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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  October 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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where blood was spurting from all over and it was the field lasting two outs left with two on the go then able to rest up, now it amended the other night he pitched 20 pitches to be declared well enough to pitch tonight. he will pitch in game two.
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fastball that everybody is envious of him especially trevo bauer travel we could see andrew miller what he says about that dress ball, i studied his to figure out the meanings behind it, sometimes it was a lot fun to see the reaction, could we see andrew miller again? i thought last night he had not pitched in a while and would be rested, you want him to have some tread on the entire to stay sharp and he was some last nigh you drew 46 pages he says that he can pitch tonight i'm sure
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then you would see him. there's one guy to face it is a left-handed hitter in the q situation, andrew miller says, give me other. will see if he is in america i suspect you would night, it was spectacular, the indians are following the plan each game, get the early lead. then the starter pitches as wel as he can than you got the ball than the gods small ball and the built-in. and what a great crowd to see a guy likew robert perez, first time as a
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>> to have two home runs in one game. there is a hero each day for this team with more sports, not. daisuke was supposed to be at 8:00 o'clock but the threat of rainfall has listed up so the first pitch will be at 7:08 p.m.. >> of the game be in before we get the first rainfall tonight, got some reassuring news that you still have the same information. >> you do not have. petu spotty showers because of the warm front. look at for cost of protecting, that first pitch, itr will be mid- 40s stuff
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woebegonene bevel bypasses to the north and west. once it moves out, we want out of smaller rainfall after the game. 's some of the showers of a down less than 500 chance of ra rainfall. could be a random sprinkle. think it will be mostly cloudy. the closest reading, lakefront, is currently at 44 degrees i need to wear a jacket. .don't expect to need your rain
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are going out again sure that you have all of your weather gear. >> there is also pregame festivities alone is worth. maia belay, the crowds are a home run for local business. you can see so many people on east 4th street, go time >> yesterday was a little more impact, the cold weather sending more people inside. c business is booming. restaurant doubled our staff to keep up. i talked to the greenhouse tavern manager who said last night was incredible. one of the top five in the past eight years and is fighting for a repeat.
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>> we bought a week of inventor and we had to reorder again todayn >> and our reordering for another day. anybody here have such a great time they said that business has been incredible. just excited to be there i'm on the action. tribe fans want to see the indians winning the world series. >> crowds are gathering, was arrayed is at gateway plaza in the middle of the fun. they got here early.
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>> let's go. i think that we have lost that. we do not have, we will get her back , maybe the cold has something to do with this, and other news related to going on, not all positive concerning the world series, th i-team has found that world series fans in cavaliers fans are losing big money to con men selling fake ticketsmo. >> ed gallek is here to reveal new arrests enjoins us. >> two men busted , in separate cases.
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to the cavaliers home opener next door and found that more con men got away with it.. fans scrambling into the ballpark for being one of the world series, but when a handfu got to the gate there happened with a few fans and also the cavaliers home opener. found out that the tickets were not goodmes they bought on the street, through a couple of guys pounding con man who sold in th ticketsts and chased him down, of those victims spoke to us by phone from columbus. >> i was probably at my lowest low. realized, we realized that the tickets were fake. i wanted to come to that reveng but to see justice served sot m adrenaline was running pretty
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investigators believe that teams of con men have been cashing in with fake tickets. >> those two arrested last night,as with charges filed a short time ago, coming up, more about the suspects and what that effect was to say to you about .his at five we had skyfox up in the eric yesterday, it was a site to see those 20,000 people at the q. and 37,000 people at progressive field and also those in the plaza was amazing to see it. go to patty harken, she is in skyfoxx to keep an eye on traff
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traffic is not too bad low on that ramp into downtown. if you are coming down you may want to bypass east ninth in ontario jet-ski onto carnegiee. parking is much cheaper, $4, from the west shoreway, it is down to one lane in both directions in couple spots alon the west shoreway the outbound is already sluggish. >> an incident at i-480 is foun atat warrensville center, they have a disabled truck with two lanesey blocked also a fuel spill/backed down 277. not many people are standing
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weather you do need your cards and close them hats etc.. local artists trace baseball
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first pitch is at 7:08 p.m. because of the threat of rainfall.0 yesterday those people who had standing room only tickets, ran to the get the best >> the running like usain bolt to the standing room only area. you can see the top on the field. it has been ready for much of the day in cleveland. they have the field ready.d of drainage. the grounds crew says that it will be fine tonight. >> there is a look at the forecast,t, tell us we will hav the chance to get the game in two t there are a few sprinkles. and we have had a few of small
