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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  September 16, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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when you walk up on the first floor here is what i have the fireplace. with people coming to sit at then you have the outdoor place do they share in the wintertime. >> they do. we serve out there in the wintertime it is spectacular in a snowstorm. >> i have not seen dumpsters at i have a feeling can we take this with us? okay. >> this is our solar it is quite popular with customers. i a guessing you could probably post a big gathering. i think thanksgiving dinner would be good here. this when you walk in and use these barrels it is a concrete one. >> these are concrete. concrete
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from california. they do some california around here but not so much. it is fruit they are characteristics to the wine. about really interesting thing and the really interesting thing is right behind us is what i call the vip room. >> that is t >> what goes on there? there are winds off word and not offered across the burn. >> i cannot believe how close we are to downtown cleveland that you come here and feel like you are a load away, countryside some where. it almost feels like you are in the nassau. >> you succeeded. >> these are just like
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this area deserves it in the morning. >> it is gorgeous and worth the drive to come here. i absolutely love it and think i could get used to sticking around here. >> this is one of the newest wineries in the grand river
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the first time i came out here was 37 years ago. he is a things changed a little bit here? >> you have not changed of it. this is beautiful. i think a lot has changed here including what you call the area right now. >> this is the destination the only winery here in the 70s, people come to the winery with a little whine in choosing go home and now we have 24 wineries and two distillery here. and our brewery. people come here now for the weekends at the number of days from all over canada and it is really a destination. no different than long island or going to napa valley. wherever the civil like to go for a tour to see different things. >> were here we say welcome to the grand river valley. it is
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has a huge influence we have 16d right now. a lot of the people in the area are producing really good wines in the area we have thousands of people every weekend coming out. >> i think people forget about wineries in the grand river valley it is an agricultural thing you are coming out here to the country. a fabulous getaway experience. you have all these different places to visit when you are here. >> people are finding out about the quality we have they are surprised at what we can do here. they are growing. >> i think when you come, you want to experience those that are growing out of the grape and you feel the character and taste the character of the fruit we have here. >> how many different kinds of grapes you grow now and winds? >> too many 25 different because it started with my grandfather's
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>> i saw the sign out there. >> now we are raising simeone blanche and these are all knew that we are finding out we can grow in northeast ohio. we had one bad year in 2014. that was the first time in 100 years, so that food is coming back. we have a great harvest this year they love is huge. humidity could be down a little but that's only been for a week or two. they love these kinds of conditions. you will find really g >> it is one of those things where the reputation continues to grow and grow over the years it is a different wind here. >> a totally different when we make a style of wine they make in new zealand and australia in california and europe. that is where we are getting known for. we don't produce big fold once but we have nice sandra blaze the ones. chardonnay. those
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observing climate. we have a white lines and you talk about this in the area. a beautiful place here. down the street you guys make a whiskey. >> yes and we are making vodka out of my grandfather's grandfather's grapes. we have a new one coming out every effort is coming out and participating with wind it is is distilling into vodka eddie eckhard is the other selling. it is w is using grapes. we can use more of the soil here for growing grapes and marketing in making a profit. there is nothing better than a prophet in the industry and the community. >> because growth is important. don't forget the way care, and spend a couple of days you can go out on the way confession we even had some high school
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of things to do. i will say what we need is we need the national hotel industry to recognize we need unions here. we will build it is great to see you. the best bocce ball courts in the world. >> if you are looking for something sweet to go hurt you will find freshly made pies and more in robinson's applewood pie. >> this was established about 12 years ago it started out when we were doing an apple orchard with strawberries and vegetables, and we were going to have people come to the firemen do self tech and we found out we could not get anyone to come out to the farm but we decided we would come to that. we started out here with the hay wagon and
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putting the building up. now we are strictly are self from avon everything we grow including all the apples is sold through the front door of our markets. it started out as a family operated operation and continuous my son still works with us my granddaughters and great grandkids. everybody in the family is all involved. my son started making maple syrup he was in seventh grade and high school this is how he made his way and high school making extra money. to this day, we still make the maple syrup we like to tell people it is fantastic on. pancakes. great to cook was to not waste your maple syrup too much on pancakes what you do is get yourself a big bowl of the noaa ice cream a little maple syrup and grow some notes on their then you have a real
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products, and if they are not local, we try not to deal with it. we try to stay as local as possible. we have our beehives right outside the door. if you want to buy it local honey, don't get any closer than that. it is raw honey. all the nutrients and everything in it. the antioxidants have not been heated so you are getting good raw honey. it's hard to find that. the winds and jellies are gathering girls are from ashtabula and made out of our local wines and beers so if you add a little cream cheese and a cracker and throw that on alert you could have a grilled treat. if you go to our party you take that with you you will get a hit. about five or six years ago, all the kids are in the market here. one night about two weeks before thanksgiving we were having a little party. my
