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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  September 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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what is going on. >> . controversy. the chiefs says the shirts are not uniforms. and wearing anything other than a uniform would be disrespectful on nine 9/11.9/ the union disagrees.di and says they have been wearing these shirts for 14 years.yea and it's tradition. >> e hail shared on twittert friday is causing a war of words.wor between the clevelandvel firefighters union. and the fire chief.
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firefighters in cleveland weree denied the right to wear 9/11 polo shirts. commemorating the attacks. by fire chief. >> the guys felt it was un-korbl particularly within the fire we lost 343 brothers that >> .> we do not have any documentation that there was ando order. approved. for the for them to wear polos. >> according to to lieutenant gray. with the division oftoi fire.f the request wasi denied.d because there is a strict uniform and clothing ordnance. o in place. >> . there are two types of uniforms you can wear.w in thee division. class a. which is your.. or class b.b. which is your fatigue uniform. >> .
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protocol. >> . it's atoc tradition that we have done for the monthha of septembs the past 14 years. so. i think that was response is disingenuous. >> . if you were going to aisi funer. you would not go to a fallen brother in a polo shirt. you would go with your best attire. which be your class a uniform. >> .>> the chief is asking that all firefighters wear their class a uniform to any 9/11 commemoration event. this weekend. however the union doesn't thinkt tht > . for us to have a patch on there. to commemorate the 9/11 tragedy. is near and dear to our hearts. >> .. the fire chief does have the power to approve or authorize aa different uniform. ifnt he so desires. however the chief staying very
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class a uniform on sunday. in fact.. they could be disciplined if they doip not. >>hey . i asked ant the they are well aware of what the couldt face.. and see who shows up in what. >>p i . other news. latest victim in the string of daytime robberies.e targeting ther elderly. >> . more of the really bold crimes. >> .> the> victims are being targetedt ina he the latest victim man in his 70s. had his wallet7 taken. right out of his back pocket.p in hiso driveway. it happenedd yesterday aroundnd noon. the elderly man had just gotten back from the store.he and was unloading his trunk. when he says a younger black mam came up mind him.h took hisi wallet. and took off running to a car that was waiting for him. hi the suspect was reportedly ate thind build.l wearing a blued jeans and a blak shirt. nono description of the driver.i but police say the vehicle was a
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possibly tpheus san. >> .osss this isn't the first time something like this happenedth recently. police say similar incidents have been reported.rep in both richmond heights and linn h*urs. described as crime ofrim opportunity. suspects are looking for people in vulnerable. and alone.a and thenl striking. >> .n> the latest victim didn't want to show his face.fa he says he no longer feels safe.
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he repeatedly shot the 53 year-old with an ar15. after running a red light.r ande hitting her car.c there isa no evidence the two knew each other. records show he served two touru inr iraq. and served treatment for >> . a troubling picture the imageim released by a northeast ohio police chief.heie shows a couplef passed out from drugs. withth a little boy in the backseat. .>> >> we talk about his decision to share the photograph. >> .e t that picture shows the problem. it's just a snapshot of the major problem that we have. >> east liverpool police chief.c says everyhi day his officers ae
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over dosing. from illegal drugs. >>leg . . on wednesday. when officerson found two adultd slumped over inul the front seat of a vehicle. and a child in the back.b hea decided to release the if i picture. >> .> this is what the> officers see daily. it might not be in a car. but they're seeing this at homes. and all these people. they have kids.
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>> this kind of thing happens. i can write letters and make phone calls. >>ne police say the four year-od has beenfour released to relati. >> the look in the childs eyes. needed ton to be seen. this was something they had. h if it was something he'd never seen before and he was shocked.c it would be different. you cankeoul tell that he's seet before. >>h . probably many times. >> m .
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week is accuse of stealing more than 40,000-dollars in donations.o >>n faces charges of grand theft and forgery. police say he stole the money between january 2014. and january 2016. she served2 as the director ofo the beerf week since 2009.ce she is due in court. c later this month. >> . very exciting event happening here.e. tstest growing sport in the nation. in cleveland. playing hosth toc its biggestig event. >> . two localf including heavy weight champion. will be in the octagon. with the whole world watching. >> . liveve downtown. where the excitement ist building. >> .
