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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  October 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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a new procedure made it possible. the doctor behind that is on the
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local donald brown supporters getting upset at their campaign signs continue to disappear from the yard. the one man even cut that thieves in the act that they came up. kevin freeman answered tonight with the details. could you stealing campaign signs is considered it happens quite a bit and the weeks leading up to an election but son donald trump supporters say it's happening more than usual this season. take benjamin dyckowski of share this bill is a big donald some supporter. he expresses his views with campaign signs in his yard and property he owns across the street. benjamin says thursday night someone stole his sign, he replaced them only to have them
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with that trick of the folks who took it. the camera benjamin installed to a utility pole snapped this photo of the thieves. it's encouraging on free speech and it probably is kids, but i hope they come to realize that it's serious. it's a felony, it's a presidential campaign. that serious business. people should be able to broadcast their opinions. every day somebody is coming in saying they stole my signs again. take chair of the portage county republican party. she says she's received hundreds of support of stalling campaign signs this election season. >> it does seem to be more prevalent this election cycle than previous election cycles. i feel like we needed to raise awareness. the portage county sheriff says campaign sign that usually occur this time of year, and are often the result of children committing halloween pranks. can you give this isn't funny, this is in a prank, this isn't
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the lanes as people that have been targeted say that these are specifically grabbing trumps science. >> at the trump signed between two other candidates they took the tram sign and let the other two. had another they took the time sign and left the fight expected you benjamin says it's frustrating that his right to free speech continues to be violated. >> occupant being them out.
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if portage county sheriff says he has not has compiled a total list of complaints that he has received it called a person can be charged with theft and or trespassing. i spoke with craig stevens the heads of the portage county democrats he says the signs were stolen from his job this year, but he says he's received the usual number of complaints of people taking down hillary clinton signs. >> to is the season, but it is a crime. >> it sure is. the cleveland police investigating tonight after a bag of human remains was found that at a vacant field the discovery was made shortly after noontime today near the intersection of east 55th and devil. a man looking for scrap in the area found the bag. the victim has yet to be identified. anyone with any info at all is urged to call the cleveland place. as their indians make their way north of the border and new controversy erupted over an old topic. the canadian activist at baseball to court seeking to ban the logo and any mention of the airwaves. roosevelt left this has more from toronto. >> a canadian superior court judge says it's okay for the indians to have the chief logo along with the term indians and a public venue in canada bed that was a ruling handed down very late on this afternoon by superior court judge. this is some of the video we got earlier to give you an idea of what went on. the lawsuit was brought by a
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he is also a world-renowned architect the design many buildings around the world including the native american museum in washington, dc. the cardinals attorneys offer that the use of that logo along with the term indians is racist and that it should not be shown in a public venue or put on television. mainly that's where rogers medications come in because they on the rogers center. according to major league baseball, the indians and rogers communications a they it was too late to do it and why in the timing considering both teams have been playing each other for many many years. once again, the cardinals are presented representatives say the use of the logo is racist and it should not be shown on television or held or seen in a public venue in canada. there is a serious issue here. the discrimination that indigenous peoples suffer in this country. it has been a longtime issue. effort that argument and it's been raised in court documents. if i were to rub your house four years ago and you didn't bring charges, and then i rubbed it
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have the right to being charges that shouldn't be arrested. this discrimination has been going on for a long time, but now it's time to stop. >> in a short statement is a place for the judges ruling and will continue to focus on exciting postseason. now with the reaction from major-league baseball, reaction from cardinals people says the issue is not over just yet. in canada, toxic means. >> cleveland city councilman continues to rail against the president of the cleveland police tonight council meeting or to councilman called for the removal of steve loomis from the cleveland police commission. the commission was put in place to improve relations between the police department in the community as a department of justice found a pattern of excessive force. read says limits has poisoned the commission and tonight he shared letters from several organizations including the naacp that support his position. >> you can't have somebody likely miss poisoning the
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>> when you make statements like i don't believe it, i don't think that's true, when evidence has shown that 58-page doj reported that says that it is true, you can't have it both ways. read is also taken issue with the endorsement of donald trump by the police unit. loomis has never indicated he would step down from the commission. a suspect in the murder of a 15 -year-old behind bars as family and friends say goodbye to the team they described as funny, kind, and hard-working. peggy has more from cleveland heights. >> and never thought at the age of 16 i would be bearing my best friend. >> anthony drucker and other mayfield high school students all friends of sonny patel were at the bush being your own home in parma on monday to say goodbye to the person who they say all these made them laugh. >> always try to make peoples day. he would say funny stuff. most of the time it wouldn't even make sense it would just make our day. he died friday night in cleveland heights.
