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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  October 26, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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lite-house store can i add progressive field, corey kluber gives the tribe off to a roari starthe, the indians are now up one heading into second game
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while they are ready, will the weather cooperated question wer a first checkup forecast with a.j. colby. >> we are super stoked about game two world series here on fox 8. look at initial band of showers moving west to east it looks impressiv but encounter some dry air at the surface. a few light rain showers , this is not the important rainfall. it is to the north and west of the edit yellow line. the world series changeup to drier weather. her is the expectation as the
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dry air, it shows rainfall here until 11:00 p.m. tonight. if we believe those models and i think they are a pretty good jobt rainfall will hold of till after the game, with a start time of 7:08 p.m. it has been moved up one hour. or you can still on fox 8. behind the bat of roberto perez and the marble corey kluber the tribe was awesome, there is a lot more baseball with game twoor at home in game three at wrigley field, p.j. ziegler has more on last night's big win. >> it is gained a number two fo the indiansns
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against the chicago cubs. think a large part to corey kluber dominatedc against the cubs and tonight it will be trevor bauer picturesag for the indians. he will make his first start sincee leaving the nlcs because of a bloody pinky finger becaus of a drum accident. last week, he received additional suture work to make sure that we not bleed indications are thatd you shoul be no bleeding tonight and will not be an issue with whether a factor tonight has been moved u one out again at 7:08 p.m. terry francona says that will not affect the indians tonight to start our earlier. i don't care what time the doors to play. >> first pitch at 7:08 p.m.
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they play at home or at east coast pretty much all the game started at about 7:00 o'clock. there used to this start time. carlos by erica will throw out the ceremonial first pitch for tonight's'sr game two of the world series. we will see how his extended rest willll play against the chicago
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any minute. with game on, after a huge win the tribe fans feel pretty good as stacey frey has more reaction from thee best fans in the land. >> they will be flocking into downtown cleveland began open t witness history as they did las also celebrating the forgot gateway plaza felt like the center of the universe yesterday. withth 40,000 people inside the ballpark and another 100,000 peoplepee outside of the bars and restaurants, ticket prices and parking are at a premium,ti as high as $100 there were just over 30,000 people inside progressive field for the game and tens of thousands of the
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at the end of the night, they celebrated the web and that the quieted at least some of the critics underestimate this city and its teams. >> all in cleveland va go 50 years without a championship an then have two of them in six months or so, we still have lot more baseball to play, but you feel good to get that game one. >> such a great environmen when they get the lead you feel good, but you are always kind of cautiously optimistic.. what a game that was. heard from the indians a fiasco he says that they just cannot wait until they can get back ou
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baseball fans are reaping the benefits of last night's taco bell, will give out free food, shortstop francisco li lindor, he stole a base last night that means thatl everybod in america gets a free doritos tacos tocco next weeki , on wednesday november 2 from 2 until 6:00 p.m.. big night for carlos baerga ae s-e is to throw out first pitch and tonight's game to
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of some children who could useay a smile as jessica dill is progressive field with some mlb star spent the morning helping others.b it is a very busy day for many in major league baseball, but some of the all-time greats, they were instead of focusing o again helping children, they made a stop at the cleveland clinic children's rehab center.e >> you can come back to something special for kid it makes everything i deftly want to thank all of the folks involveded, they have been great to us and the kids really appreciate stuff like this. h major league baseball in the indians teamed up with the starlight children's foundation to donate and entertainment uni for thehe kids to use during lo outpatient treatments and keep them happy after visiting hours are over. the got to try out the games
