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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  WJW  October 19, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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very much for joining us. >> good morning, everyone it is 8:00 o'clock. it o'clock. you know where your children are? >> it awesomeness show is flying by it is 8:00 o'clock s. 8:00 o'clock. good morning i am stephanie schaefer you hear things differently at that maybe today here at things wrong? i was letting it go rightat by mew when you put up since 130 in the morning everything goes right by let's check in with scott it's like november 9 or something here we go. fifty-seven and painesville
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to medina so today, the front will still stay pretty close especially south with showers along the ohio river the front will come backck with so warm front late tonight until then anticipate plenty of sun with temperatures in the upper 60s lower 70s and then we start to build and rainr and the tail of this front will be far more potentnt expects hours after midnight tonight it becomes mu temperatures fall into the 50s tonight and stay in the low 60s with steady rain there is the lowe that polls and not only pretty good rain but a big cool down behind it 50s on friday. fortys on saturday. patty is to might laugh. a look at traffic. >> trying to recover from lo earlier problems plenty of delays all the red on the screen run on the screen means you are
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towards 271th you see it averagg 20 miles per hour a couple of problems out there on the inner belt behind the barrel. no active lanes are blocked. this is a peek at the peak it used 100 40th a all the volume not coming into downtown no longer slowol kind o still very slow go .-dot is telling .-dot is telling as by monday-d that will have two lans on it just time is about 30 minutes coming in from avon strongsville a 20 minute commute let's break it down most delays are fromut denison into town hey stop and go as you make your way
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>> we knew it could not last forever forever the cleveland indians postseason winning streak is now history. >> that is okay. they are doing great we are still at the top with the toronto blue jays in game for a few more chances to get that f we didth yesterday looking forwd to today's games but let me get you highlights from yesterday's game. corey cleaver was pitching for the first time in
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open when susan close to score to blue jays are and the al see as coming up at 4:08 p.m. today in toronto. >> where up in the series
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when we tell you what the manager has to say about them. let's talk about odds for anyone that is a gambler out there the odds of winning have dropped two ?- one at the beginningo the ods were 20ds ?- one now it is just two ?- one.on now with stacy fry the last oe
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election is being raped engaging in some psychologicaled inviting made whitman with the top republican donor endorsing clinton with an outspoken trump as far as the mother of benghai effect of noise accuse clinton of murdering are some president donor state dinner at her's words. >> i am by mr. trump to stop whining t and try to make his ce to get votes. when whenever things are going badly for you used are blaming someone else. and you don't have what it takes to be in this job. it is
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is a four-way racean head to hed they really are not having an impact leaving 48 ?- 44 percent. >> stacy, thank you very much. >> it is been 11 months since a small plane crashedd in some accounted online aboard.mi they say the first of us are flying the plane was with the flap in the run configuration theyn are both provided standard operating procedures and says that appeara to be the company that they work for. >> a casual attitude illustrates a disregard for operational
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they found the impact of a concert so quickly spreading after reports made it impossible for it to be safe. >> eight minutes after 8:00 o'clocke the keeping tabs n what is justin far. >> a raging brush fire continuing to burn out west. as a look at that the crew importers ranch this morning and now standing out as a 3-acre fire quickly spread in just a half-hour we are told it has place to several acres of land about 100 firefighters called to help containl the fire we've not head of any injuries or structures on fire about firefighters on the scene say that is a preliminary stop o the start of the fire we
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because maybe a downed power linewe that is something they ae looking into right now. it is not even been some might there on the west coast. >> nine minutes after 8:00 o'clock is your time on this wednesday morning so i had it in the picket line. leaving students confused this morning we have the information for you good food you with the final state generic. storm fox radar we join any is use that tomorrow today at least and ten to 12 degrees cooler than yesterday there is the rain forecast in
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championships first place we will tell you how these young students are going to win another one for us right here in
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good morning, everyone the temperatures have dropped year to the west aro look at ashtabua 5155 in and elyria mansfield 54 63 mostly cloudy and new philly and then out hinckley in theth middle 50s storm fox radar we will meet won't be until later tonight developing those same cold front this is the warm front somewhat cooler today still above normalt overnight tonight is only start to see rain redevelopingov although over arkansas i right
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scattered initially and then become more widespread the winds pick up we stay in the low 50s tonight showers spread throughgh the area tomorrow a lot of this area will be steady we are still running a pretty so running up pretty big rain deficitet temperatures for the entire fall this warm weather adding to the ways cited widespread rain wayside widespread rain the second frontnt comes and that will start to call others don't. wert have updated numbers. i could reflect in the energy an inch and a halfn then we start to go friday it could be mixed in with soft hail.
