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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  September 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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you do not get her trying as un into a linebacker or a was happened, it was close to the end of the game, i think what happened that he was tryin to get out of bounds, and that the defendant was really out of bounds just trying to get their as he turned god abounds the gu hit him in the chest. rg3, will be out indefinitely he was put on the injured reserve according to policy estimates a minimum of eight games during josh mccown will start sunday at first energy stadium the browns home opener versus baltimore ravens and the
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more that it stays the same the browns what happens at josh mccown gets injured >> then i got to cody kessler i one play away from getting his start in the nfl so a lot of wheels in motion you have to be ready probably with a lead that history has gone with josh mccown and this team p er peer. >> there is still hope for josh account as a proven veteran, we're glad he is on the team an this is the reason why g they d not trade into the dallas cowboys during training camp they needed a proven veteran in
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was directly campaign season is in full swingng, the reported the theft many of their signs. >> gop alachua county reported major spike in the theft of donald trump signs as jack shea joins usmp. >> told that trump signs have been cut up, burned and run ove by cars and trucks >> gop says this video shows a car passing through a neighborhood,go sign supporting donald trump and local candidates ared removed from the monza supporters before the person,,re mickey callaway, they have also been vandalized even set on fire appeared i am outraged and that we should pride ourselves as americans to
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peaceful transition of power an this isn't just juvenile behavior this is a violation of peoples first amendment rights . >> another video sent to the republican party shows a young man running onto the mom of a trump supporters stealing a sig of the local gop chairman estimates 50 percent of signs have been or vandalized.. >> a sense of frustration that in this area is almost like a acceptable norm that signs of been stolen bike they have for years what is alarming as the rate.bive term of the democratic party nash to be of the that there i any organized effort to get rid of republican signs and that democratic signs have also been stolen and damaged.. republican say that a memo as part of the group that stole a large number of trump signs posted a photo of her in social media as a result to adults and
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is the new mormon america, it's pretty crazy. urge you to stand up for your rights in the end follow-throug withn police and prosecutors. >> this is abnormal, and if peoplea are trespassing on the property and take away your freedom of expression meaning t fight back into that people kno about it.g the party is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsil urging people to put up securit cameras to catch them in the act. a spokesman for the clinton campaign says the staff regrets how would have information abou her health,ff she left a 9/11 memorial ceremony in new york
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diagnosed withor pneumonia frid come you can overheated, and dehydrated yesterday they say that in retrospect they should of beeny upfront about the diagnosis. >> donald trump says he will release detailed information from a physical exam in the nex few days, very specific numbers is expecting good results because he feels great.yi tim kaine made an appearance in dayton today and donald trumm going to canton wednesday. >> lorrie taylor says they focu on ohio as election day draws near. the clinton campaign unveils a plan to make college ffordable, if not free, for all all, donald trump mousselike's latest medical exam public. both candidates were to convinc the american public that they ca peer tim and strong kaine is wrapping up the parent
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today he toldld the crowd that hillary clinton wants to make college in america debt-free fo evorybody cwa and tuition free families making less than $125,000 a year he also took a shot at donald trump. meanwhile, mr. trump told a baltimore crowd today thatat hillary clinton is trying to scare people out of voting, followinggtr the comments over weekend colin trumphe voters a basket of the portableste. >> using a page from the democratic playbook to smear someone with one of the names o those namesmo t trying to seriously scare the amount of voting for change >> you don't get stronger by calling the military disaster t say that the generals are that disaster and trashing down cake
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despite the announcement of affordable college education, the clinton campaign spent most of the date responded to questions about her health,, has been diagnosed with pneumonia, andd appeared to stumble at 891 ceremony in new york peer first they said it was his exhausted and that she was better than my much later they questioned if she had one question put anybod else at risk being in the public. >> the claim that she is not contagious they said that last week and she coughed so much no we understand why she was coughing so much and they said that once she got into the cooler air out of the suvhe wit separate water and. >> when you are going to play