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thousands of people coming downtown. to have a good time. >> . limousines booked solid -fpl -f bars bracing for another round of championship fun in believel land. >>ie . >> mixed marshal arts man anticipated downtown. saturday. as the *urbgs fc takes over the hard hardwood. inside the q. where hundreds gathered friday night to see the prefight weigh ins. including northeast ohio jessica eye. who got into a scuffle with her opponent. before the main attraction.
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they say.they who knows what might be next. >> . brings our heart out. >> . o finally. feel like a winner. >> a .. we're winners. wee are.are. we feel like winners. lot os of champions. >> . keep winning and keep it going. exciting time downtown. if you are coming. arrive early.r bel prepared.p try public transportation.
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bit. >> . gentlest of giants. except in the octagon.
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even though we have a little bib of some of the heat.ihe some of the humidity.i taken out oft the atmosphere. today. look to the west. powerful thunder storms. are now pushing through kansas. and parts of missouri.ur
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indiana. right now. because notice, that sparked a couple of tornado warnings. going through indiana. and then last fourg hours. the tornado watch box trimmed now.w. to only illinois. we have two tornado warnings. that are currently in effect.c for twot. counties. in indiana. none of that severe weather wilw reach usi tonight.t but that front will be moving through here tomorrow. we'll watch for t a slightht for severe thundert storms. seventy-five in cleveland rightt now. look at this.s. a more gentle up and down pattern. a lot more cloud cover. and a slight reduction of humidity. making it a much more gentle day. not as hot. sixty-eight tonight. a few showers. best chance of showers and thunder stormsfewe tomorrow. again we'll watch for thethe potential for some of the thunder storms to approach thete severe limits.
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i'll have details coming up. >> . we look forward to that.
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question are not going we are not going to let anyone who a treaty ally and partner of ours be threatened. we are not going to let northle korea pursue a nuclear weapon. >> .cle>> just today. korea performed its fifth nuclear test. it's fourth.f sinceou clinton became secretary of state. .meme it's just one more massive failure. from a failed secretary ofy state. >> . trump running mate haze released ten years worth of tax returns.r miken pence paid a state and
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16 percent. over the last decade. his income topped outde at 187,0 while he served in congress.c but thaton dropped to 113,000.11 as indiana governor. trump has not yet releaseed his tax returns. >> . fighting a pipeline project in northroj dakota.k a federal judgeo denied thee tribes request ford a temporary restraining order.rde the three.7 billion-dollar project had led toe. heated and sometimes violent protest. the feds voluntarily halt construction.t whiler they reconsider the decision to proceed.
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reflects aopb a day that changed america forever. >> almost 15 years since the attacks. the brother of wup of the heros is telling his story. >> . it is a crime that didn't make a lot of sense.f the story of a penny pincher. how he almost got away with thousands of them.
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it is a taeu that impacted evere single person in america. am and forever changed our sunday marks 15 years since 9/11. >> . . tkwraoup group of local high school students heard a very touching story from them brother of one of the heros on flight 93. > . now with more. >>. w . 9/11. most every adult remembers where theym and what they wereh doing that day. in 2001. >> i was here.wa at green high school. teaching ninth grade american history. >> . there was a mediagra center. just a few doors down. i took my class there.
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happening. >> . >> they were reporting ang airplane hit the first tower. >> it's difficult each year. >> gordon will never forget. >> i was at my children's camp. up in closing down for the season. and one of my staff asked if i heard what's going on. >> w . keeping the memory alive. by talking about the loss of his brot forty-one year-old edward. passenger on flight 93. 9 when the crashed in pennsylvania. >> . it could have been any one of uf on that plane. called to duty at a moments woultdt would you. would i. >> . speaking friday. most of whomki have no first haa memory of the day.d alla of whom only know of post
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knowing that his life had purpose.po and that while we lost him. as a country as a community. we gained something. that morning. and the knowledge that we do if we're s called upon.up and we can hopeo that we would have aw similar level of commitment. and courage. >>mi . thank you for helping keep the memory alive.
