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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  October 1, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>> and emotional homecoming for in local high school as they are a football player who died last friday despite the pain the team took the field it to remember his spirit and support his family kevin freeman is live at euclid high school where had to have been a very emotional night. >> this certainly was as you can see the game just ended the euclid high school community said they received the support from all over the country especially from other high schools) northeast ohio tonight they mourn the loss of 17 -year-old andre jackson but also remember the memories that he left for them. >> the euclid high school football team takes the field friday night with an extra
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>> with his father leading the charge of the panthers remembers solitude -year-old andre jackson. >> emotional it's friday night was his favorite night of the week he lived for friday night's. >> after taking a few moments to reflect the people in the standard released balloons into the heaven teams played with inspiration from andre i wanted to push the game back when they demanded the play on friday night they just wanted to play for dry tonight spoken form and place for drinks. >> andre died sunday. >> the medical examiner says andre died from a ruptured bowel after he was struck in the abdomen all that he wore number 48 last week's original
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jersey his father proudly held he was honored on the field on helmets and on uniform. >> of the hardest thing is knowing he won't be in that locker room with us tonight. >> andre's coaches that he will forever be a 12th man on the field of. >> i'm going to miss him coming in at night from the games at telling me doubt who one who did what we love these guys out on the steam. >> and am finding out now that euclid did win the game tonight there are m is a family his friends and teammates his funeral will be held next saturday with a viewing held the night before that for more information on his funeral plans you can go to on to our website >> what a beautiful tribute for andre tonight kevin thank you several students with disabilities remain in the hospital tonight after a school bus crash almost or fax eight melissa reid joins us with the latest on the
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truck today. >> thankfully the injuries it to everyone appear to be minor but a total of six students and the force staff were taken to the hospital today after their school bus was t-bones by a semi on their way home from the field trip i was nightmare is to get a phone call that there's an accident with injuries. >> he got the call of the school bus crash in worcester around 1130 friday morning >> earliest indications it was a bolt with a semi truck there were 10 people on board the bus for staff and six students the students ages of 16 ?-dash 18 years old attended the ida sue school and returning home from a field trip to the wayne center for the arts the bus was traveling south east on dover road when a semi came down the 250 exit ramp failed to stop at the stop sign and
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passengers and the bus driver were rushed to wooster community hospital disabled children communication issues physical issues and we were able to be there with the kids and staff at the worcester community hospital was fully prepared were 10 people coming and all at one time they were aware rhyming and treatment is phenomenal. >> actually said most of the injuries were minor however a student and a staff member were later taken to highway patrol is investigating the crash they been displaced and that one thing about school buses is that they're built like tanks the nearest of thing on the road you'll find next to a temp table for safety it really ticks about the way for me to think that possibly could've happened that. >> ashley says of those taken to the hospital in worcester are expected to be treated and released by this evening those taken to the hospital in akron
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tomorrow hopefully they'll be okay they're scary situation. >> and avenues it lacks a i team has a video that sport fishers department internal investigation it involves a man of the shares uniform in a dispute between neighbors until it has that story. >> i'm just asking you as a member of the shares department's cell phone camera rolling a man dressed as a cuyahoga county sheriff's the scene of an ongoing property dispute between neighbors the deputy involved in massive. >> what he told me is how do you said that you will take those out he was notified that you are taking the fence off i want to understand that the police i'm asking you sort of you can give me give me a moment of your time now the people at the home asking questions and so is the i team and the cuyahoga county
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>> and the more he spoke i could tell he was live but something just was not right with your batch numbers are. >> there's no badge number he started talking and saying we are not to contact the cleveland police department and this is his and jurisdictions be a cuyahoga county said that's retired cleveland police officer. gannett now a special deputy with this shares department basically an unpaid or deputy given a law-enforcement power for special assignments the i team wonder did anyone hear a sheriff's department headquarters sender that special deputy therefore that dispute the folks complaining wondered that too and they got back this letter from the county nobody camera video no incident reports and report and no record of that special deputy getting dispatched by the sheriff's department. >> iphone dan says he can't comment he hung up his residence as they can't even