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slider former all-star pitcher glen barker andnd carlos baerga he had a full day because the indians legend isis throwing ou the lights on first pitch for, we asked him and he said that h is not nervous.ff >> it is an honor. i played here eight years and every time i step on the field. it was special. to be there today the first pitch is something that i will never forget about. he said that kenny lofton to gradede yesterday and he will d even better today to throw out the first pitch. i askedo, if they had anything say to the tribe players and they both said to just keep doing what you're doing,, they say it is an exciting time to see the indians and world serie into keep o playing strong and tough and the entire city is behind them . >> a great morning here with th
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light up just be around the baseball players and they solve this new entertainment center.a when he played here in the '90s could see how much she enjoyed the gamen . they had fun, just like with francisco lindor you can see ho much fun he was having.. tonight's game has been moved up one hour because of the threat of rainfall, first pitc is now at 7:08 p.m. trevor bauer will pitch with indians against08 jake arrieta the cubs. start time for tonight's game i at 7:08 p.m., eight the gates open at 4:30 p.m. stay with us for complete
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rally with the indians. police have released details on the death of a north olmste man. the body of city 5-year-oldol james cashin was found saturday in an areaca near the pearl road bridge in big creek forgot they say he died from blunt force go back in august. both anthony kennedy and seth was a north olmsted have been charged with aggravated murder, it is believed thatbe james cashin was in a long-term relationship with kennedy.. affair due in court later today, skyfox caught an accident as it happened over valley view bridgege a stalled car in the messenger lane, the car did no see that then n smashed into th semi truck, they were both hauled away quickly but traffic was holed up on i-480 till abo
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the individual just part of it next to one of were raising the temperature banner and passing out championship rings as suzanne stratford shows us the excitement. would invite 20,000 inside the q. tuesday night in many watching at home and
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as the temperature banner came home, a spectacular celebration for the indian world championsns with fans arriving early in just before the excitement surreal moment for the city this electric in a category now they're also trying for the indians as they begin the world series. lebron james mentioned it after his teammates, each claimed there new championship
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without the fans, this will not be possible to stop into our guys next door flew open world series, this is what you guys. >> and it is not over, dan gilbert, and lebron james said that this is just the beginning. those of you who dedicate yourselves to cleveland, it is cleveland against the world. >> suzanne stratford,cl fox news. , kyrie irving by the cavaliers with 29 points as he defeated up w i am the third quarter, the cavaliers and pulled away, sparked by a pair
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racked up a triple-double, 19 points, 11 rebounds and 14 essays, kevin love with 20 points, they outscored the new york knicks,s, cgi-43 the secon half to a 117-88 victory the go to toronto to take on the raptors friday night, the lawyers were crushed by san antonio, 129-he100 in oakland. what is lebron james to do was to a vet over there favorite baseball teamso ??
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another huge day here in cleveland and hope that the rainfall stays away there i a chance for a shower or twor, especially early within the nex hour or so and then expect you to dry out and should be dry to the gamet. this is from chesterland. clouds are fairly thin burka of you fromrl burke lakefront, on the
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young to go to the last seasona rainfall near sandusky, these showers are moving west to east stop at nothing to intense rada indicating some moderate rainfall that most of this is aloft. what gets down to the surface has been nothing more than a little drizzle. is chile. 45 degrees and 44 degrees in lowering your used winds are blowing head of the warm front computer models have been fairl consistent, and that is a good
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there is clouds allow only it to cool but then thicken. underneath rain showers on the northern periphery. to the northwest, there is a large gap. chicago, well eventually, rain game, think it was a good idea to move the game up. >> calling for low 50s today. the quick shower possible , look how fast those move out of here this likely the afternoon rush hour those will be gone.. as we look at 11:00 o'clock tonight,t, the rainfall is still in northwest ohio.
