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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  October 25, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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game one world series today and the cavaliers home opener, welcome to fox 8 news on this terrific tuesday in cleveland sports history. world series, game one, tonight at progressive field next-door to another another gigantic event ass p.j. ziegler has a
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i was told that christmas is on december 25,ha this morning, looking at the calendar it said that today was christmas day, october 25, it is quite a treat here at progressive field and the q. tonight for the cavalier and indians stop the mixer is for the indians as they opened againstr the chicago cubs in ga one of eight hours, corey kluber will start tonight's game for the indians. ll is two and one in postseason with aa the fifth indians pitcher to start game one of the world series and the first to do so at home. he has had six days rest and jon lester will be pitching for the chicago cubs stopre these two teams have historical
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have not won since 1948 and the chicago cubs inspecting generally. corey kluber talk about the history of this world series. >> 's two teams that have not want in a long time,, one of those will be reversed. in about a week ago i think tha it is a good story, to have the twoha teams with the longest droughts facing each other. it is a pretty good background for the series.. and marcel talking about historical significance, the indians make their first world series appearance in 19 years, the chicago cubs make their first appearance in 71 ears perk. two teams with the longestea ti drought's square off in the world series.ou kenny lofton, indians former player will throw out the ceremonial first pitch
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>> we have better pitching and you can make the argument we better hitting and we're still the underdog,be jealous about my. >> we have corey kluber type versus jon lester, at home, you have home-field advantage you have your best pitcher and at home, you should win the first game of the series. get one here before the series shifts back to chicago with nice to get to bed you should get onehi you should get the first thatou would set the tone for the entire series. >> thankti you p.j. ziegler, th excitement of the game is off the charts a year of championships, could be capped
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the action is taking place. watts of energy here, there are lots of tv crews and there are some fanser milling around, try to be present for this team the indians. we have waited so long for this moment ago this could be our some people in line at the ticket office . there are no tickets available. they have been sold out. maybe you can find some on the resale market. inside the stadium, and then putting the finishing touches o everything.ihe they have put u
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power washers clean in the states make it look the best were the ballgame tonight, ialple i talked to , say that they want to make sure that the are part of everything that goe on in just a fad of major league baseball, this huge it is the cubs versus indians is going to be a great series just hope tha it goeses seven games and is back here with the indians winning.g. >> here to represent cavaliers and indians.i got to do my part as a fan time we did that for the cavaliers and now we can do it for the indians. were all feeling great about it, go tribe. we have had some experience wit at this year, you want that feeling to continue, we allll a feeding off of the energy and that is what the team needs to put them over the topop in this
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go home and get some sleep because you're going to need a big mapgg, you're going to watc the game tonight. >> let me tell you, one of the guys i talked to said that he heard me sayg, that i cannot ge a ticket for my son, but cannot afford these ticket prices he said if he gets an extra ticket is going tori take my kid to a game next week. tribe fans would love to get any of the remaining tickets to thes world series home games if you areho finding a price th is right, ticket broker say there are a limited number available about the influence o the cubs fans is making them to pricey for many, they say that take is just to get inside progressive field now run about $1,000 eachf while premium seats
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i think that is crazy i think this game for families and i think especially in this area, family afford to go to theh gam would cause them $2,000 don't think that's possible. >> i think it's kind of ridiculous actually, it really hurts the average fan to be i honest with you, which i don't like that too much but it isis what it is. >> tickets to a game at wrigley field in chicago are higher witr premium seats near the cubs dugout costing close toto $35,0. city is going wild, not just for the indians but also for th cavaliers is jessica dill is at the q. with more on the big night for that team. good afternoon, if you can give tips to the indians about winning big it would the cavaliers,s tonight is a huge
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cavalier seasonal. forget about the ring ceremonyt is a long-time overdu lebron james's kept his promise in the city is excited and what not going to forget about that, there is a pre- party for the pre- party, they spent the morning to get the stage set fo the concert to celebrate,st tnt bringing in, every concert before the game then the cavaliers will op t against the new york knicks, first they will receive their championship rings, and they will unveil their newei nba championship banter, something that fans of the waiting a long time. >> it is an amazing feeling to date have been a cavaliers fans since 1984, f when i was born, this is a great feeling today. some fans have selfies, and hear about that coming up in th next half hour,he game start at
