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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  September 30, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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we begin with a live look from an empty east fourth. the rain seems to have chased everyone away. we still see some people out there braving the weather but will it be a washout for the whole weekend? is go to andre for a look at the full forecast. >> only periodically. but the moms are happy. they got a drink between four and 630 but as i look to the west there are breaks in west there are breaks in thear clouds and we might actually sneak out a little bit of sun. it is not going to be a widespread sonny peek that you can see through those breaks just off to the right-hand right hand sidede there of the cleveld
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because radar is still showing us a watch but there appears to be a large rain free. now which is lifting north. it's still raining a little bit in lake county and perhaps right around geneva on thend lake but much of the area may go rain free for the next couple of hours of friday night high school football games.ay but the field is pretty soggy after i do wear from anywhere from on to one and a half inches of rain in the last 24 hours. the only exception is mansfield which picked up only to 21 hundredths of an inch and that is pretty much it.nd current temperatures right now are in the sixties low sixtiest so grab a jacket on the way out because it will be kind of cool and rawi but in the next couple
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coming out of the clouds for the moment. that is not the trend overall but we will take a look at the forecast coming up. it will be an emotional homecoming game tonight and in euclid is a school honor to football player who tragically died after an injury at last week's game.bad >> this team is getting a lot of support from the community and will be playing with emotional you can see there just minutes away from kickoff of thiss game with his high school community will not just be mourning the death but celebrating the life of 17 -year-old andre jackson.e the team painted number 24 the 32-yard line of the field here. the stadium. twenty-four stadium. twenty-four with his original numberdi but a senior already hd us a few it so he wore number 48.e the 32-yard line is where he was injured. he was injured during a game against full and last friday sole and last friday night. the coach says he was hit during
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the medical examiner ruled he died from a ruptured bowel after being struck in the abdomen. tonight the high school pay tribute to him with a moment of silence before the game and they willl release balloons to the heavens in his memory. >> they help me more than i maybe help them just being together and talking talk about dray.y. just the hardest thing is knowing he's not going to be in the locker room with usngwi tont he did the coach says this team has been receiving support from all over the nation, and especially right here in northeast ohio.o. this is a title given to them by chardon high school. the coach says he even received a call from usc coach urban meyer. he meanwhile several students with disabilities in the hospitalti tonight after school bus crash in worcester. most of the injuries are minor.
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staff membersnd from the wayne county board of developmental disabilities were injured. the bus was on its way back from a field trip on dover road when the driver of a semi- failed to stop at a stop sign on the 250 exit ramp. no word on if that driver willll be cited. a warning some of you may find the video a video no next story disturbing. ist will rain make man filed a federal lawsuit against the lorainra police department alleging lorraine police department alleging police brutality.m police maintain newly released ?-dash cam video does not tell the whole story of what happened.o for mac september 2014 the lorraine police by detectives responding to a complaint about drug being sold in the neighborhood encounter 30 -year-old peleod smith, a man wh drugsit and weapons violations. detectives reported when they attempted to arrest him he tried to destroy evidence by putting it that putting it in his mouth. once smith is taken under arrest
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under departmental policy the officer must search him again but as they approached theus vehicle, the officers officer suddenly grabbed smith and slams him on the car smashing the windshield.d. smith was treated for cuts and later released.a the incident does is now the subject of a federal lawsuit alleging excessive force by the lorraine policel office. >> watching the video anyone watching the video content is i was unable to see anything in smithis was resisting arrest, attempting to w fight with him, attempting to flee. i see the same thing everyone else does. if a young blackme man being raised up off the ground with his hands handcuffed behind him and being slammed on her windshield with sufficient force to shatter thatw windshield. >> lorraine police said there is mores to that story than meets the eye. they this pelet smith is a suspected drug dealers and that
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intended to place that on the hood of theto car did not intend to slam him on the windshield. the officer wasnd cleared of any wrongdoing in a statement that reads in partny quote the video does not tell the complete story. although it is not easy to watch, police officers find alld of their actions and the in the police reports.f during the arrest and mister smith's active resistance to wad placed on the hood of the police unitla to gain access and condut a search. he he he had had his hands like i can understand you upset. >> with the attorney representing smith in the federal lawsuit says the jury may have a different view of how police treateda smith. >> certainly should not be in the care custody or control of the police while handcuffed and sustain this type of treatment
