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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  September 27, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> hi there thanks for joining us for box eight is at 7:00 o'clock am elizabeth no make up the00 search is on frame and betraying himself as a police officer who is accused of abducting and assaulting a nine -year-old girla fox eights at dave and others has been in the neighborhood where it happenedhb and where the rea their patrols. >> were outside the muslim police department in fact to this incident happening not far from a where we are right now police say the victim w is a nine -year-old girl walking home from masculine library when she was approached by a many and a black pickup truck to me and identified himself to her as a police officer until the goal told the girl should been reported missing by her parentsal that in the airy desiccant streak and cherry avenue a few blocks
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told police a he pulled her into the truck and drove her several blocks away a result of assaulted her and left her out of the truck e leaving her to walk home investigators say the biggest clue to identify this manve may be that this description of the truck it. >> she has been out of the truck with on the sideuc with possible something that says ohio at the back of the window patrol guys are out 24/7 there are looking for any vehicles that much that description and any other type of suspi they're stopping and talking to the people. >> obviously police anxious to find this manli they believe that someone out there can help identify this truck because of those unusual markingsh even if the markings had been removed if they should know that they were therefa thank you it next to my we are now learning this evening what caused the tragic death of a local high school football player over the weekend the cuyahoga medical
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euclid high school football andre jackson died from. tinnitused which was caused by blunt impact to his abdomen jackson was her doing euclid'sks game against us: last u friday night he was initially treated by the team 's medical staff at the stadiumrrll who was then brought to a hoosier medical centerwh friday's homecoming game that will be played as scheduled. >> rocky river police are investigating early shooting of a 27 -year-old woman by her own father police and paramedics were called a home on vine court early this morning after the brother of 27 -year-old to hiding and sell it reported that she had been shot twiceld while asleep in her bed he said the suspect was their own father h telling the dispatcher his dad is diabetic and didn't know what he was doingis he died this morning her father was initially arrested on a charge of felonious assault but is
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>> i don't know how you can do that to your own daughter or this is crazy i'm sorry about that the mac really shocking statement once again the 27 -year-old victim died earlier today her 62 -year-old father's space and charges that include murder he's been held on a bond of $1.5 millionh in ashtabula sheriffs deputy has beener fired a week after beinga indi charges including polonius assault james the truck he was firedck at tuesday shortly after appearing in court to face the chargesou he pleaded not guilty he is accused at thed septembero men who were in custodyf at the time part of the a incident was caught on police body camera one man suffered a concussion and a broken noseff and injuries to his side officials a tell us the other man required stitches to men required stitches his attorney says he's innocent.ed >> a gorgeous day outside
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melissa myers who will let us know aeo with this beautiful dy weather will stick aroundth. >> i surely wish actually wish i could stay yes but i cannot things are going to change but all good things come to an end but they also will return temperature aso degree size of the lake from the 70s i have given cuyahoga airport wins are beginning to relax a little biti a o to run five ?-dh 15o loss per hour gusts up to 70 to cuyahoga airport where at times today but he areas are receiving 30 ?-dash 35 mile-per-hour gustsuta 60s for the majority of the area a few areas and 70s ashtabulala than 264 degrees all is quiet when this clear conditions oregano has a rain showers out from yesterdaylc now these showers a half of their eyes on northeast ohio starting late morning tomorrow andnd continuing for several days after tonight starting must look you becominglt partly cloudy i think stillpa mostly clear across the southeastern counties tomorrow morning for most of us tomorrow morning
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running time and lunch hour from cleveland point to southt and west is so some showers notice to the east he may actually beh unscathed tomorrow but you will not be if wes head into wednesday named thursday the wall look at reed showers ofl rain fall tomorrow could be between ao quarter and happen and should generally not so much it to the east at all mean the west and a couple of areas could go above and beyond that near 52 night partly cloudy rea after midnight at this point a beautiful sunset occurring here over the next sve increasing quickly tomorrowse morning showers developing than an high temps only in the mid- 60s kind of a denseh fall day tomorrow we'll talk about your we can forecast the first week in october and will be beer festival coming up when learning new details abouthe the drunk driving arrest ofst defensive lineman evan bailey after sunday's gameva officers is not being the early monday morning and was boiled him and say they found marijuana in his truck police abb also failed of several field sobriety tests
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level of .2147 yearly twice the legal limit bailey told police he started drinking on the team plane coming back from miami sundayone fox eight news has learned its against a team and lead roles for players to drink alcohol on theon team plane and is subject to discipline. >> ready for another october to remember in aor year that didn't start so well the indians got hot in june at winning 14 straight gamesan seizing control of first place in their division and night the team held a wild celebration when they clinched the divisionam a pjs a clerk was in the middle of it all and it's just back from detroitk they walk into the indians clubhouse today and walked right back out and said i it