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still gavin comiskey and molly manley have gotten a protection order against cap as the investigation plays out. >> a hoop season stripped of any accreditation or power that he has. >> it's not clear how long the internal investigation will take a court hearing is set next month on that protection order the fox ai team has uncovered new information about the case against a drive on drugs it before he hit a state trooper new court records that show joshua gaspar got a dose of methadone about 15 minutes before the crash on i 92 per kenneth perez died were to present think he'd been speeding doing about 78 in a 60-mile per hour zone and that they say he felt a sobriety test but the defense attorney said gaspar got only a therapeutic dose of methadone from a dr. the
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appears to have come to an end today head coach hugh jackson said the team that wishes him well but they need to close the chapter and move on the announcement comes after learning gordon is checking into an inpatient drug rehab facility it was scheduled to rejoin the team next week after suspension for failing a drug test back in march after today today's really the last josh gordon comment i want to make i think especially a football teams that we move forward and it moveon it's not going wish him well but we're moving forward although the browns have not officially released gordon from the team coach jackson did not indicate if gordon would be allowed to return to the browns a few successful in rehab it was a celebration of life and hope to make in lakewood for dozens of people who had battled back from some very dark times a group of project at 180 held a special candlelight event called it light up the night
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cuyahoga county common pleas of drug court graduates who have formed a special support group in light of ohio's here when epidemic project at 180 works to show that at exit can recover and reverse the course of their lives at 180 degrees. >> this is a mug shot taking much shot taking on january 9, 2016 he was accepted into drug court on february 4, 2016 afforded the opportunity of a new life eight and in a half months later this is what jessica looks like 180 is not affiliated with the cuyahoga county common pleas court but court but the drug court is helping to spread the word about the support group still to come more soggy weather but will it impact will lay bare andre has the first to luck the only released a--cam video of the sender of a federal lawsuit will go police are being accused of brutality by group incorporated robert tonight the fbi needs help tracking down a suspected thief who
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you're fed up with this election cycle you are not alone how a tv networks of mistake caused a women to get thousands of text from some very opinionated builders plus voters plus they often with the boston or bruce springsteen have a young fan to skip out on glass and here we go we are minutes away from friday night touchdown during jt pj and then he immediately following fox a news at 10 for the all northeast ohio
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don't they look absolutely happy and factor some of them look like giant puffballs of snow but i know some of you were asking did are asking did you really say that don't worry it's not the literal sense we have some rain today but guess what perfectly timed the dry slot pulled in for most of the high school football games perfect timing but we still have that area of low pressure still spinning but notice how it has literally yanked up some of the dryer air lets the darker area you see getting pulled northward we had a few spotty areas of rain shower activity but you can see that that has pretty well diminished right now some showers may be moving up towards worcester in new bedford and just exiting the philly rainfall amounts to
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much rain their last 24 hours flatlining the temperature department 64 the high 61 the low and will ?-ellipsis about 58 tonight i'm hoping to see some sunny breaks for a little while tomorrow morning but then that another another round of it showers are possible could hear rumble of thunder in the afternoon or evening 69u showers you showers may try to linger into sunday morning the trend that will be steep enough in the decline so that by sunday afternoon will be an okay shape of her woolly bear sunday i'm hoping fingers crossed we got our fingers crossed to thanks andre still to come day care workers are called to a game but children say they weren't having any fun of the investigation into something called smack for a snack that resulted in criminal charges plus a checking in with dick goddard
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weatherman had to say be up phone about his recovery plus a health is at the key as the tribe closes out the regular season they continue to strategy at the playoffs
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's been another strange day in
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early this morning donald trump wrote a series of tweets about former use universe contestant alicia machado he called her a calm and disgusting and advised people to check out her sex tape that tape does not exist although machado did appear on a risky reality show during monday's debate hillary clinton accused of trump of fashioning much ado humiliating her for gaining weight after winning the ground clinton and her cronies would say anything do an keep their grip on power why does he do things like that his latest twitter meltdown is unhinged even for him meanwhile trump admitted that calling mexicans rapist hurt his business interest the revelation came in a deposition after thompson and a pair of shops who canceled a shafts who cancel the business partnership with top the
