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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  October 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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believe that's when they opened fire the crashed into a store parking lot. >> i saw there were eight officers on the street and was pulled up they hold the passenger out of the car and them on the stretcher. if anybody was here who witnessed what happened. that could call the willoughby detective bureau with any
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the place are still working it isst early investigation, they held a news conference with what they know..
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suspect is dead. they said they approached the car of a man in the parking lot brady had outstanding warrants video was taken as shots fired pleased she said that this is what led up t the moment. this has been suspect gave fals identification, a motorcycle co pulled up behind the car
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car into reverse ramming into the motorcycle and struck the officer. are trying to get the car to stop with concern for people safety. one of our officers fired shots at the individual does not appear that the suspect returned fire, is unclear if there was a weapon located ficoco assist, they say that this was not a willoughby resident but has not yet been identified. kevin freeman, fox 8 news. up the ante has video of a thief stealingng a car while a child was in the backseat. >> happened outside of a busy day care, it's ed gallek
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and suv installed of a daycare, samuel group-me backseat to mother was dropping off her baby at the happening,ycheop before he got , he slammed the brakeses, the gi ran out, the mother says the girl told her that the man had gun.y she pointed the gun at her and told her to get out, not sure if she startled him, don't know if he saw her to begin wit but thank god he let her get out.s >> that outside this daycare in
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show what happened. police car was passing by and then he took offff by himself. i saw the car being stolen. he saw it happen, then he saw the suspect walked around the car before stealing.e >> it happened so fast but ablazeze in childcare centers a surveillances and lastch another is a lot of talk about and she left the keys in the kid in the carr . >> not identified the mother, the defense or personale information in the car and says that she left the keys by accident unfoldt the child like that again and says that they
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there were catcher getting out of your car with children, late at night so i think that you should just be more careful, crime stoppers offers a reward for information leading to an arrest inma any film crime so it shipped might get him off the streets, the victim's family ways the stolen car was spotted in the area wit young guys joyriding. the car was just steps away from the front door of the daycare center, it shows just how quicklyyc things can happen. cleveland police investigating after a woman sai she was robbed by two men at gunpoint as she walked home fro work last night on kenilworth avenue in tremont, she said tha one of the robbersth said that she
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whipped her bites he says they made off with her phone models includingnga credit cards in ca she went to a nearby businessc for help. 20-year-old cleveland heights mandell facing murder charges connection with the front of shooting up. >> police file charges five day after sofitel was shot and killedol at his uncle restaurant. >> 20-year-old dave young perry made hisis first court appearan wednesday c is facing several charges including aggravated murder and robert.isse >> he is wearing a white mask in putting gloves as he enters the store. were the identical clothing worn by the suspect in two
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the police then they believe they recovered the guns used. the safety rob this mr. hiram, shooting sofitel, thisg somewhat university heights was robbed they saved by him saturday night. >> was committing a third robbery the four life a don't know if you would've stopped if he had gotten away, he may have committed an additional robberies, he may have ended up d shooting more people. >> said patel's family says the grave that a quick arrest was made. >> our condolences go out to th family, we are all very saddene her thoughts and are with them. >> bond set at $1 million, he said that he was currently on
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clifton heights robbery friday. blastmaster broke into dustin ackley and springfield township area they got tips on facebook 12 years in the summit county jail.f >> hillary clinton comes back t
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election day is less than three weeks, militants have voted. >> more than 2 million have voted, ohio is one of 30 that allows early voting through the mail in ballots in person, more than 45 million people are expected about before election d fare over large-scale voter fraud has become a daily talkin points for donald trump but-s h likely is it? and what is bein done to make sure that the election is not right?g as mat wright explains the safeguards. dump trump has said it over and over that the election was >> elections officials say that his repeated claims of a rigged election and large-scale voter
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i can reassure donald trump, i am in charge ofof ohio electi is not rigged . the republican overseeing elections in ohio, secretary of state jon husted on twitter for a town meeting wednesday says safeguards are in place. >> is one of the bed rocks of american democracy and should not question its d legitimacy. false claims are spreading, the defunct tweet about columbu post worker churn up absent intel to share thousands of times, his office reportsure just one of 35 cases of fraud referred to law enforcement 201 out of nearly 6 million. inputs and out in people's minds from cuyahoga county board of elections director pat mcdonald peers
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have procedures and processes i place.e the system of checks and balances starts when they check into their precinct there is a vacation in seizure are compare with that on file.c >> he says that poll workers have received at a training report problems, hundreds of certified elections observers are chosen to monitor pcs, and bipartisan teams handle the sticks can results that cannot be hacked. they can count on it being secured.c >> elections officials would yo mind citieses that your vote wi count, matt wright fox 8 news. tonight donald trump and it's clinton square off in the final presidential debate from las vegas, f chris wallace will moderate, it starts at 9:00 p.m that can be viewed here on fox 8,ox we will go to the
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one year later still answers, but some new leads in the senseless murder and a pizza
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rainfall is on the lake, it has been so for a central bank. things will be changing. sleet showers are moving closer to th ohio indiana border. we had a low of 59, which is considered theheis normal daily high. we had some sense that come 6:40 p.m. new philadelphia with 74 degrees, to the last 7 degrees at findlay. the fron came through this morning with the wind shifting to the northeast between five and ten mph.
