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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  September 15, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning cleveland all of northeast ohio. thursday morning in the ciitygo.odd all of fifteenth day of september 2000 and166 tit'ys 8:00 in the mornir thank you for joining us.ninit i'm wayne dawson.hankor j happy friday you.riday y.
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kristi capel.m sc we are blessed it will be a 10 out of 10 aj was calling it asas far as the forecast goes on a thursday.far as the good morning everybody. it will be perfect today.ect to. if you like sunshine and coolness humid air i'm a fan ofo the following and i think this s is going to be terrific. be ter check it out this isri a look aa that time lapse after a lovely sunrise this morning. some high-level clouds and one o lonely michael had out there on academy dot but burke lakefronte airport. clear skies. son today.oda high clouds in southwest ohio right now. some of those are spilling into northern ohio. decorating the sky a limit but t it's not going to be by any means an aggressive were not going to head into a cloudy day. 60 right now.0 right n 54 in akron canton.
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there is a look at our son and d high clouds.ds. 57 degrees in eastlake the current number and high pressurg stays in control today with ath high temperature of 72 degrees.g perfect weather beautiful tomorrow. t patty you wantty to do a little vanna white? look at this beautiful weather.w gradual warming come monday. and then fall begins on thursday.y. ready to do traffic? to do traff absolutely i am. you did a fine job with weather. traffic and weather togetheret every eight minutes.nutes. and she is back. and ss how that works.s. five broadway we have theve accident police say it's a minor one but still causing for delays. this accident ng 76 west on past 43. in an accident happened early er this morning just before . shot video of it way down there and it is a
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maslin road. police tried to pull the vehicle over for a trid to lane violata said not so much he sped awaywa and ended up crashing on thath ramp hit the wall hit a pole po knocked the pull over. the paul control center it it controls the lights. a mess out there they still have the ramp closed 77 northbound tn maslin road. we have an accident 71ident 7 northbound you can see polic 25th as you come into town.' watch out for that on 71. causing delays before denizeni heading up 71 and delays for 80 is bound once again heading fro granger towards runway where wee have the accident garfield police are missing. drivetime's 36 minutes from 83.. 22 minutes 77 northbound from 8m but break it down he will seee most of those slowdowns between 480 and denizen heavy stuff andf
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the accident past west 25th. stephanie over to you. thanks so much patty. we have breaking news out of columbus overnight where there was a deadly officerh involved shooting of a 13 year old.ere was a dea a police spokesman says officerr ficers tried to take several armedarmed robbery suspects into custody when the boy tyree king pulled what they believed to be a gunig from his waistband. he was shot several times. it turns out the weapon was a bb gun.turns ou king passed away at thehe hospital.l. we'll continue to follow all of this out of columbus right now. stay with fox 8 on air anddhosp s out online at for ther the latest on this developing story. also happening while you were sleeping police rushed aice rusa shooting victim to the hospital. we're told officers pulled over a minivan for speeding downpeedn fulton road around 1:30 thisoada morning.round 1:30 that's when they found a man fon inside the van was shot in the chest. the van was they called 911 before drivingvg
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this morning we're learning he was shot near 28th and division. we don't know what his condition is that this hour. also in the news this morning. a disturbing picture that instantly sparked reaction.ct a man and a woman passed outand with a little boy sitting in the back seat. now the family of that little boy is breaking their silence, ly of ng exclusively with fox 8i check in with stacey frey who is here to tell us what they had tt say.say. good m the whole thing very disturbingr the little boy's great. grandmother spoke only with our lorrie taylor. she told her the family is veryn the upset that police put out that r photo and that they seemed toytt imply that exposure to drugs was a daily occurrence for the 4 year occurre i want them to know that he hasn't been raised like that, no way never. to my knowledge he has not everr been in contact with that kind of stuff. 84 year old barbara mcculloughdu
