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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  October 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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it will be moving along the shoreline, perhaps making landfall, there is potential of category four and maybe even category three approaching a toll bridge the latest computer model indicates it would be a category three as opposed to four , it is still considered a major hurricane moving up along the east coast of florida tomorrow also the georgia and south carolina coast line and then back in a circle, it would weaken throughout the weekend and early next week. warnings posted in florida and georgia and south carolina coastline and tropical storm watch along the north carolina coastline.e. this projection model shows the wall of the storm near daytona
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category three- tangibly category far as it moves up to the georgia and south carolina coastline with potential of rainfall between five and 12 plus inchesit as it continues t storm path over the next 48 hours. those are asked to evacuate in the area, that's a list of date , and, also our hometown folk as coming up a few minutes.n >> the impact is felt here. >> lots of lives to florida have been canceled and for many it was a run to get out of barry gibb for airports closed, as roosevelt leftwich joins us fro hopkins airport. >> has been a day of headaches,
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vacation plans, looking at the big board of hopkins there is a flightlaer canceled to fort lauderdale also fly to miami canceled and the frontier flight to orlando also canceled that was supposed to leave at 6:00 o'clock. look at some video we took earlierer, some of the flights out of southern florida arriving today in cleveland, any people left early and head of the storm, miami is a major hub for many airlines they said the traffic to central america coul be shut down for several daysth goes many of those flights passed through miami, cruise lines and resorts to be shut down soon. >> some thought they would not gett out at all. >> had this flight scheduled fo a while to come up to see my family
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flight was scheduled, the airport close to miami at noon today. and there were no incoming flights this morning. >> conference was mostly from tuesday and then friday afternoon then the conference and then we made arrangements to a lot of people had to cancel plansn, the american red cross is moving down to florida, they're sendingng assistance down from the area down to florida, georgia o carolinasfl they will be ready assist people during a time whe there may not be power or running water. everybody else tried to get out of harms way and the red cross tries to get down into
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whenever they are needed, they go, have more about the red cross coming up at 6.h >> a live report from one of th heirs expect to hard-hit by hurricane matthew also go to fo and continuous updates on when and where it will strike. >> some news about the indians postseason baseball. >> they have waited three years to return to the playoffs and tonight they began the best-of-five series t versus boston red sox is p.j. ziegler is at progressive field with more on tonightlele they gain. we are closing in on give one of the alds betweenlo ringed the indians and reds socks have not
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this will be a best-of-five series,19 they are on the field gearing up for tonight scan, trevor bauer will be pitching for the indians,tr corey kluber pitching tomorrow to start, trevor bauer has not had much success with boston stop that had the best offense in america like scoring 878 runs, terry francona was asked, how d you know which pitcher you get tonight in game one? a number of starts that he has gone outut in the first inn and had a really tough time tha we had to get somebody else and then he would be pitching in th of the times he would be cruising and then run into trouble.
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good outing tonight from him you've got your ace corey klube tomorrow before you go to bosto for games three and four,kl tre bauer, could be the x-factor started tonight. is nothing wrong with trevor bowers stuff he's got first-order stuff on any good team is just a matter of comman and would he come through as needed tonight. >> absolutely. he actually pitches better on the ro have the home crowd tonight so maybe he can rally to use that extra energy to obtain these red sox. tribe fans have been waiting for a decadeib for a return to playoffs and they're ready to rally. matt wright at progressive
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you can feel the excitement, the gates open at 6:00 p.m., al day the fans have come down her to take photos, buy some new indians gear and get on the excitement not more excited than the students will be down here hold the flag before the game game. last bit repairs to this bench outside of progressive field.. to decade later, larry guthrie is back where he installed it near the place for the indians would soon play the world series.. i i i am the unsung hero, a small part in history. >> they're ready for the tribe to me in history, excitement beginning outside the ballpark thursday.. >> they stop by for photos and
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>> is vinaigrette your weather cavaliers and stipe miocic and the ufc title in the indians come into the playoffs is an added bonus.. playoff gear selling well inside the team shop with downtown workers dressing to support the team. >> i was very sure that i have the gear in everything needed to help get the team to get the win. >> just want excitement, two championships i one year. >> students across the region are showing their spiritud from hudson to mentor, lincoln west seniors, are part of the pre-k action, along 200 baseball and softball players from cleveland schools who will hold the flag on the field. f i'm excited to see the players, becausese to be on theh field is a different experience from in the bleachers.
