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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  WJW  October 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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and open the postseason at progressive field, paswan the four games to do and the indians won for the last six and scrubbed the season-ending series in kansas city on boston got swept by the blue jays and lost five of the last six games allowed the tribeg to clinch home-field, in this short series, the indians have the beste home record in the american league a 53 and 28, comes down to is gam five that would be at progressive here is the complete schedule, for the alds games, game one half is thursday at 8:08 p.m., and then a short turnaround for game two on
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4:38 p.m. it goes to boston for game three sunday at fenway park, at 4:08 p.m. and gave four will be monday in boston, and then a deciding game five d. back in cleveland on wednesday october 12. trevor bauer will start with the tribe, red sox with rick marcello, then a pair of former cy young winners and
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tickets to this week schemes have sold out,, you can still g tickets through brokers, they won't last , as lorrie taylor is outside progressive field to explain . major league baseball of the lack of uncertainty has determine how fast tickets sold, if you want to see one of the games, thursday or friday, the weigel on,e local broker says expects his tickets to be sold out by tomorrow afternoon. business is good at amazing
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website, is swamped with baseball loving visitorsrs , that the indians have clinched home-field advantage in america league division series, mark lyon says fans are showing up big bucks to see the tribes first two games against the boston red sox on thursday friday.s just to get inside, standing room only tickets around $35 the $75 $65 reserves e as much as 125 per ticket lower-level sates close to the infield for $250. front row, over the dugout, and expect to spend close to $700 for one of the best seats in00 the house and typically cost about $250, and those who like to
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the american league championshi series, that inflated price of $700 for a great seeing costs closer to $1,500 for the deeper the indians go, the more that we expect those price to increase, if we have a potential fifth deciding game wednesday, october 12 i can see prices double that. we have a great weather forecastst, such as about guarantees that his tickets wil go as people will come out to see them try fans love to see baseball during great weather, so again, if you want to see th game, at the window to buy tickets at a high price, is closing statement it will be
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we will have you covered every step of the championship during starting thursday with game one and all the way through the 2,016th world series at you can watch on fox 8te. what does our weather look like for game on wednesday? >> what can we expect tonight and tomorrow? >> we got clouds, sunshine just a gorgeous early october day, the first monday of the month we've gota pretty uniform temperatures with near 70. color spots with a very light variable wind and it will be called overnight tonight we di have an upper-level disturbance roducing a few spotty showers,
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at some great weather for the woolybear festival , intimates forecast, it will be mostly clear, some patchy fog possible with a very light breeze, overnight lows in the low to mi 50s. tomorrow it will be our with around mid '70s , average joe colozza sunshine. >> some changes coming coming up in the 8 -day forecasp more uncovered about the fatal hit-and-run crash on one
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fighting my out more about were blamed for the crash, cour records show the driver had her one, one woman dead and another injured, looking at clark justin,lo went before a cleveland judge to face charges fornt the say that he plowed into two women changing a flat tire on 480 interstate, tanisha matthew died, he took off a police report showed a witness followe himimto he was found a short s distance away, he said that he was under the influence and als had heroin, bond set att $350,000. another wall and injured taken to the hospital is in fai condition, also looking at his driving record, he had a valid license but see what else we found out coming up fox 8 news at 5:00 p.m., and where there
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>> ohio patrol investigating a shooting at a rest stop along i-71 in delaware county , the man was walking back to his car whe a suspect shot him six times, was chased into richland county where did piercy turned the gun on himself, the college of a statement said that the shooting victim as a first-year student from wisconsin, listed in critical condition, the college invited grief counselors today you can hear more of this story at fox >> three year cents the state executeded a death row inmate b the moratorium could end soon, the part of correction said tha they have not put them want to death since 2014 becauseec of a shortage in the drugs used for lethal injections,s, during a court hearing today, mike dewine office announced that execution will resume in early 2,017th using a new three drug combination, a lawyer and the
