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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  October 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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happen after three suspects attempteded to rob the barbersh around 7:40 p.m. wednesday, two employees in self-defense exchanged gunfire with suspects, 5-year-old and a 26-year-old shot, when the suspects was injured.e police have been talking to witnesses and are continuing to investigate as they search for additional suspects. >> my brother is my hero, if no for him ever not have my son this minute. >> she says she is grateful they are both okay. it took him to get a haircut and she said, he got shott and when he said that, i'd just los it.. he is expected to make a full recovery.y. >> he got half of his hair cut the other side still needs to b cut. for not releasing the name of victim to a shot inin front to
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homee with his family so he can watch hiswi favorite team the indians hopefully win the world series. so frightened to see a 5-year-old in the middle of adult. his mother said that the boy woke up in the middle of the night , said he did not want to cry so this is going to have some lasting consequences d and he was a very brave man who did everything he could to keep his nep show for me in marijuana cooking a donation, you don't know what she discussed with you. the i-team investigate what is going on around the scar decoratedat in their loyalties, part in the heart of downtown. >> the group with that car pushing for the legalization of pot. >> and how they do it got our ed gallek here with
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notice the offer to the i-team as he walked up to a car decorateder with pot, then we went one-on-one with the man behind it. the i-team, wearing a chicken kidding microphone, talking to people at this car in front of the, visitor center, painted w marijuana leaveser creating a s downtown. >> with edibles, check us out >> what's that? >> marijuana cookies. so you're selling marijuana cookies. >> we take donations and were giving them away. >> like a dozen of them. >> just one color you get one for a $10 donation >> is settled like selling cookies with pot, delta workers said they had heard the same pitchitl so we went back. >> how isck that not selling?
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online you see the man behind all of this rapping about pot. the organization, kush gods want to become the first mobile whea dispensary and morere. sometimes your popcorn, cheese and gummi bears in cake pop. >> shall be marijuana cooking for a donationonop. >> and don't know what she discussed with you but youu can get anything from this car righ now. >> the guy calling himself nicholas showed up and said no deals just taking donations,, marketing his company in promoting the legalization of potot >> is going to want time with his guest artists we came early to get our grand early to marke early.are >> we check they say it is illegal to sell or possess any amount of marijuanana in any fo even in a cookie and taken a donation can be considered
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ad we stop by so that the place gun that it appeared that they moved on, and no one arrested, and that was left wit two stories, one for the man in charge, and one when no one kn a camera was rollingo. the man that she met mitzie was arrested t in the dc area o marijuana charge and says he still on probation, waiting for laws to change, in the meantime he carries out because marketing campaign. was he trying to accomplish >> wasabi like the ice cream ma to drive around selling marijuana and he wants to have like in uber service that they can use marijuana and eventuall have his own storefront. to westlake's police officers are back to work after killing
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man rob the cvs pharmacy and detroi road and crashed hisis car a f blocks away, they saw him with gun and shot himoc that later turned out to be a airsoft pistol, there were placed on administra expected to return soon. >> three men facing charges of carjacking a limousine at gunpoint in clevelandci then streamed the joyride in store memo on facebook it happen thursday after the driver dropped his passengers off at the indians gamece adr has obtained the video have you found out. >> 23 suspects are still on the loose, the limo driver from new philadelphia , is still recovering from a concussion when he was s beaten while resisting robbery. they say the video shows the 28-year-old and a 19-year-old, party and inside of the storm
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it was streamed live on faceboo .oday after the crime >> move or stay here, so don't know where anything is or what is bad. meadow mansion drove the limousine from new philadelphia and dropped off his passengers at the indians game last thursday,e ge stopped at this c mcdonald's and says he was outside when the suspects approached onhe bicycle demandi a ride. >> at those job because they looked younger than mee that a cake cannot take you in drive. >> that's what they said they attacked the gunpoint, show the marks left from the attack, these are the suspects got away in the limo. >> are not prepared for anythin like that.. it with basic training, it's no the slaves, got caught off guard.
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after the joyride, they said the suspects crashed it near east 35th and central. the limo owner says the town car,, as damage. >> the most of his simple. >> are you going to be able to fix it.. >> it is eligible. >> all three suspects have recods off the streets >> don't think anybody should b able to go around to do what they didid tonight ron henry is in custody held on the aggravated robbery charge, the victim saysi this is a reminder to beware of
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game one of the american league series of aggressive. >> are holding their final workouts, asas p.j. joins us fr progressive, that you have been dodging the foul balls today >> have been a lot of them, so far, so good, we wait for the indians to g begin the last workout before tomorrow's game one of alcs perk up when they met in regular season felt like playoff baseball, now a have a dramatic moment in the regular-season. mike clevinger had a ball calle against the blue jays,er the su looks to be evenly matched.