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>> investigator said the drug activity thath day was happening near an elementary schoold in ad in 2015 he pled guilty to chargesl of resisting arrest, tampering with evidence and obstructing official business. state lawmakers are stepping in to try to stop the rash of atms atm smashes in northeast ohio. overnight to more convenient stores were targeted, one in cleveland heights and another on cleveland's west side. the newd law would require atm be secured to the floor and placed against a concrete wall.o it would also limit the cash inside. sponsor senator tom patton says it is also combat the crime. he can will just very fortunate that there has not been a child going in there to buy a pack of bubblegum and get killed. inevitably it's going to happen. then says he hopes to fast-track thisac bill for passage possibly by the end of the year. he says that lawmakers also going to look at harsher
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to break v into businesses. josh gordon brown's comeback appears to come to an end.n today had coach hugh jackson says they wished the team wishes him well but they did depose that chapter and move on. this effort worth it were afterword that word in andor is checking into an inpatient drug rehab facility. he was scheduled to rejoin the team next weeki after suspension for failing a drug test in its last friday in september but the six week of the high school football season. across northeast ohio, and fighting i touched on is ready to bring you all of the action.d pj ziglar has more. in hi everybody the bomber stadium where the bombers are getting ready to take on chardon tonight maybe week six of the season today is the official home opener for kinston. they play the first game of the seasonh at: that was a home gam. they play their next three on
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official home opener. then damned elvis newly refurbishedel stadium which includes a new stadium in a newd track and a new scoreboard. the players are finally excited to be back home in their new stadium.e he could for the first did for the first five weeks we've beenf away it will have home stands home stadiums crowd and a chance to shine in the light tonight number five team come at our house and were going to step up and hopefully get a w. >> we will have highlights in this game and all the other bigw games on this week six edition of friday night touchdowns. joindo us at 11:00 o'clock following fox eight news at 10 fox eight news at 10:00 p.m.o'ow week six of friday night touchdowns kicks off tonight at 11:00 p.m. new line highlights
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friday night touchdowns tonight fighting a touchdown tonight at 11:00 p.m. d what caused the death deadly train crash in one of new york area's busiest train stations n but the latest on te search for answers. plus it was considered a cold case. it has been 14 years since these may made off with two famous painting.g. now police say they have a break in the case and checking in on dick goddard. dick calls and with an update on his recovery and a special message forr everyone heading to the woollyber
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welcome back. taking a live look outside right now. a little gloomy but the rain has stopped at least for now. hopefully for some of those friday night football games out there you can stayay dry
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lots of washing to do for those players families.hi the search continues for answersch and in the deadly new jersey plane crash. officials say the train at crescent of the hoboken to terminal was traveling at high rate of speed. w >> is killed one woman waiting on the platform and injured more than a hundred others. states needs to invest in federally mandated control systems to prevent this kind of accident from happening again.s he. >> the ntsb said yes it was partially because of the engineer but it was also because it was about time out the positive control system so i think it is importantou that at this point we can't say whether a positive control system would've made a difference but it is possible that wouldif hav,
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happens with that system as well >> the train engineer was injured in the crash but has since been released from hospital, and we are told is cooperating with investigators. 14 years ago two paintings by vincent van gogh have been found more than a decade after they were stolen. d the paintings were found in and they were taken from a place in amsterdam and never found in the basement of a rich and powerful drug broker. police in the works of art are the works of art uncoveredn during an investigation of the mafia in italy. new york city's iconic carnegie gallery is closing at the end of the year. popular manhattan eatery world famous for its massive pastrami sandwiches. the owners plan to license the name until the end so the products in stores. they wille also license carnegie deli restaurants and other cities.c 44th woollybear festival is coming up this sunday and tonight we have a message from dick goddard. to lou magglio about
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the best ever. format more than 40 years of family fun. there is nothing like it. i no festival anywhere in the country that can match the woollybear.r.e dick goddard is the heart and soul. he is been there since day one. an accident last week might keep them on him on the sidelines thistmi year. >> has slipped and fell, and i hit the left side of my body and i knew at that point that my left hip was >> dick is attacking his rehab from hip replacement with a bigger. if you get a pain level at times, but then when i'm stationary for a length of time, it drops to a pain level of about two to give the get a last woollybear dick missed was 20 years ago when his mom and ladyy friend julie died in the very same week. a bunch of us will try to fill hiso shoes this year. tracy mccool and i will handle