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degrees cleveland and the 2 degrees minneapolis. those are the core temperatures that will be coming in our direction and later we'll have highs in the 40s over the next eight days post on >> you can see showers moving closer to 75. it approaches around midnight some heavier downpours. so strong storms near southern indiana, illinois and into missouri some severe thunderstorm warnings/watches. then the cooler air and into colorado with advisories freeze warnings.t for us tonight if you showers around midnight.
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by the eating rejecting a dry eating for friday night football. rainfall amounts over the next four hours between one half inch-and more. some close to develop 1 inch in some that. tonight, showers developing mainly after midnight. tomorrow low '60s. that even cooler on friday, will be a chilling friday night football game then saturday the highs will be in the 40s with rainfall in perhaps cold enough
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then sunday near 60, sunshine great day's through which means road serie game number one,s next tuesday with plenty of sunshine and upper 50s.ue >> that's perfect for the indians to start the world series, love the optimism. >> route seven hard hit by injuries, today a big name was on the sidelines during practic as p.j. ziegler will let us know
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at this moment, parts or tribe fans, think that tonight could be the night that they clinch that broke the world series. >> it is shaping up to be a big night assh the indians lead the blue jays did nothing in the t of the ninth inning, ryan merritt k of the a strong start before turning over to the
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soon as the game is final in toronto.hag browns returned to practice today, to keep offensive player were spectators, jarrell prior, injured hisor hamstring sunday see that going to be cautious with him before sunday'st cincinnati again, joe thomas this practice also joe hadenai because of an injured growing. inhibitors based on the walk-thru but was a bystander for the practice. , hue jackson is hopeful that trope are in joe haden can play sunda versus angles, for jarrell prio to anyone near the kind of hamstring injury he had in training camp. >> is nowhere near as severe, not to say severe, but not as common nowhere near that. today and woke up feeling prett good.. just being cautious and taken
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>> cody kessler will get his first taste of the afc north division on sunday versus cincinnati, n he has had for starch but not against a division opponent, to mend on the lake it's hard to win on th road is even tougher, he's not discourage by thei losses pilin up. >> in issue to work harder, usually more determination and take it very personal.. dismay she harder into working harder within very close and so these games are just got put together a full game.a cavaliers, ready for the real deal next tuesday at the q.. >> the title defense beginning next tuesday at the q., they wrapped up the preseason last nightne in columbus against the
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but they show that they are ready to go tuesday.ho lebron james said after the gam that this team is not satisfied with what they did last year, delenda trophy. kyrie irving left the game with titus in his left calf. should be ready for tuesday's opener against the next bogo th guard, and two of his friends were cleared accused of raping his ex-girlfriend while she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.l. the ankle that they rejected th lawsuit will be here tuesday
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on the road for the buckeyes with the big game. >> saturday, they will play saturday in happy valley. penn state's versus buckeyes, urban meyer calls it a top five college football atmosphere. they held on overtimec in happy valley to get the victory, ohio state is favored byt points saturday. have complete coverage of game five of alcs once final. after two debates could be seen more fireworksks when they square off tonight chris lorek put that live report coming
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swinging his trailing by seven points according to national polls. is found down and nine swing-states wand in floridais yesterday when florida to win the election. they are more moderate. he needs to sway voters losing in nevada. another stateth she has to win ohio that is a must when. that for any republican candidate for president to win. tonight's strategy, expected to see both coming out swinging. donald trump will probably use every tool in his arsenal.
