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morning to you i'm todd meany. hi everyone. i'm stefani schaefer.morninu i'. thank you for being with usth us today and a lot of news to get g you caughte up on.on police officers could soon havea to follow new rules find outs what changes could be coming in why and where going to give youu all of the information that you need to there's a photo out there in the interesting situation sometin people say this could be life or death a local police department of thoseseter twog situatio overdosed in a car. a young child in the backseat will tell you whys it important story.port the picture makes the whole drug epidemic so real put faces to it and when you see that innocent child in the backseat it makesak you crumble it's unbelievable te see what a drug overdose thoseto two people what a horrific sitet will show that to you if you haven't seen it yet it so disturbing.tha along those lines of disturbing remembering 911 and very controversialng ways.ys
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f out if you think that werewere forgetting the true meaning behind september 11et that yout reflect on that day and this morning's download.oad. it's been 15 years some people the tributes they're doing's bei think people think they're doing good with that but there not kind of remembering the impactth may be.ay be. we'll talk about that and showsw you some of that stuff as well. see all the weekend is shapinghi up weatherwise.eath good morning everybody leook at thinning out of the clouds audsa really good sign the day todayd will be dry noticing cloud moving in different directions.i a sign were startiong to move away fromar the front still isil close by and starting to feeltin the influence now have more of a northerly went off the lake. temperatures pretty warm low l 70s from elyria to the rain and even in clevelanda theses forecast high temperature break above 80 under at least partlyty sunny skies. clouds will began to thin out. what happens tonight is different watch what happens see
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central illinois. that will m frontl start to move in here and that will be fairly widespread. right in the middle ofwid the nt start to see this rain moving herere 3:00 in the morning and y sunup tomorrow will start tot t push the showers out of here. h. the warm front behind that will have dry weatherr good chanceha we'll have a line of thunderstorms developing across partsee not all of the viewingei area late we'rll talk more about that in the eight day coming up inll taf minutes. t.ts to talk abou thanks. thanks. 9:02. top of the news this morning. cleveland police officers could soon be seeing new rules to their job.b. 9:02. jessica dill is live at thehe m m s totheidill isiv onmore on the newly released consent decree te policy with the us department of justice.h what is all happening here. good a afternoon or good morninm happy friday to happy friday stephanie and toddd good morning.g.good good morning mor everyone.ry these new rules and regulationst put outio and consent decree for the cleveland police officers heref it's really been a year i the making with the us
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about because some people say that there was just a little bit too much excessive force beingoi used in theng department.part the city and consent decree monitor's looking for public feedback over theng next couplee weks..s. they say their goal is to have a policy is finalized and officers trained by the new year.s fin body cameras, crisis intervention, and increased community oversight have already been implemented but the consent decree monitoring team says these new rules would revamp current procedures, reduce use of force while increasing accountability and fairness in curreeng.amp o polic clevelandin police union presidt proposal looks good at a glance the wording is subjective and could cause problems on the street.ordid he says the best way to avoid an altercation or use of force is for the people to start taking responsibility. says toid an comply if you comply i promiseur you on my kid's lives thaton myi nothing will happen to you.d' you do what the cops tell you du and you can plug that phrase into every single high profile we've had. d you c c
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a lot of the proposed rules come with the escalating theatin situation. for example they don't want the policep officers to chase theo t suspect they want to makehe sure there's a bigw amount of distans in between the threat and theanh police officers. they want tlo make sure enough s i never puts themselves in front of the vehicle. there's a lot involved in it they said it over to you the h union president right now or th attorney right now to tryt and look for it t all idea for nextte week but it's h because a lot of people say these police officers make thes split-second decisions and when itt comes to it it looks a lotlt different after-the-fact. easier people to sit in anh office and saye you should have done this or sitc when officers are out here that how fast they have to decide. you have to understand manyd man crimes are committed under the h influence of drugs and alcohol they're not thinking and fleeing the scene what's protocol it's