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next door starts at 8:00 o'clock, they say that you should arrive early because the doors open at 5:00 p.m.veve lunch intercedes by 6:30 p.m.m. take the train and get down there early,y, imagine what is going to be like to see the championship banner drop and with their championship rings it's a moment cherish.h. is so fun to think about what it was like back in june when were celebrating.wh >> what about the ice cream truck winch-work have not seen is common, it lebron james's asked for free ice cream and om going to get it. >> only one place you should
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arguably the best day ever in the history of cleveland's word we have all day coverage of cavaliers andwowo the indians, fox 8 will have coverage of the world i'm fox 8.ghtht >> it is sunny and dry, and what more could you want richard ware ware? aj colby has forecast. that ice cream will not melt very quickly today. looking at cedar point. it is shining brightly there, hard to find a cloud that for west broad to the issues we hav some showery weather near ashtabula and if you like showers vision intoto geneva an
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45 degrees ashtabula and 50 degrees akron-canton, cleveland 52 degrees. some spotss this one got down t preselect over new philly ago these wans keep in philly brisk out of the north, northeast at ten mph. from outer space, show you the next system that is spreading a few high clouds not expected t tomorrow, a different story. you can see the clouds thicken it upup ahead of the system may role in about ten or 11:00 a.m.. as you say, on animation do not see it to accumulate, at least according to these models until
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temperatures today are around 50 degrees, partly sunny dry.d game one here i'm fox 8. with i partly cloudy and eight light north wind. when it is this chill you can feel that way and, at least is nott 97 with the wind chill 18. a big call from a vp visit.
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joe biden speaking
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clinic, innovation summit yesterdayva he met with kristi capel.ap says the ken schuman shot led t dozens of changes that will streamline the search for ao cancer cure them could make it easier to gain access to medica trials he voiced frustration with republican candidate donal trump. i spent my entire career fighting violence against women it has been the cause of my life,nsns this guy to say that because wealthy, that he has the right to grope women, i mean, that is thee ultimate abuse of power. joe biden says that secretary clintonid asked him to remain i his will with the ken schuman shot if she wins the election i about two weeks fromn mike pence is back in ohio today for a rally, you hold a demonstration andnd ashland university, the rally is set to begin at
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held a rally at the ix center in cleveland on saturday with donald trump , recent polls suggest that they are in a tight race with the democrats. president obama, appeared on jimmy kimmel last night and rea if you mean tweets one from a familiar source.e. it is the bloody jersey that is everybody talking now is on display for all to seeb tony where you can see trevor bauer'
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the weather is huge in terms of where
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puffy clouds off in the distanc to the east.. here at fox 8, and down at work lake road airport there is lots of blue skies stop looking towardss geauga county, geauga county airport, more cloud cover to the east. and storm showers on radar just north of i-90 near s ashtabula, geneva on the lake upwards conneaut. also through chardon andd parts of western trumbull county.t these rain showers, with the winds out of the northeast between ten and 15 mph. on satellite it tells the story. right off the lake, and also lake huron got clouds.
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you can see the rain that has assembled in western minnesota. near 50 degrees, this system comes in late tomorrow. could be if you rain showers ahead of itit tomorrow morning. currently 52 degrees ago will not get much warmer today. people need a jacket if you are out this scattered showers and persist into this evening. the overnight low down to 36 degrees tonight, game one and it away p.m. on on fox 8. the class not thicken until early morning tomorrow ands do not become productive until
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showers will not arrive until tomorrow night. so that is goo news. rain will hold off until the end of the game unless we g into extra innings. join us for the latest night fox 8 news beginning at 4:00 p.m. the showers, the best chance of rainfall will be on thursday, i will be dry for the high school football games friday and hope to have a fairly nice last
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if she can get to chicago, for games 34 and five, tickets for the world series away game watch parties went on sale yesterday comes to $5,rs the joe mission to get sort of her grasp of the $4 club last tickets are sold out, there is four ticket limit, proceeds benefit charities, the gates to progressive field open one hour before each game's what can expect toe will have our mascots are too far up the crowd to watch the broadcast in hd on o 30,000 square foot scoreboard the concession stands will be open. >> my daughtere, 23, and experience what i did in the '90s it is fantasticic going to
