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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  October 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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we have temperatures that have slipped back into the 40s afterer they were in the 50s. some of that warm air near huntington parkersburg by the time you get down there, it wil be ending. talk about the wind chill because it feels more like 40 similar to yesterday but currently itl is not rainin. and tomorrow,n offer some decen improvement. talk about that included the chicago forecast tomorrow comin up.. if you go to chicago, you will need to pay a lot to get into wrigley field.d. >> that the ticket prices are
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surprised to find that a lot of fans say that cleveland is a better bargain as roosevelt leftwich is at hopkins with more. most of those fans, were decked out in tri- gear. they were not going to chicago, stun lot of them were people from other cities grew into instead of going to the wrigley field to watch the game. although tickets to games one and two were not cheap, tickets to the chicago games are more expensive.. >> ranging from $700 for sro inasmuch is 30,000 behind home
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the prices were so high that even rabid cubs fans flew from across the nation to come here instead of chicagoa. it was probably around 2,000 2,000-$3,000 cheaper to come here than to chicago that was just for the ticket, so add on the hotel and it is probably $5,000 more expensive. stendra only is about $500, to do the same thing in chicago about 1700 to watch the game here with your friend and also help out
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that's why we saw so many cavs fans because it is a bargain first chicago. >> one of the fans told me that the cubs fans have been waiting since 1945 and even longer for a victory since 108 years.. >> audibly that anybody would pay $10,000 to see a game in >> talk about what happened as the cops dead to the end ends but we did to them, now the series is even one game each as the series moved to chicago for the next three games.. >> p.j. ziegler joins us with more on the world series.. >> i think the cold weather jus called the mode. the events have lost home-field
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chicago, it was tough go for th indians managing just one run four hits with two errors. that i get the first hit until the sixth inning at that time the score was five to 11, the cubs have now in the world series reason, the end ends have to bounce back friday at a spirited wrigley field. >> thank in the playoffs, we have found ways to win the game andnd they just scored more runs. know that josh tyler will er give his best and cannot wait for game three.e. >> francisco lindor has been named a finalist for the
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is only end it nominated for it. i can tell you that he would much rather have the world series title than golden globe award and josh tomlin will be pitching tomorrow gave three wrigley field chicago. talked about corey kluber pitching tomorrow times potentially in the games prevalent in the indians had to win one gameve in chicag to get home-field advantage bac because they have now home-field advantage. avenue part of a man walked up andnd live in jail facing charges for a scam tied to worl series. ed gallek is here with what
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counterfeit credentials command busted for a scam involving fake pass up two into those were busted for fake tickets. last night he was arrested for selling fake credentials,i to help people walk past security and get in for free. leconti guys, and they held to please find the guy selling passes baseball logo and concourse staff in 2016 postseason staff development. >> the suspect from walking. yesterday to man arrested for selling counterfeit tickets, click dems held one of them for the place in those cases were sent to the grand jury. >> they are very comfortable
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do we know if anybody actually got into the park with those holy passes? that's the question that the police are trying to determine they say that a lot of these games are in imminentnt so they look very quickly if something witht a big crowd and maybe the could get by.g investigation underway to determine if local officer face chargesd after a gun accidental discharged the bullet fired into a day care center where there were children at the time aso dave nethers joins us from fox studio at the university of akron.. chrisan cargo falls, he is a volunteer reserve officer also patrolman for east cleveland, h was off-duty at home it happene
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district monday scanned a call from kindercare learning center state road. the off-duty officer unloading the gun i believe and there was an accidental discharge one pass through the wall baseball into the back of the day care center next door. >> my understanding is that it went through the walls day care center. there were students in the classroom, the person who had the accidental dischargee went over to the school informing them what had occurred. the officer, who has not been charged, is a reserve police officer in cuyahoga falls and an army veteran should have been
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anytime you have of a firearm there is the expectation that i molded. >> theheh t suspect, a reserve officer for the city and becaus of that relationship thought it was appropriate to bring in outside prosecutor to make a determination if charges are appropriate. >> number is entered, it is illegal to discharge of firearm in city limits, please our w determine ifpo any charges will filed. >> we understand how concerned the parents must be in were taking it very seriouslyly to m sure that it is dealt with properlylyt. not name of the officer because there are no charges filed kindercare has issued a statement that reads--
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plays continue to search for suspects in monday's robbery an murder at a west side klubot, peggy gallek reports. >> four-man, rob the bar, assaulted a woman and killed another one while she tried to call 911. they say that she will be greatly missed.. the 44-year-old was working at cooley lounge monday the robber took placet to see that she was hard worker wanted to help others, they say that she went to a back room to call 911 and shot multiple times becauseck my wallet was assaulted. and she attempted to use a cell
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can buy that it held sunday night 17 outside the bar asking for anybody who knows anything tong
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talking about christmas. thank i just saw a tumbleweed on east
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from today in the last two days when it was packeded gridlocked saab pickwick cam tonight, ther is not much you can post a the annual batch of christmas ale i on tap at great lakes brewery, prince's ale is a favorite, for excellent taste, you get the beer the market out of ohio cit location bottles will be available in stores and supermarkets beginning on november 1 it will be on store
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i see that you are awfully good luck tie situation. >> there off today, that you ar sending it to the cleaners because you use it to wipe them out after their. >> i think that is what james tate, it is off to the dry cleaners and will be backff tomorrow without any stains. that soup is awfully hard to get out, good luck.s >> especially the broccoli. that almost looks as long as the line waiting to hear our winter weather outlook coming up. >> it is popular. >> we will find out soon enough now to westerly, west geauga county. it is pointed to the southwest,
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on the camera lens but it is not snowfall ergo they do have snowfall in parts of new york state. i heard from a friend of mine, who is in connecticut. in southern connecticut they started off with snow, sleet just now called rainfall also raining and western massachusettss and also in most ofm the england and many mounta locations will gete anywhere fr three-6 inches of snowfall as that system passes by. for us we had rainfall, we now have cold lands. most of the rain has pretty muc ended.
