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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  September 20, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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everyone loves a great story. whether it's classics we grew up with, or the ones handed down through history. but what about the comeback stories. where what's new meets what's next, and why meets why not. let's dive into the latest chapter of detroit.
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>> found out that your child has beenyo killed.
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she says more than a month later. she is still in shock. that her 17 year-old daughter. was murdered. >> disbelief. didn't want to believe it. >>t tuesday a grand jury indicd 1-9d 19 year-old key shawn. and 22 year-old jeffrey. shot to death in a field.fie in east cleveland. just before midnight on august 19. >> this 17 year-old girl. g was because she played a rolee in aa bank robbery.r witho a one 19 year-old and a 22 year-old. >> . prosecutors say four days before herr death. on august 15. she was recruited by the men. and robbed a citizens bank in north field village. fbi released surveillance to the media. that showed her at the counter. and.
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and kaoebgs executed her.r. so she could not be a witnesswi against them. . prosecutors say the three boyshr were chargede in juvenile court. >>le . who could have possibly convinced her to do somethingo like this. because. it's just way awe base for her. >>r . her moh daughter ar typical teenager. with some problems. >>me . . it doesn't take away she was aa free spirited girl. everybody liked her. >> l i don't think that any of e six people were from east cleveland. but they came here and lured the girl here.her to ult ultimately have it be hee last day on earth. >> . the indictment states that daus ordered newel to kill the cleveland teenager. both are held inel jail..
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>> we don't know what role the 15 year-olds played tph-d this. >>ph . it was not in the bank robbery. it was the day of the killing. mayor said this is an example of where parents should know where they kids are. why are three, 15 year-olds out in the street.t. around mid night. skpwhr. so i don't young. >> . 124-6789 so young. >> . 1 so young. > a report powerful words fromro the ex-girlfriend serial killer. >> the man she once dated is now in theis suspect in the murder f five women. .>> i'm sleeping with a killer. >> . while police worked to collectle evidence. in the reopened 2015 of lacy. a woman who says she dated shawh grate. the suspect in thea death.
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murders of four met withe the phapbs field detective. tuesday. >> . wedet dated for about a month. >> she spoke to fox 81st. and asked us just to use her first name. >> . he would come to my house at night. after burning wood. and would take showers. i always wondered why he was so dirty. now i know. .> . . grate physically hurt her. during their relationship. >> he tried to put his hand around my i wouldn't let him do it. >> police are now tryng determine if grate caused lacy's death. >> .. authorities searched this t building behind me. detectives say grate is cooperating. with them. >> after we broke up.up. he would still come to my house.
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grate is facing kidnapping andin murder charges in ashg land. accused o killing stacy stanley. and e hreuz after a woman grate was holding ho*s hostage managed to callc police. he is accused ofa killing an unidentified woman. and a woman in rich land county. that woman maybe cunningham. of canton. >> . i'm scared. >> we're hopeful that we'll bell
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so far. they cannot say if the same man is responsible. for this latest incident. >> . liquid city leaders are shooting down rumors healthcare in the wake ofan changes. to lake wood hospital. some residents worried about the time it would take to be transferred to other facilities. and infac emergency. the hospital no longer offers ir patients they still offer a 24/# emergency room.. with board certified doctors on staff. the mayor says before theth hospital ended in patient care. 94 percent of the services werer
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patient care begins when medical personnel arrive on their door.o if someone needs in patiente care. they will be takennt to the nearest and best suitedsuit hospital. >> host committee for the republican exceeded its funds raiser goal. the week before the convention word broke that theco commit committee was facing a of million 6 million-dollar-do shortfall. in a filing with the federalfe electiond commission. reported raising 65.7 million-dollars. inin cash. contributions included a one.5 million-dollar donation from she shell don. a major gop donor. >> . host committee ceo. released a statement tonight. that reads in part.
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wishing that we could wot -l this up. and save it for winterng t t time. >> . bottle this up. >>t . the front yard looks fabulous. >> stunning. but the mums don't exactly coordinate with temperatures in the 80s. they don't point in that direction. they point to something cooler. that's t's that's okay.a
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giant keyboard.a a weatherr keyboard. that goes control c. control v.c and we're going to keep doing that.t. for a few more days. eventually. all good things must come to an end. let me show you this beautifulul sunrise from the this morning. and this thanks to jay.ja and there's a very specificc reason why i'm showing this to you. we'll put this into motion. you'll see the sun coming up.u rightp now bear in mind the equinox is coming. thursday. about 10:20. sunrises due east. e and sets due west. and that may pose problems forle morningms and eveningm we'll talk about that. coming th up. >> >> as far as the satellite goes. as you can see.e mostly clear.
