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there are now tied the world series, as the tribe goes to chicago, check in at progressive field with a recap. vice presidential candidate is getting ready to speak to a lorain crowd as he encourages voters to go to the polls. flu shot could be delivered to your door,, uber is hoping t ward off the flu. it is a blustery day in northeast ohio, andnd when will
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we are hoping for a weekend warm-up.. this is a look from the roof-cam. check in with jenn harcher who've is looking at our forecast. >> we had to get through at least 44 hours of this gloomy day. weekend will be better, there i a b 72 degrees day in the forecast. it is pretty windy out there between 15 and 25 sustained gusting up to mid 30s. toledo findlay about
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air that was into the area, we reached our height of 66 degree earlier this morning, 51 degree currently cleveland, to the wes toledo 45 degrees that air mass will be in our direction. >> it will continue to be coole this afternoonon aroun 50 degrees. get rid of some of these rain showers on storm fox, still hav some cannot rule out a few isolated showers throughout the rest of the afternoon beard got one of these gloomy days before it begins to
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it is onto chicago, with the world series tied at one game each >> stacey frey is at progressiv field,d, where the indians bats were as cold as last night's mother. t but they're not letting that linger, and is onto the next game code is the attitude that got them to this world series, last night was not a good game that they admit.ld >> it was a battle wasn't sharp,, i'm used to working through it, did a decen job of keeping a >> trevor bauer, never went into his rhythm, the indians bats with coal, but the tribe did to the cubs came back to them in game two, chicago scored first coming fastco the end is the docket the first score until th bottom the sixth when jason kipnis double to center, to givt them the only run of the game,
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like to win every game but this is the world series is going to be tough they got a great ballclub and so do we, we are confident in our group andba we got a day off to relax and t get our feet back under in to get out there the playoffs, we have not hit sowell and still found ways to win the game. they did a better job than we did. it is like starting all over again, at ground zero, josh tomlin starting tomorrow in chicago. 's father was recently aralyzed and had to group undergo surgery. just out of rehab, he will be i chicago to watch his son pitch in the world series if that is not a motivator, then i do not
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trevor bauer will bounce back. that's what got these guys where they are now. the cavaliers do not have their own game last night, some of the players were at some serious bling, they brought their temperature range to chee on the tribe.lili it was not just hanging out with his teammates he also got special visit from stipe miocic, both deck down in tribe gear. , now, game three at wrigley field in chicago tomorrow night
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cow hendrix who had the lowest era in the national league, pregame coverage begins at 4:00 p.m., first pitches at 8:0. tim kaine has returned to the buckeye state will be at lorain high school we find jessica dill.ll have a campaign stop, and take a look you can see the mayor of lorraine, is speaking right now. can see a crowd forming as they awaitng the vice presidential nominee, in aboutt a half-hour, tim kaine will take the stage encourage people to vote early to support theo hillary clinto
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be her with minnesota senator a franken has been traveling in ohio to getes people to elect democrats he says that hillary clinton has a vision to make america strongeri, he was in to because, one of the lucky ones who attended the game last nigh with senator sherrod brown. >> they took this photo at the game last night, he had said that he isthho rooting for the engines as an al central fan, lots of students are here as well. including the marching band. >> today, absentee voting again. 's
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at the spire institute sports training facility in genevavat tonight. >> refocuses business plan at his new hotel and watched it ed before going to events in north carolina where hillary clinton will campaign today for the first time with michelle obama, the polls continue to show a national league for hillary clintona. under budget, and ahead of schedule, this is what i want t do for our country >> i certainly intend to reach out to republicansd and independents, the elected leadership, of the congress., north carolina voted for barack obama in 2,008 but flip back to the republicans in 2012. >> the election is less than two weeks away. >> tell you which candidate is practically walking the voters
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the race is tightening with a new poll, trunk billy otto made with independents. >> hillary clinton to get more votes through early voting as doug luzader reports. recent polls have been all overa the map, the new ap poll that shows hillary clinton as a double-digit lead over donald trump, another show that it isl tightening in the final days, how close are they? at least then you fox news poll puts the race just three points to factor in the libertarian and green party candidatesesct that would to be encouraging news were donald trumpase. >> do think that we are probabl
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narrowing in the race as republicans begin to come home. there are more republicans to come home, so in some sensese i is natural, the question is if it is enough and if you can ge enough juice out of independence.ifju >> they also show that his numbers among independents seem to be rising in recent weeks , was in charlotte yesterday to most lackluster numbers among minority votersr talking about new deal for black america. will you vote for me or not, i champion. b >> pack heat no doubt is concerned about the rise of independent conservatives evan mcmullin in utah, who could spoil hisi efforts to win the republican state, and clinton still dealing with e-mail lakes just about every day. which detail heray campaign's early efforts to defuse or e-mail scandal. she's trying to lock down votes nowowan, to the point.where she herself ist all but holding voter's hands walking them to the
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site between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.,iny the county center on eastn kennedy boulevard in just ten minute walk from here.e the number show why both campaigns think early voting is so important. about 12 and half million peopl have already cast votes, in washington, doug luzader fox news.vead if you figured out which are going to have for lunch today? newberger store that is open today.
