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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  September 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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trouble for a cavaliers star, i know who was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of what he said when asked about his marijuana place on the scene of a standoff in parma, it will get latest detailsof and police officers could soon have to follow the rules by not what changes could be coming r, and why why. attempters are coming up, as guys have pretty much cleared out and talk about the additional rainfall, the movement and direction for tonight, fox 8 news at noon begins right now. >> no police at a standoff in parma
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to maia belay with the latest. there is a large police presence, parma police say that school is on lockdown, to get a better view there is a large police presence on project avenue a man possibly armed the raveno near chestnut not telling us just yet details of what is going on and not letting us get any closer because this is a very dangerous situation, polic are here negotiating, who have heard them say that things have him surrounded,, they have askea the suspect to come outside and started with some sort of crash driver hitting a part of the passenger was thrown out and takenen to the hospital, the driver ran into a nearby homet.
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isis, we've been out here for m than one hour and have not save of a change. we have seen k-9 units arriving, there is a very large police presencece he has been barricaded for more than one hourhe with all area schools nearby on lockdown,n, i will continue to bring you the latest. more breaking news, cavaliers guard in iman shumpert was arrested in georgia or suspicio of dui or come and happen crack august kim, he was stopped for lane violation in fayette county georgia according to a report t the officer smelled marijuana and noticed eyes were bloodshot when asked about the last time that he is not, he said that he
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the court date has not been sai the cavaliers have discussed th situation with him and say they will continue to monitor the case and we will keep you posted. since the numerals listed to the day job, jessica dill has more on the newly released consent decree policy released by the doj. this was one year in the making release with new rules and regulations for the police force , after they said that th use of excessive force was extreme consent decree mantras are looking for public feedback the next couple weeksa they say the goal is to have policies finalize and officers trained b the new year , cameras crisis intervention and increased oversight has been implemented
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the numerals would revamp current procedures reduce use of force while increasing accountability cleveland police patrolmen's association president steve loomis says that the proposal the wording d though is subjective and could cause problems, he says the bes way to avoid an altercation is for people to take responsibility. if you comply, i promise you on my kidsds lies that nothing will happen to you, you doth wh the cops tell you and you can plug that phrase into every single high-profile ca t >> he is having the union attorney looked over at, a lot of the roles were officers including place to de-escalate the problem for example not chasing suspects, keeping a specific distance between the suspect and the officer and eve putting themselves into the pat of the vehicle , the consent decree is on fox
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jessica dill fox 8 news. police are trying to determine who broke into a cell phone store this morningc at th t-mobile store around 4:00 a.m. on shaker square, most of the phones were stolen, they're looking for evidence that hope that videoh will also help them to determine who did it. fbi local police are working together to gete answers to several abduction cases they went door-to-door in north ridgeville yesterday asking about a no april 2015 case they say the suspect took a girl from he homepr that night, she escaped and returned home, they're trying t determine if it was the same suspectng links to crimes in cleveland and elyriali the agen is asking for help to find that suspect.a >> to shocking pictures shall let police found when they pulled the car over ands clubbi on accounting, in east
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school bushe inside a found to adults who had overdosed apparently on something in the backseat there was a 4-year-old boyhe, the female in the front seat was unconscious and turnin blue, just before the driver passed out he said he was takin her to the hospitalr . emergency crews gave them several doses of narcan, police found a powdery substance and said that the lab, both adult survived and are facing charges the child is in protective cusdy in cuyahoga county, the examiner says a release 52 fatal overdoses of heroine in the county last month the largest for am single month in history although the deaths are blamed on a heroin/fentl and animal tranquilizer combination of the
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july since the start of the year and been claimed. donald trump vows to create a mass of grant parents can send theirirea children to schools w their choice, he outlined his life wondering stop yesterday and he plans for eliminating common core and merit pay for teachers. $20 billion grants of the kids can go to the school they want to. >> i want every singlele inner-city child in america who is trapped in a failing school to have the freedommeme to atte the school of their choice >> emphasize that his plan woul benefit african-american and hispanic children in cities lik clevelandn. this morning donald trump's son eric trump made a special visit
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exclusive, asking about how som of his father's own words aren' being used against him in campaign ads this was his >> first of all he has been the best father to me in the world, he has been the greatest father that you can have is just amazing, he is not politically correct, sometimes he crosses the line a bit but he is also brutally honest about the problems facing this country he has been honest about politicians have failed us. eric trump talks about the important part that ohio and cleveland play in the presidentiali election you can expect to see a lot of the chil in the state's leading up to election day. hillary clinton is getting support from two retired generals,nt brigadier general larry gillespie of cincinnati andig general johnnie wilson of