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there were problems with comes audios during terms audios during monday's face-off with glenn the commission said the issue affected the sound of level inside the debate hall but a statement provided no evidence of that the problem affected the television audience of more than 80 million people's chicago police are investigating after a school bus driver is a shot while behind the wheel the victim was shot in the head and was taken to the hospital in stable condition there were children on board the bus of time thankfully none were heard p from outside the bus so far there's no word on any arrests investigators found a key piece of evidence and yesterday's deadly commuter put train crash in new jersey where the trains black boxes is being analyzed for information on speed brakes and throttle position at based postured stopping point for slamming into a concrete block is going airborne and then hitting the concourse a woman standing on the platform was killed when a 100 others were hurt the laws are on the books
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of the brough turner case of the former stanford swimmer in ohio native spent three months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman he was sentenced to six months behind bars but got out early due to good behavior california's governor has signed a law requiring state prison time for someone convicted of assaulting an unconscious victim a second law allows victims to stay say in court that they were raped even if the attack doesn't meet the legal definition still to come seats for sale how you can own a piece of historic northeast ohio football stadium plus it don't
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friday night touchdown has big show is coming up at 11:00 y after fox eight news at 10 jt pj and then he will bring us all the high school football highlights from week six. >> 's been home to the nfl high school football and even state championships in of the old stadium is making way for the new sparks of his reporter dave nether reports it's not too late to own a piece of history. >> since the 1930s closet stadium next to the pro football hall of fame has
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greatest names so many great people played and passed a duplex stadium the list would be too long to accountant but the one the most recent successes josh mcdaniels from new england patriots who has four super bowl rings in his bed beard over the past year the old stadium has been a raised gradually making way for a new one but before it was gone to j over nolte was granted permission to go in and salvage what he could my son nick and my dear friend bob helped us we went in and the three of us cutting and hacking and wagging and whacking and we were able to pull out 100 some seats preserving some of the old bleachers that are not just witnessed some of the greatest prose to play the game but decades of care in high school football as well being able to go back again and that cut some seeds out save some brackets so some of these guys have played there in the 40s and 50s and 60s can get a seat and get a bracket hanging on their wall and tell their grandkids all
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20 touchdowns and one game against in one game against the mckinley bulldogs the offer to raise money for the high school goes beyond the can ohio and start county one of the interesting things is the oldest that only stands which are a nationwide group stem from coast-to-coast and even international day of requesting seats because of a see it as per football hall of fame a troll for section preserve the treatise played the remaining seats in brackets being sold to raise money for canned schools. >> we have some of our season-ticket holrs grew up as children come into the game for parents didn't have the same that have the same seats for 50 years for them to get a little piece of the stadium as a memento and a keepsake that is really neat still to come more clowning concerns in ohio where the nationwide trend forced one school to shut down for the entire day plus and skipping school with the help from
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the mac logo police accused of brutality and a new federal lawsuit tonight to the--cam video at the center about all performance-enhancing chapstick why a little bit of lip balm caused an athlete who shot at a national title plus rain let up on dry looks at the weekend and beyond in the extended forecast of the news at 10 continues right now. >> and a warning tonight some of you may find the video in our next to story disturbing a man has filed a federal lawsuit against the filming the police department alleging police brutality but fox eight to jack shea says police maintain newly released--cam video does not tell the whole
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september 14 at lorain police vice detectives responding to a complaint about drugs being sold in a neighborhood encounter a 30 -year-old pele smith a man with a criminal history of drug and weapons violations detectives report when they attempt to arrest this method he tries to destroy drug evidence in his possession by putting it in his mouth once a smith is placed under arrest a food officer is summoned to transport smith to jail under departmental policy the officer must a search of smith again but as they are approaching the vehicle the officer suddenly grabs pele smith and slams him on the car smashing the windshield smith was treated for cuts and later released the incident is now the subject of a federal lawsuit alleging excessive force by the lowering police officer anyone watching the video will believe it's horrific i was unable to see anything in the video that suggests mr. smith was resisting arrest attempting to
