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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  October 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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that even though it seems late to bring such a lawsuit he says thatatho time yesterday now. it is racially discriminatory against indigenous peoples. is been involved in a long time and the rights of indigenous an he's had enough and brought thi action before court in the canadian human rights commission. >> both sides are asking for an immediate decision n. in canada, game timefr schedule that it away p.m. tonight, in toronto, roosevelt leftwich fox 8 news. , hit and miss tribe pitching, it has been a recipe
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the championship sirs toronto came in favored many people because of their explosive offensen so for the indians hav shut them down, can they continue to be effective in gam 329? john telich is live from the rogers center toronto with more. >> so much focus on trevor bowers pinky finger, but as you heardp? they think it is an okay, you had to see how things go as the game goes along if there is any bleeding the bottom line is we had a very good experience at the rogers center this season that extremely long game while the indians were on that long winning streak out of the cavaliers won the nba di and they needed
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it turned out to be trevor bauer and he came through. that was a big moment for him. in terms of how he is perceived. will see what he can do tonight, he was supposed to start, it was moved back to the third he feels confident he can gt lineup. treelawn ipod today like i have done thousands of times an as i've plugged in the battery my fingerof happened to be righ here and for whatever reason, these three propellers did not stand as they were supposed to. that never happened before have
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>> it doesn't know why but it did happen, he will have to deal with that situation, there is also talk, of in game four do you have corey kluberm after three days rest of his work tha could be a consideration, the blue jays how to get heading, only hitting 159 the indians with 182 they would like to break out tonight offensively. some of the toronto blue jays have complained, and implied that the homepage umpire was primitive indians pitchers duringi games wanted to, or can you share? nobody is taking much
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way it is, and nobody is taken that they forgot so far they just shy away, you mentioned earlier corey kluber, what are the odds that he is brought bac in game four with the possibility that he could also pitch, if needed, gave seven >> i'm not sure that that the relevant ould be made to this game, if you are fortunate to win the three-game edge, view brain urease with only three days rest and try to nail it down? the other x-factor, is andrew miller, he has been lights out and with that great outing saturday , you will more than likely see him tonight.m >> we know that trevor bauer comes up big, but if there is a
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and only go about four innings maybe that's the time that she rain in clevingerer? >> lots of articles, he is thought to be a gain for starter, that was originally supposed to be him and the bullpen but think all bets are off if there fortunate enough t win game three july. lot more to talk about we will let you go and see you later tonight. from first pitch to file out stay with us for complete coverage as t i to be the blue jays in the alcs with updates any time at fox >> > breastfest back in the murder of a 50-year-old behind barsbr a say goodbye to the teenager
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mankind peggy gallek reports from cleveland heights. charges against 20-year-old cleveland man expected to be filed soon, also suspects in at least two other robberies, family members of sonny patel say they will never forget her who just wanted to make other people happy. these high school students friends over. they were there to say goodbye to her died friday night and cleveland heights
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friday night during a robbery. >> suspects arrested sunday night that is also believed to be the same person who was in this security video robbing the university heights summary saturdayy their place of arrest is made they say it is little comfort many family members, were the cavaliers colors to th services, his favorite team. >> want to honor him that was hisis favorite team he loved th cavaliers. every time we walked into the high school togetherr here in front of me t
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family is grateful to the police to make such a quick arrest. the suspect is to be in court very soon.n. a year since the crash of a private jet into an apartment building in akron killing ninen ntsb is ready to release the findings, recent depositions behind the scenes at the compan that chart of the flight as dav nethers joins usmp. it is the deposition of a former pilot of executive fligh claims he was forced to my earlierer investigation and tha the company tampered with
