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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  October 21, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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it's a friday morning and the city the 21st day of october 20k one to be exactly thank you for joining us on windows and i'm wayne dobson music to our ears friday morning one excitingwsfr and gilchrist to kp a list check in with scott sable for a look at the protest forecast is selected when thet welcome back christie >> wait a second picture of us when we were much younger. >> it's raining is a temperature at willoughby cleveland heights 5352 bedford
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cleveland and akron points east and the brakes will become a little more widespread to the west but it takes a wild as ones will stay strong today high temps are they arech where right now quick look at the future radar there is 11 andis 12:00 o'clock ring to the east look at the brakes hereoc as we head into the evening for high school football tomorrow upper 40s couple of streaks of light driven showers notice how we had sunsh nephew of the liquid afflicted and sour some afternoonn with the rain reminder if it's raining there should windshieldf wipers are on your headlights must also be on a couple of accidents it to watch out for route eight south on the perkins police say they have an accident they arecc also 177 with pop up near will .-dot so please be cautious in expectt delays as you d have to those areas look
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25th takes you all the way up to the inner belt bridgeom and it is as the eastern shore away really no one is there this morning just plenty of slowdownst big closing for the weekend of the inner belt bridge is going to close tonight right after a alll the way across it and it won't reopen until monday morning there were also close the west 41st entrance into 90s found the exit at wes 2,590th eastbound ramp to 71 on 76 outbound all of those rampstb will be closed for the weekend come monday morning everything will be open by six two lanes from 71 and 90 but getting up to the inner belt bridge good news there waiting christie and stephanie back to your. >> thankk you very much patty downtown cleveland will be packed with fans at next weekwn as the city celebrates to major sports of milestones and talking about game one of the world series with the indians in the cavaliers home openertld we get the rings of that day
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business for bars and restaurants downtown will be happenedenen. >> and christie wayne stuff good morning good morning everybody has a couple months ago we were shaking and ourg boots are wondering if we were going to get a cap's championship now it's like were all pros at this how exciting that were in the world series another chance i get the clevelanders are hoping to win again thisar will be an excit especially on tuesday with accounts ofni the indians are playing right here behind me it'll be a huge part both on the set by the council got their rings also start their season of the indians will have their first world series games ever be a huge of busy night bars and restaurants expect to be swamped with code customers i in 19 years next-door the cavaliers will have their home opener and honor from last season's nba championship the constant rain did keep people away from the sports yesterday but a manager
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they're already rearranging employee schedules to handle the massive crowd b macre game on and there during the game it'll be on in the template screen will have another screen in the cabaret will be showing the basketball gamere martini bar will be open in addition to that bar appears. >> it'll be crowded and here i hope you all come down here i'm excited to know am excited to know everyone else is excitedd ohe now the city is looking in this police working with both the teams i with major league baseball working with a couple different organizations and to make suree everything goes smoothly as well as traffic in the street parking in anything like that are going to give us an update later on this way, is an exciting time reminders of many events going on with belief is that i have a free concert here and therefore thout waken you can watch them at progressive field adobe so much happening the next couple of days i'll tell you about that coming upieie. >> is good to be a cleveland are right now.
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cleveland. >> a reminder folks a is your exclusive home of the indians of the world series will carry each game with game no one tuesday night will have a special coveragew on game days former tribe for matt hargrove is going to be her working for usdama and matt hargrove will be here with a collection of sports as well it will be great. >> that's right i know it sounds like captain obvious know that donald trump and hillary clintona they're not so fond of each other it was quite evident in the catholic fundraiser with the presidential candidates are traditionally trained but this year lighthearted was proud of their last night anything to be in their auditorium i will check in with stacy fray in the newsroom with the highlights or should i say low lights typically a chance for the presidentialch candidates to
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and show their palms signed a good nature roast last night was a reminder of how viciouspa the selection has become. >> here she is tonight in public or tended attending not to hate catholics there was a lot of building last night cap apparently didn't get the memo about how it was supposed to be done but clinton ticket keep it all lighthearted and self-deprecating eithern the parish are on the other side timothy dolane and unlike the debate wednesday night shook each other's hand at the very end but there were a lot of cringe worthy moments before that.thr >> it's vital to see the people by having one public policy that's okay i don't know who they're angry at hillary or yout .