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show you the computer models picking up on rainfall. through midnight tonight game two at 7:08 p.m. got you covered your exclusive world series station in the mid- 50s tomorrow, any rainfall early wrap up. looking good for friday night football. will would you do f
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a wager between two friends,
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they are two of the best best ballplayers, dwayne wade andf lebron james make it world series wager it's going to go viral, here is dwayne wade issued the challenge. that is this, we both love to dress him to feel good and. >> whoever team loses, the user duringthow up season, to the other guy's home, dressed as the team who won the if the cavs win, when clinton comes to chicago you have two show up at the arena dressed as a chicago cubs and vice versa , if the indians win, in january we come to town i will be dressed like a cleveland indian. on lay down to to the
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that is the world series wager we all know how competitive loan lebron james, when he was done beating up on the new york knicks you would on twitter to acceptg. dwayne wade, is back in the cups because heyn was in chicag and is now playing his first year for the chicago bulls. we hear from roberto perez
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the intensity of manage ebola miller lite some performance by game two er, tonight and home game of the year, p.j. ziegler joins us from progressive field.d. >> how would i want to good the cart before the company could b the final home gameme >> i think it will be a longer serves and some people think just based on a all saints of the indians have playedd to baseball. and every night, somebody has
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win and that's why they're in their current position of world serieshy for the late last nigh roberto perezg came up big for the indians workout he hit two home runs.. becoming the fifth catcher to accomplish that world series fico no indians player had done that before until roberto press last nighte he barely hit 200 and the regular season is enjoying every minute of it. it has been an unbelievable night, i can describe it i in with trevor bauer will throw for the indians to nine, if for some reason, w
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see danny salazar pitcher tonight.t we will see how overpower guys use pitch just a few in toronto before being pulled with thatit bloody pinky, first had shed 7:08 p.m., has been moved up on hour because of rainfall chance in the area. >> we have trevor bauer and jos tomlin game three kluber game for? >> he only pitched about 80 yesterday so he could go 147, and depends on where the series is it goes to chicagoa and into game for it they are in control perhaps, you would see corey kluber in game number four.. maybe they will try to go a different route we will wait to see, it will depend on how the
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63 percent of the time, the game one winner is the eventual world series winner, just going to throw that out there. it is still a long series, you still have to get three mori more. >> downtown was mayhem, they flooded into the city to be a part of history , as stacey frey joins uss >> nearly 4,000 people inside the ballpark and thousands more in the downtown area east 4th street was at a standstill, hours before the game. the fans who come to this are cautiously optimistic about a world series win, we want to ge ahead of ourselves,s how sweet
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send another big market team back to the clubhouse wondering what happened at work and talk to the indians this morningnd, he's been here a lon time is says that the teams of thee '90s had a lot of star power these guys are a entirely unique. >> the leadership of terry francona is the most remarkable thing i have witnessed these underdogs relish that rol and they are resilient bunch.h. >> they have given us lots of smiles.. >> game time has been pushed back 27:08 p.m..
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one for the team nature that kenny lofton could get to cleveland, kenny lofton expecte to leave monday night but his flight wasee blocked in the lat twice while he was waiting, ken kostal said that he did not think twice about giving up his flight c-2keut kenny lofton >> her the story of how he had ticket, but there were a couple of flights canceled at la sore he butut was not booked on that flight so he must been trying t rush itt when i said i will giv you my ticket. he says he was indians season ticket holder the '90s, kenny lofton made in plenty of time t throw out the first pitch, tonightof carlos baerga it will do honors tonight. start time of game two has
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at 7:08 p.m. because of the thr of rain, you can see the clouds are here . for a look at the forecast, turn our attention to a.j. colby. >> today i think there will be so light rainfall. t an update from storm fox shows where the rainfall is falling. much of thisis is not reaching ground. >> pc some spots of yellow, tha might make it to the ground. but the radar beam, scans perhaps some of the rainfall bu it is evaporating before hittin the ground, stuff that makes it to the services extremely light. was that area goes through the next hour, 90 minutes we will be in the sweet spot.
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changeup. ago from some wet weather into dry weather in the paint cold front comes through. looking at these computer projections of clouds and radar. breaking up the cloud cover around sunset event reassembly after midnight tonight. does not even reach cleveland keep the chance of a passing showerre because it is a warm front. the best chance will be late, as it makes its chance to the northeast,as tomorrow mid 50s i will be drier tomorrow. on the forecast, and to the end of the week, showers give up on friday, it will be a spot showe on saturdayt then 50s sunday. halloween forecast looks great
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63 degrees. in north ridgeville, they have arrested 50-year-old man after he called police and said he shot his girlfriend, randy hamilton is i custody they found the body of his girlfriend, with a gunshot wound to her chestst had been charged with mother it is held in the lorainc trump's coming back europe for a geneva rally tomorrow at thehee spire institute at 7:00 moses cleaveland on saturday fo a rally at i-x center. 's running mate mike pence was an ohio yesterday at ashland university campus outline of th difference between donald trump's vision and the policies hillary clinton.