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the new execution policy will b announced at the end of the week. three middle school girls in trouble with police, westlake chief says that there behind scary clown social media postings threatening schoolssa >> police say charges will be filed against them, maia belay has more on that story. >> and they said charges will b filedd against girls, charged with inducing panic,c, you can say that scary clown asked him my theologians, the text says that we are coming for you guys, says he's slick middle school monday also threatens elementary and high school, is as stop reporting us or it will get worse,, someone tipped them off of the three girls on facebook now police are sending a messag that this type of behavior is >> this is a dinnertable conversation, while for their
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this will discuss this with their kids and say that this is hows quickly that this can get out of control. they say it's not about punishment but to keep all of the studentse aware that this is unacceptable.e. from the basketball court to the political arena, lebron james's as the person who needs to go to dc isn hillary clinton. >> a day after he made endorsement public, he continue to speak out about why he believeshe she is the better choice over donald trump as jennifer jordan joins us. says it is a no-brainer, announcing his decision to endorse hillary clinton and an op ed published on this is an insider sunday evening, he wrot that his endorsement decision came down to a few factors including his friendship with
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obama.f we have become really good friends andr from day one i've just always liked his vision and especially from hud standpointt and i believe hillary clinton can continue that legac that barack obama has done over the lastclh eight years and obviously you guys know how important my cue to service is especially my hometown and that's a meeting point.for >> he made that comment after center hillary clinton think about his comments when boardin a plane to go to toledo this morning, a producer asked about the endorsement and she was heard to say that it is great and gave a thumbs up, once in toledo she had more to sayt. >> i am so thrilled that lebron james as endorsed me and the as endorsed me and the , and this afternoon i
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so much for the kids and not unity, it is a deep personal commitment that he has, and i share with him ars. we both believe every single child should have the chance to live up to their god-given potential.sih >> lebron james has spent a significant amount of time and money building up his hometown of akron, mentoring inner-city students and for many to pay college tuition through the lebron james family foundation, only candidate who understands the struggles of an akron child born into poverty. he says our country needs a president who willco bring the country closer together and believes that she is that person. from a sports world perspective it is not get any bigger than lebron james, get the impression that maybe he will show up in akron tonight for her, orgem in the future
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there today because they had back-to-back practice that his people are in contact with her people and plans to make an appearance along the campaign trail within the next several weeks. >> i think it is good when celebrities get out there and a least talk about it because no matter what side you are onab i reminds the younger voters to get out the vote, no matter wha side you are on. and hopefully he will inspire lots of young people toho get o to vote. election day is 35 days away and on ohio early votingaw agai next week the deadline to register is tuesday october 11, early voting absentee voting by mail begins wednesday october you can go to your board of elections to vote in person, weekdays and select weekends until monday number seven the deadline to request an absentee ballot is saturday november fiftsre must be postmarked by
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november 8.en >> you can watch tomorrow night vice presidential debate, on fos democratic nominee tim kaine will debate republican vp nominee mike pencene the debate will be at longwood university in virginia, tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. scheduled to last about 90 minutes stuck around after words for special edition
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maybe went to the woollybear yesterday and a fall festival to the couc or pumpkinsa, so many photos on social media of people taking photos of hayrides and pumpkins. water temperature near 70. you can see wave heights are relaxed because of the light breeze. temperatures in the teens, near 70 and hopkins. will take the call couple fall air it was cooler
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upper-level disturbances affectingth new york, erie pennsylvania, especially near lake ontario, the next weathermaker is way up there mainly moving due north take several days to get year, we have lots of sunshine and will be above normal temperature for the next several days and showe free until saturday the next on chance of a severe thunderstorm watches in the plains states and weather conditions in the rockiesdi, colorado has freeze watch is near montana stop. weather advisories and portions of idaho and wyoming, and you have heard about hurricane matthew. a strong category four, winds of 140 mph moving towards cuba and bahamas just o the outskirts of florida. but not going to hear off fast
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near the carolinas and approaching virginia beach area later this week and the coming weekend. mid- 50s tonight, clear and some patchy fog tomorrow, and with the sunshine tomorrow and warmer temperatures, mid 70s. the average is 67. these are about ten above norma through friday for friday night touchdown.
