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up to south carolina. and also watches in north carolina, could have lands in excess of 39 and western parts of florida. and could easily be category for his approaches florida and maybe closer to a strong category 3 inches north of west palm beach and tomo the entire coastline before moving outll towards the bahamas. the storm eye is where the
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president obama zakaria state of emergency as they prepare fo the storm to make landfall. >> miami florida, and the state is preparing for impact, runyonesque, is there with more. high winds are hit in the florida coast. >> of not trying to be negative but i would be amazed if any of this is left tomorrow. >> some 2 million people are urged to move away from the coast,t, 3,000 checking into shelters in florida for the arrival of hurricane matthew an the national guard is returning for rescue missions. >> if you are watching our infant arrogant, get, get out now do not take a >> is the most powerful storm t
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made landfall in southwest florida with winds of 120 mph killing five. forecasters, at the hurricane center anticipate that impact of the storm the united states is going to be quite significant.t it is privilege of as deadly force asde it moved through hai cuba in the bahamasov full sco becoming evident in haiti were hunted thousands are said to need assistance, it is become the worst military crisis to hit that nation since the massive earthquake six years ago.t before last month hurricane, florida had gone 11 years without a hurricane, they want to make sure that people take thisp seriously as a potentiall catastrophic storm approaches,
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we have a lab report coming from florida and continuing coverage around the clock by going to fox witho live radar and continuous storm updates.s. we will keep an eye on hurricane matthew it is having an impact on people here >> forcing hundreds of flights and out of florida to be canceled in shows a lot lot vacation plans for many as joins us.leftwich has been a big issue, along the east coast and in cleveland you can see on the big board, flightsaase to fort lauderdale canceled, another flight to orlando on frontier canceled it has beenen like that all day wi counsel flights and thisll morn for many people just trying to get out of floridai
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to her scheduled to come back to cleveland today but their fligh from miami was almost canceled, hurricane matthew was still hundreds of miles away there were concerns over high >> a lot of precautions are being taken, a lot of bars placed on windows and things of that nature, the lands were beginning to pick up it was getting rough dollar, there wer a lot of precautions taken so w had to get out of their.lo airline ticket counters were swallowed as messengers at florida airportsre, vacations w cut short , any people took whatever flight they could to get them away from the storm, the end of their miami trip several days early, cannot get t direct flight to columbus and the only flight out was to clevelanddnl. >> but are scared so we went to the motel room and we woke up a airplane w.
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shutdown, orlando is away from the coast but no one there is taking chances do. >> i was in orlando and in-person conference with my peers from the cleveland clinic and everybody there,fr said that , what are you still here and why aren't you leavingg >> depending on the intensity o the hurricane the impact on their travel be significant for several days and travel by cara also n storm passest but that's not stopping the red cross, volunteerst, and getting ready help people in need, and the area expecting to take the brun of the storm. is a mobile unit we travel through the neighborhood and help people who are without power and cannot cook and we alsoan takes into shelters to f those people in the shelters. any kind of travel to florida or the
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or , driving is also going to be difficult , then making sure th in certain areas, they encourag people who drive to seek shelter. and that's what the red cross would do until the storm blows over.l >> we will hurricane matthew as the evenin progresses in the meantime talking about sports, 1948 is how long it has been since the cleveland indians on it all, tonight they start the postseason run against an opponent that they know very well..ts the red sox, we send out to gabe spiegel inside progressive field to begin the team
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just ran into ironman of baseball cal ripken, and the about ripped my hand off you still got it,, 11, whence is al it takes to get the monkey off of our back.t tonight it all depends on trevor bauer the starting pitcher. is in his seven starts it takes the mound tonighthti for the indians it h fastball is pretty tonight we need everybody to show up wearing their red color and take advantage of the home field advantage andrer send this out matt wright. everybody's excited, tonight
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6:00 p.m., all day people have been coming down here at the ballpark to take photos and getting in on the excitement. many downtown workers came by other lunch break, policies gea is flying off the team shop shells that has seen a steady stream of shoppers, they say that is just like the cavaliers playoff run and there going as the tribe fans rally together to this want to be part of the excitement, two championships in one year may be. we cannot wait. his son to get on board with
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the indians want you to wear your red color and be inside the ballpark abou no later than 7:30 p.m., the first pitch is at 8:08 p.m. tonight, hamilton, who's known for his catchphrases going to come up with some new catchphrases and try to encourage that during thw postseason run also talked to sandy alomar, first base coach for the tribe. >> o-rama covers july after state trooper say he was shot duringg a road rage incident on i-90 near geneva, peggy gallek