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november 10, 2015, a chartered flight of a real estate company into akron crashes into the darkened apartment building, surveillanc video from nearby captures the image of the plane hitting th ground. >> into the. ntsb documents show the copy that made the plane blames the pilots, but a newly released document shows a former pilot for execuflight, the charter company, donnie shackelford in september made some alarming statementson, the asked if he was ever asked to lie about any of the informatio provided to the ntsb to which h respondedvi yes. there were tis times, that i've felt that they were missed but i in, he told investigators, citing providing false weight and balance information. they made such a scramble to
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stuff after the accidenta it ma your head spin he said. he als told investigators that the pilot, was concerned about bein paired with a copilot, that if they put me in us together were going to get ourselves killed. ntsb conducts an interview with execuflight ceo in which she told them safety was a priority, in october letter released by the ntsb, execuflight llc said they had a robust safety culturere to prevent crashes, they questioned air-traffic controllers. in his earlier testimony, he said there were no negotiations on anything that would at any time atti all, my safety he denies claims that pilots were told to fly beyond their maximu hours and that the company m tampered with any documents related to the weight of the aircraft, several lawsuits have arisen out of the crash on
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suggesting pilot error. v ntsb is not saying how much weight it giveses these elitist accusatio. the , thousands of pages of documents from the investigation contacted family attorney that is suing the florida-based charter company on behalf of on of the victims families in hand on her back, the ntsb is scheduled to release its findings at 930 tomorrow mo 74-year-old parma heights woman facing charges for drivin into a crowd, killing two. ed gallek is here with the latest developments. she turned herself in to face charges, they say what happened was an accident butth someone h
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>> 74-year-old is now facing charges including negligent vehicular homicide for this in parma heights last summer say that she and the gas instead of the brake, hitting a crowd of people, to the victims died, parma heights police say the reconstructed the accident, and reviewed by the county, and now will face charges in municipal court.. the two deathsor, al misdemeanors. the case is not involve a lot a possible jail time andl she defends herself in court next month. coming up, what we know about her driving recordrd . ticket price about the only thing pumped up in the
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it's 82 degrees at birth record from 1982.. there is the view the lake. searching advantage. tomorrow, wave heights will be increasing through the night and tomorrow between three and 5 feet with the small craft advisory tonigh and tomorrow.m water temperature is in the 60s.s.
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this is something that is not that common. 82 degrees lake farm, the latest update, at cleveland hopkins is 81 degrees southwest winds, supporting the warmth 91 degrees st. louis, and then 71 degrees minneapolis. it is pretty humid for this time of year with two points in the 60s tomorrow in the front approaches, after going to notice the difference feel more like a summer day, for now and the one sector. showers that came through last
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showers arriving after 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. renaming, the front appears to have a narrow line of a shower and tonight mostly clear. just past the full-moon yesterday. tomorrow, a narrow line of shower storm and as we head into afternoon showers possible wednesday. between one tenth and some areas close to one quarter inch from that narrowband through tomorro evening. and an even more on wednesday thursday.y.
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tomorrow, potentially time the record from 1950 then it goes down with '70s wednesday 60s thursday and friday and a bit below normal into the weekend. will be going from the '80s into the 50s. clipping coupons to save money, but not just for herself hernn creative way to help feed
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visual manager at subway, went to the conference stop they had to see how fast it can make a summary and sandwich he smote the competition it in jest
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not the most essential thing, to have the correct formula on a custom sandwich every single da is the best way to push yoursel to be better and faster and cleaner that to make a sound to less than one minute facing a lot of determination and concentration, clipping coupons is a great way to save money but it can also mean so much more, she skills to feed the hungry. may look like mantis, but there is method . >> all of the parents savedod or other newspapers and donated hem to me today. she is after the sunday coupons, and getting help to sort through them with her two boys and some neighborhood kids >> she has been feeding the meeting for a few years, that reach the point.where she canno afford it and that's where the
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is able to get both of these items were free, 28 cents a bag so i'm going to coupon like crazy for these meatballs. got these toaster strudel for freight and other game have about 50 boxesot >> which realize what was possiblee , she upped the ante come boeing to feed 30,000 people by next september >> lateralized i was able to ge food for free or poster free, i'm just knew that was going to be my golden ticket. >> we talked to and found her latest batch of savings. you might not be as excited about a dollar off our dogs but from studyingu la store circulars, she knows that these are alread on sale for a dollar. >> is to be a item to feed because i can get all of hotdog