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police say the 15 -year-old was working here at mr. heroes when he was shot and killed friday night during a robbery. a suspect was arrested sunday night. police say the suspect is also believed to be the same person who was seen in the security video robbing egg university heights subway saturday. >> he was always looking out for others. while family members are pleased and arrest has been made, they say it gives him little >> his aunt and uncle is mister hill just helping out. it was a friday night. muskets of beer with her friends just being little kids or whatever at his age. i mean i know i wasn't as helpful as he was. many family members were the cavaliers colors to the services sonny's favorite team. >> we just wanted to honor him. that was his favorite thing, basketball. he loved the cavaliers. his whole room, he he he designed it around lebron and the cavaliers.
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high school together, he ran inside of me to open the door for me. >> peggy, thank you. family members say they're grateful to the police for making such a quick arrest, the suspect should be in court soon. the cause of a deadly plane crash in akron is expected to be announced tomorrow. the ntsb plans to release its findings in the morning. the aircraft crashed into an apartment building in november of board, two pilots and seven passengers were killed and one on the ground was hurt, the plane went down about 4 miles from its destination, akron fulton airport. >> the two men battling for one of house seats in the u.s. senate squared off tonight in the debate. republican senator rob portman versus former governor tom strickland. heat to fight the heroin and prescription drug epidemic. i'm running for andrea who i met
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treatment center outside of columbus. andrea likes her legislation because she is a recovering addict. she likes that it does for treatment and recovery but also wants to save lives in the future because as a child, she had to watch her mom die of a heroin overdose. he also talked of his efforts to fight human trafficking and obama care. he promised to get more ohioans working breed strickland accused portman of representing the rich and the powerful he said he could relate to families in need because that's how he grew up. record. perhaps the most egregious things you've done in washington, senator, are the attacks you've leveled against women. mike donald trump, rob portman wants to overturn the will the wait. he's defund planned parenthood. he has push legislation to allow a boss to tell of female employee that she should not have access to birth control. >> democrats hope is strickland victory would help them regain
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recent polls indicate the portman has a sizable lead in that race. the city of champions getting a new billboard. crews began tearing down last seasons lebron billboard across from quicken loans arena. the new billboard will be unveiled later this week, but it's an exact replica of the old one with one spot exception,
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the new banner will feature the small gold championship patch that will adorn the back of the cavaliers jersey this season. speaking of champions, the most popular member of the cast is joining cleveland's number one morning show. make sure you tune in thursday as the larry o'brien trophy anchors fox 8 news in the morning with wayne and stephanie. >> watcher set your vcrs a something that's very entertaining. warm weather out here. we'll stick around a while longer. melissa has the first look at the forecast. local haunted houses saying enough is enough. whether doing in the nations of the creepy clown square. tonight the i-team has a new look at the reckless raise claimed an innocent life. the rare interview with donald trumps wife, what she is saying in the wake of her husbands recent scandals. shaking at the legal system, what happened when a giant green mascot showed up to fulfill his
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welcome back to fox 8 news at 10:00 p.m. a very warm overnight. after all we did tie the previous record of 82 degrees from 1953 earlier this afternoon. seventy-five and clean in. seventy-one and west are. you get the drift, it's a very warm one. winds are still pretty active coming in from the south and southwest atlanta-20. at times be gusting up to 25 and tomorrow remaining dusty may be at times reaching 30 miles per
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extending into milwaukee. seventy-nine at this hour 74 detroit. notice the call down as you had to des moines, 73 but then cross over to minneapolis and you drop down to about 58. as we take a wider perspective. the warm front camera showers early this morning. otherwise work in this warm sector where air is still pretty stable but what will be happening as the front starting late tomorrow evening right around 4:00 p.m. dash by pmr northwestern counties could start to see as light shower or thunderstorm lingering to 10:00 p.m. into our southern and southeastern counties. tonight upper 60s staying very warm. mostly clear and quite and a quite start tomorrow. again tie if not break that record from 1950. watch out for a few spot storms after 4:00 p.m. northwest to southeast. and those temperatures falling basically 10 degrees or so per day. still of a charlie david wednesday. best chance on an opt out the day wednesday. at this point it appears the rain should be gone in time for
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down into the 50s. take melissa, thanks. still to come tonight, king for a day. >> definitely not the typical homecoming crowning ceremony. incredible show of love and support for a very special young. >> one tie with the parents the doctor behind a controversial fertility procedure is speaking out. why he calls it a medical breakthrough. of later in sports will update you on game three of the less chair smith practices for the first time since signing his new deal. the loss of the injuries are piling up in berea. we will have the latest coming
