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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  September 23, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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cute weekend had for the windy ends after theyhe sweep kansas city tab magic number is now at void.t progressive field this morning with more on what we need to do to become the central division champions we just beat the kansas city royals the reigning champions not only to be beefed because it ispt our turn to make it to the world series with three home this is a final stretch in the regular they could do this before they hit the road for their finaley regular-season. in gnome that just good to their home games they are in just over 15,000 were in the stands and holmgren c ame from harper's
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for five innings. battling through those situations became a more competent there is so much going on t tonight's game is 7:10 and then a day came in the kids get to run the bases so head on over to the website and get your tickets and, downtown. the vehicle was hit by the car and actually flipped over. and mr. place run seven claim. last night on state route 19-inch screen creek township in that ambulance was transporting aa patient when a car when ace absent and t-bone it. that driver passed away.
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teachers voted to read checked contract agreement. they authorize a strike that contract expired on june 30. the union reps ofn the districts reached a deal on august 29 for a marathon bargaining session but it was voted down my spine i.e.i a slim margin. 51 to 49% and the% and thein biggest salaries in teacher evaluation as i'd planned to resume negotiations he suspected serial killer faces nearly to death and aggravated murder kidnapping, and burglary. in ashland county grand jury indicted him right here yesterday he is accusedgh of telling stacey stanley and elizabeth griffin in holding another woman captive she was saved at the last week after
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y remains of anothered victim houd in mansfield and is also being investigated in at least two more deaths. butut is of people including law enforcement officers from as far away as california and canada paid their final respects to a foreign state r trooper yesterdy a memorial service was held at the community college in memory of kenneth and 48 -year-old ohio state trooper with hit and killed during a traffic stop on interstate 90 last week. all three of the that his funeral.d we are extremely proud of our father he was an amazing brotherhood in he dedicated his life to protect people and us. d thank you for all of your service and i loved him so much, he is my hero. >> i am really going to miss him. and we will see him soon and i know that.we it won't they say that the
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high on drugs at the time and has been torched now with behavioral or homicide. in the meantime thousands lined the procession route from the funeral tofr the cemetery as a federal law enforcement escorted to trooper to his final resting place students and staff from the high school lined the street in front of their school that procession passed many is a family. >> and we now know the driver of a a crash which hurt by in the metroparks last week and was actually texting whilear driving to sisters impact both at the high school were hurt in the other three teenagers suffered less severe injuries in high school as it has talked to this isn't about the dangers of distracted driving the park that this investigation is ongoing. the police made ohio's first list under hundreds law raymond
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afternoon he was about to be taken to the data to be taken down when the owners that that he found her in the backyard here's gave no reason for killing the dog and is now facing the degree felony and up to when you're in bars for cruelty to animals and that has been becauser of godard's law ad what was being done for so many years so this morning, we would like to take a moment to haveora big enqueue to everyone who helpedue us to raise more than $142,000 $142,000 yeste alone really great this is the second annual cleveland telethn and that is more than what we've raised last year. >> i was hoping to make as much asas last year. and we made more. bless your heart, everyone whom whom participated.t, last year nearly 5900 animals were adapted from the cleveland atl. if you would like to know how this could help, check it it out
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it takes $100 a day to feed the animals but this is justfe in, o in honor of the restaurants tenth anniversary they are going to donate 10% of the the total sales run yesterday and today to the telethon a beautiful thing it is so awesome. if you want again for your generous support for bracing on the of that money to help support f them and extending tt yesterday and into today it is really nice. while eating pizza. >> we had a cat whom whenever we had chinese food she loved chinesee and she were brown rigt up our. right up to get the chinese it was so cute. coming up on tax eight news in the morning headlines and news to get you caught up on end of the big story another night of protests and charlie. find out what was different last night and with demonstrators were doing this
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weekend is justti for you, find out what people across our nation are putting down their telephones and we will see if you could do it in this morning's download.l temperatures are going up already in the lower 70s after a pretty warm night how one does it get 29 and are we anticipating a shower between now and high school football we
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how long have you been here by the way. >> 14 years. w november first it was for tenure so today we are supposed to do something profound worked all. a special weekend. apparently, starting today through sunday one group wants you to lead to talk instead of text. i think this is a good thing. a lot of things could be misconstrued especially in my family. we need to talk more.
