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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  September 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the browns were sent a subpoena november 12, 2013 in regards to the josh gordon the tenant situation, he was suspended at that time and was not allowed in the team facility, coach jackson was asked about the situation toda and do not want to be specific but did address josh gordond. i believeve that our organization made a statement s i am comfortable with that. he is still doing well in my opinion, i don't know the inner workings but i know that in thi building, i can tell you aboutk everything that goes out outsid of this building but in this building in meetings with me and coaches in the players he has been outstanding m, and that is what i had to judge, we will tr to move forward, i have nothing but great things to say about
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the browns released a very brief statement today concerning the arrest warrant- the nfl says that this latest incident regarding josh gordon has no effect on his current four-game suspensiono that he serving, josh gordon is eligible to return the field week five of the nfl season. >> hundreds began paying respects to a state trooper who was killed during a traffic sto on another state last week, tom delay at a local community college where a public funeral service will be held tomorrow, dave nethers joins us.
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up for family of trooper kennet velez to receive condolences to the body of the trooper, arrive earlier today he was killed last thursday when conducting a traffic stop on i-90 in cleveland,stp he will be memorialized here at a publ followed by aa session attended by police from at least 19 states and canada, the 48 year old trooper, and father of three trooper since 1988 the large turnout expected along the 6-mile funeral procession between here and calvary cemetery.y.r
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better to the cutie inin to see all of these people turn out to show support and to say thank you is amazing, it goes straigh to your heart to go straight to every alarm heart and for the family, i can't think that there's a greater respect for the family, that they stop what they do to honor one of their public servants. >> are a lot stopping what they're doing to be here today, to offer their final respects to the family of this trooper, calling hours until 8:00 p.m., they began at 3:00 p.m., there are two parkin lots that are just about fall appeared they will find a place for you to park it is a public
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will be private, the highway patrol expects the 6-mile route between here and calvary cemetery will be filled with people showing support and offered condolences, do so in a safe manner. we have that motorcade at fox 8.comad, a wonderful outpouring support for willoughby hills police are investigating the tragic death of a 2-year-old boy fell from the 11th flooror of an apartmen building this morning, jack she joins us. they say that the window and the child's bedroom was open an
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police and paramedics were called to the willoughby hills towers complex on chardon road wednesday after a guard reports a child had fallen from a 11th floor window to the parking deck they save the boy identified as 2-year-old anthony settles junior was taken to the hospita and then pronounced dead,n they say that the child's mother but himt and a seven to them about hour before he fell from the window of the left open, they say the boys mother and father were in the living room unaware that he had fallen,th they say accident should serve as a warningsa to other parents abou the dangers of open, unlocked windows and high-rises. >> just know that young childre
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lock the window don't give them that opportunit toto for the child to climb up on the windowow because they are curious. funeral arrangements are pending, donald trump and his running mate mike pence campaigning today taking part i a conference with clergy at a clifton heights church that right has the details on truncated to talk about race.
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introduction of don kington production raising eyebrows. want to thank the aftermath cutie, the phone numbers are going like it breaks my heart see any american left behind or a city like cleveland that has had so many struggles.
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police shootings of an unarmed black man in tulsa next review from the clergy. >> it was good to see him in a different light that what is normally painted. >> i think it is good that he i open to hear from clergy.. the mayor questioned his commitment to african-americans. >> the question that this first african american president was an american couple to see the birth certificates are supposed to walk away.e >> are here he traveled to toledo where there was a rally this afternoon,he in clifton heights, matt wright fox news. man who moderated the townhall with donald trump's in headlines,oat commentator sean
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trump campaign ad touting him a right candidate gizzi will that refugees and protect gun rights fox news channel said that they were not aware of thisi, we ask him about the advertisement he said he would not comment on he specifically said that believes this campaign is critical for america to move forward. got three debates one in five days acute surprise a lot of people long before he got into this race. >> the town hall meeting , we featured on the kennedy show tonight we want to honor don king with the street bearing hi name but might not happen, it i said to say is not helping matters, lorrie taylor explain.
