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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  October 13, 2016 6:00am-8:01am EDT

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thursday morning to you in the 6:00 this morning good morning to you is about 56 degrees out there are cool down deathly heading our way. thanks forool has the rain stopd seeing a little streak of light
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drop another 5 degreesll 61 thas the general trend it's not going to be the best day in the worldh with the keeping thee cloud deco prettyud thick it will trend dry air and much cooler by mid mornin thisrec drizzle spots asp temperatures witho some breaks o'flaherty subject should generally stay in the middle and upper 50scten overall, not about start despite the weather, we have a couple earlier thunder vendorsve that's an indication that you need to sudden we do
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state easton westbound no problems there 71 at 25thest tht ramp stokols down to one lane approaching the in aboutol they will both be open to two lanes madebo it into is at has more on were the victims are and where they are being treated at. >> witnesses say they subpars black picnic -- pol pot black pickup truck
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three teenagers in central londone tried to rob the placea this is shooting policec fired back. the memo haven't heard as you come outn't to see anything. civic yes.e we seen a black truck go flying that's about the only detail that we haveha here was intended for four years old 26 her stable
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we don't know anything about the condition of the 16 -year-old suspect.t. someone knows something anyoney who has that information shouldo come forward. spirit they aren't the only reports of his 50s in thee surface so far we didn't have the lats donald trump taking fresh fire over the thinks he said aboututa women and other things he's accused of doingid couple can it matters who trump that they closely resemble his own
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similar to what she told the times. that was it.a he'ss doing to soothe the intent of s the report releasing a statement calling it a political thinkpote this entire article is fiction and forth a new low with thect media's willingi to go thh campaign also batting away an accusation of people magazine
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i help to identify does remaine in april. it happened shortly after noon today the way to restm d at st. mary cemetery in elyria tomorrow. just a few sharp ahead of tomorrow's opener kick --- corey- cooper will taken on a game one full that just happenu agai both expect to be ready for thi
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tennessee picture that made the decision on who will start. the times now the the first are out.eses they are as follow:all will be televised by tbs start the rest of the series added to be released. it's goingng to be good. 6:07 a.m. is your time. his instructor survives see whae investigators think it was noe accident. pitiful researchers think that they can make a drop the small
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see what it would do that's coming out. good at morning storm fox river showing arni few of these relats one years brunswick butf t mostf the rain moving out will talk more about the temperatures for the weekendte that's going to se pretty chilly and when you hear
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this time system that's going to head out to see behind thehe pretty active storm track meeting next weekekp temperaturs to the east of us will have frequent chances of rain. there's the next front fifth of percentages going f >> thank you. yes the rules are fair but we're doing pretty good. pella are just as in a lot of traffic signals are out.
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back then we had earlier thiser morning both hydroplane so please slow it down out there >> thank you. let's get you caught up what's happening in the news.le they're both in criticalr condition right now in theit shooter is dead. police responded to a domestic
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under fire student pilot wasw killed pleasant of flight andai schecterg says he survivedur because he job.b. he reportedly told officer there is described the learningi a pet is also the altercation is not able to gain control of the aircraftntr two people arrestedr driving a stolen jeep with a body inside of it. police say admitted that she
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fictionls and drawn so small thy canll be injected into a blood strength and then navigate through the human body they have received the grant of nearly three quarters off them and dollars tot develop just that.
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about 130 seconds of an inch in the with the they could be used for more persuasive bio imaging or to deliver a drug to a specific target inside the body. when the drone is done it simply dissolvesro news video showing the effectsbr of heroin that this is raisinga more questions than the others with same.i qu we'll find out what you think of it is coming up this morning's plugged in.
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it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying.