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massive 13,000 square foot screen. watch party tickets for game five or not yet for salee. >> notice levy shows a support for the tribe, stephen king, there's-enough with the cubs, how about some low for the indians, go tribew. >> the indians responded by taking, thanks for taking a shining to our club, it is so good to hear we hope to inflict some misery on our opponent.w >> i guess he knows a good stor when he sees one. as most people know, tickets to the worldic series will be expensive, a pair of chicago cubs fans willl attend a game a wrigley field this weekend only going to cost them a baseball, chicago dr. and his son were at saturday's nlcsllll gave six wh wilson controllers hit a home run for the cubs, fell back onto the field and the dodgers outfielder tossed into the crowd
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time later i team representativ said that he would like to have them fall back, they said that maybe we can do so world series tickets? the dr. said that you got a deal, it is unclear which world series game that they wil 's been called christians were clevelanders,s, which i ca live downtown ahead of both the indians for first gam3 of the world series and the cavaliersr
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the big day is finally here, as the indians play game one, here in progressive field, p.j. ziegler has a preview of the game from downtown. girl was told to dream big about wedding, to the player's dream? francisco lindor, two years ago was playing my roommate for the indians and he tweeted i have a drink that i played shortstop for the indian
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two years later he is played fo the indianss and the world series, and he has the chance t let that dream come true,as halfway there are but still a long way to go.. you never know what can happen, and i hear he is to play in his first world series as a member ofof the indians, game wants nikon jon lester pitching for the cubs and corey kluber for the indians with first had
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>> the excitement is off the charts, peer of championships could be kept off with another victory,e stacey frey has reaction. let me show you what's going on down here, people down here have been told at least 50 times that there are no more tickets for sale, they're holding out hope, if anybody walks of there they have already purchase thei tickets and perhaps our wh picking t lots of cubs fans were in town. what is said the back home with a big loss.. gave one of the world series, and you have to understand what it is like for these ballplayersrs who have dreamt of this since they were
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the world seriesnd, but that they can disappoint all of the naysayersca. we will see you getting tonight. people are just excited to shar the excitement of this and we'v got a good feeling. >> my prediction is that we're going to sweep them. chicago may give them a bit of a bomb but we're going to get it. like to watch the game's license is going to be very specialthe it is a chance of a lifetime that we cannot afford to pass up. >> game time adds 8:00 p.m. to nine. if you don't have a ticket you can watch at homeo. were so proud of the indians.
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stage, during the playoffs, trevor bauer injured his finger while working on a drone,, or pitching during game three of the alcs to his pinky finger began bleeding, he wiped it on his jersey now indians fansns lucky enough to get inside the field can see that up close and personal it is on display at t corner along with some other's laboratory moments, you can check that out along with other mementos from the locker room celbr starting pitching tonight, chronic liver has a big heart, he is donating his world series tickets. throughout the 360s season, he and his wife have been surprisingea kids and their families with special experiences in progressive field. ex allie who is a patient at university hospital, and rainbow babies and children's hospital will be in the stands with aa family membe
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>> the indiansca fight hard for that championship title blood that can take some advice from the cavaliers and, jessica dill has a big preview, of the cavaliers night. lebron james said that ice cream would only make it any better, and i were getting free ice cream because of the lebron james a greatt day for the indians and the cavaliers, season opener tonight there is pre- pre- party before the pre- the stage are getting set for the concert to celebrate the cavaliers with wiz khalifa. the cavaliers opened the season against thefa new york knicks, first they get their championship rings tonight they will unveil the new nba
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the game begins 7:30 p.m. versus new yor knicks, the fans say they have found a way to watch both it is amazing field today i have an i havana cavaliers fans since i was born in 84, it is a great feeling today, he said he was going to watch that on his phone, come on down early, you're going to see the greates things in the world there is a curse on the chicago cubs, year agoa they tried to bring a goat into wrigley field and were told there were no animals allowed he said that the cubs and going to weigh no more.. >> we have brought in this coat. we are located in valley city. we have a business called lote of goats.