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schedule, she seems to be needing celeste i would say. >> in brunswick after a footbal game, high school football players as he took a new instea of prayer during national anthem anthem's la says that he has been a target of hate speech ha maia belay has details peer verisign said that he her teammates , members of the football team the landlord before a game from the second he said the hate speech continued on-field heard them say they would use that word as much of the car during the game goes into has largely aftermarket roster so he decided to take in
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anthem sparking a backlash below are attacks on social media, hi family says that they cannot believe what's happeningks. life has changed within a week or two, but also save, a lot of things have changed. teen nights immigration and customs enforcement six in the locker and for you to go behind my bac and say that it hurts. >> vigil at the naacp action
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for a person pled guilty in connection to a heroin overdose death in aprill that i guilty t of heroin is a fifth degree felony andrew frye was found dead inas the green hotel room, children are back in the classroomee one city take steps make sure that they are safe. >> speed cameras went up the school district, peggy gallek here with what's happening.y >> they went back to classes back in two weeks today traffic cameras i made every turn and be set up in school zones, they say that they will be used in school zones throughout the year, an officer levine weather calendar, too will be used each dayay for about two hours there will be set up at different school buildings each day somem say that their used to raise
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say that the main goal is safety. >> the angle is the safety of our childrenen try to get drive to slow down in school zonest a in general, students are, have not developed a sense of time and distance. >> if there is adequate warning, and signs that you are approaching this goes on and to pay attention and i think that we should watch ou for the children and stay withi thett posted limit. >> the ticket will cost about $100,0, so be sure to slow down that's what the school official and the police are urging to do. >> they then french for decades and one of the best-known bromances in sports. dwayne wade says he trusts
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anything else t and has nothin
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ellet high school with a close again tomorrow after a weekend fire they said that there is to much to clean up, firefighters were called p and saturday th cause isp under investigation, they say that it appears it started in the location instruction room, ellet high school is closed again tomorrow they learned that rg3 will miss an extended amount of timewi an injured shoulder he said suzanne stratford for family action enjoins us >> they did have a lot to say, and passes and we saw the quarterback injured, people had a lot to say there were lots of emotions i think, in light of
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disappointed but i think attitudes were pretty good they saw the injury happened, when rg3 meant that shoulder pain dr. said that he might be able to come back in here than ten weeks, it's the first game and he ishu back we hearar and possibly ten weeks or center, the fans are disappointed but not surprised. >> this kind of thing happens year after year. >> hurts a little but it cannot get any worse. a lot of people were somewhat
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cavaliers andre stipe miocic, and we will have a backup quarterback versus the ravens next weekns, >> maybe it is this beautiful weather. >> just another rebound, we hav been
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we were in that game until that bad hike. video got some better manners? >> for delivering 100% make you very happy on this monday
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wave heights will be very low smooth sailing. hopkins has 78, and we had a very cool morning and are warmer afternoon temperatures the trade 74 nichols off to the no and minneapolis employees, village montana with 43 degrees perit haldol watches/warnings want to show you in our job idaho an montana, phrase warnings and
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looking at high pressure the next 24 hours waiting for the next chance of rain fall started tomorrow night when is that if you showers the late-morning until late afternoon than about 3:00 o'clock began to try out and then we are looking at cooler air once again rainfall amounts should be between one quarter and one half inch from the actual front wednesday
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friday night touchdown, number four, looking dry rainfall saturday and sundayay. yesterday was the first day i did not have the air-conditioning on. join password dick goddard second pet telethon on thursday september 22 from 6:00 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. you can make a pledge by phone or online all money raised goes to the cleveland apl sponsored by stautzenberger , significant find, they say that this piece of debris could finally solve the mystery of what happened to
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florida mosque grows up in flames and they say it was not accidental. orlando shooter omar mateen worship to someone called
