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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  September 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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most of those have since faded. the temperature has been pretty much overcast conditions because of the rain because that's whee we are going to stay for the next day or two. obese and the obese and brighter spots that try to emerge froms the clouds and it looks like we're developing that tiny amount and will show that you coming up but it's still kind showery until tuesday morning. in the news now the fox eight i team has done uncovered new evidence of a man suspected of hitting and killing a statem trooper on i 90. >> been looking into the details
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to find why the driver was impaired after dose of methadone butf his attorney said no. he went to court today to start facing charges forto this. two weeks ago i 90 in cleveland cuyahoga county say they he was impaired by drugs. they attain new test he had a dose of methadone at 1234, is the trooper speeding at about 78 miles pera hour then failed sobriety testing at the scene. methadone commonly used general mathematics kick their habits. prosecutors say he had used methadone for eight years but defense attorney said the driver was not impaired and have gotten a quote therapeutic dose of methadone from a doctor. the attorney says it would have had no effect on driving. gaspar pled not guilty but to
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sent a set bond at $1 million. never doctor describing methadone who's taking it in bt he failed the severity test of this brings up the springs of the bigger question of methadone and its use legally. >> really bad looks like it will be thei heart of this case if it goes to trial. the prosecutors say it's a schedule to narcotics so was impaired by this or was there more. >> we know you're following it very closely for us. we don josh more gordon anymore. t that is from brown head coach hugh jackson after checked into rehab and here's the latest on this story. >> browns coach hugh jackson was very blunt with reporters this morning and maria and visit te for the team to move on. josh gordon released a statement late thursday that he was entering into a rehab facility so he could quote hope to gain
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at one game left in a four-gamef suspension this season before he was scheduled to return to play next week. coach jackson said earlier that hed was doing everything the tm and is coaches have asked them to do for butte now the coach tt it's timeth for the team to look forward to the rest of the season and after sunday's t game against the washington redskins thega after today today is realy the last josh gordon comment i want to make about that.. i think what's best for our football team is that we move forward and move on.n. he's not going to be with us. we wish him well but we are moving forward and we we're going to movere on. >> coach jackson were would not elaborate on whether oror not gordon had failed another drug test. we also reached out in the nfl and they had no comment as well. in his remarks coach jackson did not have gordon would be releasedachon but judging by the of his press conference this they say probably over.
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something if it's quite something is getting ready to happen but that's just pure speculation. >> exactly and at this point will tell you what a lot of the players that at five but a lot of them said they're all they alla for josh gordon going to rehab and getting his life back together. and and you put the score will be s honoring a football player who tragically died after suffering anhoo injury in week's game against solon. >> reporter: as you mentioned, this is homecoming and it will be a very special homecoming gameit here for euclid as they play strongsville high school tonight. the euclid high school community and perhaps communities from across northeast ohio will be here not just to mourn the death but also to celebrate the life of 17 -year-old andre jackson. you may recall he was injured
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friday night. his coach said that said he was hit during what seemed like a routine this week the cuyahoga county medical examiner ruled he died from a ruptured bowel.l. tonight euclid high school will pay tribute to him was a moment of silence before the game.c it will also release balloons into the heavens in his memory. school officials say the outpouring of prayers and support to the school and also to andre's family have been they've also learned tonight that all of the team members will wear a patch on the uniforms with aj on it, and also where eight number 24 on their helmets. he was number 48 but he was he was originally number 24 but a senior had already taken number 48 the said 24 times two to 48 and keep he picked that number instead. theread will be wearing 24 and their helmets and there will be a 24 onil the 32-yard line of te
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that was the yard line without injury happened over with that injury happened over and solon.i also, we can tell you memorial services for andre will be next saturday. they will be a viewing friday and his you will be on saturday and all of that information can be found at that game is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. and had that balloon release with and a moment of and a moment of silence right before. an ohio man with a violent past appears in court tod charged with kidnapping and rape of the nine a nine -year-old girl.l. bond was set at $2 million they believe he lured the girl on monday by telling her she was a police officer. she haddae been reported missin. hemi was also convicted in wyomg of of convicted of the charges here he faces the possibility of life without parole. women are hearing happens next
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if you smash and grab thefts from convenience stores. >> with dozens of local schools convenience stores and oldho criminals lawmakers are taking action. >> it is usually the same memo here. a dodge caravan smashing through the front of a conveniencehdg se to steal the atm and cash inside. now proposed new red legislation to make getting thatw atm hard. the them with a ratingh of all of food mart in cleveland heights and shattered glass is the weapon of choice overnight. >> is a lot of damage. it's a loss of business for three or four days. >> there is still cleaning up on cleveland's west side. this surveillance video shows the moment the van backed into the storeth sending food flyingn thursday. the suspects were caught on
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the atm was stuck under the van. some take prevention into their own hands. this is eastside rite aid combating criminals with new cementnt pillars outside the ste and now ohio lawmakers are stepping in. >> which is fortunate that there hasn't been in a a child in there to buy it cap a pack of gun gum who then gets killed. they requiring that atm machines be secured to the floor in place against a concrete wall. >>wa this is something we have o address and were going to try to address itit quickly. >> he says it's the first step to combat this crime with different penalties possible. honorable vic didn't say it can't come soon and soon enough he can we need help. we have to look at the big picture.e.
