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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  October 14, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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president obama wrapping up a rally in cleveland, matt wright has a report from burke lakefront airport. >> tribe prepares for game one of alcs that gets underway today, dave nethers tells us what you can >> if you go downtown, more information on the big night including the monsters. you'll probably need a check and tonight it's going to be chillinga.
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fridayay. president obama is b in cleveland to rally for hillary clinton, get right to matt wright with what he had to say to supporters..r >> bespoke here on the tarmac can't burke airport this morning, part of an all-out puh by the clinton campaign for las and supportrt in this tight race in ohio. >> he was urging people to vote early and to vote for hillary clinton,op spoken optimistic te about economic gains made over his two terms. he said that there is still mor workrk to do and that she has t experience and credentials to get thehe job done, contrasting that with donald trump, and
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, he went after donald trump's business record andnd called hi comments about women unacceptable.le also targeted republicans he said should know better but are still supporting trump those who have stood by himm amid what he calls crazy talk and conspiracy theories. he does not have the temperament, the knowledge and does not seem to have the interest to acquire the knowledgeem , or the basic honesty that a president needs to have and that was true before we heard him talk abouth women. if you believe that we are better, than what we have been hearing, the good news is, as pointed out yesterday, there is something that we can do about it here in ohioiont about browns themed so you can
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he was contrasting a hopeful vision of the country with politicsop of fear he says it is presented by donald trump. the motorcade will make its way to hopkins,, where air force one is expected to depart just afte 12:30 p.m. moving on to the other big story. the indians will host can want of the alcs tonightht with home-field advantage over the toronto blue jays, there's so much much excitement and optimismh in downtown cleveland before the big game. dave nethers joins us with a preview. >> first fish tonight at
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seven-game series,t hope that the indians can take your business before it getss close to seven games. home-field vanish as been very good, the second-best record- i the leg the fans have been a huge part so they encourage everyone to wear red throughou the series to demonstrate unity. this will be their first appearance in the alcs since 2,007,t terry francona, was manager of the boston tea. .he is on our team. there is a sense of optimism after the boston servers where the tribe demonstrated that the are upup to the challenge, the team knows that toronto, comes off of their own sweet and also wants to win just as badly. >> the have a great ballclub stop the events as we have, too sweet one of the better teams i the league think it will beh a
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one of the best in the league, if we are patient, and we do no chase them will be fine. >> the gates open and 6:00 p.m., first patch at 8:00 p.m. with trevor bauer pigeon, the other championship team, the monsters also play tonight soea plan her travel and parking accordingly with more info at fox >> wi this is kind of fun, remember all of thee 216 things that wer a coincidence during the cavaliers championship? t coincidence? it is a tweet from the end of the says were about we low your mind, he sayst need eight winds were a title, 27 outs and again, eight times
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go cleveland and go to 16, let's rally together and onel from the first bench to the final out, stay with us forr complete coverage as the indian ralliedia to beat the blue jays the alcs, you can also get updates at fox >> . those who are going downtown, we have clear skies and 60 deg day especially for game one of the alcs. this is a look from the roof-cam. you can see one boat on the lake taken advantage of the nice weather. a.j. colby is here without firs look at the weather. >> iss a a cold start. many peoples furnaces kicked of
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clear skies, late last night, and right now looking at burke lakefront airport webcam time lapse. you can see maybe a few clouds tonight, for the game time, low 50s.. basically clear event tomorrow at the 4:00 p.m. game, with temperatures in the mid- 60s it is actually at 4:08 p.m. giving selected time to get a hot talk and beverage. 53 degrees akron-canton, these are the official nighttime and early morning temperatures, 30 degrees at wooster, there were no 20s on the map. we did go down to 37 degrees there were some reports of uppe 20s including medina.