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most likely also come out strong but only time will tell.. before we leave, tell us about the audience in that their will be any special guestst hillary clinton invited mark cuban, who is the nemesis of donald trump and has been me he ing him on donald trump claims to have more money than donald trump so goes to mr. trump's ego and hillary who was republican candidate for governor in california in the supporting hillary clinton and donald trump invited mr. mr. obama's half brother who is a trump supporters.s. there will be no commercials it will be 90 minutes of straight debating. tonight donald trump and hillary clinton will square off
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presidential debate from unlv, chris wallace moderating. begins at 9:00 p.m., that you can watch right here fox 8. >> politicsn are not pretty and not just the candidates i get ugly this election season. colorado man is sick of people messing with hisis donald trump and mike pence yard so he's going todum extreme lengths to been stolen and defacedede so n he's using skunk spray and a wart covered in males to stop the culprits. >> i spray the stuff, you messe up my stuff i will mess with yo all got right to my ideas if yo don't like and that your, keep traveling. >> so far no one has touched them since he has taken the steps. want a new way to let your friends know who you support this election season, look no
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that allows you to post an endorsement on your profile pag you can add an explanation of what you make of the endorsement,an word of caution, recent poll shows about 30 percent of adult online have been harassed for expressing clinical opinions.ouee no wonder how mr. obama stays motivated, looks to the queen b to help them stay in shape that song by beyonce is the number one song on president obama's workout playlist. online magazine wired got a cop of his workout mix. looks like he has a diverse tastes in music. he hasas music from the black keys in bob marley also covers both old-schoolt and some new stuff,
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playlist, listen to spot a fire that has the full list and have a great day but this could be it. >> things are beginning to drop there will be some sunshine and rain fall is coming. looking at geauga county airport. we have su about 6:40 p.m. that will be raindrops before you get up tomorrow morning. it is near 70 and akron-canton with sunshine and the wind between five and ten. the front came through here it has been a little cooler than yesterday but still above norma we had 72 degrees about ten above normal.
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the cooler temperatures to the north and west will be approachingno saturday the class moving in especially to the west from the stronger storms with severe thunderstorm in illinois ind parts of missouri and if you tornado warnings portions of kentucky and indiana and watch boxes in missouri.
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moderate to heavy rainfall tonight and tomorrow. the rain until about 5:00 o'clock friday just in time for friday footbal but it will be cool. many areas will have about 1 inch of rain fall, showers after midnight mainly. tomorrow low '60s. it will be breezy and on the cool side and then below normal friday with showers ending late afternoon or early evening. on saturday, some chilly raindrops could make said with
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el upper 50s sunday, then tuesday, world series day, more and makes chance of rainfall will be end of next week. almost one year since a 21-year-old college student was shot and killed during a robber and his familieses pizza shop, they're still hoping for an arrest, as dale miller spoke to the victim's brother in his new information. i cannot take away the moment of picking up off the floor and into a shirt in to see the bullet. says he is reminded each da in the fact that his brother 21-year-olda zak husein is no longer here . i got my parents parents house and remember the time i played a prank or when i take your my customers and collect money to feed my family i am
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brother was murdered. zak husein was close in the family pizza restaurant in akro on december 7 with a robber entered with a gun, video shows them compliant with the gunman' demandsde but you still shot an killed. >> initially when we talk about this there was speculation it was possibly the female so we began getting calls of people calling in tips related to a female, from our analysis at this point., as the video and talking to other employees who were there that night were pretty adamant that it was a male. >> they think the same gunman involved in at least two other holders of local dollar stores. >> are trying to keep the momentum going forward because we feel that somebody knows who
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that nobody has yet come forward.d. >> almost a year after his brother's murder, he says it is still very difficult. >> with our case, nothing is going and it is frustrating, i amoti in my 20s and i can battle .hrough it, >> not given up hope that someone will make the right call. >> tolosa knows something, you might be >> in akron, dave nethers fox 8 news. the $50,000 reward is still there for information that help catch the killer.s the owner of a convenience store urging drivers to be carefule, the owner of jamie marquardt west 130 streets as a construction project outside the business is responsible for several accidents as cars have been falling into a large hole 's is a crash victim had to be taken to the hospital.