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since he was an infant. her granddaughter she tells us r was on drugs, the baby's father has never really been a part of his life. wa drugsbeen a rt ocourt granted custody to the paternalo the nal grandmother rhonda pasek thehe woman in the passenger seat of the vehicle..gramother police suspect she and the driver had overdosed on heroin and officers used narcan to o revive them.fficers used the department made the decision to release this photo, alarming as it is to get a reaction toto get people to take notice of the heroin epidemic plaguing the communities these sad and crippling results theysy witness every day.. mccullough says she never saw any signs of drug use from the grandmother who was grantedgnanm custody and neither did theothea court.s gran and nr i cannot imagine her ever doing something like that with that child in the car because i truly believe she did love him and hee loved her dearly. lorrie taylor saw the four yearr old last night. he seemed happy and healthy andd
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his great aunt will be taking him home to myrtle beach today. she says she just wants tohis gg him hom establish a normal routine forro him, get him in school and onuti the road to the life she and hih great grandparents have always wanted for him.she and eat grana meanwhile, grandma's in court this morning charged with child endangering and publicwithring l intoxication.ic the family says mom is a stripper in a nearby town andn n the dad isn't around.d not a part of his life.. nice that he has other people in the family stepping up and taking care of him.f him thanks stacey. the investigation continuesues today in the terrifying case off the three bodies found in ashland and richland counties. three people are dead, but miraculously one woman was able to save herself.people miraculo. jessica dill is live at the crime scene in ashland with thee newly released 911 call. scene d good morning everybody. two bodies were found inside these abandoned homes the
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police to a body in richland to county. the good news one woman was abll to save herself.e she was abducted here in this is abandoned home. she somehow was brave enough to gghrab the suspect's cell phonen and called 911 while she was ini the same room as greatle she w sleeping at the time. what is the address to your emergency. what's the problem.t's the pr i've been abducted.oble morning, starting a series of disturbing discoveries. inside this ashland home, police found two bodies, one identified as missing woman stacey stanley. suspect shawn grate then led police to richland county where they found more human remains in a burned down house. the woman who made the 911 call told the dispatcher in a hushed voice she was in the bedroom with grate who was sleeping.ed l she says she freed herself froml the ties but was too afraid tofo
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something on the door to make it noisy.on tht she gives the dispatcher noisy incredible directions to theible abandoned home explains that shn was a little injured and thatnjt grate had a taser. at one point in the call, she sets the phone down because she thought he was waking up.e the call goes on for about 20oeo minutes, until finally sheinalle convinces herself to leave the room and help finds her. can you get out of the house? is there a window there? yeah i'm looking out of it. tell them to come back. she said hurry, hurry, she said to hurry and come back. come out, come on out, hurry up get out of here. come out,, hurrr.idaid the woman, who has not yet been identified, told the dispatcherh she knew go hrate for about a mh and a half.asntified, tld therab she was taken when she waswa walking with him from her own
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updated as we learn more. grade has been charged withit abduction at this point hbut moe charges are expected in he will appear in court a very brave woman there.ear in co hopefully saved a lot more lives in the future.e like stuff movies are made fromm to know she was in the same room with him so extremely brave. it's incredible it really website as well.wel jessica dill reporting live froe ashland once again this morning an update a on one other top to stories. also in the news this morning.e. grief counselors will be available for students and staff at norton high school today, sc, following the tragic death of ah student. witnesses say the sophomore was trying to dwao a skateboard tri, when he fell in front of a fel school bus on greenwich road yesterday afternoon.l in frfr ssyesteday aftenot see him, and ran over the student.t. school leaders say parents who
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today or tomorrow can do so as excused absences.ay or to some good news for you this morning. some good news for you this morning. the second span of the new innerbelt bridge will open later this month. two lanes on the eastbound bridge will open on september 24th, with a ceremonial ribbon cutting. three lanes will open to traffit by the end of october.. odot still needs to work on some closed ramps, including somea lane repaving.mps, inclu repavi. for more information, head overr to and click seen on tv.c eleven minutes after what a busy news day. a busy ws. still ahead on fox 8 news in the morning hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail. ahead one what her doctor is saying about her health and what we're learning about her challenger's latest trip to his doe plus, disney tried to make a healthy gumbo and the internet fought back. we have more on the ingredient n debate that set twitter on fire. good morning aj.ha good morning natalie wayne and stephanie. and everybody. happy thursday out there.
