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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  October 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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mrs. badger or. records show voicemail to ems and unable to modify ems, troopers transferred after t five minutes, woman died after the crash, just the latest delay to get a call to cleveland ems. we recently solve the problem with a medical emergency att fox 8, a caller on hold more than f asked about the emergencycy ems dispatcher finally spoke to the police call taker. the dispatchers, her in one room in this building. so how is it that sometimes it takes several minutes withom them to make contact with each other in the same room benchmark the i-teamhe has learned that union leaders have been
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officials to determine if there is not a better way to get help more quickly d >> he can say that's all the system is supposed to work.c >> correct. >> the city says staffing is a problem , they have scrambled to fill openingssc for ems dispatchers, and they plan to have fire dispatchers handled more calls t t. within a year new software streamlines the entire process our goal is to make it a one-stop emergency. you call and we will create the incident andndcy the computer will routed to the correct dispatcher. hit-skip or medical emergency, the call could end up delayed even after someone answers cleveland 911. the city needed with fire dispatchers tomorrow, it may take several weeks to get that new ems dispatchers trade and put on their ownon. the new computer system
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union already raising concerns about policee call takers handlingli medical calls. this is not something to happen overnight. model lanai, but made worse because of months ago that again handling allad o hard line and soulful 911 calls, so a dramatic increase in the number of callsh and the ems unit says the call takers are often forced to work overtime just to keep midland staffing fox 8 this morning in court as a man faces charges were a crash is a clark justen was hot on her oneee and charged with improper handling of a weapon in a vehicle at 70 convictions including two for
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they see the alexander melchert was walking back to his carth when shot six times. college of woosterer issued a statement said that he is a first-year student from wisconsin, he was listed in critical condition at the hospital they invitedd brief counselors to the campus today down on creepy clowns down those responsible using social media turns out through girls are behind the threats to several schools as maia belay reports on thisisroro disturbing case. people were freaked out by the scary clown many had no clue that there were three sisk bear grylls behind
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>> social media firestorm landing three sisk bear grylls in trouble, these postings at the center of the controversy one post and set that for you and he also said to stop reporting us because it get worse.. this one enough to know what they were doing and they should be , i think that they should be expelled. >> she said that her 11-year-old knows one of the girls, bath police they are behind the should not think that they would go that far has to put a threat like that >> they'll be charged with inducing panic, he wants personnel that a post like this can change a child's life. this is a dinnertable conversation, you have to, if you see this or read about this to discuss this withth your kids to say that this is so quickly that this can get out of control,yo y says that she is already
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what is happening, people dress like clowns so we take them like killer clowns or someone having fun dressing up trenton hopefully, at the school and in the qt, that the resolution of this is as viral as the incident >> the police want to send a clear message that these threats will be taken seriously that thesee are not legal. these girls may be suspended, or expelled is still waiting on calls back from the school administrator. a new cnn show's hillary clinton regained a five-point lead over donald trump after last weeks debate, topping him as for a seven wintry precip, when the biggest leadsve we have seen this
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making campaign stops inba toledo and akron is where she is currently at the a goodyear theater, was on stage at the goodyear theater let's listen them. colorado today she claims that he really use the loss to avoid paying taxes, well, that just shows that he is the poster boy , the poster boy, for the same rate system that he would make even worse stuffhe think about it he paid zero for about 20 years we believe.or >> based on what we know it is advocating for a huge tax cut to help him and his family even morecu does he want us to pay him for losing money
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>> really? but you know ... you know ... there is a lot more to the story, and we are just slowlyy getting this into the public eye. we know that he has stiffed people, do not that he tookot bankruptcy, depending on you can call forba or six times, we know that he paid no taxes were probably 20 years stop we don't know what his taxes with the after that. he only talks about how he could not release his tax because he is under audit, but not everything for 2,009 is under audit such as release up until 2,009
