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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  October 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. america runs on dunkin'. seven of the last have struck out. to center field. game over. the indians lead it to games to >> kevin love and the cavs already made history, now the indians are two wins away from their first world series in two decades. >> and lebron knows that could mean the biggest party at nepalese cleveland has ever seen.ig game two started with a slam to anna and ended with cody closing it out. welcome to fox 8 news at 10:00, i'm jennifer jordan. >> and i'm bill sheil's.
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wins away from proving once again that cleveland is the city of champions.r here to break it all down we are nailbiting in newsroom. >> if we were. d -- they also hit ten home runs in those playoff games, but through two american league championship series games, they have scored just one total run. >> that ball is out of here. carlos santana. >> he hit his first postseason homeme run. that gave the indians a 1-0 lead. josh tomlin and the indians closed it out and the tribe pitchers combined for 13 strikeoutsp on the day. francisco lindner continue seven october to remember. rod g davis for the go-ahead run and that'sda all the tribe need,
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take a 2-0 series lead. how to the indians feel now about andrew miller? >> there is a reason n we gave p what we did for him. we thought he could be a guy that we could leveragewe in situations like we have and it would make our bullpen that muh better. >> it's not just me stepping up, there are other guys that stepped up huge and we are playing good baseball now. we have to go to toronto and faced a a tough team in their pk and try to wn there. >> now the series shifts to toronto. game three is monday at 8:00. trevor bauer is scheduled to startch but that could change de>endingat on how his finger feels.fe game four is tuesday afternoon at 4:00 ben game five if necessary would be wednesday afternoon at 4:00. the indians only need to wins the clinch the first american league pennant since 1997. much more in sports including the status of trevor bauer for game three on monday night and
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>> exciting times for the city. >> and who would've thought when steep a mere change one missing in may that the ball would just continue to roll in the indians down , don't look now but they haven't lost this whole season yet. three straight against boston, too against toronto and now you just need to wins and you have five games to do it aed and youe corey kluger that could possibly throw again . >> how great is it to see lebron and the cavs >> supporting the indians. >> not just supporting them but having a blast with them. lebron jameses was doing the -- with the crowd. everybody was into it and it is showingi not only on the field but on the stands as well. >> thank you pj. there was a sea of red, white and blue atof progressive field this afternoon.
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>> fox 8 allison brown live from progressive field andel a win makes things even better tonight, right? >> it sure doeshi e bill and jennifer. an excitingif night down here. it is really a party downtown. as pj said, tomorrow winds until the world series. can't believe we are saying that buta the fans are really taking this super seriously tonight. endless cheers as a shot for the world series gets closer and indians. >> we f are the city of champios right now. all of the momentum, all of the fans coming out, whatl more do you want? >> just to win. >> cleveland will be great again, just like donald trump. >> all political joking aside, theresi was fierce competition between the tribe and blue jays fans on saturday. >> it's america versus canada, kind of. >> there are fans sitting in
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and they got told to leave, which was a surprise for us. >> but they believe the overall five downtown was happyt and positive on the sunny saturday in october. >> cleveland isoc an extremely friendly city. this is my fifth time down her, enjoy coming here every single time. >> number one baby. >> and the battle. cry is loud during this a lcs. let's rally together. >> i think we got it was a platoon and the batting. all-around team. >> with dedicated fans, they were wearing indians gear or showing off tribe tattoos, anyone could tell clevelanders areat proud of their city. >> we're huge cleveland fans. >> and if this packed progressiveth field posing anything, it'sn at these fans have faith that the cleveland indians willa bring home another championship to the city in 2016 and another parade. >> this is our time.e. like the cavaliers, we have the indians and we are going all the
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>> we're going to get to this year. going to get the browns next year.h >> may be the browns next year. i love how people always have to bring up the browns, but let's think about this.av the possibility for two championships in 2016, a lot of fans i talked to today said theh never thought they would have this in a year and you really have to bask in the wind today becauseu you never know it's going to happen but -- >> allison coming you are a clevelander so we can see the electricity in your story. what is the feeling down there? >> just super exciting to see the full progressive field today and everybody cheering. when carlos santana hit the home runry is where and everyone went crazy today and it just went betterwe and crazier from there.