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maybe even southwest geauga county around novelty, chester went around 30 degrees. high-level clouds with a very weak systemgr will solve. on maps in motion increasing clouds tonight this could help to keep temperatures a little bit on the high side. wheel well and joy autumn sunshine today, 60 degrees, the any warmer days coming upmi. new information about the man in a wheelchair who was killed overnight when he was hit by a car please say that h the 55-year-old of cleveland was hit near the intersection of west 25th and meyer avenue just before 1:00 a.m. the i-team told that two cars
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when one of them hit him, one o the drivers, who was taken to the hospital will likely be charged tomorrow, they're still looking into how the crash happenede driver reportedly took off. >> are still looking into how the crash took place. sugar heights police investigate aa pair of attempte lurings according to a police report, it may length is others are like it in the surrounding areas, the man describeded as driving a smaller model blue suv approach to children under the age of 12 offering candy in the ride if you have seen anything suspicious, contact shaker
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four novellas about a tragic story i new york, a baby died after falling down elevator shaft, long was waiting for the elevator yesterday on the 23rd floorwa of a coney island building withl when the doors open, she pushed the stroller forward, do not realize that it the elevator wa not there, they then felt sick stories, both were taken to hospital, the baby died, the mother is recovering, and they said that they have beent complaining for years about broken elevators at that the aftermath of hurricane matthew continues,,
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result, their brings the death toll toa 32 across the south, 2 in north carolina, the cleanup continues in the state as majo rivers are expected to be above flood stage, through much of next week. grow that broke out of the london zoo yesterday is back hhis morning, footage posted on social media showed armed officers walking through the ground following the escape, zo visitors were kept inside buildings until contained, it was subdued by a tranquilizer dart and returned safelyly. a new poll shows the past week has takens a toll on donal trump, his numbers are falling, hillary clinton's are rising by both face significant problems with voters, doug luzader has
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>> the new numbers are in and , it makes a difference in a week donald trump is now down seven points behind hillary clinton. about it we could go itb was ju a two-point race. a lot has happened since then, and this may not even take into account the full weight of the accusations against donald trump.w >> these claims are all fabricated they are pure fictio and they are outright lies. >> the pushback from donald trump calling storiesof , despite a number of allegations from women, including a people magazine reporter and a woman who says she sat next to him on a flight more than 30 years a go, many of his supporters or unswayed >> we don't leave any of it, is an important >> is bigger concern is independent voters, he and clinton are tied him on the group and that's not good enoug for trump.ti >> it's important for a
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a sizable margin among independents because there are more democrats than republicans in the country so you have to winha your own party and then a bit little to take over.wn she tries to capitalize on his travels, the poll also challenges challenges, her penchant for secrecy has, led t more than 60 percent of likely voters say that they do not trust her and you hacked e-mail disclosuresh will help coming supporters of bernie sanders says in spanish democratic leaders like for new mexico governorc richardson were called medial latinos and likely voter don't seemem to be impressed by either, 6 percent said that a serious scandal is either somewhat or very likely in either a trump or a clinton administration >> you ask voters about a range of issues from foreign policy t terrorism,ergn hillary clinton
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economy where trump used to be have a big advantage, is now aa statistical tie, doug luzader fox news. keeps in these fluctuating will not know until election millennials can really get a bad rap artists they are still
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this morning, you could feel th change from yesterday. some a couple degrees , colder than yesterday. and me this morning like around wooste it was 30, also some authorities. just some high-level clouds. time lapse does not show the pasty film from the southwest.
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the skies will be mainly clear tonight. looking at the dip into the mid to upper 30s. we had turned a corner in the '50s of where we find those temperaturesth hopkins at 57, akron-canton 53 and wooster als 53. this is downright tilted compared to this morning.g. satellite/radar composite, high-level clouds that are drifting in. if you go out tonight,t, it's going to be goo weather for the games.