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nothing short of nor is our dayf or even the eigt day forecast.cast. with the exception of maybe one day. an important day.
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welcome back to fox8 news.e baco a.j. colby here for scott sabola on a thursday morning and it is nowon a a 14:00.:00. clouds produce rain showers that was yesterday in the morning just before the noon hour ride e around there didn't last long. it was not long.t and skies dried out fairlyfair quickly you can see on our timer lapse of breaks of blue there at the end of that scene right aboutks one or 2:00 there. ther. 60 degrees currently.ently. 54 akron canton.akron c 51 at some areas of northeast ohiost h including rockio creek 47.eek pierpont the same. right around rome. rome and ashtabula county not italy. and mediterranean climate over there.
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that is mighty cool. 60 is our dewpoint yesterday we were full of juice. andpay that was what precipitati the precipitation than dropping the 40s that along with a cold frontro that came through.throuh. we had some showery weather but it was briefe as we said. southwest ohio inundated with cloud cover here. cincinnati and daytoni toward huntington south. no nprecipitation in the state happenting but there will be aw decorative high cloudsl the mapa are showing that right now withh one strand of lake effect cloud cover right there. that's interesting as winds blow out of the northeast . that you see pretty much the rest of the state ise not seeins any significant cloud cover. hour winds turning northeast rather vigorously. then began to come around moreme south it is. will see those quiet down and tellllsouth it . maybe someday.d
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precipitation falling ontion flg saturday. pplans atonu onto eating the rain i believe the tribe is in town saturdaye rr we've got i'm suree of activities. it's a's a we sunday the pick ofeke the twoe w weekend days. bright september sunshine a stunning day today.oday a cool night tonight with bright moonshine the moon will be at one night before fall.e fa looking at upper 70s tomorrow. there is the rain on saturday. sunday were also looking at a a going to wrap things up earlyr t gradual warming in next week. the last few days of summeral wd fall begins on thursday with ayw warm temperature there of 82. wayne. all right aj.. thank you very much.ll righ a florida man is behind bars this morning, accused of setting fire to a mosque that the orlando nightclub gunman attended.
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facing arson and hate crime charges. officers took him into custody after questioning him about the fire yesterday. police received tips, leading them to schreiber. he now faces a 30 year prisontou sentence.t a 30 ye prison democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton is scheduled to be back on the campaign trail today, after recovering from on ttrail to she was seen stumbling as she left a 911 memorial event on sunday. her doctors say she was she as overheated and dehydrated.r the candidate's team just released a letter from her doctor which says she is in excellent physical condition. the letter also included a list prevent blood clots and treat allergies.heated andt roch it meanwhile the trump campaignil says it will release the results saythe candidate's recente the u physical today on the doctor ozl show at 11 a.m. right here on fox8. today on the i would say just based on my life, i mean i've had i've actually i don't know if this makes sense, i feel as good today as i did when i was, the republican nominee acknowledged he does notwledgedh exercise and he wants to lose at least 15 pounds.e does n
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control to his cholesterol. if elected trump would be the oldest president at 70. president obama will help celebrate the grand opening of a new smithsonian museum inr washington, d.c. later this month. the national museum of african american history and cultureme features six floors of exhibits, showcasing the african americane f experience from slavery to the present with more than 40ent wi thousand artifacts. the founding director says the goal is to educate, and bring the museum will officially open next saturday, september 24th. tnor says theand bring 18 minutes after 8:00 and it's i free for all thursday morning. all right.igh makes us feel like it's almost friday.. we feel like a friday. soon enough. doing the marching band for canning tomorrow.s little schedule switch free forr all thursday got to do free fore all.l. all. get to some of your comments on this free-for-all edwards notedd should receive as part of for f
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name the street after don king a fallen soldier with local tiesti would be text says celebrate the passage of goddard's law. were all very happy about that.t thank you for your unwavering love and support for animals. the indians are going to win iti all this year. i agree i hope so.s so excited for the weekends homestand go tribe. going to win it this year. go tribe. dump where the horse before the horse.c may be as lump should take aakea page from the owners manual. his voicemails that came in. my name is there was a .guy that called inl and saleid don't tear down that gazebo was the most stupidest thing and monwey wasting.. what stupid is voting for donalr trump. that is stupid it is probably a supporter.
