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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  October 6, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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a warning from florida's governor rick scott urging people to get out while they still can, as hurricane matthew as to the us with two viewing people urge to leave their home as thevi category four hurricane expects to pack a punch. tracking that hurricane the continues to gain strength, responsible for the deaths of 100ea and three countries, was america's keeping an eye on it in joins us with the latest.. go to the radar, two southeast florida, the eye of
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6:00 p.m., currently loving northwest between ten and 15. beginning to hit florida. saved from the satellite view i has been building up. affecting southern florida tonightht and tomorrow. hurricane warnings along the east coast extended to georgia andg and warnings in north carolina and golf warnings for western florida. >> looking at models and say it will be near the coast of florida is not making landfall throughout tomorrow, eye wall is concerningng it will be moving through daytona beach and jacksonville tomorrow before
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carolina through saturday. it will have some coastal flooding, storm surges. and high tide and heavy rainfal between five and 12 plus inches rainfall. it will be happening tomorrow in florida and tomorrow into saturday for georgia and carolinas in a backtrack to the bahamas sometime next week.. stay with us were continuing coverage of hurricane matthewst and you can find a live hurricane tracker at fox >> the tribe begins her playoff push hosting the boston red sox and alds, p.j. ziegler joins us from progressive as we close in
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none of the starting pitchers in the series has a postseason victory they both black players withh playoff experience much, and ends experienceses limited, zach mccallister feels that could be a good thing for the indians . >> i think that we will do what we need to do andnd
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beforewe. >> just to be able to be on a winning team, have done it for so long and knows what it tak for us to win and to lead us. trevor bauer will be pitching for the indians, rick porcello for the red sox,di beginning at 8:08 p.m.. a there is just as much excitement outside of progressive as was read as the past two hours at gateway plaza with the excited fans. there is a party here, this was turned into a bar at gateway plaza. they came here are to be part o the excitementnt. the gate opened at 6:00 p.m.
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support the indians, outside of progressive, there was a live band that can show their tribe excitement and they are beyond excited. >> looking forward to trevor bauer and send them down tonight.d >> are going to go all the way, trying to be the second championship for the city. >> very o and look forward to the victory no doubt. here in front of gateway plaza, it is a party here, as budweiser has set up shop if yo do not have a take its you can watch the game on those two large jumbo screens, they're so much excitement there just pump top and i think that this is going to be lots of excitement
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about one hour away from first pitch. >> share your fan photos and fo >> . still ahead, tracking
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one of the largest storms to hit the united states,s,f evacuations underway as hurricane matthew i to make landfall tonightht, now live to joel waldman in to the people along the coast need to get out into absolutely. >> some people are still lingering. for the most part, most people have left for higher ground, i 16 is one of the major arteries east and west although the traffic moving eastboundd has been shut down soa
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this is one of the many shopsfr lot of these have plywood covering windows. there has not been a mandatory evacuation since 199999 with hurricane floyd. that actually slammed into trost and they have not had a direct hit in savannah georgia sends 1898. right now forecast does not loo optimistic for this area. >> some of those people there they not this morning as they have not gone through a hurricane of thi magnitude and a new speed taken seriously . there are some people who are just straggling. this is a pizza place. there are a few people here, they have stayed open until 4:00 a.m., th will probably createl
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storm tomorrow. there is to be a storm surge of between seven and 11 feet. this is some higher ground but coastal flooding is of major concern especially with the storm like this. m >> if you notice some people wh try to get out with the traffic there? >> we've only seen video, we have been tethered here , for the most part, i video there is tremendous traffichaed heading out on i 16 westbound. this is a main thoroughfare in savannah and there are not a whole lot of cars here. >> thank you joel waldman from savannah georgia. the impact is being felt here here, flights in and out of florida have been canceled in for many it was a run to get out
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roosevelt leftwich as more from hopkins airport.. >> has been a tough day of travel along the east coast as hurricane matthew has canceled plans for many people to get into and out of florida and som had a hard timeo to leave the state as hurricane matthew some of the last flights out of south florida arriving in cleveland this morning they had to leave early and head of the storm, miami is a major hub in some essential to central america could be shut down several days because many of those flights passed through miami, many people thought they will not ge out because of the storm. >> i have this flight scheduled for a while to see my family from akron. is scheduled, the airport close in miami noon today. there were no incoming flights.