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an arrest in the overnight smash and grab there. if these crimes involve the weaponvo they would face more serious penalties that some argue the vehicle of is a dangerous weapon in itself.e hatton says he hopes to fast-track this bill for passage by as soon as the end of this year. >> clearly something must be done because owners can only do so much of to protect themselves seeking the meanwhile the historic fossett stadium at the pro football hall of fame built in the 19 thirties maybe gone to make way for new stadium but it's not too late to own a piece of history.ew's hood meadows joins us live from the foxy studio at the university of akron. >> we all know boxing stadium this always been a high school
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also posted some of the biggest namesbi in professional football as well and over the past year, or as many of us no construction crews have been gradually erasing erasing the old historis structure to build a very nice new stadium on the property but before they were ableiu to erase everything jay arnoldi was given permission to go in and salvage what heji could do able to grab over a hundred feet along for sale to benefit the school's athletic programs. >> we have some of our season ticketme holders who grew up as children come into the game with parents. they have had the same seats for 50 yearsav so for them to be abe to get a little piece of the stadium as a memento and keepsake they are thrilled to. >>k to be able to go in and test those seats out and savet some brackets of these guys who
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feed and tell their kids about how they won a game against available want to game against the familyhw bulldogs. >> it's probably a lot of stories like that. the seats in the bracket up for sale at mckinley heinz high school ticket office and also in canton. i have to say that they have been selling them and are not a lot of them left. >> it would be great for a man cave in the stories to tell. i would optimistic that they're going to go fast? >> day out of them at mckinley's ticket office today. they're going to get get some on monday but again, more monday but again, they are going fast. still ahead, we are still talking football. >> but we're actually f hitting the field. stay tuned for by the fighting a touchdown would with peter zigler p.j. weber. >>fotwn and woollybear festivals coming up this weekend. the man behind it all has a
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planning to honoring a hometown legend who rose to nba pain. find out what brought charles
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there it is.e >> it can't we cannot can back from ourur trip today right from the weather and welcome back we got a lot of rain.ri these two have been debating for the last couple of minutes because dave sometimes confusing amateur meteorologist. >> want to be. they these come through here and go left to right when we watch the radar but this one of kind of going rightf to left and you don't normally see that around here or am i crzy >> itself it is stationary. if you it is in kentucky but because of the floor around it, is acting like a conveyor belt on the air from the southeast, and that is where the shower its shower rotating from southeast: southeast tota northwest. >> this kind of fitting right above us. >> we will be at the whim of the atmosphere goingf through the weekend. >> nothing we can do about u it. >> it is a meteorological roulette wheel. then the roulette wheel and in the roulette wheel and see whatr
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but right now cleveland is just overcast and noticed the tarmac is dry.. there has not been very much rain but the minute you push stop on i 77 to akron canton look at this. that camera is filled with rain. the roads are wet and they are getting quite a bitan because they're in one of those littlese band and here is what i'm talking about.nd this storm is actually stationary rightow it is been there for about 36 hours. it is going to very slowly start to meander back to the northwest over the course of the next day and a half to two days but look out the flow. the low-level flows out of thefl southeast through all of the showers are coming in that direction from thei southeast ad working to the northwest. it is kind of an unusual scenario in that regard. current temperature 63 just
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59 a little rain cool they are corvair and akron canton and arraigned core corvair inthan mansfield. youngstown is 61. worked than a little drier in the few i do mean a few peaks of son the temperature has pushed up to 67 at erie pennsylvania. so for tonight mostly cloudy, periodic showers and again it all depends on where your backyardt is and where those showers are on the doppler weather radar.s the bottom of the hour. 58 degrees the overnight low temperature.e. here is where the weather gets interesting. i think we will get into a little quiet break tomorrow morning so don't get sucked into believing this is going to be the end of the system. this'll be this will be a brief
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time we're going to get it out of the northwest to southeast to keep the probabilities some what high going into woollybear festival sunday at least saturday we will drop it to 50. that is an average on sunday. i think 60 in the morning 40 in the o 6 afternoon which is goinn the right direction.hi i'm going to bring my poncho i think just in case on sunday. they're still hanging onto a few morning showers monday before we dry out tuesday wednesday so this indeed has been the 900-pound gorilla that has talked itself at the table and is just making itself right at home here. >> bring the poncho just in case and we'reg going to follow your lead y just in case. >> the j festival will go on. >> without a doubt. it has snowed before. it wants won't snow this year. >> it better not.