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about the matter, the council has tabled a proposed piece of legislation that would remain cedar avenue to don king way, cedar avenue is the same street where don king killed a man tha years ago there stretch between is the roadway under consideration your it is near the area where he stomped to death and am back in 66 they initially consider renaming shaker boulevard in front of theet call & post wher he rescued a bankruptcy in now owns he did not seem to care on way or another when asked abou the amount of. >> i did not ask about it, my corner tavern is right down the street.
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renamed don king way tv 8 moot point., the proposed ordinance has been put on hold with no indication when the matter will be readdressedol . allegiant airlines is launching service to ten cities from hopkins is currently operating out of akron-canton but is moving because they say most of , while the cities that you are able to fly to will be myrtle beach, new orleans, phoenixx an four stops in florida. for destinations that served by clinton and starting at $39, is a typical model and our
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there of the big sale of one with prices starting at $39 officially make the move to hopkins on february
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was about 70 that's what we're looking at for the weekend,d, and that is it in a nutshell.
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of in the skies today, as pilots like to say it was smoot as a devious bottom at any altitude. there is no turbulence and speaking of airports could just some high clouds lots babies bottomm visible satellite is confirming that to some high clouds drifting by but nothing serious period until you look to the last, this morning we had a squall line into chicago and rockford illinois and extreme southern wisconsino .
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jamming the high-pressure system that has been taken good care of anythin that en moves into it that literally melts away. talk about our temperature, it is another, technically, i was wrong, i saidid cut-and-paste, this is copy and paste. this is like from yesterday, a couple of upper '80s are showing up in places like columbus, zanesville, huntington is showing 90 degrees and dewpoints are not out of contro broker is just barely above 60, tonight it will be near the dewpoint of 62 and i like to us
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about 85 degrees. the atmosphere and does it down can see the jet stream trying t push a backdoor cool frontnt bu not as pronounced as initially thoughtut. also we have a cold pool here and here, and we have this omeg block when you see that, things are changes and that's not so bad for usoch with 70 over the week and 73 monday with maybe a few spotty showers tuesday -thursda nothing serious next week, near
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using family and from it is the secret to empires success
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marcus grayes music mogul family returns for a thir season of entirehi. it appear that one of the major characters had been kille
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housley catches up with the cas of empire as they dish the dirt on the upcoming season. fox's hit music row in part returning wednesday with all-ne episodes and and the cast members try to describeth seaso three with just a few words. >> family, survival. >> unpredictable. >> compelling. >> bloody. wi the season to cliffhanger of wh survives the balcony brawl. just pay attention, be ready because it's going to be a really nice openerer. the upcoming episodes dive deeper into lucious lyon in coke's relationship and take yo
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i like the flashbacks you get to learn more about where she comes from, >> you see different knowledge you ave not seen before, combine that with the present momentou and go to a place we h not told in a direction and story we have not told before. >> the new season will introduc new characters and moreth a-lis guest stars. >> i think there will be a little more specifici they authenticate us and in my humble opinion, it works asked to our d story in a way that doesn't distract from the family dynamic. >> in hollywood, adam housley, fox news. don't miss the season three premiere of empire tonight atmi
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we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible.
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i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible
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is get more now from andre bernier in the weather center with a look at the forecast ro. >> this has been a great and easy week, if you have had this week off than you know it, we have seen more of the same, as mentioned just moments ago the clouds are merely decorative. but where are they coming from?
