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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  September 24, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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it's a michigan, iowa state. >> rob: what are they serving? >> dave: prime rib. i may be late for the conference call. >> matt: again. >> rob: ishmael zamora back from suspension and back in the big way. over 100 yards receiving. and two touchdowns.
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?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? >> gus: welcome back to waco, texas. we are ready to start the second half. baylor with a 21-14 lead but oklahoma state will get the football to start the second half. gus johnson with joel klatt. after an hour and 20-minute
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teams got on the field there was lightning and thunder and we came in the game joel talking about k.d. cannon and james washington as the two great wide receivers. they have combined catches for 45 yards. ish zamora. welcome back! >> joel: they are taking advantage of his height. 6'4". very athletic. smaller corners for oklahoma state haven't had the answer for ishmael zamora. on the flip side, washington is not getting going with the coverage that baylor has had on him. they have had two guys at minimum hovering around james washington the entire night. this guy goes for 297 yards receiving a week ago against pitt. baylor is bound and determined that that is not going to happen tonight. they are doing an excellent job of locating him in the formation and following him wherever he goes.
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to receive to start the second half. there is james washington. see if he becomes more active in this second half. this one is in the end zone for a touchback. let's go downstairs to shannon. >> shannon: i asked mike gundy about defending zamora and he said we have to clean up the timing. he said, "we cannot afford to give up the big play offensively." he said the balance is so with. earlier in the week he said, "we are just an average run game." but he will continue to stick with the run game to find the balance but he said, "we can't turn the ball over." >> gus: thank you. rennie childs, 11 carries, 26 yards. jeff carr, one carry, 11 yards. look at the verizon first half stat. first and ten at the 25 for oklahoma state.
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rudolph bobbles it, throws on the run. almost throws an interception. tion wright just couldn't hold on. >> joel: that is one that mason rudolph has enough experience to know he has to throw the ball completely out of bounds. he is trying to throw it away and doesn't get there. wright will have the foot in bounds. he looks at the sideline rather than securing the football. that would be forcing the bears. >> gus: rudolph in the first half. 12 of 15, 112 yards. no touchdowns. second and ten at the 25. rudolph. receiver wide open up the middle. can't find him. instead it's washington. tion wright covering. >> joel: wide receiver you
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jarwin. he comes here from the tight end shot. he was open. rudolph has to pull the trigger and force it to james washington. baylor on the first series in the second half, opportunity to force a kick on the third down. >> gus: third down and three. at the 32. >> joel: hops backward and
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>> gus: opening series of the second half. to the 40. gets up to the 43. >> joel: they have not had any opportunity to force the ball. the game plan from phil bennett and the baylor defense is clear, if oklahoma state will win the game. they have to do it on the ground. >> gus: orion stewart was almost ejected in the first half due to targeting. >> joel: the replay officials kept him in the ballgame and makes a great open field tackle there. hard to do. talent that a lot of players
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stewart is able to get the ball carrier to the ground there. justice hill was the top running back from oklahoma a couple of years ago. redshirt freshman from they were telling us what was earning him the carries in the conference play. >> gus: first down at the baylor 49 for the cowboys. hill. this time he runs into a number of green jerseys.
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>> joel: bravvion roy, number 95 who makes the play. this big old true freshman, 320 pounds stood up the sitter. brad lundblade, number 71. that is what forced the back justice hill to adjust in the arms of the tackler. >> gus: second down and nine. barry sanders in now. play fake. rudolph. out of the pocket. he has the receiver mccleskey. but that ball wide. travon blanchard has had an outstanding night. >> joel: they want washington again. but the baylor defense are not even reading the runs. those two players over james washington are blanketing him. rudolph wanted to go there and he had to leave the pocket. give baylor credit. the other nine players are
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the oklahoma state offense as they are committing to stop james washington. >> gus: third down nine at the 48. >> joel: that looks like an easy completion. he realized for the first time in the second half he was singled up. he had one-on-one coverage and drops him out. he finds an easy completion and he moves the chains. >> gus: first down and ten at the 35. they will run it. on the end around. dillon stoner, the freshman
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jones and jamie jacobs combining on the tackle. >> joel: the defense now out on the field for four and a half minutes. got some hands on the hips. as the drive has strung out over ten plays. >> gus: it's the 11th play of the drive that started at the oklahoma state 25. second and six. >> joel: he did what you are coached to do. use the sideline as an extra defender. he forced sanders to the sideline. when the wide receiver is next to the side line with the defender on the inside. as a quarterback there is
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tried to put it on the outside but ends up out of bounds. >> gus: that makes it third down and six at the 31. the cowboys need to go to the baylor 25 for a first down. delayed handoff. childs. bottled up. childs. face mask coming off. childs rolls out of bounds at the 30. >>oe lewis, it looks like. number 97. >> referee: personal foul. face mask. defense, number 97. 15-yard penalty. automatic first down. >> gus: in the open field, ira lewis tries to go up lie. >> joel: rather than tackling through the body and pulls the face mask all the way down.