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clear vegetation. were herecl to help the tribe a to keep the cubs curse alive. is still lots of fun. lots ofof pictures and lots of goo fun. >> we have some goats here. you can celebrate, either the cavaliers come indians are both and we haveve cubs year for the these are the goats for the cubs, all of good fun, thank you for hanging out with those. >> a giant display a team spirit. a 40-foot tall basketball on public square,b one of the largest basketball'sre ever created. mountain dew teaming up with th cavaliers in kyrie irving to
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it is sunny and cool it will be even cooler tonight. live look of the cavaliers starting at 7:30 p.m. in cavaliers first pitch at 8:08 >> there are a couple of shower at least i don't think it will be any issue tonight, l indicat a couple of showers near geneva on the lake, and jefferson. yesterday,, between ten and 15 mphh you will need a warm coat tonight. to the east, cloud coverage is prevalent, about 90 percent doe not see any clubs stuck the next
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a couple of showers early were hoping for a nice window of dry time today, low 50s, with scattered clouds, the game time forecast, if you're not down there and progressive field you can watch that on fox 8n. it will be in the mid- 40s, game time starts at 8:08 p.m. do not let the showers concern you to watch tomorrow, i think the warm front may kick off a shower,ho most of the day looks goodda. maybe about 11 or midnight some showers that come from the west on wednesday it will be chilly tonight, about 47 degrees
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shower possible saturday. where did your little one sleep after they were born?yo guideli parents have been putting their
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co-sleep recordation for infants they sa that they shouldld sleep in the same room as the parents for th first six months, the update recommendations that they should be in the same room for the first year,r, ideally, it may reduce the risk of sids by as much as 30 percent they see the rationale is that having the infant within view and reach makes it easier for monitoring, they say that their child needs her own separatee sleep surface such as a crib or bassinet >> more american kids are being seen at pediatric emergency departments and emitted with chronic headaches, visit
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between 272,014, hospital admission rates for kids with headaches increased between ten and 24 percent, girls were likely to be admitted, they do not find out why the increase is happening, e boy for malaria getting a front row seat to the action as thehe official kid reporter of the world series, here is my
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a world series game coverages blows my mind. >> this video helped ten-year-old parker the out the other clear the areaea kids in chevy's youth baseball program contestd the price is a memory a kid reporter for the world series. this is unbelievable and i know it's going to be so much this is more than just baseball for the family, the mo has been building for three generations at the open door christian schools, this field is named after parker's grandfather.s my grandfather was born the last time the indians won the world series in 1948 so i gave them a ticket because i know that he would enjoy it.. it is so need to realize all the time he put into teaching m
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my own kids teaching baseball's of we have three generations the world series celebrating i don't know how to put it into words. >> in elyria, maia belay fox 8
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pay big dollars for tickets and that is the beginning as we look at how muc you will pay for parking tonighg with the world series and the cavaliers opened, b-spots will be hard to come by here is i-team reporter ed we save you the trouble of
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a downtown parking space and one that you can afford,own top right is likely to be across the street from the ballpark y, is more than these guys expected. >> how much to think that what will chargingng? >> at least $50 >> would it surprise you but told you they would probably be $80? >> are expected to charge $80, we wanted about other parking lots so we went online to parking websites andou garage advertising $30 and offering reservationsdv we asked, is this for real? >> would you honor $30? >> yes, >> you could probably do better than $30 >> probably but i want everybod to come down to have fun. on rockwell, the price will be $20, it is a longer walk
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if you have reservation company guaranteed a spot,t, we know how many spaces we have. parking lot operators are warning to watch out for the co men,or especially at service parking lots.ia they hang around the parking lot to pose as parking attendants, then collect from drivers, in a hurry, too much o a hurry h to make sure that the hand the money to the right guy. the worst tuesday may not be the cause bu ton find an available spot, national tv crews are taken up lot of spaces, withr street parking restricted, even downtown workers are sweating it it. >> i will take the bus, or the rapid. >> ed gallek, fox 8 i-team. >> quick check of prices for parking in chicago is up to $300, the company that manages
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range of between $70 down to $2 depending on how far you want t walk. >> because to the chicago cubs, have you heard about the curse of the goat. in 1945 a local tavern owner for the world ets series for him and his coat is asked to leave again for becaus the goat was bothering fans, as matthew said that the cubs not win any more, they lost the 194 world series and have not been back since then be curse of the goat, a goat named murphy, we want to make sure that the cursor stays alive and well, we're joined sworn in fro the wo hall & oates out of valley city, even putting up signs is said that murphy never forgets, and the cubs are not going to win no moreet . >> ask you to go to the
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profile picture. >> stay with us after the game for complete postgame coverage, game time at 8:08 p.m. and you
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last time that clinton was a
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tonight's national anthem will be performed by pop artist rachel platten. and tomorrow night, country duo will do the honors. d rainfall chances, getting a little nervous for th wednesday forecast but the latest computer models want to back off on theut rainfall potential for wednesday ago tonight, shape. mid-forties with a north wind. a light
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a large window of time where you will not see any
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today on the real. >> the real housewives of atlanta take over continues. >> i love the show. you guys are great. >> and then on girl chat we clap back at monsters. >> i know what i'm doing and my children are thriving and that's the biggest clap back you can do. >> plus lucifer stars. >> >> it looks beautiful. i'm seeing 10 out of 10 here. >> on "the real." [ applause ] ?


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