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family members have to sit heree for the rest of their life alif look at this gazebo and mourn and bring up all of thesees memories. i've going to make a comment ono the couple in the car that that overdosed with a little kid in n the backseat.backseat. first and foremost i feel realll bad for the child.lyd for thechi he's been pushedld around from people to people..e on the heroin epidemic we as a a community need to get together and do something about this. a to hear from you guys a chance c to talk abouth whatever you want on a free for all thursday.rsda. here's how you get a hold of usl facebook twitter instagram voice mail that photo is so hard. it shows the impact.impact. it really does.t rea if it's a llface toy so much of this. so disturbing. thankt hyisou.. yo sure thing. 8:20 is the time on a thursday r morning still ahead cavaliers ticketsin go on sale today.da find out exactly when you cann
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towards another championship or. i like your spirit.p plus hitching a ride home foriti a riri ree. the new deal lyft and budweiser worked out to get people home safe after a night out on the town.d budwwt peo and just because the temperatures are changing doesn't mean your garden has to go to our good friend gregg from theig greenhouse in hudson is here fre smelling good in whipping upp some's fall flower arrangements when we come back. awesome. ent
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. n't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president.
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[music playing] [music playing] middle earth wind and fire a wia little september.nd fi the month of september hello.lo. and we are just full of all of these gorgeous flowers.wers. if you want in all natural andan super greedd way to decorate yor home this fall we have somehave great ideas. all you need to do is just headd outside to your own yard because our good friend y craig from thm greenhouse and hudson is t hereo show us easy homemadeomem arrangementsad that will liven u anything that you do. d.
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table. dining room table.our absolutely. i love it. we love you so much. l good to see you. a second ago these areu these tables and are you brought this stuff this is from people'srom o set with the task of going out to people's yards and cuttingutt stuff and showing people what they can do with there flowers from their it's amazing. great ideas and let's get started. we never have enough time. ssknow.. this will be great for entrywayr and a lot of people say myay m garden is spent i have no flowers i haveve no color. but there so much grade greenery out there right now. this is some ornamental grasses. just from the goalie. these hosta leaves are brillianl and in last. they're grade. keep the deer away.
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this greenery will last i bett b you two or three weeks. no kidding.. great to put in your entryway. welcome fall because next thursday the first day of fall.. it is. you going through my recycling bin at my house? kind of looks like it. where did you find all of these. those were in my trash actuallyt this is a guareat way to just js display a couple choice blossoms from your garden. say you have like a coupleom fr linear of linear blossoms from a bush and aar of l t couple and some coneflower.lowe three bundle these like reallyal cute like little wine bottles with some burlap and twine.ine adorable. and you can make a centerpiece and it can always be changing. seegi this is dead throw that od bring something else in. throw deal help pretty that is it'dhel sell soft. looks andp pretty tt feels likv
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a long time. sunflower and japanese anda remedies. you can do a collection of three or more.ore so many times have wine special occasion celebrating something. you want to keep this is a great way of keeping the bottle andthe not being b aotntle empty winee that you put it together and and create something beautiful out of a champagne glass you can bundle it with anything you want. i love this idea. i'm going home.. i love it. sunflowers are really really and season right now. this is from a friend of mine's gardent a bunch of sunflowerslowers japanese a huge gourd in hallowed it out and that all sunflowers and there. ther simple quick easy centerpiece.en is it tdown and something insidi you just put water in there.nsid a whiner and there an oasis inon with of the whole thing in there and you see that. i
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good to go. we also did like a littlei pumpkin over here. with like some sold a lot of people have mom plans outside these are hydrangeai th take some leaves from outside. d easy and quick.e. you can buy the little moms 4393 and 499. a cute little birch container here if you see that. we start that it matched up well with these white pumpkins. pumps we have. got these from local grocery store but all of these flowers they're all fromre al and then cone hydrangeas those are in season right now peoplele have big huge bushes of those we put some hostile leaves below it. these will last a long time and they drive. it looks like a couple hundred d dollar arrangement. the one on the and someone aa so friend of mine have a garden.
