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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  September 16, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>> lawmakers and law enforcement officers across the state tonight. mourning the death of an ohio state troop every killed line of duty this afternoon. >> tonight we're learning more about the veteran trooper and what happened. on interstate 90. >> >> it is incredibly sad and upsetting today. the entire day on interstate throughout rush hour. after the accident. witnesses described only as horrific. tonight the state highway patrol not only sending prayer to the troopers family. but also promising a thorough
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interstate 90 west. near the cleveland exit. shut down for hours thursday. from sky fox. you see vehicles detoured and backed up for miles. as ohio state highway patrol investigators. respond to the tragic death of a fellow trooper. >> . >> urgent calls came in just before 1:r0 o'clock. as people tried to save 48 year-old trooper. who was struck by a while conducting traffic. >> he was taken to the hospital. where additional troopers stood vigil and word of the horrible accident spread. >> a shock. that somebody you know. you're not used to seeing somebody you know get killed like that. it's sad. >> . bob was on the same baseball team. growing up. >> very nice guy. took me on as a friend.
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just class act guy. >> even now. years later. he says. every time they would see each other, like just a few weeks ago. it was like no time had passed. >> . comes up to me. hey bob how you doing. we talked. and just great guy. >> out going tpaoepl man. family man. who loved sports and his job. and lived for his three kids. children who now must move forward >> . feel bad for his family and kids. god bless them. >> . >> it really is. the investigation is tkpwoeupg going to take time. witnesses did report seeing a motorist being given a field sobriety test and someone being cuffed. >> . that's what witnesses are saying. meanwhile condolences have been pouring in. including cleveland mayor. and governor. who also expended gratitude and prayer.
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enforcement. calling them courageous and encouraging everyone to pray for this family. >> cleveland police investigating another fatal accident. the accident shut down i 71 northbound. at pest 150th street. during the afternoon rush. no word on what led to this accident. the victims released. >> suspect is now facing murder and kidnapping charges after an abducted woman and the bodies of two other people were found in a house. in ash land. forty year-old shawn grate. was charged with one count of kidnapping and two counts of murder. late this afternoon. in ash land. >> charges he's accused of killing stacy stanley and another unidentified person. police say grate also led them to a third body.
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filed. >> . >> meantime. people in ash land are coming together -fplgt as a community following this tragedy. they gathered tonight in the neighborhood. where the horrifying crimes were uncovered. to though that they are united. >> . here now with more. >> . what a terrible and heartbreaking week for those effected weu by the senseless crimes. a huge crowd came out to remember the thre people found dead this week. a lot of tears tonight. and a sea of mourners. the scene at a parking lot in ash land. to remember the victims of the tragic series of crimes. discovered there this week. the family was invited to the front of the crowd. the only victim thus far identified. her body -fts was one of three tpoubd found this week. two bodies found in a home. one woman was able to escape. calling 911. and leading police to shawn
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another body of a woman was found in rich land county. grate is in custody. facing charges related to the crimes. but tonight was not about him. it was about those who lost their lives. and the people who love them. >> everbo everybody needs to grieve and needs support. support that we are as a. better than this monster. who walked in from nowhere. >> . people who organize vigils say it was important to them to hold tonight's event. to show what the community is all about. not only was it a time to grieve. but a time to show that they are a strong community. >> . support is so important. >> . the case in ash land came to
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kidnapped. nearly 20 minutes passed until police found her. now the i team is asking some hard questions -bt a the response. >> . about the response. >> . desperate kidnapped woman. whispering to 911. wondering where are police. the call tuesday from this building in ash land. >> the i team time the woman first dialed. to the time she was rescued. more than 19 minutes passed. police later arrested a man and found two dead bodies. so we're investigating. >> >> we found the woman first spoke to a 911 call taker with the sheriff department. but her call had to be transferred to this regional call center. 20-miles away.