1:30 am
everyone else does a young black man being raised above the ground with his hands handcuffed behind him and slammed on to the windshield with a sufficient force it to suit shadow that windshield lorain police it is much more to the story than meets the eye they say pele smith is a suspected drug dealer and that he was in fact resisting arrest at lorain police maintained the officer intended to place a smith on the head of the court did not intend to slam him into the windshield of the officer was later cleare wrongdoing the department issued a statement that reads in part quote the video does not tell the complete story although it is not easy to watch a police officers explained all of their actions in the police reports during the arrest of mr. smith at the resistance he was placed on the head of the police unit to gain control conduct a search as per policy the lorain
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of lorain deny all allegations as outlined in the lawsuit with which which open to my face i was identify anybody i could understand you're upset yeah but didn't you don't have to do me like that but the attorney representing pele smith and the federal losses as a jury might have a different view of how police treated smith he certainly should be in the care and custody of the police while handcuffed and sustained this type of treatment that resulted in his injury investigators said the drug activity on that day was happening there in elementary school pleaded guilty to charges of resisting arrest tampering with evidence and obstructing official business this aspect of the adoption of rape of a nine -year-old masculine girl massillon girl was a back in court today authorities say dennis menefee lord the victim by saying he was a police officer and she was reported missing he was arrested import washington the day after surveillance photos of his truck were released if convicted he faces the possibility of life without parole menefee will be back in
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suburban cincinnati school district to shut down today after a woman reported being grabbed around the neck by a man dressed as a clown she also said the suspect it made a threat against the students and school officials say they take all threats seriously and were concerned for the students who walked to school police are looking for a bold bank robber he walked into the first american bake on lakeshore boulevard wearing a motorcycle helmet and declaring he had a bomb in his backpack after grabbing the cash of black and yellow motorcycle the backpack was filled with rocks to lawmakers are stepping in to try to stop the russian atm smash and grab that's a northeast ohio overnight to my conveniences stores were targeted one in cleveland heights and another on cleveland's west side the proposed law would require store atms to be secured to the floor and placed against a concrete wall it would also limit the cash inside a sponsor senator tom patton says it's all to combat this
1:33 am
fortunate that there hasn't been a child going in there buying a pack of bubblegum and getting killed its inevitably can happen. >> patton says he hopes to fast-track the scope or passage possibly by the end of the year he says lawmakers will look at calling for harsher penalties for those who use vehicles to break into businesses may summer may be fading fast but paul is the beginning for a new and improved edgewater beach a big changes coming in fox eight to the retailer has more on the greet beachgoers next year. >> at cleveland's edgewater beach will have a whole new look by mid- 2017 field beach concession is it no more having just been demolished a few days ago this time next year this is the view of the lake that will be waiting for visitors who long ago grew accustomed to using the back end of a cinderblock pavilion we worked very hard at
1:34 am
points and focal points cleveland metro park ceo brian zimmerman said a great care was taken in developing a space of that would serve greater clevelanders for the next 100 years take a look at what the brand-new two-story beach house will look like as it sits towards the south side of the sand notice of the open-air pavilion on top connecting to a bridge under the sure way that leads to the west 76 street pedestrian tunnel and that the the church weight sure we neighborhood beyond and so as we turn a hundred years celebration we are really looking at taking our number from 12 to 15 minutes it down under 10 minutes so people can have access to public recreation the walkway you see flowing from the picnic area above is part of a trail system that will lead leave visitors down to the beach there are also plans for improved parking no question that the well-thought-out project but wait until you hear about the plans for the sunset. >> we are really working to get the best abuse to lake
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sunsets. >> that is going to be excellent cap next summertime but tonight it's more folic temperatures out their spirited or to be outside on the beach tonight it's raining it's cold and on driver hoping the rain moves out of here for woolly bear it doesn't look like we have at the correct trend and the trend will be for fewer and fewer as we go deeper and deeper into the weekend with one little bump bubble talk about that in a second but we had peak of the sun at sunset tonight granted it's not the kind of sunsets that laurie taylor was just talking about but at least after the rain came through between four and 630 we had some holes in the overcast some bright spots and at the very last of frame look at this giant blue hole right overhead of the camera about lakefront airport of course at 730 now the clouds at pretty it pretty much have a continue
