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tv   FOX 8 Saturday Early News  FOX  October 1, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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>> well you know it's that time of year it's still going to be dark outside but the city still looks nice those gray skies behind us the buildings are all that upn and we're all happy todayn it's one of those days i think.hi days. >> it is it's like we weren't ready we were ready for october 1. >> we are never ready for the cold air. >> we're having that jacket for the first time actually contemplating turning on the heat because it got so cold at night i was not ready for that. >> wednesday thursday it was really chilly outsidet of his like autumn and.
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up with us on bottoms he unbuttoned. >> and him roosevelt and of course aj has has clued in on everything we need to know. >> at least for the october 1. >> 's music we is exactly having been together for monthsto at least a month because it is october you had time off she sucked him off i'd had time off where back together the band is playing. >> and better than ever. >> 's and showers out here right n coverage or intensity for that matter here's toen a box of doppler radar there is rain going out of about madison over to ashtabula geneva and perhaps were well a couple of sprinkles it's that one little areaup that pulled up from the south and east eventually the low that's out here is going tot pull to the north and east we are going to start to see the rain coming at us for more
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meanwhile temperatures look like this and these numbers have been pretty much a stagnant we did a 64 ?-dash 65 yesterday it was 64 for a hike yesterday that much of a temperature fall there ander here's a wider look at the situationre with the center of low pressure upper-level low in the surface rate they are about to the east of indianapolisce t who will see tt on an offering better chance for rain this afternoon so that there's something you need to get done outside right now would be a good time will temperatures topping out at the upper 60s as we said more likely that we'll have some rain later in the day in fact you can see it doesn't happen until after about five tonight and into this evening as wellt there will be showers in the area meanwhile how much rain to fall perhaps up to half an incho by monday or calling for the rain to taper off and come to an end by
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there is a dry streak that's come and you can see it on the satellite imagery right there a over southern ohio and across most of the buckeye state it will be very light rainfall will have a look at the eighth day of course of the all important with a better number 44 will their sunday 44 tomorrow in vermillion so we are all going to be there we hope to see you there tomorrow. >> and to can be a fun day always. >> it's been an emotional homecoming for a local higha school as they honored a football player who dieds after a game last friday and despite their pain thee team took to the field to remember his spirit and support his family kevin freeman was there for the emotional night.irfa >> the euclid high school football team takes the field with an extra level of drive and determination with his father leaving the charge the panthers remember 17 -year-old
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homecoming game against the strongsville mustangs the mostu locker you know it's friday night every night of the week. >> hitler for friday night's. >> after taking a few moments to reflect people in the sand released balloons into the hub and euclid's football coaches said the team plays with semper inspiration from andre. >> i wanted a they came a push the game back of the public estimate of the play on friday night they wanted to play for drayayac i we pray for him and played for him. >> andre died sunday after he f was hit during a play against solent last friday night the medical examineray says andre died from a ruptured bowel after he was struck in the abdomen althoughth he wore number 48 last week his original number was 24 and seen on the jersey has father proudly held he was honored on the field on helmets and on
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>> the hardest thing is knowing he's not going to be in that locker roomg with us tonight. >> 's coach says he will forever be a 12th man on the fieldldh. >> and enemas him coming and at night from the game telling me ?-dash who won the dad who won the score who did whatgh he loved these guys out on this team. >> kevin freeman folksiness is. >> such an emotional tribute think you are still a few more tough days ahead for under his family and friends hisi funeral with a viewing the night beforerel for more informationn that go to our website >> several students with disabilities are in theh hospital this morning after a school bus class in worcesterl most of the injuries are minor and were caused when a semi- t-bone toem their bus early friday morning a total of six students and for staff members from the brink of devoted wayne county border development of disabilities were injuredtsinin that bus wasn his way back from a field trip