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announcer: there are moments in our history that measure the character and courage of our leaders. where did you stand on joe mccarthy? george wallace? this is one of those moments. rob portman endorsed donald trump -even with his history of degrading women. portman stood by trump -even after seeing scrambled to save himself. history will judge rob portman a coward. what will we do? ted strickland: i'm ted strickland and i approve this message. mrs. john speaking nonsense the first time since video shows donald to making these comments
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>> he apologize, i accept his apology. i hope the american people will accept it as well. it was many many years ago. he's not the man that i know. >> she says allegations of sexual misconduct are lies, she also says trump was and on into boy talk in that access hollywood video. she told him yes and cooper that she is not order has been used by kind of language before. billy bush has officially parted ways with nbc effective immediately. but she just took over is the host of the today shows 9:00 a.m. hour never returned to the show after that access hollywood tape went public. police think his family friends
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and says he looks forward to what lies ahead in terms of a settlement between the two sides of not been released. donald trump taking his outrage over what he calls a rigged system is step further tonight during a campaign rally win, wisconsin he calls for a series of ethics reforms in washington. along with his idea is a five-year ban on all executive branch official lobb service. template also close loopholes that would allow former government officials to skirt such a ban. >> i'm going to ask congress to pass the span into law so it cannot be lifted by executive order. second, i'm going to ask congress to institute its own five-year ban on lobbying by former members of congress and their staffs. trump is also warning his supporters of voter fraud although his supporters have downplayed those claims. the utility clinton spent the day can preparing for the third and final presidential debate, but her campaign continues to deal with more e-mail leaks and won the state department reportedly offered a quid pro quo to the fbi in exchange for declassifying an e-mail and another arab bureau official
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the department look into his request for personnel in iraq that the uv allegation of any kind of quid pro quo is inaccurate. and does not align with the facts so there was no quid pro quo. and in the meantime the campaign is calling the revelations deeply disturbing. mystery surrounding at house explosion. tonight local authorities are working to figure out exactly what bit wrong as we learn more about the incredible moment that came right and naked neighbor just the beginning of the scary ordeal for one family. what the suspect is accused of doing next that landed him
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this was a very special weekend for a local high school student with special needs. >> the community in wehling ting rallying behind him during matt wright explains how. >> doesn't price is still smiling after an unforgettable weekend. >> we danced together, didn't we could ask. >> it started with a simple question from wellington high school classmate a roll in. that is a yes. the apparently their principal said that he always tells people i'm his girlfriends are that it
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nice for somebody. it didn't stop there. his classmates voted him the homecoming court. and on the football field friday night, he was crowned homecoming king. the video is a bit blurry, but so many eyes in the stands were too. and my friend cried when he won. devon probably posing for pictures with his crown, then more photos ahead of the dance on saturday. devyn r special date. he is a good dancer. the physical limitations of cerebral palsy noa stopping the music lover for busting out muse on the dance floor. >> is something i will never forget him and his parents will never forget. his parents calling the show of support heartfelt. >> it's hard to describe it. you could see it in his eyes. and his attitude. how excited he was. crediting the entire school community for putting that smile
10:27 pm
in wellington, matt wright, fox eight news. my favorite story of the week for sure. the congratulations to the community on the job well done. >> way to go, buddy, we do go. the haunted houses are all about scary halloween fun. >> this year, some have been focused to rethink their spooky attraction. how concerns over clowns as part changes. >> no mistrial for this mascot what happen when paris face showed up for jury
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reckless street risse claims life of an innocent wheelchair-bound man. tonight that i didn't get a closer look about what happened. >> welcoming some brand-new
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nominees are announced tomorrow. >> the unseasonably warm weather won't last forever. melissa will let us know when we could be wearing hoodies and check it again. the news at 10:00 p.m. continues. >> cleveland's own, fox 8 news. fox 8 i-team has exclusive video showing how the street race between two cars led to the death of an innocent man in a wheelchair. >> add gallic has an update on the investigation tonight. here they come. right to left, security video shows two cars racing down west 25th in cleveland. even police say colliding finally stopping with a fiery crash. but first, the street race killed an innocent victim, right there a man in the wheelchair cleveland accident investigators say one of those drivers barreled into john could wreck killing him instantly. >> i kissed him goodbye and how can you go to bed at night
10:31 pm
totally. >> the victim sister brought to tears by the scene early friday morning. now the surveillance video shows how it happened. investigators believe those cars raced at up to 60 miles per hour in a 25-mile an hour zone. one driver hit the man in the wheelchair, both kept going until this crash. police have charged iana with hitting and killing john q drake and the video from a nearby store could help build a case against both drivers. first, police have to find the second one. >> after what you desire and video, how could anyone just leave the scene of a crash like this? even now, skidmarks and signs of the a fighter had been taken out or it investigators are still trying to identify the second driver they say he ditched his car and took off on foot this way. he needs to turn himself in. everyone up and down west 25th new john.