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my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
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below sure that and more into that it's a 35-mile per hour zone. soh please slow ito down as you travel on the surely each day. seventy-one at west 25th starting to fill packed upes buying is definitely building out there the centerline will start to slow approaching the in
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gettingust onto the inner belt h .-dot says the oath to two lanes it will toss it over to scotts does have a lookc at the forecast. the movements that it 53 the overall forecast shows temperatures find another degree or twotem down into the lower 5s and enjoy the showers out of here more fall like a normal
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time. it's time to get plugged in..m. this is pretty seriously talk of heroin overdoses and drug overdosesrik o a lot lately ands is a video that dad dad found out that his wife hadda died ofa over his sister. is pretty powerful this is video
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the view from the dead set of this is her every addict who has kids today had to tell tell my sunday had that his mom tied tot this disease t telling your eight -year-old pitcher mom had died a lot of commentsher that he was meant te
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there kind of news to prevent kids that there was influence all the time and every re pretty thick of the video and the father producing a product facebook page it's been futile for 25 million times the number one story on our website talkini
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attend this front is 6:25 a.m. with ans 6 update on weather and traffic every eight minutes an update on our top story the stacy frytraht having the latea shooting at a barbershop at least two people hurt including a young boy and now advocates forw missing children phyllis harris is doing to pay national attention to the search for a
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still showing a few showers down the miller's. a little pet of moisture. but we are anticipatingg conditions to get much dry
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strong look at bainbridge and chagrin falls temperatures in the middle 50snb stay steady in the middle 50s the wentzel died down some spota outline errors will have some
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better day mostly sunny high 60s d saturday looks pretty good that front slips through the area on what about and different system here. it's kind of shut down the four of the cold air for now. will more than likely get reigned on on sunday and a feww
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temperature actually stay a little above normal t as long s they emerge from west to east. the pattern breakdown catch up from let's have as this
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power outages and beachwood pepper pike beachwood.d. ninety approaching dead man's curve no issues of course as you had around at record pleaseseni another suspect in custody aftey shooting at a westside barbershop for a boy is one of those injured that the real the shot in the fifth pets there's the injured 26 road man shot in
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robbery attempt a at prodigy cas on west 59th and store when a gunman started shooting employees fired back in self-defense.- the two victims are stabled here at metro we don't know mu drugged of other thanho his 16i -year-old there a lot of witnesses to the someye of them were children outside food just -- who ducked for cover. i look back and all i see all
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officials have some national
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these are the things that we know for sure it sounded it was a car he was driving and made at 2016s
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there's currently $20,000 reward leslie at the time was driving a 2002-2003 malibu with a mismatch fromom2 on the front driver sid the fbi and police ares cases te main under anyone with information should call the tip line as soon as these designs just don't go away.y.
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lack of trust is going to rain is in residence.t i having an independent audit will ensure that.g that is the first step ini bridging what isn a huge spike o
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melt your heart.he there getting how to move around. loyola had been shot at a three ribs a foster home as she began her road to recovery er good thing whenn she saw a recovery the
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persistent pop up for adoption.e if you're just getting up it'st an' update on your weather and
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the big heads-up is the flight starting to slow down as you
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everybody is a star and i can feel it when you shine oneve ths weeks cool school they shine every day with knowledge t is as mrs. kourtland second grade there's a lot going on 13 rating working independently laptops are ipadst when it comes to matt's starts with the little
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with numbers of pumpkins on a piece of paper's retirement that will do they can take thosef 'se numbers and move them around adding and subtracting and multiply and divide in a little logicm to make them dance of it. outside this is a lesson in versus balancer for you to calls to have the for its a recess that it's its strue do know ises that their planned activities on a chances to screamei a and have a little fun it's a way to get this fifth graders to blowfi some steam and get ready for the rest of the make them know that we know about them andnd and as young adults.
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treated like one. they are expected to be respectful to others are responsible tohe themselves ando their school and learn newar things.s. students who show those traitsth get recognized every week. in the arbor way that everyone can be a star and let theirl lighting shine on their o school we want to congratulate our next cool schoolwe. it is crestwood middle school
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for more information on this and other jobs click the jobs tab at we will be right back. stay with us.