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ideal that the kids to not do this. well, christmas morning here he comes. starting to the hall. he actually came down the hallway in the house and went right around the corner mom if you don't want him we can him back. them back. now we have macintosh. everyday the fries are made with fruit we have at least 16 different kinds of pies. two dozen she doesn't break every one of them everyday but if you have a pie she wants you to pay, you can order the person will have them ready for you tomorrow. when you look at the pie rock, look at all those different kinds of pies my
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it is like a standard 20 ?- 25 there's more than that. they are very popular everyday we have a lot of people come into the winery and as they travel around with our location where we are at, they have to go by us this is kind of a dream when you started something like this that your family be involved, and you hope that someday they come in and take over and continue the business. it is sort of like leaving a legacy. >> they also sell eggs fresh from the farm right in geneva on the corner of 534 and 337. operate right in the middle of
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while come back to new day. today do it >> that is perfect it looks good. we are at the double playing brewing company here on doty road in the grand river valley. >> you've got it. the grand river valley. people: tony; junior you call them whatever: whatever you like because he makes is the pride of cleveland and then in the late 70s early '80s, and has kind of caught a
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it was made in pittsburgh. cleveland exactly we are not taking credit for that. >> actually this was just candidate tuesday. nice and fresh. double thing brewing company this is the place right to you, and my country and you get to look around at a lot of great places to visit. when you come here you have new beers you are making it is becoming very popular. our newest peer we are bringing out as the double wing ip a more of a citrus notes in it top with the double red eye it is about seven and a half percent. ninety i reuse a little bit bigger. >> we are talking about ipas sitting in the right place but these are really weird grapevines. >> they are at large. they are grapes on steroids. no, they are hops plants every beer as them most every beer as them. we put this in about two years
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with it. >> i think there was a turn but they were called hop heads people always drink beer because of the hops. no to the hops is really based around the people on the drink ipas. >> so there are hops and every beer but more and ip a? how does that work? >> generally they have it substantially more different variety of the top grapefruit and such as characters. >> someone to me they used to grow a lot of hops in north america, but some kind of disease killed them all. >> new york is to be the largest producer in the united states and really the pacific northwest
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and tight right now. as you move along they will open up worldwide and four out like this, then you will know you're getting close to harvest season they start opening at the old up from my dislike of florida then we cut the top and lay them on a trailer and take them into processing. >> there is a little plant and you get them to wire. >> there is nothing i will cut this off we start these within the ground every year i will cut them completely fresh off the ground and you can watch you put a time lapse camera on they will grow 18 inches a day in the summer and once they top out about 21 ?- 22 feet, they are ready to go and start producing. >> how many people drive down here in the grand river valley and slowdown to take a look at this? >> they come to a complete stop
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grapes are those? so you are right in the area that you look a lot like a guy named tony i was talking to earlier. >> yes my dad we of the spitting image of each other i have my mom's height but his looks. >> you make a great beer. >> thank you. thank you. >> double wing brewing company. >> our next stop is another must-see destination it is a take a look at harpers vineyard. >> they have been here since the mid- 70s. first vintage in 1979 we don't bottle anything we cannot do in our own vineyard. everything you buy and then comes from right and here we are known for our p know when our this is our little play on words
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this is a our lovely plant we have great beer. it is blended together all three of them they come from an outside in our lovely vineyard. we are a close-knit group i think that shows and how we present ourselves we love each other. much. very much a family. we have mathilde matilda and mr. toby over there little jack russell terriers they keep us company feeding is just that wherever you would like and come in and enjoyed the outside of the grand river valley. seasonally, we do kind of focus on the inside obviously with our beautiful fireplace in their keeping is nice and toasty you can sit wherever you like relax and enjoy some wine. good
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evening we do a variety of flatbread pizzas. appetizer plates little nipples to keep everybody happy. it is an interesting area our own little niche here. an interesting spot here in ohio. the right kind of climate perfect area for some of these wineries to grow grapes we don't get in regions of ohio. it is a little valley here. you will come here and have a good time and relax with a few nipples while you are here. toby and matilda will take good care of you and have some wonderful winds in the grand river valley. >> like many of the other area wineries harpers those close on monday and tuesday. when we return of business born in a
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i have six new girlfriends. you are from long island, new york so you are keeping track of all the winds you do? >> yes. you get the 53 and you can remember you are pretty
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glasses of wind myself yesterday are you stomping grapes or what is going on with this? where you from? you are from michigan north of detroit she is from long island how about you? used to be from illinois put we have liquidated and we traveled the country. >> i found a bunch of gypsies. >> yes. so there should be a wagon out rain on the side. yes. i will explain it. fast women and beautiful horses and we are at a southern comfort reunion and we all meet down there every year, this is our second year we have come to appear for the reunion there ten couples we spend the winter and florida. >> in florida.