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>> i think that for most of thi it willll move to the north at that will be in time for the game to remain cloudy i will still feel damp and chilly when you factor in temperatures in the mid to upper 40s,y post game showers, will be the main rainfall event after midnight. and tomorrow. to the south, there's just a lo of cloud cover. has been moving along the shoreline, lawn downtown cleveland could not rule out a random sprinkle but nothing in terms of a rainout fora second game. if you've got those tickets, make sure you've got your winter attire is going to be quite cool. you'll see some mixing of snowfall across michigan some mentioned that within the raindrops today it was cold
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somewhat like ice pellets. one viewer mentioned it was in the akron area the main line of rainfall, occurring after midnight and midday tomorrow. >> this morningo, from the 30s to the 40s. cooler air has taken over the great lakes region.n. 80 degrees at paducah. >> looking at the showers that are skirting around the area from game time until midnight then the showers move into the entire viewing area through tomorrow morning and early afternoon. on friday, lots of sunshine, a great day for friday night
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rainfall amounts between one quarter one half inch to the one tenth and one quarter inch expected. >> tonight mid '40s with showers arriving after the game. then upper 50s tomorrow with showers early and then it will be drier in the afternoon the wind shifting allows the cool air to move in from the north and west and then '50s on friday the fall festivalal. trick or treat looks great with high temperatures in the afternoon on monday in the 60s and try.ksat or event is huddled closely together, and it is working, we are okay,le not warm but okay. they're ready to go at
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plug guilty to charges including murder, siko killing her 2-year-old semi patel, scheduled to be sentenced on fridayyeem without parole. >> original man faces charges i the death of his girlfriend responded to a 911 call show after ten last night after a search of randy hamilton residents they found her dead o a gunshot wound is resin taken to thef jail where he was charg with murder. two men face charges in the death ofge a north olmsted man whose body was found over the
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wood phase murder charge the death of jamest cashin, there'r reigned on the charges and are both heldd at $1.5 million bond an autopsy revealed that the victim died of bluntt force trauma to the head and neck so for police have not determined motive. if all tradition and chagrin fallss keeps rolling the annual pumpkin roll began just after midnigh pumpkins and smash them on the hill then they slid down them they were alerted classmates through social mediaa the dictation would continue after last nightte's world series gam there were a couple of injuries butm they were minor. it's fun but you go fast there's a decent chance you'll flip ort run into someone else think it's a really great tradition that has been going o for years. pay for it want to come together have a really greatt
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wakes me up so have come down the kids are doing.atat one game and one win, the world series is a st sunbear calm winds and clutch pitching help the track after game one but what can we expect game two? p.j. ziegler has
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i served under president bush and obama. i fought the taliban. i was asked to form a global coalition to counter isil. omment that they know more about the islamic state or isil than do the generals, it implies a complete ignorance of the reality. but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses to the united states and to the american people. and i believe she understands how to wield american power to ultimately defeat this threat and to keep us safe. i'm hillary clinton
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there is a look skyfox ov from the crowds arriving about 430 the tarp is on the field, it began to rain just a little bit we are confident that things will be good for th
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people tell us. this is going to seem like the california gold rush. >> that's what we expect, we ar just inside the gates, center field, you can see the malalign of fansr waiting to get inside. just about one minute away from the gates opening. you can see many of them are bundled up. they are excited to get there
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producing a few cubs fans, not as many as yesterday. >> maybe some of that to swim back to chicago hoping for better luck waiting for the gates to open, at any time. yesterday some fans were running to g standing room only spots. though standing room spots fill out much faster than the other states because people hav tickets that had to get him quite as early. >> last two hours people do not want to stand out in the cold wet weather for islam as yesterday. w is you that the lines have begun building stopop talking
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opening dayh stop you want to get to the best seats available. >> specially standing room only on a regular gameday those are $13 and some have paid upwards of $900. >> looks like black friday shoppers rushing throu issues withe elbowing but we do not see any issues last night, did you see any problems? no, i think that everybody was respectful, i do not see anybody trampled except maybe couple of cubs fans. looks like they're just not opening the gates, you can see them on the run to get to the states. so far just one gate opened and they're trying to open some
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>> they grab their rally towel quickly then run to the quarter to get the sro seat. the gates officially open for game two of the world series , and hoping for a victory. they were quicker last night, it is going very smoothly and some of those are regular tickets, so there they go, some of them do look like they were training for the 100-yard. we are talking tribe, then dance have thrown a variety of different lineups to confuse opponents,y whatever they have. the success code has been the same, as p.j. zieglerr you're with a preview of the game tonight.