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failed to stop at a stop sign at the 250 exit ramp no word if that driver has been charged . >> the fox ai team has a video that sparked a that's practitioner's department internal investigation involves a manager's uniform vi sheriff a mapping asking you as a member of the features department a sobering camera rolling a man drhssed as a cuyahoga county deputies suddenly shows appear the scene of an ongoing property dispute between neighbors the deputy involved in this. >> what he told me ised that you said that you're going to take thoset he wasn't notified that you were taking the friend stopped. >> i want to understand that the policeou i he's been notifid him asking your certainty to give me a moment of your time. >> now the people at the home asking questions so is the i team andti the cuyahoga county sheriff's department doing an
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more he spoke i could a tell he was full of the that something was just not right. >> he started talking and saying we are not to contact the cleveland police department this is his jurisdiction. >> cuyahoga county said that's retired cleveland police officer. again now a special deputy. with the ship's department basically an unpaid power for special assignments of the eye team at wonder did anyone hear a sheriff's department headquarters seven to the special deputy therefore that disputee with the folks complaining wondered that toow nobody camera video no incident report and no record of the special deputy getting dispatched by the sheriff's departmentrd by phone jan said he can't comment he hung up the residence's sake and even assay can't even came
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kamensky and marlee manley had gotten a protection order against gant as the investigation plays out t i hope he's a stripped of any accreditation or power that he has. >> it's not clear how long the investigation will take>> the fox ai team has uncovered new information about the case against a driver who was allegedly high on drugs before he hit a state troopers new court records that showed joshua gasparrt got a dose of methadone about 15 minutes before the crash on i 90 they think he been speeding doing about 78 and that it plays that they say he failedd sobriety testing but a defense attorney says gaspar got only a therapeutic dose of methadone from a the
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in the wide receiver was scheduled to rejoin the team just next a week after a suspension for failing a drug test back in march rt after tody today's within the last josh gordon, and i want to make it was best for football team is that we move forward and move on it's not going to be with us and we wish him well but we are moving forward. >> although the browns have not officially released ordered from the team's coach jackson did not indicate if i jordan would be allowed to return to the browns if he is successful in rehab. >> itr was a celebration of life and hope last night in lakewood for dozens of people who has battled back from dark
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held a special candlelight event called light up the night for recovery it's made up of cuyahoga county common pleas in drug court graduates who have formed a special support group in light of ohio'st opiate epidemic project 180 works to show that alex can recover and reverse the course of their lives at 180 degreeses be marketed this is a much shot taken on january 9, 2016 was accepted into drug court on february 4, 2016m of a new life a and a half months later this is what jessica looks likea. >> projected 180 is not affiliated with the cuyahoga county common pleas court but the drug court is hoping to spread the word about the support group. >> the time now is 710 still ahead and in the morning a twitter spree why donald trump's late-night reactor has him in hot water and he's even
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shaming plus he was found guilty of rape and let out of jail after just three months california lawmaker is making sure that nothing like this happens agains plus from the national anthem to the halftime show she's moving on up we will let you know who is set to performmft our super bowl 51 good morning everybody and the boy we are expecting a little bit of dry weather here on the box eight hour forecast you can see temperatures as they pretty 60s for at least the first part of the day showers and show up after the noon hourur we will have that forecast for willie best sunday a major hurricane of the caribbean something we haven't seen
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welcome back everyone at 714 it's been another strange day
