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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  October 3, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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eastlake police cracking downla on creepy clowns they found those responsible for threading several schools usinggfoth clown pictures on social media, it turns out that children are behind the threats sever >> police say the girls will be charged with inducing panicls by the end of the week. these are the three. they post on instagram this comment. it says that we are coming for you guys, it's like middle school monday, it also threatens elementary and high school,it said stop reporting or it will get worse, they say
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three girls on facebook, now the place are sending a message that this behavior is illegal.. >> this is a dinnertable conversation, you have to, talk this to your kids that this can get out of control quickly. says the goal was not to punish them but to teach the students that this behavior is not acceptable, we reached out to the school superintendent they could possibly be expelled or suspended is still waiting for them to call back, maia belay fox 8 news. >> i-team uncovering more about a hit-and-run crash on one of the areas busiest highways, one moment at another injured, clark justen went before a judge this morningng he state patrol says he plowed into them and took off , or records show he was under the influence of drugs and also had heroin, is
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aggravated vehicular homicide, and assault and properde handling of a firearm and heroin possession, he pled not guilty. the state patrol investigated what led to a shooting at a rest stop atat interstate 71 in delaware county this city mamma shot six times while returning7 from the restroom, the suspect was chased into gretchen county,,e he crashed and took his own life, the college of wooster said that the victim is a first-year student from wisconsin. the marion county sheriff wants to hear from you if you recognize this woman,,ma a sketch artist came up with this after talking with the suspected serial killer shawn grate ta they say he admitted to killing her 11 years agogo , remains were found in 2,007 not been identified, he told them that a previous sketch was not accurate
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hillary clinton making a campaign stop, hoping to gain support, he spoke at goodyear hall and peter naca after making a stop in toledo, she focused on working-class voters and holding corporations accountable post on today's appearances suggest that her campaign still believes winning the state is important..rr >> we are running win ohio and the selection. we care about ohio want to make sure that you make the best choice for the future of the people of this great statethr. her appearances today will be followed by visits from her husband,t former president bill clinton this week, or stops are expected, the most recent paul schulte donald trump with a lead over clinton in a pile
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just hours before she was set to visit akron she got an endorsement fromste lebron james, in a op-ed published in business insider last night in asset support for her said that she's right person to lead the country mainly due to her support of children in need your call today at practice the elaborate on the article and said that part of the decision to return was to provide for the children of akron, something he believes that she can help him with..ldf our kids are our future and i believe that barack obama started and she will continue it, i am about community and it starts from the ground up we can continue to get back and things that we can do to help these kids understand that they are ourth future and to give them a helping hand it makes the world a better place.tu cannot be at the event tonight but said that there are plans the worksa to join her on the
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but warmer than normal for this time of year asas melissa myers joins us with is this going to be sticking around? it is above normal, and looking at low 70s today hopkins 63, in mansfield 64 and new philadelphia 66in the north wind is beginning to lighten up between coming nearly stagnant overnight. most of the disturbance that affected us last week and as recently as last night. and we had the clouds and some patchy fog this morning to night, clearing skies, and
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tomorrow mid '70s, for sunshine and ends look for another october to remember because of a strong final week that clinched home-field advantage in the adl f-series because red sox thursday, john telich joins us to break it down. >> indians posted american leg best record at home and then have the home-field versus red sox. >> trevor bauer will be
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corey kluber in game two against rick porcello and david price. the end ends on the mouse games at home and and american leg and that will come in handy now know the game times of the first three games beginning thursday and progressive field, beginning thursday at progressive 8:08 p.m., and then friday afternoon, at the third in boston at fenway, 4:08 p.m. if necessary game form will be monday in boston that a deciding game five, if necessary, would be in cleveland on wednesday october 12 stop. of the non- wildcard teams at indians have the faintest odd when it all
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red sox the best next and mlb .com, the four seasons under terry francona is manager they have one american league.che leading three and 52 games. tickets to the playoff game between indians and red sox are sold outpam but you're not out of luck you can still get tickets from brokers'rll but that will not last long macing take its says i have a few for this weeksks homestand but now that game times have been an acid on expecting to last long,a but the increased demand comes our prices as is the engines keep advancing the price for your normalcy catan events higher.gian the more theyy call the more we expect prices to increase we have a fifth and deciding game a week
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that at least. standing room only tickets that will go for $35 are now aboutgt $75 and a privacy like front
