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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  September 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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began with a show of respect, as hundreds including law enforcement officers from across i the country and canad honor the memory of a state trooperco, dave nethers was the as trooper kenneth velez was laid today, hundreds gathered police g troopers and from as far away as california and canada to remember ohio state remember ohio state trooper kenneth velez to show his family display of support. >> family/friends and officers as far away as california gathe to honor the memory of kenneth
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, not because come he, died but because of the way he lived and loved and laughed. the 48 year old ohio state trooper was killed while conducting k a traffic stop on i-90, the father of three who spoke at his funeral. >> we are extremely proud of ou father,, he was part of amazing brotherhood and devoted his lif to protect people and us.. >> want to let you guys, thank you for your service and i love them so much he is my hero. >> i'm going to miss him, we will see him soon and i know that s. that brought the estimated gathering of 2500 to their feet. he is remembered as more than
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state trooper but as a person who loved his family and saw hiss work as his callin. knowing the risks involved, service above self even at the cost of one's own lifeer. there is great loss, that we gather, and hope, that he is embraced, in mercy and that he is set free in perfect love and hope and believe that we will .ee him again some of the troopers who were here today from indiana and elsewhere are thoser who helped protect cleveland during the rnc rnc, but here today under much more somber circumstances. if you are starved for a displa ofof appreciation for law enforcement professionals,s, al you
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dave nethers fox 8 news. thousands lined the procession route taken into the calvary cemetery was known here and many people came to say final goodbyes , the student body of clearview high school lined the street as the procession passed one of those we spoke to knew him well. >> it was a good friend him a lot of years it was a great person and i think it is special that we can together to support the family. >> student said it was very sad to see the procession , but they were glad to see people come .ogether to honor trooper velez a grand jury indicted a suspected serial killer in ashland county, shawn grate
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stanley and kidnapping a third, they found the bodies in an abandoned home earlier this month after a woman who was therei and hostage call 911, he will answer to the charges in courthe next week, if convicted could face the death penalty., body cam video shows a sheriff's deputy saltiness aspect,ow the deputy is indicte in facing charges, the body cam video shows ashtabula deputyt to ed derrick jones while handcuffed, seconds later he ca purchase that he was struckck by the deputy, an officer nearby, shined a light on his face, on chargeson against ed dirrigl have been dropped. there was a good cop there and if not for knows what could've happened i have seen o the news happens in our country
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they were on an atv and arresteded september 11 after a brief pursuit,se eric platt faces charges of felonious assault. and educator will be labeled a sex offender for the rest of her life, they say 36-year-old ronetta smith was a guidance counselor at euclid high school when she had a i sexual relationship with an 18-year-ol student in dec was suspended after a school administrator alerted the polic about the allegations,ch less o you play guilty to charges ofle sexual battery and attempted tampering with evidence. looking back on it, i don't necessarily know iff sorry is a strong enough word or term i wa negligent, i do not do what i was supposed to do..
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vermilion police made ohio's first rest under card slot, raymond harris is accused of choking his neighbors 68 year old.wednesday, that is about to be taken to the veterinarian to be put down in her own says he found her in the backyard, he gave no reason for killing the dog butut the dogs owner says that no person is good enough.. kind of the donald, live by the sword and die by the sword,l maybe it should be a human events,ld might as well have ta my kid out there and locked him in the head with a rock. pierce is now facing a fifth degree felony and up to one yea in jail ori cruelty to companio animals. >> you know that the cottage life mission is to help all animals, but need your help tonight, check in with natalie herbicki who is with mr. goddar as we collect donations at the
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i am very happy to say that we have pete masters number of $128,000st. we have over $131,000, some people are currently clapping s they're not receive a donation so keep the donations coming in call the numbers on screen or you can donate at fox >> what does that feel like? >> it feels wonderful, this young lady is responsible for the whole thing. >> she is theis w president and who has done wonders. we have surpassed her last
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guys like bread and girls to >> is a good example, she was injured, or owners cannot take care of her, cannot say for her leg and had to amputate and she has gonene from a depressed dog pain a to a happy loving dog wh just needs a forever home. curtail his band wagon all .ay and she greets people, >> we have about 14,000 animals each year about half of those t find new homes and we provide them with outstanding care thanks to viewers donations thanks to those people. >> we will be here until 7:30 p.m. so keep those
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motivation is too small. coming up, some very serious allegations leveled against bra
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this city ashore remains in a state of emergency the national guardrd is on standby if there a third night ofi violent protests, they resulted in several injuries and civilians part of the interstate has been blocked, reaction from anha involved shooting with the death of 430 keith scott 4 simulators are calling for calm tonight. >> the parts the fbi investigating allegations of of child abuse against actor brad pitt and maybe the reason that angelina jolie filed for divorce, kinsey was first report
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when he allegedly got drunk and begin screening and getting physical with them, the fed still fox two's they were referred the case, in regards to brad pitt and his children but have not determined if there is any merit to the act station. one of the largest cyber security breaches, yahoo says data of 500 million people have been stolen the company says it believes an individual acting o behalf of the government s was behind the data breach this information names and e-mail addresses phon numbersl passwords and security questions answers the breach is believed to have occurred late 2014 trump. a man, is to say thank you afte two decades to the police officer who saved his life in 1997 krystal jones was five years old and swimming at a hotel pool in columbus when he