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might jinx the woollybear festival is coming up sunday, and tonight we have a message from our very own dickon goddard. >> he spoke to luke magglio about his m health and his hope that this woollybeare will be among the best ever.w >> more than 40 years of family fun. it there is nothing like it, no festival anywhere in the country that can match the woollybear. dick goddard is a hard handful and he has been there since day oneal but an might keep them on the sidelines thiswe year. >> i slipped and fell, and i hit the left side of my body and i a new at that point that my left hip was broken.a >> dick is attacking his rehab from hip replacement with bigger peek at the pain level hits eight at times but l then when m stationary for a length of time, it drops to a pain level of about two.
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was 20 years ago when his mom and lady friend julie died in the very same week. a bunch of us will try to fill his shoes this year. tracy mccool and i will handle the i parade a fox eight favorites will be part of every other event also. >> they will do a great job no doubt about it. i get my best to tracy give my best to tracy and everybody the festival will go on no matter what. the big lunch dick wants to make sure everyone has fun. that will happen and you can >> it's free. it's fun. be there. >> it is wonderful to see dick doing s so well. he wants this to go one on and it absolutely will. there will be a giant get well card at the festival this weekend for you to find predictedeor it will be at the p at the autograph booth behind the main staged and we hope to see sunday at the 44th louisville's beer festival in downtown of million from the big parade to thein costume it is fn
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find a full schedule of events. coming up still hear it here at 4:00 o'clock and you look at edgewater. >> we are getting a look at a newtt beach project is just getting off the ground. we're getting ready for another fight finite touchdown
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welcome back. it is the last friday of september september the sixth week in high school fem football >> friday night touchdown is ready to bring you all the fox eight sports reporter page is pages in your life chagrin falls with the game tonight between kinston and chardon.t >> a little different first five weeks of the regular season. it is hard to imagine any of these weeks in friday night touchdown but it is the first official home game for the bombers. they played their first game at soul in their next 31 the road and they returned tonight for their home opener but with good reasonon because they will home open their brand-new refurbished stadium and that new refurbished stadium includes these the brand-new state-of-the-art bleachers on the home side and
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these home side bleachers will seat about 4,000er people. if we pan to the left here you will see the brand-new track that is just off the football field the surface itself on the football field is still the same. brand-new bleachers on the visitor side plus the new writing a c at the stake and they can actually control the ground grounds crew can control with their cell phones. in addition, they also havev brand-new bathroom facil comes concession stands of this is truly the first home game of the season for the bombers. they're one and four and they are one in four and have aom hue western reserve conference game against six ray schroeder who comes in undefeated at five and no and we will see how this one shakes outis here the brand-new renovated stadium. kickoff tonight at 7:00 o'clock. highlights in this game and all the other games across northeast
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touchdown on the dignitaries here friday night touchdown is
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three new movies hit theaters this weekend. >> here's a look at what is noww showing. the film is critical of et. birds byrd says it isn't the focus. the start of the start the indie
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whirlwind of hard partying law vending and young love.rt with a band of misfits of misfits including shine china above. >> should really take the kids to see this one? timbre of tim burton's on the best-selling book about a youngpr man to meet who meets a house full of kids with unique abilities of ms. peregrine's home for you and your children is rated pg-13. y next line ahead, musique of rules rolling out. she was see what the cdc is recommended to keep you and your familydc safe from the mosquito borne virus. police officers accused of
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appears in court. find out how she decided to pre-
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you know that umbrella you got for your birthday?th is going to need it tonight and tomorrow. >> but will the rain affect us for friday night touchdown?c 's entr?e with a closer look. >> 50 percent of the viewing area seeing raindrops falling. i think we can deal with this
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noticed that we have three distinct bands. the first one the first and third one really not an impact. that's the one that's good enough quite a bit of rain for from eastheh liverpool now beginning to move into the greater cleveland area.b that is what i mentioned that if it's beenh staying out of cleveland for the last eight hours that now that band's shifting is shifting north and temperatures are holding steady with the cloud cover and with thehe shower pretty much in the the chance of showers depends on where that band and drop. others will be rained upon tonight keep an eye on our radar app and youon can always go to e app store and download it and keep itit handy.