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symbolo of our history as a nation of immigrants a beacon of hope for people around the world donald looked to the statue of liberty and sees a four. >> hillary clinton will be in clevelandll this afternoon to get out the voteh boat event vote event at cuyahoga community college at 430 donald trumpt with his running mate's saturday night. >> is a lot more we can see all of that. >> you can watch the whole thing online. >> i got a check it outyon saturday night live. >> stacy bride thank you other news on this friday morning police are continuing their investigation to add deadly officer involved in shooting in a busy parking lot witnesses say the victim i backed up into a police motorcycle and started going
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happened it wednesday outside lowe's and euclid avenue suspect is identified as 38 -year-old frank sano of kiwi police say he was in a stolen car and was wanted on drug possession along with other chargeson a woman accused of drag racing in a crash that killed a man in a wheelchaira will be facing a judge today 21 -year-old at indiana coppin i'll j j is facing vehicular homicide assault charges for lastar week's crash police say that she had been drinking alcohol before racing with street the cars collidedo with an hit and killed 55 -year-old john could correct police are still looking for the driver of the other vehicle p in brunswick man is also due in court for arraignment this morning for a deadly incident on 480u investigators 848 you're called pit to women earlier this month as they were changing a tire on the side of theth highway 27 -year-old tanisha matthews it died while in asia matthews
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is facing aggravated vehicular v assault and the dui charges akron -based goodyear will officially welcome a new blip intotoll the fleet today with a christening here in northeast ohio the ceremony for one but two will take placet at 4:00 o'clock this is actual video element but one which launched in 2014 lebron jameson of the vienna james will do the honors of w christening the new blood but later on today when foot two will eventually be based in californiaen our show shows live from up therewe be really fun in the morning coming up on a fox eight news in the morninglle the typhoon is hitting hong kong we know that we want to what we want to talk about those indians.ow >> it's about your newest championship team in today's
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>> and it's windy and rainy and it will stay that way for quite a long time today temperatures remained in the middle 50s all day long todayay when would you get a nice little break will talk about that look at the weekendo good morning scotland tushar high school band time for the wayne dobson breakdown yes and it will break itob down like a third gate fraction when we come back kicking it with
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>> good morning everybody wayne dawson's alma mater the shaw high school marching band when you play the clarinet as ine recall. >> i did none the not the shaw high school marching band i was in middle schoolca clarinet somebody stole it left the ballpark is it came back brokenin that was the end of my musical career that was a really sad story beautiful fall colors here from rain now bringing down the smallo colors he didn't have much of a peak this year came in a little late because of the dry b weather we had during the summer ifri you do have a fall foliage picture you can submitf them to be on insta graham facebook twitter and wish we will show them on the air t coming in next week look
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the lake showers continue widespread rain temperatures in the lower middle 50s everywhere not much improvement through midday we start to see the back edge of the rain started creepy little further east around middayhe again noticed the movement here isn't really all that steady rain through midday s will keep steady rain in eastern ohio cleveland akronel canton east high would say about one or 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon that's our forecasted a temperature is pretty much a stadium where they are right nowra radar received the package of the rainurur around midday train tor creep further east we continue with thata north wind will start to partially clear out in my upper 30s or 40s than tomorrow partly sunny west a couple of that lake driven showers with high 40s we start to see this pattern of developing in the afternoon coverage about 20 percent tomorrowf we start to warm up 60s on sunday partly sunny warm front can trigger a shower early but nothing bigp and we look ahead to next week world series forecast will