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house early friday morning donald trump wrote amo series of tweets about former ms. universe contestant alicia machadof and called her a con and disgusting and advised people to check out her sex tapein that tape does not existe all the machado did appear on a risky reality showha during monday's debate hillary clinton orte choose to trumpet ?-dash and the shuttle humiliating her for gaining eight after winning the crown clinton and her cronies will say anything do to anything like about anything w to keep their grip on power >> why does he do things like that as late as twitter meltdown is unhinged even for hammond. >> comments regardingng meanwhile trump admitted that calling mexicans rapists hurt his business address to the revelation came in a given a deposition after considered when they canceled a business partnership with trump chicago police are investigatinga after
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was shot in the head and was taken to the hospital in stable condition there were children on board the bus at the time but none of them was hurtonreus the shot came from outside the bus but so far there's no word of any arrests. >> investigators found a key piece of evidence and thursday's deadly commuter in new jersey one of the trains black boxes is being analyzed for information on speed brakes and throttle positionar the past raced past at stopping point expanded to a concrete went airborne and hit the conquest a woman standing on the platform was killed more than 100 others were hurt the laws are in the books in california and the aftermath of them brough turner case the former stanford swimmer and ohio native spent to three months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman and she was sentenced to six months behind bars but got out early because of good behavioreh california's governor
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prison time for someone convicted of assaulting an unconscious victim a second law allows victims to say in court they were rapedt even if the attack does not meet the legal definition. >> she may live for the applause and she is sure to get just about at the super bowl after super bowl 51 set for february 5ft2017 and this is the second2 year in a row the super bowl hasw featured an appearance from lady gaga she sang the national anthem at >> we here to give it to you give your closet. >> thank you so much you may not applaud so muchur this morning will be the best of dry dry slot to that we had here to probably this
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parade tomorrow number 44 and get a i'm getting be there except us we're working but i'm doing in the afternoon going in the afternoon because of the forecast itselfi today willnk be the same situation in fact it will be a little bit more fun than yesterdayay we are not going to break out i don't think into full sunshine stole some showers are still some showers and left out ashtabula county some rain here in northwest
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let's talk about the rainfall remember t when all these numbers had minus signs in front of them well not this time will not this time cleveland's running almost an inch and sincece tenants above averages since september 1 so this really has helped with what was at one time at moderate to extreme drought in northeast ohiot me of course the sun angle is much lower now and we haven't really had all that much sun sowe this rain we've had his had a had a chance to percolate down to its been really good soaking rain look at akron canton over 3 inches of rain now in the black in the red mansfield town the last, last out with you a little bit. >> sixty-one currently in cleveland 59rr and akron canton down and over differently as well look at the temperature traceon that line has been
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around 60-degree or to either side of that right now we looking at low pressures spinning out that persistent low will not budget much todayr but you can also see the entrainment for drier air with a cloud cover has really thinned out in southern ohio and fact dissipated completely with clear skies will it happen here we are showing bright spots out here this afternoon i bumped up the temperature close to 70 degreesbup up obviously with a thicker overcast and not so much this is a 9:00 o'clock today there is rain developingucs down to te south so that is expected to move northward this is impressive the storm e which is hurricane matthew at one point last night had a category five stormeg that's the most intense
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category five with the category five has been dropped category for very strong category four storm's wins a hundred 55 miles per hour winds almost 200 miles per hour in the track takes it over easternpe cuba even over jamaica going to really have to watch the storm some of the computer models put in eastern florida by thursday and will see what happens we're hoping that goes out in the atlantic intermittent showers todaya a damp night tonight 55:00 a.m. tomorrow for a few showers and then the drive breaks in the afternoonon will be better sunday i dropped it from 50 ?-dash 40 percent so let's see 20 percent on monday a
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are looking at drier weather actually a real pleasantoe and the weather and i don't know if you so next week in a week from today k we may not get out of the 50s we're going to get some cooler weather. >> it is fall october is hereo all over the yard. >> 722 is your time still ahead on fox eight news in morning and i to getting colder as aj just said it's perfect football weather. >> it really is the hot chocolate was sure to be pouring why the teams were scoringtho with data highlights