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good. fiftys by david lower 40ss by early next week. back to you guys. >> making headlines this morning a mexican federal judge involved in the extradition case of l chop oh shot and killed happened while he was jogging from his home 40 milesw from us on. the judge also handled other high-profile cases including accus currently awaiting extradition to the us. >> fourteen universities in the state of pennsylvania have left thousands of students confused both at 5:00 a.m. deadline to reach an agreement. it involves more than 5,000 coaches in the keystone state right now, a lot of confusion as to whether or night classes in games will
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>> president obama hostage his final state dinnerde at the whie house last night. >> will come to the white house and while come to the final state dinner of my presidency. >> applause but in the immortal words of the great italian-american till it's over and so, the dinners guest list included people like singer frank ocean and celebrity chef mario vitali served of the actual dinner after work one stephani perfor. >> you get the feeling if he could run i again he would want
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do after that? >> nothing. nights like that while. >> i think he loves his job yes anyway. hard to find a president that loves his job. >> we are talking candy this morning. right up my alley. >> good morning. they did a survey of 40,000 people d states, what do you like the most of what do you buy the most and ohio milky way was most popular which i thought was unusablei usually people like reese's cups greatle candy corn had the most states that like to out of five, but we like milky way reese's pieces of indiana eminence in michigan new new york is sweet tartsch georgia is
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taking your thoughts and comments off the board. my favorite halloween candy is baby ruth ruthanne smartiese been waiting for smarties all morning snickers and twix a kick kit kid cats and whatchamacallitic >> not bigger and candy corn but i will eat it. net rages thurgood a i used to love those and then twist layers anyone? misty says all of its. a depens on my mood milk duds of always been my favorite love of thosef when i was a kid as i look forward to the most it would
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because that never really comes out of your teeth there it is.e wayne was talking reese's cups natalie said caramel i love all chocolate but i especially love eminem. and eminem's and all of the thanmi snickers by far as mt popular in our sales machine downtown the vending machine. >> i think people look at snickers like lunch
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more coming up fox eight cool school we will announce the winning school tomorrowol right here on fox eit
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a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses.
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liticians take away your right to own a gun.
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[music playing] [music playing] another beautiful day on the shores of northeast ohio.ohio. gorgeous autumn day and the the indians are doing gr. they are doing great.a let's go tribe.t. let's go tribe.o we've come so far so many peopll counting us out to not even makk it this far away should be very proud of where they are. i didn't pick they could getoule this far i didn't but i'm gladgd they did. a wonderful surprise.e. a nice october surprise. is exciting for our city again. all right.
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what's longer andger longer. this weekend you predicted.. i think we'll beat cincinnati this weekend. i hope getting coined of annoying 41oin days is a lgong 60 degrees showers moving up north wind comingmin off the lake today keeping us aa little cooler along the lakeake lower 70s further south. the showers developings across the middle of a country comes ii later on tonight. pretty nice day today not as as 70s. begin to factor in more rainr later this evening antennae. the showers will become pretty widespread and become the focala point of our forecast tomorrow. that'st widespread rain tomorrow continues with steady rain on thursday. we'll get some br thuks but not much temperatures stay lower middle 60sbubu and watch that lw as it tracks to the north startt to wrap around more showers late tomorrow.w. the next front comes friday
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and buy that will start to cooll down. look at the rainfall widespread inch rain numbers for most ofoso northern ohio. temperature start to drop quickquick look at the forecast on the eight day i'll show this a bit low 50s showershowers early friday upper 40s forf highs on saturday and 50s sunday is the pick of thep weekend. back to you guys.ick o all right. thanks so much.h. after winning six playoff games in a row, the indians will not sweep their way into the world series.. the tribe dropped game 4 of thee alcs to the blue jays in toronto.l it is what it is. it happens. it'st okay. makes it more exciting. we have another chance to make it to the thought classic today. a couple of chances still left.. jessica dill is live atill is vt progressive field with a preview of a today's game and with more on how you can get world series tickets.ifield withthof a toy'se good morning. good morning you guys.o you can get your world series tickets this morning at 10 of.o if you're pre- registered userse
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go in register right now you had to have been registered but there will be a few tickets onis sale at 10:00 this morning.rni not in the world series yet we e lost yesterday it means we havev to win today. if we went today we get to thew world series if we don't winget today we have two more chances this weekend. focus on today.. a game at 48:00. eyes on our rookie pitcher. yes the starting pitching stafft is hobbled, but there is no panic on this team, they'll do what they've done all year long, play as a team and win as team. three we facing hitters in the arizonars instructional league, this afternoon the 24 year old rookie will start the biggest game of his career.the 24 y he's known to be aggressive on o the nmound, and one advantage blue jay hitters have neverund,n faced him.ced hi tyler naquin played with merritt in the minors and says he'sh mer ready to go. i've played with him in the minors, he's hardnosed and he's going to go out there and give us a chance to win, like i've seen him do multiple times, time us a ch
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i think he's okay. he talked to mick a little bit this morning about the scouting this morning him a chance toed watch the game and also the stuff they talked about, i think he's ok, he'll be fine.h the gae f he wasn't even going to be one n the playoff roster he was the p bauer hurt hishis finger.. hefi is new he's a rookie he isi only pitched 11 major-leagueor- innings that everyone in thee ih locker room says that he workedd really well under pressure and he playedhave see a pitch for uu against kansas city and they were trying together home-field advantagere.. guys in the locker room said he did excellent they saidck he iss good under pressure nothinghi phases him they say he is thes secret weapon and he's going to come in and blue jaysp as i mentioned before they've never played against him they have no ideationed bef .. that's fantastic. there you go. fingers crossed.sed. i like it. like thank you so much.
