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tv   FOX 8 Saturday Morning News  FOX  October 8, 2016 8:00am-10:00am EDT

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the hurricane causing problems on the east coastbl. >> seems like has been with us for the l whole weekend. looking at satellite, the latest injury that it is hugging the coastline. making a move from around myrtle beach south carolina, expected juster, that move up into the carolinas then swept offshore by a cold front that willb interact with that system, the same exact front that moved through our area, will be the driving force to kick that thing out to see. and the latest on the hurricane it is now a category one with windse of 85 mph.
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another notch. the storm path is still headed towardan the caribbean. and may even circle back around to touch cubit or perhaps even florida. interested to see how that bears out, rainfall amounts could add up to 1 foot or more , causing tremendous flooding along the shoreline. computer models show all of tha rainfallll, moving through e for us just a spotty shower or two with temperatures dropping , 58 degrees cleveland, toledo 46, is 11 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time, yesterday a high of 81 degrees , today's forecast will keep some pretty cool numbers in the offing, a slight chance of a shower early this morningng
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the 8 -day forecast also shows some changes for the warmer coming up. it's always us against the world,d, let's go. lebron james part of the crowd and lonnie baseball sent them into a frenzy,, they're ju one away from advancing to the alcs. >> a sellout crowd, observe the victory over the red sox. >> now just one more when they have a chance to close out the series at fenway park, bottom o the second, brandon guyer with the base knock rbi, then lonnie chisenhall with a three run
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season against a lefty the fox 8 official school closing station does it. in the fourth jason kipnis with his fourthon hit in the series, then perez scores i is now huron zip. corey kluber would batters he even showed no ill effectsse from th quad strain and the i john telich was at progressive field for th big game enjoins us was more.. two straight games here, and progressive, and investor care of two good starting pitchers, and the indiansns have a chance get to the next level in boston. >> don't remember too much as i
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knew that it was a home run so slowed down pretty quickly. i think everybody is just playing baseball,i that is what we know how to do. when you start thinking about other things, that maybe it wer not so good at, so we try to stay away from that. were picking some good approaches, they caner good pitches. this way that we been doing it the whole year >> we've got to find a way to g out there to make it work and, try to find a way to score >> on sunday at fenway park the indians have the chance to give c the place they have not been in nine years the american league championship seriesi.
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field. >> is on his wayth to boston no for everything on your indians, we've got you covered. hurricane matthew is moving north, it is still a category two storm packing winds of 105 mph is blamed for four deaths i florida. >> is woven into south carolina saturday morning expected to reach north carolina by is in ll is holly firfer daytona beach with the latest >> hurricane matthew is moving slowly northat after hitting th florida coastline with heavy rainfall and storm surges to george in the carolinas they sa could have surges up to 9 feet. whether they evacuated or not, they have battened down th hatches.s. >> you never know with these things if you don't prepare that's when you get slammed in the preparer you're able to withstand itr.
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ordered evacuations of allve counties east of i95, shelters are available, they killed hundreds in three caribbean ab, mostly in heating, they're also casualties in florida and more than 1 million are without power, heavy rainfall drenchingi the eastern part of the state with strong winds pushing the brain to the streets now it is george in the carolinas turn in the bull's-eye. >> the immediate concern is life-threatening rain and water throughout the state and i cannot emphasizeze that it is life-threatening this has the potentialal for north carolina to see the worst flooding since hurricane floyd in 1999 that was holly firfer reporting, stay with us stay with us work team coverage,rf w
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a little bit later and you will find a hurricane tracker at fox >> video contains sexually graphic conversation between donald trump and entertainment reporter. abuse the iron footage from 2,005 was obtained by the washington post >> during the lewd conversation donald trump brags about trying to have sex with a married womao in being able to grope women at will,be rihanna keeler has more. a v through the presidential campaign tonight, taping an interview in 2,005 with tv show excess hollywood, donald trump speaks and vulgar terms about his pursuit of women. in the clip, obtained by the washington post, donald trump tells host billy busht, but he not always successful in those efforts >> moondog, and i cannot get
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they seem to see our young zucker, the soap opera actress increase in getting off the bus. got you some tictacs just encase i start kissing her, i a automaticallyi tracked to beautifully women, i just aren' kissing them it's like a magnet and when you are a star than that she do it you can do anything >> trump campaign released a statementfr after themp video was posted offering an apology of sorts. billy bush has apologized what he said in the 2,005 video. wiki-leaks releases thousands of
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hours after the obama administration accuse russia trying to alter the election some are highly sensitive from inside the campaign as they strayed ah strong challenge fro bernie sanders somewhere everyday exchanges the obama administration says there, russia was behind the recent hacking of e-mails about the recent electiont in an attempt interfere with the process.