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>> the woman didn't have an exact address. police say five minutes passed. as that second call taker gathered information about the house. and the suspect. sleeping at the time. >> what's he look like. >> the ash land police chief says the first officers actually got to the scene. in four minutes. after getting dispatched. meantime. that call taker had been asking questions. what to ask during a call from quote a person in danger. unable to leave. >> >> police radio tape shows. officers had to figure out which building. the chief says four officers also stationed in different positions. and in case the suspect ran. and police got confused when the woman described a door. a door inside. police thought it was outside.
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the call began. but the chief and dispatch say given all of the circumstances. a delicate situation like this. couldn't be rushed. >> . >> nor ton school district. after the trapbl tragic death of a student. struck and killed by a school bus. >> live with how friends are remembering that student. >> schools were open today to help students and staff. grieve together. students gathered after school. at the site.
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they wrote final messages on balloons. and after a brief prayer. released the balloons into the sky. >> . sixteen year-old kyle richmond was leaving school on skate board. when he tripped and fell into the path of an oncoming bus. the incident still under investigation. but at this point it appears to just be a tragic accident. >> . >> now funeral arrangments for kyle are still in the works. all of nor ton extracurricular events tonight were canceled. however grief counselors will be on hand at school. again tomorrow. >> of course our best to the
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>> . just one day after cleveland school ceo touted the cleveland plan for makingprogress. state says cleveland schools are not making the grade. >> . a cleveland plan.
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emergency alert system. (beeping) had this been an actual alert, the emergency alert system would have provided timely emergency information. wjw serves the northeast ohio area.
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a beautiful stunning sunset. from two angles. the second one in the next this is from middle field. airport. a couple pilots enjoying that. watch the color right there. did you see it. so brief. it was only maybe five minutes long. that was it. those very high thin clouds are often the first precursor of a front. to the west. here it is. obviously very much there. with showers local thunder storms. and some thunder storms are
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in central iowa. but nowhere near us. and so we can anticipate another 24 hours of calm. before the rain moves in. 66 degrees right now. heading for an over night low. back in the 50s where we were this morning. perfectly normal day today. seventy-six and 57. we'll get down to 53. good sleeping tonight. sun to start. then clouds. seventy-nine. >> . will it shower for friday night football. i suspect most of the games will be okay. we'll have to keep an eye out. rainy start to the weekend. forecast coming up.
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meantime. donald trump released a letter from his doctor. saying the republican candidate is on cholesterol medication. and a bit over weight. but otherwise in excellent physical health. campaign stops focus on the economy. >>
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condition. off duty police detective is also hospitalized with a facial wound. witnesses say officers tried to subdue the man. with a taser. before the shooting. >> . new house intelligence committee report. slams nsa leaker. the report says the vast amount of documents he stole were military and defense secrets that had nothing to do with american >> owner can get a free
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very soon. >> . supposed to keep the bedbugs away. skpwhr a spray epded up ended making workers very sick. why the tkpwo*t is getting involve why the government is getting
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what
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spraying for bedbugs at a downtown cleveland office. federal workers say it left them sick. >> now u.s. senator calling for a federal investigation. >> we have been following this story since it broke. and we have an update. >> few fall out from what you're seeing in video. just obtained by fox eight. a technician dousing the social security d with chemicals. to treat bedbugs in february. a day later. nearly a dozen workers complained it made them sick. >> . my symptoms were vomiting. headache. dizziness. tremors. >> . the federal building office closed for cleaning. reopening after an independent expert deemed it safe. but the workers union says it wants the office closed again. pending a thorough inspection. it comes after a state
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exterminator may have used the wrong pesticide. over applied it. and cross contaminated it with a product banned inside. >> . >> a reckless disregard for public safety. >> in fact what happened here. is so alarming. it has u.s. senator brown calling for a federal investigation. to make sure something like this never happens again. >>
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immediately removed the chair. >> . maintains it is recently adds last week the national institute for occupational safety and health determined the office posed no current danger. the epa is reviewing the case.
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a picture seen all over the world. an ohio couple. >> . the woman in the picture was in court today. >> . it's a photo that put east liverpool on the world stage for the wrong reasons. a four year-old boy in a car seat. as his legal guardian and her companion. are passed out from a heroin over dose. it's an image that folks just can't forget.