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officer james poole arriveded a rescued him a few weeks ago, christopher recognized officer pulls name on facebook after leave a message on his wall she arranged a meeting. officer poole is a name i will never forget, ever since that'sii traumatic incident i h tried to meet him always try to get in contact with him. >> never thought something that i would do 20 years later that what thank >> chris are also wanted his 5-year-old daughter to meet officer poole he calls his guardian angel. >> indents magic number to clinch the central division title is now five and soon you can reserve your seat for the postseason,u tickets for the alds on sale monday just go to indians at 10:00 a.m. the division series beginning
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and it's encouraged fans to buy toys 02 season tickets to ensur priority access to alcs or worl series tickets. it was a gorgeous day and hardly that it does fallll almo heading 90 degrees today. >> i'm just looking at the outstanding sky we have a fearful son said in progress just enough cloud cover, multilayered, multicolored and show that to you from burke lakefront airport , looking at the time lapse. this is a four hour time lapse, you can see the early part of the afternoon, mostly sunny e b then deeper into the late afternoon or early evening, starting to see some multilayered clouds
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you can see a stunning display of all kinds of things in the atmosphere. it will be short-lived, we will have another capture tonight at 10:00 p.m. today a high of 88 degrees is just for shy of the record of 9 from 1895 period as we like to keep those old records out there because they are so oldd you hate to see the fall, current temperature is 81 degrees , 76 act in canton big story has been the dewpoint under control , 88 and 61 today, the stationary front is sagging
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the temperature this weekend, tonight's 62 uneventful tomorrow, we will be on the war side of the front until the wind switch at about seven in 10:00 a.m. and then freshen up out of the northeast with small craft advisors will probably issued for the weekend with low 70s is so that will be a correction to normal s and then with the cool poolaa it will aeae sending showers are way next week, tuesday wednesday, will not be super cool but will be a definite coolness we have not seen much lately. to talk to some of the biggest names in entertainment and politics and today zach galifinakas issued ammunition o
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ferns, this time interviewing hillary clinton if you have not seen the showif his questions a unique to say the least. s-6 or how many words can you type and how does president obama like his coughing, like himself, weekes? >> those are really out-of-date questions, you need to get out more. >> what happens if you become president will we be stuck with tim kaine for nine months your daughter and ivanka trump friends does the ever talked to discuss boys for thei dad? >> i don't think so. the awkward, staged interview continues hehe asked her about pantsuits and her experience at donald trump's wedding eventuallyex time to wrap of th top but not before addressing the elephant in the room. >> this has been a lot of fun
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way to reach you, e-mail? >> to see the entire interview, go to fox >> it looks like something that she would see in the moving tha this is real,lili the hotel is filling up by flipping upside
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this week's winner of coolschoo is north royalton high school congratulations to them and loo
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it does not feel like fall, it has been a great day d outside and at the apl, time to check in with della herbert for the fin tally of the second cleveland apl dick goddard telethon. these guys will be here until 730 and maybe even later, this is not the final total but what we currently have, that you do the big reveal. $139,000. that is more than $11,000 than last year and i know that number will continue to rise, w need those funds to continue reading and this is soso exciti for the apl. thank you to everybody who gave and called a phone banks,
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grateful.e >> i know that you're so thrilled. >> i am so proud of this organization and so grateful to the people who donated and also to fox 8 8 , so grateful to people who live here and are generous to the animals. i know that it makes you feel great. >> it is wonderful, want to say that everybody did so muchh and we exceeded last year, and thanks to you, and thanks to you, we did itstst. summoning people who need homes and the help that the apl can give them, it takes $5 million each year and made possible by your donations it i not funded by the government so
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and we will make that number to gro throughout the year. we really appreciate it, thank you. >> that will help summoning, thank you so much and thank you at home for helping and, no nee to adjust your screen you're looking at marriott hotel new gravity room shows off the new modern luck, but you cannot actually rent a room, it is onl for people to take fun photoss like this right now. that will do it for fox 8 news at 7:00 o'clock, thank you for being with us, be back
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i'm ted strickland, and i approve this message. i carried a rifle in iraq and afghanistan, so we wouldn't have to worry about terrorists using them here. but now rob portman's blocking common sense laws to stop terrorists and criminals from getting guns. senator portman said no to background checks on all purchases.
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why won't you? you'll never believe what happened to me at work today. hmm? this old guy was choking on his food, and i saved his life. you're kidding. did you heimlich him? no. i said, "oh, my god, i think that old guy's choking," and then one of the busboys heimlich'ed him. you're a hero. yeah, that was the point of the story. oh, yeah, speaking of work, do you know if you have thursday night off? um, i think so. why? what do you mean, why? it's valentine's day. oh, right. yeah, we can do something. you could be a little more into it. no, i'm into it, i'm into it. just, there's so much pressure to make the night special, and it never works out. okay, well, this time it's going to be different. because i am like a romance ninja. you don't see it coming, and then bam!


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