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welcome back, probably not what you want to see this is i-90 he's found- at ontario. lots of blue and red lights including lots of taillights, see some road flares. there may be a delay or to. have got the hard rock that i believe 10:00 o'clock this morning also in other activities. so that will keep an eye for you..
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as they move into lake county perhaps northern geauga county perhaps a passing sprinkle before all of this cloud cover is swept out. this is pretty cool. we go from overcast, and then clear with sunrise that is going to be a stunning sunrise this morning. cleveland 58 degrees, and tomato family have dropped you can see the front is making its presence felt we did have a hig yesterday of 81 degreess. it was stunning yesterday, we stayed in the 70s to around 80 degrees for severa
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front going through a few hours ago you can really pick out where it is moving through eastern ohio began to interact with some moisture associated with a category one hurricane matthew gordon to the latest from theat hurricane center.
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locality begins to hook and takes a path, back to the caribbean. also note, a couple of computer models at the hurricane center no dice. says it will go out across the atlantic. looking at the rainfall. expectations of 1.5 feet rainfall. teachers in the low '60s the forecast,
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37 beginning in the upper 30s to low 40s. wewe began to warm up wednesday y with a few showers. ten-year-old special-needs child is in a medically induced after he was allegedly set on firere by several boys. >> ten-year-old kayden culp suffered burns over 20 percent of his body they said t doused him with gasoline anothe set him on fire, the boys reportedly pretend to be his friends, a a youth carrying pag has been sent to pay for his medical expenses so for almostb $200,000 been raised. a mother facing charges after she went on vacation without he kids, 30-year-old virginia woma went to cancun with her
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three children alone for at least a feww days she allegedly estimated to check in on them, when she returned she was arrested on charges of child neglect. three high school football teams have afforded their games against a private catholic high school in washington state. rays was for safety concerns because these players are just too big, archbishop murphy has several way around 300 pounds, this is partly because they can recruit from 50-mile radius, coaches an parents worriedd the athletes who get hurt, they have played just three games winning by a combined score ofs 170-zero record is six and zero. >> uber/lyft are told toi shut down in philadelphia, the judge ordered them to stop operations after a lawsuit by the citiesm taxi workers alliance,
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dnc but that expired last week, they could be held in contempt
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a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun
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hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun. donald trump supports my right to own a gun. creamy swirls of pure indulgence. silky sifts of total transcendence. tempting accents of sheer pleasure. introducing "unicorn whispers." or something more like "golden gold." or maybe, "mmmmmm mmhmm." but, with 20% of your daily fiber, its actually fiber one.
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grab your best friend has some fun stuff they join us this morning. is the greatest day ever fox 8. aaron costic and ready two in they are ready to be adopted. at our shelter, or open today so stop in part
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fun walk we also have the after party. race at 930. you can register right before the race and the school shirts here. a beer garden and. >> you have lots of games for the pants like musical hula hoop. the best part is the costume contest and paradede, i is so cool to see hundreds of dogs and catsts to come out, all dressed up. and they sometimes get elaborate? >> i've seen someomes great cos
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everybody is out to support animal rescue. some of the costumes just blow your mind. these are up for adoption, tell us about these today? >> that one is partly. has got a great face. he was one of those was lovable and client melhe. >> up for adoption. you can also go online. you can go to the website and look online, to look over the dogs and cats. you can look at the photos and get descriptions and also go down to the shelter..
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pets >> we had tons of adoptable cat and kittens. >> just stop him down, the need to get home so that someone canan walk them and car for them. these costumes are adorable, what are some of the best? >> i love the chia pets. there was the cowboys , that is always hilarious.
