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hi everyone i'm stefani schaefer.oooo following some breaking as everr a deadly shooting this morning m in a local restaurant. the latest on what police are ar saying jessica dill just reliant on this he will check ine for hr on that first report in just a what's on the chopping block inn the other big reason that residents are upset.e what you ever get of youru most of your child's toys? do you save the precious ones?ne what do you do? d one mom got rid of them al out why she says it's the best decision she ever made. the story and your comment inmmt the morning stomach. ach. not that she's saving them buteu she got rid of them.g that's it.ot rid ot's it. all right. much happier now.ow check in with a.j. colby live in north canton today.t northwood elementary school. aj good morning.el good morning. home of the vikings it's a's deadly i should've said that earlier.r. rli don't know if you can see that. that's the same coloro as my m
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his shoes i make same exact color.. amazing. he was the best shoes. as you said live at northwood elementary were going to head ended talk to the first grade. they have gota some weather toth talk about along with the eight day forecast. and detailst on hurricane matthw we are going to see what thewhae latest from the national hurricane center is the fall forecast and of course the kids delivering that which is alwayss a and we'll have all of thosehos forecast details for you comingn up they haroertly. darling.ling aj thank you so onto our big top story todayp following breaking news right now after a deadly shooting at a local fast food restaurant.ta happen wanithin the past hour jessica dill live at the burgerv king at lorain ande awetst th 1 10th street.eet. good morning what do we know?kn good morning everybody.nin this is still vergy early in te investigation very active scene i will show you behind me
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person was killed here at thists burger king at west 100 10th and lorraine. police still on scene here youeu can see a lot of family memberss very emotional here this morning. and a lot of employee is stillsl trying to figure out exactly what happened. the victim was reportedly an a employee at this restaurant.taua again the restaurant at lorraine avenue west 100 10th street this happened just about 8:00 this morning as for thethe shooter we are still working on that report a gunshot inside the burger king possiblynshot the bathroom that' something we're working on we do not know if the shooter w is inn police custody or still inside.. something we are working torkino determine.e. we know this is a fatal shooting one person is dead at thisth burger king a route 8:00 thise 0 morning and they believe that victim was reportedly an employee at this restaurant.res. very active scene we have cleveland police still here and
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something that were working to find out more informationet here from police officers as well.l we'll keep you updated you uped throughout the morning.orning. stephanie keep us posted thanks so muchksm appreciated live in lorain avenue there.. a community in outrage after parma city school leaders announced difficult decisions in light of a budget crisis.mmunity today there is a special called meeting at parma senior high auditorium.ting at pa as we were finding out earlierno this morning takes place at a 5:30. studentsil normandy high school at 2:35 when they get out of school over to parmer senior where the hub the board meeting. an issue primer superintendentit understand difficult budget cuts are there will be 50 jobs cutseb cut fail have $15 million theyh are under budget they have tove have the information done by october 17.e as they try to get things goingn there expected to have a really big turnout tonightt excited too be a emotional meeting we talked with a couple of people aboutut how it isn't here is what they
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there is just a small group of people that are making a drastic an enormous decision that will affect every one of thesere is s peopleas communities.uniti what we are trying to do is getw options, try to buy time. so we will be lobbying to the state as three mayors andors and getting other elected officials engaged.el the district must have a financial plan in place to present to ohio department ofe education by october 17th.nt top best buy the meeting is tonight trying to get it done they hopep to heave that finalized but by y 30:00 and expected to be no doubt.doubt. following more breaking news fos you. wiyth a look and let us just and for we just got word a teenager hass been hit by a car the teenager was hit at west one 40th takea into the hospital taken over too metrohealth medical center weal don't know her condition rightdg now. once ag ain this is justjus happening we'll will continue to follow any new developments onpn fox8 and on our website thatox is just in now now back o