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unplugging it is about reclaiminggi conversation whichs exactly what you are saying, there are times that we could text these people but people do not doing the do not talk as much they text too much and this is with the challenges all about if you want to take the national pledge repostedwa this online there is actually a pledge this weekend. could these youngsters to it with this in an object that is how they communicate for youngsters it may be difficult. remember a right here they are texting. so if you like that are being on the phone all night to i like hearing voices. you need to do some thing. you need to have a conversation. when you are sitting togetherve like talked about before and you are out to dinner whenever everyone has a phone.t if you look around, everybody is
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everything. i spend way too much money on clothing. so we are rediscovering the art of conversation, people but the telephone down she says i will pick if i went to he says, pray and daniel are retiring the fundsr for the weekend they say most definitely bee on that migt use it is for purposes when i at openly discussed on the number of people whom text into dried certainly. she says you cannot tell me what to do. joe says i could still facebook message. so it is just one of those things for a day or two could, could you handle ghetto away from your phonet and instead attacks in people pick up your telephone. i think it sends a good message so people picture this weekend say; you.
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they're like why did you call me. people do not even have homophones anymore because you do not call one another and i find that this is also a great way to communicatet with a botte i am not from here so family and friends are very much right out. so, to be able to send someone a know when i am thinking of them may be you do not have the time to call.e just i am thinking of you it is nice. it is nice i know now kids are in high school and i love the message may i had lunch everything is good. i love it, they cannot call me but they could shoot a quick text. >> they could have been with them, but most of the classes, they have a designated designated areas, when you walkn your as to have them with you. everyone has the funds.
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certain classes do use them. certain tools as part of the classwork so then you wonder if those kids are not have aso pho, then they are left out. >> death. >> it is texting again has run the beauty of conversation. so lets just come to state this week we went to know what do you think, could you go an entire weekend without texting an entire weekend. till sunday. we are not talking one day. it is till sunday. i'm going to say you sign it. we have more comments coming up. okay, so we are going to check and if they what is happening weatherwise the all-important weekend forecast good morning, my friend morning, my friend, yourd, beard has grown in the pt four hours.ea teach what psa looks like it chia.
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>> i wonder what it will be like for halloween. i it is going to eke on a monday. because the bruins are winning i have this gut feeling i really do. w w you believe in them. okay. i believe in miracles. hi there, got. good morning happening hereou today as temperatures are rising nicely 80 yesterday was a warm temperature at this late in the season in september 24, six years s ago the highest 90 so we are entering into someone uncharted territory here in the second warmest is september on record as we are now renting up into the 70s here from west r lake down through was this a limit as the sun is coming up culture thinning out the front
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yet we do have some time in this front getsye here the middle of the evening and we can help rule out a few sprinkled among the prime the front itself does not look that active. but given the depth of the moisture withb this, not rule ot a few sprinkles later on today most areas do notin have much of anything but i guess this goes to the forecast and we will see how this works out.h still pretty warm. cause increased and this is the see how we see a you with the slayer during the evenings after we havete much to worry about during high school football but watch tonight as we fallry in 60 this when she accepted the northeast in the front gets hung up a littlele bit and we have 70s to the north b and we stay near 80 and the southern richland and ashland county solar range and temperatures tomorrow and eventually by sunday things turn around a little bitow and we start to gt upto up up in temperatures over
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above normal again, but we anticipate the showers onbo the corporate to the west to move in heret that a professor monday into tuesday now and that is what we are looking a at as a cl down comes in behind that and eventually showers in the middle of the week and that called them fromm wednesday through the end of next week. take a lookth at the eighth day and i will keep this at the lipid longer so that you could see what we have the cannot and in general the eight days are pretty much the d same as with r the weekend w and stayingpr best chance to bring now monday's s late into tuesday but there is a shower on wednesday it would be earlier in the day so we have gotten back and forth on the position of the rain next week. so pretty high competence that this one is coming andso faster versus lower and we are not with there warming, the ones we have 60s the end of next week i still think we will see 70s it for as we head into the beginning of october but we will
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better idea but we are not done withde the warfare. you rarely see a complete 180 cell wintertime and wintertime and then things change. we have seen that. but anyways. to drop right now, we will just enjoy this. i cast away sensation. stellaus ahead new developments out of tulsa, oklahoma coming up, the latest on what happened this morning to a police officer which shot man and disturbing video, see what one man is accused of doing to a three -year-old. willie faced charges and, email it hackedd hack millions may wat to pay extra close attention to their email accounts, up next we will tell youne how to find outf your information is compromised, emperor porten information that