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has been the lou marson, he die after a shootout with police after killing 49 people in june, the piece of debris could solve the mystery of the missing malaysia airlines airplane they found several pieces on the coast of madagascar one looks like carpet and paneling that leads them to believe that the exposed to intense heat or fire they will examine it to hopefully figure out what march 2014 with 239 people on board. >> chicagoland has fed up with crime in his neighborhood so he's taking matters into his ow hands, nt tired and officer to has personal security guard, the officer goes to work all day an then spends his eatinge walking alongside in protecting the homeland. >> been paid out roughly sense
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do have a new grass is miss much money? >> not at all, i have the names i've been very fortunate,. >> he has budgeted about $50,00 a year for security is as if there is a small price to pay for feeling safe, the week from tomorrow is the 20 year anniversary of tupac's death, and a pop-up restaurant is open in his honor, california serving his recipese he was actually to cooking and sketched ideas for a cookbook and restaurantke caf? will serv some of their own original dishes including a california love chicken sandwich,h, and a singapore butter chicken ways and passion k-pop's. target will hire more than 70,000 ex- workers this holiday season, bu the same as last year and to
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distribution facilities, the discount chain says it will hol hiring events at the stores are not over 14 and 15 you can appl online. >> amazon looking for part-time help you can work from home, th harry beloved customer service associates in 20 states including ohio according to the description you will learn $10 an hour by solving problems and answering questions from amazon customers the holiday season hours are flexible in you can choose to work just one hour a week or up to 30, and i had to work on a
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advise really hot saturday, strong storms came barreling through and now i've got warlike faux leather, fall is beginning september 202 the full homeless man is friday taking a look at fault
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the art approaching the full-moong in the next several days. it will be clear, and cold night with low 50s and then tomorrow wall-to-wall sunshine and then we bring abou a shower on wednesday and then
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>> charges dropped against two kids with bb guns. the video revealed by the i-team, as ed gallek has the latest. >> they wrote essays, then the charges dropped after the two boys wrote to a juvenile judge, that they have learnedtju from and from the tamir rice case, discharging a video of ridgewoo lake park in parma camera raleigh with kids 12 and 15, bb guns that look like powerful handguns in the cellar to the case of tamir rice was s shot and killed by copley police, in parma, this boy surrendered, a juvenile judge has dismissed the case against them and they wrote essays they said that they realize that the case could have turned deadly they have learned from the tami
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charges tied to the fake gun's coming up on fox 8 news app fiv you'll see what they say about the future that's coming up at five card ashland high school teacher indicted on sexual battery involving a student, that they have been investing i the case of march and t turned
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>> the owners of a clear the bicycle shop say that they are living in fear after a series o break-ins and harassment set up frustrated that nothing is bein done to stop it they spoke with matt wright is in a newsroom with the story tonight. >> fleet bike shop's benefits are in slavic village forr 45 years but the owners say that i might have to close because of the fact ve, there are fed up after being terrorized all summer the started in june police that someone broke in stall about a dozen bicycles worth thousands of dollars that the shop was repairing, when i said she saw particularly like is when someone spray-painted a huntingng moment at a rock through an upstairs window to say that they frustrated because they don't feel that police are
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she said she got a ccw and while perch i the cameras and she can reporte they said that theyam might the slavic village now they're asking for them curated to keep an eye out for each other. >> they encourage everybody to the same. friends and family mourn the death of a father infr his six year old son killed when the ca was hit head-on by a military vehicle dave nethers joins us from the fox 8 studio at the university of akron it happened nearly than a saturday evening this time the clipped another vehicle before crossing the center line and collided head-o
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2013 kia and which this father and son were both writing, ai small memorial marking the spot by ralph 14 an lake rockwood road enforce the impact clear by all the debris, photo taken by a witness shortl after the collision the highway patrol says the company with four national guardsmen inside crossed the centerlineat south route 40 the driver, chart-year-old jeremy taylor of university loss control sideswipe in a car into the kia driven by 34-year-old brian barker of berea who was killed with his 6-year-old son >> hour crash reconstruction unit responded to the sameme they are investigating all know that what may speed and have contributed to the crash that they really like to stress is that whenever the pavement i wet, you need to slow down use more caution because that's whe