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hour worth of sunrise and sunset. temperatures falling mostly inst toly the 60s now. seventy-four at khrao*ed. after a highkhra of 85. we might do it again tomorrow.ow fifty-nine. clear..fif quiet. pleasantly mild. tomorrow. we'll go with 84. that's plus or minus two or three on either side. which means 85. eighty-six. wouldn't be a surprise. in somemew places. it's urpblly warm. it does come to an we'll talk about the processs
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his son turned violent. after hitting his mother andn stabbing ad brother. interviewed his father. and other tpaoepl family members but say. heheb was not interviewed becaue he was incarcerated at the timet and thei agency says it found no ties to terrorism. >> why did you call the fbi. >> he was doing bad. he stab my son. hit my wife.f and i put him to jail. >> . he's still hospitalized after shoot out with police. but has been charged in that incident facing five counts of attempted murder.u one of ther officers hurt in the shoot out was released from them hospital today. >> . oklahoma police officer is ono paidn leave.le
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unarmed man. police responding to reports of an suv blocking traffic.tra last friday night. found 40 year-old crutcherc outside of ther vehicle.e police say hehi failed to follow commands. and when he reached inside ofns the suv. officer opened fire. killing family members say the victimvi hadc his hapbz up. before the shooting. >> . >> hot seat tomorrow.m ino front of the house over sigt committee tomorrow inrr
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father?
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built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
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>> more on the surprising suspension. >> >> celebrate last december. after winning at division three state title. ohio high school athletic association representative. praise head coach. >> . four games into the 2016.201
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violation. association saying he inappropriately contacted a student from st. hilary elementary. in fair lawn. >> ohio high school athletic association says this complaintm has nothing to do with an school. suggests the coachry initiatedin contact with a student. contacted he should have known was wrong. >>ouown .. p-g a featured speak being a featured speaker. certain things what's not permitted. to have a school coach single out a particular young student.u to talk with that person. about the schools athleticet program. >> . is thatic. the allegation here.
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>> whou can stay calm with thiss comes knocking at your front door. >> check it out.t coming. up. the unexpected guest at a hotel. that left employees shocked. and of course running for cover.
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we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot priorities usa action is responsible
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ao >> >> people all across hror rainra county. and the are preparing to say good-bye. >> live with more on what will be an emotional tribute. >> absolutely. it is expected to be an emotional tribute. with people traveling here fromt
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b wao*e we're here at field houseo where they were setting up inside earlier tonight.ui getting ready. end want to makegg sure everythg is just right. for trooper kenny. and hisk services and ceremony.c that will be helder here. across hror rain county. they are expecting a number ofof people to travel here.h so manyer people.l wanting to showe. their love. and support. and also foru troopers family and friend. and also his sacrifice. >> in ohio state highway patrol trooper passesp by.b iny. hror rain tuesday. where fallen trooper will be buried thursday. escorted by countless law enforcement officers. including fellow troopers.o who werep also close friends. >>e .
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tribute last forty-eight year-old father of three body wase rurpedr to his hometown. following the fatal accident on i 90.i struck by a vehicle. doing traffic enforcement. >> we lost one of the best. >> me phoerl phraupbs leased memorial plans released for hisi final farewell. ordering flags flown at half staff. for wednesday. when calling hours will be held from three to 8:00 p.m. here at the county communitycom college fe the same place a private funeral will will take place. thursday morning. at 10:00 a.m. with flags lowered across the state. that day. >> he wasa outt there protectinp hisro family. and the community. >> hundreds if not thousands are expected to line the procession route to the cemetery. along abce by road.d. to north ridge road. broad view avenue and back to north ridge. right in front of clear viewr high school.l
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planning something special. >> he is a family.l that's what clear view isy all about. >> motorcade passes by they say, students will step outside. and line the roads.r as a showo of support. >> children need to know that the police that they're awesome people. >> they hope others will joinn them. because they say, it's important to show respect. for those who give so much. >>ve that thraoper lay down he lay down his life for all of us. >> back here live. preparations will continue. and then tomorrow it willw actually be ai quiet privatepri we're told a solemn procession. as they take it from the funeral home.h actually here for that 3:00 o'clock beginning of theo 3:00 o'clock calling hours.fg expected to be a privatepri situation.