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we tracked down harris -fpls what about the gun. was this road rage. ra he said one point a big rv rv did get and his fiancee brake checked. but harris says no gun play. >> . he's sighing he had the gun under his seat. but never took it out.o and wavedu it on the highway. the caller is saying she saw the gun.g police say they did find a guna in the car. near three magazines of ammunition. police filed a charge of improper handling of a firearm.i
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>> thank you. harris pleaded not guilty. and plans to fightd the charge. he says he doesn't have a concealed weapon butr scheduled to take a class for it. >> more about a stand off in pap many par many this morning par ma. on broad view near two men involved. their car crashed into a one of the men got out and went into a nearby home.h ao woman was inside. she got out okay. but it was hours before the man peacefully surrendered. >> .ful . it's not something that happens over here.t onh a frequent that i would say it's unusual for area. >> .. the other man involved in thet crash was hurt.h and taken to the hospital.h localo school w-rs on lock downd for several hours. h
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charges are stilld pending. >> .ll avon police officer under arresd now for allegedly driving under the influence. sergeant george rup -l on has bn on the force for 12 years. pulled over on labor day and pleaded not guilty. > . no charges will be filed against the artist who placed a statueue of a naked donald trump. cleveland heights police also released the statue back to the artist. as long as he agrees to pay the impound fee. similar statues appeared in three other cities. back in mid august. >> .. wofrbgers at the social security office in clevelandl say theysa became due to the improper spraying of
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office. included a isn't that true and headache. ohio department of agricultureic report released last month. states. it seems cleveland based central ex-term tphaeulting company used an unintended pesticide product and improperly applied it. it found the tech amay havehav cross contamination with a product banned for indoor use.
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it has forwarded the case to the u.s. epa. for a review.w and. central exterminating saysa it has changed its treatment. protocol. >> . some people like thehe heat. one of the people. but after about 30 days. i think i have had enough. >> . you have had your fill. along with many >>oth . you have change in the fore ka*ts. >> tre . at it's been a long hot summer. but. wanges on the way. but let's enjoy these days for what they are. including tonight's sunset. i show you, a special hello. to tracy and madison. i ran into tonight. dear i haven't seen in ar while. so. here we the sunset time lapse.
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look at isn't that a beauty.t veryy. nice. let's talk about summer. and the package. we have done it a number of ways on weather jazz.j my poda cast. let's take the specifics of 2-inches underal most of which came in june and july. august was near normal. but that really had an impact o theim trees. tre the trees had a lot of stress.. and still kind of lingering. into the late summer early falll so some of the beginning to change color. already. this from chester land. this other this leaf that fell down. beautiful color.or a little early.y. mainly because the tree -ts area kind of shutting down a little early. for this season. they have had enough of this dry weather. seventy-five cleveland. akronevel canton. the bigger story the dew point. dropped back into the moderate category. and so it's acat little more comfortable tonight. it's note t exactly what i would
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>> is in the southeast corner. of the viewing area. you see a first round here. here's the second there are some places that might not see a whole lot of rain. in that transition. but everybody is going to getget the clean sweep. by sunday.sun by sunday you'll wake up and go
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fifty-two at night. fortys in the burbs.. briefly recovering to 75 then 80 monday. all the sunshine and low dew points. the next front on wednesday will trim it back. intoesit the 60s. for highs.i wednesday andgh thursday. so a real crisp to thehe atmosphere. by the time we get to midweek. >> . a lot of people waiting for that. >> it will occur sunday morning. >> lighta j
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best of luck. he will be missed.
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smoked marijuana. he toldsm the officer quote i jt left my home girls house. he handed the officer a bag of cigars that contain marijuana. and ama small amount of the dru. was found in backpack in the trunk of theack car. the report indicates that shehe took a field sobriety test. that led the officer to conclude that he wasco impaired. >> . he initially agreed to a blood draw at a nearby hospital.h and latero changed his mind. telling the officer people woulu recognizeld him. and would cause a scene.e. friday thec statement that reads. >>eme . i think athletes sometimes getg putet on a pedestal. and getpe examples made out of them. >> probably a lot of people do it. so. it's not really much to reactrea to. >> . you have to be careful. >> b . still to be determined how the nba will react.ll to the arrest.
