back. a spinoff on the traditional in ireland. what is it? >> it is ireland when you build this was a smug of the priest wanted to have a drink and everything you would go in there and close the door or an attorney was doing work or something like that and i wanted toto lead the client privately, they would leave privately. both of that small intimate kind of feel when you go there you feel likeof you belong there everyone is
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people within it is not for like you have people in the atmosphere and comfort that is a place you are supposeds to talk not see on your cell phone it drives me crazy the so-called moral values okay can see that on playhouse square show, it is are you open downtown? >> seven days a week o. which e i am at most? >> it depends back and forth over time. >> you will be able to recognize he is the friendliestil and all the world. time to prepare for cooler days we talked about earlier sweaters. coming up
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donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
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welcome back. follow us on the that means water weather. welcome we are talking about us water one of the reasons i get so excited for fall. >> for your taking creative approaches to different ways to immerse her sweater. >> from newsletters you can
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multiple ways you t can take a turn them upside down or bring inak stuff you already have. yu will possibly need the types of sweaters we have because i've never seen sweaters with like thisha it is really neat as detachable part. >> taketa the panels often about the moment do and then t if you would take thm upside down and put them around aboutt them in the front it becomesn a new sweater. i love that one because will because as a capelha. >> stamps on the side out about to make it more figure
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and itit becomes more work apele widowhood. these are more interesting this one has a pin stuck in that way you can undo it unfolded in different ways appropriate for your figure you cann also take it and flip it upside down.o and you have multiple sweaters and in one it now. already have with a brooch or your favorite grandmother's pen
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a party isn't so bad and dress it up. >> that is a great scholar puts color but then a different sweaters. >> you can think about the sweaters. not think was possible toth wear in different ways. foxing upside down and wrapping it is in your accessories to add new life to your sweaterss undo that, it becomes a loose sweater. >> that is queue. cute. mold t different ways.. add your appearance. >> i love that i was the hours of sedona want to see what it would look like the other ways. >> when he you turn it this way
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okay how awesome is that. and then you can wrap it independent it again. >> you are wearing went nd to tt looks really neat. minus just really long sleeved wrapped several ways. >> looks like an infinity scarves. >> an infinity scarf with the slaves and i always lovd doing that. sweaters that i have like that so a variety of differen ways to d wear them i have one more second here. on someone else hows cute is this one looks a lot is just a normal one looks water but then this one has snaps and holesth we put your am to that you there isn't also at this other belt here to give it more about ways. several
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in the store thank you for having me. >> one-of-a-kind beautiful are two different words and i have fun and that is one thing they have in high school still have it in my studio with her earrings with the back and i just always knew that was what i wanted to do. >> i will start out i i with wii am so making still making jewelry every daye because of my aromatic jewelry it with the relax while my husband invented
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take does take a little vial of oil with the jewelry you pop a little drop like i did in the braceletelle and you put the bracelet on your wrist.o and when you are having a moment, you just take a whiff and it is with you all day government when they are i love i have a mightier the making big dramatic hearings with lots of using stuff that is never
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isn't like what it looks like i just laid them on the boarding came with the mismatchedtt paif earrings. i like the big groups with a lot of opened, negative space. >> i also hand hammered for my sterling silver and ample my father gave me if i'd on a jobsite ages of every day of my work. i also use an old hammer him or two. a >> it is funny you are is a great working the time is spent observing and trying to take t that all in remembering if you are lucky enough how to put it together. when i started doing can still enjoyar a long time ago but reay brought it into fruition was my account was gone for eight weeks
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coming back. i when i posted on facebook shei was back everyone said that was great. everyone thought that as bad as i thought i'm going to make that asked bracelets to make money to pay for her hospital bill which was a lot and i did and i got to thinking love is that and piecs is and everyone who came to help her was completely bad as out f love and kindness sohy make them out of bracelets and you can get them out out of a few stores in cleveland. >> how would i describe my jewelry? hopefully something and annette you want to send it every day. that is what i want. >> for more information on her
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will come back. our next just as an emmy award winningu rival and pretty funny guy that
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love the simple i that same my bathroom and my guest room minus you walked into my house to bump into it. >> you are right there already on the front stepnt how is how d is your son right now? a big fellow three and a half inches taller than me so when i go hug them it looks have them it high and nowgo in i've got to go under he is having me like it is there. i think i've never had him a i've never had him and i thought that would not fail was not sell it i
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>> the sure it looks like you did. >> i did i got this in coronado did you really? >> i did. we were done on the beach hanging a lot of tourists or girl is running amok water just a little bit. she is 20 years old way of comes the debtor she doesn't know it's out. i do. i'm looking right at that. so i tapped my son on the shoulder and say happy birthday, buddy. he looks at it this is the closest i've ever felt this kid
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the peak of our relationship i thought i will have this memory for the rest of my life. i will be on my deathbed holding my handnd at in my last that will e remember that big fat breast we saw in tennessee? that is a strongly to go out. if you are a good image that'll do it. >> is at the only kid? >> my daughter is 13. but they are at that age nowu where i'm starting to be able to talk to them in a whole different level we will center on and sit around and play this game c you don't
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when i stop being call when you to idiots were around before that, very poor old are you? fifteen? when i was 15, i was high at dinner every night and i even higher was based out of my myspace to get into a fist fight everyday after school every day after school newer home at two by the they don't care. they don't care about bad. that they just love me. y son to him struck upset down all about the things you can go
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liar your comment where he was you're not supposed to go to billy's house because billy's dad is a lot of pot in his sock drawer when you come homet we gt it to gather my wife and i have strong relationshipsfe reopened together for 17 years. she is beautiful. she is funny. she is a great mom. i fel like i don't deserve her, and i'm pretty sure she feels listen might. >> i get it. i understand i know the feeling. i should really only get credit for the first time because the last seven c nobody tried to have sx at me it's getting easier and
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>> thank you so much for being here this is beenou great. this
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while come back to new day. coming up in sfr, a few great event coming up to help those in need. we will tell you all about that plus, how about all made cream cheese small batches here in northeast ohio i know cream cheese is one of jimmy malone's favorite taste treats do you prefer on salary our
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>> short ribs? >> definitely not.t it any color you want you can make light displays and they are for christmas like to put them out come out for the holidayay make them a limited number of woman number of colored lights n
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you want. i think it's like 18 million colors you have as an optionon. >> of your at it nearby them what color would it be? >> red. red. absolutely but is the only affects there with the flashing ramble and posting it is released with cost about 35 bucks to get started the new get them out for christmas you can see that there. >> i can see you do that. >> i am rocking it. >> while you are in waiting for your waiting for your me to smoke >> want to go to the movies? >> absolutely. >> i know you like what jesus is not really scary inwh terms of r movies i and they both are two f us to hell. >> we are going to have a family. >> are youou sure you still want tost be circuit?