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everyone feeling for the three children tonight. >> . . he died. protecting us and deserving of this tribute and all the t honors. >> . city hall to take action.a with allk of these cameras.e aboutr 130 of them rolling toto
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this. makes no sense to us. u not you either. >n . pwha what is the purpose. >> you can't see much. >>e . is that how it's supposed to be stpwhr we went to the city manm in charge of thea street securiy cameras. he says the cameras should besh framed to see the middle of intersections. sho*rpbt be left like this. t we found this recording from a camera at west 25th and. and didn't capture evidence of a hit and run. nearby.rb now. as a result of our story. high-tech adjustment. to have the-te camera automaticy move themselves. back into t place.e if they're left. framed like that. >> >> the city says police can pan, tit or zoom the camera.c white investigating. the newin system. back up to n make sure a cameram doesn't get moved and forgotten.
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another concern. police coming to get kao*efd. only to fine the camera is downw out of service.c nowe it has a maintenancen contract. to make sure thec cameras keep watching. and the city says as of tuesday 95 percent of the cameras wereas still working. >>ll . taxpayers. a simple >>si . that should be functional. >> . police in akron need your help locating a one fugitive. twenty-nine year-old roamfugi ro thomas was involved in a deadly shooting. on august 1. at aau gas station parking lot. on coply road. he's wanted for murder. felonious assault and abuse of a corpse. >> police are trying o find a vehicle similar to this light colored mercury. seen prowling the area. of a bus on west broad way street.
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have seen the car. follow their daughters.. driver trying to start a conversation with the girl. g and anyone with information isin asked to call plymouth police. >> . take a good look. at this picture. police say this man robbed a key bank.b ona west 117th street.. cleveland. no weapon was seen. and no one was harmed. if you know anything call police. >> taking part in a discussion with pastors. and take a town hall.l all happening inl. cleveland heights. >> >> the count down is on.o there aren. only 50 days left l until thee election.e trump is wasting no time on thel campaign trail.
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tomorrow. >> trump taking every opportunity. to take aim at clinton.c on his veryli busy cam taeupb schedule. >> khrepb ton didn't make any appearances today. pastors will have a chance toto question trump.n on issues ranging from the supreme court. totos healthcare. to religious freedom. >> doctor scot says he thinksthi this is a good opportunity for people to get to know the trumpu that he knows.
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>> trump is expected to takeo part in a town hall discussion.s that will be taped fors the fox news channel air wednesday night. the town halld will focusay on issues effecting africana american andf urban voters. everything will start bright anr early -p at 9:00 a.m. clintons next campaign stop is a rally in florida tomorrow. >> f . another busy day. >>r . weather changes are coming. but a few days away. and really not that bad. >> .
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anything very dramatic. we are looking for a definite shift.f att least in the medium term. we'll get into that in a second. take a look at the beautiful sunset. time lapse. >> cloud cover was just enoughe to addn decoration. and then somerays. the rays that kind of bounce up. this next time lapse. i have to setime up. we'll go to wherel temperatures are cool.coo but cold. north of the brooks range.
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if you're driving to the east.t. make sure you keep your shades handy. and visor handy. exercise >> a look at why we'll see the bright sunrise tomorrow. really not a lot going on. temperatures are falling tonight into thes 60s. we're holding onto 70 plus. khro*efd. cleveland and findly.find all of those will slip down to about 60 tonight. and notice that the dew pointsts are pretty much where they witht last night. >> . temperatures will hit 59 again tonight. clear. very quiet night. mild. with winds light and variable.
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tomorrow. eighty-four. sunshine. with that ridge of high pressurp inr place. here's the chilly air.a look what happensi here. we're going to see the cooler air kind of drift in.i fromn. the northeast. >> back door cool front.fro take a look.o weo go from 80s.80 wednesday thursday. andwe friday.da to upper 60s to near 70. on saturday and sunday. that's really bottom line. closer to normal.