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charges, she's shot a 40 year old after he'ss his suv in the middle of the road last week when not on our mail is walking away with his arms in the ear, when she shot and killed him, she is on leave without pay to the tulsa police department says it will make a decision on her employment after an internal affairs review the penalty for
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four years to life in present. the national guard for protesting over the fatal police shooting.l both had their car on tuesday, three people are dead after a shooting at a manufacturing plant in tennessee.a they tell police that there was an attempted shooting yesterday. afternoon. that from a self-employed gunshot wound. they are not speculative right
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the sponsors of terrorism act in that deadline is tonight the obama administration is worried that other countries could use thiss i bill to sue american diplomats. servicemembers and companies if you want to have a yahoo! account you should change your password this data from 500 million accounts are stolenli emails addresses phone numbers and passwords.. they believe an individual acting on behalf of the government was behind him. they say that they should watch their accounts for any
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we will keep you posted on that. and coming up a local guidance counseloral counselor at length her punishment for having an intimate relationship with a student. to findth out why she was sentenced to and how long in the long-term reminde for committing the crime and not once but twice why a localt womn was arrested two times in one day. and her reaction. checking out now with the look of what is happening as farit as the forecast is concerned good morning. >> good morning and check at these temperatures into the 70s and the we are getting cloud cover whether or not we see showers is the question and i lookwe at tht in the pecan park kept only come
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i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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she was taken to the portage handout things pleaded not guilty she is alsohe a felony drug
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illegal substance was discoverew on her person when she was search at the jail. incredible story. while.l. the chair of trumps campaign has resigned after making some controversial comments about racism here c in america beforei don't think there was any racism until obama got elected. i don't care. that's the truth. she resigned her position she dids not apologize for her comments and blood and said blame the reporterfoomm she reae needs to walk a mile r and african-american shoes. he will bring jobs back to theo
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digital signs displayed a photo of the former clevelandaye mayoa was alsoy remembered during au bipartisan tribute at the
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they swept kansas city winning
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unplugging. there time to check but people
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not texting i would love to do
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i can wall long time for the iphone them all for this just goes to show from that of thisf is i think texting is an awesoe idea
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congratulations to you and yourn continued success. we are proud of you.dd it opens exclusively tonight. i'll be doing q and a's all weekend the 430 and 710 p.m.
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in addition to select theaters they canh countryry watch on the fly homes.e a nice review in there as well and just really excited about this. we know you're in great hands. she is the best. she is awesome.e thanks you so much. congratulations. you've o we will be right back.
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welcome back. we need sure you are about to show you some very disturbing video.o. a man is arrested for giving marijuana to his old three
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the 17 -year-old posted a video on facebook of them providing marijuana to his nepheweb in tht backseat of a car. he thought it was sunny and posted on his face put it in the refers to the child is height that continues to offer marijuana to the boy repeatedlye look at that. his been charged with minor he will be charged as an adult he's 17 years old theold charging him as an adult. that's so disturbing. they are bringing emotional
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abusing the rules to avoid paying a fee to travel with their pets. around the world are working longer than men.rl this new report finds my meds find an month or morert making the rounds after he dressede up as his mom to buy alcohol. had to dress dress andnd the skies and haircut and a photo id of this on to pull it offut his friend documented it and it
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motors and led lights and previously owned go pretty neat. i love legos. their humane their mom. will do it with you. there is one time when they
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if the magic kingdom and it comes as many and mickey in tinkerbell k because we are done. you get to work out the door at 10:00 a.m. let's check in with scott saytt goodbye to the beard.e today isa the last day. hopefully, we was see what happens. i just wanted to make sure she was feeling i'm a little delirious i think the browns are going to win on sunday.n i don't want to bet against the and in the no space offe service that she injuries.n
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i can do it.m a the beards coming off we will see.rds i'm with her. let's check it out and see what's going on and what we are anticipating for high school football. not anticipating muchch more than maybe a few sprinkles it will turn cooler tomorrowowm we will
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