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40s during the game next chance of rain) that comes in some time at wednesday and intoes thursday eight the forecasted thatig you have at the beginning of this eighth day of little tricky today and tomorrow then once again tuesday for the world series it'llrl stay cool at this point the winds wins will be relatively light. >> time lashing out against hong kong this morning as hundreds of flights into and out of the city have been canceledor typhoon hama is leaving quite a mark on the philippinesef thousands of people were forced from their homes look at the strength of these winds and now they are staying in an evacuation centers in the philippines of the government warned the storm was powerful enough to damage the craps infrastructure ?-dash you can se? many homes as well. >> american soldier has died during a battle to regain control of the iraqi town of muscled the soldier was hit by a roadside bomb while
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short time later from his injuries he is the fourth american combat deaths inou iraq since us operations began against i suspect in 2014 the soldier's identity will not be released until his family is notified mexican drug lord joaquin ultra pope guzm?n is set to face trial in the united i states mexico has approved his extradition but it could be months before he actually arrivesutt in the us s loiter still has one last appeal extradition of the case is moving forward despite the recent murder of the mexican federal judge overseeing this caseer. >> 817 friday morning talk meaning joining us right nowid a little free for all i have a feeling and it was on the minds of everyone right >> it's been such a great week we've been talking about himut are asking you to visit you think should direct the first pitcht what are you doing to stayto in a you coming downtown
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the same time the beauty ages as i haven't voted yet but i finally made up my mindd. >> karen on twitter says first pitch it should be a player from 95 or 97r tony alomar discount often that really pumped up the team. >> is a great idea dave at the happens is going to be a remake to the call of thec bullpen complete with the wild things is on the sheen thingt the glass as we are to call the guinness book of world records it to record the loudest imagine at that music hits. >> so glad christie is that when a t foundation was coming back today and may or may not screened a little too loudlyy . >> we also got a tweet from saint anthony's patter was out in theas rain and they sent me a video of mrs. dell got his kindergarten class to sing god bless america its seventh-inning stretch so this
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is it back >> excellent how would you like to be the kid holding the blog. b >> and he took us so seriously. >> that the free-for-all
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welcome back christie ? music playing ? >> and there you go that you go christie capel everybody. >> .-dot same out that text and voice mail free-for-all fridayay we've missed you 820 is the time coming up with more music from shaw high high school marching band are a
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trump is making an older janet jackson's on a head once again on the chartrt and onboard for a reunion of the mean girls a
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good morning everyone talks in the raw coal walking the schools as we preview for writing a touchdownwe with wayne dawson's alma mater the mighty show high school band and i'm hanging out with specials their own straight a students and that they are. >> chantel. >> tiana. >> decree shall. >> at ronnie. >> really ronnie. >> very good welcome you guys you guys give me some of the secrets or the systems that you use you use it to maintain that average s. >> time management. >> focusing more >> when i study i do the hardest work first and easiest last.t. >> hard work. >> studying keep my mind and school. >> focus and congratulations with junior sophomores and >> congratulations very good thanks a lot you guys show high school band at wayne dawson's alma mater here we go
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they are absolutely fantastic and we always say such a showman bantu there's so much fun to watchuc a sound amazing show high school in the house wayne's alma mater where wearing their colors today. >> appreciate you guys for playing along i appreciated coming up on fox eight news in the morning 26 minutes after the hour you know don'tfofo roam around the wild thing might be making a little come back in clevelandmi >> what major-league star charliear sheen is thing about throwing out the first pitch at the world seriese a plus it's my birthday first day i back and i am ready for some pharmaceutical we called dante and robin from the great lakes science center there here with a spooky science experiments iss going to be fun aj. >> that looks like fun welcome backck glad to see you here it is a rainy day again but unlike yesterday these clouds
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unproductive will talk about whenveu the end of the rain is n the way the eight day forecast
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[music playing]] usi [music playing]c playin summer is gone. the good news is you can get aa carwash on the gway into work today. you know the good one is gone g for good. not for good.or temporarily. good to have the family back. great to have you back. feels like you haven't left.