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for fun i will make room for new meaning. they are all four models and remaining 2016 inventory cleveland brunswick equipment that will sectional.
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how adorable are they fifth grade in second grade this is 90
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diplomatic of view.c look at that.a which aret favorite subject inu >> matt.. >> would you like. thing pittssame they make you don't have toing always agree with your sister. >> i do like math. >> he comes right back at you. do you ever to theo multiple-choice test for thet pick one option as 30th do right now can you help us out. just wanted to make sure we had a little delay they're elementary schoolh students io understand. we're talking superheroes todayo which one of these superheroes is the oldestdan is it superman, batman, spiderman, or wonderwo woman.
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has been around the longest?su >> i get these rain every day. that meant. he's the only ones it's an old man. t. i think they're right. i'll go with batman. he is persuaded he's 100 years old.e how can i not.o i really do.t. i think superman the correct answer by one year is superman. by one yeary way to go amanda. he has the good is that brought
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you don't get any. thank you so much. the pta said that in.n. amanda gets for tickets to cedar point and christmas villagev festival tickets factoryi of ter do certificate and a gift certificate toan be a sweetie ai mcdonald's gifte certificates ad a nice little package. will mail that out to you later today.ut >> this is yours. and this is our thank you very will share some of those
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basket.wa jesus if you keep this will open and gifts.ill you guysa apples and apples and apples. kicking it with kenny, stay with us.
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wendy's had a taco salad? wendy's had a taco salad. fresh chopped lettuce and tomatoes. classic chili and tortilla chips. if you remember wendy's taco salad... you're welcome!
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maybe the school closings beachwood city school close as well. we are getting we're getting reports of an accidenttt of 98 nat west 44th something to keep in mind as you head out the door where it comes into 90 over on the east 22nd also a very slow ride also tough because ofl this. also 76 in te eastbound direction with
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>> they came and let me know shots l were fired appear up yor remark or not because i have my sons)et with the kid that stres appear behind the barbershop. >> he rushed over to prodigy cuts avenue with pandemonium four -year-old shot in the photo 26 rolled shot in the boston children's back children's hospital 16 -year-oldst police consider a suspect dropped after much further, the hospital at least two other teenagers involved a cutaway it happened
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then i heard the block drop take off and then ?- >> before euros and zero their stable here. nothing about the 16 -year-old's condition.le police did not given any suspicionn description other teenagers are looking for. >> cleveland police investigating a suspected homicide afterti a transgender woman found dead in her driveway. the 32 -year-oldw was found in front of a home around 1230 saturday afternoon we are told she suffered head trauma clinton police now looking for suspects or motive. they are not sure if her transgender status have anything to do with
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adopted case is getting national attentiond today on the tv show crime watch daily with chris hansen there is a $20,000 rewad for a man who objected a call from the west side clevelandct home back in may and he tried to take in elyria grow in february elizabeth smart was abducted from her salt lake city home 14 years ago. she is now an advocate for missing children and the special correspondent a special correspondent for the showt the cases selects there were links between their stories of mine and mine all three of them were attemptedth or taken out of the places we consider the most ever in the world our homes or refuge were we to do and we are scared.thth that really hit hoe for me.ha >> the suspect was driving a 2,002 ?- 2,003 shut them up
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report today on crime watch dailyy right here on fox eight. >> other news right now the remains of a local sailor who diedo in a pearl harbor attack nearly 70 years ago will return home today the 19 -year-old w) to your us oklahoma when it sank dna helps identify his remns into followed by josh tomlin in game three. he says he is