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pretty bertie jill thomas gallagher has beenet an employee of the transit system for 29 gallagher has been released from his local hospital. investigate is investigators are searching foror answers into why he did not slow down before crashing into the terminal. the crash killed one woman anding in the platform injured more than 100 others. >> on our first full day of their scene is safe enough so we can access the other three passenger cars. they're hoping to interview the engineer later on today. >> the hoboken station is still closed but the path commuter train to manhattan on the other side of the station is back up and running. a a tulsa police officer charged with murder has just entered a plea in court. here's tracing the goal with thish just in. >> off the bed he shall be did
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but one of herbet attorneys ando did not guilty plea on her behalf. shelby is accused of shooting and killing 40 -year-old terrance truck culture on september 14th after she encountered his suv in the middle of a two-lane roadway still running.uv shelby's attorney says that crutcher ignored more than two dozen commands and that he allegedly reached into the driver side window before she shot him. the tulsa police department released video last week show crutcher with his hands in the air before he was shot. was not armed and died at the hospital later.t the tulsa police department has not fired shelby. a place they are placed on unpaid leave. if she found guilty she faces a up for aeaea four-year prison sentence. leaders from around the world came together to mourn
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the former israeli president and prime minister will be laid to rest in israel's national cemetery.lao perez died wednesday at the age of 93, two weeks after suffering a stroke.e. his best-known for negotiating a 1993 interim peace deal between israelis and people. >> you know better than the cynic if you look out over the arc ofu history, human beings should be filled not with fear but with hope. >> he became its best teacher and ended up its biggest dreamer.en >> it is perhaps fitting that his funeral prompted a rare moment of unity between israeli and palestinian leaders. palestinian authority mahmoud abbas was seen shaking hands with benjamin netanyahu while they are.
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updating its of zika advice. men who traveled with zika active area should wait six months to have unprotected sex while women are advised if all eight weeks. case in cases have shown the viruses can hang out in the a man's semen from the six months even without symptoms. zika can lead to severe brain related birth defects if women are infected during pregnancy. with my new improved edgewater beach. he can expect to have the work ready by nexte summer. from the look of it >> cleveland's edgewater beach will have a whole new look by may 2017. old concession is no more having just beenmo demolished a few das
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waiting for visitors who long ago drew accustomed to the backend of the cinderblockw pavilion. >> we work very hard at creating low and drop off points and focalr points. >> cleveland metropark ceo brian zimmerman says great care was taken in developingbr space that would serve greater cleveland is for the next 100 years. take a look at what the brand-new two-story bhs will look like as it sits south side of the sand. notice the open-air pavilion on top connecting connect into a bridge under the sureec way that leads to a west 76 west 76 street pedestrian tunnel and the neighborhood beyond. >> as we. turn into our 100 yeas celebration we are really looking at taking our number of 12 to 15 minutes down under 10 minutes of people can have access0 to recreation. >> would you see flowing from the picnic area above is part of
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there are also plans for improved parking. no question that is a well thought well-thought-out project but wait until you hear about the plan for the sunset. >> we're reallyth working to get the best views to used to lake erie to see some of the most amazing sunsets. >> they will have access to a a really great food. it will be grab and go fair like burgers high quality and by the way there will be second floor of the beach house for people can enjoy cool evenings while watching the sunset. they keep outgoing themselves. apparently the way they are situated the house is deliberate sohe that it can take advantagef the sun as it sets and it sounds very exciting. charles oakley now has his very own street here during
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was renamed charles a oakley way today. he graduated from the school in the power forward went on to play for several teams including the chicago bulls and new york knicks. he is widely considered one of the best rebounder rebounders to ever play in the league. he told us to do his honor today's honor was very special forors him. coming back up to 30 after 35 years to people love you people care for you give kids hope. >> well said hope. he was great greeted to? >> phenomenal. he looks fantastic. he was ready to suit back up again. there was a pep rally held at john hayes high school. coming up at 4:00 o'clock the champs are back on the court.t >> we will hear from some will
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they are ready to start working toward victory again. is she in or is and she in or is she out? the nfl finally making the a decision about a lady gaga supr bowl halftime show. >> we're out of out here in kind bud .-dot font yard and of a dark front yard and it'sk rainig it's not everywhere. that's the good news. it's not really super nice anywhere until that monster lo gets out of here.
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what it may take you about one to 30 minutes last night to get home, similar conditions it took meco about an hour last nit so i'm expecting another hour tonight.