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this is burke lakefront, there is lots of cloud cover you will notice the strong landno, this will stick around for today with temperatures cooling. from new philadelphia up to toledo to the contrast.
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51 cleveland and 54 akron canton and it will continue to slide the today, it will continue to fall into the upper down to mid 40s. it will be called night, into the upper 30s. we will clear out some cloud cover, slo process whence out to the west, moving northwest. we will get some lake effect cloud action to the west that could maybe see some sunshine before sunset. that s there is a good cloud deck soso doubtful. this will continue to push out to the northeast. eventually get rid of some of thehe cloud cover, the east side
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cover tomorrow,ou to the less there will be lots of sunshine by 2:00 p.m. tomorrow.l and it should be in the upper 50s where it should be for this time of a batch of rainfall that moved through this morning.. showers mainly east of 77 today. in upstate new york they're having some some heavy snowfall currently.n we just have some cloud cover and strong wind. on stormfox a few showers near youngstown andnd south and east canton. the rest of us dry, wants this moves through later today, coul be an isolated shower through the remainder of the afternoon evening. about 5 percent chance.
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and then tomorrow, clowns will disappear with some strong winds for the 24 hours,, sustained currently between 15 and 20. winds gusting up to 40 mph tomorrow. falling temperatures an with mostly cloudy then back to the average of
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it will be tried for halloween monday for the trick-or-treaters. that we need to start planning for that victory parade.t >> they say that a woman's work is never done, it turns out tha
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study highlights amount of work women do without getting paid as to care for children or elderly family, how much more time than men? about 13 minutes today according to a new gender gap re overov 79 hours, which is about the same as your standard two-week pay.d. >> the holiday shopping season has not officially arrived,> be buy and target are already offering a sweet deal, there ar bringing back free shipping for online purchases, best buy did the same thing last year throug december 204..
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catalog, target will offer free shipping with the start of its holiday season. good news because according to the national retail federation, almost half of holiday shopping will be online. olive garden is now allowing customers to check in on the web to save tables, you can the olive garden website or its mobile app to put your name and phone number on a waiting list. they say that all of its 843 restaurants in the united state will have a system by the end o the week.n ta chipotle first burger restaurant will open in ohio today, they say that the tasty made restaurant is scheduled to open in lancaster southeast of
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branching out to get back customers after a series of safety scares, it will serve burgers fries milkshakes and sodas. arby's best-known for its sliced roast beef is adding venison sandwiches that will be available by the month, and six dates were deer hunting is popularre, it will include that cut venison steak and onions, it will ben availab for a few days and select restaurants beginning october 3 in wisconsin, minnesota, michigano , pennsylvania, tennessee and georgia.a. we told you about the good samaritan who give up his airline seat or kenny lofton so
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cleveland to throw out the firs pitcho of the world series tuesday. s >> now his good deed pays off, what the indians and the airlines arepa giving him for h
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rough night as the indians lose game two road series. chicago, was on fire last night, stacey frey is at
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wrapup. the indians have a day off to rest and refocus, they are abou pointa.together against the odd he was going to be a longshotns sweep the cubs and chicago prov why they are the best in the national league. has been a battle of the former cy young award winners with corey kluber with corey kluber game one and jake arrieta game two.. arrieta through five and two thirds innings, hits, one run and struck out six,en chair francona says the indians are probably pretty fortunate, there was a lot of traffich last i can try to not play a clean game do not get their first it until the sixth inning went jason kipnisotot barton center scoring the only run of the game for the indians, thee cubs winning five-one to even out the series >> to stay positive, it is part of the game, just go out there tad stay
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because they got a really good team and we've got to make sure that we go out there friday and bounce backcky u one we were confident about josh tomlin, he will give his best and canno wait for game three. josh tomlin start game three tomorrow night in chicago, his father, who was recently paralyzed, from the chest down because of a rare condition, as undergonene surgery rehab a in chicago s for the first time the world series, stacey frey reporting. tribe fever spread across the area, a local hospital is askin employees not to celebrate by wearing the most notable logo, on tuesday employees at metrohealth siegel center were allowed to wear engines gear and colors to cheer on the first game of the world series.they asked them to refrain from