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oahu when. the party started on a busy east fourth street as you can see from the pickwick cam, downtown bars restaurants from two cash in on tri- fever during this playoff run, some ticketholders better way to progressive field,
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first pitched by at italy pm were you home for all of the postseason coverage some other news, i-team exclusive , a man recovering after state troopers say that h was shot during an apparent roa rage incident on i-90 near geneva.ntro victim told the was checked probably then said he had been shot it happen on the stretch of i-90 near geneva exit-9 10:30 p.m. last night, he he was on his way home from work
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that almost brand-new althen road and then report he had bee shot, state troopers showed us the car that is been shot four times, they can was hit in the leg and is stable condition in the hospital, the search of the suspect believed to be driving gold colored possibly malibu. conceded one here and one of the lower door and then toe on the drivers side door and one o the rounds on the driver side left leg.s >> we spoke to the victim by telephone, he is in a lot of painin but expected to make a f recovery, if you have information you were asked to call the ashtabula post of the state patrol. the hope that someone saw something and he was driving home from work and not expect
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>> the ig investigates the shooting of a family pet dog caught on video. >> was a justified? the story first on fox as ed gallek has this story today. were only showing some of the video, the i-team confirmed the man you see with a gun is a retired police officer.e watch on the left side of the screen, a dog walks into the video and then the dog shoots another dog that ran out, sources say the man claimed the second dog attacked his dog, the dog, american bulldogog killed, happened wednesday on bitterer avenue of the west side, just after, the man that continues walking his doga they say that is a retired police officer, fox 8 there as
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there was no need for that come he shot her way too many times, she stopped after the first shot i could've taken to the dr. and she would have been alive ho and he just continued to shoot until she was dead. wore it investigating checking claims that this dog attacked the other dog, generally they called force against an anil justified if the other animal is attacking, coming up at with the ig reached out to the former police officer.
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gaining strength. >> continue to track hurricane
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even if it is a category three as some indicate it is still a major hurricane and stillitur up in there if it wil make direct landfall but even i it is not ll the eye wall will close enough that those are som strong winds. this is going to be something to talk about for quite some tie. were going to have a quiet weekend, and we will enjoy some nice fall weather here. >> a great day here , as viewed from burke lakefront airport.t. that warmer than yesterday,
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findlay the wind from the south south face between five and ten mph you can feel the pull awards,h paducah today was almo 90 degrees ago showers arriving late tomorrow night into saturday, week seven of friday night touchdown the latest satellite image of hurricane matthew. it isrr in the bahama area, it about 100 miles east southeast of west palm beach the eye of the storm even if it does not make direct landfall it will create as much damage along the eastern seaboarda of florida in georgia, south carolina and
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on the golf side of florida they could still have some impact with winds ofsiso 40 plus. this model indicates the eye of the storm, to be making landfall,, or just along the shoreline along jacksonville then headed towards georgia, south carolina. with the same threat. rainfall between five and 12 inches in someme more all the way of the carolinas. the main threat beginning tonight for southeast florida into friday night because then heading up to georgia. >> tonight upper 50s. tomorrow upper 70s front good brings a few showers
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most weekend will be dry conditions with melted 60s saturday, near 60s sunday and a great day for monday in much of next week for theaa next rainfall chances end of next week. some of the best parts of the country are here the metroparks and a national gold medal for excellence in parks and rec managementt a, as the metroparks go into the 100 fear this is the fourth timehe he cleveland metroparks have received the
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a special edition of trendy. is the happiest i have seen him, check in with gabe spiegel on the biggest or in trending, with a big smile his face about the indians.. >> i grew up just off of route 8, northville,f this is t closest i've come to playing professional baseball, coco crisp and tyler naquin just wrapping up work on >> i just saw mike devlin,
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scoreboard, it was the farthest i have seen on stop right next door, the world champion cavaliers at the q., they have a viral video, his message to this team.r 2016. >> it is the year of the 216. >> we did it, and indians, euronext.t. that is going viral there's no video from the indians to tribe nation, check a look at