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she is criticizing her opponent donald trump they are running virtually neck and neck some indicate that he is ahead and she announced earlier that she won the endorsement of lebron lames.ed got some raucous cheers for that and will have the entire speech streaming at fox lebron james says that she is the main person to lead the country memory support of her four children in need. >> from the basketball court to the political arena, lebron james says it was a no-brainer to exclusively announce his decision endorse hillary clintonn in an op-ed published sunday evening, said that he the decision came down to factors including his friendship with barack obama. is >> we have become good
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just like his position especially from a cutie standpoint i believe that she can continue the legacy. >> lebron james said that his return here was not just about basketball but to provide more for the children of akron and believes that the candidate to do that is none other than hillary clinton. >> kids are the future, i believe that brock started it and i believe that she's going to continue edrt, so i'm all about community. >> the former of state said she was thrilled about the endorsement as she boarded a plane to go to ohio. said this about his endorsement. a de piero he has my share of believe every child should have the chancev to growth of their god-given
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lebron james remained unable to attend the event enacted because of his taxes can do but he plans to join her on the campaign trail and that is the works and what they look attorney general gave the foundation is not registered has 30 days to file the paperwork law sure that the foundation had no label the nation to a political group in florida, the trump spokesman says his concern that the new look attorney general, a democrat,onhe maybe politically motivated post onli tomorrow night, the vice presidential candidate square off in the vp debate,ic tim
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pence, in virginia beginning at 9:00 p.m. and to last about 90 minutes you can watch it right here on fox 8. talk about the tribe is drawn finally clinching home-field advantage in the alds series against the red sox now we know when n as j.t. play is your break it all down.t. that it is most american leg that's right home and take advantage of that versus the beantowners, trevor bauer will start game one and corey kluber will be starting game two against the red sox,, versus rick porcello and david price, the indians won the most games at home in the american league and that will m a in handy later thise
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times for the first three games start the complete schedule of the alds,, game one, thursday, asas italy pm progressive field and then canton friday, at 4:30 p.m. and then to boston for game three sunday and then what, 48:00 p.m.m. and if necessary, game four will be in boston in a descending game five will be back here in cleveland on wednesday october 12 startee the indians are the least of thee wild-card teams the cubs have the best odds fans point.toward the cavaliers, who trailed warriors in the final and they managed to do
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if you like to go to the game, the price of tickets is doubled for the cheap seats in triple for the front rows, lorrie taylor joins us. >> business is good at amazing tickets mayfield village, website, is swamped with baseball loving visitors. because her so m are crazy. the indians have clinched the home-field advantage in the american league division series. owner mark klang says fans are shelling out big buckss to see the tribes first two games against the boston red sox on thursday and friday. standing room only tickets that typically
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closer to $75, the $65 seats in the upper level behind home plate are now going for as much as $25, lower level seats usually run about hundred dollars are closer to $250. front row over the dugout, from $700 up to 20 and those who like to abandon events inflated price of the $700 cost and closer to $15. the more we expect those prices to increase deeper into the season,
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fifth and deciding game a week from wednesday i could see prices as doubled. >> they say if you find yourself dealing with someone you don't not know much about themea before you buy, go to the bbb website, that could save you lots of money. championship series we could pay of two $1,500 square that's what mark klang tells me, the head to that point., people would pay anythingthth. a final homecoming, city five years in the
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looking outside, it has been a beautiful day. we had some morning fog, and lies just majori clients, sunshine. ready for marriage upper 70s about five to 10 degrees above normal later i the highest sonu on a low of 5252, the above normal the high is 67 the average flow is 49,
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to be all about high pressure grabbed his 60s, and 70s lascaux in kansas city almost 80 degrees stop the next threat of rain, we will be shower high pressure, steve sotloff start or storm warnings and advisorie in wyoming colorado and the central plains states that hurricane matthew perfecting bahamas jamaica and skirting
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and north or south carolina. take a long time from the system to make its way here with a few showers possible saturday on saturday, so apache fog sunshine for your football games that will be dry mild. saturday return into the upper 50s. brands find themselves in a leg of their own after another
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we know when the indians will playay in the alds. >> that has been solved, the first three games the times are locked