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the costume contest is one of the best things to watchch >> for more information, you ca
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you can smell the autumn weather. you can feel the change , that breeze is chile. is goingc to get cooler before warms up a little bit closer to averagere for this time of year
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to the east as sunshine builds in. apparently, it is a split screen so you see the south and the northh, that is hurricane matthew, category one hurricane of the east coast. the cloud cover will be absent from our skies eventually by tomorrow i believe that their will be some lake enhanced clou cover perhaps the passing shower to especially out east meanwhile, the cold front will bele off to the atlantic tomorrow to get offshore man-up before i puts down another foot and half of rainfallan that is just
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the west see if we can give the computer and kicke him back in order. i swear that these things know when it is the weekend. >> he just forgot to feed the hamster and it just went on strike. lake story is a bombshell, 11-year-old videotape shows donald trump making crude comments about with a married woman in braggin about ityiep and able to help women. >> load on her enough failed, she was married and i see now that she has somehe big phony o she has changed her work when you are things you can do anything. microphone was on during the preparation for a segment on
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the washington post raise them footagege donald trump released apology last night. >> i said it was wrong and i apologize i traveled the countr talking about changelo fo america, the light travels have alsol changed me, bill clinton has abused women andha she has bullied, tact, shamed and intimidated his victims, we wil discuss thisic more in the comi days, see what the debate on sunday.e >> fallout has been severe, big event today, republican congressman has withdrawn his support. that was a apology for getting caught. >> said that bill clinton did worse, that is not excuses from behavior. not going to vote fo hillary clintonon but i cannot tell the good people of utah
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like this. man shot during an alleged road rage case is sure what happened only with the i-team a peggy gallek haziz exclusive story.ias david hargesheimer will not take most like this for granted againin one of his going to come back or wha driving on i-90 energy about what he saw a car trying to pas themn we went to one lane he locked his brakes of assigned spin-out in my rearview mirror.s than the cartwright drywall throughout is what he called
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while he was on the phone with 911, his worst nightmare happen. as i sped up, that's when he got onto the side of me and i heard pop pop pop. t realized that he was shot he got out of the car and kept talking to the dispatchers. >> there were two rounds in the driver side door, it penetrated the inside of the vehicle. this round here, this is the on that supposedly strucks
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then itt traveled to my right leg. >> the state patrol is investigating. his fianc?e says it was road rage they spoke by phone 15 minutes before the shooting lots of father when i was young and car accident soil be hard to tell her when she got older th she lost her dad because of somebody who is so stupid. >> i had to get back to work i have a family to support is hard to set your with a wounded leg. peggy gallek fox 8 i-team. >> this is the car is believed to be tan or gold colored and possibly a chevy malibu if you have information call the highway patrol >> tribe has a to do nothing lead in the alds attribute in
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hurricane matthew causing problems in florida and still moving north and still powerful. >> trillin shively is in savannah georgiaia with a look what the situation is, i guess that the worst has passed but ?hat are you looking at now we don't have the terribly strong bands of wind and rain fall as we did this morning, yo can see behind me a glimpse of some of the white caps on the savannah river.i the land is more overdoses nazi real danger just a few hours ago. >> the cleanup is the next stop. for people are allowed to come back there to make sure it
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to construe that they are okay will have a hard time to get to some areasyk. to some of the islands that are more remote an t&ok this hard with winds up t 95 mph on tybee island. they're asking people to stay away. they say to allow us to make it safe before returning home. the people that did not evacuate, what did they do? are they supposed to just a thought what is going on with them? >> they had to beg people to leave, for two days, and sometime around yesterday they said you need toa knock it out on the roads and stay in your homes, these buildings have been here for over 200 years. >> these buildings have thick
