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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  October 18, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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information, and to the newsroom results of last years a complaint crash , the tribe is just one away from sweeping toronto blue jays reca last nightsng alcs game. nominations for the rock 'n rol hall of fame, thickened on the list stopn
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if the indians can pull off another victory today they will be in the world series for the first time since 1997. the first game would be one week from today at progressive. the tribe was to one, when brought against th boston red sox this team has proven it is capable of steppin up and all kinds of circumstances last night, trevo bauer, f again after that drone injury. he was dripping blood before he could finish the inningin , he was followed by six relievers who allowed only two runs in one of the best offense in baseball, jason kipnis mike
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final score four-two this was a team effort. everybody who stepped up huge for us today, i'm proud of them, it was huge cucina guys that this is a team. everybody will contribute to the director and i'm proud of them andt allow this to.. we don't have time to feel sorry for ourselves or to figur things become everyy that this would be the day that we turn it around. nissan we got here that it was time for us to kick us into gear to step up. corey kluber starting in toronto at 4:08 p.m. today. game five, if needed, would be tomorrow,
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stay with us for complete coverage a the indians rallied to bring home thehe american league pennant, with continuing coverage, go to fox 8 8 for complete coverage to ntsb announce results of last years david marcum plane crash. service issues that brought the plane down is more heartbreakin news for the families of the nine people killed in the plane crashr there was not just one preventable issue there were many preventable issuesern , the plane slammed into an apartment building in november, about 4 miles from
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two pilots and seven passengers killed today ntsb said that the pilots do not follow proper standard operating procedures, and the plane was configured wrong compass in the first officer was flying the plane an the captain did not take over when heap should have got the first officer had an insufficient rest time scheduled and likely fatigue which shows lack of company oversight. ntsb said pilots incorrectly calculated weight and managemen failed the plane was flying at a speed low approach speed, the flaps are improperly configured and i had inp aerodynamic stall, mostly blame is being put onto the charger company, execuflight which the ntsb says had a culture of disregard of the worlds. the side of the company had a casual attitude toward standard and procedures. >> they also expect professionally flown aircraft i
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the report points out, the group they had the approach multiple deviations from standardt operating procedures including deviations from the faa regulations. >> there were a litany of failures involved in this accident. newly released depositions indicate a former pilot for the company says he was asked to li to investigators about things likeayas the weight and balance the airplane, the manufacturer had written a letter to the nts suggestingur that pilot error w to blame, several families hav filed lawsuits on behalf of the victims.. suspect accused of gunning down a high school student in a
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they gathered to say goodbye to 50-year-old sunny patel he was shot during a robbery at a mr. hero friday, he was a huge fan of the cavaliers and his family says they are grateful thatva the police made quick this is a look from the roof-cam,, we got some warm air as jenn harcher looks at our weather forecast on this tuesday, it is very warm temperatures, will be in the low '80s today foror the third straight day and we could possibly tieie or even break a record high temperature of yesterday it was 82 from 1983. now we are at 70 degrees the record high today 84 back i 1950. we will launch the four
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76 degrees wooster, mid seventys. new philadelphia has 77. it if we do not break the record it is a great dayay, while above average about 20 , above average for that we do have the winds estate out of th southwest betweenn 15 and upwards ofnd 25 mph and some winds gust as high as 352 a few hours before it begins to change , the cold front that will be moving into the air gapap bringing rainfall for the evening. likely not see the sunset there will likely be rainfall than. currently we are dry. to the north of us, there is a front north and west of us, that
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then out of here aboutin ten or 11:00 p.m. just a short window of rainfall. behind that front, you're going to notice the difference betwee today and tomorrow and at the end of the week. rock 'n roll hall of fame announced inin its 2017 nominee in some big names are on the list, doesn't have been nominated for the first time including bad brains,do depeche mode, yellow, jane's addiction, joan baez, german, pearl jam, steppenwolf and tupac shakur the joint of the nominees up for consideration including the cars,pa janet jackson, j. geils band, the zombies. seems like there are more nominees than usual, voting in the past has been so close that the nominees committee wanted to offer more
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this does not change the number of electives that will select around five. but she can vote for your favorites.s. we posteds a link at fox
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melania trump slicken-up for the first time since the leaked video from 2,005 showing donald trump making lewd comments towards women. apologize, accepted his