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evenlylyat they may have more in the line-up that's hard to argue, but we do have more speed. there are benefits to both side you look at the games they are all pretty much one run games . it will be corey kluber be corey kluber for the indians in game one of alcs versus marco estradarere for the blue jays. ins mike napoli if t are better in october and he said we will find all of the injuries, in here they are they always seem to find a way. also it is always someone different each night, and that goes back to the alds, and the bottom half of the lineup provided a good boost for them
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they have exceeded expectations for this team in terms of the injuries. they were going out and playing and good things happen when youin work together. stay with us for complete coverage of the alcs you can also get updates on the pennant chase any time at fox >> . bit of faith will help them to renew a school levy, a prayer service a rally held at the greater abyssinia baptist churc on east 105 streette they team up with clergy to urge people to vote yes on issue 108 renewal o a school levy to find the clue the plan to read to reform city schools say that education involves schools and churches. it is where we spent a great
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that they are integrateda into the schools in working to the same cause it is important to keep our children safe and educated. >> the schools i received straight f's in a state reportrt, school leaders say that knowledge the shortcomingsoo that they're working on those they say that have made great strides over th
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wine room hurricane matthew continues with the carolinas of the 30 deaths in the us due to drowning. >> as a sort out their lives the needs of animals take a back seat 17 from myrtle beach and will shelter here looking for new homesll is roosevelt leftwi. there were brought from south carolina because the shelter there do not have spaceth kosar problems from hurricane matthew they need a good home.e. with a 17 new residence of the cleveland apl, there a mix
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ones. they were inside the shelter with hurricane hit and with the influx of dogs in area shelters nor to give them a home they need to travel hundreds of miles away. >> think the shelters have been overwhelmed by the immediate need to take in animals that have lost their homes and familiesin as result of floodin. >> these dogs were already in the shelter so there's nobody looking for them.. they are disappointed after a very different world, they hope to get the new homes serving as well as those who are already here looking for the new homes.o >> had to make space for the ne arrivals. >> letting people know about these dogs will raise awareness about the cleveland apl and
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ready for adoption, so are the rest of these need good homes. this weekend, there is solving activities thi weekend. we have a couple of great days, it has been a beauty indeed. we have the air mass that makes it hard to adapt to. we've got fewer clouds, the
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high temperatures, around 1:00 o'clock we had 64 since then have been in the 50s, nearly stagnant. after 1:00 a.m. it dropped in have beenen there all day even with sunshine we've got that breeze that made it feel cluste frost advisories for all except lake county and the lakeshore o ashtabula county tonight mid to upper 30s some as low as low 30sme extending into illinois,
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currently 55 hopkins and 60 degrees new philadelphia. the lens will be very calm tonight. whereabouts cooler than yesterday ago rain departing early this morning, but not the clouds, it will be clear night with low moisture content the ingredients needed for radiational cooling. that allows the cold air to settle into place.
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name of the game the nextt 48 hours, so good news for the first two games of the alcs. first pitch tomorrow at 8:08 p.m. looking at temperatures anywhere from the 30s for most of us stop tomorrow-about 16, at first pitch,
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they are 70 on sunday a chance of a few showers then fall back to the 50s next week. the browns have quarterback, so will they be
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>> tell me about the blue jays, what is the key to the attack? >> they the big bats i the middle of the order that they have quality pitches and try to hold down the indians, but cannot stress how the home field events couldld play a big factor for the indians. one of every five was in dramatic fashion, the indians
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are not taking home field advantage for granted.y >> think it could be huge to play the red sox caught with home-field advantage,e, got two quick ones, and then took care business on the road and with this crowd, the atmosphere, with teams coming, and now they played at the rogers center, this is electric it is a fun place to play so think that we have the advantage.. game on is quickly reverses marco estrada themqu trevor bau versus half and then tom versus drama and then clevinger versus sanchez.. >> talk about the browns it is like musical chairs, who gets t play sunday?? ask about the quarterback. it will be cody kessler, he has been rehabbing.
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the sunday injury when he was mailed by the patriots. terrell pryor knows it will be the next man up. k >> we keep losing guys and woul like about this team is that guys keep fighting. them in the to keep fire and look for the first whe we need to get on the move.t i still believe in this team. the cavaliers will open their season 12 days and that wondering if jr smith will be i uniform?an as of tonight no deal agreed upon, so we wait, they do have some work tonight in downtown cleveland. lebron james will be sitting ou tonight's exhibition game versu raptors at the but the tea is getting more players sharp for the opener on october 25 at the q.q.