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suffer damage, but they could not tact the windows touch enough water was t coming insid of the interior walls from the windows so they're checking out the damage within their houses, there were bound to be some injuries we get to some of the smaller homes up and down the beach,, h these though our pret sturdy these lare get a couple blocks away, a photographer was walking the streets. downed impassable with tree limbs and branches anded operational we don't want a lot of people just
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if you are able to make your way into the city will be asked for identification to prove tha you do live here. thank you caroline shively from savannah georgia. now a check of our forecast, we do not have to deal with tha ours is just the opposite of that, we've got some sunshinesi moving in we were overcast, that dry air coming in behind with the fron itself show signs of breaking u the cloud cover density from burke lakefronter airport, prem flight academy webcam. looking at the ground of shower that clippedd the extreme northeast cuyahoga county a quick shower moving through
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geneva on the lake. you can see the rainfall, has departed. that is post frontal precipitation. that usually denotes it is just ahead of the front that this is behind it, we have west northwest at 14 mph sustained gusting up to 20 mph at times especially lakeside. the the dry air, removing the cloud cover, the northwest skies are clear and graphically, the latest on hurricane matthew as it moves u the coastla. and actually near south carolina this is north and perhaps east of hilton head, myrtle beach continues to move up along the
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hurricane it has been dropped since a couple hours ago. that weakening trend will hopefully continue as it is racks the cold front and also the land itself, friction tends to slow down the system. maybe 1 foot, 1.5 feet of rainfall in the next 36 hours is an incredible amount of precipitation in a short amount barking flooding. the high today 2 degrees with breezy conditions and then sunshine.wi currently 57 degrees clear than and off to the last of the temperatures are into the 40s as thete web continues northwes. bentonite, the winds not very strong tomorrow, it does settle
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with clear skies, it will be a crisp night with clear skies, nighttime low 43 we could have reports of some patchy frost tomorrow morning. >> tomorrow 57 degrees, sunshine, and any few lake driven rain showers especiallyc east of the city. looking at maps in motion , the cold frontnt continues moving eastward. hurricane matthew isnt caught u by this well and moves east. there is a tropical storm southeast of matthew looks like it was doing a littl dance as the hurricane approached the southeast coast, that is theli
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the atlantic. matthew will continue to move eastward. some computer models take this on a right hook trajectory that would take it into the caribbea again. interested to see if they handl that situation, another weather system tomorrow that could bring the riskin of lake effect rain shower thathi in, on the forecast, see what happens. we see the temperatures increase too close to average which is mid- 60s,, right sunshine tuesday 67 degrees. and then 70 degrees wednesday. that is warm for this time of year, scattered showers approaching wednesdayme and thursday, the front goes throug
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number , friday 64 mostly sunny the next saturday a chance of a shower with temperaturesd near again. it has been idle for years but three ofof people for decad a northeast ohio rollercoaster will meet the wrecking ball. >> big dipper and geauga lake amusement parkki is to be demolished, kevin freeman reporting t. the big dipper roller coaster is barely visible at the old geauga lake amusement park says shut down in 2,007. thee 600 acres, located partly in bainbridge township and overall run is owned by cedar fair which also owns cedar
8:50 am
bainbridge township trustee jeff markley learned that the company plans to demolish the roller coaster, built in 1925, in a few weeks. even with the park closed its nice to see the roller coaster taken over thec weeds and trees. the big dipper still remains a popular attraction, this is the drone video taken by a fox viewer in february.. trustee say that some thrill seekers on the ground haveth climbed over the fence and onto the roller coaster. >> it is rickety to some extent and 100 feet tall or more, so i can understand their cedar fair concern about having peoplele getting in there and trespassing
8:51 am
says that local leaders have been in talks with cedar fairir sell the land in safe parts of the culture to put on display. >> got the lake and as always a attractive opportunity, with mixed-use development, or walk, retail and some commercial with retail apartments. >> kevin freeman fox 8 news. wild water kingdom shut down after labor day, he says there are companies interested in developing trustees excited about the possibility of itou becoming a large-scale movie soundstage is at other possible uses would be a hospital or college campus m that he wants the public to be
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a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun.