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stay with fox 8 news for complete coverage as the indians rallied together to beat the blue jays in the american league championship series. we will have live team coverage from toronto starting tomorrow and you can always find the latest information online at >> police do you need your help tonight to find a killer who murdered a 15 -year-old boy. >> it happened inside a cleveland heights restaurant. come and tonight po man they say pulled the triggeri fox 8 maia bly has the latest. >> crime scene tape blowing in the winds. it isis the only remaining signf tragedy just the night before, an armed robbery at this mr. hero on south taylor road turnedd deadly shooting. fifteen -year-old sunny d patel killed on the job. >> it's really sad. it's really heartbreaking becausely to see young people wo
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to work to earn money and they lose their life, it's very sad. >> cleveland heights police say in thepect seen surveillance picture shot patel once in the head. they took money from the cash register and ran. >> they are just trying to take a couple of dollars andr they de and it's crazy. >> they say they can't believe this devastating crime. >> this shouldn't have happened. it'sen a bad thing. >> we are scared, lake scared to come over here now. >> just a couple of weeks ago they ran a truckw through mics and took the atm and now a teenager gets killed. it's really scary. >> crimestoppers is offering upi $5,000 for information leading up to the arrest of the man who pulled the trigger, killing sunny. family friend say sunny was the nephew ofay the owner of this mr. hero, who is well respected in the community. >> they are extremely friendly and extremely open to any and everybody.nd i've somebody in the neighborhood has a problem they
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hope their familieses have all e blessings they need right now. >> blessings for asi young life taken too soon and for the family that would soon have to bury their teenage son. in cleveland heights, maia belay, fox 8 news. >> if you recognize the suspect, cleveland heights police want to hear from you. there y is a $5,000 reward for information that r leads to an arrest in this murder. >> homicide detectives and maple heights are also searching for a it happened about 1:00 a.m. at the h2o lounge on libby road. when police arrived they foundlo john mcduffie in the parking lot within a gunshot wound. paramedics rushed into university hospitals where he later w died. investigators are looking intoa few leads but have not made any arrests. surveillance cameras captured another smash and grab robbery at a localal gas station. >> it happened around 4:40 a.m. this morning.
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thieves used an suv to smash through an exterior wall, then raced inside, picked up the atm and loaded it into a second vehicle. he station employee said this is happening far too often. >> they need to be caught.ts they need to catch and everything like that. who else. >> somebody could have been hurt. i usually get here at 5:00.ha that's the only reason i was in here. >> thieves also targeted a which is owned by the same people but they were not able to steal the atm there. and that was not all. police in willoughby hills are alsoll investigating a third smh and grab. this oneg at a 7-11 store on psalm center road. officers say the suspects stole two minivans and drove one through the front of the store, but did not get away with the atm. police recovered one of the vehicles at the scene, but the
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tonight. >> the cleveland browns in the footballth fans across the natin are mourning the loss of quentin groves tonight per the 32 girls died in his sleep during a family trip to trinidad, where his wife was born. he played with the browns in 2013 was named special-teams captain. s he attended auburn university, where he tied the school record for, but at the nfl combine, doctors discovered he was born with rapid heartbeat. after surgery he went on to play eight seasons in the nfl. an autopsy will determine the cause of death. the browns issued the following statement that reads we are saddened to hear the passing of former brown road. our thoughts are with his family and friends during this difficult time. he was just 32. he is survived by his wife and their two children. ssssl ahead, when donald nn re. trump goes low, does hillaryed clinton get high? >> i think we should take a drug test prior to the debate. i do.
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republican nominee claims his opponent might be using performance enhancing drugs during the debates. >> plus, a public school teacher is under fire for making a shockingo statement. why he claims always people are racist, just by being born. >> and see what happens when two men risked their lives to save a woman trapped inside a sinking car. thehe heart stopping video when
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harcher us jenn harcher i hope you are able to get out and then joined the day.y. even great weather at the ballpark with the indians win. here is a look at the absolutely gorgeous. we will get a few more clouds and late tomorrow but take a look at what we reached this afternoon. 77 degrees. will above the average of 63 degrees. not a lot of rain and we are down about an inch for the month.t keep that in mind. we do need rain and i do have so forecast. wewe of this warming trend going on right now. we are anywhere between 15-25 degrees above where we were this time yesterday. right now it is 69 degrees in cleveland, 63 degrees and wu stir, mid- 60s from ashtabula down to youngstown. a perfect y night tonight. mild temperatures hang on dropping down to the lower 60s.