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describing donald trump as shor tempered and praising clinton a a levelheaded leader.. she is a very compassionate person and at the same time she is very decisive act she will sit a table with us receiving input they make a decision, but i think donald, if he sets it will be for the cameras, but he will say that he always knows what he wants to do because he has a good brainatys. they say that child would
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a really good day to be on may carryy we have a northwest wind that will shift a bit tonightwe bring another chance rainfall there is the clearing last batch of rain is long gone the cloud cover will thicken slowly outside chance of a shower near new philadelphia. most of us will be dry with a high of about 83 degrees dr. serota rand paul tracking north seems to be weakening it will be more active
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warm front increase in our rainfall chance nighto and also increase chances of thunderstorms tomorrow that' what we are highlighting, rainfall will hold off till well after midnight tonight looking good for high school football humidity dropping bulkeley not have another days the schools had to shut down a couple of schools because of th high humidity is only happen to like seven times in the last 60
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this morning the company ceo elon musk on twitter explained where they are in the investigation he said it was th most complexextwti. in 14 year because the engines were not on and there was no apparent heat sourceon explosion happened dur a routine fueling operation a
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people talking about wells fargo bank facing $185 million fine, workers credited unauthorized accounts for customers to meet sales goals the phone accounts earned the bank and unwarranted fees allowed employees to make more money,tes regulators say that m than 5300 employees were fired in the last few years because o askingng. >> tartly that nobody was injured seriously enter a car crashed into a connecticut gas they just released a video showing suv plowed into the gas station, the second annual shows a cashier the amount on the way buried by the rubble, he was slightly injured the police sai the driver was leaving a parkin space and hit the gas instead the brake , drugs and alcohol were not a factor, he was cited
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look at this video from a harlem new york store the momen and the wheelchair is 93 years oldn, then comes up behind whic is enter cleavage and takes an envelope full of cash containin $600. she yelled for help but he got away there still looking for the thief this morningbu. still to come, advertising faux pas, of a master store thinking when they came up with this
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is looking great for high school football coach the tutors have climbed about 4 degrees since this morningd i is 78 in bainbridge and we have
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there is the cloud cover it is still thick to the south still watching a few remaining shower just north of columbusa move along the front, near new phill a shower possible this afternoo but most areas north of dover and alliance should be fine wit partly sunny skies high temperature of 83 with a light breeze out of the last tonight we start to get active with a cold fr and then it extends over back to illinois. it is the right along that that will begin to lift northeast and his bedding showers through indiana and northwest ohio. we have adjusted the movement and direction a bit tonight we keep most of the heavier rainfall further last out near toledo, lake erie islands better chance of heavy rainfall will stick at
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is to the western half of the viewing area after midnight tonight and my son up a lot of this should be gone there will be cloudy and humid tomorrow high of 83 and then midmorning, we get some breaks of sunshine. then we save the development of a couple lines of thunderstorms along the a next cold front that will drop humidity and get rid of the '80s for a while secondary line early evening, will be fast-moving. some could be pretty strong and by sunday we clear things out a bit for somes clouds it will be much cooler with high temperature sunday the 70s and then 60s and the great lakes. looking at more 70s next weeklo, after tomorrow's aftern storm the next significant
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wednesday and that does not see to be very act of. we keep averaging and the mid to upper 70ss through the end of next weeks and continue the followin weekend were finally getting a break .rom all of the heat what kind of smartphone do you have? by another warning for some phones in the problems that are causing airplanesg will never have to worry about paying to fly as he gets free
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the only mtr store in texas apologizes after a commercial that actually pokes fun atn 9/, the advertisement for medical mattress in san antonio was posted on their facebook page. but, after the obvious reaction
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who appears in it is the co-owner of the store she said that she did not realize it would be so offensive. meantime, walmart says a display of coke cans stacked up to look like the world trade center and the florida store ha been removed li it was a stupid idea we apologize for her stupidity and hope that you forgive us what w have done. >> the other co-owner says he i disgusted by the commercial tha his relative made and will donate one third of the week's sales to the 9/11 foundation. the display shows the twin towers built with coke zero the backdrop of the american flag was made withth red regular cok