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that was on the phone telling a dispatcher that a car was chasing him down the freeway then seconds later he screamed that he had been shot happen on the stretch of i-90 near the geneva exit around 10:30 p.m. last nightr, the driver on his way home from work told police a car almost ran off the road the he reported he had been shot. state trooper showed us the victims car it had been shot four times,s that you were the leg where he is in stable conditionn searching for the suspect believe he f was driving a gold
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down here on the lower door in the end to driver side door, one of the bullets and the door had struck a driver in the leg.d >> self-selected by telephone h said he isn't a lot of pain are expected to make a full recovery,aa anybody who has information is asked to call th past year the post of the state patrol. 19 investigating deadly shooting only showing some of the video, the 19 confirmingng the mat with gun, retired police officer ashtabula post a dog goes into the shot, the man who had been walking theb first dog, shoots another dog that ran out
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was shot multiple times and killed, the owner says it was american bulldog, wednesdayay o clinton's west side just afterwards the man, picked up the way she walked off. >> city hall says that is a retired police officer, today the dogs on a went to prosecuto demanding justice >> i am devastated, there was n need for it she stopped the first shot i could have taken her to the dr. and she would have still been alive and he just continued to shooter. the dog warden investigating, the video may not tell, the who story, they check out claims that she got shot after sheey r out and attacked the other dog, coming up on fox 8 news at 5:00 p.m., when can someone use force on an animal industry
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not trying to gather statements, of witnesses and
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it was into the '80s today at hopkins, the bit warme than yesterdayayod. great for the bowl game. doors opening at 6:00 p.m. lotsts of festivities at progressive, 80 degrees hopkins, the land from the south between five and ten mph. 83 degrees in annapolis and almost 90 degrees paducah , within a falls off and the 60s behind the front in omaha and minneapolis that will be
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saturday. sharpened moving closer just a few debris clouds posted outsid of the area through early saturday then it will be gone. and the northernoc looking at snowfall in the higher elevations,oc anybody may know, and elsewhere, is approaching west palm beach, to the southeast coast of florida with warnings is thee an extend
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and enter north carolina tropical storm watches >> on the gulf side of florida, you still havesi winds of 39 mph plus on the west coast stop >> the could be a potentially o category for along the coastline,e, it interferes allayed then could backtrack as a tropical storm at some had to watch that,o the eye wal of concern is along the eastern seaboard of florida. hat's where the strongest winds tomorrow and heading towards
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by saturday morning. rainfall between five-12 inches from the east coast of florida to the carolinas. for here, upper '70s tomorrow with sunshine it will be drive for friday night football games showers early saturday morning posable the back to the '50s and 60s for the rest of the
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recognize the voice. >> mileti does betterw play-by-play than tommy. ali backed down to progressive wher we findv gabe spiegel. >> he is joined by the voice of
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bostonon? >> i think it starts tonight with trevor bauer. of the indians need him to step up. he is certainly capable to be dominant. more than anything,t in the games, usually play to in a row because you got the day off you got to use your bullpen two days in a real maximum so stay in th bog inxi the first five innings then turned over to the bullpen it weren't for kansas city pretty well in the indians thin it can to. you bring in andrew miller and then let himi carry the res. >> you got andrew miller, you got brian shaw and cody allen, you got plenty of people to go ton , you can really shorten the game, kansas city did that a year ago d, the rotation was no real deep, now the indians also because of injuries, trevor
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is certainly capable. >> watch how fast the critics would change her mind and we've got kluber tomorrow, we need th offense to show up. you're looking at a boston team that led the american league in scoring. they lead but over 100 runs and the indians were second in the leaguen in runs scored, boston so deepn, want through ninth yo don't expect to shut them down, you just want to contain them. this indians ballclub has to score runs and they're fully capable. i think these two teams, if not for the injuries, i think it would be a flip ofh the coin, i think it's easy to pick boston, but i thinkt' there's a better chance to be a team like boston and five than in seven. one night jason kipnis comes through the next night, mike napoli and then santana, who needs to come through tonight that many people don't think
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>> i don't know if he has to bu i like the addition of coco crispt he has been here, done that he helped to be the indians in the world series, he has been in the playoffs he was picked for this kind of a spot because he has been there i think that he could get someme really big kids especially late. >> great to talk to a legend, then you should sayings tonight,. >> i think you should try these, a towering shot to tower city. >> that's not bad.