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to the warming trend by 10:00. 64 degrees and temperatures will be warming back up into the 70s. in the meantime, two make the overnight low 61 degrees and not as cool as a last night but one thing that is really cool is you go outside and look at this full hunters moon. this is courtesy of j reynolds. isn't that gorgeous? orange bright moon. we had the passing ofor international space station, too. i have a time lapse to show you coming up in the next half hour. beforeh tomorrow very warm. 79 degrees. we will be pushing that 80 degrees mark. we see if we come close to it but for the most part 79 degrees. some of us in the mid- 70s over towards -- a- few late day showers. that will be coming after 5:00. right around dinnertime it will
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you will notice the clouds increasing through theti day. ie want to time it out on future view and lots of sunshine in the morning but by noon he noticed the clouds increase from the west and ast we head to 5:00 is when the showers will be developing. the evening timeframe tomorrow not thee best. you will definitely need your umbrella. here's a look at the eight-day forecastt and i have '80s returning. 81 degrees on monday, 82 or 84 degrees on tuesday. we will ties the record i with 84 degrees set back in 1962. lots of sunshine on tuesday. that is the pic day of the week but then we drop backt and we have several days of rain chances. >> i see a 50 on sunday which i won't talk much about. i'm just happy to see the 80s in october. >> i will talk more about the 50 coming up. >> still ahead, they say the
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through ohio. >> but donald trump seems to be burning bridges every step of theof way. why he picked a fight with the very powerful chairman of ohio's republican party today. >> plus, donald trump beat jeb bush in the republican primary. now heca could put another membr
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debate is wednesday night in las vegas. >> before the candidates face-off,da donald trump has a strange request. >> we should takealum a drug tet prior because i don't know what is going on with her t. but at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning, and at the end, it was like, take me down. she could barely reach her car. >> republican nominee accused his opponent of using performance enhancing drugs during the debate is latest in his long list of attacks on clinton's clinton strength and stamina to serve as >> republican leaders, including house speaker paul ryan are rejecting trump's claims that the election will be rigged and vp nominee tim kaine address the issue during a rally in florida today. >> that is what donald trump is doing now, he's blaming everyone else and trying to say if he loses it is because it is rigged. >> this morning, trump tweeted
10:23 pm
rigged by the media with false charges and outright lies, to elect crooked hillary. speakered ryan's office quickly refuted that claim, saying he is fully confident the election will be carried out quote with integrity. nbc couldn't cut ties with willie bush as soon as monday. >> the tv post has been off air since the video leaked of him having a lewd conversation with donald trump. his attorney told a source the two sides are negot settlement that could a top $10 million. he just started cohosting the 9:00 a.m. our of the today show about two months before the tape leaked. still ahead, it was a celebration 52 years in the making. >> but what did the cavs massie parade cost the city? and will taxpayers have to foot the f bill if the indians when t all? what the i team uncovered. >> plus, you will hear from one of the men who delve into thisis pond to save a woman trapped inside this sinking car. the incredible story coming up
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?? cozy up this fall with dunkin's coffee and espresso flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. america runs on dunkin'. the video telling the story. cameras were rolling when two men risked their lives to save a woman trapped inside a van that was sinking into a pond. >> john atwater has video of the death-defying rescue.
10:27 pm
had taken and water. she knew she was dying. i saw that in her eyes. >> dan frazier knew he only had moments to react. he and two others jumped in the water to save the woman trapped in her sinking car. >> i saw a woman in a car going down and somebody had to help save her. >> the first man out manages to open the back door but this sinks rapidly. it is 40 feet deep where it is going down, at one point they fear the worst. >> i lost her, i lost her.w >> behind you. >> just then, the 68 -year-old woman emerges and dance winds out to save her. >> i can to see her with a frantic look in her eyes. >> that woman's husband tells us
10:28 pm
punching into the water. he and his friend just happen to bed writing by on their bikes ad so thankful they stopped and fearlessly went into save her life.fe >> i just held her hand and got down by g her and prayed. we thanked for the rescue and she was very thankful. as you can imagine.e >> what a story. that was john atwater reporting. the woman was treated for hypothermia and released from the hospital today. t >> still supposed to inform, not influence. >> but a controversy all, about white people. >> plus, this driver just learned an important lesson. see why gasoline is a very bad idea when fox 8 news at