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ontrol. still under investigation, the highway patrol is looking for the driver of a fourth car that was not involved in the collision, but who they believe may have useful information. the national guard confirming t us that humvee was an army national guard vehicle, they ar not saying where it wasth going where it had been coming from w know that it wash told afrw which is a joint training site used by the ohio national guard. sense samsung told users to stop using their galaxy note 7, shares of their stock plunged 7 percent they
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their phones catching fire, the faa is askin people not to use their samsung 07 while on an airplane, for no they are offering customers a different phone and a $25 gift card, sasso is taking steps to protect passengers using thehe self driving future, the ceo announcing that they will updat the autopilot system using rada instead of cameras, they are under investigation after man died when his car slammed into the side of a a truck in florida four months ago. >> yesterday was tough enough, but>> browns fans plane fantas football had a worse time the espn fantasy football and crashed aroundtb 1:00 p.m. just night nfl games began in three hours later in time for the day second round of games thee associated at an website became
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they said that it was still working to fully resolve the issueses here. to the best basketball players today. >> glenn sand says their something that lebron james doe it better than play basketball
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new words are added to the oxford dictionary some of the most notable aret gender fluid, designated a person who does no identify with a single gender also america, meaning america, yolo, you only live once and swirly, and nursing a said in a toilet as it was washed,
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looking from burke lakefront just to show you the beautiful day. you have time, sunset around 7:40 p.m. currently 74 degrees dewpoint your 90 degrees here charlestown and then upstream so warm in omaha and minneapolis, this warmer ai is moving into the northern rockies, dewpoints remaining very well, shelly from chicago, st. louis 54. the dewpoints
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the overnight low current temperature, it is 43 degrees billings montana. in doubtlessly have 91, we do want to show you, the northern rockies they have freeze warnings postal north dakota an more winter like and fall like northern rockies and northern plains. we have the sunshine the next system of strength wit rain showers beginning wednesday. in the higher elevations rain falling snow in higher elevations of wyoming an
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tomorrow and estate tad warmer with low 80's and then tomorrow night if she more clouds then on wednesday morningng a few showe and then mandate
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one day will have low 80's tomorrow. they may have a teenager anymore,e, dwayne wade and lebr james never stop being friends. >> he says that he trusts lebro james palate, he told food and wine magazine that he lets lebron james order for him when theye go out to e lebron james just knows and whe push comes to shove he probably knows him better than his own wife gabrielle union, the
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the earliest that danny salazar could pitch may be three or fou
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decision for the coaching staff the indians are in chicago they seem the white sox, carlos carrasco pitching, then it magi number is at 14 and we are sitting with 20 games to go in the season and the indians have 83 wins i think that is something that people should savor to appreciate. >> do you like fish? >> here is your sports reporter. >> i would have lebron james
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pennsylvania one is back on her feet after being hi by a falling fish. >> her friends say she was hit by a catfish at the philadelphi museum of art. are more likely to get struck by lightning than from a fish from the sky. lisa lobree says it hit her across the face it was 18 inche long wait about 5 pounds she wa going to a fitness class teache believes that it was dropped by a bird and that she happened to just being in the way of the time.. b >> bald-faced happened it was traumatic,c, at the time and it funny now just some of the wor
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had a fever for a fewe days out what the dr. gave her a tetanus shot and antibiotics she says that she is okay and cans laugh
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the browns are forced to change starting quarterbacks
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with time winding down and the fourth quarter of the brown season takes a turna as rg3 get hit hard. use of injury started to trickle out today and it is confirmed that he will be out for most of the season. p.j. ziegler is in berea with the details. this is the same situation from last when josh mccown suffered a concussion and was out, rg3 as a broken bone in his left shoulde eight l be out at least games. he was trying to get as many yards as possible and hit
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he was put on the injured reserve missing a memo of eight games he will be evaluated in three or four weeks josh mccown will get the start he says he i excited for another chance to start under center. >> i am excited to play, absolutely. as we talked about, to add my age you do not take opportunities lightly andy i lo forward to compete wit guysr i'd love to watch them pl yesterday and i will do what i can to help. considering that they did not the play rg3 had a big game against the baltimore ravens last year throwing for over


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