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>> i was justis lucky to find a avenueo, that eye can reach my goal., >> dynamic part to cut cut down on hunger, one small step at a time, thank you. that is what it is all about, from locker room talk to politicians in washington, looking out for each other, donald trump hasr offered up a lot of vaccinations on the campaign trail. >> now he claims the entire
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can be like me bonus, on wednesday because we broke a record day of 82.2. these are days to enjoy the lake, 81 degrees hopkins earlier less any 2 degrees, and broke the
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findlay almost 85. it is humid for october. and this one sector,f showers came up through and now we will be warmth or tomorrow. tonight mostly clear and in tomorrow, could be in narrowban of a shower after 4:00 p.m. uil southern counties between one tenth and two tenths inch. tonight will be a warm one. with mid to upper '60s and tomorrow,
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84 degrees.s. game one of the world series will be in cleveland next tuesday if the tribe can clinch the alcs verse that have severe the same day as the cavaliers season home opener, if you're one of the lucky ones to attend either gain bring extra parking cash as jennifer jordan joins us. there will be high demand also high prices trend to of course. just a stones throw away from both the q and progressive field, close access means you will have to pay more to parkee some call it supply demand others say that they're taking advantage. parking lot across the street charging $55 for close access to progressive field last week and for the two
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bargain if you walk a little bi but if you want to close parkin spot it's about supply and demand driven by downtown growt and success in sports is not exactly a bad problem to havew according to the downtown cleveland alliance, still some fans say the prices are too high.o >> it is overpriced, you had to buy refreshments and everything is just taking out of your parking is crazy.y >> is the same with there is a limited supply you expect to pay morere for a week during the rnc for example they did very well and that's what you would expect. if you cannot afford the high parking prices, there areca options such as rta, the rapid
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we have you covered as the , also play in the alcs updates the >> . with just three weeks until election day donald trump is trying a new strategy toe rall support claiming that the election is rigged some meanwhile, the clinton campaign is facing challenges as well e-mail dump. s dianne gallagher reporting. donald trump is ramping up his claims that the election is
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it appears at least, to the gop nominee, the only explanation for anyny dip in hi poll numbers is a conspiracy to despite not s, providing any evidence, he continues to flow the theory. was chastising fellow republicans were not taken his claims seriously which has some pushing back. enabled his running mate, mike pence is trying to check for the stolen election rants. >> we will accept the election results. meanwhile, e-mails once again causing concern foror hillary clinton's campaign, the fbi dro in documents monday from its investigation into her state department private server, and wiki-leaks releasing thousands of john podesta e-mails including transcripts from her paid speeches to goldman sachs,
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authenticityy instead is focusing on blaming the russian government for the hack is closing battleground states, the cnn poll shows her with an eigh point.lead nationallyc, dianne gallagher reporting. >> the third and final presidential debate will be wednesdaye at 9:00 o'clock las vegas, you can watch in huron fox 8 >> man involved in a road rage incident with george zimmerman is going to present. >> he was sentenced to 20 years today for the convicted of attempted murder. last may he followed him on a relative part of the fired a in hisis vehicle both mr. zimmerman but he was cut by broken glass. he claimed that zimmerman threatened to kill him and was acting in
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the seller members of a militia group called the crusadersb allegedly plotted to detonate truck bombs at apartment in wichita where abou 120 immigrants fled they say they also plan to attack churches that held the immigrants find jobs the court-appointed lawyers for the suspects aret not commenting. matt cusson connect to a bomb scare at playstation colorado, they found a backpack outside the station near boulder assum it was lost they found explosiv device and played it was left there failed to detonate not clear what charges he will facee more people graduate from high school ever that beforere a new
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the graduation rate at a record high of 83.2 percent. student progress including the increasing graduation rate after decreasin test scores on national math an reading tests, you can get an early jump on holiday shopping at one store macy's will be open an hour earlie at 5:00 p.m. in people can shop until 2:00 a.m. store will then reopen for black friday at 5:00 a.m. the next dayn they say they're committed to thanksgiving day shopping.g. and other stores, and the company that manages the mall o america say that they will be close on thanksgiving because they want to give people the