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a horse in arizona is okay after rescued from a dead. >> reporter lauren rhymer chose what it meant so much to a wall and trainingat he seems to okay. >> injured back leg is the extent of this horses adventure. earlier in the day he in a pasture mate broke out not far from home and he got stuck in a ditch , neighbor discovered what happened. >> she called me and says, ther is a horse in a ditch >> and not realizing, that it was mine. >> horse was panicking and had to be sedated. it took nearly a dozen first responders in a forklift to fre
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30 have been a police horse andw derby horse people with disabilities, now his owner writes him. shops and he will recover and
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her donald trump say a lot of controversia things, the comments on in the late tape have some problem republicans pulling support. >> it is still hurricane and reading problems, see what matthew leaves behind. and blow out by the indians, highlights from a stunning game in front of a sold-out crowd. >> we've got sunshine here , it's nice to see that we do have muc there is aeratures, hurricane effect in the east coast with details of that as fox 8 news in the morning start
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it is saturday october 8. jessica dill filling in for autumn ziemba. that does not seem be any change with matthew causing problems on the east coast. >> this being with of the storm is causing issu expecting up to one half feet of rainfall, the latest injuryry a it works its way into south carolina. came up around hilton head, savannahntnt and moving north just south of myrtle beach. and thenst heading up into nort carolina. that's where the path takes it
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75 mph is just above tropical storm strength into hurricane category. matthew does poke around to the rightht making a clockwise turn towards the caribbean. the storm system should arrive by thursday morning. so an interesting look at what they expect to happen with itte despite the fact that some computer modelss bring it back out over the atlantic ocean >> looking at the forecast rainfall amounts, they are impressive. the chance of 1.5 feet, you've got the hurricane over the same chunk of interstatete before interacting with the cold front that brought us much cooler air,
9:02 am
it into the atlantic ocean, after that, will be interesting to see what happens. showers earlier, that moved int euclid and before pushing offshore currently 57 degrees hopkins. 49 degrees toledo, it is 12 degrees cooler than yesterda at this time. high yesterday of 81 that will make today feel that cooler. satellite shows some clearingch with sunshine and the western third of the state.. rainfall chances diminishing, and then increases tomorrow as secondary system drops over the lake perhaps a light lake-drive rain shower, enjoy the sunshine
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it will be down into the low 40s tonightht perhaps some patchy frost tomorrow. she was the warming trend looks like how warm it will get comin up. sellout crowd soaked in the shutout win over the red sox.d which is one more when they have a chance to close out the series and family park,lo brand guyer rbi, one-zero tribe, that john stump lonnie chisenhall with a three-run homer making that four-zero, in the fourth inning jason kipnis with his fourth hit in the series, scoring perez five-zero. corey kluber looked outstanding he went seven innings and allowed only three
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red sox striking out seven, and the indians winning six-zero. john telich was at progressive field for the big game and joins us with more. for two straight games here, the ham bands take care of twor good starting pitchers. now they've got the chance to get to the next level in boston. running around the bases, did see a go out i knew it was a home run so i slow down quickl. >> think everybody is just playing baseball.
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just play the gameme as well as we can. were taking good approaches, and making good pitchers. thessaly that we have been doin it for the whole year. we've got to find a way to make it work and to find a way to score. >> on sunday, at fenway park , the indians have a chance to ge back to a place they are not then ing nine years, the alcs. john telich progressive field. stay with us as we have your indians coverage
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donald trump's getting slammed even by the party after the release of an old videotape showing at making lewd sexist comments , and an apology he issued last night does not seem to have helped here is mary moloney.e the 11-year-old video has surfaced of donald trump engage iny the conversation with tv hot billy bush while on the set of soap opera he was making a came appearance, he casually discuss making aggressive advances towards women. just kissing them, like a magnet, and, when you are famous thing that you do it you can do anythingu . he is saying here with his wife, was also heard in the off-camera banter talking about
9:07 am
married woman, he issued an on-campus statement that was apologeticsu and defiant. >> i said it, i was wrong, and apologize, let's be honest, we're livinget in the real worl this is nothing more than a distraction from the important issues that we face combination has come from house speaker paul ryan, a reluctant supporter he says trumpme pel will not appear wit at the saturday event in wisconsin andpe announced and he is no longer supporting his parties nominee. >> i feel bad for the country and for the party and for donal trump's wife and daughter >> on saturday trump to participate in the second debate with hillary clinton, a friday he said that he will be there, mary moloney reporting. hurricane matthew is a category one storm , and after hugging the east coast of florida yesterdayy is made onto