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here for a little refreshment and cooling down back, gypsy bus and touristy wineries. thank you. >> thank you. >> what a surprise look what i found how are you doing? and good what you have going that is one of the oldest grape varieties in the world we are pretty fortunate to work with him and this is a dry was a so if you like the rose eight we we're here. >> i get confused when i, and because i was on doty road it changes into something else which part of the road or you want? >> south river park rest. >> i knew it changes when you get to the red barn with the distillery is where it changes. >> yes. >> what a beautiful place it is the near i want? >> we've been open about four years a family owned business my wife and i have two children.
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want us to be. >> looking out into your vineyard, this must've been here longer than four years. >> we planted all this stuff from the ground up at is all conquered we took everything out and started over. >> somebody told me you started here because it was in the garage. >> i would not call it a business. it was a hobby. >> so you made your hobby your life's work in tension. >> absolutely. >> i hear a lot of wildlife out there there? >> a recording of the birds in distress and it is a nice professional way to take care of things. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> how about the sparkly things up there they having a party? >> the birds as well it matures the birds from coming down this
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>> so you tell me about your hobby you started it in the garage is a hobby how did you move so many as plant? >> we were really fortunate to work from ohio state university and that is really what was our standard we are doing what they are doing up there. >> so it came first and then the winemaking and i noticed you have a lot of folks that have a pretty good time. >> absolutely we sure hope >> did i notice the chef in the dining area also? >> we do. it is a fun staple tonight it should be a lot of fun. >> i saw a banner that said something about an east coast winter. >> yes we went in 2015 it is a good time. >> and write down the street tony junior told me you have to start the wind with him. >> yes that is kind of what we do most are cabernet and then we
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grapes as well. a beautiful place. thank you. we have a whole lot more new day coming up right after the break. delicious. >> i do believe that the lake winery is the perfect place to start this show. andrea will i think before we get into anything i have to talk about the spectacular view we are fortunate we have a fantastic view on the water you cannot get a better setting them what we have. breathtaking. it is. people tell you when they come here they feel a lot of people don't realize the size of lake erie or as big as it is so they think they are in the ocean what
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inside? >> we have rooms that are basically a bedroom with a at a bedroom with a bad chair dresser but there we have bigger sweet tooth jacuzzis and refrigerators microwave coffee pod about twice the size those are really nice as well. and how about that beach house? >> love it definitely without a doubt. our best unit sits right on the water supposed to be like a honeymoon suite with a full kitchen shower it is a great one. >> do you have the cottages right here on property is well? >> this restaurant we started with a smaller one only about half this aside and we decided to make it a little bigger to accommodate guests to your ground. and about is located kind of on the hill. a production area and drink the
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>> you are situated on how many acres? >> 2 acres. >> i think when people come here there are things they can do one being a place they can go to on what wind and relax. if somebody shows up for the weekend, they never have to leave. we just go fill the spot two years ago from massages to facials to haircutting even tanning. it is great for getaways they can come to the restaurant and winery everyone can hang out here all weekend if they want to. >> obviously a great destination getaway for families do you get all lot near. >> it is a bachelor party that happens to be here right now. >> yes we get tons of girlfriend getaways that is really big in this area a bachelor parties are big in the area we don't do a ton of families are live music is not set of four but we up for
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the summer as well. >> when people come here ?-dash i was blown away ?- sometimes people forget how close this is to cleveland. >> yes and people forget what is around here that lake erie what an asset it is for us to have lake erie we are very lucky we set right here, water and have it. >> you can come here have a bite to eat go to the winery sit down and take the view in. rest your head. that is exactly what it is. >> creeps hate wet feet we call it they want to be dry. the dryer they are the harder they struggled the struggle the
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will come back we are here beautiful grand river valley. our next winery stop you may notice it looks like a house because it was here is the story my children had a dream we found 31 acres here. it has been a tremendous experience. meeting
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family working to gather we love each other and love of the business. soil. so underneath creeps hate wet feet we call it. they want
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that all the reds. we got as much juice is possible hear from the grand river valley to make the wind a family more and more people are drinking dry wine. it is a very smooth merlot. our other is a sweet wine people enjoy the sweet wine. we have the utmost the summer and we have a harvest
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are probably our most popular wind. >> we are known for our pickling we do all of our fresh vegetables pickles all of our in season vegetables you will see a little bit of eastern european with a sausages and we have a mediterranean we do a lot of asian as well. a cold chilled noodle salad and potstickers and a soul train dish. i think what sets us apart area out wineries is our many of a very smart kitchen but the things that come out of it are amazing. >> this was a home. an l-shaped ranch home we bought and converted into the winery. we were very proud of that. you open up a business and i guess the feeling is is anyone going to come to the front door and then when they continue to come we have a lot of regulars that
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that is a very warm and wonderful feeling to know they are coming back to visit us again. >> i have had people from europe that have come over, so they say they love their wind the wine and say out thankful they were to be treated in we did not realize americans were so nice. i think that is what makes us proud. but they are also closed on mondays and tuesdays. cruising to the grand river valley that is the place that discovered two or three years ago. >> wine has brought a lot of chores them out here.