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trailing, mike pence as he believes there is a groundswell of support for thehea gop in oh and other states. donald trump's smoke inhalation ecto one over tr across america people are tired of the washington dc gregg lauck and o thei pay-to-play that favors a few the respondent to his message chelsea clinton will stop at the solon kennedy center at 3:3 p.m. today and asking supporters to volunteer for her motherol's campaign, today is a hillary clinton's birthday and she turns 69ds , cleanup and white
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unique tradition of hundreds of teenagers on the main street hill around midnigh after the end inspector, for th pumpkin roll. they were tossing pumpkins down the hill, they allow them to slide down the pumpkin on slides range of about $4,000 to cover the cleanup cost. but cleveland clinic vince
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may be who want to quit smoking butgo afraid of gaining weight, study says mcateeee makes them less likely to overeat, e cigs contain nicotine but no tobacco but can help thoseni who eat to much as they tried to quit some experts say while the findings are interesting the need to be interpreted cautiouslys to non-smokers and non- e-cigarett users,, a new caregiver and a texas children's hospital, she' paid in a deli breads and trait
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full-time employee. presents at texas children hospital makes a big difference. >> two although the kids and th staff, she's helping to recuperate after having both kidneys removed, she believes that the benefit is twofold. i think that what surprised me is how much this staff loves her. >> i think she helps themm as much as she helps the patients and families.. >> is a sometimes itan the parents hours because they want to stop and petter thanks to a grant from a donor family.h some indians fans are just a few hours old one at the clinic dressed in these onesies. >> it says world series baby. and rally together,>> they say that there are about to witness something that we have waited a
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does not have to suffer the loss of that we haveve, he is b a winner.e nolan take was named after jacobs field which is now progressive field where they ha
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a great year for the indians. man behind it all, indians present chris antonetti and plus speaking to him about the changes of insane.o i think the resiliency that they have shown has been remarkable
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probably just the organizationa success every single person who has contributed.a for the front office, sales, ticketing staff, and those on the basal side. >> scouts, trainers, coaches, t their hard work over the years to pay off this also. >> speaking of the ownership in the> resources to acquire andr miller, how the conversation n with, that expensive. >> it was both expensive in terms of the players we give up and prospects in the financial impact because he was making a considerable amount of money under contractm with the next t years. paula supportive and realized w had an opportunity to win and to compete postseason and ideally world series and gave us what needed to do thatna and that ha been consistent of the way he
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as the owner and we cannot have a better working relationship or support.o attendance, we were disappointed, it was kind of toughk to get the fans into the ballpark. thattoh now with the playoffs, what is your message to those who show up to support. is about to see the enthusiasm over the last two months. even in september and circulate october we had an unbelievable environment.t. it has been a competitive advantagem through the postseason and look forward to have a bad during the world series h. >> any message to the cleveland fansns to host the world series >> it is fantastic it is great for the city and happy for the fans, the organization and the entire city.e and encourage her about it to
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they'd police department is having some fun at the expense of chicago cubs raids, missing persons report filedc with the cubs offense. seems that everybody weighs in on who theyey think will win the world series as we know, th only sound are right watch what happens when the amazon asked who she thinks would win it all. new two for the cubs the last time was in 1908 t. >> i think it's high time that they got the win.t the curse of being the goat be gone. alexa, you're fired.
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chance. that comes from alexander from novelty. >> she says, and who will win the world series, siri?? yesterday was christmas here in cleveland and some of hollywood's's big names made an appearanceb to you which realit star was cozy to one of the cavaliers in his new temperatur
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this crowd include a tv reality star, as khloe kardashian took these photos feature tristan thompson, she sat courtside for these ring ceremony, is wearing diamond rings, leaving that wonder if they are ingaged. she just signed off on a legal document fridayay splitting fro
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>> today on the real we're representing the atl as our real housewives of atlanta take over continues with kenya moore. and then girl chat, kenya moore. >> it's flushes itself and sanitizes itself. >> and we are putting our skills on >> how did you learn how to do that? >> on "the real."


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