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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  September 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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to seven weeks until the november election, donald trump's ramping up a event in clifton heights, will tell us what he >> major announcement concerning cleveland hopkins airport, it could affect your future travel plans.. >> it is really beautiful again today, can this last for long, as follows rise, fox 8 news news starts right now.
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election and donald trump made stop in northeast ohio today.e >> donald trump and mike pence took part in a discussion with pastors at the sanctuary of the spirit revival center in cleveland heights, that's where matt wright joins us. this event, ju within the last hour, with donald trump going to a ballroom next-door for the taping of a fox news channel townhall to be aired tonight this was billed as a pastor conference hosted byby trump supporters darrell scott about half of the 300 people identify themselves as clergyda front of a largely white audience donald trump said he i the best candidate to help african-americans and inner-cit
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which you have to lose, it has helped himit in the polls, he compareo the safety of inner cities in some places to the safety of afghanistanne. you read repaired remarks about the importance of african-american churches >> i want to rebuild our country country. and to rebuild our inner cities it is timeun. breaks my heart to see any left behind or to see a city like cleveland, that has had so many struggles. don king introduced donald trump, has been traveling with him today , we did talk a bit about his proposed renaming of a cleveland street after him, tha has generated controversy havev more on that coming up this
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>> seemed a little bit tired, what was his demeanor in the greater scope of things as he delivered his comments, he seemed very tired. is just a little bigger than life he just seemed a bit more subduedagg, a bit more subdued donald trump? did you get that? >> i would not describe it as a tired, it was not a campaign rallyly with their crowd riled , the crowd was mostly supporters but it was a church sanctuary s he seemed a bit more toned down in not saying a lot of his usually things that rows of the crowd. >> mostly reading from prepared remarks. fox news commentator sean hannity is moderating town hall meeting with donald trump earlier today d he was in the
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donald trump campaign and, he touts mr. trump as the right candidate because he will that refugees and protect your secon amendment rights to bear arms, he asked hannity about his appearance in the spot this morning and he said he would no comment on that right now,, the fox news channel put out a statement that said they were not aware of this,nt you will not be taking part in any other promotional videosll, no word i you will be disciplined. he did talk about this campaign be move it is now game time we have three debates one in five days and i think it's going to be interesting to see how thosey debates go, i think that donald trump will surprise a lot of people, i've known him for many years, way before heple decided get into this race. >> the town hall meeting shot i cleveland heights this morning will be featured on the sean
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governor john kasich has ordered flags flown at half staffff in lorain count today in across the state tomorrow in honor of thera ohio state highway patrol trooper killed in line of duty.y. calling hours trooper ken velez will be at the lorain county community college, eugen field house in elyria that's what we find jessica dill with trooper here said it is incredible how much they have gathered here you now have family/friends sand the final goodbye the calling hours are open to the public today 48 year old kenneth velez was hit by a car during a traffic stop on i-90 thursdayu
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three until 8:00 p.m. at the parade county community college ewing field house a proper funeral will take place tomorro morning the students plan to show their support, the patrol says that this is a hard time, they have one another to lean >> it is a very difficult time for the family and for the stat patrol, and a difficult time fo law enforcement partners progra
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officers from across the country will be here so far there are 19 states represented as well as canada. anyone who graduated with him and worked with him will be abl to sit together and to mourn together. restaurants have been setting up tables for him there is so much support for his family and his three childrenre. mus 89 states and three countries, i'm not surprised becausee law enforcement community steps up when something like this happens. >> is really a tragic loss and she is so sad. everybody can take part, go to