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that the indiansck know. whalebone the season, here is the complete schedule for the alds game on, thursday at 8:08 p.m. and progressive and then a game friday at 4:38 p.m. and then to boston for their game sunday at fenwaye june 4 will be monday in bostonon, then game five if needed to be in cleveland institute october 12. browser looking for their first win today the got some tough news again and parting ways with another player. >> awesome writer, who played well at center,
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acl injury, and competencies, almonte bryandt,i, weighed by the team, the cut their ties and the browns are looking for that first progress can be measured solely in wins and losses they came close to breaking through but still misfiringng . cody kessler wants to make it clear that is not like they are dealing with bad breaks and can just simply breakthrough. it is executing to finish the game and coach jackson, just preach about finishing game and they part of us offensively is to get a deposition would have worked hard the whole game need to execute the finish. the cavaliers did some business today >> they added a point.guard, tony douglas was signed to the the third point.guard on the
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hardwood independence for the first exhibition game for this weekend at the q so they will test themselves against other teamsek. >> and they will take it a bit easy on kyrie irving, he had a full slate with the olympics without. the olympics colozza wear and tear on his mpdy, in preseason, just to b slowly and then pick it up as the season progressesi >> and we will see you tonight at 10:00 o'clock. >> a bad time to have a o'dical emergency and one eastern suburb as their entire fleet of entrances are out of service with are doing
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and local seawater emptyty aimless will come and they dial 911 they were without a working ambience for most the weekend. >> peggy gallek has more on what's been done to make sure that this not continue.s ne is cleveland has four ambulances, this weekend, all four were broken down and they had to depend on the other cities were help.nn >> many things keep up the mirror of his cleveland and i am kept up and not by many
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feeling as without the ambulance service. >> is clear the mayor gary norton says the city continues to have problem with vehicles and equipment and this weekend waslth challenging because all four of the inferences were broken down. it's our obligation as a city to take care of our own emergency. >> but the fire chief rick wilcox says the cannot do that this weekend. >> areh your ambulance had a power issue, was not getting power from the battery to computer. >> the three other ambience is broke down including one recently donateded by nearby city. of concern for our residents and anybody passing by you may have a medical emergency. >> they had to ask others for help. >> since they were without an ambulance they had to rely on others to provide an ambulance eight times this weekend.ov
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they hope that they take the steps to make sure that this does not continue.h is very scary not to have an ambulance , you have people sick all over, and i am sick i might need one and i can't call because they don't have one..m my concern is the reputation of the city and nothing i can do about that, justci to hope and pray. >> this weekend, fire trucks responded to emergency calls and stayed with those who needed help, as they waited for the mutual d el ambulances to arrive they say that one should be back on the road today and tomorrow tomorrow and just a few hours ago, oakwood village donated another ambulance to his cleveland. do you recognize this woman, the marion county sheriff wants to hear
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shawn grate committed to killing the woman of years ago remains are found in 2,007 but not identified said that a previous sketch of her was not accurate. >> for your sense and ohio execution, attorney general mike dewine says protocol for a new three drug cocktail will be released l at the end of the week the department corrections, as a shortage of drugs used for lethal injectionss about a dozen states, where executions have been stalled gazelle difficulties to get dependable a clear the bicycle shop is on the brink of closing after being burglarized three times three months as matt matt wright explains how the losses are adding up, m and simpler times vintage bicycle gallery to find classic bicycles
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>> these are like works of art to us. >> and is bn stolen month after month, the shop has beenth burglarized three times in july with dozens of bicycle stolen, kelvin tate says valued at nearly $30,000. we are losing, losing $10,000 a month and i'm digging a deep hole >> is getting deeper with the latest break-in the police repo stolet a more bicycles after smashing in the front door . >> ripped the front door of the hinges look like the incredible hulk could come intoi the shop photo shows some of the missing box that often end up resold on theg streets, he recovered this bicycle after it was spotteded the offer to buy back his own bike and then got it for free when a policeman stepped
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>> say people break-in and every time and they're getting away with it >> is frustrated by the lack of arrest >> .tried to mounted police, we need to police, but a better jo job, and little follow-up. if he feels like a sitting duck for trying to stay afloat but it is like a ship that takes on watere but we can only stay afloat for so long. now considers moving out of cleveland to keep his business open, include them, matt >> presumed dead after the japanese attack on pearl harbor in >> 75 years later, the navy has identified the remains ofie a local sailor, the jack shea joins us. generations of his family have waited decades to bringng him home, and now they can thanks to modern science.
