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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  September 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> they say that they also scrawled profanity laced graffiti around the station, insulting the chief and his new firefighters.wldt northfield center township trustees say some firefighters are angry about the loss of their department, and theht uri soaked vandalism may have been therei brand of revenge. this whole issue has pitted neighbor against neighbor and i has got to be veryne divisive a the town and there were not only hard feelings within thehe city but there were some between our station personnel and people don't likend the others coming in and taking over. >> they spent the day gathering dozens of pieces of evidence, they say members of theay defun department were no longer allowed in the station but some of them still had keys to various walks whicht t had not been changed after macedonia firefighters took over the
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firefighter would do that, it i horrible. >> whoever did it, they need to go to jail, they will analyze the evidence and may end up using dna testing dna testing this will onto someone else and the buildingng belongs to the public. commands seem keeping on a girl is still on the loose , the elyria police and fbi were working to catch him. >> leaving people here on edge as maia belay spent the daye
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>> a lot of people are scared, they're taking extra steps step to protect themselves > there were similar cases nearby in february and may were girls were targeted targeted. the fbi says the cases are linked by now they can say if the same man is responsible. with his mother said the man wa trying to push the window open to her home he says that there' a chance he was caught thhe giv away on video, the fbi and police say that he got aw the girl's mother recounted the ordeal. >> i saw my daughter's, through the window the curtains were up a little bit, and she was changingng, an this man was trying to get a look at my 9-year-old daughter changing her clothess . so i began to scream her name
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by now they can't say if the same man is responsible for thi latest incident as the other cases in february and may. hopefully she can help to help solve the mystery after getting a good look at the sky.pp >> details in the case of a man of the police say may be responsible for the death of five womenne in ashland and mansfield areas they investigate a woman who said that she recently date of the alleged killer spoke to fox 8 for meeting with detectives, peggy gallek has the latest. >> says that she is in shock an can believe that she someone wh may be a murderer. don't see these type of cases in smaller towns like mansfield or ashland.
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evidence in the reopened 2015 death of rebekah leicy, walter says that she dated shawn grate, the suspect in the death, as well inn the murders of four others, met with the mansfield detective tuesdayf >> she spoke to fox 8 and asked us to use your first namesp. >> you come to my house at night after burning what if his house and take a shower, and i was wondering why he was so dirty and now i know.. she said that he physically quarter during the relationshipd to try to put his hand around m throat and i would let him do i it. not try to determine if he causeded lacey's death are trying to cover that research in this building they say he is cooperating hse he talked to us about the open case. as far as determining his
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is facing kidnapping and murder charges accused of killing stacey stanley and elizabeth griffith were found in this house after a woman held hostag paul police, also accused of killing unidentified woman in marion county and also in richland county,in that maybe candice cunningham. ra bring closurere and eventually the family. is held in the ashland county jail and due back in court next week,io peggy gallek fox 8 news. >> the i-team is covering developments in the case of a senior citizen who was carjacke and then ended with a woman dea as ed gallekn as the latest >> more charges likely coming,
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county grand jury, 19-year-old suspected in a carjacking and the killing , labor day weekend. saint rocco's festival the carjacker drove the stolen car across town speedy wildly in the lee harvard area slamming into shirley duncan barnes pushing her into a building killing, they arrested brian burns, filed initial charges, the grand jury will de relaxrg charges will be listed for a county judge, the family of the woman killed,t is determine to get justice is watching the case closely as we are, you cannot get out of jail without posting a $1 million bond period brook any time will see the grand jury indictments coming
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before a judge and to be assigned to a judge to hear the casese. donald trump will be back in tomorrow morning p to take part a discussion with pastors and tape a fox news townhall at cleveland heights church, matt wright has a preview. >> both donald trump and mike pence will be here to take part and the pastors conference , then tomorrow focus on issues affectingto urban voters appear set is already underway at the new spirit revival center
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it is a chance for trump to appeal to thehe african-american community which historically votes democratic. >> is talking about creating jobs, we developing and reinvigorating the inner cities these are things that are germane to the areas to curb crime in the streets. this is the message that i thin the black t unity can rla >> pastor scott says he is extending an open invitation to all pastors and church leaders to participate tomorrow. is a very passionate supporter of donald trump, for about six years there are other local leaders who have voiced opposition to donald trump so i will be interesting to see how many show up tomorrow.