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some high-level claus tomorrow afternoon. looking off to the southwest about 45 minutes after sunset. heavily that is about 6:47 p.m. the moon will be shining, it is a waxing gibbous moon.. it will be 96 percent tonight and the full moon will be sunday night. sunshine today. near 60, just slightly below average. tonight, inland temperatures
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lake shore. tomorrow 67. on the forecast, we will be having 70 sunday, fairly scattered showers sunday, most of the rainfall, might stuff, will be after two-3:00 p.m. mid '70s tuesday. in ireland makes a big change, you could soon enjoy a child
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mobilephone giant samsung expects to lose $3 billion in operating profit between now an march, it comes after they ende all production and sales of the galaxy note 7, the problems beginro in september when they recalled their phones due to overheating batteries that were catching fire, they should replace with phones with those also caught fire. perkins worklife balance is off, great to a survey, we give
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of vacation programv have a reputation of workaholicsve and may be another reason why they do not use all the vacation time,y nearly 6 percent of workers left vacation time in years because their bosses made them feel bad for taking time off, it is actually management forgoes the most vacation time. manny millennials still laying on mom and dad to get by, according to a new survey by fidelity,bb nearly half of generation that their parents payth for stuff including cell phones, groceries, renting clothing, young adults are take the freebies because they apparentlyunbi saving their own money, six out of ten have an emergency fund with an average balance of more than $9,000.n >> for the many people have a do next to a crying baby can be a nightmare but airline is helping, indigo airline rated a quiet zone,
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the age of 12 are not permitted, this is the quiet zone was created for business travelers need to do work.hit the children's book about beer, it is going viral, dennis kistner is a bartender in baltimore and decided to write the book to teach how to beer made it is called hop-head harr goes to the brewery, he and his wife work at a bar and say that there is a big part of the life so he wrote the book for their 2-year-old son last fall.e president obama is in cleveland. we will check in with matt
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president obama is a cleveland, rally for hillary clinton, show you live look from burke lakefront airport. to depart. we will check back in with matt wright who has a look at what the president said to the crowd today. he spoke here on the tarmac at the airport. making an all-out push for hillary clinton, in this close race in ohio. ladies and gentlemen please
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>> steve hurst ohioan is to vot early and to support hillary clinton speaking and optimistic terms about economic gains made over his two terms in office an to recover from recession in th auto industry and adding jobs, he says there is more work to d and that clinton has the experience and credentials to get the job done.sth contrasting that with donald trump, callingh him unfit to serve. even after his business recordfi and his unacceptable he said.d. he also targeted republicans wh he said should know better but still support donald trump, they have stood by him during what h calls his crazy talk and conspiracy theories.h >> he seems to be in the middle of the game, make excuses , all the time, why he might be losing.
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if you are talking cannot make excuses to not complain about referees for the game is even done.. you just play the game >> equal as contrasted with a hopeful visionon of the country with what he calls the politics of fear presented by donald trump. have more coverage of the presidential visit tonight at 4:00 p.m. on fox 8 news. a big day here as the indians hosta the blue jays in game one of alcs. dave nethers is here with a preview. the game in cleveland tonight there is some good reason for optimism, the indians have home-field advantage. one of the best home-field records no leg encouraging people to wear the color red a a sign of support
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the first time since 2,007 when current manager terry francona was managing the boston red sox. yes the tribe ready to know that the blue jays are coming in after their own >> they've got a great oil clumping of events as we have two be one of the better teams in the lake. is going to be a lot of fireworks and fun. t one of the best in the leagueoo we just had to not chase just be patient and we will be fine. first pitches at 8:08 p.m. be aware that the monsters are also playing tonight. may want to make plans accordingly. for more info fox >>
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the key to all of the excitement this weekend is mother nature. and it is cooperating, and it looks like that is the case is going to be a nice weekend. check in with a.j. colby who looks at the forecastst, and to is going to be great but it little bit chilly just bundle up. >> it could be a lot worse. this time of year we could have rain and even someme else if it gets colder. but it will be pleasa by the end of the game. this is satellite from outer space. the only clouds of any consequence is out over the lake. as this encounters the drier ai it is falling apart. currently 53 degrees hopkins in
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last night, wooster went down to 30 degrees, in some unofficial locations with upper 20s have that listing coming up at 4:00 p.m. with andre bernier. the next system in the upper plains states will bringm in so clouds and perhaps scattered showers on sunday, tomorrow wil be theee pick of the weekend. the winds aloft show a general warming trendnd throughout the week ahead and then late week a low-pressure system shows up and that will be reflected on the 8 -day outlook. sunshine today, cooler than average about 60 degrees , the average is 62, tonight a waxing gibbous moon with 96 percent illumination.
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tomorrow mostly sunny, in the upper '60s a great day for baseball. oblivious start said 4:08 p.m. at progressive. you can see temperatures warmin up even more so into the '70s. we may have about 76 degrees on tuesday and looking to be prett and thursday and friday notice the temperatureses. a bit of something for everyone i've think. the big day is finally here, it is time for game one of thei mecca league championship serie checking in with j.t. barrett i a looki at the starting lineup
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top of the friday, the indians blue jays, two hot teen are set to face each other in game one of the alcs tonight at 8:00 p.m. in cleveland, corey kluber starting againstst toronto, marco estrada for the blue jays the team features breakout youn stars like francisco lindor and terry frnc santana responded when he asked him to leadoff poco. talk to him. if they do not buy into them probably not the greatest idea and he has been fine with it this has been the funnest year since i've been here with carlos.