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sides to figure that out.r got to keep the officers safer f go absolutely. feel free to read itfice on our website we have all ofo that there. thank you so much appreciate iti in other news this morning.ther clevelewsand police are trying o figure out who broke into a cell phone store early this morning. someone shattered the front window of the t-mobile store onp shaker square around 4 a.m.hone wi of the t this morning.morning. police say most of the phones from the store were taken. investigators are looking fore s e lookingor finger prints and bloodnts an evidence. they hope surveillance video suc from the store will also helpe fbi agents and local police are working together to get answers in several abduction cases. authorities went door to door in north ridgeville yesterday, wget answers cases. ster asking residents about a casedse from april of 2015. investigators say a suspect took a girl from her home at night, she was able to later escape ane return home. to later e the fbi is trying to determine if it was the same suspect linked to crimes in clevelandmed and elyria. the agency is asking for help in finding the man. two shocking pictures show what police found, when they pulled a
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if you haven't seen these photoo yet this is what police saw when they stop this car. in east liverpool saw the cart e weaving, and almost hitting a wehool bus.w inside they found two adults,avn scho who they believe had overdosed on something. and in the back seat a four year old boy.ld overdosed the female in the front seat was and ircious and turning blue.. os and tnindthe driver passed out he said he was taking her to the hospital. emergency crews gave them crewsv several doses of narcan. police found a pink, powdery substance and sent it to a lab for testing.bstance and both adults survived and are sun facing a bunch of charges this morning.facing a the little boy is in protectivee custody this morning. my gosh. a grim milestone in cuyahoga custoto in connection to the state's heroin epidemic.a grim o the medical examiner says there were at least 52 fatal overdoses in the county last month, the cm largest for a single month in history.onth, th all of the deaths are being blamed on heroin, fentanyl, andd an animal tranquilizer carfentanil or a combination of the three.r
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2016. republican presidentialsidentia candidate donald trump is vowing to create a massive grant, so parents can send their childrenn to the schools of their choice. trump outlined his educationcatn platform during a stop at thea h cleveland arts and socialnd soca sciences academy yesterday. it's a public charter school with 442 students. trump's plan calls for eliminating common core and merit pay for teachers, and would establish a 20 billion dollar grant so kids can go to the school they want. i want every single inner city child in america who is today trapped in a failing school to have the freedom, the civil right to attend the school of their choice. trump emphasized his plan would benefit african american andan d hispanic children in cities liki cleveland.ldren i this morning, donald's son eric trump made a special visit to ma
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trump's opponent hillary clinton you know he has been the best father in the world to me. we're so immensely close family the greatest father anybody could ever have an amazinge mann but he is never right as being a politically correct candidate he justtically hasn't.n' sometimes he crosses that line a little bit but at the same timem his brutally honest. honest about the problems facini this country hadng been brutallt honest have failed us.t he talked about the important role ohio in clevelande talked n the presidential election.ial ee you can expect to seect a lot of the family in our city and state leading up to election day. trump's opponent hillary clinto is getting support from two retired generals here in ohio. brigadier general larry is getting t from hio.i, and brcinnati, ofie wilson of lorain, held a news conference in cleveland thursday. both described donald trump asdd short tempered and dangerous and praised clinton, calling her a
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she's a very compassionate person. at the same time very decisive.i she's a person sit around the table with us and receive inputu and make a decision. but i think donald knows that i already know what i want to do. both generals say trump wouldne threaten our na people across the country outraged over some sales.le find out there tied to septembe of these things as america losto respect for 911? 9 we'll see what you think in this morning's download.wnloa the browns kick off the new n season it's happening thisappeni sunday notn gbefore it late-nigt talk talkshow host jimmy fallonl could have some fun at the teens expense.pense. we've got the clevelandwe'
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we still have to take it scott i it is part of our history here in cleveland.y absolutely and a little bit of historyolut for us short-term we incredible amount of heat and humidity early september. talk more about the forecast trend to chances of rain over the next 24 hours will check it
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me.
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welcome back.
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looking into the pool. and obviously will have a lot of tributes.s. a lot of people gathering thereering th this weekend as we honor thethe 15th anniversary of 911.91 such a moving place just let ata feeling. if you can ha ve the opportunity to visit new york citycan ha specifically go there it so so moving so emotional.. it really truly is. what a sight and a lot of people honoring 911 and the owner of a mattress store in texas is apologizing for a commercial that actually pokes fun at the 15th anniversary of the september 11th terror attacks. ostore inr a actually pot s. here is the commercial. what better way to remember 9/11.t twin towers towers sale. any size mattress for a twin highs. t ny siz fault mattress twin price. king mattress twin price. p all day long. we'll never forget.
