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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  October 2, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back.
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"that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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i sure hope you had a wonderful weekend our familyly weather we have been changes coming ata us and here's the reason why you notice that throw right there. has been with us for the last several days it is now moving
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forward to some high pressure pushing and lots of sunshine for us and so going to throw some clouds at us and the risk of spotty shower are two through the afternoon tomorrow for you to ow the area of high-pressure competing for our real estatear will likely see some sunshine breaking out during the afternoon hours as he had towards the late afternoon before that sun goes downo hour forecast looks like this lakeshore communities temperaturesur will be dipping down right around the upper 50s. a lot cooler temperatures will be dropping down to right around that 50-degree mark speaking of temperatures we had 69 degrees todayrkki are normal 67 and aboe that a they're going to see a lt of above normal temperatures this week. we did pick up about three tenths of an inch of rain and
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tenf today. eventually all this rain it is getting out of here are going to see more of the sunny break. watch out for patchy fog tomorrow morning the only thing i can see for your morning commuteat a wide range of temperatures upper 50s around here to trevor and then you saw some 40s.s. i do expect you to get down as well as folks and wayne county. chilly start for you but off the kids at the starting off in youngstown. partly cloudy patchy fog tonight wends are light tomorrow more of the same isolated showers mainly in our northeastern counties. mostly breaks is sunshine throughout the afternoonco mix f sun and cloud going for 69 degrees m o here is what youe going to love.
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sunshine. and a lot of it. temperatures back in the mid 70s welli above average we have those cooler nights on tap for us.e hopefully that allows our leads to lick more vibrant. unfortunately l going down as yu have another weekend temperatures in that 60-degree point in that stage you are going to flip-flop. savor the 70s well we can. 's's putting gas into and take our way came out of nowherere scary moments all caught on surveillance video out county official and the right place at the right time to help.caid the school weaponry the eyebrows wise not going over well with some parents.
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i carried a rifle in iraq and afghanistan, so we wouldn't have to worry about terrorists using them here. but now rob portman's blocking common sense laws to stop terrorists and criminals from getting guns. senator portman said no to background checks on all purchases. even voted to allow people on the terrorism watch list to buy guns. senator portman, i fought to keep america safe...
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she'll call nine one one. average response time? eleven minutes. too late. she keeps a firearm in this safe for protection. but hillary clinton could take away her right to self defense. and with supreme court justices, hillary can. don't let hillary leave you protected with nothing but a phone. the nra political victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. the first presidents debate was the most watch political event in historyry what they can expet from the running mates republican andy and democrat virginia senator tim kane square off for the first and only vice presidential debate this tuesday fox news correspondent has a preview from washington. you can expect this tuesday's vice president debate will look a lot different from what we saw
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hillary clinton virginia senator describes himself as boring. indiana governor mike pence nebulas republican some historically vice president debates have had little real impact on the electionpu other candidate interview just purchasing strategies unfold pence is been a lotes of time going after hillary clinton particularly for her e-mail scandalgo and the appearance of corruption between a state department and the cli about the record. this election is about a choice. people need to think really hard about the record hillary clinton brings.d on the other side expected to force pence to defend many of don trump's controversial statementst of former miss universe contestant a trump criticizedor for gaining weight. run through king says he's
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things worked out this way this post to see you down there tim kane while a bit of a home field advantageu t in this debate they hosted at longwood university in farmville virginiahe the many mt the mate will begin at 9:00 p.m. eastern. m washington gary penny fox news. i do vacation destination in our what's in stored for the new at edgewater we have a safety pleaset are good to be the chams are members of cleveland governors reunited in style last night at the keeps. don't forget brown's legend greg pruitt tomorrow for monday morning running back as he breaks down today's game against the redskins don't miss all the
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summer maybe long gone both fall is just be doing for new and improved edgewater beach. to changing more on the plan should be very degree beachgoers come next year..