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started with a fundraising idea and an insect and has become the largest one-day festival in the nation >> fans of the woollybear, fox 8 and dick goddard, each year to the big event, suzanne stratford has the highlights of the 44th annual woollybear festival. often imitated and sometimes misunderstood worlds first festival and pray dedicated to a bug,l came back into vermilion ohio sunday for the 44th annual woollybear festival.un it was a bonanza brown and orange colors at liberty park. started by fox 8 neurologist dick goddard in the 1970s, being the one day each year
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costumes are ultracool for both pets and this is my fourth year. >> old are you. >> five. there is so much free family fun, that people keep coming back, with once again over 100,000 people in attendance to enjoy the good food and festivities. >> my favorite part take my daughter here to see them.n >> and of course, there are the critters, racing and the woollybear 500 race.r >> according to legend, the wider of the brown stripe on the caterpillar, the louder the winter weather. he was really fast now he's getting slower. >> and little john
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big chuck have been at every woollybear withn dick goddard since the beginning, but an injury has sidelined dick goddard this year, so another fox 8 personality stepped in.s todd meany came prepared. with about 300 trade units yet. decoder cannot be here but his daughter kim shared some good news. >> he isd c doing a lot better and he trusts everybody. >> and the fans or do trust and miss him , sending the well wishes a speedy recovery and return w to the next
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in vermilion, suzanne stratford fox 8 news. >> if you ever seen a card this big with this many signaturesg? there is the backside that is covered completely with even more signatures. it was so nice to see the thousands of people show up to si card for dick goddard, we know that you would have been there if you cut it, and we wish you afw speedy recovery from hip surgery from last week st is done all those well wishes go a long way, and we arel wishing them well and we know he is thrilled that so many people came out toll wish him well and to have
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next year we will see him back out there
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it will be about ten above normal andd it will get cooler you get these warmer trends then goes back down it is also typical to have the e cool overnight and warmer days. it also helps for the foliage
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the next two-three weeks. get some pictures amateur local park or backyards and upload this toto fox currently 69 degrees cleveland andf wooster. we also have new philadelphia around 70 degrees stop going to be a lot of sunshine in storego for us overnight skies will be clearing out stuff tomorrow, about five or 6 degrees
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campaign stop in ohio today including a stop to encouragein voter registration tonight. dave nethers joins us and maybe a special guest . >> no confirmation of any special guest will stop we are at the goodyear hall and theater onn the goodyear headquarters macro. you can say that people are their arrival in speech of hillary clinton about 5:45 p.m. after an earlier appearance today in toledo. ohio is still a tossup between hillary clinton and donald trump, with voter registration deadline fast approachingilil , today, in toledo, her remarks were directed towards corporate america in . outlining a proposed tax code that levels the
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working-class and the super wealthy, and reach out to there working class voters her support fore increase in the minimum wage in support of family leave. recently, it has been publicized that her campaign believes they can win the electionc, even if theyct do not win ohio, but today's campaign stop suggesting otherwise. 2,009, you were in the eye of the storm. jobs, homes, savings were wiped out. the to the verge of collapse, a lot of people, ready to give up. that what i meant giving up on it and 50,000 people across the state, whose jobs were tied to the industry. p donald trump said that rescuing the auto industry do not matter much at the time of the worst of financial crisis in ohio in 2,009.
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let you twist and fall. hillary clinton, arrival in akron comes after we reported earlier, her high profile endorsement by lebron james is. no confirmation if he would be with her tonight, h the magic that isth on the minds of some who have come here, o she is reaching out to who have been declared independent, with a close margin, this razor thin margin, between her and donald trump, they will both need to record independent vote to win this state. we hear that he will not be there tonight because of back-to-back
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>> but perhaps, in three days they could connect on stage, thank you dave nethers from akron., as the democrats found donald trump of his taxes, the focus was shifted to policy issues if elected. >> cyber theft is the fastest growing crime in the us, by far, as present in improving cyber security with the and the media and top priority. >> says the nation needs to use boost cyber security because the nation is underer constant attack from foreign powers lays out a plan for full review ofof cyber security plans was thinking to veterans in virginia today andrew chris'srns for comments regarding veterans and ptsd are the same speech. wonder if a nameless
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as peggy gallek has more of what is being donene to make sure that this does not continue happening. east cleveland has four ambulancesea, this past weekend there were all broken down and they had tohihi depend on nearby towns were held, east cleveland mayor gary norton says theea city continues to have problems with pickles and equipment, they purchased and amulets lastui year but on thursday it had mechanical problems and needed prepareded , and the other three, including to east cleveland by nearby city,ing the said they had to depend on mutual aidde to handle the ambulance calls this past weekend. >> our economy in the city does not generate enough revenue to run a functioning freestanding cityfu in the state anymore, and for the year and half we have been proposing to people the challenges faced andb we put that into the contextcome after a while they might not be
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the mbs takes too long, but it might be if there is one that would arrive at all. >> he said that one needs to be fixed in back on the road the scene tomorrow should be ready tomorrow in just a few hours, oakwood village donated the otherag ambulance to east cleveland, the hope that because of the extrala equipment they won't have again. bicycle shop on the rank of closing burglarized three times >> money as a story, their losses are adding up. >> of nearly $30,000 the shop owner has reported more than two dozen vintage bikes have been stolen over the last three months. is at thel simpler times vintage bicycle gallery on west 25th street the most recent break-in the door ht was smashed in and a report states that eightoo
