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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  October 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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and with the inconvenience of trying to pitch with the in gam threeten. this is what terry francona sai and his seemingly taken this in stride. it is kind of self explanatory. we have all probably everybody here, at some point., had a drone related problem. this was not malicious, he is not doing something. he could have an opening in the kitchen, these things would not but ld it was not done viciously or by being silly. it just happened. that is what happened, he has a injury, the team will try to deal with that, corey kluber pitching tonight, game two of the josh tomlin and then if all goes well for trevor bauer,
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finger he would pitch in game threeer, still have clevinger perhaps the bullpen pitching in game number four. they have had things thrown at them all season, michael brantleych out for his signific amount of time also yan gomes and danny salazar, carlos carrasco, etc. this is the latest they will have to deal with. t i've played baseball since iowa's eight which you don't use your pinky finger much. apparently so, to deal with the inconvenience and also all the resulting numbers and pain. and there are certain pitches where it would be infected, but for the most, he does not throw his many types of pages as he used to, if he were the first year he threw about 57 types,
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just back off a bit and then get over.. first pitch tonight at 8:08 p.m. tomorrow at 4:08 p.m. and goes to toronto for game three at italy pm. >> game four at 4:00 p.m. tuesday in toronto, and if needed give five will also be at 4:00 p.m. on wednesday and the potential game six would be bac hereiafr to see about a possible game seven. stay with us for complete coverage as they rallied to beat their blue jays and the alcs. will have complete coverage at fox >
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ballparkt for tonight's game, a bollywood met yesterday after wounded in a shootoutt and his uncle who helped to save his life, fox 8 helped make it happen as peggy gallek explains. >> we found out that he and his uncle were huge and its fans we brought thatat to the attention the indians and they graciously reached outut, wanting to help make this situation a little better. the end and sawyer started, yesterday, and they want to mak sure thatat you guys are in the ballpark tonightyo. pasco tickets a side corey kluber baseball is yes from the indians to saed in his uncle yusef suleiman were victims in shooting at a barbershop on cleveland's west side wednesdayl >> but they did for us, is a class act. i really appreciate what they
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>> it is wants to watch these team to hopefully win the world series. us all the story was blown awayay >> curtis danburg of the indian said the team help. >> heard about this 5-year-old boy who was shot in the foot at a barbershopfo just a random we incident and the fact that, he was an indians fan and it just came together. >> he took his 5-year-old nephe to get a haircut at the barbershop when three men entered the store with guns drawnwhr. at the video shows, two of the parties fire back at the suspects in self-defense. one of the suspects, another man, and saed were injured, the boy was shot in the foot and is
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are ruined by a bullet hole, th barber, who helped to save his life, took care of thatr,. i got this where the young man who was hit in the foot whe all he wanted to do was to get .ircuthi >> he says that the entire family is extremely thankful to .veryone the police are continuing to investigate the shooting. use as solomon
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danielle moore facing him child endangering charge is as her two children were left alone for hoursoo, sh has a history of run-ins with social services including a pass complaint of neglect, her children are now in the custody of social services the case of the bound over to the grand jur she is held under $10,000 bond. shaker heights police were looking for a man who tried to luretr ch tuesday on rye roadhi they say man driving a ford offered a girl candy, the bill would not get into the vehicle and was no hurt. van in a wheelchair is run down in the street is two cars were racing his sister spoke to lorrie taylors about the outrage that she is feeling. >> she's angry that her brother life would end in such a
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that struck theay 55-year-old j kudryk was going so fast he die instantly. his wheelchair was mangled on the sidewalk as they said their final goodbyes at metrohealth a few blocks away, they say the 55-year-old paraplegic was crossing the street thursday around 12312 cars racing came towards him th place they the 21-year-old , high on drugs or alcohol, or both, was driving the ford fusion as it collided with a nissan maxima, careening into something has to be done, this is getting to the point.thatt this has become a wild west. this cannot go on is like running down a in the street is what happened to my brother without any care or
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what happened, but hoped that she gets the book thrown at her. they say that the passenger remains and metrohealth in serious condition, she says tha her brother was an organ donor is finalized copy fulfilled because only his corneas could be salvaged . to steal a tv and whatte please call is an epic fail. video from inside the walmart i eastlake the man on a motorized scooter with a tv, on the way outside it hits the security gate,v charles court arrested for shoplifting, they say he was intoxicated.d. >> yeah right investigating a problem with clear than fire equipment covering downtown eve