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we do have to address the weather situation. take a look from the roof-came it is a gorgeous day along the lake, there is a little more action then yesterday when it was crystal clear, maybe the winds arerl picking up slightly? today is the last day of summer. today and tomorrow editors arriving with warmer temperatures the forecast, this kind of rare to have it like this with waves of 2 feet or less and the winds northeast will kick it up from
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hopkins, we see some high-level clouds from the north with a strong complex of mr. chicago earlier today
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in terms oft a slight chance of the shower friday.. we can details, comin up.? police say a 2-year-old boy died after falling out and 11 floor window in willoughby hill they say they were called to the willoughby hills towers apartments just after midnight they found t unresponsive in the parking are both parents are inside the apartment at the timebo the pol are still looking into how it happened. the mother of 17-year-old teenager killed execution style says she's happy that her daughters -y suspected killers are behind bars is still in disbelief. they were indicted yesterday 14 counts including
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to help rob the citizens bank and northfield village in august, then, she was killed so that she cannot testify, she wa found shot to death in the fiel in east cleveland t four days later >> to find out that your child has been killed is a a whole floodgate of emotions who could have possibly convinced he because it is just way off base forsis. >> 350 boys, who they say participated in the crime have been charged in juvenile court, but locked up in cuyahoga count jail on $1 million bond each. to honor the late george voinovich you passed away in junene they say the bipartisan gathering at the press club
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in womenen including sherrod br and rob portman barack obama said that he was a putrid dedicated his life to serving others, the family will accept an outstanding alumni award on his behalf. >> major nelson that could affect travel plans, the legionnaires moving from akron canton airport to cleveland hopkins in february next year also add austin texas,s, jacksonville florida and new orleans in phoenix to its six existing destinationsn, to celebrate the plan to offer one-way fares on the new routes as low astete $39, if you purchase flights leaving out of akron-canton airport next year can be re- accommodated from cleveland hopkins or
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the soaring cost of epipens is the topic of a congressional hearing, the milan ceo is expected to according to testimony will say that they do not plan to lower prices it has soared to more than $600 to pack their carried by people with life-threatening allergies or children dead father in
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they say that they found two teenagers 17 and 19 shot and killed inside the home the children's mother is still listed inin critical condition, they say that the man arrested is the father of the two younge children and stepfather of the two older onesf pictures of a tantric and his daughter by her hair inside of the texas walma has gone viral for standing too far away from the shopping cart alone took these photos of the man andto t little girl, she then spoke up and told him to cut it out and call the police. >> so that you need to vent her hair go and he said you need to mind your own business and while he was dragging her girl said please stop your hurting me.
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we said that they want this groomer shut down after video of the owner put online showing he mistreating the dog , workers say that the woman at the video,o, longer works there, protesters that is not enough. hopefully some better news to come, maybe you're in a move for breakfast
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that you're having a great day so far. is a people afternoon once again,p great-looking sunset yo can see the clouds are clearing after just a few high-level clouds this is the current webcam time lapse from burke lakefront going to go topside these are the clouds from a thunderstorm clusterer that was northwest of chicago that has fallen apart, but still sendin cloud cover in here, enough to blot out the sun shine a little bit. many people talking about how much brighter sun seems to be when driving, this is a phenomenon that only happens a couple of times each year when the sunha setting in line with freeway systems that run east and west.