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about it. but that is a clear face mask and an excellent call by the official. >> gus: first down and ten at the 15 now for oklahoma state. opening series of the second half. aiavion edwards, the middle linebacker with the tackle. >> joel: the linebackers have played well for baylor tonight, haven't they? >> gus: they have. >> joel: edwards. we have seen taylor on quite a few plays. patrick levels and travon blanchard each involved on several stops in the open field. blanchard in particular i feel like number 48 on the screen. he has been the best of them all. he has been outstanding tonight from the outside linebacker spot. >> gus: second and eight. at the baylor 13. >> gus: rudolph. wants to throw it. oh, rudolph!
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>> joel: this kid, a senior from dallas, roosevelt high school, is off to a terrific start to his season. sometimes it's that urgency of your last year. he graduates in december. a degree in health and kinesiology and leisure studies. he is athletic and forceful on the outside. >> gus: third down ten and 13. washington in motion. to the other side. rudolph. drops it off underneath. mccleskey. mccleskey on his feet. first down. cowboys. great effort after the catch by mccleskey closed session. -- by jalen mccleskey on third and ten. he gets 12. >> joel: he had great blocks down the field from the fellow
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almost acts as a screen play. even though he is past the line of scrimmage, they have to be careful not to contact the defenders. but seales, 81 in particular, great block with number 28 james washington. >> gus: first down and goal at the three for oklahoma state. 16th play of the drive. childs. straight ahead. six touchdown in two weeks for rennie >> joel: there is always going to be an unblocked player in a goal line situation. this time after 86 zac veatch blocks the defensive end, it's the outside linebacker and rennie childs handles it. as a running back you have to know that is the case. there will be a unblacked defender and he -- unblocked defender and he beats him to the end zone. >> gus: 25 to play.
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>> gus: he gets up to the 20. richards with the tackle on special team. here comes seth russell. 21 apiece. baylor and oklahoma state. there is a flag on the play. before we go to commercial, let's sort it out.
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no matter which passat you choose, you get more standard features, for less than you expected. hurry in and lease the 2017 passat s for just $199 a month. >> gus: a big game for oklahoma next week at tcu. >> joel: a huge game. all the teams that played so far to open the season it is anybody's game in the conference this year. >> gus: texas at oklahoma state. first down and ten. opening series of the second
11:24 pm
the run williams straight ahead. for seth russell in the first half, he was 12-21. 180 yards. two touchdowns and one pick. sacked once. >> joel: fortunate on the one touchdown pass that went through hawthorne's hands. zamora ran in for the touchdown. overall, a clean half. and got his legs going. ran the ball well in the first half. >> gus: russell five. the throw here. sideline. he has a receiver. wide open! watch out! chris platt. touchdown, baylor!
11:25 pm
outside of the number. chris platt. he will double move. the great route. he gets lampkin to bite. ashton lampkin number six. and he is gone. great speed from chris platt who runs 4.4 in the 40. he is also incredibly explosive, can vertical jump, 40 inches. he takes off down the sideline. >> gus: big time touch down here. bears on top. fifty years ago, humpback whales were nearly extinct. they rebounded because a decision was made to protect them. making the right decisions today for your long-term financial future can protect you and your family, and preserve your legacy.
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? ? ?thunder? ? ?
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>> gus: that is k.d. cannon in street clothes. we are not in uniform. let's check in with mike hill in los angeles. >> mike: drama in pasadena. down 13-9. 13 seconds left. burns and the put down. touchdown! they added a fumble return for a touchdown on the last play of the game. the final now 22-13. >> gus: wow!