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having just the demolished a few days ago this time next year this is the view of the lake they'll be late for visitors who long ago to accustomed to seeing the back end of a cinderblock pavilioneded we work very hard t creating flow cleveland metropark ceo says great care was taken in developing food pellets or greater is for the next 100 years i take what the brand-new two-story be chest will look like in the sits towards the south side of the stand notice the open air pavilionsith on top connecting a bridge under the sure way that leads to the west 76 tree pedestrian tunnel in the detroit sure way neighborhood beyond as he turned into a hundred years celebration we are looking at taking our number from 12 to 15 minutesg on the ten minutes of people come exhibition to
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the trails is always very is down to the beach they are also plans for improved parking.h the question of the well-thought-out project where today's you about the plans for the sunsete we're working to get the best views lori taylor fox 8 news. metroparks is on credit jogged the gop was his to really great food as well also be a fireplace on the second for the beach usus so people can enjoy those core local homeowners are going really a man in uniform coming up and i team report bazaar confirmation caught on camera by local sheriff department is watching an internal investigation. the event of the season after fox it weather teamhe came throh with a beautiful forecast once
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play better 44. dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to live a full life. but living for today doesn't mean forgetting about tomorrow. most people spend more time planning their vacation than they do for retirement. but i like to think of retirement like it's a 30-year vacation. so how are you going to get there? don't worry. it just takes some planning. and i can help. so if you have a question about retirement, ask me. sincerely, bernard tynes
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the eye team has a video that's part the shares apartment internal investigationt t it involves a man initiatives uniform and a dispute between neighbors m the story. i'm just asking near as i member of the sheriff's department cell phone camera rolling a man dresses that county shares deputyern suddenly shows appear scene of an ongoing property dispute between neighbors. deputy involved in this play he told me was you said event take those he was notified your taking that.
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.-period in a moment of your time. people at the home asking questions so is the eye team the county sheriff department doing an internal investigation. the more he spoke i could tell he his he is full of it something was just not right. started not to contact the police departmentan this is has jurisdiction. retired the tide for them please officer harry dance now a special deputy with the sheriff departmentnt physically and unpd debbied given law enforcement power for special assignment the eye team wonderedivfo if anyonee sheriff department headquarters send the special deputy therefore that dispute the phones can planning wonder that two they got that by letter from
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incident report and no record of that special deputyin getting dispatch by the sheriff department.e he can't, he hung out. those residents say evening came back week later as other men worked out. seven and molly are going the protection order against him as investigation plays out. though be stripped of any accreditation or power that he had. it's not clear how long the internal investigation will take over court hearing is set to take place next month on the protection order state lawmakers are stepping in to try and stop the rash of atms smashing grab best. proposed law requires store atms to be secured to the floor. posted of the concrete wall also limit the cash inside the sponsor senator says is all
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we are just very fortunate that there hasn't been a child going and then buying a pack of bubblegumgo and get killed .-period tenafly going to happen. it helps to fast-track this bill look at these rabbits for possibly by the end of this year lawmakers we're also look at: for harsh appendages for those who you vehicles in order to break inho to businesses as this happen my times and northeast our file over the past several months and turning back to whether the rains a moving out for the work week and warmer temperaturess would do have some great temperatures 70s sunshine your headlines look like this one more day of the same thing we had today still have the brakes of sunshine cut intervals at timese you have the spotty showers out there but is just one more day of this beforefo things start to break out will
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sunshine: nights that have the great sleeping weathers and the warm fall days unfortunately we be have another weekend cool down comingy temperatures havea right around 60 degrees our average high 67. is that culprit that brought the clouds and rain with us if have fun the is off to the east high pressure taking control little bit that's why do see some sunshine in the forecast once again tomorrow around this low counterclockwise motionlo we get that wraparound sure those are two mainly in our north eastern area where we will likely see a few spotty showers through the afternoon hours. the showers to teach their work their way to the east i'm looking at a dry night i had up towards michigan still some showers starting to linger over lake huron that's can a be moving on into our area tomorrow
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temperature wise tonight wide range of temperatures dropping rights around the upper 50s like shorts mid 80s but in some 40sr if you live down and akron and canton i do expect temperatures to be rather chile when you wake up tomorrow morning 40sbe to start off your day. like i said you have to dress those kids good fall fashion tomorrow at the busstop.t 57 degre we're at 58 and barberton right now the lake short coming in at 63 will drop to 52 at hopkins tonight partly cloudy skies watch out for a patchy fog you didtc see the rain today the likely have some fog the nighttime hourshe wends out of e north. of whether less unallotted temperatures at 70 degrees.h. close to 70 should be sunday and
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a mix of sun and clouds hour by hour throughout your day tomorrowho will start off with a partly to mainly clear sky. this yet mix of sun and clouds in the day when o'clock in the afternoon mainly eastern areas north eastern spots lots of sunshine expected high pressure builds ands for the remainder of the week. back in the mid 70s lows in the upper 50s a next shot of rain comes to us on saturday late morning and early afternoon hours. thisrn front is bringing cooler air back into the region right around 60 degrees low 40s i went be surprised if we have 30 showing up sunday into monday.