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atauthorities trying to identify a victim of alleged serial killer shawn grate are hoping a sketch will help lead to new tips. the marion county sheriff has released this sketch, with grate's help. police say he has admitted to killing her 11 years ago. her remains were found in 2007 but have not been identified. grate told investigators as previous sketch of her wasn't accurate.her remains were foun s he helped get a better sketch.c. he is a suspect in the killingsk of five women in the ashland and mansfield areas.illingas. a college of wooster student critically injured in what investigators say was a random shooting at a rest stop, is said to be improving this morning. at we are happy to pass that news along to you.y to p nearly 200 students and facultys along members attended a prayer vigil monday afternoon for 18 year old freshman alexander melchert, who's from wisconsin. ohio statet troopers say 25 yea, old shawn johnson of westerville shot alex by his car six times s at a rest stop along i71 in delaware county sunday morning. after the shooting, troopers say johnson led them on a chase that ended in richland county, wheree he took his own life and
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investigators believe alex wases shot at random. we don't know alex personally, but whenever something of that magnitude happens to a fellow student, especially a first year.t magnit a fel it's scary and it's concerning. he's writing with his left hand that says i have class, tellavec them i'm not gonna be at class today, but he's really excited to get well and come back to wooster.ut hd we wish him well in his healing. alex's family is with him at a columbus hospital, andle couns college of wooster students for support. there are more cases of windows being shot out, in the painesville area this morning.e police there say they have atmon least six cases overnight and several more in fairport harbore one restaurant was hit for there second time in week. more than three dozen cases of damage were reported last week.r police think someone with a bb gun is to blame.e democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton isllas
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amid reports he hasn't paid taxes in 18 years because of big corporate losses.rporate speaking in akron, she was critical of him for saying he used tax laws to his advantage w he is the poster boy, the poster boy for the same rigged system that he would make even worse. just think about it. he paid zero, at least for about 20 years., clinton is calling on trump totc release tax returns throughallir 2009, before the start of an him from making them public. she now holds a five point leada over trump, in a cnn poll takene h from ma nowholds a after their debate. donald trump is facing new criticism this morning, forrnin, comments about veterans suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. an when people come back from war and combat and they see things that maybe a lot of the folks in this room have seen many times s over and you're strong and you can handle it, but a lot of people can't handle it..over ya
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mental health struggles among service members.ay in vir more than 20 veterans a day take their own lives, because of ptsd.eay tak his campaign says his comments are being taken out of context. the va says ptsd can happen toas anyone, adding it's not a sign of it's the vice presidential nomineesvr are preparing for the first and only debate, tonight. democratic running mate tim kaine met with advisers to readn firnd nigh himself.t. isers to prepare himself for tonight. meanwhile wisconsin governor kaine in debate preps to help republican nominee mike pence. the faceoff at longwood nomineei university in virginia will be a chance for the two men to not only highlight differences inhtn policy and leadership style but olicy analso to go after each os record. mike pence is a guy who believes marriage equality will cause a societal collapse.fter each ot mike pence o he insulted brave lgbt soldiers when tim kaine was governor he actually tried to raise taxes by 4 billion dollars.aine wasa
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p.m. and is scheduled to last about 90 minutes.edminutes. you can watch it right here on fox 8.n still to come. more problems as investigators look into the cause of a deadly train crash in new pre find out about a setback. plus, details of the firstails t lawsuit filed coming up. is a mom that got rid of most of her children's toys an inspiration?hat got f find out why she says she did i the story and your comments in
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welcome back. a mother of four in alabama may have it all figured out. she says she's saved more than a thousand dollars a month andelcm e sa improved her marriage just byrry getting rid of most of her getttten's toys.s. chiren's tos she felt constantly depressed due to cleaning up toys and not entertaining them enough. not enter so she gathered up the thingsgae that her kids no longer playedrd with or didn't give them a meaningful play experience, and donated them. the mom says that while thethe family is not completely de-cluttered, they're much happier.-cluttered i behavior for me with my kid's.'. any time they were beyond that stageti you take it and donate . i'd rather talk about that.ha she was spending that much money a month on toys. that's insane.e. or cleaning tissue people. i don't know i think that'sthat normal what you do when your'sh kids are playingen with your tos that kind ouof move beyond it to the next thing you donate that way.