11:29 pm
since mora got to ucla coming all the way back. they didn't score a touchdown till late. it was 13-9 for quite a while. mccaffrey 138 yards in that game. there is a flag on this play. the ball crosses the 35. up to the 37. roberts with the tackle. >> referee: personal foul. chop block offense, number 50 and a 56. half the distance to the goal. for the first down. >> gus: right guard, larry williams. 56. right tackle zachary crabtree, 60. >> joel: let's check out the k.f.c. stat comparison. it's a tale of two games. last week against pitt. quick strike offense.
11:30 pm
for oklahoma state. this week, they have had to methodically drive the ball down the field. >> gus: first and 22. rudolph. incomplete. the ball intended for chris lacy. let's check in with shannon. >> shannon: check in with the athletic trainer for baylor and he confirmed that k.d. cannon has a muscle strain. would not identify where that strain is. but said it happen toward the end of the first wish i had more info. that's all we are getting. >> gus: you wonder why k.d. cannon wasn't out on all the draft. now we understand. >> joel: he came up a little short. it looks like he didn't run through the fade route on the end zone. that was clearly a factor going back to the first half. >> gus: you're right. second and 22.
11:31 pm
taylor young. he all thes him down. baylor defense getting hungry now. >> joel: young gets the tackle. but check out our guy. gus, number 21, patrick levels who makes childs hop and jump over the sidelines. then he gets back in on the stackal. patrick levels has played superb football tonight. >> gus: third down and 20. rudolph. over the middle. caught by mccleskey. first down, oklahoma state. >> joel: that is a big-time throw. a small window to put the football. the safety is coming over. 48, travon blanchard. he just gets it in there to
11:32 pm
arm strength down the field. huge conversion on third and long. >> gus: mccleskey, catches for 56 yards. 21-yard gain. first down. rudolph. looking. look at this. mason rudolph. caught again by mccleskey! that offensive line for oklahoma state doing an incredible job protecting their quarterback. >> joel: all three baylor defensive linemen now coming off the field too tired. all that time you are going to find somebody open. that is too long to cover in the back end. i love what mccleskey did. he works back to the quarterback. he got on the same level. he found himself open for a completion down the field. >> gus: back-to-back 21-yard gains from mccleskey. first and ten from the 43. rudolph starting to warm up now. he hands it off to hill. running downhill. and justice hill.
11:33 pm
he is close to a first down. >> joel: you see what happens when you get some first downs. the first team defensive line had to come out of the game. you get backup defensive linemen in the game baylor and you can start running the bam.
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n't stress, girl ? ? i got the discounts that you need ? ? safe driver ? ? accident-free ? ? everybody put your flaps in the air for me ? i can't lip-synch in these conditions. ? savings ? ? oh, yeah ? >> gus: welcome back. take a look at the pacific life game summary. >> joel: 307 total yards for oklahoma state. kind of a slow start to this game. they have got it going late. baylor have not held the ball for long. ten minutes and 36 seconds. they have been explosive with it. really the guy who has come out here and burst on the
11:36 pm
six catches, 109 yards. >> gus: oklahoma state with the ball at the baylor 33, first down and ten. childs. reverse. they are going to throw it. up the sideline. mccleskey. he lost it! >> referee: ruling on the field is incomplete pass. >> joel: you have to give credit to mccleskey who tried to get the completion. he is covered down the field by 28. orion stewart. the senior from waco. it was defended so well. the baylor secondary is playing outstanding ball. they haven't been confused. >> gus: second and ten at the 33.
11:37 pm
back. rudolph. >> joel: chris lacy came out and the ball was there. people have no idea how hard that throw is. i know he was wide open. it wasn't a tight window throw. that is the opposite hash mark. these are not nfl hash marks that will nice and tight. he is all the way across the field. throw it deep down the field on the outbreaking route outside the numbers. big-time throw for mason rudolph. >> gus: first and ten from if 18. fullback. drop immediately by travon blanchard. >> joel: coming from the outside linebacker position. he sneaks up and he picks up. he jumps the snap count. that is part of the problem i see with so much shotgun
11:38 pm
verbal cadence. everyone is just clapping. by the time you get in third and the fourth quarter. the defense understands the rhythm of the clapping motion to get the snap. they can jump it and get in the backfield like there. >> gus: second down and 11. at the 19. stick -- stiff arm. out of bounds in the 19 in front of stewart. >> joel: i think they have been using a running back by committee system in oklahoma state. it's working >> gus: it is. rennie childs, we have seen him run well. >> joel: i feel like justice hill gives them a little bit more burst. we have seen them get to the outside a couple of times. displays a great stiff arm on the last play to create a more manageable third down opportunity. >> gus: third and five tenth play of the five that started at the oklahoma state 25. finally got washington singled
11:39 pm
hill down to the 11. two-yard pickup. >> joel: that was clearly mike gundy telling the offensive coordinator you have two downs here. we are going for it on fourth down. so he calls the run play to get them closer to the six. and now he comes up, well, never mind. now he is going to go kick it. now i'm confused about the play call. third and five with mason rudolph. i don't understand handing the ball off there unless you are going for >> gus: ben grogan comes in. he missed a 45-yarder. 2:13 to go. third quarter. 28-24. red 97! set! red 97! did you say 97?