9:08 am
northp carolina also, holly firfer has the latest. >> hurricane matthew is moving north after hitting the east coast of florida with danvers storm surges and rainfall to georgia in the carolinas, theyt say could bring storm surges of up to 9 feet. people here have backed down the hatches. >> never know these things, if you do slammed and if you do prepare well you should be able to withstand it. counter nathan deal ordered evacuations of counties east of i95, shelters are available, th killed hundreds in three caribbean nations mostly in haiti, also casualties in florida more than 1 million people are without power, heavy rainfallll in the eastern part the state with debris in the
9:09 am
now it is george in the carolinas turned in the bull's-eye. in the immediate concern is life-threatening rainfallll and water throughout the state. >> i cannot emphasize more it i life-threatening >> this has the potential for north carolina to see the worst flooding since hurricane floyd in 99. that was followed for overreporting, we wil report coming up later, police investigating every man his hit along the side of the road they say the victim was changing a flat tire instruct on 490 westbound at his 55th last night he was taken to metro his condition not released,d,th the aerie have since reopened. family of a girl hurt in a drive-by send a message of thanks,
9:10 am
they issued a statement thank you foror supporting asking for prayers that have set up a go-fund-me we have a link at fo
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welcome back on a saturday morning, fox 8 news in the morning. the clouds were thicker one hour ago now we see signs of more blue. that is indicative of the clearing skies behind the cool front,e currently 57 degrees, after the cooler air, toledo with 49 degreeses and 10851. that is the cooler air moved in our direction without the a tremendous increase by two was yesterday,
9:15 am
rain showers ahead of the system.s with the front itself is outrunning the moisture, that i still over lake erie, clipping erie pennsylvania moving into buffalo. maybe put a sprinkle over extreme northeast cuyahoga county may be into euclid then took off into lake county in ashtabula county before it fell apart, lots of dry airfnte back in western oh. left over cloud cover east will dissipate, this could set the stage for perhaps some frost in
9:16 am
mph and tomorrow in northeast wind into monday morning so it will be quite a bit lighter, and this is hurricane matthew. came up from florida, moving pi of the coastal georgia into carolinas as a category one hurricane, there are those winds gusting up to 92 mph. the projected path of the storm, each one representsf a differen computer model, the national hurricane center, the sides where this will be going, forecast into monday, and tuesday morning and then it get wider at the end with increasi
9:17 am
same area.'t a couple of computer models tak it out over the atlantic ocean . but they have discounted those few models insteadd going with this moved to move clockwise turn into the caribbean. in the miami is included in this, this system does emerge into more waters.. it could be bad news. the computer models are still showing about 1 foot or more of rainfall in the carolinas, potentially 17 inches of rainfall of the way into outer banks of north carolina before it is moved out. were talking about 36 hours of
9:18 am
today it will be cooler, 62 degrees with northwest winds small craft advisory on the lak with winds between 15 and 25 knots , it will be gusty tonight with a small craft advisory, it does in the morning, overnight low of 43. tomorrow's high 58 degrees. sunshine, could be a passing shower especiallya out east, th is a lake driven shower, the cold front interacts with matthew could be the catalyst t finally push thest storm into t atlantic and then worry goes from there, is anybody's guess.
9:19 am
tuesday than 70 wednesday thursday and a shower possible friday and 64 next saturday. is at half and where it makes the turn and comes back printer that has happened, cannot recall the name, then there is a tropical storm in the atlantic with theen fujita whacked is how they interact with each other. there's just so much uncertainty if you get too far ahead on these wikileaks release thousands of hacked e-mails from the clinton's campaign manager john podestat just hours after obama administration acute rush of trying to alter the electionsju somewhere how sensitive discussions inside the campaign facing the challenge from berni sanders somewhere every day
9:20 am
administration says was confident that russia was behin recent hackingsgsr of e-mails o upcoming elections in an interview the process. >> has been a mother that her son drive because b as a problem he is only, was in the passenger seat with another child who wa on her lap the other children were in the back of the car the 12-year-old drove erratically for at least 6 miles others called 911. he actually ran into someone's yard, we came to the intersection i could see his face, and i said that he looked kind of young to be driving >> according to an affidavit, the mother said that she let him drive because he needed to lear some responsibility. she is charged with five counts of child welfare endangerment
9:21 am
>> bench clearing brawl at a ne york high school football game, it started when one of the quarterbacks to gate late head out of the police escorted the teams of the field, montrose west university of mississippi quarterback chad kelly who is the ordery other of the quarterback who was hit, buffal police said that nobody was hur and no arrests were made is no
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>> i-81 covered in trouble for street vendor who has been prosecuted many times before.