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accept itp as well, it was man many years a go, he's not the man that are no. she says allegations of sexual misconduct or lies forgotten she also says that trump was egged on into boy tal in the excess hollywood video featuring billy bush. she told anderson cooper that she had never heard him use that kind o language before. t billy boy she has officially parted ways with nbc. it just took ove today show 9:00 a.m. hour never returned after the excess hollywood tape in publicr he thanked his family, friends and colleagues for their suppor and says he looks forward to what lies >> a florida man convicted of shooting george zimmerman in a road rage incident as incentives, and now george zimmerman is talking to the media by what happened in courtroom as ng, more from san florida. matthew apperson showed no
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20 years prison convicted of shooting at george zimmerman in madison as he was driving last year. after. his family went before the judges of the jury got it wrong.. discussing allies have prevailed and have truly screwe my faith in the justice systemdi >> zelman says the jury got it right once again, the same courtroom where he was acquitte in 2,013 for the shooting death with him after sentencingwe. of the deputies that were there, to see them again, to see them in a different context and a driven perspective, and to se the judge again from a differen perspective.. >> zimmerman says that he did not expect the trayvon martin case to become center stage in this case. >> he stated that are shot trayvon martin as a moneymaking endeavor, and that is grossly
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that can make the auction off the gunuc used in the trayvon martin shooting, he says he raised $200,000 using it to pa off legal fees >> by all my attorneys $2.2 million i have court costs and the hundreds of thousandsco dollars, so minnick a big deal about the $250,000, i'm still broke, they don't realize that. >> to mistake him he says he still gets death threats.. after two major cases in three years, we asked him ifaj will try to keep a lower profile. >> its own because of what went through that are realizeze iem a free american and have absolutely everyca right to be and about in my hometown withou my head held high without a mask on or in hiding. >> meanwhile the judge ordered in to be held in children if you
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then is where your wallet comes going to costy more to he your home, natural gas bills expected to grow by 20 percent six and $35. heating oil bills, to an averag of almost $4,000. you0. can blame higher fuel pri in a colder weather forecastam. still to come, it can be hard to get yourt kids to eat their
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that you are stream it live, it is gorges we have clear them and mid '70s ashtabula, and youngstown it will be warmerht this afternoon getting close to record temperatures and possibly tying it. a few clouds in central portions near medina, summit county anden out west. lots of clouds michigan and northwest
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over the next couple hourses tracking the cold front this evening. they have the high to mid-level clouds increasing across the area.. we will have showerss afte 4:00 o'clock. expects showers in northwest areas at that point. arriving around 6:00 p.m. then pushing down towards mansfieldld and eventually moving out of the area completely by midnight. tonight, still being a shear clouds, sunshine tomorrow morning then eventuallyly clear
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67 degrees pewaukee and 57 degrees minneapolis. were going to be going downg . but still above average by about 10 degrees. it will not be a huge temperature drop the front goes through late evening it will be along the ohio river valley, about 2:00 p.m. wednesday took out th chance of rainfall wednesday, with lots of sunshine that day the next shot, as the cold front arriving thursday tonight, it will not be as mild as last night, tonight it will .e around 60 degrees 76 degrees west lake and hudson 72 and
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the clouds move back in around 6:00 p.m. likely hit the high between two and 3:00 p.m. with highs in the low '80s and showers after 4:00 p.m. small craft advisory until 4:00 o'clock. and then waves subsiding. tonight 57 degrees. tomorrow, not bad. back into the low 70s with sunshine and increasing clouds latete. >> and then some wet weather thursday and friday. thursday looks like a complete wash, a friday we may be able to hold tight for thosese friday football games the only place open onto showers are the
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rose again comes after they announced 3. just the third quarter and most of those came from the international market. or grant making shopping easier for new pickup service, if you order items through the local store you get free shipping with no minimum order orders placed online, get the there within on or three days you will receive a e-mail notification.n. the click bookmarks
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using cookbooks, major chain restaurants articulate it isis several ominous like most twentysomethings, she's fresh out of college and wants to save cashn so she collects. >> to go out to eat maybe a few like lunchtime. millennials are scaling back special to have kids of their own.enin eye have to worry about clothing my kids for school and to get them school supplies these kinds of things so become a compromisel. >> that search for a compromise
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last year year, five restaurant companies have filed for chapte 11 bankruptcy, including the restaurant group and garden fresh corporate, major change like ruby tuesday in bob evans seveny forced to close doesn't nationwide that not all millennial fault. >> we have seen massive food deflationfo to the point.that prices are down about 2 percent of grocery stores from last yea soen it is become more cheaper to eat at home andis on top of tha you have new services that are making delivery much more easie such as blue apron and hello fresh and there are a lot more delivery apps. >> jennifer lahmers fox five
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this afternoon afternoon, we ha hit the high record of 82 setback in 1953 currently we have 77 degrees.