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>> with an emotional tribute to the late andre jackson from euclid.onri >> ladies and gentlemen family and friends please enjoy the smellll loving tribute for on j jackson who passed away last sunday of the panthers honored his memoj loose with tommy zacharias great tackle in the open the field euclid on the touchdown on the short passh raymond calling a great weapon for euclid he gained valuable real estateng w on the spray here teh comes up bigon for young mr. hollins right there for a 14 nothing laid strongsville manager only a sophomore at
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in honor of their fallen teammate andre jackson 41 yards in the final scoren now for the game. >> it was a good money day of the week with o kris but hosted market or late first-halfut great catch by jordan savery the red devils defense of the wildcat thanks to a big hit here two minutes to play in the first half jordan for the first time they touchh by garrett done but on fourth and down the market or offensee over it those will start strike out of at a run out of the run is its matthew harrishohotr he takes it for anr
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the third quarter ends but he was picked up in the end zone by savery and crestwood knocks of matador both teams are five and one as we head over to finally home the officials seven on the the bomber stadium looks beautiful charlotte was in command for the opening kick the famous single way tommymy keeper he picks up the hilltop orfr by chardon running and reverse show up with this that's itcer the hilltop or defenseor was swarming the bombers all night jenny berg is burgess swallowed up by rider davisbll by tyler moore ad chardon rolls over princeton 48 nothing as we head over to
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the 14th made it extra retort understand charges and toys puts it away 55 yards for another touchdown and he wins 27 ?-dash 11 the hornets are six and though as we head up there for someup sky scores a. >> scott park scoring high over the cradle of footballa. glenoaks and it was a bad night to be an eagle import of their country he was up seven when the bear's dynamic duo makes it 14th jerk george pallotta tries to save target d the number 75 years later it is a sky score but also takes t over eagles on the doorstep jj oliveira keith if your whites openr and the end zone for just your post and down that is a smart play because it
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settle for this game field-goal that made it 14 ?-dash three 35 yards for another sky score in the polar bears are six and zero and the player of the week is also a lifetime achievement awardy quarterback dustin comp peak graduations he became the all-time passing leader in lorain countytyua and he ran for another 225 yards as may view held meadowview held off a west of lakehe the minis are five and one and dustin crum scored university hospitals . >> that's all the time we have for week six of friday night touchdown a survived the steer from twinsburg last night at number tuesday night the number three saint ignatius both play today will have the highlights after college
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>> another action packed a friday night. 730 your timey still ahead on fox eight news in the morning ?-dash can video the city of lorain policeth department is facing a lawsuit but they say the video doesn't help the entire story plus the indians are looking for their home field advantage were they able to lock it up last night in kansas city
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welcome back at fox eight news on the saturday morning live in the front yard hereg and it look at that beautiful color these moms and the latter season for ladder season for allegedly taking off haven't theyrr won that little stripe of blue you can see here from the front yard perspective off to the northwehe light there we go that's a live look director mike you are director mike you're all over that nicely done sirto through 64 the high yesterday 5207-inch of rain five and three eights for the month that's a pretty decent 1.57 inches of our departure 726 sunrise it down 70761 at the lakefront and hopkins and
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showing nothing more than a spotty showerox rolling out of maybe brunswick currently these are the temperatures at upper 50s 155-degree temp in mansfield and little bumpy out of the lake this morning but the weights quieting waves quieting down to 2 feet or lessg water temps 70 there is that big upper-level low that is kind of i guess a washing machine trying to go and spin dryu and it you movement on the low as it pushes at northeastst we are animating zoo tomorrow notice the sparse at nature of the showers of that is a good sign for a woolly bear someday you might hearbe a thing or two about back in that in the coming hours on box eight days >> we're excited we can't help but. >> i can't wait i'm really excited about going it'll be is always a good time.