9:25 am
women's cases go to court. trouble again for a man runningu a virtual outdoor store across from thehe indian ballpark, tom mccarthy does hav the business for decades you m recognize it, the i-team heard that he just got cited for ticket scalping, we found something startlingg about his record, since the '90s, more than 20 cases are things such a scalping or vendors permits in only four convictions. it had 27 cases against you and most of them not guilty or dismissed or thrown out. >> i don't want to try any of .hese cases in the news
9:26 am
aside for scalping tickets downtown, records show he was busted in the past were selling outside of the zones, this guy gets that he scalps tickets. >> i've gotten tickets before. >> i was always found guilty alloys pled guilty or no contest and of either because i i know what i'm doingng. >> the city has regulations about setting up shop like this. >> what about the current vendors permit for this big corner bezos, yankee contacted city hall about no information, , instead told me how to file a formal request of the law departmentol process can take months. ndm, mccarthy, not speaking before his next day in court.
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hurricane matthew has caused th problems in florida and now moving north ina still very powerful. >> caroline shively is in savannah georgia with what peoplew are dealing with i see that you have moved since the last time we talked and you can see what do you see more of in this area? win-out just a block away, the street is famous for its gorgeous treess and the spanish moss hanging down, you can see tree branches this is the main thoroughfare through town. people are on the streets , trying to drive-thru and that i
9:31 am
do they're telling people to stay home, they want to get out here to remove some of the branches to make it safe,, they evacuated thousands of people, about 75 percent and now they want to get back to see if ther is damage. there is massive amounts of tre branches it will be a huge cleanup. these buildings are huge, 200-year-old brick buildings on the riverfront that arek okay, the flooding is more inland, a couple blocks and she cannot ge through the standing water only. they had to cut off emergency services that are now running, we have saved firefighters and
9:32 am
it will be a a rough one here, you saw earlier my hat slipping off were still getting strong land. the worst of it went through about 2:00 a.m. this morning. >> any word on injuries? >> have not, officials are to hold a news conference sometime very soon to give us details, they had to shut off some emergency services, have not seen any numbers yet should get updatess as they go house to house. i think in savannah it will be pretty we have some standing water in branches but not the massive problemsss that were in florida we're just beginning to explore will be having more answers
9:33 am
you can feel the cooler air behind the front. plans are still coming in with decent amount of pusha. northwest winds between 14 and 15 mph. the land that came through briefly touched briefly near euclid and lake county, yesterday the height of 81 degrees, way above average. there is that little pencil thi line of showersrs , figuratively speaking on radar. 57 degrees cleveland currently. the cold front that came throug
9:34 am
off the coast. that will take some time. rainfall is very heavy with thunderstorms off of the atlantic ocean. locale that will shape up as th cold front moos eastst b tomorrow, about noon, we will begin to see indication that matthew will move away. there is a disturbancece that could cause some lake effect claus showers. >> looking at the path reemerging. rainfall amounts over 1 foot as it continues moving eastward
9:35 am
a bombshell just before tomorrow' residential debatemo 11-year-ol videotape shows donald trump making crude comments about trying to sleep with a married woman in break about being able to you are a star that let you do it you can do anything. his microphone was on during the preparation for a segment o excess hollywood in 2,005 after they release the footage he issued afo video apology last
9:36 am
>> i was wrong and i apologize, i travel the country talk about change for america, travels hav changed me bill clinton has abused women and hillary clinto has bullet, and intimidated his victims. >> will discuss this more in th coming days, see you at the debate sunday. >> fallout has been severe, jason chaffetz of utah has withdrawn support. is apology, was no apology that was for getting caught. to say that bill clinton did it worse, that's just proving it was the wrong behavior and not going to vote for hillary clinton, there's no way i'm going to do that but i cannota tell the good people of utah that i endorse the person who acts like this. >> paul ryan is an ivana trump to an event today the supposed
9:37 am