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apparela, they say they want to keep the atmosphere inclusive and welcoming, and respectful. spokesman confirms that the commissioner of major leagueth baseballgu wants to speak with team's owners about the chief wahoo logo, no date has been set. good day's pay off ask ken kostal who was expected to leav los angeles monday night but hi flight was what about and delayed twice. while waiting , he saw cleveland to throw out the firs pitch in game one. then gave up his seat to kenny lofton, then the indians are givingen ken kostal two tickets a potential game six. also,ic united airlines is gift him sixth 2,200 aaron miles in honor ofs kenny lofton's 622
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world series of sparking a rivalry of mythical proportions among an order of nuns. the congregation of saint joseph with locations in bothth cleveland and chicago, they hav been e-mailed each other decked outen in their respective team gear, the sister station chicag caught up with sister antares says that she has been a a cubs fan since the last world series run in 1945, as a sophomore in high school.1 are still remember the seventh game of the world series, i skippeded study hall went to the locker room and put on my transistor radio to liste to the gamet without that we were going to win because we had gotten the runs in the first part of the game. sisters in both cities admit s that they are appealing for som divine intervention for their hometown teams. s >> though he did not get the first call to throw out a first pitch, charlie sheen is still rooting for us, check out this
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charlie sheen still has his uniform, and he is ready to use itss. attention now turn into game three at wrigley field in chicago tomor versus kyle hendricks we had the lowest era in the national league , the pregame coverage beginning at, 4:00 p.m the first pitch is for it away p.m. tim kaine, onstage in lorain mistake a live listen.
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he heard this great organizer, for the team. hurt another wonderful organizer, o and you heard you state representative dan ramos will give him a round of applause. and he also heard r your lorain city mayor, give him a round of applause start. >> going to tell the story i wa introduced at an evente about one year ago because they said the in the us people would have been a year, a and senator in tim kaine is one of them and i thoughtht that canno be true. there are so many governors come into the senate, i went back to the senate historian second you check this and they said that it was true. only 29 people in the history of this nation would have been amir, a governor andi
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there have been someone encounters in the senate in tha i i realized,t that the mayor will kill you post a that was the hardest jobt that i ever ha that maybe the best. you are up close and personal and you cannot adjourn and go home, so thank you we've got city council here as well and t all elected officials, give the a round of applause,o a big ro of applause. i can't, not only the indians are in the world series . i am a kansas city royals fan.. but if it cannot be that i will stick with the al central, last night, i had a bucket list experience to attend a world series game b, i wish i had gon series game b, i wish i had gon again with our mutual friend
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great senator. >> tim kainesu flanked by senator al franken talking to a crowd a the lorain hospital dramama will check back in when he gets into morere substance of t speech. going to talk now about the weather. >> it is very blustery, cold day. the sunshine will return, we would see there are some 70s in the forecast. >> were going to be topping 70, for two days in the 8 -day outlook. today it is typical late octobe pattern. n there is a cold front that came throughgh this morning brings a few showers. the cold front is reducing our temperatures we had the high
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currently at 51 degrees the planned a sustained 70 mph the last. the lake land is sustained, is a coola kind of day program on storm fox, tracking a enhancement over lake erie that will push in about 2:00 p.m. todayy showers then. will push south through the afternoon commute, event and eating a few lake-effect showers, not much but there is the risk. it will continue to get cooler throughout today currently and
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tomorrow, sunshine and it shoul be at 57 degrees, which is normal. that will set us up for aw nice day saturday >> have that forecast coming up at the end of the newscast.. akron school leaders will host a series of discuss several mergers they voteder earlier this month to consolidate garfield and kenmore high school along with some middle schools elementary schools they will decide next montho where the new high school will be located and what it would be named, the meeting wil be atat bettes elementary schoo at 6:30 p.m. >> halloween is still a few day your friends are
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great lakes brewing ompany is called in their first party as they sampled the first christmas ale, it is a favorite
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a new clinical trial for a lungt cancer vaccine, roswell park cancer institute buffalo to offerosza the cuban lung can treatment vaccine, it is the leading cause of cancer related death in the united states, the most recentat done by cuban scientists should patients treated with the vaccine had improved overall survival and quality of life compared to those who do not receive the vaccination.atyared are you getting enough sleep could damage or cut.