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facebook page. but after the obvious reaction it got the owners removed it.ute the woman who appears in it is e the co-owner of the store. she said she did not realize it would be so offensive. it was stupid. st realize it it was a stupid idea that we sent out and we apologize for our stupidity and we hope youito forgive us for what we've done. the other co-owner says he'sco-e disgusted by the commercial that his relative made.r saysst he plans to donate one third of their sales this weekend to the 9/11 foundation.s this we at least she owned up to it and realized it was stupid.d.realid suchit was s poor taste.tast just awful.e. meantime, walmart says a display of coke cans stacked to look like the world trade center at a florida store has been removed. the store insists that the display wasn't meant to be disrespectful.
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after a photo was posted onr a twitter. photo was is as we will never forget at the top. it showed the twin towers built with coke zero packages. zero p. a backdrop of the american flag was made with red regular coke,c silver diet coke and bluer diet sprite. they did the american flag fla behind it with the twin towers e in the center we will never forget on top.he is that how we are honoring american now with it's becoming commercialized. now it's fair making money. so many years later.t in a horrible taste.ible taste natalie joining us with your comments.. should be sales based around 911.911. you can see their presidents' day sale they make money on that but enough is enough.ou enough is enough.g look at memorial day. memorial day.h. i'm sure when they started memorial day' it was aswas
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say will never forget but now there's memorial day sales everywherett. those type of patriotic things.. july for sales. everywhere. even a friend of mine years agoo i remember i was young my familm so into sports and my father played basketball ohio stateo asking some of my friends about march madnesski and all of thef girls thought it was a saleit w march madness. is it's maddening everything is related to shopping and whatever. commercial. andpi this ao lot.lot. and we do have both sides of this. w michelle is saying what's wrong withle the coke display at walmt people are getting stupid withth this being offended stuff. they're trying to show support for the twin towers and everyone is taking that daway.g th stop complaining that people remember in their own way. shannon wrote in general i think people have become too easily el offended.
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horrific tragedy that claimed 3000 lives for the purpose ofoe selling mattresses extremely poor jade wrote what were theye t thinking poor taste and nho respect. however ta they got what theygow wanted attention.y isn't that what advertising isss all about should be taken off of the internet and immediately.iae and robert road obviously it's catch commercial because everything keeps watching it. andcause if it wasn't catchy noo would be watching i hope this mattress company gets a lot a l business ro nothing wrong with this commercial catchy commercialsth are what makes things sell. i get it i get where you're going with that. i'mge people get offended a lota times too easily to but lot of s more of about respecting thethe country and the tragedy and the people's lives who were lost ann that into. that's kind of what we talked about it and iind o fth inwk thy we estimate question have we w lost respect for an event like 91115 years removed.t
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there were maybe a year or tworo afterwards but you know are we kind of forgetting?get are we starting to forget?et? absolutely and still has to be b it still real for those familiei who lost so much. i justst met a girl recently hee father died andntl she is now aa teenager didn't get to know her fathereenager because she was y when it happened. that's a real story thatw they'e they are still living this and will for forever.ev and to look at it like this iset just really sad i sak and. made that video meant to offendd people and i'm sure they're very respectful of what happened. and she sh kind of mentioned herself stupidity i s think it's just you're not using your brain when you thinking about what you're doing and noto realizing you've got to not gtot realizing should, i mean,d, i m, something like that. we want to know what you thinkk will have a web poll available.