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right now, it is through warmer than yesterday. expecting showers after 4:00 o'clock the cold front wil be moving in through the late evening, looking at this, t rainfall earlier towards the islands. that it continues to move likely exiting the southeast area just after midnight tonight. evening showers, and then we dr out overnight. with the wind out of the last between ten and 15.. and tonight about 57 degrees tomorrow, we will be dropping but still abov
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62 degrees. were going to be 10 degrees above that with low 70s. expected tomorrow and then let you know just how will we go after that coming up in then forecast. parma heights plays are charging a woman whorm plowed i a crowd the summer killing two, 74-year-older donna chidsey is charged with two counts of , leaned that she hit the gas pedal instead of the brake peda causing the august accident, sh due in court next month. police investigate after they bag of remains was found in a vacant field monday near east 55th and devil road man found the bag, the victim has yet to be identified if you have
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campaign signs are everywhere,e, some donald trump supporters say that they have been targeted by thieves. portage county republican party has read saved hundreds of reports of stolen trump campaig signs they say it's a lot more than normal,si one trump supporter captured a photo of the people stealing his campaign site, the say it is serious this allow funny this is not a prank this is against the law >> keep putting them out, want to put out a bigger signgn. >> a person can be charged with theft in trespassing,p the head of the portage county democrats say that their also dealing wit their share of stolen signs. >> it has been idle for years buts thrilled people for decade this morning the ohio rollercoaster met the wrecking ball, the big dipper at geauga lake amusement park was demolished this morning, here are pictures mo from skyfox of
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cedar fair closed geauga lake back in 2,007, the sense then and has remained, they decided to tear down because people were climbing o it, to trespass on it to take photos and they say that it was not safe.. the special weekend for a high school student with specia needs,en in wellington they rallied behind him during the school homecoming as matt wrigh explains. he is still smiling after the weekend t. it started with a simple question from wellington high school classmate two weeks and go. the principal said that he tells people of his girlfriend so i'd thought it would do something nice. >> but do not stop there is classmates wanted him to
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and on the football field friday night was crowned homecoming king. he was proudly posing for pictures with the crown and the more photos saturday. palsy and stopping him from dancing on the dance floor. is something that we will never forget. >> they called theth show support heartfelt. >> you could see this in his eyes and his attitude. he was excited. >> thanking the entire school committee for putting that smil on his face, that rightht fox 8
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that they plan to cut sugar and calories dozens of productshe t at least two thirds of the drinks will have 100 calories or less by the year 2025. and they also plan to reduce saturated fats and sodium level and many of their products like frito-lay chips. know that sometimes it can be a struggle to get your kids to eat their fruits and veggies , disney and all are partnering t debut a new line featuring characters from star wars, andr pixar movies, including disney branded bananas, pineapples, and sold i grocery and retail stores. >> new york fertility dr. is defending a the technique he helped to create a baby boy using dna from three parents, two women and a man,, the u.s. government is not allowing the
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news correspondent izzy miller follows theiz latest details. >> is a prepared in vitro fertilization technique. >> think is a revolutionary approachch to human reproductio. >> says h carried out a transfer from two women in a a man greet a baby born five months to go. >> this date technology, in the history that a healthy live p recombined together with one sperm. >> in this case he worked with a couple and a female donor and eight mexico clinic he is set to present his findings at a meeting of the american society of reproductive medicine the procedure aims to help families withth diseases passed on by mothers who says that the mother, carry genes for a rare fatal disorder that affects the
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and parentt nucleus from a mother's day with disease-free dna from female donors egg and then fertilizedfr. >> for any family that had long-term suffering about a disabled children, and finally to see a healthy baby are just feel the eye am bringing a gift. >> some say that they're waitin for more details, questioney whether the baby could face risks. >> don't know that this kid is not goingid to be affected are going years before we can tell if thi child is going an to be healthy. >> the technique is approved i britain but is blocking the us by the fda.. 9-year-old daisy from nebraska loves to learn but treatment from a rare form of bone cancer has kept her out of schoolfo and now she's back in happier than ever. >> right now him so happy we ca finally get to learn gimp.