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show you that we still have low pressure it was in kentucky from the best i've been able to determine from the showers it has now begun a very slow northward drift and also we seem to have pulled in some drier air kept us in the dry for most of the night the showers are now beginning to come back in right now just to ourselves most of the area still pretty dry but down here at loudonville ashland should of showers may be a slightly heavier so might their booster but no lightning right now anywhere on this radar we do have temperatures that have been pretty stable most of the day today flat lying low 60s occasionally bumping up to mid 60s in a few places that were not that i see much change from this into the night tonight 58 mostly cloudy some spotty showers from time
1:37 am
some showery intervals from time to time notice how we get a little morning shot here and then another shot of dry air and then more scattered afternoon showers try to get going but as it is low-pressure system departs as some to purchase some of the showers may whip around and briefly see an increase in the amount of showers are going into sunday morning but if this thing can boot out fast enough i think the decline will be rapid enough let's look at that our decline into this evening if we see an increase of 50 or 60 percent i think a quick decline by noon on sunday and 20 percent by sunday evening and monday morning to again that we will go in the right direction and i think we'll see fewer and fewer showers on woolly bear sunday and i'm really hoping for non- knock on the site basically 60s to near 70 by tuesday wednesday
1:38 am
stubborn systems are moving so slow. >> going in the right direction though. >> still to come an update on the one and only dick goddard the cleveland tv legend talks by phone about his recovery from hip replacement surgery plus a plenty of people have strong opinions on the election problem is that they've been showing them what this woman the story behind them except that bombarded her with 13,000 texts this week six of the emmy award-winning friday night touchdown jt pj and danny are gi big show that suggested minutes away keep it here for high school football
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>> the 44th woolly bear festival is coming up sunday in vrm a message from our own dick goddard he spoke to live magglio about his health and hope that this woolly bear will be among the best ever. >> more than 40 years of family fun there's nothing like it no festival anywhere in the country that can match the woolly bear dick goddard's the heart and soul he's been there since day one but an accident last week my keep them on the side list this
1:42 am
and i knew in my left hip was broken dick is attacking his rehab from hip replacement with vigor the pain level eight at times but then when i'm stationary it drops it to a level of about two to last woolly bear dick mast was a 20 years ago when his mom and lady friend julie died in the very same week a bunch of this year tracy mccool and i will handle the parade and your park saved favorites will be part of every other even to everybody there dick wants to make sure that everyone has fun that will happen dick count on it and it's free it's fun.
1:43 am
goddard wants nothing more than to be there sunday still to come a day care game result in criminal charges we continue to investigate something called smack for snack plus the president gets a little impatient a funny moment on the tarmac find that
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a day care worker in kentucky is facing assault charges in connection with a shocking game he allegedly forced the children to line up and get hit with a will or in exchanger for yogurt two children were reportedly bruised as a result of the so called smack for a snack game the staff member is charged with second-degree assault and state investigators found one classroom with 27 children assigned it to one teacher state law only allows for a maximum ratio of 15 ?-dash one in ironman athlete who has trained about 20 hours a week for the last of six months has been disqualified but it wasn't for performance-enhancing drugs his crime was using chapstick
1:47 am
swim 114-mile bike ride and 26.2-mile run smith across the finish line but was disqualified about 10 minutes later the rules for the racist a competitors are not allowed to receive assistance from other parties smith admits to his wife gave him chapstick at mile 16 of the race the ref had actually has to give you to set something on the question i course and i said, yes, i accepted a chapstick for my wife is is an performance-enhancing chapstick. >> i don't think it has anything performance-enhancing and it had you not say it was chapstick that's ridiculous put me back in i would say it was hard to accept i believe in who you are on the course is much more important than the results he has a good attitude about as smith would've headed for the world championships in hawaii if he had been disqualified pittsburgh man has in 30 a 30 days to figure out how to catch a noisy rooster or the
1:48 am
plagued residents for years now and since it appears to live on henry gaston's property it has a put him in violation of the city's band against rooster's captain told the judge he's tried to catch the animal without any luck neighbors are fed up he makes such a loud noise every day all day 24 24/7 you wake up in the morning two or three or four or 5:00 o'clock whenever he decides he wants to get up everybody else has to get up control and even the zoo but no one has been able to help as good a face a fine if he doesn't catch the rooster in the next 30 days of labor junior women's as he received more than 13,000 text messages in 600 calls after she accidentally plastered her number on tv during the presidential debate 26 -year-old attendee is a stafford begin receiving a barrage of texts of monday after her number was
1:49 am