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container.r.contai bat again simple is better all l one flower innovates. and anyone can do even you. even me i love being able to goo outside and bring some of your outside yard in.rd in. absolutely. it's free and you're actually absolut have to cut things back anyway. great idea to do i t a and enjoy it in your house.u sbrings a lot of joy and pleasure.asure. got some wonderful ideas and great to see if he's sharing those w tito h uss and we're shg with you on our website fox8.coo make sure you ju l seen on tvyo great ideas. i greg your
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rob portman and his wealthy friends have spent millions attacking me. well friends, i was governor during the great national recession - and we all know it was raining pretty hard. so i used the rainy day fund - because i wouldn't cut education or local police and fire. and we balanced the budget every year. attack ads are easy. leading in a crisis is hard.
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8:32 on a thursday morning a live look from one or fox cameras towards downtown and a meras todownto and some birdiesr there in the foreground. welcome back. glad you're here.rr our cloud cover glad y your currently high-level clouds are associatec
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spreading more into theo southwestern part of the statess getting a little blow off fromom that. not expecting that to be anbe issue. temperatures now 60 degrees in cleveland you needr your shades out there and perhaps light jacket this morning out t.. temperatures dropped into the 40sr over inland mix andnd crannies especially pierpontpiet rock creek and rome ohio. 54 degrees in akron canton. downstate close to 70 degrees. a look at how these cloudswn beg to dissipatea cover. even into 10:00 tonight clouds are showing up.nto 10 55 madonna mentor 58 degrees. high-pressure sliding to the east. this is the next weather system for saturday.dithis ishe next a stunning day. temperatures in the 70s as wes e get into the weekend even that
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sunday afternoon and gradualn ag warming for next week. fall will begin. 82 on thursday. a head start to the fall. we'll take it. absolutely. now to the latest on the photo of two people apparently passedt out from a drug overdose and tho 4 year old who's caught in the middle.year oe. that little boy's family spoke exclusively with fox 8 about their displeasure with the police for releasing thatsphe picture, and their hopes for the 4 year old's future. policece check in with stacey frey in the newsroom with another update fr as.e for good morning. good morning. it's a sad reality. heroin has reached epidemic proportions in this state. gg good m it's a 1400 people died from overdoses in ohio last year. that's a 1700 percent increase over 12 years ago.years ag that's why east liverpool police say they released that picture.t the boy's family, speaking onlyi with our lorrie taylor, says they don't like that police implied that's how this little boy is growing up. it was like what in the world
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i don't know what she was thinking. 85 year old barbara mccullough and her husband have beenhusbane raising the little boy since hee was four weeks old. she says her great granddaughter and the baby's father are incapable. mccullough says she wanted her daughter who lives in myrtle beach to take him and raise hime because it was just too much bu. beac eeks ago the court grantedd custody to rhonda pasek theas ja boy's paternal grandmother and the woman you see sitting in the bonathger seat of this vehicle. police believe she and theeve sd driver had overdosed on heroin and had to use narcan to bring them back from the brink of driver had overdo ri mccullough says her grandsonaysn doesn't understand what happened but he knows something was terribly wrong.esn't under he told us what happened when he got in the car.s he said my grammy got in trouble and i said, well honey, maybe your grammys a little bit sick the driver you saw in thatver yo picture is james acord. he pleaded no contest to operating a vehicle whileu saw n