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thunderstorms was a moderate risk of severe weather today just north of chicago up two aboutda madison and to almost minneapolis that cluster in wisconsin redoubts of the decent rainfall also up and down the east coast.. for many people either have som great weather or you are stuck with not so greatleha >> currently they carry water temperature is 72, you go away from the lake it pops above 80 degrees we currently have 85 degrees at wooster and 83 akron-canton with dewpoints are really easy to take. how long can we get away with thisis? as we keep telling you it will leave the ending sometime but
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toxins of water that we drank to say the danger is impacting two thirds of americans. >> maia belay has more on what this means, isis cleveland tapwater safe to drink? >> it is according to clear the water officials worry about that some people sa the study does give them pause this time they drink tapwater, study published says 218 million americans have a cancer-causing chemical and i tapwater calledh chromium six it was featured in the movie erin brockovich is as it was found all across northeast ohio clue when cleveland they do not set
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water but many say that wonder about the long-term risk of the chemical the study said they found. yet be concerned because somewhere there is the truth. they say that the water is safe to drink, we have the report posted at fox . another police shooting of afro-american male sparking north carolina. protest lasted into the early morning, and things are not don as tracy mccool joins us with the latest. the police involved shooting sparking protest overnight the injured more than a dozen polic officers closing down parts of interstate highway, now both th place in the familyri of the me killed were speaking out, started last night when police were looking for a suspect at
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scott get out of the car with the vehicle t then get back in the gave him clear commands to drop the gun that we stepped out, and officer opened fire killingr keith scott, today the police chief says it is not clear if he pointed his gun at the police, but that he was given every chance to comply with orders, civil rights leaders plan more protests unless action is taken . are engaging and one of the officers felt and fired his weapon. is not specific to the deceased we don't know if there was a connection. they know that they need to inform us of exactly what is going on n in his to be transparent,
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enough. >> last nighttion protesters blocked highway routing trucks and setting fire to some cargo,bl officers in riot gear using tea gas as the crowd swarmed squad cars throwing bottles and rocks at officers injuringth at least dozen, the charlotte phase two says the officer shot scott was not wearing a body camera and any video fromom other sources the ongoing investigation,n, th aclu is urging the police to release any video soon as it i availablea. fbi asking for help to find two men who may know something about the new york city bombing you wantnt to stick with two me in this surveillance photo were caught on video removing an explosive device from a piece o luggage left in the chelsea neighborhood saturday then they
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the nypd says that they're not accused accused of any wrongdoing.. were interested to speak to them to find out more about who they are ande , they are witnes there are not criminal charges there are not in any jeopardy o arrest..ha the suspect, ahmad rahami has beenra charged with use of weap of mass distraction, c bombing a public place, destruction of property in use of a destructiv police body camera video taken inside a murder investigation, you can see what they see when they get to theat scene of a shooting and what they hear, th video just released to the i-team texas inside a case with a surprising twist, see that full story tonight at 10:00 o'clock after the season premiere of empire. a clear the bases helps out
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said the first of june we have been in the red because of the theft had to replace all of the financial equivalent to our customers. >> we introduced you to al and marty zaleski this summer, they owned fleet bike shop in slavic village for 45 years he neo had to shut down after a series of thefts and harassment, when the team at mace security international donated system to. >> we are a cleveland company andd working together, it is great for them and us. the owners of fleet bike shop saidt they are touched by the gesture in hopes that this help to keep the fleete steams away, one day away from a special event.
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cleveland apl telethon takes place tomorrow is jennifer jordan has a preview. >> that just eight years old,or isabel has a passion for animal especially those in need, like this can't come injured after being shot with an annual last year. hamas says that she became so angry that she donated items to the cat to help in his recovery andd began raising money to giv into the apl. we do lemonade stands, hot chocolate stands in our neighborhood leased department shows up sometimes to buy stuff. >> it is viewers and families who helped make a difference at the cleveland apl on thursday volunteers will take your pledges by phone and online fro their headquarters , our live broadcasts will also feature special stories about some of the special petsal curtly house.