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just how much it reflects off the road services applied to both sunrise and sunset, going both east and west it can certainly be blinding, dewpoints are on their way back up again in the mid- 60s this morning were down into the 50s now we haveve started to go back up , currently 75 ashtabula and 80 degrees cleveland and two there is that storm cluster responsible for the high-level clouds. it is really fallen apart, computer models show the clouds dissipating tonight, another system gets goingng along the funnel boundary to the north fo now because it settles in here in neighborings brief random
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next chance of rainfall monday and tuesday. trying to figure out what to .rder for lunch, >> it cannot deliver to your front door. uber eats in cleveland in which restaurants are participating
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to date is lunch time, uber eats is launching in cleveland, it lets people to browse local restaurants to pick their
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credit card to get it delivered so far greenhouse tavern, lago east bank in fahrenheit participating, uber eats is separate from the uber ridesharing app they plan to hire 1,000 drivers in cleveland by the end of the year . is rather go into the mcdonald's drive-through, they t have some quality changes to th all day breakfa their adding mcgriddlesg to the all-day menu in making both mcmuffin and biscuits available at all the restaurants come today they served either mcmuffin isu or biscuit spin-ou both as part of the all day breakfast menu.u >> is your iphone 7 making a hissing noise, apple has received complaints that the iphone 7 and 7 plus produce a strange noisea is heard when
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such as games are used, or when it appears to be under stress remains unclear how widespread it is in the have not yet respondedai >> do you use regular or be in gasoline, maybe a wastei to get the premium aaa says americans wastedt expensive premium gas into cars that do not need it, about 7 percent of the cars on the roads require only regular, still , about 16.5 million drivers filled up with premium with the higher octane, that means it can have higher pressure within the engine whic is good for mostly high performance
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cheung kasich ordered flags to be at half staff today across the state tomorrow in honor of the state patrol trooper killed in the line of duty. calling hours for trooper ken velez at the lorain county community college ewing field house in elyria that's where we find jessica dill for the latest. >> the preparing to say their final goodbyes trooper ken vele you can take part in the open to the public at lorain community college, he was hit b a car while making a traffic stop on i-90 thursdayay, hours today between three and 8:00 p.m. at the ewing field house, a private funeral will take place tomorrow morning, expects to line the route to th
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clearview high school and middle school plan to show support the highway patrol said that this is a hard time they want , each other to leon. >> is a difficult time for the family and for the state patrol andifme for the all of law enforcement partners. we get through these things together t support each other and to support our law enforcement partners who also support us, and we have greatt memories of him and that's what we will focus on today and tomorrow. the amount of officers is unknown, ohio state patrol says they know thati 19 states and candidate will be represented, to see the entire general procession route go to fox 8, jessica dill fox 8 news. >> seven weeks until the november election and
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he and my pastor part in a discussion with pastors in cleveland heights matt wright has more. event wrapped up about an hour ago donald trump into a room next door for the taping o a town hall to aired tonight this was deemed as a pastors leadership conference hosted by the pastor and supporter darrell scott, people identify themselves as clergy in front o the largely white audience and trump says he is the best candidate to helphe inner-city voters said that his asking of black voters which you have to lose by voting for himim has helped him in the polls impair the safety of some inner cities to afghanistan, also read prepared remarks about unity an the importance of african
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>> want to rebuild the country and our inner cities, it is time. it breaks my heart to see in the americans left behindbr see city like cleveland that has ha so many struggles. donkey if traveling with donald trump and introduced him we asked r. controversy of the papo's renaming of a street after himi. once faced charges of creating a fakeke parma police facebook page is now taking action against the departmentnt after novak was acquitted of felony charges, they say he cause confusion when he created
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that looked similar to the official page, novak is suing the department says that they violated his civil rights and try to suppress his right t free speech. which are to be stuck in this
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the air is much to stable it is collapse of the 80 degreesesir cleveland and 82 degrees huntingtone with dewpoints around 60 high temperature to the east allows
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even that will be extremely weak you may be able to see one or two of those cloudsds on thursd into early friday morning. thicker cloud cover friday and a spotty shower pattern today hig of 8585, overnight lobo the low '60s and then mid- 80s tomorrow. the indians moving closer to a playoff spot with another walkoff win. >> in his back to the fox 8 official school closing station the browns started their third quarterback in three weeks as has highlights and sports.
