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tv   Fox 8 News at 400AM  FOX  October 24, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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good morning cleveland and all of northeast ohio. it is finally here appea world series week. thank you for waking up with us. twenty-fourth day of october 2016. my name is wayne dawson. >> my name is kristi capel. agent colby is what with this in the weather. >> of the change in the forecast was beginning to but now
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rain the men everybody should be dry this morning. you'll definitely need a jacket on the way out the door. it is cooling down. fifty-three in akron canton. forty-nine in youngstown. winds are out of the north. a breezy start. we can have wind gusts close to 30 miles an hour. gradual clearing. what a beautiful day it was. put the mouse emotions a spotty showers are out of here. it will be a very slow and gradual clearing process. we are expecting a bit more in the way of sunshine.
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on the way. now it's traffic time. >> right now on the freeway things are looking great. innerbelt bridge coming into town. it is wide open. both ramsgate up onto the inner belt those are now open to two lanes. hopefully that will help with all of those are now open. we have some overnight work to be aware of. the left lane is locked as you head up toward east ninth. everything looking good this morning. we'll see how the morning's commute goes from skybox later
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other overnight work to be aware of is along to 71. please slow down through all of the construction zones. >> we are falling breaking news fire crews have spent several hours battling an overnight fire. >> this is video sean cynic. it took firefighters about three hours to get the flames under control. fire departments telling fox think the people who live in this house were on vacation. at this point they are calling fire suspicious to arson investigators will be on the scene later on this morning no firefighters were hurt. city of cleveland is ready to rally for the world series. >> it is and the cubs are the
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the unions by themselves in a familiar position as an underdog. >> is been 68 years since the indians snagged a world fire at 108 years for the cubs. the indians have the feel just a ploy of their first workout find out who they will be playing corey kluber will start one out for the drive. the order could change depending -also could be available for the cubs. he has made major project progress in the last week. >> the indians announced the pitches for the rest of the season. >> we are going to hold off as long as we can with trevor just
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like him to finish. >> i think whatever works for us for each individual is what's best. some people like be in the underdog and that's was driving it. >> we will cubs arrived in cleveland last night getting ready so they can start their preparation. series returns to chicago need them back here for game six and seven. >> looking forward to it. the official world series schedule is now complete. games one and two in cleveland tuesday and wednesday will start at 8:08 a.m. and games three and four will be in chicago. game five in chicago on sunday with started a 15. if necessary game six and seven will be back at progressive field this week starting at 808.
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here on fox8. >> the indians will host watch parties at progressive field. small ticket fees will benefit charities. >> we are your world series station. >> and others vice president joe biden will visit cleveland later on today to highlight the cancer moonshot and a medical some of the vice president is in charge to find new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. his son died lesser battling brain cancer. biden also campaign for hillary
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areas. >> and hillary clinton is getting some hollywood help right here in ohio. jeff goldblum who starred in films like the big chill, dressing park and independence day spoke on behalf of her in cleveland yesterday. he said he is with clinton on most issues and made a reference to his independence day film the given his endorsement. >> i feel very strongly that she is the one for us. saving the world, at all, if you put any stock that, you shouldn't because it's all pretend but it is hillary clinton who will do best for planet earth and for the country. >> the trump campaign was also in cleveland on saturday. donald trump told ohio is very important. the election is just 15 days away.
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>> coach hugh jackson said the browns are having the like. still to come highlights from the battle of ohio. >> businesses are building a mix how local restaurants are getting ready for the world series crowd. >> these clouds are going through very slow in breaking up. rain is all for now. willis dell? best the question look at this steak, just sitting there, taunting you. what's worse? it's not alone. it comes with this, this, or this too. are you gonna do something about it? if not? good luck sleeping tonight. you can't fake steak.
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a center cut sirloin with a choice of bacon-wrapped shrimp, baby back ribs, or parmesan crusted chicken.