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game they won't be able to play due tola injury. game one wille tomorrow night at 8:08 p.m. came to saturday seemed three in toronto mondayem at 808. all te games teams will be televised start times will be announced later on. your time is 7:06 a.m. donald trump taking fresh fire over things he said about women, and now he isak things he is accused of doing. >> it was over 35 years ago his hands were all over me. >> cap next, hear from one of the women who says the republican presidential nominee touched her inappropriately. >> plus, what a clinton campaign insider is saying about a democratic campaign manager not facing charges in connection
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>> northwest wind driving herself and cooling down. looking at this eight hour forecast looking consistent and well above normal look at the weekend forecast in just a few minutes. >> thank you. good morning. a possible accident along i 90 cleveland clinic is now ranked number two and number one in her career for 22 years in a row. access
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will come back. 7:09 a.m. is
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to boston police officers officials say it started as a domestic dispute them someone and someone with a gun when officers arrived they are told someone started shooting at them. they fired backeyme shoog the suspect the commissioner says the suspect that assault rifle wearing a bulletproof vest. botht officers are an extremely critical condition at this hour. >> new overnight ?- lawyer donald trump threatening to so suit the new york times if they don'tt retractor reported in which two women claim to be r cleaned claim that the republican presidential nominee touch them appropriately. the woman from ohio state physical advances were made ono them more than a decade agoe the allocations resembling trump comments t on the now infamous tapeon from 2005 where the republican talked about kissing women without permissionli and
7:11 am
>> an octopus it was like she had six times what he started putting his hand up my skirt in and that was it.r >> the campaign told the called the story a campaign attack saying it is fiction and sets a new low for where that media is willing to go to determine this election meanwhile the article in people magazine a also accuss trumpi of attacking a reporter n 2005. and cavaliers star lebron james weighing in on the trump tape scandal what is locker room talk to me? it's not what that cases. we don't disrespect women in no shape or fashion in our locker room that never comes up i've got a mother-in-law a wife her and mom
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conversations just don't go on in our locker room. >> lebron endorsed hillary clinton last week. >> an insider close to the hillary clinton investigation says most fbi and department of justice agents believe she should face charges. the sports first spoke anonymously sentth wikileaks just-released thousands of hacked e-mailss frm promises to release more. >> president obama is on his wae to the buckeye state he spoke at the white house todayh to celebrate and that he plays to columbus. there, he will attend
7:13 am
cleveland for a rally tomorrow. cast members from rangers the range is the new black will also be campaigning for clinton. >> it is 7:13 a.m. the very beginning of rush-hour traffic care forin the city of clevelan. >> patty harkin is with us at the check. >> we have an accident if you are coming in on the west side 90 eastbound it is on the exit ramp at aware of that and be aware of power outages pepper heights, beachwood, shaker so it is traffic signals are out, please
7:14 am
the exit of west 44th e and that is in the far right-hand a term east 190 second as they are screwed over whenever you can see the cars on the side of the road. drive times 90 minutes on 71hro from 82. most of the dels are from denison 71 northboundde from the turnpike minute drive a lot of stop and go before for 80. windy out there today scott with a northwest wind starts to bring down temperatures from our highs yesterdaytsng we check it out ad see what i is going on currently for theng most part the conditis are much dryer than what it was a few hours ago. some areas of
7:15 am
jump up to the lower 50s temperatures are fairly uniform for the northwest wind gusting at 25 ?- 30 miles an hour storm fox radar at no additionalle ran developing although temperatures are much cooler actually little above normal for this time of the daytime eyes we are not violating a big temperature jump frost breaks in the day sunshine giving way d with patchy frost n
7:16 am
keep it going through the weekend afterti today any major pushes f colder air untiles the end of nt week. the best chance off rain on this aj will be sunday a couple of showers monday better
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can we have several different systems moving through an the gt lakes and northern ohio i can buyre we have the tail end of te eight day.he and i cannot biggr called on for the tail end of .ctober heart-wrenching issue here. controversial two. a lot of people very upset this video is even out thereco shows a father eight -year-old know his mom had just died from a heroin overdoe or drug overdose we've been
7:18 am