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they say that more and computer equipment were stolen in august andtre another break-in in july of these are photos of some of the missing bikes. which often end upupbrm resold on the streets. store owner calvin pace says thats he try to buy back a stolen bike and finally got it back with a policeman got involved. you talk about a small business we do not in that much profit the first place. and, are in the whole, losing 10,000 per month i'm not even making 10,000 per monthl ago i am digging a hole . he says he is frustrated by the lack of arrest and follow-up that allows these tests to continue, after all of the shop for years he says he may have to close and leave
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kim kardashian making headlines again tonight. here's lou maglio with a look at what is justin. >> hollywood starlet rod in paris at gunpoint they made off with
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jewelry, kim kardashian west is back after the robbed at gunpoint in paris, her husband kanye west stopped a newark show for a emergency over the weekend a spokesman says that she has shaken but unharmed after the thieves stole the valuables, but continuing to investigate, they say they have no idea if she was targeted. they gave a thumbs-up when asked about her daughter when she arrived in new york many of the t socialite friends and family arrived in nyc to comfort her they see that so far no arrests
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evacuations underway in coastal regionsay of jamaica and notary public for, 13,000 had to move to higher ground, melissa myers joins us with a closer look at the weather. way to track her katie matty because of the eastern seaboard potential and impact next weekend, show you. it was a great day to be it cedar point.. tenders will be about five to 10 degrees above normal for this first week of october next
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every child today 67, when between five and ten we had that upper-level low that rob is clouds last week and some are much more of the mason-dixon 81 degrees kansas city. in new york the upper-level disturbance weakening and we have the showers in the northern plains iraqis and some snowfall at the correlations the next rainfall chances
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hurrricane arthur, affecting jamaica, cuba into the bahamas, tricks kinko's and a good chance of hitting the carolina coastline this weekend and affecting new england next week. tomorrow and sunshine through friday. a great week for football and then lowered temperatures from a front saturday and sunday could be some sprinkles with highs in the upper 50s sunday, browser looking for their first victory after losing in dc sunday. >> are looking for another center, as j.t.
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>> also rider suffered an acl injury in his season is done, the team eyesight and others center by the meantime john greco will play center, some things to be excited about, trailer park and choose to show his talent with thatabab td reception, but the team is not good enough to overcomeme three straight turnovers, malcolm johnson fumble, the duke johnson fumble and thehn, cody kessler interception, jackson said that it one quarter the way into the season it isis not the position he expected the team to be in,n even with all the rookies and second-year players. i know a lot of people look at our football team with lots of young players and lots of injuries and to me i want to give them credit becauseii they're fighting, and i think
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there tails off, contrary to belief were not rolling over in saying uncle.. >> it does not any easier sunday the winless browns versus patriots come in time for tome brady his return from the four-game suspension with the kickoff atom 1:00 p.m. at first energy. is week seven of friday night touchdown, on friday october 7, will see special guest is natalie herbick.t i will cover a couple of games on the sidelines and then join , j.t., p.j. in danny coughlin studio with week seven cucina friday
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and lovely, a league of their own, with tom hanks, his character
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crying in baseball. but there is kissing in baseball and sometimes it is caught on camera, yesterday was the final game at turner field in atlanta so fans were there to kiss it goodbye including former president jimmy carter and former first ladydy rosalynn carter, who were caught on the kiss-cam, as you can see, after some years of marriage, they had world to see if. ryan moore tap in put helped team usa when the ryder cup since 2,008, they wasted no time to
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champagne , while teammate celebrated, one player lookedea a bit lonely. rickie fowler, he was flying solo, as his teammates, locked lips with their wives. anybody who has been a
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eastlake police, cracking down on creepy clowns. >> they found the people using clown pictures on social media, it turns out that
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to several schools as maia belay is at the police station with more details.s people said that they were freaked out by thesel scary posted by 36th grade school girls who will be charged with producing panic, by the end of the the posting back at them and so much trouble, you can see a scary clownth next to life emerges, the tech says that we arere coming for you guys, eastlake also threaten the elementary and high school says to stop reporting ussa or it will get worse, there were tipped off to the three girls on facebook and the police said a clear message that this behavior is illegal. >> this is definitely dinnertable conversation. hopefully the parents that see this or hear about this will discuss this with their children and say that this is how quickly that this is out of
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punishment, but to teach all the students that this behavior is unacceptable, we shout to the school superintendent to see if they could be expelled but so far no word got the police chief says the girls were having a sleepover,th only can't in hatch the idea but it is not funny to them >> the i-team uncovered more about a hit-and-run crash this weekend on one of the busiest highways,s this morning the suspects face a judge, ed gallek is here with the latest. find out more about the drugs, troopers blaming drugs in the crash court records show the driver had heroin, a woman dead and another hurt , looking at clark justen, but before a judge today to face


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