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reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh... oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. woo! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. >> gus: this is turning out to a classic shootout. >> joel: in the big 12 ballgames it's like who is going to have the ball last? it's not necessarily high scoring yet. we have seen games at 45-42 in the big 12. baylor has been so explosive on offense, scoring 28 points in just ten minutes.
11:41 pm
offense. >> gus: ammendola will send it away. nicholson the deep man for baylor. he will get a shot from the five. wrapped up at the 15. >> joel: great coverage. look out. >> gus: he -- the original new comedy is called funny and hilariously weird. on fox. >> joel: they are talking about the explosiveness. baylor has touchdown from 23 yards out. 27 yards out. and 89. they have been quick strikeability to as you take a look at -- strike tonight as you look at the leaders. including ishmael zamora. >> gus: starting at their
11:42 pm
>> gus: dragged down from behind. taken down at the 19-yard line by jarrell owens. owens is hurt. >> referee: officials time-out. for injured player. >> gus: he fell awkwardly making the tackle. the sophomore from palestine, texas. >> joel: he played every in game. three had throw tackles and tackles for loss. he was chasing down seth russell. holding the arm close to his body as he came up. >> gus: four-yard game for
11:43 pm
bench. second and six at the 19. >> joel: baylor loves the breaking route off the play action. third down and >> gus: snapped it directly to williams. he won't get the first down. great defense by oklahoma state. bobbychad wagner and burton. >> joel: great play from walterscheid who forces the ball inside of him. >> gus: baylor on fourth down. going for it.
11:44 pm
away! what a decision. by jim grobe to go for it on fourth down. combining on the tackle. oklahoma stopped them. >> joel: i think they did. it looks like they will have to at least get that ball to the yard line. it looks like the official sticks on the far side are right on the >> gus: oklahoma state stops them. >> referee: short of the line. first down, oklahoma state. >> joel: boy, that is just -- >> gus: why would he do that? >> joel: that is a critical mistake. there is no reason at the end of the third quarter to go for it on third down this deep in your territory. cole walterscheid was the stop of the night. what a job from his defensive
11:45 pm
spencer, the defensive coordinator tried to go so fast they were confused. that is a mistake from the coaching staff from baylor. >> gus: oklahoma state at the baylor 24. >> joel: aiavion edwards, patrick levels, they have been so good. oak state has not had -- oklahoma state has not had much success on the outside. the success they have had has been between tackles getting down hill with the run game. now they are backed up at second and 15. >> gus: closing moments of the third quarter. loss of five.
11:46 pm
rudolph the throw it. coming around the corner from aiavion edwards. third sack of the night for the bears. that is the end of the third quarter.
11:47 pm
11:48 pm
>> gus: welcome back to
11:49 pm
presented by geico. start of the fourth quarter. four-point game. 28-24. baylor-oklahoma state. faced with third down and 23 at the baylor 37. mason rudolph, the quarterback for oklahoma state has been excellent. here is rudolph. a lot of rudolph at the 20. picks up the first down! this kid is tough. from rock hill, south carolina. 26-yard gain on third and 23. >> joel: along with the toughness comes the intelligence to know with the man-to-man coverage, called cover two man. man underneath. two safeties deep. nobody for the quarterback. he becomes the most dangerous
11:50 pm
he uses his feet for a conversion. >> gus: first down and ten at the 12 yard line. for o.k. state. rudolph hands it off to sanders. sanders can't get around the corner. it's knocked out of bounds. >> joel: the side to side running game trying to get to the outside is not working. baylor is under sized on defense. they are athletic and quick. in particular on the edges. it's not worked all night long. taylor young, travon blanchard. what oklahoma state has to get back to if they want to continue to run the ball is going straight downhill in between the tackles and in between the guards at the middle of the defense. >> gus: second down and 14. rudolph. in the corner. incomplete.