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and that this could be the last big payday, isiy teammates want him under contract. as long as his attitude is the right place after that we will get something donee and th will put us in the best position. >> there still time to vote for the fox 8 game of the week. with big playoff points on the line, ig go to fox to vote, polls close nine , then announce the winning game at 10:00 p.m... the plot thickens in the battle for the white house, how donald trump's fighting back against his accusers andd even
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it is a video of a father breaking news to say that the mother died of a drug overdose has been seen by more than th
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into a difficult moment. >> the line that he says he had a reason to share as dave nethers has the story. it is a wrong moment, brennan n clarke of youngstown breaks the news to his son that his mother died it was news thatar evening did not want to believe >> are literally dropped to my knees and just prayedd that it was not true , i was hoping that she would message me back. it was one of the hardest things i've ever had to do, four hours are contemplated how my going to tell my son that his mother had just died nobody wants to hear that their mother died. the post video to his facebook account, motivated by saint lik
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found unconscious in her cart with a child in the back seatf, hoping to help others understan the profound impact of addiction. >> my facebook, stop receiving messages i've gotten, i don't know how manyc messages from people thanking me. video getting 31 million views, shared more than 712 thousand times most 100,000 comment some negative. it eats at me a little bit but as long as my son is okay and is it surrounded by support right now when she is, my son i fine. clark admits he is fighting to overcome his own addictions, and says that the overwhelming
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he chose to share has done for him what he hopes it will do for others, i had to step up twice as much as a parent, i'm the only parent tha he has right now. >> dave nethers fox 8 news. boys grandma was hoping to care for him and says he is rounded by love and support. was not the first story involving heroin to receive attention. and these photos from east liverpool, that they put on line to show how bad the epidemic is the wallet is the boys grandma, she was sentenced when in 80 days in jail in her boyfriend who was driving received a year in prison, up until a few weeks before the photo was taken the boy had been with his great-grandparents k for much o his wife, state ozor showed the moment he was reunited with
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they say that the boy is not happy in readjusting to life with them. i there were tears of sadness and relief, that after 75 years thess us sailor from malaria finally coming home remains of us navy yeoman rudy piskuran return some five years after he was killed durin the attack on pearl harbor
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oklahomama with the ship capsized after being struck by a japanes person b attributed to him by the people here has touched the hearts of his relatives. it is humbling pride and we are overwhelmedh the magnitude the sullen day and t the outpouring of people it is incredible the people who have come out to honor my uncle.le the weight of history and his service and sacrifices felt by thosei who carry his remains hoe home. the casket was escorted by his great-nephewew, one of a number family members, followed in his footsteps in service to the nation. >> i'm so proud of my uncle, and he's coming home, welcome home. >> he will be to rest
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those who passed away waiting for him to be returned home. it as a result of the tenacity of the navy and of modern science, the use dna to identify the remains of those who died at pearl harbor but no identified, enabled the family notified that a comparison of dna compared to the remains of a sailor from oklahomama, confirm that he was mobbed the the gala lives in service of the country and pearl harbor should never be forgottenhetr t day should live on forever, to remember what they went through the ultimate sacrifice they gav to our country. local veterans will be among those attending the funeral tomorrow, and they will say goodbye in their own way to go
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gone for 75 years and still has footprints left in the sand. think of those families who wer inspired to serve because of hom. >> welcome home. >> politics now, dump trump responding to flood of accusations of inappropriate contactlat with women. >> as the controversies polyp poll numbers keeps letting fear is karin caifa.. >> these vicious claims about me of women are completely false citing allegations, is fighting his party and party fo the white house because andy white lashing out at the establishment the clinton campaign and immediate. >> on wednesdaye new york times post report the counts of two
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unwanted advances, he is threatened to sue them for libel,unce and people magazine published an account one of their their four reporters. we can't protect the public and what shehe is heard making comments about women in 2,005 chris lane michelle obama slammed the trump comments and his exhalation as locker room talk. the wall desert retreat this way no one deserves this kind o abuse. >> the controversy appears to be sinking his poll numbers, and during the data path to victory. the detroit news poll shows him trailing by 11 points, in pennsylvania she leads by nine points, and a law school poll shows a support leada for her i wisconsin, karin caifa reporting.