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and final presidential debate. the other big debate happeninfi tonight. voters should be ready for anfon equal dose of politics and theater as the rivals faceoff.t what else is new? fox 8's stacey frey is in the newsroom with more on the big debates tonight.ig take a look at the guest list. hillary clinton inviting a huge repary ublican donor who has chn to endorse her. donald trump has invited president obama's half brother,i malik.nuho has chosenn resi meg whitman a former republican california gubernatoriala candidate will be there tonightr supporting clinton. also billionaire mark cuban an outspoken critic of trump's campaign confirming he has invited obama's kenyan born half brother as well as the mother of a benghazi victim who has accused clinton of murdering her son. sure to come up, trump's comments about women and clinton's hacked emails whichts' wikileaks has been dumping on nearly a daily basis. founder julian assange's internet access has been cut off by ecuador's foreign ministry, out of respect it said, for the
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eln an doubling down on his claims theh election process is rigged.ocesr president obama shot back at the republican presidential nominee for perpetrating a conspiracy theory against the american election process, calling it unprecedented. so many cities are corrupt andgg voter fraud is very, very common.f one way of weakening america and making it less great is if you start betraying those basic american traditions that havec been bipartisan andel rtis hold together this democracy fol well over two centuries. the third and final presidential debate is tonight at 9. fox news sunday host chris wallace will moderate. new you can watch it live, rights sd wall here on fox8. by the way, no handshakes between the families tonight as they enter the debate hall.ell. the clinton's and the trump's walk in closer to where they're seated.seated. this was reportedly done at thep request of the clinton campaignn which is concerned about trumpco
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because it looked like they wert going toh shake hands but theyhy didn't.didn't. i think trump was going to. not talking about the candidates talking about the family.a they didn't shake hands. all right.. thank you very much. a still to come fox8 news in the morning traveling8 made easieri than eve check out this futuristiceck suitcase that follows you around. out this find out how it works and how you can get your hands on it when we come back. c calling all bowlers time for thh eighth annual wayne dawsonso celebrity bowl upon at that game of with witt saturday november 5 at 3:00 p.m.t 3:00 p.m. join members of the fox8 family join designedsid event to support the any l dawson daon foundation which provides college scholarships empowerment programsmsollege schol and wintd hats and gloves for locallocal students. for more information there is a
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a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun.
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we'd like to thank cleveland's own very own man in lack terry lee goffee and his train of love for being with us this morning. they are helping us honor thetrl legendary johnny cash who ispin being honored all week long as part of the 21st annual music masters series which ends with a concert on friday at playhouse square. just like him unbelievable.liev. if you want a new way to let your friends know who you'rerein supporting this election season look no further than facebook.dr the social emedia giant hasstheo unveiled a new feature thataturt allows you to post an endorsement on your profile page.orseme you can even add an explanation about why you're making theyou'e endorsement.ement. a word of caution though a recent poll shows about 30 percent of adults online have been harassed for expressinging their political opinions.