>> the other big story, the indians have a tootie meth and weed in the alds after clobbering the red sox last night. brandon guyer, with a single to left centerer carlos santana comes into score. with runners on the corner lonnie chisenhal lines one to the right that cleared the wall for a three run home run, the red sox did not score the final was sick to nothing the tribe could wrap it up in boston 109. whither browns game, and is
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
9:41 am
always believe, toys "r" us up against the world, it is so incredible to see the
9:42 am
i assume those t-shirts all aro really cool. good saturday morning, week seven of friday night touchdown featured some upsets as the normal one team and the top 8 went down and began with a standard in our game of the
9:43 am
medina. cardinals converging on fourth down, then a touchdown in a santa meth and weed could onside kick recovered. cartels, had the stunned. the come swarming back. thenen gail montgomery puts up with them to cut the lead. he lose the ball, without he recoversrs montgomery fires bac to whitaker who takes it downfield >> medina with them to attribut down
9:44 am
shane mcclure has it, mentor gizmo.its first loss of a year, 35-32o then over to hudson. it is a perfect and hudson, posting stow. >> he breaks the taces then it is 70 nothing.. then a a touchdown bulldogs and tied. then once again, watch as it looks like he has got reservations for six. but he is knocked out at the two.bu than 24-seven of this touchdown. hudson came back, all the way t
9:45 am
conversion that's a mocking of stow .5-24. >> both to six and one. unbeaten bedford posted, bedford comes right back as he powers in. and you can raise those arms it is a touchdown. and then harris, for the tigers on top until he hits johnson. a nice move to the sideline then to mcmichael, another bearcat free stamp. just don't look like they would then it is picked off. clifton heights is bedford the first loss, 34-28e, the tigers
9:46 am
chardon hosting mayfield, the hilltoppers r6 and zero and rankede number six in the state. and he finds the whole and then finishes of the sweep.p. chardon square in first. tips it up for the crab comes down with the first down then helping them to remain perfect and chardon beating mayfield, 44 44-29. is start counting, skyfox makes its first off with some great camerawork than the eagles hosting saint ignatius, and
9:47 am
check out the interception tom parker. >> paralong drive, they settle for a field goal >> the wildcats were scoring touchdowns, he has got a nose for the end-zonene and saving nations winning. there now six and one, player who may have said his team season,hh enter needed a victory and he did the part. the junior quarterback threw fo more than 300 yards, four touchdowns, as measured knocked off unbeaten medina,o the cardinals are back in the playoff hunt. >> he is the university hospita player of the week. that's all we have for week
9:48 am
includingv unbeaten massillon jackson at 501 k-uppercase-letter lling, with all those highlights delightht after college footballht until then, back to you. busy morning for a.j. colby he's got hurricane track he has been running around.d. you can see the clouds are leveled the clouds that are breaking up the beautiful sunrise with blue skiesg and wa west winds. they haven't testing over 20 mph,y with the went off the lake
9:49 am
north carolina perhaps 1 foot rainfall for the same front cam here will deflectct matthew off the coast line into the ocean. a high today of 62. it will be sunny. tonight down to 43 crisp cool
9:50 am
the coverage will be small, maps in motion, the front sweeps matthew of the atlantic shoreline may be noon or 1:00 p.m. tomorrow so that entire time matthew wll bringing in atlantic ocean wate onto the land about one half feet. this will get close enough to provide enough instability for perhaps a passing shower with high pressure behind thatat our temperature will be warming a couple degrees on monday sunshinea also tuesday.
9:51 am
the trough list for these. by the end of the week there will be a push of clear air. nothing substantial, that we won't notice the change between wednesday and thursday.. the forecast, with upper 50s tomorrow. monday 61 degrees mostly sunny, and sunshine tuesday 67 about 70 wednesday. and then about
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
a mississippi man turns heads drive around town in a massive radio flyer wagonm. >> i saw wagon not merely this big on the internetn that in california and i thought that i looks like a lot of fun and i want to build one that will hol a lot of people.oo >> ted magnum handbuilt the vehicle, which is 18 feet long , it used to be a 1987 ambulance i have more fun with this in four years that all the rest of the course put together. 2,000 hours of work after he started it looks like this a lot of people ask him if it is either gas or diesel, he says it
9:56 am
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