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impaired and endangering a child. he was sentenced to a year in se jail, fined 475 dollars and he lost his license for 3 years. rhonda pasek will be in east liverpool court this morning. the little boy is going to live with his great aunt and uncle in myrtle beach. they leave this morning.ninitheu we wish that little one well wel that is for sure in a freshr start in life.e thanks stacey. other news this morning.n a chilling 911 call from a womal abducted in ashland county lead to the gruesome discovery of three bodies.dies. today we're learning more about the suspect, shawn grate. jessica dill is live at the scene on covert court, with more on what we're learning about grate's criminal past.wn grate.e rt, with good morning. chandra still facing abductiond charges today expecting more charges to come down before he wasy in court.urt he was pulled from this amended homes as well as another womane
8:37 am
and more police officers going to board up that homes so theyth cane begin to take down the crik scene tape here.e down t three bodies total soundtotal fortunately one woman was able l to get away. away. that's because she was brave enough to grab his cell phone and called 911 while the suspec was in the same bedroom as her. who abducted you? sean great. where is he at now? in the bedroom. please hurry. he's got a taser. are you injured. a little. ia little. the 911 call tuesday morning lead police to find grate and the abducted woman. they then found two bodies in the abandoned homes, one the ducted woma identified as missing womanthe d stacey stanley. homfied as missa police say grate then led them to another body a woman he saysa he killed on a property in mansfield then burned down the home there in june to hide any evidence. grate's arrest tuesday wasn'tstt his first with past charges
8:38 am
he served a year in prison for a 1996 burglary and was convicted of abduction after flashing a butcher knife and hitting twotio women in 1999 preventing them pm from getting away. one was the mother of his childo we spoke with a former friend of grate, who met him in a 12 step program. she describes him as nice but we spokermer was off.f. rate, i just didn't fully trust him, to be alone with him anywhere.a why is that?with him a seemed eerie with his quietness. grate and his wife divorced inin 2012, and months later he filed for a restraining order after she says he threatened her and r their young daughter. court documents say grate was preparing for a quote grand finale and said if i can't see my daughter, then no one will. in the phone call the woman's identity has not been releasedla
8:39 am
about a month and a half she he said she was taken after she was walking homeas excuse me walkinm from her apartment with him. knew him for a month and a half talking to some of the officersc here theyer said there were thr police officers that came on scene here when she called 911d9 and i asked how they were d1oing the officer said they're doing as best as theyer sai could todt fortunately to bonnie sound fortunately one woman was okay brave enough to make thatwa cal. brought all of this to light. jessica dill reporting fromsi ashland this morning. back here at home.t home. an effort to rename a cleveland street after boxing promoter don king, is getting some pushback this morning. effort to ren street after ot city council is considering calling a stretch of cedar avenue don king way. but, that's the same street where king stomped a man to death in 1966, over a 600 dollar debt.n 1966 after f, our years in prison, kg turned his life around and was later pardoned.ove600 dollar four kk
8:40 am
was originally chosen, because it's near the historic call andn post newspaperd king purchased o prevent bankruptcycy that's a pillar in this ban community, and don king came to rescue of that newspaper which is an icon african american community. so everybody right then saidev great fantastic but then toerybo change another portion people started to wonder what are w the issue will be reexamined at a committee meeting, next monday.ed to wond let's talk about our champion. tickets to the cavaliers home opener, when the team will raise its first ever title banner, go openll raiseoon today.ckets tome the team says there is already high demand and a very limited number for sale.umber the cavs open the season on october 25th, against thethe cah knicks. tickets for the rest of the home schedule will go on sale in two weeks.thwo we
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still ahead a new concussion plan.a that's right. the changes the nfl is making to combat their growing and controversial head injury problem. plus we're putting a fall twist on a go to snack.anan c stay tuned to learn chef to leaf laurie's recipe for autumn applp e salsa with sweet cinnamon chi. i'm hungry already.r autuc