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will be part of every other event as well. >> you would will do a great job no doubt about that.wo everybody there. >> mister gee festival will go on the matter what. dick wants to make sure everyone has fun.w that will happen dick. you can count on it. >> it is free and it is fun so be there. >> dick goddard wants nothing more than to be therere sunday, but even if he can't make it you'll be able to wish him well we will have a big get well card for dick at the woollybear festival so make sure you come and. also there may be some spotty showers on sunday but hopefully they will stay away for thehe woollybear and we will need to break out our umbrellas oror anything he gambled and ono the woollybear as i can find for goodd luck because we still had that system kind of hanging around. until a totally departs, which
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monday ore tuesday, there will always be the nagging chance that showers go by that look, i don't have a an umbrella right now and that is a good thing. let's hope we can do exactly that when we come to sunday afternoon of vermillion. in the meantime let me show you webcam time lapse because that shows the wave of rain that will be between four in 6:30 p.m. behind that rain look what happened here. we have some breaks in the clouds even worse unplowed popped through a little bit it gave us some encouragement.un there is the good news in all of this. we had essentially a little dry pocket they drive pocket they are off to the south and with that drive pocket it would appear as though they're going to be plenty of high school footbally' games that are able play without any rain falling from the clouds.w
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at least they won't be too terribly active in the next couple of hours. right now current temperature 62 cleveland after a high today august 64. really not much different than current. look at the last 24 hours. it is a flat lying and that is to be expected with the cloud cover southeast wind and periodic rain showers anywhere from half an inch to an inch and a half of rain in mosth places look at the high and the low veryo little temperature fluctuation. we would anticipate that but notice the low-pressure does move.. notice that we are in wherein the drive pocket for a lot of small morning some scattered showers could pop up in the heat of the daytt but i think until e get to saturday night and sunday we might see a little quiet.
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we will change it from periodic showers to a stray shower tonight with mostly cloudy skies and 58.t i think we all need to be patient for the game. morning sonny breaks and then showers and storms redeveloping redevelop and especially going into m saturday and saturday nit and sunday morning low-pressure moves away.y. instead of showers coming out of us on from the southeast like they have been for the last two be getting yanked around back out of the northwest during its exit.ti but notice the trend, the woollybear trends 60 to 40 percent sunday afternoon 20 percent by monday morning, and finally dry when we get to tuesday. so this has been a stubborn low-pressure system as they often are this time of year.. you can get these meanderings butea they actually all move out
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the bidding is back on. notorious pharmaceutical ceo shkreli offering the opportunity to raise money for his friends -year-old child who is battling cancer. shkreli says not only will he take a punch of the face that he will match the winning dollar ffount. honoring the abilities of the massive tribute. check out this really bigsi papi ortiz famous pose of looking to the sky has a mode in the centerfield h graph the image wl remain there for the final print three games this weekend and change for the season.
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elementary school but that hasn't stopped one child from getting a scholarship for college. coming up, how the internet
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welcome back. a sweet way to kick off the weekend. a garden party with o o the royl family. prince george princess charlotte and their parents attended h petting zoo in and a puppet show.ned one -year-old princess charlotte enjoyed the balloons and even out of her first words in public.of when she won the two saw the balloon she said pop. prince harry got a chance to ride one of the ponies.e the royal visit to canada and this weekend. she's not even close to her freshman year of high school but girl is ourar-old even admitted to college and give given a $10,000 scholarship.
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award from university of north texas at aro school assembly. assembly. she caught the university's eye after she forced her mom to record a video for her for online.nd posted it >> i will pay attention and i will do my best and i will study hard fore everything. he give university says this is the first time they have admitted someone so early, but they did it because school officials were so touched by the video. method for fox ate me 7:00 o'clock. the be sure to join us at 7:00 o'clock and at 10 and a 10 and and still until then stay
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the interface is pretty simple. you put your horizontal "x" coordinate here, vertical "y" coordinate here. when you're happy with those, you press this button. got it. leonard, you'll never guess who i just found online-- hey! nice shot. eh, his giant head did most of the work. very mature. you're lucky i'm out of silly string. as i was saying, leonard, you'll never guess who i just found online: professor proton. (chuckles): you're kidding. he's still alive? yes! who's professor proton? he was the host of this great-- hey! yes! sorry, tell me about professor proton. professor proton hosted my favorite science show when i was a child. i never missed an episode.


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