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to come to us through the i-tea investigation department that have been victims of cruelty or
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don't know what you call that. >> i can only do that, we have just way too much fun, but with this we can afford to relax a little bit and to poke fun at ourselves, we got the sunshine and the warmth, it feels outstanding this is cuyahoga county airport the same decorative high clouds and the same sky. >> the decorative clouds are not even interacting the sunshine i
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visible satellite indicating that we might have no clouds again tonight those of you who want to do some constellation hunting, the move will not interrupt you until midnight tonight and then you will be able to locate a lot of the great summertimeen consolation your hearts content, try to fin cassiopeia, or maybe galaxy or you need is a pair of binoculars for that. defiance are fabulous. it is not too dry or too humid dewpoint with just barely pushing past 60 and the temperature profile yesterday
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three days it looks like a sawtooth that is about the same height going into the '80s we do have some '90s downstate, charles and 91 also kansas city and omaha 90 degrees that jet stream will begin to break down with the omega block developing this weekend it will be slow to break down with 62 to nine and then tomorrow,w, a copy and paste >> we do want to copy and paste it about 85 degrees, we were near the record, that was 90 degrees.
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notice a slow decline with a correction to normal without much fanfare with perhaps a stray shower friday but no big deal for friday night touchdown. the browns next man-up is rookie quarterback. j.t. has led us from berea.
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cody kessler starts a game for his nfl team, and this is cup much earlier than expected, the injured quarterbacks were on th practice field today, rg3 and josh mccown is catching practic with jimmy haslam, they saw the newest quarterback, number 15, charlie whitehurst, but the biggest focus will be on getting rookie cody kessler ready to face the miami dolphins defense the tries to ramp up its preparations for sunday in miami. it is a dream come true for me to look at itit i want to be positive, to do my best in everything that i can come in t help this team to get a victory and we. very hard to get here and now need to perform. >> with the magic number at 6 p.m. dance turned to their ace
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royals, if corey kluber pitches like he is capable maybe the team might not need a walkoff pecial as last night when brandon guyer ripped the single down the line for the 11th walkover when for the season winning two-one and get ready for more baseball fly at 7:10 p.m. . corey kluber is nine-one with a 2.28 innings that goes back 13 starts. who doesn't love the food you
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cakese and deep-fried oreos. >> now in texas you can get tha without going to the state fair only have to do is go to a walmart in plano texas the stor is called state fair treats serving up exactly what they advertise. those tasty items you can get the state fair the cookie fries it is deep-fried cookies >> i am ready to try these cookie fries, and deep-frieded none about her and bacon wrappe chicken strips. >> is going to be awesome. >> the restaurant is open for breakfast lunch and dinner, seven days a week. about something dangerous, it is so dangerous you can only bu one at a time it is the worlds hottest tortilla chip sold in
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like a coffin i. gets its flavor from the carolina reaper pepper charles the guinness book of world records for hottest chili peppe on earth, and for good measure it also includesa flavoring fro a ghost pepper and chipotle seasonings each chip costs $4 9 cents. lots of kids love to play soccer.r. >> not many get the chance to
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shall be with the team for an upcoming fundraiser to raise aware roger check in with lou maglio. on fox 8 news. >> father caught dragon's daughter by the hair that story in your comments coming up one but george clooney said after finding out about
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or legal problems for josh gordon is already dealt with le violations and driving while impaired .
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what more can you tell us? >> ? josh gordon is serving a four-game suspension from the nfl and work came down that an arrest one has been issued for him in a paternity case according to court documents he has not addressed several subpoenas of the courth to determine whether or not ne is the father of a child born in may of 2015, on september 9, 2015, he genetic samples to the court, h had until september 23 of 2015 to comply, to the state is not submitted genetic samples and a arrest warrant has been put out the browns were sent a subpoena on november 12, 2015 in regards to the josh gordon paternity situation, josh gordon was suspended at the timeme and not allowed in the team facility or nfl rules.y
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situation today at his news conference with the media aou. the organization made a statement and i am coupled with what was said.heo >> .about that he was doing so wellll? >> he has in my opinion, i don' know about the inner workings of that, but i no building, i can tell you about everything outside of this building, but in this building in meetings with me and the he has and the players been outstanding that is what i judge him on and now we will find out about this on the part in no more as we move forward. had nothing but great things to say about josh.f the team issued a brief statement today in regards to


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