asking viewers to call in text to comment on the candidates debate performances the presidential debate was the most-watched and history more than 84 million viewers to have she said she's already made up her mind about who she is voting force of the comments and she got aren't influencing her decision they're just driving her crazy for the first few minutes i was entertained i was like with happenings but then it was like 1230 and then it was like 130 and i was like what the hack i just want to use my phone apologized to diaz when your texted her more than 200 times that thankfully her from plan includes unlimited i was wondering about that president obama apparently doesn't president obama apparently doesn't like to be kept waiting even if it is the former president holding things up a video recorder at jerusalem's airports as president obama in the doorway of air force in one engines running in preparation for the return to washington the president is rolling up his sleeves looks anxious to be on
1:50 am
hours bill let's go he positively affirm or cleanse it attention and motions for him to come aboard seconds later * now gets the top of the casey can see bill let's go have got to get home the two were in israel for the funeral of former israeli prime minister shimon peres still too, the boss approves to be a big help us see what bruce springsteen did for a young fan who skipped school to meet him plus india is looking to avoid them or injuries the playoffs approach
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1:53 am
the philadelphia fifth-grader ditched class for the chance to meet rock legend bruce springsteen and the boss and helped him get out of a jam at school the philadelphia inquirer reports that michael d attended a springsteen being great and book designing with his dad wanted to follow school procedures of ways of father brought along the pre- type to tied to note that springsteen cited excuses absence of the hallmark of a hall of famer told the boy he would have to read the note very carefully first because that's how he got trouble with his first contract th school's principal received a photocopy of the note needless to say the family is hanging onto the original springsteen's new autobiography born to run was released this week. >> and sports tonight the indians are in kansas city for the final series of the regular season down that want nothing and the top of the third and the tribal tribe the puts up a cricket number carlos santana got the scoring started with this triple to
1:54 am
come in and of the tribe snatches the lead same ending and its mr. clutch of jos? ramirez with a line drive single to right francisco lindon scored to make it four ?-dash one indians it just ended and the tribe wins a seven ?-dash two last we told you earlier in the newscaster that the browns a sound prepared to part ways with troubled wide receiver josh gordon gordon of course has entered a patient is come for the browns to move on from gordon brown's players and sympathize with gordon's and struggles andrew hawkins at lost his sister to addiction. >> being a good receiver is in you to save his life 20 years from now him coming back to the cleveland browns at 2151 help him in 2025 if you still doing with the same issues like i said in searing what he's doing is important. >> now to the world champion
1:55 am
without a key member of the team jr smith is still hasn't into the deal to return to the team smith is a free agent and both he and the cavs are hoping for a reunion but the two sides to remain at an impasse at the bargaining table today lebron james put a little pressure on the cavs it to get a deal done i hate coming to another season two years in a row with one man becomes not here for leader of the team hate to deal with it today the cavs unveiled a brand-new court designed for the upcoming season here it is a you can see the court is green and black same color as is highly popular sleeve uniforms the team more when they won the title and at the westside line features the team model offer one-on-one for all the half-court line remains the same with the team's team logo
1:56 am
night and that can only mean one thing friday night touchdown just minutes away you can see the crew there ready to go get them prepared hi guys jt pj dna all putting the finishing touches on all the highlights from week six and who are you waiting for there ready to go. >> issue than with anything against anything to me for the drive. thanks for will thanks for the rain between four and six began when will danny waits because you know we go back to 1988 anyway the showers spotty tonight but there will still be hanging around 58 and then tomorrow variably cloudy we will see some shari interval is a lot like today maybe not quite as much a shower activity let's hope that we can then it out for woolly
1:57 am
and then finally we'll get rid of the showers but it will take all the way till tuesday for that to happen. >> it's taking its total time is and that. >> and that's all the time we have for fox news at 10 join the morning show crew beginning at 7:00 a.m. make sure to stick around for friday night touchdown have a
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introducing new k-y touch gel cr?me. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes.
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>> chris: imes chris hansen. right now, , on "crime watch daily," from here in new york. ? ? it's the d.c. murder case that sparked international conspiracy theories. rising dnc star run down just after >> working on hillary's campaign. he would be making a difference. >> chris: but was it a robbery gone wrong or a targeted hits? our exclusive new interviews with his parents, and the girlfriend on the phone with seth moments before he was shot in the back. >> there's no reason why he should be in the ground right now. >> chris: michelle sigona investigates "a murder in the beltway." then, a successful husband and


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