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light happiness and hope you think that is extremely unique and inspiringgg. >> she wants of the kids with cancer to have faith, she says one day they'll get go back to schoolhe. talking with szarka financial
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joined by les szarka szarka financial, thenl lot of things going on in the world decides the selection. >> but she would not know that by the extensive coveragege, th way to describe it is that this election has suffered over the auction end of the road that everything else is on the backh or. him many folks who say that we will look at things after the market. i think after the election, was
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that the oxygen comes back into the room and these other issues we have not been talking about back int play and there are some real issues to affect people economically. >> what is the big deal economically? >> the fact is that we have negative interest. in the history of money we have never seenen this before. we don't know what that means, how a negative interest rate. a major european insurance company is lisa knapp massive amounts of space to hold cash because that is a major concern then there was the brexit vote server wants to go. >> seem like it went away. >> think partly because of the election, and that has not yet really taken effect so that wil
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unwinding over probably the next couple years and that is a major negative impact because if germany and france looks at thi as well, that i then you have got china and russia becoming very aggressive, militarily. and also in terms of cyber strikes. so lots of major things in terms of what impact this would have on the stock market. one thing you need to have to buy stocks is optimism. look at all of the negative stuff it is hard tois get people excited and buy stocks. don't count on the election to make everything okay is what some people seem to be think that is what people
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there are lots of other issues that people are ignoring. has been ignoring these things soon they will come home to roost. it a lot more mental than people think, a lot of it has t do with your mood,o he had to d a certain mood to do a risk otherwise meteorologist waited out until after the election an then after that it would be something else and then it has been two or three years and you have aa 0 percent account and n making any money on it. 0 on november 18 believe we have, november 17, we do this twice a year. recoverer things in more detail
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our website for more information.o if you want more information on szarka financial, you can call their number on screen. to get a free copy of the book. was great to see you. still to come, unique approach to finding your perfec
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cover the news and he became part of the newsg in houston, h was walking barefoot when he wa bitten by a copperhead snake. a call for help and as a dedicated reporter he went on facebook like to share his stor from his hospital bed and he is expected to be okay.f >> in japan, they take a approach to dating, makes you wear a mask when you meet someones , they say that it hes impressions and forces you to focus on personalities, it has existed since 2,010, it is a growing franchise in japan as birth rates decline and young people are less inclined to get married, a survey showed marriage rates in japan are dow 50 percent in the last 30 years.
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artistr takes this game to new levels. the concept is that the pedals are hooked up to microphones as long as you hit the ball the music ll if you miss., if you play faster,usus music speeds up and you place lower it slows down. imagine someone watching >> it would be confusing. that is the largest project. and we have a cold front
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showers this evening time frame between five and 10:00 p.m. it will be moving in from the northwest headed southeast. bring us back to reality. it would be about 10 degrees warme than average tomorrow so still in the '70s. that gets cooler and then we have someme 30s showing up r
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today on "the real." >> on girl chat we react to michelle obama's powerful speech. >> and sit back, relax, showing you how to get cash from your couch. >> plus alessia cara is here and for the first time "the bachelor"'s ben and lauren talk about "happily ever after". >> "the real."


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