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lawsuit against the lorain police department alleging police brutality after he was pulled over back in 2014 the fox arizona jack shea says it thish morning police maintain the newly released ?-dash can video does not tell the whole storye? of what happened. >> september 2014 at lorain police vice detectives responding to a complaint about drugs being sold in the neighborhood encounter 30 -year-old pele smith a man with a criminal history of drug and weapons violations detectives at a report that would when they attempt to a destroy drug evidence in his possessiontr by putting it in his mouth once a smith is placed under arrest a third officer is somebody transpersonal to jailr t under departmental policy the u officer must search a smith again but a as they are approaching the vehicle the officers suddenly grabs pele smith and slams him a carar smashing the windshield is smith was treated for cuts and later released the incident is now thehe subject of a federal lawsuit f alleging excessive
7:37 am
officer anyone watching the video is can you believe it terrificofne. >> i was unable to see anything in the video that suggests mr. smith was arrested resisting arrest attempting to fight with them attempting to flee i see this in thing everyone else does a young black man being raised up off the ground with his hands handcuffed behind him and slammed on to the windshield with a sufficient force to shadow that windshield lorain police say story thannmo meets the eye they say pele smith is a suspected drug dealers and that he was in fact resisting arrest of lorain police maintain the officer intended to place miss onn the head of the car did not intend to slam him into the windshield of the officer was later cleared of any wrongdoingsw the department issued a statement that reads in part quote the video does not tell the complete story althoughn it is not easy to
7:38 am
in conduct a search as per policy of lorain police department and the in the city of lorain deny all allegations but the attorney representing pele smith of the federal lawsuit says a jury might have a different view of how police treated smith. >> he certainly shouldn't be in the care custy handcuffed and sustain this type of treatment that resulted in his injury. >> thank you investigators say the drug activity on that date to day to place near elementary school in 2015 pele smith pleaded guilty to charges of mercies5. >> reported clowns fighting in southern ohio is no laughing matter for school
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>> she also said the suspect made a threat against students and school officials say they take all threat seriously and a concern for the students who walked to and from schoolo to stop the rash of atm smash and grab the northeast ohio early friday morning to more conveniences stores were targeted one in cleveland heights another on cleveland's west siden would require store atms to be secured to the floorop and placed against the concrete walld were just very fortunate that there hasn't been a child going in there to buy a pack of bubblegumd and get killed its inevitably going to happen. >> patton says he hopes to fast-track this bill foror
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will also look at calling for harsher penalties for those who use in vehicles to break into businessesp the indians are trying to lock up home drives of us wanted to center in off and off-the-wall protuberant triplesus playing their first playoff game thursday october 6 their opponent has yet to be .termined >> looking forward to that thursday be there 740 is your time still ahead in the morning pickre changes coming to edgewater beach and that'sg
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slipping away organizers say you can enjoy this particular future even feature even in the apps off-season ela looks ne plus disqualified and no it wasn't for using the performance-enhancing drug on everyday item costing at least
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is chilly morning in downtown cleveland that. >> you want to get to go to the beach if you are going our beach days are numbered for a weekend summer may be fading fast that fall is just at the beginning for new and improved edgewater beach big changes coming out there lili taylor has more of the plans and they
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beachgoers early next yearns having just been demolished a few days ago this time next yearde this is the view of the lake and that will be waiting for visitorseth who longer de rigueur accustomed to seeing the back end of a cinderblock pavilionon we worked it very hard at creating flow and drop off points cleveland metropark ceo brian zimmerman says ray care was taken and developing a space that would serve greater clevelanders for the next 100 yearscct take a look at what te brand-new two-story beach house will look like as it sits towards the south side of this and notice of the open air pavilion on top connecting to a bridge under the sure way that leads to the west 76 street pedestrian tunnel and the detroit sure way neighborhood beyond and so as
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celebrationsea we are really looking at taking our number from 12 to 15 minutes down under 10 minutes of people can have access to public recreation0 the gravel walkway you see flowing from the picnic area above is part of a trail system that will lead visitors down to the beach there are also plans for improved parking no question that they will start out project w but wait until you hear about the plans are for ther sense that. >> were really working to get the best abuse it to lake erieie to see the st >> well that should be nice for the summertime they have done such remarkable improvements are down there at the metroparks what a gem that is for our areaea we can get out there you can enjoy yourself swimt and hike and walk around really really cool clean and in c the summer especially as it got they've got all these great events going on there tme will be taking fall walks pretty soon and the bright sunny days of october that i
