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and ends finish out the red sox last alcs you onto the against the toronto blue jays the just for away from the first trip to the world series in almost 20 yearsto for the night most of us will have to rally. and watch tv because tickets to all for games in cleveland for
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fresh off the victory in boston, all eyes turned to the alcs. on tuesday, games were sold out in just a few minutes, s you can still fi tickets it will not be cheap upper-level seats are around $200.. like raising pigs .com. >> you down there first or thir base price are in excess of $400. a by the doug abbey will cost you at least $600. if you want to go, do not wait. mark klang of amazing tickets a
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said thousands of toronto fans are coming for the gamee. we have entire country and ready because don't have one teamam with lots of energy >> adventure in since he was eight years old and the signs back in 1994 says he has seen it all since then anything is possible. >> anymore when, and then after 1414 where the world champions. cody allen made tribe fans sweat but after the final out they celebrated by popping
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peaches ever knows what it's like th be inside the locker room and joins us with that video. was in detroit in a clinch thee alds. my shoe still smell like champagne. tribe is getting pretty good at popping bottles. they were spraying champagne, threw for large containers of champagne in theirir john telic was in the locker room, and here's what they had to say
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is a special group. >> were just happy to be here to prove something to a lot of people.e. game on is friday and progressive field, corey kluber starts for the indians, the jays blue jays will send marco estra, he is winless in two career starts against the indians first pitch friday ata 8:00 o'clock with complete coverage of every game as we rally, came to saturday progressive do not know the exact time for that game, as soon as we know we will pass
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in the postseason out of or the blue jays? >> the indians won the regular season, four-three, toronto has a lineup that can hit home run but at times has struggled righ now the lineup is hot at the indians find them in a slump that within the favor the blue jays have the vantage point.comes to pitching is the indians are missing two starters,,th danny salazar could be bullpen, it's tough to beat the indians.i thy tale learned that the head of the police union is an investigation for his ties to donald trump, please chief's
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recent trump rally the cppa endorsed the candidate, said that dump trump would be the best choice ca for law enforcement, stephen was issued this statement-- seward county chevron swat team those with donald trump during the august campaign stop they help to protect him while he wa back in the post this photo on facebook , they put this on the cover of the official
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of the naacp saw that raising concerns. >> there was no hidden agenda , this was a bust proud of the team his job donet to give them some public credit. >> said the photo because he worked alongside the deputies and proud of my job well done, when more about the man shot an killed by westlake policece they say that thesu airsoft pistol dave carr, when he robbed a cvs on the tribe and crashed his car a few blocks awayvs that's when he was shot, the suspect dieda at the hospit tonight both officers or on administrative leave. the video of macedonia city workers passing out flyers abou tax issuesidy draws criticism f some taxpayers. >> there patent were not to be
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video captured of workers distributed flyers for a town hall meeting about the tax issues, the mayor in most of city council supports, the backside of the flyer list of the benefitsb of the issues and potential consequences if they fail su the mayor says it is le because it provides information not opinions. >> there is no political connotation to his ministration and the majority o the council supports these issuesesra t, they put it on th ballot and i don't think that i was an abuse of power or the us of any thing political >> that should be what they're supposed to do and forget about the campaign.e tito fox 8 that she will use the town hall meeting to encourage se macedonia resident
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was a bit show this morning, so our god is preparing for winter they held a winter event today inspecting all 26 snow plows to make sure that they're ready. i don't know if we are ready for the snow to start falling want to enjoy the fall season before we prepare for winter. on one of my class, with temperatures in the 30s,
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would it have lots of sunshine today.lo rainfall, not arrive in the next 24 hours.s. rainfall arriving wednesday to thursday morning. went through the south tomorrow it will be above normal tomorro with mid '70ss with lots of sunshine to start before increasing clouds wednesday nightbe
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donald trump's back on the campaign trip tonight before he takes the stage at a rally in florida who took time to criticize republican leaders house speaker paul ryan. >> you have people who cannot fix the budget but they start talking about their nominee,
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sent a series of tweets and said that. will have more from the trump event in florida tonight at 10:00 o'clock,or mike pence reaffirmed his supportmp for hi running mate today in iowa. choose america that respects the constitution and our ideals , i choose to stand with donald trump, believes that we canan and will make america great again. he says he was disappointed byby paul ryan's decision to distance himselfp from donald trump, but he says that republicans still need to unite behind the nominee to keep hillary clinton out of the whit house.. she started her day in florida, with a man who knows how importanter the state can b on election day. hillary clinton will make
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national priority, her opponent, former vice president al gore stressed the importance of addressing climate change durin rally miami,m beck 2,000 he los florida election so he urged everyone who tends to vote on november 8. in ohio the hostile political radicals try this response, to art museum sponsored these roadsides in cincinnati they were part of the highway i settled in someone from columbu to the queen city. today is th deadline to register or change your registration, once the deadline passes the absentee voting in early voting begins tomorrow , you can cast your ballot at the local board of
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can vote in person, on weekdays and select weekends starting tomorrow, early voting runs throughndee london november 7, if you prefer to vote absentee company held to request your ballot by saturday november 7, to be postmarked by monday the seventh, election day iss november 8 for more info go to fox >> . >> or kenaf is no longer a threat to these cows, but flooding t is a major concern, 5 feet deep, at least three rivers expects to reach record levels, some will not rest unti friday, thousands are going for higher ground to escape the flooding. do not go through water, we've hadad over ten people killed because of that, were not messing around, and do not want to put people at risk to save
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devastateded keady killing as m as 900, there is an outbreak of cholera, so the worldld health organization is sending 1 million doses of vaccine. it has been a couple day here with sunshine this is a luck from east 4th streeta , the fox-cam at pickwick & frolic, lastst patio nights of the seas marsh be more like me than october.. >> tomorrow were talking about some mid '70s, about ten above normal, stable were still above normal. at times we had some cloudse trying to blockade the sunshine. .overall no complaints. besides the muckleheads we also
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high of 68, a low of 44. to the southeast , it'd fall into the mid- 30s with a frost advisory. sunset is at 6:52 p.m. currently low '60s across the board. the land from the south end because of a partly cloudy s
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on sunday near 70 with showers in the afternoon and a few sundays next week before it falls back the 50s. after weeks of fires and other problems, samsung is stopping production of the galaxy note 7, they first issue recall last month,y even the replacement for having problems they still have not announced what is causing them to catch fire, the problem is believed t be related to the batteries which are not made by samsung. cleveland is now a city of champions,s, but some people ar
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see the incense of traffic that has a t
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i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! is responsible
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indians home by the big wheel last night, tribe fan heated over graphic that many call offensivee. they aired this image of their team smiling under a of is g river, that picture from an underwater explosion in russia, tbs was trying to poke fun at the river far from 1969 that joke fell flat.
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that were doing a lot better. they will see when they get herere will show the world cleveland is about. that was terrible. that was light from the '70s. we are well past that, it is a amazing city now, it is bad tha they did that i think that they should apologize that was terrible. this folks are issued apology- tbs crew will be here so were asking them to remind them why cleveland so great so send your photos of the city to fox >> .o
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