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lower the magic number in dramatic fashion a walkoff they said sent the crowd home happy, two-one indians over kc royals that took a once nothing laid appearedla in five years josh tomlin had his second straight solid outings, andrew miller, he struck out three to get the win as brandon guyer lines into the corner and then celebrate and other walkof at progressive they when two-on
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the guys who voted great to get on base and address glad to. objected to a piece written by pault hoynes they said after th carlos carrasco injury they had no chance to win the championship, he then required a request for interview.. >> not if he's right or if we g to the world series or was a poor choice of words and lots of guys in here don't need anymore like that material but look forward to the challenges we have all year.t >> the browns waived their seventh round pick, defensive line-man and his contract terminated, $2.2 million to go away and they also picked up center austin writer from the
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brought better quarterback charlie whitehurst he is now on the roster the 11 year veteran will be with his fifth protein to backup cody kessler sunday he has nine career starts in his 3 years of play during i sick or well run for 133 yards if you carries one touchdown averaging 7.4 yardsu. go to fox 8 to vote for the friday night touchdown game of the week.o the polls close at 9:00 p.m. thursday announcing the waiting game thursday 10:00 p.m.. tune in for northeast ohio's best high school football highlight show, friday night
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spiegel to bring you all of highlights with highlights 49 to 11:00 p.m. on fox 8. game number two indians versus royals tonightht at progressive. samsung devices are back in stores worried about the safety of the devices, rich demuro is here to helpet to have more on the tec
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procedure involving stem cells to help four-legged friends. >> is becoming more popular wit people, he was in the operating room with the dark went under the knife, fetch liking us
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she has been caring for him since he was a puppy so soon be feel like a young pup again thanks to the healing power of stem cells. the stem cells are injected into his joins triggering a repair process to rebuild the in naturally reducing inflammation several procedures have recently been performed on athletes like tiger woods. insurance does not cover it, so it is a latest preventive medicine program. she says that the procedure will relieve arthritis symptoms for one or two years but may be enough to make them feel better for the rest of his life may be unexpected benefits.h >> that have been treated for
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still to come were checking in with rich demuro for the tec reportle
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of these devices, just last week we were talking about this and now they're back on store shelves. a >> is you can imagine there is lot of money at stake , in a time that is a motivati things happen fast, they said that they were able to identify the faulty battery and they hav fixed the issue the new note seven or monopolize it into stores today. to the note $7 if you have notn replaced the original note seven, please power it down an return it.
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samsung galaxy note 7 hadad nearly at all a amazing camera, widescreen and use your eyes to unlock and then this happened. >> so far the company says over 130,000 units have been returne out of more than 2 million sold. >> we do not meet the standard of excellence that you expect and deservece. samsung trace the issue to a fault problem is resolved if you got a note seven before september 1515, is to b exchanged. you can check if your model is affected by visiting samsung .com/us/non-severe call or download samsun plus app to scan your phone and tell you if it is mom the recalled handsets
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, a galaxy nick saban or get a refund, if you stick to samsung you will get a $25 credito. new note seven czar in stores you can be identified, the better indicator is great and there is a black square on the box,er . activity clear that no settlement with the new batter is safe ha, the battery solutio resolved. also sending out software updates to the affected phones , that if you charge them you wil be urged to bring them in for return or exchange, for more info gof to, a potential area for confusion, the resale market, if you buy one of these phones used on ebay you want to be able to tell it is one of the new safe oncece not one of the recalled
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, and on airplanes, solomon airlines said that you cannot use the note sevenan, no the new ones are safe, those flight attendants how to be abl phones from the bad phones that can be c nfusing. forget how delayed until the summer for fair food.. deep-fried oreos, elephant
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what could be better than the great wehe fair food year-round. >> that is the reality in texas. >> we got these big red chicken strips, and all of this, it is awesome but fattening. >> there speaking my language. in plano texas is home to a restaurant that serves your favoritent state fair treats , located inside of a walmart
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breakfast, lunch and supper, seven days a week. will be an '80s today and, father gens tomorrow. such-and-such was shower for friday night touchdown, with number five. >> is exciting, got way to say it.g >> akron north versus firestone they have not scored one far this year but i
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donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
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today on "the real." >> on girl chat. >> and "the real" never looked better. >> i'm kind of excited just for that. >> an all new make over. >> oh, my gosh. >> plus, michael >> we're so excited to have you here. >> on "the real." >> buenos dias. style offer. absolutely. wow, we opened our style file office last week and the files keep flooding in. we've gone through so many files but our next case really stuck


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