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last name. says shaoe knows her very well. the boy is the half brother of her granddaughter. and with going to court thursday morning for putting the child in harms way. kim says all she can think about is the little boy. >> as soon as i see her. all i could do was cry. >> . >> i just that he's going to be okay. >> . turned her back to cameras in the courtroom. she pleaded no contest. to child endangerment. public intoxication and several other charges that are misdemeanors. prosecutors say even though that picture captured the nations attention. about the severity of the heroin problem. in rural america. the 180 taeus day ins jail and fines she received is all the city can give her under the law. the case may not end here.
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further. >> communities of this size need a lot of help. in fighting heroin addiction in their towns. >> >> that boy in the photograph is living with relatives in south carolina. >> . shot and killed add 13 year-old.
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that looked like a real weapon. >> . what else do you know about the incident. >> officers followed two of the three suspects. into an al lea after a short foot chase. and tried to take them into custody. that's when police say 13 year-old king pulled what looked like a gun from his waistband. and shot by an officer. the 13 year-old gun turned out to be a bb gun. the city police chief showed a photograph of the same type of gun. and said it would be impossible >> . the bb gun had a laser site attached to it. making it look even more real. columbus mayor appeared to choke up. as he called for his community. to come together to keep children safe. he questioned why king an eighth grader. would be out at night. with a replica of a firearm.
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well. we don't know all the details yet. we do know these guns these children are carrying around. look all too real. >> police have only a matter of seconds to make a decision. especially when they're confronting someone who is supposed to be a suspected armed robber. >> . very tragic situation. the out come of this case.
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moments earlier. knocked on the door there. at the homeowner if he was selling a lawn mower. >> . protestor arrested while burning the flag. during the rnc. have asked a judge to dismiss their charges. a group claims flag burning is a protected free speech activity. the protestors have the support of the naacp and ohio chapter of >> . terminal tower. has a new owner. k and d completed its purchase. of the iconic building. company plans a massive renovation that will create close to 300 apartments. on floors four through 15. and the rest of the building will remain commercial office space. >> . tperbl now. tomorrow marks the end of an era. a wonderful era. at cedar point.
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street. the coaster opened in 91. the worlds tallest and fastest wooden coaster. you have ridden on it. i love it. it will make room for more development. >> . giving it a proper send off. >> including a funeral and procession. >> >> we'll miss it. but. new development going on there. very exciting. >> . mean streak the only roller coaster you would ride. >> i like the wood ones.
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it will diminish again. look at the crazy track. of the commuters model. just showing this thing out here. right through the weekend. eventually beginning to drift northeast. but not until early next week. obviously no impact on us. >> . right now 66. cleveland 59. so we do have temperatures that have slipped under 60. well on our way into the 50 let's talk about september. because here's the departure from normal. normal being right in the middle of the graph. most of the days are either at normal or much above. so. you probably already know that we are seeing a surplus for the month of september. thus far. with 5 degrees above normal. we'll have to see what the back half of september can dish out. we'll see if it balance out or
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it will be on the cool side. mostly clear. cool. moonlit. a few high clouds. with the moon approaching full. full tomorrow night. we won't see with the clouds. tomorrow morning sun. and the clouds will begin to take over. as this front begins to approach. you can see the clouds beginning to thicken up. as we go through the day. maybe a few stray showers. late in the day. i think most of the day should be rain free. until the system out here can move now watch what happens. this thing really starts to stretch out. almost break into two. and what that might do. is hold the lingering sho*eurs in here. through sunday. before we see the atmosphere even begin to think about drying out. and as you suspect on monday. so. of course we're looking at showers for saturday. >> o occasional. seventy-seven. showers may linger into sunday.
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spotty. in terms of the amount of rain we see. especially sunday. a little more widespread
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in the middle of a major renovation. that includes exciting new displays and beautiful new landscaping. a university circle police officer. says he was sitting in front of the museum. when he saw construction worker. removing potted plants from the site. and placing them in the back of the pickup truck. in his report. the officer noted the man was moving so quickly. he tripped on two different occasions. >> . the officer reports that he recognized the man at 55 year-old brian.