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[music playing] welcome back to fox8 news in the morning. t morni it's a favorite snack for manyoo a seasonal twist with chef laurie aker from earth fare. glory welcome to fox8 news inin the morning. thea. you for havving a. thank you for stopping by.stoppi before we do anything else and d will get started momentarilymomy talk about earth fare. it's an authentic natural and aa caf? and really what sets it apart it makes the highest foodd quality standards in thehe industry.dustry. our customers can confidentlyde
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and every department of the star we have aan philosophy that help make it easy for you and yourur family to live a healthier lifestyle. where are you located?at three locations fairview park in the westgate plaza and located in fair lawn as well as newesta store in north canton.newes you got to get one over on thet east says i can take part.t what you making today? to help bring in the t new schol year what better way tor celebrate and to make a quickuic and easy recipe delicious and healthy and kids of all ages can enjoy.oy. autumn apple salsa homemade sala cinnamon chips. sounds good. super we're starting off with aboutbo four medium-sized granny smithrh apples. really you can use any kind of apple that you have but i loveoe working with granny smith but gs of the tart flavor. dice them up and we are leavingn the skin on make sure to keepeep the skin on there because a lot of the fiber in there and a lot of the otherbecausa adding about four apples and thatdd i will have you add ind n
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the skin is on. both of these are organic the great thing about this we offere widest selection of certifiedif organic than anyone in theieonee industry. i've got to get over there. thee i will have used or if you don't mind.. m we have our pair. next we haveind. organic driednd cherries. what is the big thing about organic?c? naturally free of gmo. okay.y. and also you'll get a nice cleae taste product in the flavor is phenomenal. absolutely. i've got that mixed and we havev our golden raisins. the great thing about these ingredients were adding at earthart fare we have over 177 all al natural and organic selection and bulk it's very budget friendly by as muchve. usually you think of expensivexe but that's not the case. we have a number of differentere ways to save shopping bulk thatk department is great very budget friendly next were adding and homage to add a bit of a crunchr
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to top it all off we havev organic pomegranate seeds. see you hear me say that word a lotd again about a fourth of that tht cup. while you'ree mixing up thus ala base we're going to shift theirf focus over to organic a greek yogurt. okay.a 8 ounces. first we have organic maple 8 oun. he will add that directly into the yogurt mixth give it a goodg start. followed by someoo cinnamon. you want to make sure thattha adding that sweetness with maple syrup and cinnamon that will give you plenty of flavor theren i'm going to have you finish mixing this part of.of i will mix that up. step three last but not least. about 40 seconds. brush it with a little bit ofit butter and top it off with all natural cane sugar and cinnamonf before you put it in the event simply going to take a pizzaiz cutter and cut edges like adgesa piece that were for the kids yos
8:48 am
rs to give it a nice fun shapep annual pop it in the oven at 325 and bake for about eight to 10eh minutes and not only is thisthis great for kids it's is perfect for the football seasonids it's tailgating make ahead of time it is delicious.e what you're going to do. put the right on top we have our final dish located to our righg we'll give it a good start.tart. mix that up really good.go healthy and delicious has a tonn of nutrients in there.ere. my goodness.nes there's the finals. dish there. there. absolutely a beautiful dish. a very autumn like dish if youou are interested in this recipe is on our websited and on the fox8 pinterest page. make sure to visit eartheart to learn more about out food philosophy we have great information. that is good. thank you. thank you so much for having us. i've got to talk now. delicious.venow. dmbo.g up don't mess with gumbo.