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like you have yourt when the bough breaks. morris chestnut regina hall want to have a baby some reason they can't, so they need the circuit. the years circuit and she seems like ise okay in the beginning but then she falls for morris chestnut all of a sudden the love triangle taking placede ina sweet girl coming in maybe trying to steal her man away. what do you think of that? >> you have to have a surrogate go in your house for some deal with babysitterse. >> that's never going to happen. >> it is an interesting premise
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little more like this and this is just sinclair. a beautiful young lady we will talk to in just a minute. but first let's talk to mars and regina they together and the best man series they have sort of a playful relationship. >> i would not consider her or fun. >> mars does not consider me a friend.>> >> i wanted to say i love mars i was reallyy so happy it was for himso and it made me feel like i miss read itli. >> very comfortable for the presence of regina hall.
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marriage to make you know what i don't understand that she is a lawyeragma should automat was se had him it was almost like being marriedhe they've known each otr for a while they were in the best memories together anotr she turnsen into the other one. >> it is fun.e it is emotionaly draining but i would so much rather play some unquestionable new line
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myself deep questions and pull up stuff that someone at surface level and cardboard i would so much rather play the bad girl than the boring girl. >> you need to be nicer to me. >> this is my baby. >> playing anna, i did not think it was being that i thought what do i want and how will i get it i need this, and she is broken i'm just lucky to have a tool like you let it explodes sometimes. >> that you wish you had a choice to just let explore? >> help me out with this one did he actually have to do that? >> i don't know the clinical method of which this occurred, but i do know you wanted
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love this she is a really put together a kid, and she really wants to learn like from morris chestnut she is a real student of the process we will all be carried by that time. >> always a pleasure. >> when we return, homemade ice cream. >> no it's not it's creamed cheese. that's what you put on
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while come back to new day. don't miss your chance to see air supply at the hard rock casino this sard 17th. tickets are still available and that in that include tears for fears and mr. tom jones. a master power during any of the recent storm you may realize how important our nextan guest is. we welcome the owner of the only family generated businessse in the ar
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juvenilen diabetes walk family. building a relationship. to learn about the great event you wondering we were last night when a need to do. >> i don't know but we can help youbu with that. >> 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon my power goes out i go out and seego what is wrong why did they gas vented my power out they say a 200k line across the street by street by them all blew upt and the line was jumping around telling me all about it given this or thatt but i didn't have power for like six hours. that is f what all across the north coast with that i've done it for almost 30 years and certainly doing a wonderful job. it is falling apart. that is one experience that helps us appreciate iton hw there is a need for that. >> i went over to talk to the case is that there is a coating on the wireses and the sun deteriorates back coating. sooner or later it will pop and if you don't know how long it will take to put it back
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>> we do a full-time every single dayrrs home and businesss you name your payment. >> we will talkndes about ch?teu moss putting it together. more important, terry, you are here about a great event here this weekend. >> yes it is ger a first festivn mentor friday, saturday, sunday the fishes wonderful. >> how fish is wonderful. >> how does this work? do you go fishing it where you goou the and eat the fish? >> will have a fishing tournament two.>> we got onto mentor lags .com the 16th, 17th, 18
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>> five dollars adults than and how about if you're going into hang out with the festival scene? >> we have a wonderful opening band miles beyond. they entertain the people and bring the people inyo this goes to lae county juvenile diabetes walk family. and so this is a three-day event. mentor lebrons we are talking about kids can go for free you k do they go fishig with where or that is fresh off a pier?of >> fresh off a appear. we have a knowledge of the best in the business. grand river do you have to have your own fishing
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>> no, not necessarily it will be fun for terrifi i have a medium-sized house we will talk about the generator. >> we can talk about that okay. i am very excited about that. we will be back
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and it is one of my favorite places not too far from home. that is a great italian place wonderful pizza. terrific. hope you enjoy those shows i
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dr. oz: everyone's raving about greek yogurt. its rich taste, its thick texture, but are you eating the real thing? we pick out the imposters in our food truth series. plus, we have your shopper's guide to the best greek yogurt out there. how do you know if you're getting the real stuff? and the new off your hunger switch. you crave less food and store less fat. coming up next. we'll save lives today. ? dr. oz: you guys ready to get healthy? [cheers and applause] dr. oz: welcome to the show.


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