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how about take care and pressur here , go tribe. >> is there another one? >> i like that tower city. is the legendary voice of the tribebe, you think we got the g in the tanky? >> i think we do, there is nobody else better in the game then terry francona, this club likes the fact that everybody thinks they cannot win watch. as kathy plans to broadcast as long as vin scully did for the indians? >> do you plan to broadcast as long asas vin scully did? >> i hope to live that long, he is still in great health andt a a broadcaster
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and 4,000 days since the last major hurricane made landfall in the united states. >> hurricane matthew isinst tak aim at southeastern portion of the country prompting massive evacuations as cnn'sn yon pomrenze is in daytona beach enjoins usus florida, has issued more evacuation orders , how much damage could this cause? evacuations is thehe keyword because of the potential of damage,wo more than half a million people live in the evacuation zonen and it also more in georgia and south carolina the focus ha been toreia help those people t
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they have reversed the direction of the highway so that they mov in just one direction away from the coastthth , moving inland and urging people not too late.m they tell people to look around. they tell people that you shoulu not be complacent. use this available time or distilled relatively easy to ge away from the coastline. it is impossible to determine the hurricane level lands. they can hit anywhere from 60 miles out from the eye of the storm. it could be affected as far awa as city miles away with plans up to 165 mph there is a storm surge, high tide and heavy rainfall, those together can
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heavy damage from uprooted tree and flying debris. it is the kind of thing that they tried to tell people tois get away now because we do not know how bad it could be. will keep track of the storm path, thank you yon pomrenze from daytona beach as the evacuations continue, the storm path, it is, what effect will it have for us over the weekend? >> there is potential for anybody traveling so informatio on the latest here is meteorologist melissa mack. >> were not expecting any. bad weather to affect us we are extremely far from the storm, because the few clouds. we're not expecting much here,
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there is no doubt that they could evacuate them come here t enjoy this weather program were running about 15 above normal with winds from the south and southeast between five and 15it mph.5 it is quiet here, a front approachingg the rainfall is ju outside of our area. could have a few debris clouds picking just a few clouds overnight but mainly clear to with mid to upper 50s tonight and sunshine to start tomorrow. high temperature around ten above normal in the upper 70s. as we head of the weekend had fulfilled a lot more like
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some of the best parks in the nation or in your backyard,st t cleveland metroparks have been awarded a national gold medal for excellence in park and recreation management byby the american academy of park and recreation administration. the gold medal program was founded in 1965 honoringl those citiesos whose parks demonstrat excellence through planning w management in volunteeri there were selected by a panel of judges and just against in the nation. viewer show appreciation for dick goddard, thousandsie of th time to stop by the woollybear festival to sign a get well card, s think maybe 1,000 peopl signed the card, lorrie taylor severed all of your well wishes and joins us with an updatelo o
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it looks great. he would be the first to tell you that he is in a lot of pain see how many him well is the kind of medicin that will get him back on his feet. is quick web that has filled the fox present asic we delivered your well wishes to him. nothing says you are appreciated like thousands of signatures each one went into the favorite weatherman recovered from a broken hip sustained
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day the race winner for a few thousand dollars ofe the d .veland apl cannot tell them just tell thankful that i am, thank you s much j.
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he's also giving great thought to his weather calendar that he has been working on andouou intends to return just as soon as he gets out of rehab. he tells me in the nurses tell me that he is going along with the rehab plan. i asked if he could walk and he said with the walker and i said that was incredible,t nobody's more determin him and he is very serious, those animals really help to motivate he seemed delighted and gratefu for the card. the guy who is very happy tonight isis gabe spiegel, these the anchor desk for a place tha
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p.j. ziegler joins him, there haven't a grand old time gettin ready for the big i meant cal ripken jr. earlier, and that was awesome, now we haveve carlos santana an mike are warming up you are there expert comes to baseball, these two teams, they have a respect for each other other, the mother anything can happen r >> first-time event in the postseason since 1999 the serie the red sox have 12 and the indians going back. this team and essays are different because neither have much playoff experienceth on th roster, a couple of the red so in a couple of the indians butc other than that not much playof
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both teams make their first playoff appearance sincece 2013. terry francona, a former skipper of the red sox talked about earlier thatat that there not really an ax to grind, can you enlighten us as to the departure? i think that he wants to win tonight. is facing a team that he managed earlier and the manager of the red sox is a former assistant manager, under terry francona so these two teams these managers have a history, terry francona,, much as been talked about him and the series. he says that i am removed from that, i'm here to get the indians to wint a postseason series against the boston red sox he's got a lot of friends o
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people think that he wants to get back in boston i think he i more far removed,n he has been removed from the situation, and any time you face off against a you want to ee, prove you made the right choice this is walk off year for big papi, with 38 home runs, that's more than mike napo santana, want to beat boston and then send big papi off to his home state. >> it could start his return in early,,e this is that he is actually retiring,, that his fe hurt. as you mentioned, i think the serieses starts tonight