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looking like it almost. i felt of the same way.ay. at has i felt like it's been a while when i was going for it now that i'm back w feels like k was here yesterday. ye it really does.e it ck.e back.k. the kids are great. so far. i think.great. forgot about mommy. better be coming home with some food.te we'll hook you up.up we'll check in with a.j. colbyab not taking a look at ourour forecast.t. activity goiong on behind you. you guys are looking good.n back together back and better ar than ever. okay. ay. storm fox doppler radar andr and stephanie is exactly right.ight. plenty of rain activity going o across northeast ohio.hi rain showerso down to thehe southeast around youngstown. good news is the flash floodhe watch that was in effectflash fs canceled. it was canceled early..
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here but you see twisting action and that surfaced low-pressure will eventually whisk away our front and our precipitation.ita. 55 in cleveland right now not going to do much better than thn that. 49 mansfield 52 currentlylythatn akron canton downstate 56state6 huntington southpointe. the back edge of the rainut by y about two or 3:00 the main areaa moves away from cleveland butoml there could be a few spotty showers behindeveland as low-pre pulls off.sss of this trough digs and we start t see a k precipitation getting into tomorrow. our forecast today mid- 50s. low 50s pretty much where we we are right now.. drier this evening. the winds will crank up stillll northwest winds at 15 to15 t 25 miles an hour sustained.. drier colder down to 38. we may not make 50 tomorrow.rro lake effect rain showers possible here's the fox eight day forecast..
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coolty quic and dry.r 60 on sunday and look at that.a. a nice cool dry stretch nextext rain is on thursday with mid-id- 60s. we'll send it back your way. all right. thank you. police pjs here we come.ome. i have for these. absolutely.y. zipper up. all right.t.absolutely. the city of cleveland is getting ready for one of the biggest parties of the year.les getting that's right. this tuesday the tribe will nota ony series at progressive field but the cavs will kick off their season next door at the q and raise that championship banner.e and get their rings. they will have links.he the question is what will you be doing that night? abby at home watching fox8. check in with jessica dill she is the partly planar for todayt and she has all of the the information how you can take part in the good morning just.just. wayne and stuff and kristi goodd morning. good morning everyone. a good time to
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or. so much exciting happening.appe. living off the facts we won an a cavaliers championship now arerp going toonship add to the worldi onto thees mix in incredible til the next weeke ti and a halfhalf especially on tuesday.sday to events h.appening at cleveland cavaliers are back inn first game of the world series first game behind me. it will be an exciting time.e looking for fun stuff to do that nightin i promise you there is o much going on. going on. it all starts 3:00 tuesday:00 td afternoon.ay tv network tnt is hosting a pregame party for the cavs with a free concert by rapper wiz khalifa in the parking lot near the q and east fourth. east frt. the pregame championship ring the pony and banner raising isis set for 7 thirty with tip off at eight.o and just as the cavs did we now know the tribe will host away game watch parties at progressive field.r with t off s for a small ticket fee that benefits charity fans will be able to watch the world series away games on the scoreboard.a t fans are excited to be part of awgames on action. oh i'll be here and the cavs get
8:35 am
down here for breakfast and stay the whole i will absolutely be down here on tuesday because downtown isyc just gonna be electric and i can't wait.ause dow with the cavs and the indians oa the same night it's just going to be nuts.nd the indian fox8 will be downtown the entire time andil l mbeorning show wile downtown as well.owntown wel definitely anl. exciting time in tend of other events happening. mlb is trying to plan more thata they'll let us kno having a private party at the te rock hall the night before. cleveland will be hoppingck hale next couple of days andand hopefully where all get to be a part of it. fun to watch the other series with the cubs in the dodgers. waiting on i think that's going to go seven for some's goi right now cubs are one game three into.w cu
8:36 am
jessica dill reporting live atet progressive field. don't want to keep you out there in the rain too much longer.grek i appreciate that. one more question. just kidding. tribe fans calling for charlie sheen to throw the first pitch of game one of the world d series.series. because of his role as ricky the wild thing vaughn in the movieb major league about the cleveland indians.eague a sheen responded and tweeted major league gift that keeps on if called upon, i'd be honored. we'll keep you posted.po and remember, fox8 is your exclusive home of the indians in the world series. we will carry each game, with game one tuesday.sive dians ine. we wi we'll have special coverage onun game days, with former skipper we love him. mike hargrove and our tony rizzo. we've got to get sharon.