10:32 pm
police say the woman arrested was drunk or high. that makes it even worse. that said that that's the way he ended his life. please don't say is much street racing is they once did, but it still happens. so dangerous it can turn deadly and a heartbeat. >> now my brother, who is dead because two yahoos supposedly decided drag racing was fun on west 25th street. evidence gathered from the second card to try to identify the second driver. meantime, investigators have seized his so-called black box from one car in hopes that it will tell exactly how fast those cars were speeding. cleveland police investigating a deadly shooting tonight. the victim was found outside of the usaid food mart on east 120 third street. witnesses told police they heard multiple gunshots before the 30 -year-old was discovered right there in the parking lot.
10:33 pm
an elderly woman charged with driving a car into a crowd killing two people. seventy-four -year-old donna did is accused of two counts of negligent vehicular homicide. investigators believe she hit the gas instead of the bigs back in august. she is doing court next month. we are getting closer to having all the liens of the inner belt bridge up and running. all five westbound lanes opened up to traffic and a week from today the five eastbound lanes will welcome drivers for the old inner belt trip was taken out of service in 2013 and then demolished here later. >> in a credible story of survival has emerged from explosion in ottawa county that destroyed a house sentiments of others when witnesses arrived at the scene they discovered that two people were trapped in the rubble. a couple of good samaritans and police officer were able to lift a section of the roof dig through a pile of debris and pulled the victim, 65 -year-old joyce growl and her brother very
10:34 pm
>> the only word i can use his miracle that they survived. i don't know how they survived. with the explosion and how far away people were telling us that they felt it and heard it. >> the two victims were taken by life flight to a hospital in toledo where they are currently being treated. investigators are focusing their attention on gas lines from a propane tank used to heat the home. >> cleveland clinic and build a new liquid city council got the chance to tour stroke it is an ambulance equipped for on-site stroke diagnosis and treatment with the mobile ct scanner and a mobile lab. the blood comes in the wake of a controversial closure of lakewood hospital. the clinic says it will bring cutting edge treatment right to the doorstep of patients. >> whether they're living across the street from emergency department or miles away, this unit is able because it has all
10:35 pm
where able to offer more rapid therapy, pastor of valuation and we're able to give medication about 30 minutes faster than we could if we had transported them to any emergency department. the mobile stroke unit was negotiated as part as a master agreement between the city of liquid that cleveland clinic in the hospital association. the rock 'n roll hall of fame ready to welcome a new class, 2017 nominees will be announced tomorrow morning. there are a few newly eligible asked that could make the cut this time around including pearl jam. tupac chicora, previous nominees could be a person consideration again include everyone from janet jackson to the cars, 9-inch nails, and yes, nate just to name a few rock hall president and ceo will make the big announcement live on fox 8 news in the morning at 8:00 a.m. you don't want to miss it. that is a big deal here. fun time, we had fun times today
10:36 pm
we enjoyed these 80-degree temperatures. >> i wonder if we're going to set a record tomorrow morning. >> definitely at the potential. today we did the previous record we hit 82 degrees today. actually a tad on the humid side when you think about up all day typically you think of much lower humidity valleys. the record tomorrow 84 that the 1950 right now where aiming for a fork si at 84. cool down begins, it really doesn't start until thr friday especially thereafter we look at that place her next chance of rain we need it and that rain bucket so we typed the previous record from 1953. the chase of rain earlier today, but look at the month departure, more than an inch below normal as terms of rainfall and at sunset, quite beautiful out there. seventy-five at hopkins right now and i smile 72 as well in akron canton. a clear sky and wins again
10:37 pm
there will be gusty winds occurring tonight as well as times reaching 30 miles per hour. a plume of warmth is encompassing kansas city. st. louis, low 90s today. indianapolis to 74 into the queen city 73. temperatures fall drastically between des moines to 75. the cooler air mass will get here, but it will be a slow progress or slow procession as we go through the next several days. tomorrow i think dewpoint hit the low 60s. again, according to paul standards and how your body typically feels it does feel a little humid out there. you may have turned your ac back on. if you don't have that i bet you have the fans on high. we will have mostly clear skies tonight. the warm friend came to us and our role in the warm sector. we will be awaiting a few showers and may be a spot thunderstorm tomorrow evening. here comes the front. it wouldn't be until about 4:00 o'clock until the northwestern counties.