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setback as they look into the new jersey commuter train crash ntsb sayse the first box recovered was not working at the time the crash still hopeful that the second on board event recorder can give them close it has be recovered as much of the train remains in a dangerous areaof left unstable by the crash. train came into the station too fast we do not know why, do not know it was an error or a medical emergency that caused him to lose control were some type of mechanical failure. >> train engineera says he does not remember the crashys that the train seemed to be operating
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t alcohol and drugs. scare for kim kardashian in paris, about 3:0 a.m. when five masked thieves approached her kesidence, forced the like are to unlock her apartment, two men tied en her up and locked her in the bathroom then took off with a jewelry box contain around 60 half-million dollars a jury in a ring valued at 4 million suspects are , looking at the growing stronger approaching heating blame for the death of two fishermen bring the total death toll up to four, it could bring up to 4 inches of rainfall to theto impoverished nation with the potential to cause deadly flooding and mudslides, and in jamaica the busy streets were quiet as they went to red cross shelters for safety.nd my roof is not sold
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>> they said that it is on track to move on to cuba, preparations are underway there, 205,000 are being evacuated from the countries east coast, also 700 nonessential us military personnel have been evacuated from the naval base in guant?namo cubaa. could be a through the evening, but expecting the clouds to dissipate and become mostly clear overnight. looking at burke lakefront can say some of the clouds thicken up some moisture from the leg e m but i believe it will be very quiet and rainfree it i today of 71, dumbo 52o the average
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sunrise is 727 and sunset at 7:05 p.m.m. was about two minutes 44 seconds daylightt w compared from today to tomorrow. thera kansas city, the upper-level low opening up and transport to the east still affecting lake ontario and upstate
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hurricane matthew affecting bahamas midlake and near the shoreline of sunshine state by saturday sunday it could potentially make landfallllsa in the carolina coastline.. the next weathermaker will take several days to get here because of this upper-level ridgeeet in the upper 70s about ten above normal. low to mid 50s tonight, some patchy fog tomorrow morning and then tomorrow mid '70s, then upper 70s wednesday-friday. great for friday night football with temperatureses in the 70s for kickoff saturday front goes
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scattered showers with '60s and high temperatures into the 50s overnight lows in the 40s. place have a word of advice for everybody had a following e a me want to think twice before dressing up as a clown although those stories in the top headlines at
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ofs between five and 50 percent that took effect today for n 157,000 workers in the us salary tracking website west wind .com says employees averagewe $9.35, with shift supervisors averaging $11, customers might be helping to cover some of pay raises in july starbucks raise the price of some of the drinks as t much as 30 cents. chipotle the newest menu item at chipotle restaurants, it was a hit in handful markets to say that trees that will be made of responsibly raised chicken and pork, adding flavors of paprika, and chipotle pepper stop you can shop all on facebook, is launching a separate marketplace section it easierl to buy and sell items locally the last time they tried a marketplace was nine
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hit, they say about 450 million people use the site mainly the group feature to buy and sell items bass pro shops will acquire cabela's were five and a half billion dollars, the cabela's has 85 stores with 19,000 employees,la bass pro shops has 20,000 workers in 99 stores, no word if they might havee locations cabela's just opened a new location in avon . these girls got a much better ride to the homecoming dance, a group of ohio police officershe came together
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it is week seven of friday night touchdown tune in friday, to see a familiar face special guest houses know her but she will be on the sidelines and then join the studio friday at 11:00 p.m., here on fox 8. >> members of the northeast ohio jewish celebrating rosh hashanah, it began yesterday called the beginning of the jewish new year, synagogues are filled with the faithful, pray for a good year ahead for all mankind. >> a brotherhood in blue comes together to help the children of a fallen
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father danville officer thomas cottrell after he was shot and killedh s on the job in january. on saturday, members of the danville police department came to the home and offereded them and their dates and escort to the licking valley homecoming dance. is national honor for us to get to take you girls to the dance >> we want you to whoever know that we are .ere with you always >> if you asserted that he would tell us to don't make stupid decisions can't be nice and have funun.. >> they said is a way to. show the family that the danville department will always stand by them. t the blankets the day off to a school courtesy the boss, then bernstein dead is a huge bruce springsteen fan, last week they made a trip to
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springsteen saw them instead of an autograph, thoughts of the box instead ofin an absence, excuse for him it it it the day off from school,, he did get his picture taken with me, signed bruce springsteen. >> was it like to meet him >> i gave him a hug and said happy birthdayay and he said let's take a picturend. >> to be so kind toe our son i would just like to say thank you it was wonderful.ju and while the excuse was a funnyex way to get him out ofay school, the family was not going to give up that easily,t they turned in a copy of the know, so that he could keep the original. does it for fox 8 news, join us forr the news again at o'clock
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i'm ted strickland, and i approve this message.
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so we wouldn't have to worry about terrorists using them here. but now rob portman's blocking common sense laws to stop terrorists and criminals from getting guns. senator portman said no to background checks on all purchases. even voted to allow people on the terrorism watch list to buy guns. senator portman, i fought to keep america safe...
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