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please do not worry about my safety because i am safe and happy, the japanese are only bluffing and we would, clean up on them.w 19-year-old rudy piskuran wrote that letter to his parents in elyria, eight days before the japanese attacked pearl harbor. he was a llama on board the uss oklahomaa last thing going below deck to retrieve records out of the ship was hit by a torpedo, the capsized when hit by another torpedo attack,ed rudy piskuran was presumed to be one of thehe 409 on board who died but his remains were never positively identified. o o grateful memory of rudy piskuran who died in service of his country at pearl harbor, attachedh uss oklahoma, seven december 1941, he stands in the unbroken line of patriots who have dared dye their freedom might live and
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and signed by franklin delano roosevelt, president of the united states of smerica.a. for the past five years, generations of his family pay tribute to him on every december 7 and if they would ever give him a fitting burial >> i was fascinated and i had this great pride in the country and i'm sorry but it is yourself emotional.idi >> in april, the navy notified the family that a comparison of dnaav, with that taken from the bones of a sailor from oklahoma confirmed thatfrfr they were the remains of rudy piskuran his brother whoho had joined the navy to follow the brothers footstepshh had waited 75 years revenues he died a month later. >> it was closure for my dad and he never got over rudy he talked about him every time i h talked m he about rudy and what a great guy he
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later rest at st. mary's cemetery with full military honors. >> even though he has been gone since that day in 1941,e his legacy can be felt in the generations that follow, inspired by his service and sacrifice, a number of family members volunteered to serve. >> it is immense pride, in my uncle, and in my country . he was the first native of in elyria to die at pearl harbor, any others followed his lead in volunteered to fight the war,nn the ceremony at st. mary's cemetery is open to the public.. group of ohio officers getting
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fa her father, danville officer thomas cottrell in january, shot and killed on the job, saturday was homecoming and the dental officers gave the girlsls in their dates and police escort to the dance. >> want you to forever know that we are with you always. >> he not be here physically but he is inin parks and that's what counts. they say a way to show the family that the denver police department will always stand by
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to rivals joining forces, bass pro shops isis by cabela's for five half-billion dollars, cabela's has 85 stores with 19,000 employees bass pro shops has 20,000 employees in 99 stores the word if the deal might need closure of some locations thehet stores recently opened a new one in avon not too long ago. >> is her with a idea and an insect in his recount the largest nation. they come here and for each year for the big event.. suzanne stratford has highlights of the 44th woollybear festival.ts often imitated and sometimes misunderstood of the worlds first and parade dedicated to about those backend for
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woollybear festival. >> bonanza of brown and orange at liberty park from started by fox 8 neurologist dick goddard in the 70s , it remains a one day a year that caterpillar costumes are ultracool for both pets and people.pist there is so much free family fun, and people keep coming back with once again over 100,000 in attendance to enjoy the food and festivities. >> my favorite part is to see the animals, take my daughter to see the of course, the
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what is your secret to get your caterpillar to rasul quickly.t >> defeating grass and .irt >> according to the ledge in the water the stripe on the caterpillar of the winter lil' john rinaldi on stage, he in big chuck have been at every woollybear withthin dick goddard since the beginning, but and injury sidelined dick goddard this year, so others stepped in including todd meany cl.e prepared i been looking at the winds aloft olde 8. the sun broke through as the parade got underway. about 300 units, this year one of the largest. the dick goddard cannot be here, his daughter took his place
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>> is doing a lot better and he trusts everybody, he really does.s >> and they trust and love him. they send him well wishes for a speedy recovery,,y return to the next woollybear mixture. suzanne stratford fox 8 news. lie to say thank you to everybody who took the time to stop by and sign that huge get well card for him. is just packed with well wishes and
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i saw him friday you sent saturday and was getting well and getting stronger every day >> is in good spirits and working very hardd to get back on his feet. it has been a great day and the rest of the weeka looking fantastic and cedar point, halloweekends is going friday saturday sunday is. pleasant fall pattern is in store will startis with temperatures above normal talk about the next chance of rainfallt
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how consistent five. under any partly cloudy sky. left with the north wind and a cooler. the official high above normal. we had a really good shower this morning.l will have mostly clear skies and the conditions for several days thiso is the next weathermaker is so wintery weather in the rockies.
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quite some time because ofnt high pressure at the surface. it will be blockaded. until saturday. so until then we will be rainfree. this is the matthew figgie jamaica, haiti and cuba with a foot of rain, it appears moving through the bahamas. into the weekend, it could skim or hit the carolinas. had to watch thena moment of the system. this
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slow movement to the east it will not affect us until saturday.. tonight, low to mid 50s. tomorrow morning, it will be chilly to start and thenly above normal with mid '70s. will be about 10 degrees above normal,, friday night touchdown looks awesome the chance of showersy saturday and sunday. 102-year-old woman fulfills a lifelong laois, ended up in handcuffs.
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she'll call nine one one. average response time? eleven minutes. too late. she keeps a firearm in this safe for protection. but hillary clinton could take away her right to self defense. and with supreme court justices, hillary can. don't let hillary leave you protected with nothing but a phone. the nra political victory fund
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matcher typical arrest suspect was asking for it.w >> edie simms those in a st. louised senior center, the one 22-year-old , to be arrested was on her bucket list. more than happy to participate in these it we get more out of it than the seniors dos >> what is her secret to a long happy life? he said to never let yourself slow downto and to keep moving quickly, she made sure that they got her back to the senior center in time for bingohe. she looks fantastic.
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eastlake police cracking downla on creepy clowns they found those responsible for threading several schools usinggfoth clown pictures on social media, it turns out that children are behind the threats sever >> police say the girls will be charged with inducing panicls by the end of the week. these are the three. they post on instagram this comment. it says that we are coming for you guys, it's like middle school monday, it also threatens elementary and high school,it said stop reporting or it will get worse, they say


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