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where people are used to execut an entry at the driveway and we have had several carsat that fe in the ditch. >> said he called the city and the construction company and told that they will fix the problemmt we're watching and waiting to find out if the indians have clinched the alcs title. still to come, how much world
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jack shea is or what they look at just how high the ticket prices wellbeing. >> it is the law of supply and demand, if they play the cubs the ticket prices would be sky high . a chance to see the indians play in the world series, and shopping around for tickets to the classic. >> may not happen for the 20 years and am i to take my son. will offer a version number of world series tickets at 10:0y >> expect those to sell out in
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good luck and do a ride at know that you should never put the cart in front of the horse but according to ticket brokers. >> we do have breaking news. the indians, are going back to their world series for the firs time in 19 years after winning a thrilling victory over the blue jaysth. >> the first time since 97 the indians go back to the world series. we have coverage from the rogers center , and across northeast ohio but first, melissa reid is at the buffalo
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it is absolutely electric feel in your. indians winning the american league pennantn after a four-on series and tuesday, they play in the world series, posting at progressive field. the first time, just four more wins away from the world series championship, the first time in 68 years last time was back in 1948. it will be a very special night. >> the cavaliers will begin in
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fans here are so excited yesterday, the indians lost. they said the big thing was the at-bat. and the indians delivered today. they were not too worried, righ now, the feeling amongst the fans downtown oror at home. it is absolutely electric. this is just a preview of what
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this is just the beginning of the celebration. we can now breathe easier, at least for a couple more days . >> show you the final out of th
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have not been the world series since 1948 and have not been there since 97. w just amazing moment , and that the first game of the world series the same night as the first t game of the cavaliers series. it will be a great night next tuesday, and progressive in the
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cleveland. >> i'm thinking it is a presidential election, if tito francona ran for president he would get lots of cleveland boats. >> and then we could havee lebr james as his running mate. this is an amazing story, ryan merritt has fished 11 big-league innings he gave the tribe what they needed a strong s live to give the bullpen plenty of breathing room.o as ryan merritt with four and one third innings today for the indians and gave up just two hitsay, striking out three blue jays no runs, no walks, no home runs. for an eye pictures, 33 strikes. mileti new buckeye nut preferments he would give
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in his major-league and try to put pressure to say thatat we have an experienced lineup in the sky will be shaking in their boots that he was not. heha left toronto shaking. that takes us to scoring three runs to clinch it. mike napoli doubles in the firs inning to deep left center and then francisco lindor, who was on base, advancing to third base.on that is francisco lindor, then fast-forward to mike napol doubles. there was a misstep allowing
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they've got the lead, then in the third inning, carlos santana goes deep to right field. a solo homer, given the indians to dodo nothing laid. in the fourth inning, coco crisp, that he left hand goes deep right field to go. >> gives the indians that three to nothing laid, then winning. also andrew miller. and then cody allen , seals the deal, and the indians go to the world series for the first time sincet 97. is certainly the year of the indians and of cleveland, so fa this season they will christen
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opponent third time. theyir did that in detroit, als boston, then do it tonight in toronto and hopefully they can clinch the world series and hom to celebrate at home. something they have not done this year. talking about tito, is making all the right moves in the indians have overcome so much with the injuries some thought we would notou get past boston. >> mid-september when the injuries piled up especially pitching.. every time they faced adversity they got better, coming together as a group and a team and they continue to believe in each otherey and they do not listen outside noise much of that due to terry francona told them to
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do that then see what happens and they've got the best record in the central division. >> that gave them home-field advantage in the playoffs. they want three games, a lot more analysis to come, but the fans who wear parts on her sleeve every time we when we where our t-shirts proudly. >> is that dick's sporting good or crocker park with her lineup to get the american league championship series t-shirts. get your world series gear. their stock in the stores at
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alcs shirts and lots of world series baseball gear. you can see them trying to get everything on the store shelves so that those first online can get thehe world series indians gear. they got hats, essay world seriess.. malaria,as you left the bar bef the game ended wattage you want to get your b team gear. want to make sure that i'm there to support the tribe to get some tickets .. you cannot go there unprepared. >> what are you going to get? >> i am kind of stuff, i want one of everything. >> lots of good options but also a good problem to have.
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like. >> what did you think of the game? >> i'm so thrilled for clevelan and for the team so long since we've had a championship baseball team. i'm so happy for the city. >> has been a great year, the cavaliers, indians and monsters and stipe miocic. a continue to put out more baseball gear. at this dick's location in crocker park and a throughout northeast ohio will stay open late so you can get your alcs gear. stores will open early tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. if you cannot get out here tonight you can have plenty of or before the world series to
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we have lots more coverage coming up including reports see


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