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had to our facebook page middle brown stripe has narrowed. the black begins have advanced what does that mean? literally cold air from the arctic willf surge and get out the shovels and dust archer boots g volleyball forecast is calling for a harsh winter. go to future complete forecast. can you believe it is that time of year from ghost and goblins to pirates and princesses get your trick-or-treat costumeses ready fox 8 has recovered this halloween for complete list of trick-or-treat timeses had to and click on seen on
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terrifying moments captured on camera. still to come and unsuspecting woman run over by a truck how a city leader helped nab the jabber. a man finds himself and quite the predicamentja by losing they keys and into trip to the hospital. bin keep on smiling with dunkin's delicious reese's peanut butter doughnut square. frosted with chocolate lled with reese's peanut butter buttercream. taste the fave you crave today.
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caught on surveillance video north carolina woman was runrv over by a truck while pumping gas you can see the pickup chart as a slams into the car the driver to the pavement please say the driver bobby simmons was under the influence of pain pills they crash happen he is charged with dwi a solo the deadly weapon inflicting seducing s nonserious injury and is expected to make a full recovery.riry the onlt as being on the ground and those meals coming at her. huge real she says. logo county official happen to be nearby saw the entire thing he and others help the suspect when he tried to run off is not a hero he just did what he thought was right to do.
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provocative title and a student score themselves to a zero on five are cousins on my some parents pass? important lesson on race relationsme others say it's not appropriate educational material for public schools.t the said i should be money education and not be a part of some social experiment. weather for our against you have to create those that you can create those without that information.ten the server is based on an ever that's 30 years old but still remains controversial.l. something we all want to do. losing his keys the man tried to break into his own home a knocking at the basement winter
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overnight heavy rain flooded his basement th inching closer and closer to his head is never later got a call and started wondering where he was that's when he went to investigate and found johnny who had been stuck upside downig for 13 hours. the choice fire department was called to rescue the man he was taken to the hospital to be checked out.t. we saw yellow be out there today things are coming a tradition unlike any other and northeast ohio it on is one of fox 8 zone he missed the celebration not to worry we willle take you to fuly bear 44 after the break. another tough loss for the brownsth but the capillary start their preseason this week and
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their sunday's edition of the
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of cool but beautiful and
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often on today's blueberry speaking of their favorite is started with a fundraising ideah and in and zach and now has become the largest one day festival in the nation. the warfare fox 8 8 our own dick from near and far each year for the big eventck it has all the highlights 44th annual wally bear festival. often imitated and sometimes a little misunderstood. the first festival and pray dedicated to abide most of back into for how sunday for the wally bear. a bonanza brown and orange out liberty park but over 300 pom-poms for each of them out
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meteorologist dave goddard at the 1970s it remained a one day i year work out of it will costumes are ultracool.ou for both pets and people. one near i was too late late because i was born in december that's the thing there so much free family fun people keep coming back. what once hundred thousand people and join the musicve mouthwatering food d other festivities. taking my daughter year to see the animals that critters racing in the 500.l what's your secret to getting your catapult to race so quickly greg see him grass r and dirt according to legend the water the brown stripe on the caterpillaren the milder the winter weather.
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no slowing down little john rinaldi on stage the embed check of that ofbe the world better wh sense beginningof unfortunatelyn injury sidelined him this year so other fox a personality stepped in to help out.ot including todd many who came prepared i've been looking at the wends and loss all day. there will always pick up when he gets there the through just as the pray got underway.e with about 300 units this year one of the largest yet. a huge although date couldn't be here his daughter took his place and also shared some good news. she is doing a lot better. he just everyone he really does. fans assured trust and love him.