10:38 pm
would linger into our southern and southeastern counties. we take a closer look and show you how we type this up because tonight were staying mostly clear for all nice and quiet, still very warm overnight. we're talking overnight lows that are warmer than the average high temperature for the date that would be 62. for boaters it's been great. wave-approach 3-5 litters again tomorrow. we're aiming for tying the record tomorrow of 84. notices to get closer to about 4:00 p.m., northwestern counties this is one of these fence that will be around for several days, several chances of rain. look at the chance of rain again but in the 70s we got to wednesday late wednesday at chance of showers a better
10:39 pm
heads to the east, that's when temperatures are about to drop. kiekhefer friday night. as it looks right now, lake enhance showers. like it high temps on saturday were approaching 50 as compared to low to mid 80s. more seasonable if not below normal. >> we're definitely going to feel that change. workload concerns in northeast ohio. how they are changing their
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a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun.
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to make some changes this year in the wake of the recent incident involving the piquant in northeast ohio and around the country. >> melissa reid is here by tonight to explain. >> local businesses reporting that the clown craze has certainly had an impact on business. >> lake erie fest in sandusky. it's a halloween staple in northeast ohio. the we have upwards of 100
10:43 pm
stubble. billy christiani rends the ghostly man i thrill center which closed the annual fee or best. christiani says he was forced to make changes this year, thanks to the creepy clown craze. it does kind of hit is because a haunted houses of clones and stuff like that. we have a clown around in our year-round hobbit haunted house and we have a couple actors and that, they say they are well on track to have record sales
10:44 pm
>> christiani predicts this weekend will be their biggest weekend yet. as for telling the actors who play clowns to stay put, she says it was a no-brainer. >> going to the haunted house, stand the venue. don't worry about getting the customers in the park and not just in case. he looked to me like yeah, that's probably good idea. everyone knows about it and they're just like that's probably the best idea wearing about a going too far.
10:45 pm
as clown scaring people in the parking lot which is that fear fest as every year and how there will be new characters out there instead. probably a good call there, but i'm sure people will be happy when this clown thing just goes away. pretty incredible when it starts to affect local businesses like this. better safe than sorry i guess. >> thinks melissa. so to come and neighbors bizarre behavior is cause for alarm. >> it turned out his naked harassment was just the beginning what the suspect is accused of doing next that just nearly cost of family that live spread to get a child born with three biological parents. the doctor behind it is on the
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they continue to investigate the bizarre death of a college
10:48 pm
killed by a vehicle for the campus fire department. it happened early sunday morning. police say she was sitting with her back against the bay door of the campus public safety complex when the fire department got an emergency call and open the door. she apparently fell back on the ground and the fire department vehicle ran her over. it wasn't until firefighters returned from the call that her body was found. >> she had high hopes and was very hard-working. very compassionate. she always put others first. she just a really positive and happy person. the world is a little darker now that she's gone. it's unclear why she was outside of the fire house or if anyone saw her before the vehicle returned. state police are now investigating. man behind bars accused of trying to murder his neighbors with an assault rifle.