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color of the leads yesterday peeping cf guess it'll be fun ad that sun is going to return as well the drier weather is on the way it'll just take a little bit of timear to do knw that last night we got a few of the sun setting our buddy andre bernier captured this for us here to go right to the end. >> there it is how about that look to break up there my goodness still have some breaks in the overcast this morning to andas i didn't mean to flyby that we are going to go back and check it outea this is the webcam time lapse from premier flight academy at per click from the airporty as of the sun came up he can see some breaks of blueun there we go there fleeting but they're out therehe storm fox news showers in our area as of this pointed there are a couple of maybe a sprinkle or two eight a doubt or to upgrade showing up on your windshield if
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diner brunswick but the bulkwn of the precept is out of present is out around erie pennsylvania lets expand the view o and give you an idea of how the whole weather system is shaping up in how and how it's affecting as in cleveland the counterclockwise low that's how low pressure spins in the northern hemispherere counterclockwise in the southern hemisphere low-pressure systems spins clockwise is opposite a lot of people talkingof flushing autumn has in the southern hemisphere where goes in the opposite direction i think that's a messabe you'd actually we've had conversations you don't remember i didn't think so maybe it was raising how i confuse rizzi for automall them are nowra . >> okay so how much rain that we are talking generally under half an-edge around the areaatat
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of c showers will be here at later on this evening into the overnight hoursbebe and we are hoping that that stands out a little bit ?-dash our weather forea the present day tomorrow 69 high today with intermittent showers will be dry breaks especially early in the day and w some areas of son that's an optimistic way to say bright spots 61 degrees in cleveland and 59 currently in akron canton philly were down to 55 tonight with a chance of showers a cool damp night and then upper 60s for tomorrow breaks of showers and then dry breaks as well here is a look at the extendedry he can see a very slight probability monday tuesday wednesday shaping up to be just grandba so here's that low the motion on the low-pressure system takes it over the southern great lakes
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anything that comes at us and we'll be off the lake which is a little concerning maybe a little lake enhancement off that lownca meanwhile let's talk about what's going to happen the winds aloft he agency that will finally departs accepting them persistent lets enemy into the end of the week maybe you don't want to see what's going to t happen but this is a substantial portion of cooler air push of cooler air friday into the weekendti we are looking at a highs in the 50s right now a week from today ig ointment would be whatever matthew decides to doh that could hold the cooler air and massn at app they still use the folks ate the forecast flight warming tuesday wednesday thursday we we're climbing into the 70s before theecec that
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a 50 a week from today if we could just get the rain to stop reading hovering all summer tjuh. >> it's amazing nothing but rain my backyard is a mud pit you want to get out of the rain of the way if it would've falling into w w winter with a t would benefit help us now. >> alternate brain a daycare worker in kentucky is facing assault charges in connection with the shocking crime he allegedly forced her children to line up and get hit with a at least a two children reportedly poiseda as a result of this mac for a snack game the staff member is charged with the second second-degree assault state investigatorsor filed one classroom with 27 children assigned to one teacher state lawas only allows for a maximum ratio of 15 ?-dash one in ironman athlete who has trained about 20 hours a week for the last six months has been disqualified but it wasn't for
7:52 am
matt smith's crime was using chapstick after completing the 2.4-mile swim 114-mile bike ride and 26.2-mile run the rules for the race state competitors are not allowed to receive assistance from other parties smith admits his wife gave him chapstick at mile 16 of the racee . >> the rep as accept something on the course and i suggest i accepted a chapstick for my wife is a performance-enhancing chapstick is. >> , i don't think it has anything performance-enhancing and it. >> how do you not say it was chapstick that's ridiculous put me back in. >> i would say it was hard to accept i believe it who you are on the course is much more important than the results. >> smith that would've been headed for the world championships in hawaii if he
7:53 am
chapstick really their rules are very specific roles are very specific you can have any outside helprc to another competitor gave another competitor gave it to him it might be okayot or if he had on him him that moment once they're born their changesvea nine@years ago she was told she would never have children because of her aged now age and now she's
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nine years ago she was told she would never have children because she was too old but this morning she has something new to add resume she's 60 years old and through the health of ivf just gave birth to twins to healthy baby boy is named isaac and isaiah the boys were born on sunday night eh month before caught its due date she had a c-section to ensure a healthy delivery and that they are just of that healthy d and thriving we've got another hour of fox eight
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to you it is october 1 my favorite month of the year. >> as sort of like autumn b


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