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local 310. and a counsel man. >> . according to to a police report. councilman initially told the officer he had permission to remove the plant. but a supervisor revealed that he had no such permission. the counsel man removed the plant from his truck and returned them. telling the officer no harm no foul. but when university circle police culted with the museum and prosecutors. he was charged with theft. >> >> certainly i'm concerned. he's representing pwrupbs wick. i don't know why i even took the plant. according to to the summons. that's all i can base my opinion on. >> . that doesn't stand good for the city. >> . there is evidence in his driveway. that he's updating the landscape. we tried to get the councilmans side of the story.
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should be removed from office. if the theft allegations prove to be true.
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>> the incident was captured on surveillance video. one of the dogs ate an entire bag of heroin. and had to be rushed to the hospital. that's when the dog owner got a shocking phone call.
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seventeen bags were found in the play room. not inkhraousing the the suspect was selling drugs when they spotted him. the dog is expected to make a full video of an employee questionable pest control method. they were eating dinner when they he and witnessed the man behind the counter swatting at something. they realize the employee was zapping bugs. right over their food. >> . justice recorded video. and the clip soon made its way to the health department.
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according to to the incident. the report the man had asked to leave several times. he wouldn't. insisting he had permission to put the sign there. days later the owner of the property says it was all a misunderstanding. and that he did have permission. the florida state rep apologized in a statement.
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disagreement. that got out of the hand. neither side plans to press charges. >> . pulled over and written 114-dollars. it was for license plate frame. turns out florida has a law that is rarely enforced. that says the words on the plate cannot be obstructed. the dealership issued frame on her car was covering up the florida .com. at the top of the plate. >> . i don't think it really is fair. i don't understand why it's a law. but. why do you need to see the florida .com. >> . there is some good news. she went to the dealership and they are paying for the ticket. the dealer is also looking into redesigning their frame. very strict enforcement. >> . i guess.
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the moon didn't cause any damage. or injury.
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>> . mike gets out of the jam. indians had their chances. in this game. cocoa with two men on. in the top of the ninth. and strikes out to end that threat. bottom of the ninth. man on second. this is sanchez. coming through for chicago. single. walk off. white sox win. >> magic number is 11. tigers lost today to the twins.
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preparation for baltimore. a team they split with last season. >> . >> some suggest the team maybe more successfully. offensively. with mccow starting. >> . so. what does josh do. better. than rg3. >> i don't think it's good to compare. you know what he does better. i think josh has his own. a uniq he can throw to anybody. more athletic than people give him credit. than people say he is. he's very athletic.
1:56 am
but the cardinals inch closer. the hit right there. it's a very tight game. however. floats a perfect pass. into the hands of holland. he hauls it in. post a 47 to 37 victory. congratulations to the panthers. >> . congratulations to your game won the voting for friday night touch down game of the week. extended coverage on air and online. tomorrow night. >> . great crowd. hall of fame award. >> beautiful night.
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and a beautiful near full harvest moon. check this out. after the broadcast go look autothe back door. if it's south. or front if it's south. because that's where you'll find it. seventy-nine tomorrow. clouds increase. here comes the rain for the weekend. >> . especially saturday. >> . (?) (?) when you are suffering from chest congestion but you have got a full day ahead of you, try mucinex 12-hour. only mucinex has a unique bi-layer tablet. the white layer releases immediately. mucinex is absorbed 60 percent faster than store brands. while the blue extended release layer lasts a full 12 hours.
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>> chris: i'm chris hansen. right now on "crime watch daily." >> i've never done this. have you? >> chris: he thought he was meeting up with a 13-year-old girl. >> are you nervous? >> i'm really nervous. >> chris: and said, this creeps sick dream date is about to turn into a nightmare. in three, two... an all-new "hansen vs. predator" sting. >> chris: this does not look very good for you. >> chris: get ready for one big bust. then... heartbreak. >> is she still unconscious? >> yes. >> chris: gut-wrenching. >> as soon as i walked in, i saw her at the bottom of the stairs. >> chris: a beautiful baby


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