this past several monthshs thers a lot of them you know them trying to say it's an emotional thing and trying to maintainry because once you see the video is pretty powerful here are the videoheeo here is the video and comments about it.e >> this is tom from fairport in regards to the video of the gentleman iga telling his son at the drug overdose of the little
7:19 am
to b look at the big picture of this as unfortunate and ugly is this video is, it is reality turning our heads closing your eyeses will won't make it go aw if seeing this video since one saves one person's life v repors them at least into the direction of color but recovery than it was worthut the rejection of the few short sighted people stillhe make someil people month so hapy with posted this is horrible why would youwis take a video of sua personal moment exporting the child. >> we blurred the video it was posted with the child's face and everything. >> pain on both sides. sharing this could not have been an easy choiced he was trying to spare someone of losing to addiction
7:20 am
twice before even trying them on instagram gems as i call it reality clean yourself up for your kids would do you think? how do you feel about it? a lot of people not happy about it some people very happyp the database. infused today she could even and we are going to preview their fall festival stay tuned. kicking it with kenny.s
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eight stork report. cleveland's own welcoming cleveland's own. >> look at this beauty this is general from a massillon she is three years old and absolutely gorgeous those eyes. to have your little one featured upload a picture to we will
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good morning, everyone we are in brunswick at maple side farms it is the season for cool farmstead a few c days though ty are very famous for their apples. these are the honey crispp spicy and ten are excellent for salads and sauces and pies. these are excellent. than we will talk a about that as well. that way, there is mark. rob? come on over. we have a really cool display here to show you guys. just a smidgen of all the apple infused dishes you can get year good morning, how are you? >> i am blessed.
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over here with all these great dessertst anything you guys can make with an apple you guys have out here. >> it's true. we go from treated with you see you. so we have moments we have apple pie i see the walmart and the caramel on top. >> as our caramel apples with peek on drizzle we go plane and we go buckeyes over here ?- we have apple donuts and everything pumpkin right now it is just that time of year. my little pumpkin cheesecake am pumped and pumpkin tiramisu. pumpkin roll. r pumpkin cookies. pumpkin cake.
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and then with apple would
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what you can do. 730 exactly your time right nowdo even scott sable can do the twist.n we wil see whatw happens. give me a little bit of time. that is a no. that is a no. at least
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going on air temperature was mostly cloudy again, those winds are still there. a northwest wind we've had guests at about a 25 miles per hour that will continue as the day goes t on today, so this is pretty much what we m will get. a lot of dy air pretty much historyet much cooler and drier with temperatures staying in the middle 50s shower time in just a moment and a look at look at the eight day kind of a bumpy commute we've had our issues out there may
7:32 am
good news is 90 eastbound to west 44th emergency crews of left the scene and the cars are in the left berm, so the ramp is now, accessible as traffic movg around the ramp and of course it is sluggish. you had passeds state exit there is an accident in the left berm to watch out
7:33 am
thoseer delays are from for 80. speeding away on cleveland's west side of four -year-old who had been shot in the foot 26 -year-old man whon was shot in the back according to witnesses they told police the three teenagerss walked in tried to rb the place started shooting and employees fired back at least one was injured 16 -year-old was
7:34 am
long after the shooting there were witnesses including children who are outsideo and sy they duck for cover when s they heard the shot. >> i come up the street it was like pandemonium at first. >> we heard gunshots and then we all just fns stepped over theree a kid over there. >> and then what happened? did you come out of at all to see anything? >> we came out and then we seen a black circle flying past. >> that is about the only be so we have do so we have about the casese condition of the 16 -year-old suspect >> we want to get you caught up on what else is happening in the news this morning, school district calling for an independent audit of the schools revealing apartment that found the $2 million circle error in
7:35 am
superintendent says the error does not e e result in any additional money for the school district roughly nine of the $10 million was supposed to beee entered on a different line. >> the board of education and the department realize there's a lack ofep trust going between u, the residents, parents, children of our districtar today, we are taking the first up to regain that. >> having an independent will ensure everyone has the right answers, and a think he is correct andhi that is the firstp and bridging what is a huge gap between the community the board of registrationpp and more. >> they are calling for the