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josh tomlin shut down one of the besto offenses in baseball. what a show this fox 8 sports anchor pj ziegler with the latest and a great story to >> the indians did this all season long and it continues to the postseason. twenty-five strikeouts for the indians pitching staff in two games against a red-hot toronto team that came into progressive field having won 4 straight
10:32 pm
josh tomlin had six strikeouts on the afternoon. he had his start moved up after trevor bauer injured his finger onis thursday night and only gae up three hits and one run. andrew miller through two innings of relief and struck out five batters. cody allen got to say with two strikeouts. this rotation, this bullpen has all the right stuff r as they continue to have headed to toronto forc game number three. >> we're just trying to keep it off the barrel borough as much as i could. i don't really care if it's ground ball or whatever as long as it's an out. -- with the defense like we have is huge. >> it looks like he was just mixing it up so well they were kind of getting in the wrong spot. it was tough. he was going in and out an up-and-down. he was changing i levels and speeds so it was tough to engage
10:33 pm
trevor bauer set to receive more stitches on his injured pinky but that never happens. we will tell you why later in sports. >> and injured pinkyns. >> the funny thing about this any ten the indians have an injury they get better. they rally around the adversity that they are facing and they get stronger and better in all facets of the game and it continued today. >> unreal, we love it. keepit the momentum going. >> they have momentum. they re >> they are going to toronto and it'sg a tough place to play. it's an indoor stadium if you will and toronto plays really well and hits the ball while there. let's hope they don't continue to hit well. >> now the series shifts to toronto. game three is mondayto night at 8:00. trevor bauer is scheduled to start but that could change depending on how his finger
10:34 pm
4:00 and then game five, if necessary, would be wednesday afternoonul at 4:00. >> republicans do know the road to the white house doesn't run through ohio. >> but donald trump seems to think he can get there without any help from party leaders. today, he announced he has cut tiespad with the chairman of the ohio republican party, matt borges. he had taken trump to task at several points of the race, even oollowing governor john kasich lead, by saying he does not know if he could vote for his party's nominee. now then head of trumps campaign in ohio, bob padded trick is accusing borges of undermining trump is part of a bid to be the next rnc chair.t borges has been mentioned as a possible successor to rant spree this. in response, he released a letter which lists ten examples of how he is helping trump
10:35 pm
he wrote i speak into meet with bobin padded check and trump members regularly. interestingly, none of bob's concerns were voiced untilgl he showed them publicly today. let me beay clear, i am never going to allow a bruised ego to get in the way of my duty as the ohio republican party chair. >> theai mother of a seven -year-old ohio boy, found wandering thehi streets trying o sell his teddy bear for food money is now going to >> this is the seven-time these children have been removedse frm your household because of the same conditions. >> tammy bethel pled guilty to two counts of child endangering forg leaving her five children unsupervised for the judge sentenced her to six months in jailm and said this is her last chance to keep custody of her children. >> photographers are flocking to finland to capture a stunning natural phenomenon. aon giant solar storm is sweepig acrossi the northern hemisphere,
10:36 pm
the light effect affect happens when electrically charged particles from the sunff entered the earth's atmosphere. this video was shot by a photographer from the travel magazinewaho lapland. beautiful. is about something. i believe we had a space station over ohio a little bit earlier today, is that right? >> he did at 8:24 we had a nice lives of the international space i caught it and tweeted it out on videoio s s on my twitter fes well. it just looks like a spot moving across the sky. here's the time lapse and you can see it as a .-dot across the sky but with time lapse elliptical longer streak. then at the end it turns a reddish color. it was very cool. and then tonight we have the t
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have been sending in your shots ofot the full moon. if you haven't seen it yet, go outside to look at it. 62 degrees and mainly clear. not as cool. you are really going to love tonight. it's not one of those chilly nights. in fact our temperatures are trending warmer over the next couple of days.cmp this fall warmth continues. we hit 77 degrees today. 10-20 degrees above average what i am forecasting for several days and '80s showing up againh on the eight-day forecast. showers unfortunately will be returning. tomorrow around dinnertimen so you can definitely favor your sunday. get out and enjoy beautiful fall temperatures. we will have a better shot of rain later on next week. a cool down with 60s by thursday and bill pointed out the 50 degrees temperature on sunday. that will come at midnight. temperatures will be falling
10:38 pm