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has america has lost respect for 9/11? i'll be back in a half hour orh soho we'll read more comments. thank you. methan.welco will get an update on what's happening weatherwise.eatherw what a greatis day this sunday will be 911 probablyth doing a number of tributes as well and a lot of things going on people forget there was a massive hurricane off the east coastopas and i forget i think was hurricane erin if i remember correctly and it was interesting checking that hurricane imaginee that would have drifted 100 oror 200 miles further west maybe that wouldn't have hard to believe 15 years ago. 1 the rain from lateag last nightt gone. take a look at the temperaturesa and were looking at it a gorgeous day today will keepepat rolling all the way throughd wei later on this click luck dot want to spend top much time on this but earlier in the weekly cleveland publiceklya schools shut down schoolshools w
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we had a heat index or feels like temperature aboveov 100 degrees in the first weekth and a half ofw september.e it happened earliermb this weekt happened three years ago and inn 2011 so we've had threeve instances over the last five or six yearsve prior to that you ho to go back to 1954u hav and thrh instances in 1953 which is onewo of the warmestn summers onn record. so it's only happened sevened s times everybody since 1953. again kind of a rarity to get that type of hea at this time of year.f year. all right going the otherother direction with the temperaturess going down into the 70s regionwide. the clouds have thinned out.out a northwest wind coming in off f the lake and notice how the clouds have begun to finallyd been out after the rain fromn fr late last night and looking good heret. notice two things we have the showerstw and southern ohio theo one friday still close by. cold front will lift back at us tonight. otherwise less humid lookingokig
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78 to 83 high school footballooo weather should be perfect.t. the rain developing in then midwest middle of the country is going to write up a lung thatung warm front an d we area anticipating to get a good shott of rain in here after midnight tonight. willre keep the showers goingoin probably starting after midnight i would say by sunaf up tomorroo most of this rain will be gone.. it will be a pretty good steadyd rain impacting a good 80 percet of northern ohio. morning tomorrow into the early afternoon a linel of thunderstorms tomorrow up into the 80s it th will be bereezy 8watch the line with a cold front.wa write about wait for it right then. t go see that line.ine. a couple of them passing through and by mid evening the front will be gone and we began togan cool down.w we go from 80's tomorrow finalln into the low 70s across most of the great lakes t that trende will continue through most of ms next week.t we will warm up but 80 if four0r lucky on tuesday another chancen of rain next wednesday.
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this early in the year combin thisis early in the school year. right. but usually when that happens usually the weather turns on a dime and that's what's happened on sunday.sund that will help those kids.k yesiit was.. a litttle was bit of relief.i thank you.eethan up next and i trust you. coming up on fox8 see whatwha happened after dozens of people get stranded and are left danglings 12,000 feet. above the ground.0 no shame see what this guy did d to a 93 -year-old woman trying to shop 18 got a brand-new pair of nikee air jordan's but he went homeo wearing just his socks. wearing to hishappeneded shoes that has his story going viral.
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welcome back.k. overnight, north korea confirmen that what registered as an earthquake was actually a nuclear explosion test. this is the fifth such test andh the most pow such erful one, yet ten kilotons.w that's about twice as strong as the one carried out back in january.s the nuclear bomb dropped on hiroshima was 15 kilotons. president obama returned from a trip overseas about one am and has talked with leaders in soutr korea.s in s he said there will be talks in the coming days, to decide what to do next.rea.a.ta there's new information, about
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we branded as breaking news onso the show last week.e this is the video and it just explodes.s the company's ceo, elon musk,'sm took to twitter, to explain to people who follow him on him twitter where they are in this investigation. he called it the most difficults and complex failure they've ever had, in 14 years. inveled it the moe evernes were not on and there was no apparent heat source.ot on an how can something explode if there's no heat source?m happened during a routineappe fueling operation a day before a planned launch. a texas school district has operati aexas nceled asses, followin authorities say a 14 year old girl shot another female student yesterday morning, before takine her own life.rday mornin investigators praised the district's response to the incident, which included locking down classrooms until early yesterday afternoon. a motive for the shooting remains unclear. emergency crews have justomuntiy completed a rescue in the alps, helping dozens of people trapper a momoemerge crewpleted in cable cars high up.high up.
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blanc yesterday, trapping 110 people. emergency crews used helicopterc to rescue 65 people, butrews u c dangerous conditions forced them to stop. another 40 people up there. they lower down food water and blankets. they had to sleep in the carshes all this morning able to fix it got them downt the cable car writers carry 12,000 people excuse meplx 12,000 feet over the mountainson they carry hundreds of peoplet every day stuck thousands o feet in the air overnight with these strangers. how about this video. a store in new york for them tot be watch the guy he reaches intohet the cleavage of a 93 -year-oldrd woman.woman. in a wheelchair can even move.ov she starts yelling because thete envelope had $600 in it.0 in it. unfortunately she looks backoks start saying something. he took off got oute of the stor police are still looking for tkhis guy this morning.