7:36 am
7:37 am
this morning.d will he has been shotl a way to get arounder her back legs where they built a wheelchairh confidence they that she will begin the use of her legs which is fully recovered they plan to put the persistent
7:38 am
>> breaking news to pass on right nowak singer-songwriter bb dylan just one the 2016 prize in literature the swedish academy says the 75 -year-old rock legend created poetic expressions within the great american song tradition. dylan is best known for his 1960s songs about antiwar and the civil rights movement here in thes >> it for himemn while. >> 7:38 a.m. up next on fox eightxt news in the morning ?- e will get unplugged. a local father-l and is heartbreaking facebook -based post. he tells his son his mom died from a heroin overdose. this morning, we wantaa to know if these shocking videos are helping the
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7:41 am
7:42 am
a lot of people are very upseta seeing this a lot feel is a situation that needs to come to light. >> it's not any different than a top show that that doubt that that that that)th. >> another person said something should not be on social media believe this is one of them we don't share the stories more
7:43 am
todd very much. 7:43 a.m. is
7:44 am
morning in the city coming up on fox eight news at 8:00 o'clock ?- the steps samsung is taking this morning taking a live look outside for you this morning
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?? ?? i heard it on yesterday and is gone ?? and the greens in the being here and i'm alone but i had it all ont find a way and i will be okay ??
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check them out on tour right now. and then the harry potter series and the canton brewery country later on this evening at 7:00 o'clockn
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indicative of what we're trying to see here not on the eight day but towards the end of october. enjoying the weekend the rest will get rained out on sunday. >> unfortunately, we have a very busy commute meaning accidents right now the accident is off o the left berm it will definitey slow you issue out for 80 westbound a in
7:50 am
tell they are in full harvest mode when we come back, we will talk about things to do w for te family with the family while we're keeping fall in mind. look at that big gourd. when we come back, kicking it with
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?? my kansas city was in complete ?? ?? dynamite
7:54 am
internationally known and have toward all over the world. currently, they are on a use tor with their show in canton tonight they have gotten recognized by the music industry their current single was fourth on billboard's hot video check this o kids have v v appeared in the hy potter film series.e that is at 7:00 o'clock tonight and the brewing company. thank you for those wonderful kids are coming in. speaking of ?-re here we ae
7:55 am
you season is going on with the carving. it is obviously busy in october we glimpse the monsters fish and obviously this time of year is one the farm marks into what wem call pumpkin village. then we open up the park park here. and i guess you are because you caps on stuff posture c. >> but what we see over here part of the village for the kids. >> we've got the spiderweb. we've got the tractor mountain we've got all the play areas and then of course the largest jumping pillow in the state of ohio air. >> there is a lot of stuff for families tos do when they come out here is that correct? come out for a couple of hours.
7:56 am
we have the spark rain here i wanted to show them this and there we have the corn maze we have lebron's corn maze this year you know when the cavaliers won the championship, we celebrated that with inaugurating the back corn maze we backward maze we have that he rides and theau pig trains and l that fun stuff down in the orchard be careful it is like to hear. on the weekends we have superhero weekend this weekend w in the weekends we've got a different theme festival this weekend it is all the superheroesth we have 800 of traveling suits of superheroes walking around the pumpkin wall that you sign in this area and
7:57 am
>> it looks like fun doesn't it back to you guys they are all here. theyl are all here. so, that is coming up in the 8:00 o'clock hour also ?- t sinr selena gomez back taking some time away from her what happened in the last couple of months i am not going to do that when there.
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good morning, cleveland and all of morning in the city october 13, 2016 it is 8:00 o'clock. >> christie you will be seeing the entire family here in just a few minutes they are all here at the cutest thing in the entire world says content hanging out with his dad. >> job. >> chilling like a villain. when you try to hold he tried to


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