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something different and just wind so we started to make it just whiskey. >> we're making out with with all the elements together to cook last week to take the national cooking this morning we have all the prop process is going we add a good look at the still so you are still making whiskey. you also make a vodka i hear. >> we are making vodka as well from grapes introducing at this year. >> there is. yes. a couple of good ones. i love it. this is the mass we cooked last week on thursday we put it in the pot we are ready had one in the pot this morning another this afternoon we will bring it to a boil. >> what is going on with a big part? that would be what this is it is going to be the
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this is the end of fermentation you see the small spurs bubbling >> so you are can upstairs a beautiful of beautiful red barn on south river road and it is a set up of tables people can come here and buy your products and sample your products him in and then when you walk and if you get the smell in your knows what is the small you get? >> it is kind of like bread people don't think about that but we really brew beer. we take grain and water and brew it together and that is the starting.of beer. instead of hopping and putting them bottles we cook and separate the alcohol. on sunday we made whiskey 120 proof giant whiskey it seems odd you would fill it up to 150 or 160 proof but they don't want 125 at above proof.
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new 25-gallon barrels. using a bullet of her? >> every once in a while. >> there you go. good job. here is the blues. that is. there you go it is clear right now but when it comes out of there, it will have a nice dark brown honey color from the chart in the barrels. >> let's go upstairs and checksum out. >> okay. >> i guess the proof is in the pudding here we are what do we have in front of >> we have right whiskey and brandy and bourbon and our new ready vodka. >> this looks really great also what proof is this? >> it will be released at 80 proof. >> we are standing appear in up here in a beautiful red burn on south river road. don't be confused if you get on doty road it turns into south river road when you come up. there is a beautiful barn. it is a red barn but it is all done in the distillery area a beautiful
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have a good time i can buy this and taken take on? >> you can taste it you can buy it and take home or you can sit here and consume craft beer. >> on friday and saturday you are were open until 11. >> yes. they open at noon check it out. >> there are all different types of bed and breakfast in the area. we always thought it is better to have a place of people come to that is better than when
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will come back to new day. why not make it a long weekend here in grand river valley stepping back in time explore the us state of the poly harper in. poly harper was the wife of robert harper we always make jokes about the dollar look on their faces and say let's see
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little over 18 years we've been open. the world comes to you which is interesting. initially, most of it came from that ring of youngstown overnight and do something different by the leg or visit the wineries. that is initially how it started with the bulk of the customers and guests, but since then we thought more people from the cleveland area i think it is starting to recognize the area as a place to come and whether or not they become more daytrippers, i think we get more people from the west side. there are all types of bed and breakfast in the area up
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the more upscale bed and breakfast. we always thought it is better to have a place people come to that state better than when they stayed at home and they will have a bare-bones type of operations. they may as well stay-at-home coming and treat them solve so that's what we try to do is come up with new ideas whether they are small are larger ones so i repeat guests don't always see the same think maybe little or larger things. >> it was quite a labor of love some hiccups along the way a strong learning curve when you have a bed and breakfast with guests and how to deal with things and of course the breakfast you always try to improve the breakfast starting out we laugh with we used to start breakfast or what type of breakfast we used to serve so
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themselves whether it be positive or negative feedback that helps us along the way. >> i want them to come to the area and say wow, this is a nice the getaway for us. they may only stay one night or two nights that is a nice niche. >> i sure hope you have enjoyed your time with us here in grand river valley. isn't that beautiful? more than 20 different wineries between florencia and the others we've only been to a handful. so much to come and explore. again, only 45 minutes or so from downtown cleveland you can make it along weekend or coming up are coming up in a day. we will see you next on the next new
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dr. oz: zika in america has everyone on edge. we have learned that zika can have serious effects beyond the infant brain. >> sanjay gupta tells you how to protect yourself. plus, heroes from the orlando night club shooting. >> on june 12, after the worst of humanity, i saw the best of humani. doctors never expected. coming up next. dr. oz: zika. it's here and it's moving fast. we have every angle covered. my task force has been assembled with the national insurance institutes of health, the c.d.c., sanjay gupta and a virus hunter all weighing in with everything you haven't heard and what you need to do right now to protect yourself and your family. >> the situation continues to


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