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lots of baseball guys have lots stats, these that you need to look at how is thes critics say that we don't have a shot, four out of in boston,sh here at seven and two, starting pitcher isiv i trevor bauer, the last seven home games he is six and one. >> refacing, rick porcello, though we've got to take advantage of the home field, there is electricity in the air. could be one swing of the bat that makes all the difference
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still ahead, a live report from one of the citiess expecte to be in the path of hurricane
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the big story, hurricane matthew, moving toward the florida coast, at a massive category for one of the possibility of even stronger. one of the areas bracing for impact is savannah georgia, that's what we find joel waldma
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as people brace for the storm? it is a cliche that is used to often but again to feel like a ghost town, across the stree is that real estate office, is boarded up, next door is the bakery. on this side of the empty stree is a restaurant that is a late-night joint and they've got signage written that says matthew galway, they are not taken a direct hit since 1898. and have not had a mandatory evacuation since hurricane floy nearly missed her back in 1999. they're urging up to 2 million people along the east coast to evacuate , despite the warnings, some people still wan
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makes you wonder why ? you have to wonder, give you an example, my father lives in miami, he is in a wheelchair an did not want to leave, it appears that they will be south of the storms epicenter, lots o people with that mindset who ar comfortable at home. governor rick scott of florida said that this storm will kill you. some harsh language and ominous but people need to listen to th warnings. savannah georgia has not been hit since 1898,rn that people h
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bless rate is at progressive field with all of the fun waiting for the fanse. the game is still about two hours away, g here at gateway plaza, the excitement here, this is destination clevelandd with their clinton signs. rocketed out here. she cannot make it to the game, this will become of large watch party to watch the game here.
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is absolutely electric atmosphere here. did you think that we would be here in october playoffs? >> go tribe !!! the gates open at 6:00 p.m., they get a red towel as they walk in, the here at gateway plaza now send it back to you guys.. i like to say her shoes.
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it is a lot of fun. it looks fantastic outside here. and some fun at cedar point.thi weekend with halloweekendss starting again begin tomorrow for the weekend and we can for the end of the month. highs today of 81 degrees. is 66, it is way above normal and a low of 60 marlington would be the upper 40s record was 90 7:00 p.m.
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look at this live picture, tonight, they're going to feel the effect, across southern florida under hurricane warnings. with strong winds and storm surge, also during high tide for parts of the florida coastline. one of the many areas of their that has been told to evacuate. were going to take a luck at the hurricane warnings from florida to south carolina and then in north carolina and the outer banksks tropical storm watches/warnings also on wester florida we could haveve strong winds that far away from the
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this could make landfall, or just hug the coast line all day. to weaken as it moves toward georgia in carolinas. rainfall amounts between five-12 plus inches rainfall. tomorrow, more late evening cloudst will be dry for footbal and then rainfall pride into saturday event a tad cooler for the weekend is mainly dry
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spent just over a month since honored veterans. >> we will be joined by the director of thehe cleveland va hospital to present the check
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this is what downtown cleveland looked like on foxtro morning. >> thousands showing support to
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>> de beer so excited for a special presentation. welcome back the director of the cleveland ba, sue fuehrer, there's been more than a month, how do you feel about all of this. >> it was a fantastic event, what led up to it was the stories, of the veterans, we go the word out and the foxtrot wa fabulous reaching more thand 30 veterans services and now have come here to get help with their claims. i cannot thank you guys enough. the most important thing was to raise awareness and to reache out to those who do not know that there was help available. >> those who do understand, and hopefully we provided a bit of education, people assumed that allt of the money comes from th