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at finally i had to give him tgivem because i like to put everythiny you get the little box with a little people ith want the litl people back in the box in theckn corner where it belongs. when i get home from work all the time. to a certain extent you have toe let it go. go. and eventually you'll grow outt of that toy stage.y s myt house look like romper room they keep your kids entertaineda they explore and learn from them i understand her frustration with that messde if you're likea little ocd like i can be. b what it is when you have kids. true..ds. please justst stop with the toys. my kids are teenagers dog toyst in the house band that can't. bt isn't that fun.un when they finally get out of that stage they want every little tiny thing with the tiny little parts all over your house.. legos and everything.r we got christmas coming up thete holidays will be here people buying a lot of presence. will
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don't buy than any more toys.. please buy them something else other than a toy because. a family guess there aren't eight ways maybe there is one.e i think it's a great idea aa a friend give their children three toys.. uses received three gibson christmas very meaningful they get three toys.istmas very that's a great grandparents and esn msn uncles and everybody. so many other people lu enough to have a big family and peopleo no matter how big or small usually the small ones that really get you.t you is it okay for you to just tell people o listen i know you want buy a toy.oy. dot make it a college fun. may be get around that a littlee bit. toys can coupons or something.. amber says this isn't a newne thiwng among moms i've been doig this for years one been enoughne toys and most of them are hot
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they hurt your feet when youyou step on them.m. yes they do.d rob says i wouldn't get rid ofd my child's toys i would put thet up where they can't find them until they learnup a lot aboutat responsibility. that's a very good idea as well. smart lady i would nice to clean out the clutterth but like you are sayingare sa stephanie stages in there lives where you move on to the newernr toys and i'm lucky enough either donate or have younger my sistes has children whot are younger i that's what we like to do with friends giving me things away.s they sat around long enough.a haven't looked at me is in fivee yes.s.s. i'm good. my husband goes through another purge but he is the stuff that is there he isth not playing with. somebody younger comes to visit or donate. daycare he used to go to that's' always a place thats i could. cl hospitals are a great place when
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vhs tapes they love to take those at local hospitalss . women's shelters.elt true. absolutely.y.absol children sometimes don't have anything else you don't justn s think about the adults.jus i've done that donate.nat great we want to hear from you.f sounds like genius to me. simplify things my brain is mucc more relaxed i don't have that clutter around.. thank you.ou 9:16 want to head down to north canton.t a.j. colby there with was some bright and just adorable kidswi doing the weather at northwoodat elementary school. good morning.hww good morning. wherewith the first grade class and they happen to bewith t doit weather. wea's iinteresting. some studentsntti as well that h be delivering the weatherathe forecast here in mere moments. let's see what's going on goingn
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check the numbers and temperatures across the area are clueless inland wister down to 47.t so some nippy numbers inland. may want ton grab your jacketke your light jacket on the waye wy altered or. meanwhile 55 in akron.n. cleveland 56. dover new phillylyclev celheckst 52.. 2. usually one of the clueless of s cooler spots. dense fog advisory much morech extensive covering a wide arrayr of real estate but has shrunkshk quite a bit.i that's din as expensive as yesterday.erday. across the midwest rain showersr moving over the dakotasain s ana wire large wedge of dry air over the great lakes right now willsh keep things going.t now beautiful weather around hereere satellite radar forecast no green on that matches a fewll clouds wafting through. they very active weathero thee most important weather storyathy most likely is hurricane
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up down there unfortunately going over highly populated ovv ar haitieas. up to the eastern parf cuba and could affect the east coast the track looks like thise look at how close matthew getse to the eastw coast to the ushes maybe even florida as we headd into the weekend.he something that will be watching very carefully obviously.ously some of the effects of matthewma will be filled here you can see the moisture b that snakes its y into the ohio valley. cold front there eventually will sweep matthew off in the atlantic's. we'll see how long that takes. 75 with dense fog and pockets this morning. mostly sunny and wars m or. 57 the low tonight. clear comfy and patchy fog. tomorrow's high 77.7 fog early then sunny high cloude late.n sunny h all with us we have calvin who will give us the first few days ofys
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beautiful high temperature will be 78 degrees. friday mostly sunny and another beauty. highs willf reach 77 degrees. saturday much cooler partly cloudy with aurday m chance of . high will be 66 degrees. and here is denise. will be sunday partly sunny.y sun cool.n the high temperature will onlyl be monday sunny and cool. the high temperatures will be 5. tuesday mostly sunny skies. the high will be 62 degrees. thank you very much guys. g and of course we have much more
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elementary school.. they'll do the weather right now.ho we'll be right back. stay with us guys. when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say...
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about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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we're learning about one of the first lawsuits connected to the deadly train crash in hoboken, new jersey. rning a lawyer for a woman who was on, new the train reportedly filed a sod called notice of intent to sue.o her lawyer says the woman is traumatized and it'll be hard aa for her to get back on a train so she can go back to work.o wo.