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the job done tonight. one of the biggest things is statistics, who is good against right-handed pitching and against left-handed batters, the indians, have a couple guys a lineup who are switch hitters like coco crisp and francisco lindor, carlos santana, who can batat either. you have a left-handed pitcher they can bat on the right side of the plateer or website. that's what you need in a series like this, where the matchups are crucial part of t game. traffic audit was asked about how a little while ago important the switch hitters ar in postseason baseball especially the world series in onei it depends on the team. some guys don't need to be tuned >> depending on what the team
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thought and as you said the switchhitting heart is a health ia think we've had about three each year so that really helps you tried to create an advantag you will always have a head startaa because of the switch hitters. theyy do not need one yesterday, roberto perez got i down from and the first indians player in world series history to hit two home runst world series. >> corey kluber, got them off t a great start to per when you take an early lead and on the mound, with the lead, yo cannot ask for anything better especially at home. >> do you know if there is a
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it probably appeared overnight. for what he accomplished yesterday, he was basically hitting under 200 and in the postseason he has not shied awa from the bright lights. reminds you to stay with us after the game tonight for , mplete postgame coverage first pitch is as 7:08 p.m. you can see the game on fox 8 a local artist is getting national attention as a result of the indians in the world series. he was commissioned by major league baseball to create a mural that would reflect cleveland love for the drive an passiole, and he did that come jennifer jordan joins us. , his job was to create a
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mac love of akron created that muriel he went above and beyond the call of duty. >> take a look at this beautiful mural of the 8-foot by 12 figur is located in the center of public square downtown featurin the tribe slogan and shows some of the players in iconic moment from the season, they been gathering to take photos, it ha been featured on tv, social media and the mlb website. he says that baseball wanted to focus on the theme, party at napolise, but he convinced them to focus more on the spirit of the entire team.. with hash tag to rally together, and the whole point.was to generate online traffic an to rally together i wanted all of the players to be
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celebratory moments from the season so it was a collage of those elements think 16 players total. is love, took about nine hours to complete, on display i public square.. after the indians win the world series, is not clear, but he said that just hours ago, that carlos carrasco has expressed interest.. >> thank you jennifer jordan, h has been the voice of fox baseball coverage for 20 years to broadcast of the most exciting games. >> in that time, he is one of the greats in baseball terms of announcing . welcome joe becka
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to be back's been a long time , in the mid- 90s, felt like we were here every year and this situation was so good and to be back here to see thee ballpark filled in this excitement makes the job easy becausese the crow noise carries the excitement. a dad was born in massachusetts, but they moved t lakewood area was the just joking that this time of year, in the postseason to find out. obviously, it is a big deal, said that one of the legends of all time, jack was from st. louis, what a impact he had on so many broadcasters
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when i was 14 or 15 we would listen to the tape and the recorder and you tell me some things to work on and i would come back out the next da soso that makes realize that i a lonely kid, i just sat in the booth and talked into a tape recorder but it was a great learning ground talk about what is happening in cleveland in chicago, two teams who are hungryn >> we cannot lose, you talk about drama and worry about the story for the postseason, for a stretcher was yankees, red sox , and also the braves seemingly but now, there is drama built in in these fan bases are starved finally when it.