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lives on all month.nth. 93 years old and a wheelchair and that's her money that's it. goes right over to her. to her. and takes it and that's it. come on.n. all right. ringing the bell while saying goodbye to cancer local cancer a patients will be able to markedd the end of there treatment withi an extra special celebration. c. cleveland will be in then t national spotlight this week weekend see how cleveland loan coming up. u hi scott. goodod morning everybody breaks sunshine and somewhat lower andr humidity today nothing on radarr we will begin to see more rain will check out the timing on
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radiation how the tumor has responded and it responded very well. then he came out and rang the bell there was a great day. >> it's an exciting moment whenn people finish treatments that the opportunity to celebrate the topnis transition to a new phasf
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their way it's not just for the patient it's for those who are still in treatment nhe and heare bell ring. will give you an explanation
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in the wake of backlash that co-owner is apologizing.g. we hope you forgive us for what they've they've received death threats over this commercial. it was not meant to be disrespectful at all. the twin towers like there was an sales of coke shouldn't beb connected with the 911
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natalie joining us have they lost respect with some of the i was beginning to forget that they're getting the attention they wanted.wa they accomplished exactly what they wanted to do even thepliv lookup upen a city they cap all
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why would the company tried to make fun of 911 moment that the saints with the code it took it down91ha john wrote people that think this is offensive brings up emotions. if i really think that people there was theng difference signs for us to rate member.o
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constantly mindersa here is anotherhere story people are tag about small changes the blame for a there's a truck driver he lost when he was their d he's now ben cited for inattentive driving
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they tell our line pastors notot to use or church news and some smart phones because ofne the fe risks they are digit recall last weekri because they could overse and start fires they found fault with the batteries before florida man who left in charge in his jeep which caught fire and this is one of his je three dozen fires reported they also asked passengers to keep fundsu out of their carry-on bags.n i don't know. they have to get these all out. that's going to work out for one baby ando the long run.n she's going to get three free
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his name is not captain. the actual namea mom gave birth to a little girl on a fly in that child got a millionaire mounds as a gift from the airlinehaot a he set for life. hope the baby likes to fly. because that would beu unfortunate and ironic. i was born on thel second free for life and i hate flying. up next one teenager brand-new pair of nike air jordan'san. as the delay great love for the quit will browse find out why ou they were featured on the tonight show starring jimmy fallonri at one little girl is making people smile.smi she is adorable. we wills introduce you to the three -year-old now known as the cotton candy girl.
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this teenager in kentucky was helping to feed the homeless she spotted one of the guys didn't have any issues.i fourteens -year-old went over ad sat next to them he asked if he could a say a prayer with him notice issues are completely warrantedra no hesitation he tas off his brand-new think he air jordan's and hands them over put first declined. he said first i can't take place i told him take it can you believe that. that's incredible another volunteer took the picture and put on facebook it's gone viralv he wasi a home in a sox. he was just trying to do the right thing is you can imagine somebody already donated i would
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to do something special for him to. that's a good parenting what is happening as houses a good thing great upbringing in training. it's a sweet story that's taking the internet by storm's you got a look at this picturetoak the jumbotron captured this moment. the camercame back again as she was going discovering cotton candy.isc the sugar high did not last as you can see therear she fell asleep right when she got intogo her car seat on the way home.w it's a game she will never
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the new nfl season is officially underway. jimmy fallon took a look at the pros and cons of the new years and poke some fun for the browns with the be covering it out.o you o we love our brownies. this season kicks off ino philadelphia at 1:00 p.m.ff they traded away sam bradford saavedra reckon the field i think we've got a chance. we've been laying low. not wanting the competition to
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we're just setting them up. we all need a little pick me up some days and that" dogs see what happens when a twinsburg k-9 officer went to theen starbucks drive-through with his
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that is k-9 police officer lasso. they had a pup the chino but you have to be in the know it's whii creamt the door closes in that little face right there. what kind of an operation are you running. i want my cappuccino. thank you for showing usant alll right let's do some weather with
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the regular cappuccino. way of rain developing later tonight. we should be okaydevat showers l develop overnights tonight shoud be great today. 80-80 to take a look this a be a pretty good shot of rain overnightt majority of the sustained rain will be gun and tomorrow we get a break through early afternoon in that allt line ofli thunderstorms will develop late in the day but some of those stormsthel that could be fairly significant. pretty strong to pick we need to keep an eye on thatat we will have more when we come back.
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- welcome to new day cleveland, i'm natalie herbick. another exciting show planned for you here in playhouse square. why? because it's the 2016-2017 key bank broadway series season on sale show.


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