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contemplating solar panels forlr their homes now have a cash incentive. the home sharing company just announced a partnership with a e solar city.r city the new deal offers homeowners 1,000 dollars cash back for ther installation of a solar energy t collection system.ystem. air bnb's solar city deal also extends to current solar city customers who opt to become air bnb hosts. bnb's solar cil also there you go. very nice. okay. forget struggling with a suitcase at the airport one company has designed one that acts more like a travel companion. travelmate robotics is in the final stages of creating a suitcase that follows youe mpan. mate robotics is around. reminds me of a puppy dog. reminds oes. so there's no need to drag itagt behind you. the autonomous suitcase stays three to five feet behind a person by tracking their location through their smartphone.omou stays threebeow the suitcase is onlyy y srtph in the prototype phase, but the finished product is expected to cost between four and 600 dollars.r
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would kind of stuff on it in in trip over it. oif it's a busy airport to to maneuver that. only looks like it will fit oneo pair of my shoes. very small.. i don't mind pulling it.t mind t as long as. it's got wheels. give you a workout. pit dot kids on a wae.y to get them through the airport.y all right. hasbro toy maker isn't just building toys for kids anymore. they're also crafting up companionship for the elderly.d. fox's jessica formoso explains how realistic, robotic cats andd dogs are bringing joy to those h who suffer from alzheimer's pets are wonderful. they brighten our day, keep us calm and even help us with stress. however who would have thought a robotic pet could bring so much joy to the elderly. yes, yes my darling.veobotic p d this realistic, robotic cat made
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gently vibrates as it purrs.l the kitten is a companion pet to louann wyckoff who suffers from alzheimer's disease.who suf from how does he make you feel? makee well like i have a baby. you can see that. louann is a resident at the hebrew home at riverdale, in the bronx.x. the nursing home has a robust animal assisted therapy program. they have dogs, birds, fish andu nine months ago they got companion cats. we ordered one just to see what this would be because one of our goals is always to sure that we're not using medication unless we have to.ot looks like you have a specialu less mary farkas, director of therapeutic activity at the hebrew home at riverdale says she has seen the benefits of the robotic pet first hand, especially with patients with alzheimer's. we have an opera singer on onene hebrew h s of our neighborhoods who singsfs to the cat who is often
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shakes the head and talks to meo hasbro, just came out with the companion pet pup, this golden retriever has realistic fur, bark back technology and built in sensors that recognize human touch.ack tec built that's such a good boy. in the bronx i'm jessica formoso fox 5 news.he bronx how nice is that? very nice. coming up it's mac and cheese with a twist.t were all going crazy right no find out what extra creaminess e we're adding to this comfort food favorite in today's recipe
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welcome back everyone. instead of the traditional buttery, heavy sauce, we're turning to an unlikely ingredient for a boost to the classic mac and cheese butternut squash. ben bebenroth chef at spice kitchen and bar is here to share this tasty fall dish. getting a peek at what it looks like right now look how gorgeoug this is. okay. thate going to makeke smells amazing. amazi. tha you.u. smells so good. where do we start?rt? what we're going to do today is were going to make a butternutau squash dish one of my old chefs recipes with mac & cheese base basically. we use butternut squ bsh puur?e as the binder instead of that milkk and cream and flower.owe super simple. kind off healthy if so healthyey for you butternut the majority is squash. really easy to were going to get noodles in the
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blanched get those rollinget t nicely. ni we broughtce a bunch of wildwil mushrooms and bacon that's what we will garnish with. that is gorgeous. all availableha around here not condoning you go in harvest wild mushrooms if you don't know what you're're d wonderfuloin stuff.uf we split a butternut squash and roasted with dave leaves. you have it like this and a little bit of you hav allspice berrieserr and that iis that really simpl how long did you roasted?asted? this is what it looks likeike after. 35435 minutes. did you put olive oil?il? salt and pepper and we roasted in a pan covered down like thiss all of the moisture stays intact. take our spices out of there go into thisake our sp food procesd it's so easy to do thisth basically just scooping the guts out of your squash and then as i
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your cheese sauce.s throw a little bit of that in there.e. really really simple. you have this on the menu? it's coming upthermple. we're jt getting into seasonson traditionally we'll survey a lot of butternut squash until we hii a frost that's when they startar to cheer up throw in a little bit of goat cheese. there you go. really important get this moving while it's hot to throw in somem butter a little ironically you're going to take a little bi water. just to get it moving. and parmesan cheese. shake or two of hot sauce.t sa you need that.uc this looks awesome. a are ready for my mushrooms got a get those in.n. and you really just going on with salt and pepper. okay. super easy.ith salt and through the miracle of food tv we have thisug sauce created rih here for us.t
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so using infected will not letwt that that out.ut macaroni and cheese breaks inakn the oven and the grace comes out that will not happen with this the squashe gace co drinks it i. don't have a lot of cheese other than parmesan that you put in. majority of it..majty of those are great healthy choosese very flavorful.vo got some wild mushrooms going here. s really really simple. my goodness. they look great. a little something wild. and pepper. and pp while we're waiting for the mushrooms to go tell us about thisererg smashing pumpkin paru have going on. basically what we do is we hadeh everybody come down to thee restaurant. we have bands play from 10 until two in the morning saturdaya october 29 and $5 to get in or if you bringtober 29 your own . okay if you bring your okay i we throw them them off the roof of the building an
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pigs on the you guys have really fine cocktails halloween costumes halloween themed food and stuffu we'll be doing great deals on beers and awesome seasonalson cocktails with a a lot of the stuff from the farm a hot pepper coc shrub. tell everyone where you are and some on in guys. the farm is an cuyahoga valley national park in brecksville and it's a beautiful pla sounds .good.ood you guys ready to taste?. i hope we got a picture of that. we've got our it getssh a little fancy fanc restaurant style.nt s we've got our scratch back in cheese in the front corner. that looks absolutely gorgeous. so rich and beautiful. the simplest thing to throw together kids love that they don't even know they're eating vegetables.