10:49 pm
the apartment where don atwell plate lives with her husband and two sons. amazingly here, nobody was hurt. dawn says she called police several times earlier in the day because the suspected bend the harassing the family. she then showed up outside their door naked before the shooting. she says she saw the suspect putting in ar 15 rifle into a guitar case. he looked like he calls us, drops his pants i would say from any says and going to shoot it to the wall. i believe because i didn't think he would do that. it for holding the door and are angels were around us. they sure were. don says she still fears for her family safety if the suspect makes bail. the motive for that shooting
10:50 pm
depending at technique that allows him to create a child using dna from the parents. he says he successfully carried out spend all nuclear transfer using dna from two women and a man to create a baby boy born five months ago. he worked at a clinic in mexico because the u.s. government is not allowing this procedure. the procedure aims to help families with potentially fatal mitochondrial diseases passed down by m egg by appearing and nucleus from one mothers egg with disease-free dna from a female donors egg. the egg is then fertilized with a father sperm. >> any families had disabled the children or child family to see a very healthy baby. can you give us something to say they are waiting for more
10:51 pm
any technique is now approved in britain. >> definitely some controversy there. apparently mascots have to fulfill a civic duty. confuse witnesses capture a truly bizarre moment. what happened when the philly fanatic showed up for jury duty. up next in sports, they battle in game three at the ale cs. take, not to kick. that is the question.
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locking in nonchalantly from jury duty today. much of the surprise of dozens of other pictures and videos of the surprise team were quickly posted on twitter. the fanatic even when the security just like anyone else you would. it turns out the giant green philadelphia phillies mascots will not actually be sitting on a jury. instead he came to liven things up sort of a jury of appreciation day. the head coach of the villanova basketball team was also on hand there do think there's jury
10:55 pm
>> the toronto blue jays drew first blood in game three of the ales yes after double and a finger started bleeding as he was forced to leave the game. the indians lead the blue jays right now for-to end the eighth inning. the engines are shifting their starting rotation once again, manager terry francona tests during a pregame interview that gary cooper will start game four which means ricky left-hander brian merritt will start game five of the ales yes. he is one start, for causing 11 innings in his big league career. close, but no cigar best of ron's model they share the browns a better chance to win or tie the game in the fourth quarter several times this year, but have yet to turn it into a win. fifteen points in the fourth quarter, hugh jackson decided to go for the two-point conversion after the team pulled to within 28. they did not get it and we're chasing this point the rest of the game. the huge ekman still at peace
10:56 pm
i turn, tossed, cover over my head i even called everybody that was involved with this in and i feel even more good about what we decided to do now today than even i did yesterday. so too are the injuries for browns. hamstring injury. he doesn't believe it will be an issue for sunday. he remains hospitalized with less free to get me. no w of the season. app and kampl job and daniel had surgery on his foot sprain, he is expected to be recovered by off-season workouts. the brown family rivals to the east ben roethlisberger underwent surgery no timetable on his return as well. the week from tuesday, the title defense officially begins for the cats, the team will reap their changing chip and receive their championship rings
10:57 pm
the festivities wearing the whining gold. he signed his new deal over the weekend was on the practice for today with his teammates and we'll make his preseason debut tomorrow night in columbus against the washington wizards. >> it went well. it went real good. pretty familiar with the place, so my than anything just trying to get the timing coming off screens worth. if the right times. other than that, it felt g had it with the ohio state buckeyes at their practice. they will play washing tomorrow and columbus. the larry o'brien to the trophy will be cohosting thought satan is in the morning on thursday. >> a popular guy. he's over the place. soon he will have his own twitter account. in terms of being popular, this weather is popular across northeast ohio. tomorrow the trend continues
10:58 pm
we shall see. we're looking at low 70s around a brain possible again late wednesday. i'm not french i was back to the 60s on thursday. it looks like rain early upper 50s helping it dries out for friday football. >> that will do it for as fox eight news at 10:00 p.m. gender morning show at 4:00 a.m. go tribe. a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife.
10:59 pm
i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun.
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oh, my god. i love this chicken. oh, you know what they say, best things in life are free. okay, you're right. i eat your food a lot. now, how about this? you can raid my fridge anytime you want. oh, that's very kind of you. next time i have a hankering to wash down a d-cell battery with a jar of old pickle juice, (clicks tongue) i'll come a-knockin'. hey, raj, you didn't send your rsvp in. i'm suppose to ask you if you're bringing someone to the wedding. i'll let you know. well, can you make it soon? there's a battle royale going on over the seating charts. in one corner, bernadette's mom, in the other three, mine. yeah, i hate wedding receptions. yeah, i wish the bride and groom would take a cue from bilbo baggins. slip on the ring, disappear, and everyone goes home. mm, you liked professor geyser's wedding. they had a make-your-own-sundae bar.


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