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bright. truckdriver cited for inattentive driving in delaware after highway crash spilled thousands of h pennies it happened yesterday on i-65 a closed area for 13 hours there will be take to a meant to be stamped faa is telling airline passengers not to use or charge samsung smartphones because of fire risks they ordered a recall las week of the galaxy note 7 because they can overheat they found fault with the batteries a florida man who lived in charging in his
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caught fire that was one of three doze reported fireses linked to that samsung phone there are also asking passengers to keep phone
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a man barricaded in a home on raju in parma has rendered to the police told the standoff has ended peacefully, for more information, will have the latest on fox 8 at 4:00 o'clock in war info at fox >> will talk about the weather as we show you a live look the studios taking a look at downtown clevelandnd it's a gre way to start the weekend and we send it into the weather center to scott sabol for the latest. the clouds are still trying to thin out more further south few showers moving through canton and new philly. we'll
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activity further south, it will be clear skies to the north wit increasing clouds, it is alread near a high of 83 it will be less humid then to the south an west beginning of the front. the warm front that is linked u with the front yesterdayt and t showers beginning to weaken we see a line of thunderstorms developing there is a lot of elements in the forecast over the next 0 will be bringing some rainfall tonight primarily to the last. because to the west of cleveland looking for coverage at about 5 out between seven and 8:00 a.m. tomorrow will see some dry breaks through afternoon with showers redeveloping late day i
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cold front, will be the strongest in a whilehe. there is that line that will develop an impartial clearing out tomorrow one night. this hot weather prompting dozens of schools withoutut ac close in some renewing calls to start the school year later, matt wright has details about the proposed state law. >> all is quiet at michael i elementary couple on the dozens close because of hotm classroom temperatures some calling for a later school start date. >> is hot, they need a cool atmosphere and they can learn better. >> ohio senate bill introduced last month would require start after labor day. >> is going to be hard for them
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>> or tom patton of strongsvill is a cosponsor. >> i think it's big for familie but more importantly i would rather be learning on a 70 degrees day than 897 degrees day in august. under current law schools can choose where thent school year starts with many pushing that day earlier so that they have more time for winter break and prepare for standardized tests. school board association says the current system works and opposes a state-mandated calendar but he says that visitors can opt out if they hold a public hearingg ha. >> all they need to do is to meet with people to let them know why they are opting out and receive feedback. >> a similar bill failed four years ago some are hoping for a different outcome. >> the need to go back to the drawing board and start schoolol i would vote to begin after labor
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leaves to start after labor day. >> matt wright fox 8 news. >> after splitting the series, they began a seven-game road trip with the al central with the messy in town, and the browns first game sunday, and also high school football it is a busy sports weekend here's j . >> him the turning point.was a controversial play in the third inning should abet a foul tip became a wild pitch and they ha
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failed to get it right address on us do what would review on. because you as good effort as anyone i've been around so a cause the astros to tweet their dismay. the astros responded them interactional social media indians would capitalize, then couple runs scored within abraham almonte lays out a triple. carlos santana was number 30 joining mike napoli and the indians winning ten-seven the browns travel to
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and the coach jackson here it will be underway and the season beginningg a good chance for isaiah crowell well to make his mark as a running backncor for team they will no doubt, give him the ball, coach jackson has this to say. >> absolutely, only 1,000? why not more, i think so, i think he's done some good thing he's very talented player just got to get rhythm and play the way that we know that we can. >> ufc and downtown cleveland,, stipe miocic, who headlines, wa
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congratulations to the barberton, and tiger's you are the game of the week see you tonight at 11:00 o'clock extent highlightsre both on the show a online at fox and we welcome guest hostess jessica
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it is a beautiful sound, a breast cancer survivors are
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ringing in victory to mark the end of treatment, won't done at the bells she got the idea from a friend at johns hopkins and brought it tom uh seideman canc centers, fox 8 reporter melissa reid has more. the bells are ringing at university hospital as patients at here it will be able to mark the end of treatmentnt by readi the celebration bell. >> i was walking out and i was overwhelmed with emotion i was done i had done everything they had asked me to do in was finished. >> they were donated by and gillespie and her husband robert cancer in 2014 undergoing chemo and radiation. if i had a bill to celebrate that moment when everything was
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battled a brain tumor, and then he rang the bell. >> we found out after his chemo and radiation that his tumor ha responded very well and he has improved considerably and he came out here to ring the bell. it was a great day. it wasas exciting moment he people finished treatment, the opportunity to celebrate completion of treatment and transition to a new phase of follow-up and healthth and returning to normal life, it is a wonderful moment. >> they will go up at all 16 seidman cancer centers, mounted from the wall. >> when the patient finishes they can ring the bell, and the be on their way is not just for the patients it's for those