afternoon on sunday. hopefully that changes but it looks like next week and will be a pretty chilly one. 7:00 we c see and mainly clear sky. low 70s by noonly and clouds will be increasing at that point, especially the western counties. the most the cloudyth sky by 5:00 and showers developing. we have high-pressure over in new england. it's bringing winds from the south and we have a week cold front that will sit to the north of us. sunday night into monday morning but then it will lift north, allowing for more warmer air to move in. iti won't actually be pushing through the area, just hang out to the north of us. speaking of warmer temperatures here at 69 degrees now and 70 degrees in chicago. 73 degrees in st. louis and kansas city. this air mass is what is streaming in our direction. as far as rainfall totals gos,
10:39 pm
anywhere between one tend to a quarterwh of an inch. i want to o time it out on futue view and you start off your day with sunshine tomorrow.w. the net noon the clouds will be increasinglo throughout the afternoon. lake shore and points at 5:00 out towards the islandeh into thinking a little to the south. 9:00 is when we will really see the rain. -- winds out of the south at 10-20. winds will be gusting at times and it will be pretty windy tomorrow afternoon. here is your low 80s. 81 degrees on monday. will reach that by the afternoon as clouds clear out. tuesday plenty of sunshine in the region and we will tie a record of 84 degrees. that is if the forecast is right but i'm going for 84 degrees on tuesday and wednesday a front
10:40 pm
low 70s. sixtysth and it keeps going down fromee there, plus we have a lot of rain chances. not a wash but scattered showers through the remainder of theed week.of >> it tells me we will have to bundle up for the world series. it will be a little cooler for the series than it was for the division. >> great way to look at the forecast.> >> go indians. what do wine, women and she was all have in common? when it comes to raising moey >> our own jennifer jordan and local celebrities put their best foot forward for an elegant live fashion joe to help support the ronald mcdonald house of cleveland. widen 600 women enjoyed a sold-out event in the renaissance hotel downtown. the event raised close to $60,000 and featured fine collection of winds, gourmet lunch and aet live auction. how was that? >> so much fun. this is the second annual event
10:41 pm
unbelievable how many women come out and want to have a great time with girlfriends, shop, drink fabulous wine from all around the world and have a great time. >> and those two go together. dr >> tony of chagrin falls the best boutique ever for close. we model the fashions and a great story. you have to get out there. >> my wife is watching, how many pairs of shoes do you need. >> still ahead, everyone loves a parade. it. the i team crunch theor numberso findt out how much cleveland spent on the cavs title celebration and what an indians parade might cost. a >> plus, it's a race to the bottom. why this man spent the afternoon digging a grave in a race
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cleveland is the city of champions once again and the from leading the second parade of 2016 through downtown. >> but as thent fox 8 i team has uncovered some eye-opening numbers about the cavsx championship celebration. as ed gallek explains, the prayed cost taxpayers more than $600,000.h >> downtown exploded when the cavs won it all. much bigger street party than anyone expected, butp the i team has found even with the indians on the brink of the world
10:45 pm
started planning for a possible baseball championship parade. fans ask. >> we are ready. >> it's going around on facebook and you sign-up if you will be there and i'ma going to be ther. >> i live here so my friends are calling me, what's the plan for the prayed? >> more than a million fans gathered to celebrate the cavs season. but city hall says no planning yet for an indians parade. not in the world series yet, don't want to jinx anything. >> some police officers complained about not enough planning for the cavs parade. the i team heard police radio traffic showing top brass considered canceling that parade atha the last minute, worried about getting through streets like east ninth completely clogged with fans.mirr months ago the i team asked what ita cost to put on and handle something so massive as this. finally now an answer. nearly $600,000 just for police.
10:46 pm
public works crews. >> i think the preparations for the parade should start happening now. >> at flannery's they are hoping the city getse ready for another parade. no big problems last time, but always room for improvement. >> i think more safety, more security, more barricades wouldd definitely make this one go way smoother than the last one. >> what an indians parade be even bigger than this? who knows. though we met one guy who wouldn't go. indians when the world series, are you coming back for the prayed?f >> no. >> ed gallek, fox 8 i team. >> so win might the city start planning a baseball prayed? it is still not clear. >> a city spokesman pointed out we just started the american league championship series but hopefully we finish it pretty quick into when two more. still ahead, it's always dangerous to speak in absolutes.
10:47 pm
were stunned when their teacher, of all people, claimed that all white people are racist. why it hasn't cost him his job cominghi yet. >> plus, hopefully this video will spark a change. see how one driver almost got
10:48 pm
10:49 pm
a high school teacher is under fire for making some outlandish claims during a lecture.