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>> now indians soccer is collected some bottle corks and it's also kept the starting lineup or the official lineup card from yesterday as a memento of the eighth central division title that the indians have captured and the first one sinceleindi another great story they stoodh outside is even getting doused with a champagne and beer he said outside the clubhouse doors cne watching the party but they quickly got him into the clubhouse to celebrate this truly was a team effort from the first guy on the roster until g the last guy indians starting pitcher cory gruber went from mrihe today and according to manager terry francona's stiff but not
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overcome so much this season and last night deserved the partyc that they do in detroit good to see that when well we all know how important ohio isll in the selection andnt once again it takes center stage in the presidential race this time ae man who spent eight years in the white house is trying to convince voters to give his wife the job in novembervi kevin freeman right now i can academy with more former president bill clinton just finished talking that remain actually taking the timelih to shake the hands of the academy students here at there was a crowd of about 400 people here to hear him speak there is a good shot of him are in front of us here ta as he has taken te time to speak to people and they ared each of one of the academy students who was here he stopping to shake hands take pictures so please and
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just speaking and interacting with people some of the things he said today of course you may be biased but says hillary clinton of course rs won the debate last night hands down he says he's here to urge people to register to vote today is national register to vote day and that's why he's herei some of the things that she proposes bringing back manufacturing jobs but also the energy of the future helping people with student loans and also he focused on mental healtht >> as well so once again that we are a life here i can academy on the side t former president bill clinton still speaking to people here something for his wife hillary and many of them who are probably made some of the seniors may o that's one of his messages here but former president clinton wrapping up
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>> thank you so much meanwhile the first presidential debate is in the gloves for candidates for in ankhi virtual dead heat in the polls heading into last night each candidate preaching what they have been preaching for monthsgh the trump is the cause of the storm law and order going after isis clinton says of voters is all about.comgg is giving any solid answers that clinton off easy they didn't ask him about the e-mails at all he didn't ask her about her scandalsth he didn't ask her about the benghazi deal that she destroyed he didn't ask her about a lot of things that she should've been asked about. >> i think this isaer his demeanor his temperament has behavior on the stage could be seen by everybody people can draw their own conclusion . >> according to a cnn orc poll
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the debate of course it's importantrs to point out that most of those polled consider themselves the democratst oppose had truck coming out it just depends if you ask a who you ask a still to come at 7:00 o'clock walmart forced to apologize it comes after a store refuse to make a cakewfo for police officers retirement party for his family says that the cost of the linene and making moves after negative news house how samsung's turn to reassure customers after a massive recalll happy life it right to have
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>> we look at that gorgeous sunset ending a beautiful day out there today lots of sunshine there he comfortable temperatures. comfortable temperatures but definitely youting to feel like fallor might even need a jacket if he
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more people have been charged in a legal protest all the people faced charges of obstructing traffic during demonstrations last night protesters have been demonstrating nightly since key that scott was shot and killed by officersrs at one week ago more than 80 people have an been arrested since it then share to the officials are warning that marching or demonstrating in the street streets without a permit is illegalt a fire captain is that in five people hurt after half explosion in new york city this morningn fire crews rp catholic in a two-story bronx residentss and appears to be a drug lab and called police and that's when there was an explosion and fire the nypd officers and one civilian browser taken tothi local hospitals with minor injuries a man rescued after spending a week addressed at sea a is back on dry land tonight 22 -year-old nathan carmen was taken to a hospital in boston todays a freighter picked him
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massachusetts on sunday he and his mother went fishing and a 31-foot aluminum boat and september 18 but it took on water and sinker carmen was able ton use an inflatable raft of his mother is presumed dead carmen is in good physical >> turning now to our weather with a gorgeous day outside today and even a gorgeous evening tonight with a beautiful sunset if you'reon going to head outside to let you mightd want to bring a sweater or jacket because of that fall feel is starting to come to usau it temperatures falling to the 60s for most of us it'll be a cool night not quite cold night not quite as cool as last nights it a but definitele cool notes out there whenbu you wakere up tomorrow morning definitely a beautiful evening there's no doubt as the simmeringin on the process of setting justice so pretty it's so nice at this time of year when you start to see beautiful fall foliageeecece suy drives we take a look around and about to sees how beautiful this leads to look 75 the high temp today 52 the lotus note