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candidates and appeared to be looking for other options.s.da according to google trends, searches for ride and have searched last week hitting a recorddha since 2,004 some of t common phrases, is bernie sanders a ride in and also mike pence, not clear if this will translate to action at the ballot box, a hue jackson makes no apologies for inviting fired coach art browse to attend practice applied his ties to a sexual assault scandal on the campus of baylor university.ts >> this happened a different time and die not here to judge and icann understandably has an opinion. >> coach jackson says the forme head coach has a tremendous offensive mind and says that uses gaston will be around long and that brawl says islam the team does not sit well with
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domestic violence and child advocacy center,i they worked t end domestic violence and child abused will educate the public. >> saddened that the browns compute support of our agency that they wouldtho bring someone in minimize violence against women that is heartbreaking because this is a global problem not just aus clue the problem. the sexual assault scandal involved so members of the football team,aln an independen review found was no culture of accountabilit for misconduct made an asset from ron james foundation, established thes i promise institute on the university of akron campus resourcece for tho who have earned a guaranteed fo your tuition scholarship,a the institute will be located infocision stadium, first class, is currently in eighth grade an
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sunset will be added 6:49 p.m. patsy frost-line with
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saturday, sunshine with mid- 60s for first pitch saturday. the frost advisory does not include lake county and control line of ashtabula. aza polar air mass takes over i wisconsin,k illinois, indiana a michigan and parts of pennsylvania and west virginia. the land is beginning to relax into the evening and overnight. got these temperatures in the '50s and 60s to the south, ahead of the front some 70s such as brawling with 76.
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i know that we have the cooler air, or between 15 and 25 degrees cooler than yesterday. this dry air is moving in from the northwest set this up for a very chillyly overnight. high pressure will be in contro for the next 24 hours, day will be saturday start that a chance of showers sunday tonight mid to upper 30s expecting upper 30s at the lakeshore because the water temperature is still in the
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tomorrow looking at sunshine for all and 60-degree weather we have two go up to near on saturday, and then a chance of a shower sunday and then a nice climb in the temperature. en 50s0s at the end of next week. >> still ahead the unexpected turn with me for one driver who
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look at this steak, just sitting there, taunting you. what's worse? it's not alone. it comes with this, this, or this too. are you gonna do something about it? if not? good luck sleeping tonight. you can't fake steak. longhorn steakhouse. tonight's special: great steak pairings. a center cut sirloin with a choice of bacon-wrapped shrimp, baby back ribs, or parmesan crusted chicken.
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a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses.
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don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun.
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after a road rage crash will be driver tried to back onto th albany ramp linked-in of one driver he ended up on top of th concrete barrier.. began when the driver allowed a school bus to merge,, the drive begins talking, swirls and crashes into the bios that on top of the barrier. is was another lame. basic under fire for its trending section promoting several thick stories that spread like a viral video recent report that fox news had fired meaghan kelly. but wasan not true. but that went viral and ended u on the facebook trending stories
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checking stories the computer makes that decision that means false stories tt can become trending topics with more likes even if fakeke, so how can you separate fact from fiction? always, this sounds too good to be true than it probably iss also, you look to a reptile source, this seems like breakin news then why do we see this in one placee, probably the reason you only see that one spot and doo research. look for a keyword in the headline. >> as they fake stories gain more attention they can pop up ontt trending topics. the political season is in full swing and so is hollowing. >> you put those two together and you got some clever stories, the word trumpkins is trending
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share pictures of their pumpkin carved to look like donald trump trump. some complete with hair, it now ed with one person turned into an all-out trend. now this costume that is sold out. it is thee at sexy ken bone. it was inspired by the undecide voterer who became a sensation asking the question during the presidential debate, t sweater is transformed into a red crop top, the author comes with a blue set up pants and undershirt, glasses and thick mustachee in microphone. costing $100. is sold out in just four hours the company has hopes of having more available for resale.e. this halloween week have you
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we have a dog and cat up for adoption, from the friendship apl,. is a black and tan pound. is well-behaved. is playful hellos to go on walk and loves to ride in the car. and we also have 6-year-old calico , per owner passed away. she is friendly and social was to take a nice catnap.
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would make a wonderful companion, from the fringes apl. that you decide to adopt them. not many buyers, see the appeal of this unique connecticut home. the picture on the real estate sitete are going viral, the described this out of the deepest depths of hell. five-bedroom, four bath home is on sale for $340,000, it is described as having artisan touches. they are asking why are the
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so far they have no takers so you can still put in a bid.. thanks for joining us.
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it received video that shows the moments when suspectsts attempted to ro barbershop and gunshots exchang with employees. >> in the middle of it was a young boy and his dresses like to save his nephew. peggy gallek has the story of survival. a look down and he had a gun to my chesta. yusef suleiman explained what happened during a robbery wednesdayay at a barbershop on the west side.. >> my nephew is in chair iamb


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