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speedy recovery and a return to the next. and vermillion suzanne streicher at fox 8. plenty of fox 8 places includin some from awakening clear big thanks to our own browne bunny more from today's festival just head over to so much fun and well wishes take a look at this. the people lined up for a very long time i hear the line was really long. a people signing this huge par that h will be delivered to dick goddard very soon a lot of get well wishesk too many to read some reading get well soon we missed you. get well good luck. come back next year was see you next year just a huge outpouring
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officially hundred people sign this. it's completely silent on the other side as well all these people lining up we hope is watching tonightth they want you backwa here soon as he can tella lot h of people all over northet ohio love you and miss you. they gang is back together and cleveland. to think they calves are donec celebrating an nba championship think again what i'm them par up next and sports they calves the first time since when the mba title plus a huge day for the d cleveland indians how the starts online for them and the lovable browns fumbled away moving chance of victory picture m of how it all unfolded
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers.
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a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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stephen cohen is taking break from basketballl members of the team took the night off to ten san pablo tour that made a stop by quicken loans arenaa they started and a sweet then move down to the floor to enjoy the concert with other fans afterwards lebron james and a fewn others got to take pictures with the start of the thompson and their the still on sign jr smith we're also in attendance. two weeks ago it was a block extra point last week as a missed philco at the end of regulation today it was three straight turnovers that cost the browns a chance at another went wash washington jumped out of
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are gets his first nfl touchdown receptiondr that ties the game d 14 the browns had a three-point made in the second halfhe and ae to bread to the turn the ball over at three consecutive possessions that open door for the redskins washington beats cleveland 31-20 down 14 in the first quarter they guys five backn we just kept fighting and working hard getting oursel making the plays at the end. my come johnson's first correct care in the national football league was a big want's and a costly one at happen and the third quarter isaiah crowell need a break to johnson evaluated for a concussion you jackson calls johnson's numberoh fumbles inside the redskins 25-yard line washington recovers and the browns never recovered
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can't turn the ball over the last three series late in the third quarter in the fourth quarter think wee had three in a row. to me that's where they game turned went the other way. one thing the browns did not do sunday abandon the run in fact they went as they qualifies as a rush for 112 yards and a touchdown he also had a prayer section for 22 yardsd a he's alo the first brown's player to record only 60 rushing yardsds n each of the teams games sons ernest back in 1985. is the team i three rushing touches.s with all kinds of good news kid day they won't have debated for tremendous. the news going for the sweep of the kansas city royals in the third inning they welcome back c
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with a two run home run his ninth of the year. eighth inning game tied at two francisco feds a deep fly ball that's cop by f orlando carlos santana says from third and thet indian sweep the royals 3-2 they officially eliminated from the postseason on sundayt should boston was hosting toronto try to the whiskey singled in the eighth winning to break a 1-0 time t the blue jays hang boston 2-1 toronto are in the right to host the baltimore orioles the one-game playoff starting on tuesday.y. on thursday and friday games three and four will be in boston on sunday and monday if necessary game five will be back in clevelandf on wednesday the area of the us by the way of best-of-five series. the band was back together for the first time since winning the
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hosted the wide angle angled scrimmage lebron sent set out the scrimmage ng it will be bact practice and for strength monday the new guy and they cast lineup my family didn't make time if impressiontt he went 5-6 for the day finish 15-point see what thw only one lighting it up from outside kaz by the way hosting orlando magic on wednesday their preseason debut of busy day for cleveland sports a busy week for cleveland sportsay in e indians will be on home on thursday. everything lined up. we we're also the year on that sunday. fog around tomorrow morning
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the northeast and community will get rid of it all altogether tuesday wednesday and thursday friday and sunshine and 70s.
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i lost to the browns the preseason starts but cavaliers this week in a playoff start thursday's efforts address as though the rizzo show starts right now. welcome to the home feel edition of the rizzo show so much to talk about tonight my partner as might program junior and resident comedian what a big day for the indians today as they get home get in the divisional series again. were all excited to talk about the browns let's take a minute. the city is because that's the


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