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donations, to help us to provide services that we cannot get through federal tax dollars louis stokes va is the third-largest in the country we have veterans from northeast ohio also from all over the country ve for some of our specialized programsr, and through these donations, we hav veterans , sale only carry they playth as golf clubs they go to little italy for dinner we have through the generous donations are attending the game tonight they are diehard indians fans , so talk about a dream come true for these twowo veterans, this just fantastic. we have check, a large check
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from the fourth annual fox 8 foxtrot we raised over a $2,000. thank you very much. >> were just so honored to help support this one becausem and just keep up your great work. >> thank youea and thanks to own the entire community. >> is also about getting the awareness to get the word out and were e thankful that we were able to help do that. >> thank you. it has been a wonderful journey. >> a great experience, he has been allowed by the two votes i the four-footswo ally, that the
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getting ready for the big game tonight at progressive, and somn great baseball weather, we did have somee little '80s today to and tomorrow like today with some upper 70s and mostly sunny skies and then partly
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chance of a shower late friday into saturday. after the front it drops into thehe beloved '60s saturday and sunday flirting with 50 degrees much of next week it will be in the mid to upper ' >> thousands stop by at fox 8 at the woolybear festival to sign >> to date lorrie taylor delivered your well wishes to him.m. the same quick wit that is filled in foxit 8 studios for years was ever present as we delivered your well wishes to dick goddard.y
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get their addresses, and i'll send them all a stray dog or cat. nothing says that you are appreciated by thousands of signatures, each one written to the weatherman who is recoverin from a broken hipip sustained at his home on the scene day he $142,000 for the cleveland apl >> thanks a lot everybody who has wished me well and i apprea get out of here as soon as i can'tgg but it will still take while i'm afraid.ut >> says he's getting a little better each day, motivated in large part by the thought of his dogs and cats, on whose behalf he has been advocating. our goal is to help the four-foots who cannot speak for themselves and hide in very fortunate to do thatlpl, to be
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saturday on his release , the kind thoughts of those who watched him on tvv for 55 years will no doubt contribute to a speedy recovery. i cannot tell the people how thankful i am, thank you so much. >> lorrie taylor fox 8 news. says he is getting some great carere. >> is working on the weather calendar get back to the drawing board t finish >> one of the most reclusive rock stars in recent memory, today you get a one-of-a-kind look at lorain teen's paisley
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prince home and recording studi is open to the public.a >> paisley park opened since he died in april, they can see his purple rain room featuring the movie script, guitars and his
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also on display some of his and s, instruments custom-made clothing, a rare look at his minnesota home is a dream come true fornn many fans. >> i think it was meant for me to be here, unfortunately could never make a concert, that was my mind bucket liste once i heard about paisley park opening, thi became the first thing on my bucket list s i had to make sur was here for opening dayad. city council reviews public safety and travel concerns abou allowing paisley park to operat as a museum, the tours will onl
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president obama declares a state of emergency in florida o hurricane matthew. >> 2 million people evacuated the largest since superstorm sandy in 2012 this is blamed fo at least one of 13 deaths in three caribbean nations, officials warning that this hurricane could destroy homes,
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four days. and first responders may not be there to help you. >> it is a category four storm with winds up toto 140 mph. ? music playing ? joins us and has been tracking it, one thing that pops up is that it is potentially catastrophic.c. expects to be major hurricane, category four even i it does go downecec to a category three it is still considered a major hurricane, and the storm pathon is something that we are concerned about.ha this is satellite imagery, it i moving around this storm system. storm's eye is near the bahamas about 100 miles southeast of west palm beach it will be near the landfall on the coastline
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13 miles per hour. it is moving upwards towards georgia andd south carolina, and also watches on the call side o florida with windsds that far away from the storm eye. you can see how the eye wall is moving in and out i think that there is potentially could make landfan , at times, along the eastern seaboard of florida before moving onto georgia and then slightly weakens to a category threeee were to come b still significant surge in georgia and the carolinas with many areast nd receiving between five and 12 inches of rainfall concern over storm surge and high tides for the east coast. will be effective starting


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