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>> very grateful people. on the very emotional. wonderful night. from dinner to the photographer. hairph stylist. bridal salon and the limousine. the treated to a truly memorablb
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crime scene investigators are called to this firea station inn north field center. ce after firefighters from neighboring who assumeme jurisdiction in north field center onin friday. discovered on monday morning that unknown individuals got inside the station.sta and urinated on their equipment. and furniture and mattressesm throughout thea building.. detectives are focusing theirth investigation on former volunteer firefighter. who saw their own department disbanded last week. as a result of ade fire levy.le being defeated at the poll. >> north field center townshipp trustees say some volunteerlu
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and the urine soaked vandalism.v may have been their own brand of revenge. >> . spent the day gathering dozens of pieces of evidence. they say members of theof department were no longerr allowed in the station.s but some ofta them still had kee to various locks.o which hadn't beenc changed after firefighters took over the station. >> i'm blown away a firefighter would do horrible. whoever did it they need to go to jail. >> .
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handled. >> you'll never believe the funeral directors after he was kaugts taking self-es.lf with the casket.
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rob portman and his wealthy friends have spent millions attacking me. they say i lost jobs and drained the rainy day fund.
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and we all know it was raining pretty hard. so i used the rainy day fund - because i wouldn't cut education or local police and fire. and we balanced the budget every year. attack ads are easy. leading in a crisis is hard. i'm ted strickland and i approve this message. rao*eu texas funeral home apologizing after the director was caught
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the family laid her cousin to rest. david jones the director tookct whato appeared to be a self-e. e with her cousins right behind them. on his facebook he found jonesj posing with otheron caskets. and hearses.r hes told her he was just checkig his tie. >> . funeral home says it has apologized to the family.m texasi funeral service commissin says the director could face a 5,000-dollar fine. stkphr. insurance company is refusing to cover a colorado woman. who tripped and fell in her own home. why. they say she was legally drunk. carol says she tripped over a sled left by her grand kids onk thei porch. she was rushed to the hop. where doctors found her bloodod alcohol level was nearly double the legal limit.t.
10:51 pm
clause saying it doesn't cover injuries due to the effects of alcohol. or drugs. >> . consumer what your reaction was. >> i wanted to throw up.u i couldn't believe it. >>p. . i was in my own home.m i wasn'te. driving. since when can't you have a couple glasses of wine in your own home. >> . the policy speaks for itself. but suggests she file an aoeuao peel. >> . afternoon unlike any other at a hotel. when an unexpected guest to geti inside. security cameras capture a black bear.r. its way into the hotel. at first through front doors. and then didn't work. so. bear went to another side door. >> >> everything is okay now. kind of a delicate situation. >> . hetee wanted inside.
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but what he did off the field is giving people chills.
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a picture is wo*t a thousandu words. >> a photograph snapped at a friday night high school football game is leaving many speechless. the members of coaching staff snapped thisco picture of defensive end. sixteen year-old he recently under went surgery.s and isu in a wheelchair.air he went to the game friday nighy to support his team.
10:55 pm
playing. he got out of his wheelchair. and faced the flag.g. he later said despite the pain. he wanted to show his support for theis because it's the rightu thing to do. >> . indians lore their magic number. down to six. in dramatic fashion. a walk off base hit sebt the crowd home happy. they win two to one over the royals. >> one and two-thirds inning. struck out three royals.s. setting the stage for brandon guyer. with a walk offliner. in to the corner.
10:56 pm
easily. scores. indians celebrate.ce another walk off victory. >> . he did come through for the team. octobered to a plain dealer piece. written over the weekend. thatve stated after the injury t team had no chance to win. a championship.
10:57 pm
the browns waif waive their seventh round pick today. might be back with the team if he clears waivers. >> . the club picked up austin rider from the red skins club. >> . nine career starts. he's 34 and. we invite you to go to fox eight .com. vote for the friday night touch down game of the week. >> f . polls open until 9:00 o'clock. announce the winner at 10:00 o'clock. >> . thursday. >> . control c. criminal v. >> . cut and paste.
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eighty-four again on thursday.tu still okay friday. anday then we cool tkoeupb for e cool down for the weekend. >> . >> technology is useful. i just bought a book. and while i was telling you about the book,
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