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guy, the games are pretty much one run games. marco estrada, matching pages with corey kluber heng knows it matters most is the team is hot at the right time of the season. >> a lot of teams were hot in mid-august, early september, then they cooled off once they began the playoffs, you think that we are just beginning to get hot.u it is perfect timing, it is all about timing. >> across the plaza from progressive field, the two teams met in the eastern conference kyrie irving ng, looking for his jump shot. lebron james had the night off as the season opener is about 1 days awayht . kevin love with 19 points, then he was feeling it. then he nails another three-pointer.he
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lowery had 25 for the raptors. the raptors winning 119-94. in practice for two days as he recovers from being slammed by the pagers, cody kessler is pointing towards starting sunda versus titans. a feel better each day with improvement.t. olivia rae moore couple is eisa iamb i feeling better in my fee great. f will have extended highlights of the game of the week on friday night touchdownnwi tonig 7:00 p.m., the rosters will be playing tonight at the q. when they open the season so basebal
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progressive field and hokie at the q. and high school football action . will be a pasta dinner the sunday,, on sunday from two until a 30:00 p.m., the magnificat high school is hosting, for the two sister sophia barr and sierra barr, require long-term care and rehabilitation donationsi can be made at in ke
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both boys are undergoing individual surgeries this was an important first step the parents moved to the bronx to be close to the hospital and they have a 3-year-old as well. go-fund-me page set up to help them pay the $2.5 million medical bill. united states birth rate is rising, more women in the unite states expect to have children in the future,unh the cdc serv nearly thousand women have half between the ages of 15 and 44 expect to have children, that's a 46 percent increase from 2,00 to those who want kids only wan to, o which is down slightly fr the last time they were survey in 2,002. colorado teenager fighting a battle against a disease that only strikes over women,a believes that the secure leave the youngest womanan
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reports. at this boutique and boulder colorado, theue teenager is gettinga special treatment. >> a lot ofi history to my team they're so excited to meet you. peyton linafelter is a celebrity and the krimson klove shop, has become the cause. >> at 15, she began feeling severe pain. the sis, that were abnormally big. >> she got worse. my stomach expanded to thee point.that it looks like i'll was five months pregnant. >> on her 16th birthday she learned that she had stage four ovarian cancer it was in her lungs and abdomen.n. the dr. calls her a medical
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she may be that youngest or certainly one of the youngest patient united states diagnosed with this diseases. >> at the university of colorad hospital, she had six rounds of chemo and a seven hour surgery to remove the tumors.oo she has more chemo ahead but she remains positive. >> i'm strong enough to not be beat-down by sorrow. rhoda swenson will donate 10 percent of october sales to this teenager she goes amazing. >> her new supporters, dresser inoe sweaters and keep her and
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would you say no to a lot more money?xc no thanks. nice balloons, though!
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base for hockey fans can expect a lot of downtown traffic as th mustard kickoff their season at the q., melissa reid has more. this is the calm before the storm, she came from kirtland to progress of the day before the indians open up for the alcs against the blue jays for tonight.r jus going on and can get in with ticket so i'm looking from the outside,k this is so exciting f the city we are championship city. >> speaking of champions, the alcs coincides with the opening cleveland monsters season at the q.. >> is going to be jumping, it's a great downtown we have a grea setting.. >> it literally means everythin
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with an estimated 15,000 for the monsters games is to sold out indians games get ready for traffic. >> will probably crazyad, we ar planning on getting down early to miss the traffic, walk aroun andlk it will be packed. >> dish to the traffic, fans will have to deal with parking restrictionswi because the city will have parking bans along prospect, huron road, carnegie, east ninth street and others >> on friday the indians game starts at 8:08 p.m., the monsters game at:0 7:00 p.m., o saturday the indians game start said 7, for early p.m., the monsters game at 5:00 p.m., we recommend that you leave early. this is a dream come true, this is what we dream of to be fans of the city. >> melissa reid fox 8 news. a babysitter gets a little
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just just
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her daughter has been acting like a acrobat and then she eventually goes to sleep horizontally but she likes to do these tricks before she goes to sleep. >> that would be
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n "the real," on girl chat, adrienne brings back the choker. >> my neck was done with it, but my heart wasn't. >> loni, you forgot us. >> no, i didn't. >> plus, how natural oils can help you. >> tea tree oil is the key. >> how to tackle stubborn we have the tricks on "the real." ? >> you like that slick move?


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