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suspended. >> . some fans say theys feel letus down. but believe the goal of any action taken by the cavs or the nba should be to help him.
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gunshots were heard.hear police found the woman.n. in the trunk of her own car. laying next to a gun. and two spent shells. s forty-seven year-old purse car keys were locked ind the car.
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t with her. from this office. from the police department. just prior to here death.h. we're relatively certain that the time. that she was when she became deceased. >> police say they had detained a person of interest. but let him go. for a lack of evidence.ev they believe theid woman's death may have been an elaborate suicide. >> texas mat mattress store is closing in the wake ofi a commercial that sparked out rage. foror promoting a 9/11 anniversy sale. the online add in san antonio featured a woman screaming as two towers of mattresses toppled behind her. and in a statement posted on social media.medi today.. the owner said the store willwil remain closed. staying silent. through the 9/11 an rers anniversary. to avoidann any furtherer distraction. the online add was produced without hispr knowledge.
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daughter. he says he will announce accountability action next week. >> .y kansas city man . protects hist family with a first thing he h could find. a tv.t john saysv a burglar walked inti hisn home. threw an unlocked door.d and pointed ao gun at him. demanding money. m his wife and four young sons were in the house.h johno says that without thinkin. he jumped up grabbed his 30-pound, 50-inch flat screen.r and hurlede it across the livinv room. at the burglar. the defense tact the burglar and his lookout ran down the driveway.d andri hopped in to a get away c. >> . i didn't even feel the weight. it was like paper.p justap flew across the everything was on the line. my family. >>oas ne. . police have yet to make anan arrest.a
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300,000 pen th*eus. police t charged 33 year-old robert with burglary.bu he's accuse of taking a steal steel drum filled with #t thousandh dollars worth 3,000-dollars worth of pennys. from his employer.
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if you have ever eaten food off the floor. listen up. >> it might be time to reconsider the 52nd rule. you have heard of this. five, second rule. >>f . bacteria contaminates food instantly.i when falls on then floor. the findings were published in this month.nth. in the american society for micro biology. they say
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danny fell behind early. again. first inning. twins first baseman. takes him the other way.oth over the wall.w homea run.n& tribe trails two to zero. in the third. when split the gap. left center. two rune came home. that point the indians were even. they weren't done. ground out. ripped a single to right. things were lookingg good.. and they cont right now five to four indians. in the eighth. >> . browns ready to open the season sunday. in against rookie and the eagles. the front office knocked down the idea that the browns are nt trying to win this year. brown says robert griffin theri third is beingf looked at as aa long term solution. at quarter back. not just a bridge to a draft pick. somewhere down the road.he as for the idea that the team might be tanking the season for a better draft pick.pi
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well said. sa that's an educated man.m some excitement tonight. at theat weigh ins for efc. 203. at the q. after jessica evil eye stepped off the scale. she walked over to her opponento when she raised tper forearm, she gave her a shove. the twot will face off in the the main event of course. will be his first heavy weight title defense. he'sle taking on al cleveland's own sounds ready toy
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one more time. t there it is tonight. it will be 68 degrees. partly cloudy. a few showers. i do not have a degree in meteorology. >> . i can read what's on the screen. >>e . considerable clouds. with showers and thunderco stor. we have a high of 82. >> . there's a chance of severe weather. on sunday. beware of that. slight risk. r but aj in the morning. tomorrow night. after that sunday. look at that. clean sweep. with sunshine and 70. low dew point.
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that should take us. into nextne week. >> . canan we get honorary degrees or something. >> . seal of approval. >> . don't get ahead of yourself.
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will be in an is an and in an and in an and him will incarnate powerful arms and 84 .-dot how front tonight and touched on demo the week is coming up. welcome to the blackout edition of friday night touchdown as it should say week three of adonai


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