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welcome back. >> waking up is a beautiful thing. >> a day colby is in for scott sabol this morning. >> is always nice to be vertical as opposed to horizontal. here's a look at our beautiful time lapse from last night. we also showers and a few thunderstorms. there you can see the sun going down. for the most part many backyards
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a lot of our eastern counties are the ones that got a little bit of the showers now settling to the south pretty much out of the area. fifty-seven in cleveland will be our warmest temperature of the day. youngstown 49 dover to billy 58. we hit 68 degrees yesterday. 18 degrees or a degrees above average. we hung right in there until 11:00 would then the front ushered in our cooler temperatures down into the 50s. this is how the rain came through. we started off with clear skies and then the cloud cover firkin thickens. really booking through. that they moved from arrowhead minnesota to the east coast in a
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rain in northwest pennsylvania expected tonight. it should be dried tonight. harley sunny breezy, cooler and 53. daytime temperatures. low 50s, partly sunny. though winds will be kicked up to 939 to mostly clear. gusting winds again tomorrow par should be just gorgeous. unseasonably chilly. that is 10 degrees below the average height. game time it are world series forecast. in the mid- 40s to partly cloudy. and north winds deftly will get our attention. here's the fox eight-day forecast. calling for highs well into the
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the game on wednesday evening, perhaps after the seventh inning stretch we could be looking at a passing shower. we'll see how that goes. best chance of rain on thursday. maybe the first part of the weekend will be soggy. here's traffic with patty. >> right now are doing quite well for the big news this morning is that the innerbelt bridge is done. eastbound coming into town. no more barrels. also beheaded 90 eastboundou carnegie. those now have two lanes. hopefully a better rush-hour for folks coming of 90 and 71. 176 northbound is open as his west 14th entrance. a lot of good changes for folks driving the innerbelt bridge
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and they are in the left lane. this is a the peak over at 90 by 22nd. they still have those barrels up along there. if you are coming at the innerbelt bridge you won't be able to exit at east 22nd. gas prices not too bad $2.05 is the average kies price around town. a dollar 771 of the lawless ones who seem. please go to our website. you'll see lower gas prices in your neighborhood. >> we are counting down to the world series as trump and started heading away. fox8 shows us how restaurants
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>> cleveland is looking picture-perfect and people arrived for the world series. we are expecting a huge crowd. >> restaurants are making the final stretch for by the answered some rooting for chicago are already here. still pitching themselves over the historic win. >> osama wife and kids you have seen something thatob has seen. at least in my lifetime. >> that soon unfolded downtown. east fourth doesn't look like much right now but come tuesday, this street will be a lettering. many restaurant managers tell me they're doubling the staff just
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>> eric anderson, the manager says the world series is like the cherry on top of what will be a historic tuesday. >> that we have another 40 or 50,000 people. >> just around the corner of the mba roadshow stage arty set up. we add the indians and the cubs to the mix this will be a celebration hard to forget. >> i have been rooting fo >> more people will be here and they haven't been in the world series for longer than us. >> from the cavs into the rnc. >> the indians looking to top what many described as cleveland's unforgettable year.
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treating each play a game as one on the regular-season schedule. >> they deserve some recognition for getting to the world series. that means a bit of a makeover. >> it is tweeted out new nameplates for the players. featuring the world series logo and trophy and of course #rallies together. >> and take a look at back. the players will feature the world series counts on the right sleeve. >> weather and traffic every eight minutes. >> coming up another sunday come under the quarterback another heartbreak. the lace on the browns after a player is taken out of the game. >> we do invite you to know it now to your big your favor
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i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
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walker back. on a monday morning. we have 68 degrees yesterday. that is a degrees above the average high temperature of 60.
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it doesn't want to work i guess. fifty-two croley in strongsville. fifty-six out westlake. fifty-one at hudson croley. fifty-five and sullivan akron canton 56 degrees and 54 in bedford. a couple of showers look like they want to reassemble out and ashtabula county. perhaps even out into the ring county this afternoon. we'll see if that actually occurs. most of is partly sunny and breezy. a gusty wind winter those northwest winds will be howling. partly to mostly clear brisk and cool. and near 50 tomorrow, partly to mostly sunny skies. we will have a look at the a day
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>> here is patty harkin with traffic. >> if are going to the world series it's going to be much easier. the innerbelt bridge is wide open. ninety eastbound exit you can now exit there. also 176 northbound ramp. this is 71 west 25th. that ramp is now two lanes as is the 90 eastbound ramp. hopefully this will alleviate some of that congestion we have seen along 71. we will show that you later on this morning we go up in sky fax. watch out for overnight work. as you had from east to a second up toward east ninth they do have the left laying close. make sure to slow it down and watch as it do all of those construction zones.
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another browns game, another quarter back injury. >> it was big plays the costs of the chance to get the first win of the season against cincinnati the options here in the end zone are trying to get the field goal range. it is deflected. >> aj green held a he had eight catches for 169 yards for cody kessler was taken out with a concussion. his 28-yard hogans 28-yard toss them made it a four-point game. >> the rounds can recover.
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>> is on for should i know our guys are trying hard. the lock is not sweet in a way. >> overall i'm very comfortable of their. >> kessler now in the links concussion protocol is unclear when he will return to action. >> quick programming uptight about world series is friday friday night touched down will be preempted for a special post game addition of fox8 news should the guys will be back when plans kickoff on friday november 4. >> keep it right here for much more fox8 news in the morning including weather and traffic updates. >> gay one of the world series is set here in cleveland. while a preview of how players are preparing against the
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good morning. welcome to fox8 news in the morning. it is world series week. thank you for waken up with us. >> let's check in with aj. >> good morning. it is so far so good this morning. a little on the breezy side. and perhaps a few showers around to the south and east. most of us are dry this morning as storm fox shows a couple of showers in youngstown in canton


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