11:51 pm
james washington had two hands on the ball but vaughns knocks it out of his hands. >> joel: every time washington has had one-on-one coverage they have gone to him. man to man against washington. vaughns comes one a great play. he goes through his hands at the catch point. textbook corner play. >> gus: third down oklahoma state needs to go to the baylor two for the first down. rudolph. steps up. throws it again. tries to get to the mark. still on his feet. rudolph out of bounds at around the four. just inside the four. so now coach gundy has a decision to make. does he go for it on fourth down? and maybe two?
11:52 pm
time left. this comes down to how much space he has got -- faith he has in the defense. huge mistake on the previous series offensively. goes for it on fourth down. gives oklahoma state a short field. lolagundy wants to capitalize wh a touchdown, not a field goal. >> gus: fourth down and two at the four. they are going for it. now a time-out. this is the all-new, it's nice. let's check it out. do any of you have kids? i do yes. this car has a feature built in called teen driver technology, which lets parent's see how their teens are driving. oh, that's smart. it even mutes the radio until the seat belt is fastened. will it keep track of how many boys get it in the car? (laughter) cause that could be useful. this is ahead of what my audi has for sure. wish my beamer had that. i didn't even know that technology existed. i'm not in the market for a car but now i may be.
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we catch flo, the progressive girl, at the supermarket buying cheese. scandal alert! flo likes dairy?! woman: busted! [ laughter ] right afterwards we caught her riding shotgun with a mystery man. oh, yeah! [ indistinct shouting ] is this your chauffeur? what?! no, i was just showing him how easy it is to save with snapshot from progressive. you just plug it in and it gives you a rate based on your driving. does she have insurance for being boring? [ light laughter ] laugh bigger. [ laughter ] >> gus: fox college football presented by geico is sponsored by -- >> gus: 28-24. baylor-oklahoma state. a big decision to make. forced with the fourth down and two.
11:55 pm
>> joel: there are two lines of thought here. jim grobe made a mistake. gave him a short field you have to make him pay with points. so you take the three or you want to make him pay with a touchdown and get the ball in the end zone. remember oklahoma state can still get a first down. use a hard count here and try to draw them offside. >> gus: mason rudolph. snaps childs. rennie childs did not get there. baylor holds. a great surge from the middle of the baylor defensive line. knocked childs backwards. k.j. smith in on the play. >> joel: you have to win at
11:56 pm
did that. one play for center for oklahoma state not able to win at the point of attack. that is where childs runs into it. runs in the back of his own player. stops his momentum. what a huge turn of events there as oklahoma state is unable to capitalize on a serious coaching error by baylor. >> gus: the bears take over jamycal hasty in the game at running back. the freshman. >> gus: hasty, tackled for a loss. nicely done. jordan burton and averette
11:57 pm
>> joel: he has played well from the linebacker spot. he arrived prior to the 2014 season. >> gus: gets to 19 yard line. >> joel: from the backfield. so easy after the run fake. wide open. >> gus: russell again the throw. >> joel: he comes in and he is in street clothes suffering from a strain of some sort. so some other wide receivers now getting some time. jones was wise -- wide open,
11:58 pm
>> gus: tre flowers, the injured cowboy. >> joel: if you said they would come to waco and only have 28 in the fourth quarter, i think they would take it. job for most of the night. save for a couple of big plays. >> gus: they are high on both of their backups safeties. derrick moncrief comes in. also kenneth edison-mcgruder. they like him. >> joel: moncrief is an auburn transfer. >> gus: second and ten. >> joel: got to change the defensive play call now.
11:59 pm
advantage of what you want to do. expect oklahoma state to back out of the blitz. >> gus: they do. russell. gets to the 21. four-yard gain will bring up third down and six. >> joel: russell has been a willing runner tonight. that is a question i had after the neck injury a year ago. he has been a willing not quite the same explosiveness from a year ago. >> gus: hand down safety outside. he goes to get the first down. >> joel: so critical particularly against baylor. sterns did an outstanding job to bring a quick and slippery running back jamycal hasty
12:00 am
>> gus: punt it away from the ten. barry sanders the deep man. the ball goes dead. inside the 25. nice punt by galitz. oklahoma state offense coming back on the field. can james washington come up with a big play?


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