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ed gallek is here with what he found. replace was a unit that did not have hoses or water investigated with president obama downtown last night. is questioned about this fire trucks at the station, the unit raised concerns about this fire engine that was out of service so it was replaced with a hazmat truck, that cannot help to put water on my fire in last nighta mr. obama was downtown at the hilton hotel. we caught up with the chief today , he said that the city is always try to make sure that they have enough equipment to keep people safets. city hall said that in the even of a fire downtown, and the units would be called. >> recently the indian has
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ladder truck used even though i does not go up, so how long doe theno hazmat truck place the fi engine? they called and said that it is back to normal. we have seen a fire truck here and there, they said that new equipment is on order but the delivery delayed. strong words from president obama campaigning today or hillary clinton he spoke at a rally and burke lakefront airport as matt wright joins us with what he had to say . came to ohio. push for people to choose hillary clinton contrasting a vision of hope with what he calls the
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he was back in the same place he campaigned for your zikala. since i was here last time it seems like there is an extra path in your step. >> touting economic gains likek resurgent economic and car industry as she is the candidat that continues to make it work. >> all that progress will go ou the window if we don't make the right choice. >> he's calling her the most qualified ever in donald trump's unfit fo office. >> it is not the temperament th knowledge does not seem to have the interest to acquire the knowledge. or the basic honesty that a present needs to have. was hit in trump aide on his rhetoric and record.hi >> the guys spent seven years o this earth showing no regard fo the working people and then suddenly he's going to be the
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also targeting republicans here in ohio and elsewhere who support donaldn trump, says tha they have stood by while he calls the crazy talk and conspiracy theories. some republicans, who knew better, stood by silentlywh. his message of hope and of promise, and not all of the negativityha hearing from the other sidehe. my students are wandering where their places in this country and not one of them to know that they belong here and they have a place in this country. >> i think it is uplifting and gives them a feel for hillary and eye have voted for her. >> he was urging people to vote
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the rally was held at burke lakefront, air force one flew i and out of hopkins airport, i h departed around 1:00 p.m. and i back in dc. this will not be the last campaign stop that we see until november. we will see many from both sides in the coming weeks. week number eight of high school football and many games have postseason implications. >> friday n of the action as p.j. is at broadview heights. this is a crucial stretch of games were both teams, brexit with a seven and zero record they are in the playoffsfs into week number eight, wadsworth road thingg for him three recor and now are the outside, wadsworth, writing a winning streak there finally getting
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that help them last week agains twinsburg. drexel has a seven-game winning streak. and he is about to become the schools leading passer with three games left to playe w. whatever it takes to win. without wadsworth is a potent offense and aggressive defense is going to take a great effort to win the game and whatever that takes, but that amo that is what our mindset is tha is what we're going to do to wi the football game. at best they also have stow and hudson to finish out the regular season, as they look at the post season and playoffs
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rig number eight friday night touchdown because tonight at 11:00 p.m. joinbehd us and a sp guest house with highlights fro all over northeast ohio including games with potential playoffff implications, tonight 11:00 p.m..i >> the indians asking fans to
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i decided that the browns needed a little help, that's why aro war orange for the brownsra, the indians are so go they don't need any help.
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burke lakefront airport, look a the cloudless air. there is no cloud cover, to detect motion. this morning, clear skies, ligh winds and radiational cooling. we had that frost advisory. even in the county and ashtabula county there was some light frost. was what was well off to the south. wooster with 30 degrees officially the coldest at any of the airport locations. but at other locations that wer under that, garretsville ca 28 medina 28.
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33 seems to be a popular one. now that the atmosphere is becoming more moderate, as we work into the weekend and can think this. look at this huge storm. another gush of heavy rainfall moving intoto puget sound, seate seattle. all of this rain snowfall continues in thee northern rockies. and that is what is sending the jet stream northward. allow once again another warm gush for october. were close to normal at 63 the lake water and 66 , most everybody is low '60s. tonight a chance of patchy frost, not as widespread asas t warning. and then you will see the moon, 96 percent and then a full moon sunday.