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she is such a sweetheart.he all right. everybody talking aboutal thiss presidential election. debates and all that. theio third debate kind of brutl no doubt about that.ut but last night supposed to be aa fun and lighthearted eveningd eg getting together for a charity event.t instead the insults came out,hen and the boos echoed through the audience.sults came kind of tough to even watch atot times. fox 8's stacey frey is in the newsroom, with more. fox 8's stacey frey is in the good morning again. good morning. the al smith dinner this a very ritzy, black tie event at theese waldorf astoria in new york, ne, which raises money for catholic charities. and traditionally it's an event where the candidates kick back . little, make some jokes aboutaks each other, and about themselves. that's not what this otn donald trump started off light enough making some remarks about his beautiful hands andutifu hillary's comparatively small crowds. but then the tone turned sharprp atively and he went after her calling en theone turned sh her corrupt which prompted boos fromthee audience. attendees at one point shouted at him to finish. to finsh. then it was her turn she jokedth about her rigorous nap schedulen
8:38 am
for performance enhancing drugsr before the last debate. here's one of his lighter's one michelle obama gives a speech, and everyone loves it.veryonee it's fantastic. they think she's absolutely's ae great. my wife, melania, gives the exact same speech, and peo get on her case. and i don't get it. i don't know why. and if donald does win, it'll be awkward at the annual presidents day photo when all of the former presidents gather at the white house.hents dall and not just with bill. how is barack going to get past
8:39 am
the candidates by the way diddaa shake hands at one point, something they avoided at the debate earlier this hillary clinton will be in willn cleveland this afternoon, a campaign event at cuyahoga community college at 4:30 this camprnoon., donald trump and his running mate will be at the ix center saturday night.onald trum tough to watch. watch the whole thing. the popcorn stacey thank you very much. all right.ey be your social secretary. find out how the social mediallo be site is now helping users plan their nights out.nights plus we're setting pumpkins on fire.. our good friends and mad scientists dante and robyn from the great lakes science center sciestse with some seasonall experiments. e here wh some i can't wait for this. hi kenny.. hi ken good morning kristi. welcome backny. rocking the schl as we preview friday night
8:40 am
johnny cash exhibit just starting right here talk about thatnny cashust when we come back. kicking it with kenny. stay with us. character and courage of our leaders. where did you stand on joe mccarthy? george wallace? this is one of those moments. rob portman endorsed donald trump -even with his history of degrading women. portman stood by trump -even after seeing trump brag about sexual assault. then portman panicked -and scrambled to save himself. history will judge rob portman a coward. what will we do? ted strickland: i'm ted strickland
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i've seen what can happen as the result of hate. my son matt was murdered
8:42 am
he was befriended by two men in a bar who pretended to be gay. they offered him a ride home, and when he was in their car, they robbed him and beat him. they drove matt out to the prairie and tied him to a split-rail fence, then beat him some more and left him for dead. in the aftermath of matt's death, my family saw the best of america in the love and support we were shown. so when i see the hate that donald trump has brought to his campaign for president, it terrifies me. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell ya. ahh, i don't know what i said, uhh, i don't remember. he's a mexican. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody, and i wouldn't... words have an influence. violence causes pain. hate can rip us apart. i know what can happen as the result of hate, and donald trump should never be our president. priorities usa action
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[music playing]] welcome back to fox8 news in the morning.x this weekend the great lakeshe k science center is hosting aessc spooktacular science weekend. spooktular sa sng a sneak peekie at the fun thieas morning from good friends dante and robyn nothing like blowing things up on my first day back. play got a lot of cool stuff this weekend withplay got a lotd current activities you see thee brand-new theater it will beillb awesome.e we've got them mood aweso lightingg going on.. trying to make it spooky so things can lightoo up.. that start with you. start over here on the lefteft foaming pumpkin all you're going to do is p for the containers o that small beaker to the flask k
8:44 am
bit. something we call elephanthant toothpaste we could do elephantt toothpaste have it foam up youyo can set it down and eventually we will see that this is is ractting.g. very common chemicals here. we're just going to cover it here. trying to protect that.t. look at that. this is the pumpkin one of the e demonstrations you can do. there's also going to be thisths weird chemical changes. will experiment with this. what do you think happens when you mix to clear liquids. i don't know. let's find out.ii go back andl's find o forth. couple of times.s. nothing major happened. will pour it in here andh really nothing in there.e and eventually we're going to see a very bizarre reaction occur.. as that's happening we can see that our pumpkin is foaming back ocd forth.h. look at that. look at that. that is good stuff. look at that. that is good stuff.