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in the investigation. the ntsb says the first dataimee recorder box that they've beenng ithe ntsbys the first d able to recover was not workingo at the time of the crash.rkinghm but they are still hopeful thata a second onboard event recorderr will be able to provide speed data and clues, however it hasut yet to be recovered, as much of the train remains in a dangerous area, left structurally unstable by the crash. has yet uc the train came into the station the train came into the station too fast. we don't know why that e train ca into we don't know if it was error by the engineer, whether there was a medical emergency with the engineer which caused him. to lose control, or whether it was some other type of mechanical failure. the engineer, whe er tellsf it r investigators he doesn'tst remember the crash, but that thg train seemed to be operating properly beforehand. he tested negative for alcohol and drugs. he for alcohtthew has turnedash. deadly this morning killing at h least three people as the storm hits haiti.ining k the category four storm has haiti and other nations in its path as it moves through the moe caribbean sea. sea. locals are preparing for therep storm's wrath. parts of haiti and the dominican
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to 40 inches. cameras outside theutside t international space station in fact look at thisook at th captured views of hurricane matthew. the eye well defined.. surrou onded by massive clouds.n ye meantime the us continues to weo watch the storm closely. here in our country as both governors in both florida andthd north carolina have declared states of emergency.north carol look at that. incredible. the range of the moisture associated with it. a new york police recruit is behind bars this morning, accused of p take a fitness test for him. ne behindng a fried to buffalo's police chief says justin payne attempted to defraud a government agency, soo he's now out of consideration. the chief says payne recently took a written test. of the physical exam was behindwasi held in a different place, soe payne allegedly had a friend take it. but that man wrote his name on l document instead of payne'sthati name they figured out who it
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a brotherhood in blue here inh ohio comes together to the help the children of a fallen comrade.ers together to courtney, brooklyn and alycia cottrell lost their father, the, danville officer thomas cottrela after he was shot and killed on the job back in january.s cottr beautiful children there. on saturday, members of the danville police department came to their home, and offered theao teens and their dates an escort to their licking valley homecoming dance.o their l its' an absolute honor for us to get to take your girls to the dance it hon we want you to forever know we are here with you always. with if he was here today he'd be telling us don't make stupid decisions be nice have how cute. so true. those men stepping and because d the father is not there. the officers say it was a way ts show the family that the danville police department will always stand by them. show the fam t we saw that show of support we e just married our trooper here and are herein knowing all of
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children as well. an incredible show of support. it is no doubt. still to come on fox eighte arctic ocean during commercialg break these clown concerns.i some local students are in bigtg trouble after taking part in a dangerous trend.d. tro popping up in everybody school. hopefully the fact there's charges filed we'll talk aboutau the threat to local schools what police are saying about that clowning. do you want to go to an indians playoff game?ayout that sure. but, there's still away for you' to get your hands on some tickets.s stll aw g games are friday and saturday here in town. more on that when we come backee but first checking in with aj. good morning everybody.y we are live at northwood elementary school with some students everybody wave.d and we will be rightents e backt full forecast stick around. what a gorgeous forecast we have
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now if his left on the floor after being told to clean up 's going in the garbage.e. my mom was famous for thatg should open the basement door you would think it was gone even
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go back to reading the newspaper. there's my shoe. i think see my neck out for about a month we had enoughth to make a twister crazy i am a little more ocdma rent make dinner and try to put
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it's hard to keep up. it's nice thing you can finally donate and give it to someone younger a i felt like they were side there so many shelterke alltel you what. it is this we've got the first
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9 degrees last hour. ba that's just about it.t. big story hurricane matthew scott's been telling you this throughout the morning maximum sustained winds are up to
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very strong category four hurricane. it is setting its sights unfortunately on the east coasti the front starts it off the east coast. then sun and the way. fifty-sevenco high clouds late tomorrow another gorgeous bright, sunny day.d 77 degrees here isa your eight-day forecast. mostly sunny skies. beautiful. the high temperature well be 78 degrees friday mostly sunny
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highs will reach 77 degrees saturday much cooler cloudy with a chance of rainlo the high will be 66 degrees. now here is i love. partly sunny the high temperature will only be 5d cool with a high temperature well be 58 degrees be 52 degrees. we had brought an elevator say goodbye everybody.
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where going to do this pretty good. i love it.tohi
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much. we are back in action and ready
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