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sunshine then here is the next front some of the clouds moving and but no rainfall.s rainfall will be here as we mov intowe sunday. overall beautiful warm conditions it will be holding i the 70s all weekend into early next week. it will cool off next weekx with 50s eventually. the fire department took their newest member on a call t
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the masters and indians by tonight, going to be lots of
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amazon is ending seasonal workers for the holiday season. >> in the sport will continue t remember a a star who died in a accident here is s lou maglio w today's trending. >> amazon is getting ready for the holiday season by a ending. seasonal workers, the online retail giant is hiring 120,000 workers for the holiday rush about 20 percent hired last year which also make themn an outlier among major meteor like bases, targeting calls are hiring less, that means more people ordering online,th reuters poll showed t 1 percent of those who plan to do their holiday shopping onlin or come of the 1,000 they brought on last year holidays
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will be in warehouses and customer service sitesw for too long, they will have a voice come your house to open your boxes and take care of everything.g. you can stay home had to face the crowds and traffic and the customer service is awesome. >> had a problem just as we, yo e-mailed them and you >> the problem? >> why would you assume that ey
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honoring the life of jose fernandez, the panthers of the guys were most phil moore numbe 16 sweater with his name on the back, they had pictures of the jersey decal, last night remember him he died last month oft the marvin teenager the gam and accepted a check from the panthers for foundation and amazingly the panthers, alexander barcomb for war numbe 16 scored the game-winning goal
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the indians, and blue jays have been preparing all week, tonight,he there's plenty to be excited
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game on of the alcs starts in just over two hours. >> you can feel the excitement downtownwn head out tonight' game, as melissa reid is at gateway plazam. they came down here early to be part of the excitement. that lined up at the gates, tha open at 6:00 p.m. most the people here are w red. can see a few blue jerseys for godn you look over this way , looking at gateway plaza there is a budweiser bar setup, food trucks with a concert getting underway. the people here are so excited they came out here earlier today.ed we have home field advantage that is been veryrye good for indians. in the hope that willt take a team through the series.
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asking the fans to wear red as a sign of support and the fans or more than willing to be a part of it. think the monsters broke the curse than the cavaliers and no the indians .s i think is great for the city, brings tourism and is exciting. we waited a long time. >> we love the team team spirit andlo just be here. here at gateway plaza, fan fest is underway. there is a monster game tof get underway the calder cup champio monsters came. it is very exciting you can fee the energy, you see people here playing baseball.
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extra time, leave early. hair that kids can only dream out to fulfill a lifelong dreamk >> roosevelt leftwich follow th cleveland fire departments newest member. >> she had a great day contribution toto vivian she is four years old andbb likes accommodation of the princess and the big diesel fire trucks especially foundation helped to make her day. everything and the firefighters world is big, trucks,y tires and plenty of big tough firefighters. and soon-to-be five years old, vivian is just as tough.-t to look at her at the academy do not think that she was born
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givenh just a 1 percent chance life but she has beaten the odd because she is tough just like firefighters. and although things that she could be such as a dr. or princes it her wish to wear a firefighters badge, h not becau she likes just the tracks, but always what they do every day that makes her happy. >> she sees them doing that and ems, paramedics, she just gets excited by so who spends a lot of time in hospital in that type of setting, she dreams about being able to be on the other side to save people herself. >> the special day started at the fox 8 studios during the morning show and named chief fo the day. then a tour of station one she got the see the fire trucks and hang outfi with that in this gr then at the academy she got to use the firehose. >> into climb the tower with a help from her father and then
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view from the top is always goo especially with help from friends. >> here at the far division, we are here to help the community. >> the rst out to the far department and they said that they would help to make her chief for a day. ems, fire, it is just going to be an incredible day.e the fire academy is fun, the firefighters job is to help others, a princess and. >> could use some help. here comes the chief to help save her.. she was treated and released in her puppies are safe, but sh was not yets done just yet. a few y more photos in lots of thinking is, you don't have to be a princess for your wishes t come true,ou sometimes just a
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she has to make regular dr. visitsts, she has more ener today than some firefighters because, she tired out everybody. she is a great kid. likeke the way they combined thet two things to give her a once-in-a-lifetime experience. that they really help out lots of kids and she really deserves it. is what you do not want to hear when you call 911, 911 operator in houston texas accused of painting up of college because she did not fee like helping, she faces charge for helen of colors including a wall called report a robbery in progress.. you pick up the call and are began to describe the situation before i couldi finish my first sentence, phone call was disconnected, at that time do not know what was going on for thought maybe there was some
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she has worked for the call center since 2014, they say the have no idea how many calls tha shef n hung up on >> fundraiser set up for her tw sisters injured in a car accident earlier this year, magnificat has aaa bounce it fo the barrs pasta dinner sunday from two until 8:30 p.m., 17-year-old sophia barr and six-year-old sierra barr requir long-term care s in rehab after the accident, donations can als be location, the girls mother released a statement that says that the parents of bothth the magnificat community and the cleveland comedian been a blessing andt we appreciate the opportunity to share our story
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look at this big storm, friday night football anywhere in the rockies and the northwest, will be a challenge night because of rain and snowfall. this is big sky montana, last week looking at snowfall and earlier this week. there is snowfall and the highe elevations, there is rainfall i the lower elevations. at the summit, it is again snowing. it will be that system that keeps our atmosphere dry and while. at least initially into the weekend. currently 63, and where is the
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resolute bay is at 10 degrees. have no ideag how to pronounce this but icann try,h new haven, 14. these are all in fahrenheit sodas plenty coldld with tons o snowfall but none of the colder air is moving s week at the end of the week. 5. also after captain with 60 degrees the high is perfectl normal stuff there will be a frost dan kohler nooks and crannies.