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have a long season for the brass just keeps getting longer
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it will be replaced by a new image show the back of his jersey including nba championship at. should be up by friday afternoon. is the season for fox 8 of your created the special jack-o'-lantern also be able to keep them up all month of the indians continue to win.k >> plantains fall leaves
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this is keeps bagels lucky red time. they are high of 82, or break i the record from 1953. tomorrow
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record warmth. and in the cooldown begins this week. looking at the continuingng in our direction tomorrow, record high tomorrow of 84. go time or breaks a record. we have the warm sector
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site still some bright moonshine. that looking at mostly clear sky. tomorrow som cloudsme could wait a shower possible. the same front will bring about afternoon showers and maybe a rumble of thunder. continues into thursday. upper '60s nine, will be warmth. notes that it is tomorrow could hit the eightht high of 84. then
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completely takes away the heat/humidity brings back high temperatures in the 50s. is a browns losing streak gets longe so do something elseg talking about scott stables beard. is s refusing to shave until the browns went again so far they are zero insects not in it looking like zz top. when you get a chance to shave find out, it is up to the browns the bill that they start winning some football games. ll they had not been given the memo. they remain the only winless team in the nfl.
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something good.os >> don't have anything good. glosses are mounting as our injuries, close but no cigar ha been there model this year the had a chance to vent our time in the fourth quarter but have yet to turn into a vector.t and th were down 15 points in the fourth quarter and then going to need a two-point conversion. baller browns were dim they scoreded in the quarter but los byn two points. hue jacksonon said he tossed and turned all night about the two-point conversiona that says he's at peace with that. by tossed and turned, and
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felt good about what we did. hue jackson revealed from prior house entry that grow not keep a lot of action. hue jackson said he had a practice and things were lookin up now they don't know his
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he ties with a most passing yards by a rookie quarterback i our browns history. donna deekens it is funny thing while tailgating, they became the wedding party for a seattle couple tie the knot. she got married before the seahawks game. wearing custom jerseys she had a seahawk veil they metk at the university of washington she has two masters degrees.. trevor bauer, upset many when he cut his pinky finger a day before he was
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i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
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comes to movie will have an they opinion alleges that some say the godfather to his better tha the original the empire strikes back is the best thing say, but not according to indians pitcher. >> my favorite one,e, the phantom menace because double-sided lifesaver and othe like thed h theme song. trevor bauer is catching heat fromt sci-fi fans to say that the phantom menace is the best star wars movieha the sheer presence of jar jar binks is enough to make most people agree it is the worst star wars film, currently he is a star wars fan and looking forward to the next movie rogue
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think you're going to expand the star wars universe.. all of that at a baseball press conference, he says hee m like the phantom menace more he does not have at least favorite. just told that the forces with him when he takes the mound tonight.o check in olive tree circle to see what's next. today, a story that you just have to save.s northeast ohio stood his crowd homecoming king weekend that's not even have th story. is speed dating with a twist. way they are voluntarily putting on masks?? the answer
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get ready for a big game three of alcs lawyer shall indians go to court after a kenyan activist tries toc ban t indians name and logo. >> j.t. has the latest from toronto today. but the injunction sought by a toronto man who feels that name and logo discriminates and is racist,, should be after 5:00 o'clock. will have that for you. the baseball game, number three of the alcs and trevor bauer will be pitching tonight with the hopes of indians fansi on how well he
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here at the rogers center this season he was outstanding, pitching five shutout inningsgs help them to when a bomb extra inning game that was the key as they were on a long win streak. he also had eight innings allowing just a couple of runs striking out 13 batters against the blue jays in that stands earlier. he's had some success see how h fares tonight it feels goodss. had a couple of different days not affect anything as far as my gripot on despite this being an issue. >> thinknks, he is learning. the good thing is that when it' time to pitch he is ready


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