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van dams, regular season is winding down with just six more home gamesus. >> it is the playoff push for terry francona's team has john telich reports. six more games at the ballpark number is getting salazar, perhaps it could be available for the bullpen in th playoffs, how about the resurgence of josh tomlin. who has had some troubles, he went on thee starting rotation hiatus and then had a good outing the last time. that is encouraging news and we
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terry francona about what he saw from his most recen start and can expectwh. i think what he did was he was pitching more like it could, i don't think that they want to take a break,in they are competitive but i think that it was good for him. the got back to being more like >> terry francona talking about josh tomlin and how the magic number is at seven, thank you mr. gabe spiegel for the assist todayl to illustrate our viewer and friends the magic number seven, any number of indian lands in detroit losses down to zero and you began the
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it has the indians versus kansas city with highlights my aunt mtm. they got talent, clevenger and trevo bauer we spoke to earlier if he just wants to get to where he was early in the season to try to recapture some of that for thete first to the playoffs an
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why do you perspire more quickly when the unity goes up? >> not to take a quiz, but what is the answer's claim that is because, it is really dry, your perspiration naturally evaporates quickly but when there are lots of water molecules in the air just kind of sticks to your skin and is not very efficient. so the bodies cooling system becomes less efficient as the air says do not want any more water molecules . >> regard to call them the
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>> that was my nickname in high school. >> this is, sunrise thanks to jay reynolds taking a series of photographs, some time lapse this is from huntington beach looking back towards the sew it
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there is no precipitation within one day drive of cleveland had to go to the outer banks or two minnesota, we've got the north wind at hopkins and aston villa, southwest of wooster it looks like it pushed all the way down to eric in canton but not that she would notice the robocaller by the lakeshore
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on frid stadium friday at 12:00 see gabe spiegel's first appearance under the friday night lights. i was in westlake last week he will be at his alma mater , akron north so good luck to him when he visits friday, we have a question for the ladies butut l
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who is happier, older single women or married ladies, and the first couple and hollywood call it quits as gabe spiegel follow trending stories. 1-year-old angelina jolie has filed for divorce from 52 brad pitt decided irreconcilable differences, they've been together since 2,004 and marrie sincees 2014, she said the decision was madede for the help of the family, they has six kids, she wants custody, he ca have visitation, she does not want spousal support, she is worth about $200 million and he is worth about $40 million it was her third and his second marriage, afteras jennife aniston, rumors about a french
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in his new movie allied, this i just about the couple quick to her sources, also telling tmz that hiss bad parenting was a part of this, also alcohol in pot abuse also played a role an also rumored that he wasas hold her back from her humanitarian efforts and also to join the british house of lords stop the have had to sell their french mansion and moved to england an he did not want to do that. mansion in france has a note so we would want to sell that, the both issued statements that are going to focus on the children and they both want privacy at this stagere. greg bumbu start today, i have not heard any rumors of any maritalal issues, what i heard that she did not want him to spend much timehe making movies and she is ready to give up
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moviesst >> still loves hollywood, he ha more of a relationship with her father jon voightes than she does, she wants to break away from th hollywood scene and some say that he is at a midlife crisis. and she wants to move forward i different directions they say >> she had a private eye to costar so on and his there are still things that nee to be shaken out that we will filter an extensive study out of bowling green university shows that older single women are as happy and many times happier than younger married women,, tw professors took nearly four years of study to come up with the results polling 50,000 people, single women in their 60s are just as happy , they do not reveal why, but if the olde women livedot productive lives,
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they felt valued that translate into, who needs a man. >> most felt like marriage is not necessary, older single man right lower unhappiness scales than younger married men, the loneliness levels soared, with lack of sexx playingg a key role in lack of happiness for men a, apparently the maddening the ladies more, an attorney a mindset that on average, a man who loses his sp-usemi involved five or six months in women, will move on in five or six years, meaning that we need the more than they need us. emergency services, at risk? >> that's what a local city mayor says
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should rely on the heroin epidemic they see that children have become the invisible victims of the opioid crisis as more on in foster care. jennifer jordan joins us with alarming >> 40,000 children are in agenc custody statewide , a 13 percent increase in 2012 those numbers coming from the public children services association of ohio found at least half of children taken into custody had parents
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>> in cuyahoga county, the numbers are slightly on the increase withou 913 children taken into custody in 2015, 685 of those had parental drug use, th head of cuyahoga children and family services start program, tells fox 8 of the 2,000 families they serve, each day, 1500 have a drug or alcohol problem. they provide access to treatmen resources for families and was created to prevent and treat addiction with social workers but with the crisis on the rise agency leaders say the number o children needed service will also increase. >> opiates are on the increase, frome 2015 to 2016 a 4 percent increase that relates directly to children in custody is a bit
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may not be the only reason tha they are in our care >> we try to do what we can to make sure that the children are safe..t officials say that putting children in foster care is the last resort with social workers often looking to relatives to care for them until the custodial parent is able to resume custody. as more kids are put into foste care, funding for children's services is falling short, another challenges local agenc
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says that it is false that people what i would be in transport, i the mayor in the fire chief called a press comes today to dispel rumors that people will die intransitive other hospitalsls , the mayor says that has been going around sincece the hospital stopped offering inpatient care in february, they do continue t have 24/7 board certified physicians on staff. says before the hospital closur in february 94 percent of the services were outpatient -based. >> the dates of the community are vastly different than the hospital was at its high water strengthwa today driven by conditions like diabetes and conditions such asdr obesity driven issues that are more
