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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  October 27, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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welcome back it is 4:30 a.m.
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it is a thursday morning. my name is wayne dawson.
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widespread rain will continue
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facebook with clinton police and said they stopped one 40th close. cic let's look at roadways. they noticed they have opened up those ramps to two lanes that piece.e. 172 is close between 93 roughou night through cleveland indians as they lose came to have the world series. todd meany has a recap. that improves fight they are the national in the
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they double the cap in right chris bryant came around here's the play. he gave up 6 cents two walks to loans. i think will get it back.
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such chicago that it would be so awesome to have in cleveland.o it is tomorrow night friday night the pregame coverage josh talent pitches for the indian it doesn't look like weather will be an issue tomorrow night at wrigley.m ed gallek was the first sorted some indians in strength it into the world seriesess were in one case they did get some street justice.hey going back in tackling the man
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lowest when i found out the tickets for face. i didn't want to say revenge for justice center r a few cavaliers fans can take them for big buckw and a handful of indians fan stick to for the first world series gamesdfan they are rest of the second guy here near ninth and prospect under kind of thousands ss
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handful of counterfeit tickets.s some guys in medicine they need to get want to know parts of talking to us bykno the kinds of tickets that may be floating around on the streets.s. was waiting to board the flight
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guys t what a good story. panicked passengers by commuters were forced to smash windows to escape a subway train.erwe she will concerns of next week if you drive aw
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it would be nice to win the nl. we're going to party like it's 1990 minutes what did we do it and 99 like baseball istes the on the central. let's check it out. we have cold rain. we're seen some breaks all of are starting to fill
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cleveland light rain all the way into cleveland are right on through erie it eventually of lorraine county.y. the back edge of the rain moving into western ohio there's the cold world take a lot for the cold front to get in here wo t winds are picking up it'll still stay about 10-15 miles per hour and eventually this afternoon mentor a early after the book of thisok widespread rain will move out of afternoon is looking better but not completely dry all explained temperatures the lower 50s.y few of his localize showers will
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york was see snow will be a sign of things to come as the cold airl still pretty close by. the high rate overhead in boost on the backside of the site of this tiger woods game in chicago friday evening will be windy and willy have a strong southwest went with wind gusts between 25 and 30 miles per houi they jump up close to 70 a
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of showers earlys and then we keep your middle 60s heading into next week with the chance
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that work again. let's take a peek at what happened no word on their condi having all the lanes open theiri open to two lanes getting onto the in about we haven't seen
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no issues whatsoever as you go east or west on.n. they still have it blocked. it's close between alabama and one like the accident does involve one semi no word on theh condition of the driver. wayne, back to you. civic of boston commuter train overheats causing the orange line trainhe overheated commute the train was about to depart when spoke became visible the doors of the train remain closera because the train was moving away from the platform causing passengers to kick outck the windows to escape fire officials say five people were treated for smoke inhalation the
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escapes ford says this will supply part could spark a week. they will replace is a no cost to ownersth owners who smoke as later suspect pounds should contact their deal it is i 4:49 a.m. making into the world series is the trip of a lifetimemem not jt for a track meet this poster who traveled across the world to
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back and lower 50s of the we are 5 highlighting mostly and southwest breeze the head of th front we are anticipating one of the northwest wentpat temporariy behind us withem a couple left over showers but nothing widespread. eight-day coming out.
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watch out for the earlier accident can along west one 40th they sell have it blocked off between tristany s and lorraine. this is 40 and stay on the website we don't have any itslems east or west onon also a little windy to no problems on the freeways this is the jennings freeway he could news is it is open so that's been a godsend coi jennings and on the end about bridge u it does remain close between alabama and one lane meaning kristi back to you. even travel thousands of miles to do so. i think you across the world to
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the things you do for love like sitting in the rate in the cold the lady from behind. the winnipeg the chemistry is from your chicago in this skythe though that they will keep mel from this game. 6,000 and it was an adventure take it here first if you get tickets to game to aa his way out of right-fieldks in his best fried are in the building south around forout a few hours far for 14 hr delta flight to detroit and then rented aan car and drove to cleveland tuesday night just in time to find a great bar to watch game one.e.c
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cleveland or even from ohio he grew up in upstate new york mayor ceric use but adopted the indiansew assisting more than n years ago his best friend is a comes from his coming in from'si searches they can say they gameh together. they've talked about it for you now a heartbreak you never think it's going to happen will the rabbit same been intense this time for this is his veryi have to bes even if you have to come from the other side of the great story weather and traffic every eight will have highlights and reaction from the indians coming up in a
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