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sunshine. with increasing clouds we will startw out clear, but you can s all of the milky cloud cover with high thin cloud cover beginning to work in ahead of the front. it will produce scattered showers. sunday. to a degree in distribution remains to be seen, but it will be mild with 73 degrees showers ending monday and then partly cloudy 75 andg tuesday 77. than near normal wednesday the back into the 50s late next week go the next four days are looking very nice in terms of temperature. saturday is the pick day of the weekend. st. louis's is targeting
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was magazine is ours to achieve during missions can hav effects. bloomnation committees as it raised $39.4 million in september about 9 million less than raised in 2012 when matt
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say that one small month is no offset the overall fundraising for the particularot he said the pasth two years overall fundraising is up by 20 million. >> mandatory evacuation order and in fact for those around lake tahoe in california as a wildfire continues to burn, evacuatedfofi 500 homes as a scorches nearly half a square mile of residential land, they said that strong winds and dry brush,th fanned the flames make an hard to get under control. wells fargo is open far fewer customer accounts, new accounts have dropped by 25 percent,c opens markets were down nearly 30 percent which was before new of the scandal shocked the account holders, repairs to fix volkswagen engines designed to achieve during admissions test can be improved in the next few weeks the company said the plan
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theyr won't act until a judge approves a settlement in a lawsuit againstun them the fix repair 67,000 cars from the 2015 model your plans to fix the remainingf four and 75,000 defective cars must be submitte by november5, one it is well jack for your guitar,, musician is tired of having his gear stolen
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a rash of break-ins >> technology that may help to
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patrick clark as a story. >> is a solution for people breaking into his famine st. louis's. so got to do something about this. >> is a metal fabricator and at night and musician and frustrated with the city's reputation for stolen gear whil in the city,le a gps enabled guitar cable, to track if stolen. that have been developing the software and hardware for those who have fallen hard times to get theret equipment it will al be a processor filled with effects and gps,ro if it's the players and drivers seem to track their stolen gearr >> , the goal is to prevent people from stealing it or if it does happe track it down.
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entrepreneur, is part of a startup accelerator program to provide mentorship as he builds his business from scratch getting ready to launch a kickstarter to develop a launch of self policing pedals,el as a music fan, do not want my favorite bands to be dropping offwa even though it has happen to a couple. >> he would only had to worry about broken equipment instead of their vans and getting into. a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back.
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every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun.
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ember the group said it wanted one so that they are against ice and extraneous. >> would hope that this billboard make it clear to fellow americansns in miami, an outside of the city, that muslims are against terrorism and isis >> billboards have been found i other settings like phoenix, chicago andfn la. were just two hours away from alcs. j.t. has the latest from the ballpark. >> the i ching asking questions about a possible parade. a judge takes off his wealth rose of his slavesf after a
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fox 8 news starts right now. about two hours away from being one of the alcs the indians had to make a last-minute switch. >> trevor bauer is entered and will not be pitching tonight, joh progressive field.d. working on a drone, that he built from scratch, trevor baue entered himself, his right pinkie finger and had a laceration requiring ten stages i was told. so he is on the border in terms of being able to pitch he has been pushed back.
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but he will not be pitching in game two, dellabate josh tomlinb sykora glover tomorrow josh tomlins and then gave three, in toronto, it will bebe trevor ba program he had ten stages in hi right pinkie finger the lack that concerned about him being able to start and number three this is what terry francona sai to the media earlier about the situation with trevor bauer. a couple bright spots in the fact it happened, and we have enough days off between series, that we can just flip flop and in the grand scheme of things a long as he is okay, then it is just a matter of flip-flopping and we got to win four games anyway and they were going to pitch
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game three, tonight corey kluber, we join us later they set up came the want of the alc against the blue jays. is not doing anything crazy, it was just one of those os accidents. terry francona said that it was nothing blushes, have injured yourself perhaps opening a box on the kitchen. it was just an unfortunate accident and he has been treate with stitches and see if he can fiction game three with a foe, that he can . first pitch at 8:00 p.m. into tomorrow and relate back to


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