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and of those that she would lie in the bed to fix. >> the fire chiefs says that more than half of the city emergency medical care began before arriving at the hospital, the college for a football championship team has been suspended from postseason the school placed on after accusationse violations. dave nethers is there joins us. archbishop hoban high school in akron, the division iii state football champions currently ranked fourth in the state ap poll and could make the playoffs, if so, how to compete without their head coach, the athletic association,
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the ohio high school athletic association saysys coach tim tyrrell who is alsoim the fligh director violateds recruiting rule by contacting the student from st. helena elementaryud in parallel must fall he has been suspended from the postseason and placed on probation for the remainder of the school year an next year s 's and hillary says the accusation may have come from a school assemblyil, but the high school athletic associatio tells us it was something else.h coach tyrell was invited to speak to a group of phys ed students and that is not an uncommon thing we often invite various administrators and educators and coaches to speak to students coach tyrell coach
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accusation that he initiated contact himself with a student last fallud, hoban is not commenting, they are appealing the ruling by the athletic association they believe it isb excessive b taken finish the school year, they can compete i the postseason, but will not
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it could happen again tonight but for the most part w will see skiesg like this a great night for stargazing. it will be homeless until about
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it is not humid but enough to feel tacky that now where near the recent n high humidity is a couple weeks ago and i think that's gone for goodd tonight 59 it will be memorized about 1030 and then 84 degrees but inside that high-pressure ridge. backdoor cool front to trending back down go from 80s tomorrow
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mid- 60s were highs midweek next week so it will feel more fall like next weekek. facebook is cracking down on trump supporters. >> what they are removing from
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natalie herbick as the edition of the update. >> the latest in both new york man believed to be the father of the suspect in the bombings speaking out today rahami family runs a list of ne jersey restaurant, in an interview, mohammed rahami said he called the fbi's will forte business sign was acting violently.. the fbi interviewed the suspect's father, us officials said it stemmed from a tip that
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terrorist, investigators ultimately that was a domestic pursuit.onga the wife of the suspect is. in the united arab emirates and said to be cooperating. >> some trump supporters started adding deplorable to their name on facebook but now facebook is cracking downr they require people to use their real names, so these u include the form of profound and hadrm to change th some have embraced it after hillary of his supporters could be put in what she callednta the baske deplorables. former maryland lieutenant governor says former president george hw bush is voting for hillary clinton, kathleen kennedy townsend, the niece of john f. kennedy, shared a photo with bush in a facebook posting also wrote that the former president said he is voting for hillary clinton, her claim as to
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speaking out against donald trump. she either takes things to literally or is a smart outlook, and mom post this picture, last night catching that read-- "my kids had a giver too many grapes, and i said just eat hal of them" ay. which technically, she is not wrong. is it a case of lunch shaming, but one watch what he did that ended with her
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a large lead in pennsylvania, loses her job what she calls a lunchls she it is getting headlines in putting the school policy in the spotlight.
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this. is on facebook live, the school has a policy, hot lunche are denied to students whose parents have overdrawn accounts they still eat better given a cold cheese sandwich in fruit, in this particular case, lorain to resign from wylandville elementary school after she had take back a hot lunch from an elementary school student, the child's parents more than $25 behind to pay for the school lunchchare , she said that she will ot forget the look on his face, she had given him a hot chicken meal, not knowing his family owed money and had ton take awa after the stateo, the policy started this year because the school was deal or dud series backlog more than three haddad family owed tens of thousands o dollars since the policy start
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70 families in less than $20,000, but she still thinks that there is a better way to handle these situations.0 were serving so many kids, tried to tell me that it was july killed had his tray i will never forget his name or the look on his face.ll sully wants know what you thought and this is what some o
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let people say that, it is nice that the children whose parents have not paid their tab get to eat but the other kids knowld i the kind of singles them out. >> when a kid begins to cry about food it isis heartbreaking and i don't know what the solution but they've got to fin a wayng thought that it was wrong so she resignedth from he position sober talk about this on facebook live. >> still ahead, a bride's decision to drop the bouquet results in internet
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a bride's decision to replace flowers puppies his maker and internet sensation.. >> soul train till the bouquet during her recent ceremony in pennsylvania but we came time t take photos after the wedding, she and the bridal party opted for the an animal advocate and a nonprofit dog rescue organization. says that since her days are spent taking care of dogs it wa only fitting that she include them on her big day. local woman speaks out about
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she may have missed.he >> in the bombings, journal entries take us inside the mind of thein suspect and why his ow father says he tried to warn th fbiat. i-team exposes a problem with city cameras keep you safer on the streets, fox 8 news app six
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mansfield police collecting evidence in the 2013 death of rebekah leicy, one who says tha she dateded shawn grate, a suspect ingr her death as well as in th murders of four othersd met with the mansour detective tuesday speaking to us and asked us to use her first name. >> he would come to my house after he said he was burning blood at his house and take a shower i always wanted wifefeft so dirty. she said that he physically hurt herer during the relationsp relationship. >> one time he tried to put his hands around my throat and i will not let him do it. manso police are now trying to determine the cause rebekah leicy's death.d >> place search this building,
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>> talk to us about the open case as far as determining his involvement. is facing kidnapping and murder charges in action accused of killing stacey stanley and elizabeth griffith were found i his house after it won't be held accused of killing unidentified marion county moment and also and richland county , that may candice cunningham of canton. are hopeful that this could bring some closure to the family. >> is found in the action count


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