10:50 pm
'all white people are racist. >> in my racist? and i say yes, i don't want to be. it's not liketo a choose to be racist, but do i do things because of the way i was raised? >> i felt he was encouraging people togi kind of pick on peoe for being white. >> the video quickly went viral with several periods now calling for the teacher to be fired, but schoolu leaders are defending te teacher,di sharing a perspective that had been discussed during a university lecture. >> av donald trump supporters that he is tired of having his yard signs stolen, so now he is protecting by any means necessary. >> this is the fifth signgn i he had to i put up. they ran it over again a couple of times so that's why i put the nail board downve. >> but chuck corey didn't stop s with the nail board. he also installed rebar, fence
10:51 pm
leash, wired kibbles and even skunk spray to keep funerals away until election day. >> surveillance cameras were rolling when a florida woman learned an important lesson. don't try to vacuum gasoline. >> the explosion blew the top off the vacuum and nearly set the entire gas station on fire. the frightened woman did stick around, instead she slammed the trunk and sped away before anyone noticed. nowny the owner is trying to identify her to pay for the damage. don't people know cameras are everywhere?da still ahead, it's a dirty job but someone has to do it. >> it's not really a job and no one hasea done it before. see a local man's second attempt to set a world record. >> up next in sports, the browns look for win number one onxt sunday and the music city and
10:52 pm
the cavs. and the indians had northba wita 2-0 series lead. more on the indians big game to
10:54 pm
if at first you don't succeed, trysu try again. record in the second attempt. jos? luis rivera worked at -- after failing in july there is the record time. it will be two hours and 15 minutes. congratulations. >> hi everybody, the good tee times keep on rolling for the cleveland indians at progressive field.
10:55 pm
performance by the tribe gives them a 2-0 series lead as the al see as shifts north of the border. josh tomlin got the start for the tried and he was outstanding.d he gave up three hits and struck out six. carlos santana gave the indians the lead in the second inning on the solo home run to left that just made it over the wall, his first postseason home run. the blue jays tied the game in the third when josh donaldson doubles to writein and that scos darwin barney. then in the third, gets on base and scores off francisco lindner or single. the indians lead 2-1 and that's allt they needed. andrew miller struck out five batters in two innings of work in the cody allen got to say. indians win 2-1. >> i was just trying to do my job and put the ball in the play in that situation. whatever happens happens. i'm just enjoying the ride. it's great. >> just ast jo executing pitche
10:56 pm
play. we are just out there competing. i think the whole mentality in the clubhouse is we are up 2-0 and we have five guys that have an even checked in at the plate. it is nice to scrape away two wins here in it takes offra the pressure going to toronto. >> the series shifts to toronto for games three, 4 and five. trevor bauer was supposed to start game two but he cut his fingeru thursday night so he wil now pitch on monday night.d terry francona said bauer will be fine and is ready to go for game three. >> last night they were actually going to put a couple more stitches in just to ensure the hearingju he leaned into the decided not to. they thought even in a daze time it was already progressing wellt i think he will be just fine. >> the band is officially back together again. the cavs madeth it official this afternoon, saying jr smith is signed, sealed and delivered.
10:57 pm
rooting on the indians. he signed a four-year $57 million contract today with the cavs,u tyronne lue hopes smith will be ready to start opening night on october the browns still looking for win number one on the season and they will try to getet it sunday against the tennessee titans. cody kessler will start for the banged up browns who continues to play with the mass unit on both sides of the football. cleveland has had success against tennessee the past few times theyha hopeful they will finally get to taste thepe thrill of victory on sunday. they are not giving up. and the monsters win and are off to a 2-0 start for the calder cup try it. >> warm weather on the horizon. >> we have a few more 80s in the forecast.n. tomorrow we get near 80 degrees. still can't complain. the rain holds off until after dinner and we are talking mid- 80s monday and tuesday before we cool down.
10:58 pm
>> have aew great night, we will see you tomorrow. w wendy's taco salad is back. wendy's had a taco salad? wendy's had a taco salad. fresh chopped lettuce and tomatoes. classic chili and tortilla chips. if you remember wendy's taco salad...
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(male narrator) previously on "hell's kitchen"... for the challenge, the chefs raced in the crepe grand prix. who is gonna be first? (narrator) and while jessica, aziza, and shaina got the red team off to a fast start... that's delicious. good job. (narrator) it was a race to the finish. one more, one more! delicious, congratulations. well done. (narrator) who would clinch the men's first victory. best feeling in the world. (narrator) they enjoyed a day on the high seas. outside the birth of my two kids, this is the best day of my life. whoo! (narrator) back in hell's kitchen... - it's gonna bust. - oh, [bleep]. (narrator) the women struggled with a nasty punishment, ugh! (narrator) and... - [laughing] (narrator) jessica. (jessica) what's this fish's name gonna be? i'm tired of hearing the sound of jessica's voice.


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