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.itches he can set the tone for the serieses, by getting off to a g start, the new god corey kluber the potential cy young award winner for game two and that bodesh well for the indians getting ready for games three and four in boston.ord >> we do have the home field advantagege, the tribe is , 52 and 28 home the seasonon need to fa to show up in big numbers into the wild night.. >> the indians have played well than on the road and terry francona was asked yesterday a he said that i don't have a goo answer abouti why that is but i bodes well with good pitching. it helps not have them to play from behind and they have been more relaxed in producing more
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that a special message from the cavaliers to the indians coming up
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we have stipe miocic and cavaliers and be nice of the indians as well turn >> we cannot have better weathe at the ballpark. >> picture-perfect, we will
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the ball like whether returning on football sunday. >> take a look at these temperatures, the averageso mid to upper '60s, and we have 80 degrees. south wind between five and ten, the cooler air upstream wealthy coming in our direction for the weekendc. will be warm again tomorrow. we've got sunshine and rain fall approaching, eventually if you will approach,l tomorrow night after the football game the showers will arrive. >> these are not specifically from the hurricane but this is a look at the center of hurricane
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tonight and moving along the shore, these coastal florida tomorrow. extreme concerns a strong winds coastal flooding, storm surge andn heavy rainfall. hurricane warnings posted from eastern florida to south carolina and north carolina in some tropical storm watches posted also on the gulf side of lands expected in excess of 39 mph.i currently category four, it couldat stay at that category a its potentially makes landfall perhaps very close. that is still up in the air as to thet storm path. could be a category for this model indicating a strong category three, regardless, there will still be significant
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>> winds between 140 and up to 170. and the strong winds extending about 60 miles away from the center of the storm. then it would be moving out tha later backtrackedd forth bahama early next week, looking at the eye of the storm. the eye wall, potentially makin landfall daytona beach, jacksonville and the georgia and south carolina coast tomorrow and saturday wit rainfall between five and more than 12 inches of rainfall extending up to north carolina. this is significant. evacuations in effect. your friends and family over th
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comfortable weather. tonight mostly clear, tomorrow, were clouds in the eating. front approaches with more clouds and moisture from the south think about ten- midnight after the games, some showers approaching. east of 77 and saturday morning, emerges for a gorgeous saturday afternoon and also a beautiful sunday, tonight in the upper 50s, mainly clear then highs tomorrow above normal with upper 70s. then say hello to friday night touchdown week number seven wit showers late friday into
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the great weather continues until the next chance of rain a the end of next week. holidays are family time, that's what a shopping mall say to the storeowners.. the mall of america is breaking away from ao big trend in holiday shopping.
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it has a holiday tradition that haveve americans shopping on thanksgiving. the mall of america says that shoppers will have to wait for those deals, they say that thanksgiving should be about spending time with family, theyy said that the malt will be closed thanksgiving that reopen black friday at 5:00 a.m., some storeowners have felt pressure from competitors to open on thanksgiving, even though employees do not like that decision.n in the retail world, we don't get many days off,,
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more excitement in magic back into black friday. over the years, the kept getting early and earlier began atan ni, 8:00 o'clock then 6:00 p.m. and they now want to give that date back to familie . is he that by blocking the national trends they have lent positive attention to the issue and perhapsps more people at shop there because it is a popular think they should spend time with her family they go shoppin the next daysh, and more should follow the lead. coming up, we have been following it and the coverage continues , the latest on hurricane matthew includingng where and when it is expected t hit. one of the more xp reclusive rock
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you get a one-of-a-kind look inside of the paisley park
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we had to prepare for a direct hit. >> warning from governor rick
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president obama issues a state of emergency for florida as hurricane matthew continues to gather strength. warnings that it could grow from a category for her to a category five by the time it hits the florida coastline a fe hours. it is a worrisome situation, for millions of people all alon the east coast. >> that's why theyg warn people to evacuate. of that people do listen to the warnings, this is a severe and imminent threat. looking at the fittest update o the satellite imagery as it is currently hitting the bahamas, it is 100 miles east southeast of west palmhe beach florida, t effect will be felt tonight and along the eastern seaboard of floridagh
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it will be moving along the shoreline, perhaps making landfall, there is potential of category four and maybe even category three approaching a toll bridge the latest computer model indicates it would be a category three as opposed to four , it is still considered a major hurricane moving up along the east coast of florida tomorrow also the georgia and south carolina coast line and then back in a circle, it would weaken throughout the weekend and early next week. warnings posted in florida and georgia and south carolina coastline and tropical storm watch along the north carolina coastline.e. this projection model shows the wall of the storm near daytona


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