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to lay it all out although the years of frustration, it's going to end for one of these two teams into call that is a real honor. >> we have a certain cleveland prejudice. >> i get blamed i am a huge hockey fan but i am in st. louis and listen to the lose games, i want my own guys in people here want their own people, is an in chicago. . so i just try to get out of the way and have fun andry. >> what about last night? >> corey kluber, that is what the cubs are thinking about, he was so good, andrew miller was so good,s that they can see the combination, to our times in a best-of-seven series.
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and now you see the strength of the cubs, they got the kid who pitched so great in the nlcs in game three so i think it is immediately mashed world seriest i think because indians won last night with corey kluber think that is how you get then lengthy series and may the best team win. thank you for your time. with them first pitch moved up to 7:00 p.m., date we will have coverage after the game, coming up, tony rizzo joins us and a birthday surprise for former tribe manager mike hargrove.
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live-blog from progressive field, skyfox over the ballpark today, everybody ir getting their states, the gates opened a few minutes ago and wa mad -- for the sro seeds stop first pitch is set for
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workers at select specialty hospital at st. vincent are rooting for the tribe, they've got a great view of progressive field from the seventh flooror some indians logos to make it look complete. today has been called cleveland's sports christmas, with the cavaliers raise the championship banner in the trib in the world series,s, keys family parlor thought it was appropriate to his christma lightst about that tribe scarecrow. parma parma parma,
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rooms all decked out in truck covers want to see rally with the indians go to fo >> >> spat a photo be edited web gallery and maybe even show it onit here at 4:00 p.m.. keep those coming. we can judge whether by the tracy mccool knee shaking. they're beginning to come to progressive field. >> they are bundled-up and read to go. maybe in between news segment you could do some cardio to wa up because it will be on the call side,a first pitch at 7:08 p.m. we have low to mid '40s for
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after the game will be showers. to the east there are some showers in geauga county into ashtabula county. to the west, in vermilion in lorain, a few showers but the general scope is family will remain unscathed until after game and for the next round of rainfall moves in. will be moving in from chicago area. it will make sand with some snowflakes in michigan and some ice pellets have been detected today to the east. will be of the dry slot for the next line of rainfall after
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the average temperature should be iner the upper 50s an rear end then 40s with a breeze from minneapolis down to pittsburgh, 43 buffalo, the hea is south of the front. >> tonight will have rainfall returning after the game. scattered rainfall in afternoon there breaks of tomorrow around sunse in for friday football looking good. rainfall amounts about one quarter inch and one tenth to one quarter inch the south. >> over the next eight days wil be dryy friday and some showers for the weekend before hallowee
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we have done our newscaster cardio andwe feel a little bit better. it is a great honor to be here for game two of the world series. cleveland is still buzzing abou
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here's a look back on yesterday's stork momenth in
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words can thank you for your
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in the world, and thank you. indians win game one. >> and the building next door, where our guys are opening world series. those who dedicate ourselves to cleveland, it is cleveland against the world. it was an extraordinary night, so happy for the cavalierss to get their championship rings into large savannah raised and what the tribe did last night so hopefully na not done making
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game two of the world series will take place in a couple of hours at progressive field. not ideal weather but that does not keepep the tribe fans from coming out in droves support th team in game two of the world series g. i have a good feeling about's gameme. i am just about as nervous as last night, that is just my nature. we shut them out last night, but this is not ideal baseball weather, these fans have come prepared for the cold weather and for
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andre bernier foror the world series forecast. hopefully there will be a good opportunity to get this game in. >> i think it will. looking at the future-cast. it indicated we may see a few showers withh the warm front. we even had some frozen precipitation in some places. you can see the window opportunity. start the map at 6:00 o'clock we stay dry and then at seven, so far so good and then at 10:0 showers are over the leg but if you could scrape by that most o them will be out of the way until late tonight and thenf, f game two, first pitch,


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