8:49 am
getting for giving the popular dish a healthy twist online. pod you've got to save me. save take it away. m awa i'll be talking for you.ou getting plugged and free for all thursday taking your thoughtsy and comments a lot of talk it's going on cwill get to as many s we can. last chance for comments coming up in a bit. see you then. oming
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welcome back. california is now the first state to ban breeding and holding killer whales infirst captivity. under the new law, the killere l whales already in captivity may remain in the state but they caa only be used for educationale ue presentations.d for e seaworld which operates one paru sentath oper in san diego had alreadyate pa announced similar d the company has come under firer for its treatment of killerreatf
8:52 am
documentary blackfish. the national football league is launching an initiative aimed at preventing, diagnosing and treating concussions. the play smart play safefet initiative involves the hiring of a physician to serve as the nfl's chief medical officer. in addition, the league and it's dollars to support engineering advancement and medical research. the nfl has long been under fire by critics, who allege the league has done little to protect players from head injuries. provright.rve a chief med reo protec lyft and budweiser are teamingue up to get people home safe after a night out for free. up to starting tomorrow budweiser is providing up to 80 thousand free rides during a new promotion foi the rest of this year. the offer will be available onna weekends for ad new prrults 21 d older, between the hours of 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. the catch is you can only scoret free rides if you live in new
8:53 am
to be within a ten dollar cap.kd netflix is ready to challenge internet service providers, over data caps. the streaming service is asking the fcc to push companies to eliminate data caps, callinginae them unreasonable and unfair. d. comcast and other internet providers offer plans with data limits, and they charge customers accordingly.omcast an la netflix claims data limited plans discourage people from using broadband and watching internet television like netflix. chipotle plans to offer jobs to 5,000 people across the country on september 28th. 5,00people acroregister online.b chipotle employs about 60 thousand people nationwide the mexican style restaurant ha struggled in recent months following an e. coli outbreakrug and a lawsuit accusing it ofed mistreating of disney has pulled a recipe forpp healthy gumbo e down after major backlash. the recipe video for tiana's healthy gumbo was originallythyo
8:54 am
the movie the princess and the frg... the heart healthy recipehealthye included ingredients like kaled and quinoa and left out roux aik flour thickening agent. chaos ensued when a newspaper in louisiana picked up the recipe with many on twitter slamming disney for ruining gumbo. the hashtags gumbo strong and gumbogate even started trendingh the recipe video was eventually taken down. it's making me hungry. i love gumbo. but you're going to say had frog legs and a. a. princess and the frog.rog. that would be an unusual twist. that's not what it is. good morning.ning free-for-all thursday gettingfol your last comment sool urn in ai will be doing the marchingsdaynn at the rock hall tomorrow.morrow free-for-all thursday get to some comments bob says i'm enjoying this cooler weather.t
8:55 am
last couple of dhays and and comfortable.comfo. time of year in ohio is awesomes fall colors coming up. up. beautiful time of the year. y text says how do we teach oureac kids not to bully or make fun o people when it's all we see out of our presidential candidates. mary jode in no way dunkingway deserves a street named adunftef him. notedter committed treason so no part browns rebuilding since 1999c before the team moved to mo baltimore such an embarrassment. some voicemails before we go. i think that we need to have an election system where we elect electable people. these two are unbelievably badb. regarding the heroin epidemic ii think one reason why we haveav such an epidemic is because wee arew making it too easy for thee people to overdose. they're taking it to the limit because they knowng that everybe
8:56 am
they will be saved.ti frustrating situation with the other stuff going on. appreciate the comments back too you guys. you.k you.u. still to come fox8 news in the morning. britney spears could be reuniting with an ex. reunitis not what you think.slde don't get too excited.o excit find out who said they want toto work with the pop star again. se
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[music playing]
8:59 am
again. this has me so excited. me so ecited. justin timberlake and britneyy spears may be getting back together. it's not what you think though.k thankfully not the way you think.ank pop's former power couple isn't reuniting romantically, but during a recent e! news interview, timberlake revealed that he'd quote absolutely be up for a collaboration with his ex. nfor a i love it. cration i'm all in. when they initially broke up. i grew up on loving both of them and son lovin their thinking whatever.ot from the same generation. mickey mouse right. mickey mouse club.y mou it would be neat to see themhem work together. she did it again. nice one. good morning thursday. friday eve september 15. one more day for the work weekwk grade. one more alarm ring away.
9:00 am
thank you for being with us today.than very busy newsday a lot of news to get you caught up on if you're just joining us. new information about a picture that went viral.formation it shows two adults passed out in a car from a heroin overdose. the family talks exclusively with two a indo we have more on what's happening with this little boy and thend situation.on. chilling 911 calls are released after a woman calls to report she was kidnapped and, policekip later find bodies. now, some families are searchin they're hoping to identify them. switching gears talking about football. football season is here. what is the imperative thinge that youimpe neraetid with foot. tailgate food.ood. you need tailgate food. vgood.ood.d. chef rocco whalen is cooking up something fabulous coming up. u. see how the browns up and i will be this weekend in addition todt everything elseio such a nice dy today. beautiful day.y.


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