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raining out there and rain is going to continueue as the weekd moves on.o >> practice your patience. >> may think if he's carrying the umbrella i might carry it as well.s >> junot in one of these bn you might be okay but the bands are shifting so go prepared just in case. go for in our front yard. and what's happening here at middlefield this is geaugaha county beginning to arrive here like it ish here and this is really the first good dose of rain here at foxy that we have had in about nine or 10 hours because the first nine or 10 hours since0 daybreak has been
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pseudo- stationery to that theory area of low pressure is now in kentucky for the last 24 to 36 hours. it will finally be on the move but it will continue to be in our sphere of influence for little while. there's a band of rain which has beenen affected affecting akron canton for the last three or four hours and is now beginning to look northward into and it may move into lake and geauga county, perhaps even southern ashtabula county in the next hour or two. notice it is now driving at dry and canton. very generous portion of rain except a few places. except mansfield.
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you can see where are staying in that sphere staying in that sphere of influence.h i'll show you the graph here in a second. periodicgr showers keep your cap handy if cap 58 the overnight lows 69 smile. you can see chance of precipitation tonight. but as of low pressure system moves t out this time from the northwest starting at 60 percent but going into saturday s afternoon still 20 percent from monday for monday monday morning and monday 2 noon then finally y and it will be a painfully so slow process of drying so we
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atmosphere and the giant roulette wheel for sunday. i'm cautious and optimistic we will get a lot of raindrops in but there will be some raindrops around so keep that in mind. but going to have a great time sunday rain or shine. he given the second year in a row the cavs are still going through s camp without a big pie of the puzzle. lebron james had some strong word on this dilemma.a. >> lots of people point toward the blocked the shot in the stop three big plays in game seven of the final. jr smithal to three pointers and they gave the cavaliers and mojo
4:49 pm
today they are full of camp for camp for the cavaliers. jr smith and as you usual mister james wade weighed in. shares the same agent as jr but while it appears the big market for jr did not develop this off-season and doesn't diminishes diminish his value to the team so here is lebron complete with a few >> i hate coming into another season two years in a row one of my big guns isn't here.e so for a leader of the leader of the team you know me personally i i'd is paid to do it again. negotiations is always two-sided but jr did his part. he showed up every day became a two-way player model citizen in cleveland fan favorite obviously
4:50 pm
you know we just missed miss him. he did the indians love jr smith and it would be in the cavaliers best interest of jr is not intending attending too many baseball fans in the playoffs in the near future.en cavaliers hold their wine wine and gold scrimmage sunday at the queue.hne died last year that was kristin thompson and he missed the a whole chunk ofof camp. >> clearly lebron is not and shared that. this all comes down to money right?arth >> as i mentioned earlier market just was not as gangbusters for jr as it was for other guards of the similar abilities and also guys guides with even less time in the league. he brought the thinking jr cams if nothing else they want to see market bigger from him in order
4:51 pm
case ofoo how many years he can get guaranteed maybe that's the dance of life the cavs are drawing the line in the sand. >> see how it shakes out. little monsters rejoice after months of>> rumors we now that know that lady gaga is headed to the super bowl stage.a >> which we did the news last night along withth the dirt the rumors are true this is the second year the super bowl goes to lady gaga while beyonc? coldplay and bruno mars headlines this year's super bowl 51 is set for february 5th right here on fox eight. >> that will be great. >> she's so good. d still had another for clok of enough or clock of royal gardenhe party. >> their blooms thereupon there are bloom zero ponies and games plus a big moment for princess charlotte that was caught on camera inc canada.
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a sweet way to kick off the weekend. >> garden party with the well family family prince george and princess charlotte and the duke and duchess of cambridge attended an event in canada which featured a petting zoo and the puppet puppet show princess charlotte enjoyed the balloons and even uttered her firstriar d in public.
4:55 pm
pop. in theory even enjoyed to the animals getting a chance to ride one of the royal ponies. >> she said pony in the water 48 ponies i'm 48 ponies i'm sure. you get48 everything. >> i don't think so. i think they would keep them well grounded, those t two. >> they are royal figure that is going to do it for boxing is at 4:00 p.m. >> were going to check a it outt the a few with coming up at 5:0. >> happy friday event. coming on. find out what you get to do to the guy known as the most hated man in america.ow and the cleveland skyline is no more. coming up next hour's see the new core design for your world
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pressure. the latest one is exiting and pushing away from cleveland. here it is and move in a way out of away out of akron canton so chester morris county wayne county wayne free but you can still see it raining on the a draining on the west side of cleveland to the coast line or the shoreline of lorain county. that will be moving out in the next hour or two. for some of the games but virtually every place has seen something during the day today. mansfield.02. that is really not a lot so extreme conditions of our viewing area of the southwest of our viewing area may be in a different area site.


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