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changes in the bacteriaia in your gut that are associated with a slow metabolism.i >> no evidence found that it alters the diversity of gut microbes but the changes that studies have associated with obesity. canvas top pharmacy is hoping to become the first country to legally sell over-the-counter medical marijuana. shoppers drug mart has filed paperwork to become license ic cannabis distributor, if approved they could dispense it at hundreds of stores,, it is used by tens of thousands of canadians for therapeutic purposes, but now they can only receive it through the mail fro license >> uber delivers food and sometimes puppies, tuesday they delivered free flu shots in houston along with a nurse to administer them.n
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they meet the nurse and they thinkth that it is okay and it very cool.t >> you could order it by requesting the health option on the uber app between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.. 16 other major cities were part of the flu shot campaign, they said that there was high
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does seem that tribe fans will do about anything to get a worl series evena travel from thousands of miles. roosevelt leftwich tells us about a cup a fan who came here from arou >> what you do for the love of baseball like waiting in the cold for srm nine hours before game time. >> she is her from toledo, also the lady's room coshocton and this winnebago from chicago and this sky for the other side of the world. >> there is no way comeeca no amount of money or distance tha will keep me away.. >> he is an army staff sergeant
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6,000 milessso and it was an adventure, he had to get ticket to game two, he is in the building, next he flew to shanghai, sat on the runway a few hours before a 14 hour delt flight to detroit then he rente a car and drove to cleveland n just in time to watch game one. everybody, did not matter from the age of five-95, the tribe.. >> is not even from ohio, he grew up in syracuse, but adopte the indiansns within 30 years a. 's best friend, is a cubs fan and is coming in from syracuse with a can watch the game together.ic >> we go back 35 years and we talked about itt jokingly, that if you are a cubs or indians fan, you know about heartbreak in i don't think it's going to happen, and he said that he would take off work. >> the casual fan, the tribe is
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be in this town at this time of the series is really you have t be even if on the other side of the world..yo >> i'm sorry i keep smiling but the excitement and joy is >> roosevelt leftwich fox 8 news.n chicago cubs fan sent indians pitcher trevor bauer e-gift before game two of the world series.v >> he tweeted a photo o many drunk that came with the card said go cubs go. he said, i see that the cavs fans loved me and how nice of them to send me a gift, is bloody pinky finger took center stage during game three of alcs, eventually leaving the game, while entered his finger while working on his drone.. what do you do to get tickets to the world series d when you' supposed to be in class.
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charlie when a venture chagrin falls when he skipped out of class to receive this e-mail from his professor.t >> rates in part- he replied with a message-. the professor responded- kirk we have a student from chagrin falls in our studio right now. first it was the dress, that was blue and black or white and gold, and now there is a new optical illusion that is taken
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new optical illusion on the internet, involving a pair of legs..e >> can you spot it? the internet is divided first ecd's shiny legs. there actually covered in white pat most people say he wants it was pointed out to them they cannot even see it that way, the instagram user originally poste the photo confirms it is paint
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today on "the real." >> our real houlgs wives of atlanta is on with major parts. >> and with you're giving out the greatest energy, it's going to come back to you. >> where is the worst place you've ever taken a selfie, tamera? >> on the toilet. >> oh, >> it's time to play take it. >> this halloween been go all out. >> we're showing you how to haunt your house. >> i think you've created a monster. >> yes, we have.. "the real." ? this is our time don't waste another minute of it ? ? this is our time grab ahold it's time to live it ? ? starting right now right now right now


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