8:45 am
and we missed this. sorry.w it happens instantaneously. have to see theha chemicals.icas and we can even see the two liquids that you put in here. it was in the camera but you can watch demonstrations. you can come and build ame catapult to launch pumpkinsan al of the actilvities included with general admission. no added charge. dante has a couple of other really awesome experiments.t makes me nervous. one of the main things were doing we are taking someaking s chemical reactions that areome d in classrooms giving it a little halloween flayer. here we are just showing wereng were kind of chemicals do when theyhy burned they make colors.lors. fireworks get better color. calling this like a mysterym potioner or something like that. do you want to do this? to d i'll do the blue one.
8:46 am
all right.t. like 10 feet away. tried we got of this.we where ready. and also we have ever nice with halloween without a ck-o'-lantern. at the science centerrha we aree going to have to you know bring it up a upa not my goodness. might want a wide shot on that. we almostght want a lost camer. that is fun. ca give it a shot.s try it again. there we go.o. there we go. all right. that's your vocabulary word today. here we go. sphygmomanometer. last mastery have the electric picklet master we run in electrc current through a dill pickle and sodium frompi the salt actually from the electricalm energy they get energized andnee
8:47 am
like a sodium lamp. that's the current going through the pickle. the curr then we get some.. do i need to step back? i had to bring him closeroser because the contact. starting to go.e look at that.t. there we go. look it's very energy efficient will be switching out led light to pickle lights. we should start that here.ight terrible actually. robin and dante thank you so sphygmomanometer. that's beside the that's the words this weekend great lakes science center. tomorrow and againgr on sunday.n great lakesda science under most of the activities included in general admission if yn sunday. great lakes science under most of the activities included in general admission if you have questions they can help you. we love you guys. genal adm. thanks for having uslove yu. ba. i feel smarter. smarter and curious. we'll toss things out to kenny crumpton.
8:48 am
mister rock 'n roll hanging outt with greg and were previewingvi johnny cash exhibit. ex hipretty excited about it if you know me you knowxc i'm a johnnyh cash good morning. talk to us about this exhibit.x. lots of fun. every year lots wofe honor an as our music master last year was smokey robinson this year it it johnny cash. a special exhibit about theirout life we do a special show over o and playhouse square tonight att 7:30 there is a bunch of great musicians in town country ar rock 'ns roll stars.a gospel stuff..gosp st bluegrass and were going to alll be on stage tomorrow or tonight honoring johnny if you hadu indians tickets they are notnot playing. come over toto the state theaatre at show we wny cash released a few tickets thisets s morning. if you're a fan you should be there. ool.thecoovery co they can comments the johnny cash exhibit you guys have. this exhibit is going to be up u to celebrate johnny's contributions to rock 'n rollk o but in particular tomorrow on
8:49 am
a whole johnny cash day at the museum.. live bands onstage playing cashh music. we have this exhibit front andd center family activities and familyie we have film screenings andnd experts in town doing a great day put your back on and come on down.yo thank you so much congratulations on a successfulu exhibit. we'll go to the high school band right now.w. [music playing]
8:50 am
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new at steak 'n shake! 24 meals under four dollars. with handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch. get 24 meals for under four dollars.