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temperature in the low rider on par where you should be 1946 we are whopping 88 degrees in sunset actually occurring a minute ago at 715 and a sunrise now is approximately around 720 temperatures upper 60s like front but metro ride it was riders most of us to the 70s across the boardde many of us are already in the middle o and upper 60s a southwest winds and finally beginning to settle down a little bit as we headed head to the evening and overnight hours it 57 milwaukee color upstream the south oftr 70 ones say in washington rolla 76 and we had some '80s out to the west kansas city and st. louis in the all though ofey course obviously it's all we have some showers exitingll northern new england southern england but we have the security of had the security of the pressure that will continuewe to make its way to
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for tonight starting up mostly clear as you just on a beautiful time lapse camera otherwise we're looking at a few showersis of meaning and by late morning and it mainly from cleveland to point south and west tomorrow prather is to be reside better chances of the rain holds off into s and on thursday all bets are off there will be a shower just about anytime spitting out again and enjoy anomalous locations in and by the and and by the time we go through thursdayutma and save about 48 hours from now many areas to these can have a half an inch to an engine some areas at that point could be approaching 2 inches of rain definitely possible to have heavier downpours amongst the light rain showers within the systemlea near 50 tonight mostly clear initially becoming
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60s a lot of clouds mean the apricots and if you're lucky but this clause will produce quitee produce quite a few raindrops from midday and thereafterqu f thursday and friy friday for football unfortunately in manyanan the punches from time to time high temps in the 60sch. >> saturday still a chief of achieve from the automatic showers in sunday>>y which hands of a few showers here and there not enough to say i don't want to go but you got a go at their fun festivities may be a shower brieflyas t maybe if we are lucky no-brainer membere milligan will circumvent the area completely otherwise it sunshiney beginning to middle part of next week. >> coming up tonight at 10:00 o'clock a scary scene for some a cleveland's own this is what happens when a drone and interrupted a bone .hugs-n-harmony concert >> attempt to run over to wall street really quick and check out how the market that today
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up 13 samsung is trying to focus on the good despite all the negative news about its galaxy note sevena 90e affected by the recall our second sticking with windows seven that is the new version that isrs an prone to catch fire according to samsung more than 60 percent of users in the us and south korea have been able to get a replacement but thaten means 40 percent are still walking arounds with a dangerous bone. >> we all know the saying there is a study to back that upw having a happy spouse may boost your physical health 's study found people with unhappy spouses had more physical ailments they also didn't exercises compared to those he had a happy partner researchers say four years it's been known that being being around happy peopleng can make one happy but apparently it also makes you healthierce hearing the details
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that washed up on shore and why one of its friends it now says he had a bad feeling before the crashfrfr and that ne try guy with a curb or donald trump cut out did no favors for a driver trying to take d
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one last look at that beautiful sunset it is gorgeous outside to my and a gorgeousus hopefully you're enjoying this evening may be of the opening of the windows bedding and some of the cool fresh fall airtf airing the details of a death of aet look but young pitcher jos? fernandez sunday afternoon a black bag was foundnab washed up on the short containing hernandez's checkbook and autographed baseball fernandez and two others itit died early sunday in april crash a friend says he had a bad feeling and even texted that to one of the
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>> i really tried everything i could have been him to convince convinced him to get off the boat as welle as sports team go somewhere else. >> the autopsies on fernandez and his two friends were completed monday officials won't release any official statement until the toxicology reports are andny. >> a georgia woman saying walmart crossed theay line it wouldn't refuse to make a cake for her dad's retirement partydn jordan harkins potter is a police officer in retirement after 2 y perkins went to walmart wanting a thin blue line kick to the party she's as employees in the bakery department refusedys. >> i finally spoke with a cake decorator and she saidid she looked out and at it and said why don't feel comfortablehe making mess and so i said okay well what if we just just the blue line up like a black cake with a blue stripe across itue and she still said that she didn't feel comfortable making
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her manager to see if they were allowed the manager of the store reached out to the officer's family and offered to make the cake but another store had already taken care ofar that walmart then donated some things for the retirement party w along with a gift card finally to make a driver in washington state learned that donald trump won't do hope you r t in the carpool lane to washington state patrol said someone try to use the hov lane of a state highway and auburn today with trumps ahead as the passenger but a state to protect fall for it in pulled over authorities say that driver faces a fine of at least $136 that does it for fox eight news at 7:00 o'clock be sure to join us again tonight at 10:00 o'clock until
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