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tuesday to friday and then informed that the conference wa ending today at noon todaye he made arrangements for me to leave today. depending on the impact, it mayon be advised that if you do have we can travel plans to anywhereedve in the area affect matthew you should call ahead, many flights canceled and may not be rescheduled felt the airport is back in operation. as his coast braces for the strong storms, we enjoy some beautiful weather with sunshine and warm temperatures, not very fall-like. >> it will be a youthful evenin for first pitch at progressive. we have a live view from miami florida which is just south and
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first to be impacted by the eye of the storm. glance at times, between 40 and 50 plus in some areas start this is just the beginning it is still about 100 mileses southea of west palm beach and the eye of the storm will be grazing th coast northward on the east coast of florida. today so warm in the low '80s, a low of 60 degrees, it felt more so like as opposed to fall-like. 77 degrees at hopkins, the warm air extending up to detroi 74 and earlier this afternoon st. louis was in the upper '80s paducaho almost 90 degrees
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front in omaha and minneapolis you have between 55 and 6060. starting late tomorrow , this s front will approach with shower arriving after friday night touchdown week seven this is a radar loop of hurricane matthew 100 miles east of west palm beach. it could be a category 4 and could make landfall, a and this a satellite loop and east moving northwest at about ten mph hurricane warnings along the eastern seaboard on his coast of florida up to georgia andd south carolina and warnings posted portions of western florida and into north carolina. this huge hurricane area will
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backtracking as a tropical stor for the bahamas again. >> this is a great our view heading towards west palm beach if of a tonight into tomorrow and they can landfall potentially. for us it will be client,
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temperature tomorrow upper 70s. on saturday, a few morning showers with highs in the upper '60s. next week 65 and 70. i-team report amanda covers after they say he was shot during a road rage incide near geneva, peggy gallek is more. call was made to 911 91110:30 p.m. wednesday, the driver report alleged road rage incident on i-90 near geneva than seconds later this happened.d. troopers immediately responded and began investigating , that his car was
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ashtabula post, shot four times. two rounds in the driver side door,iv they penetrated the inside of the vehicle, and then this round here, this one supposedly that struck the victim in his left leg. >> the 22-year-old was taken to university hospital in stable condition and expect to make a full recovery.. vixen father, still in shock, says his son was on his way hom
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is all right, nothing life-threatening.s the troopers are still searching for the suspect. >> the suspect vehicle was believed to be a gold colored o tan colored chevy malibu, we ar unable to locate but if you ha information regarding this to come forward.h peggy gallek fox 8 news. we spoke to the victim, he is in a lot of pain in hopes of t
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thousands stopped by at the woolybear festival to sign a ge well card for dick goddard, to de well wishes to him. the same quickwitted , was ever present as we delivered your well wishes to dick
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nothing says you are appreciated like thousands of signatures, everyone written to everybody's favorite weatherman recovering from a broken hip sustained at his home on the scene day raised overbr one at $42,000 for the cleveland apl.. i appreciate this and i will ge out here as soon a as i can but afraid. >> says he is getting a little better each day, motivated in large partrt by the thought of dogs and cats on his behalf he has been educating. to help the four-foots ago i speak for themselveses, and hav been very fortunate to be able to do that and plan to keep doing it. rehab and at a local hospital, no set date on l rele
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well-wishers, those watching for 55 years, will no doubt contribute to a speedier recovery. thank you so much >> lorrie taylor, fox 8 news. if yawns after a long day and may be that you are smart a study shows the connection between how much info brains ca retain shows thatbe humans yawn longer than other animals about seven seconds they say it may help to explain whys s we yawns first place. the shirt join us again at 10:00 p.m. until then have a
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and here's another interesting weather fact. another? great! changes in jet streams can affect the speed at which the earth rotates on its axis, so bad weather can actually make the day longer. well, there must be a hell of a storm somewhere. joke if you must, but you're going to miss these moments. with leonard home in a few days, this was your last time driving me to the grocery store. you know, i will miss this. i'll tell you what, if my apples are mealy, we'll hit the produce section for one last crazy blowout. heck, you can even push the cart. please don't take my looking forward to leonard's return as criticism of the job you've been doing in his absence.


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