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welcome back to fox8 news in the morning. glad you are here. it's'sx8 news a 52:00 checking n around the area here's a 3d 3d weather off to the west it's drying out pretty good of rounds toledo down to maybe bowling
8:53 am
it is definitely i guess you couldfinite smpay ii continue to do so this afternoon. a trough develops over the lakeh e and that she had yanked down cool eric to get us into someso like enhanced precipitation. as of right nownc any frozenfroe precipitation is in question could be a little apple or soft haililcould b out over that youh ground east of the city. temperatures topping out at 49 tomorrow. that it but little recovery sunday 60.0. mid- 50s on monday and tuesday asuumid-50s we begin the worldd the cavs. will send it back to you guys. i think where betty t to begin right now let's get right to ito thank you. all right. facebook wants to help you plan the perfect night out. the new recommendations tool will automatically turn
8:54 am
them on also make it easier for you to get advice from friends on places to go.plac the idea is to make it possible too find things to do, and then make your plans all in one app. you can also order food or buy tickets to events all through ththind things tl nintendo is looking to change the game, with its newest console. the company is releasing a threp minute trailer of the new nintendo switch.y is releasimi the system gives users the ability to switch froho then back again.stem givtoe nintendo is hoping to boost sales and stay competitive after its last system failed to meet expectations. nintendo switch is set to be released in march. the price has not yet been announced. tis' the season for pumpkinay ci spice everything, but one chipv maker is taking seasonal flavors to a new level. pringles introduced its newmasol
8:55 am
the tweet reads sorry halloween, we're ready for hashtag sweater weather. they're getting ready for the holiday season by introducing pecan pie, sugar cookie and salted caramel flavored chips. the new flavors will hit store shelves in early november.weath. they' ready foby p interesting. we need to try that out.estin still ahead fox2 news in the morning.l an old hit becomes a new one for janet jackson. but right now we'd like to thank the the mighty shaw high schoolr marching band for being awesomeg this mo rnbaing.nd for we'll hear frombeinni them one times. t good luck with everything.ood l all right.k with take us home. [music playing]ak
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[music playing] all right. the final presidential debate is giving a 30 year old janet jackson song new life. after donald trump called
8:59 am
the phrase went viral and spotify says streams ofs streamf jackson's song nasty spiked 250 percent.t. congrats janet who by the way is expecting her first baby. janetb that's made. she is in her 40s. she looks great. room for another two and three. okay. lady gaga's latest album joanne twd t today.y. and it features a song abouta st trayvon martin.n. martin was 17 years old when he was shot and killed back in 2012.trayv his death helped to start theone d back in black lives matter mov lady gaga's song about martin is called angel she says it's a response to what she calls the epidemic of young african americans being murdered in this country.can americans rachel mcadams wants in on a mean girls reboot.h according to e! news the doctorr ording to newsvealed she'd bebe up for a reunion with her cult classic costars, and is on board to a play part in tina fey's
9:00 am
were you a fan of mean girls? no. she is the queen be. you came back with that real quick.k. good morning.. thank you guys.ys you're welcome. good morning tou you it is fridy what a great friday october 201e wrapping up r a20 month of octob almost in a little bit. hard to believe. i'm todd meany. i'm stefani schaefer.inin hard d wrapping up an exciting week for all ofci us here in clevelandven looking forward to next will be really fantastic becausb of courseec the city that rallil together parties together details on the huge celebrationa happening starting now. kicking off on tuesday will tell you what is planned as the indians kick off the worldt series and the same night theigt cavaliers get a their championship rings then they thn take to the court.urt. in amazing day. black-tie dinneri presidential candidates were there they let loose had ather little bit of fn got a little feisty as w


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