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treatment and they can hear the bell ringing. >> fox 8 reporter melissa reid fox 8 news. kentucky teenager spotted one of the me to feed and he noticed that he did not have shoes so he asked if he can say a prayer with him that he noticed thatas the man' shoes were completely ripped an without hesitation he took off his nike air jordans and give them to the man who had first declined t, jekyll's. >> at first he was like that i cannot take these because they
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take it because as what god would want me to dodo so i told him to take it from me >> avalon pier snapped a pictur inin posted to facebook it went viral, the teenager, when home in his socks said he was trying to do the right thing insulin else has donated a new pair of shoes to the teenager . more of fox 8 news still to
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this desperate to have a baby but not able to conceive and they hire surrogate but then things take turn asas david moss has the behind the scenes look at when the bough breaks. newcomer plays a surrogate motherhood becomes infatuated withhe morris chestnut, his wif
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happen, it has a villain who is jessica sinclair. >> it is fun, challenging, and draining, i would so much rathe play someone who is questionab and i have to act instead of someone who is more cardboard i would so much rather play the bad girlrl than the boring girl. i do not think bad the part i thought that wha my one and how to get it, and you saw the film, you learn about her character to figure out , why she does what she does so i did research and allow those buttons to be triggered. as far as the actual emotions, we all have emotions that we repress. >> and i had the tools to
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i am learning a lot, the way that they are with people and they do their jobs graciously and gracefully they show up ready andg they do it well and there is such a grace and professionalism with both of them. and to be also new for me and i is not my skin is not super thick i it is inspiring to have a level head. she plays the bad girl and when the bough breaks, david moss fox 8 news cleveland. giving birth on an airplane may notth sound like the perfec situation but it is going to work out in the long run becaus he will get at free flights for life, a mother gave birth to a baby boy on buraq air, the
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deliver the child and gave the baby free flights for life, do not hurt that the mother named the baby after the pilot, earlier this month a mother gav birth to a girl on a flightnt f dubai to manila receiving a million air miles as a gift fro .he airline >> wait in line at the supermarket can be a painful experience and often timesu shoppers will scout out the shortest line to speed things u at as mac king reports and longer life maybe the way in the martin williams on third avenue thursday as cashiers waited for customers, half hour later the customers waited for the cashiers worsen those ready to check out perfor a calculation to determine whic line is quickest. how one limberios compared to another depends on a long list of variables, who is waiting, who is serving what they're waiting the time of day the
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makes it difficult to predict the speediest line. blood that is moving the quickest. >> that may seem obvious but researchers, argue that the expressly may take longer than waiting for a convert to fill with dozens of items because th time it takes for every person to greed, back in pay and get out.. not worried about the speed i like good atmospherere. >> a few of us may enjoy every second in the grocery store and then judge the checkout lines differently.g >> ago by which one is the friendliest. >> a try to find one that is nicece. >> the rest of us want to be done but the experience and for every formula, and personal theory, that will free us from the store most quickly, there a force waiting to have said that logic and leave uss standi in line watching others pass by.
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coupons and had to go through the handbag and they've got to check themdb. >> i look at the demographics. the one that has 30 items on the xpress line traveling older people, but that's okay they can take your time i will just find a different line. o
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fortune magazine released its list of the most powerful women and
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ranked 51st on the list dominated by ceos and company presidents, she is known for he chart topping hits, she's also making waves a in the business industry she lost her clothing lineh ivy park this year as wel as teaming up with the watermelon water startup, fortune's latest laces dominate by women including mary barra froml general motors who came i at number one and the ceo of pepsi is number two. if you'd like prince and need a job you may want toce move to minnesota because paisley park is hiring for operators, security in management to oversee public tours at his home, the team tha operates graceland is coordinated the child fare, the spokesman says the fascination with prince has increased since his death, it will open to
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but temperatures, are in the mid to upper 70s with low '80s at hopkins 80 degrees and we see some breaks of sunshine we will get a quick shower down at new philly but not anticipating anything big. looking at the forecast, shower to develop overnight primarily western areas midnight so high school footballll should be okay that tomorrow morning the report should be goney then get a break from midmorning to afternoon. line of storms developing in th afternoon tomorrow then that second line tomorrow evening it will be fast-moving , not everybody will see rainfall but it will be pretty potentnt as go from 80s to 70 on sunday
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today on "the real." it's what every girl should know. what to wear under there. and we're taking questions from you. >> oh. then, the 11-year-old founder of mood boat is here to inspire other >> "the real." ? this is our time another minute to get it ? ? this is our time we're going to go to get it ? ? calling right now


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