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wild mushroom. important not to dry out youro wild mushrooms you just want tot saut? them a little bit get ann edge to them. and tehen throw those upfront there.. little bit of fresh looks he will have this recipe up. look at that.t. gorgeous.. rgeous it will be on our pinterest page on our websiteur you can find it all over the place. thank you. thanks for having me. still ahead this morning. chuck berry is going back to work. but first we'd like to thank terry lee goffee and his trainl churk. butn of love for being with us this morning.or be they are helping us honor the legendary johnny cash who ishnns being honored all week long aso part of the 21st annual musicwel masters series which ends with a concert on friday at playhouse square.s sera guys take it away. [music playing]aing]
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i've seen what can happen as the result of hate. my son matt was murdered in laramie, wyoming, in 1998. he was befriended by two men in a bar who pretended to be gay. they offered him a ride home, and when he was in their car,
8:57 am
they drove matt out to the prairie and tied him to a split-rail fence, then beat him some more and left him for dead. in the aftermath of matt's death, my family saw the best of america in the love and support we were shown. so when i see the hate that donald trump has brought to his campaign for president, it terrifies me. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell ya. ahh, i don't know what i said, uhh, i don't remember. he's a mexican. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody, and i wouldn't... violence causes pain. hate can rip us apart. i know what can happen as the result of hate, and donald trump should never be our president. priorities usa action
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[music playing] rock 'n' roll legend chuck berry is celebrating his 90th birthdag with a new record. can you believe it? it's been nearly four decades since berry has put out new music. it'sfomusic. this new album titled chuck will be released sometime next year. the missouri native was in the first class of rock and roll hall of fame inductees back in th rock ll he's incredible.dibl absolutely incredible.e. wild. i'll take two of what he is having.
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apologizing to tom hanks after falsely reporting that the actor and his wife rita wilson were splitting up. the national enquirer and startr fththand his magazine apologized to the apoli hollywood couple after claiming they were divorcing. both publications issued statements and say corrections will run in their upcoming print editions.editio hanks and wilson have beenbeen married for 28 years. they are staying married. so wonderfuls one of the leadina couples in hollywood when you hn think of when y it comes to marriage to cgr actress kerry washington. m e! news is reporting she gave birth to a baby boy back on october 5th. caleb kelechi is the secondd child for washington and hershir husband, former nfl player nomdi ahsomwah., the two welcomed a daughter, isabelle, born back in 2014.we congrats to them. she looks stunning. she is beautiful. walking across.ros she does.. she has that glow.ow she is gorgeous.geou she always has that glow she is
9:00 am
can't hear a check very sorryy r without thinking of act to the future.. check it's yourrf cousin barry.. 90 years old. new album.. amazing. thanks guys. you're welcome. good morning..amazing. wednesday update couple more days left until friday.friday good morning to you it's octobe. i'm todd meany. i'm stefani the world series the latest ontn how you could get tickets comini up this limited number available donald trump hillary clinton square off in the final presidential debate a couple more weeks until theeke electi.n.. preview of what you can expectct and asking you what questiontion would you ask the candidates iff you had the opportunity will talk about that in thishis morning's download.nlo i woulda love to hear viewers be able to ask these questions. the best one came at the end of that one debate the guy said talk about something positivet


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