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system, we have calleded into t 40s accept it 50 at burke lakefront, because the land is awfully warm that's what happens in the fall early winter with that went off to like it actually o ones it u just a bit as opposed to inland where it has cooled 244 degrees mansfield and 46 youngstown. then chill overnight low temperature with the went out the west, between five and 15 and then tomorrow, partly cloudy with a high of 577 normally 69 ago notice how the high pressur will be eating away at the clouds, some may hold onto the clouds but certainly by afternoon will be looking o at this warm front will provide th
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and that will mean, for thell world series, game thre 64 degrees. went out of the southwest, that is actually helped to propel the ball out of the park if they ge a high enough. on saturday, your seruca gracen and then callback ow sunday and monday then tuesday over 70 and then back down agai wednesday and thursday next >> every thursday we get a temperature spike. , what kind of winter weather
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the fox 8 weather 2,000, at 6:00 p.m. find out, the winter weather outlook tonight on fox news. if you thought ticket prices express a film where steve,u no
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which cost more, sro sro home gabe spiegel a talk about g joe buck and everything trending, i was so disgusted b
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broadcast last night as the announcers always talked about cubs and never watchingas fox 8 again, we got lots of e-mails like that because world hates joe buckat, the fox announcer, and also chicago hinson, they said that he talked too much about clayton kershaw with the dodger and the nlcs, new york, boston, la are also nonfans because, he's not your guy who's trying to announce the games impartially. and we are used to guys like to hamilton, it's not the same com is like your favoriteot soft bed only to be wearing some uptight pair, the 47-year-old is announcing his 19th world series, it is notu his first company caught up with them and
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i get blamed for hitting every ten i am a huge hockey fan,n, in st. louis and i liste to then national guys call the close games, i want my own guys to call it, and people in the citiess p want their own people call the games so i get it. pete metz, everybody wins and names of the cavs win, but his twitter bio says that above all teams, except yours.b care about our guys talk about the indians, he has to at leasts split it up, the cops amendments are both nice marriages but you watch it through your own perspective an they see things and how different in different settingse >> i think you got said.
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>> was a kid when he got started. announces first world series game was 27. will cost more? standing room only tickets at progressive field, or to reserve a table fo four, just outside of wrigleyville in chicago to watc this and came at a bar.le in chicago. you could have purchased a ticket into game two for less than $500, tomorrow night at most restaurants their charges reported on the cover fees, s casey moran's come across stree from wrigley it is $1,500 reserve a table for four,t drinks, and one entr?e, and $50 at many other places, just reserve the table. then you have to pay for your the game at a bar, the story there is that, how
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free? and if i will have about 15 or more and there are only seven places in wrigleyville that you can get in for free. the two star hotel, super eight iso overdue thank? eighty-nine dollars. it would be $475.
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in 1989, ten-year-old amy mihaljevic was kidnapped bay village. >> four months later-and countingee her body was found, jc spoke with her father inf joins us from bay village.
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the past 27 years and confident that her killer will be identified trenda in october 1989, ten-year-old amy mihaljevic of bay village is inducted from a shopping center by predator who according to police called her home and convinced her to need him to pick out a gift for her mother. >> it will never go away is something that is emblazoned into your brain, mark mihaljevic says the fear of not knowing what had started on that day, turned to greet her body was found four months later-and counting, 27 years, the killer' identity has remained a mystery. the person had 27 years of
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have been some developments in the case, in june they revealed that there'sn drapery made from old jack sprat was found at the crime scene as well go blank an dna testing proved that the use rapper bonnie after she was killed. this is a key to solving first thing the not quite where that was hanging so severe they find that out they can backtrack. that the person who lowered her here knew someone in the family and was familiar with their habits.eoe >> they knew what was going on inside the house, somebody more than just a person who was driving down the street for sure.yor they're focusing on those who may have come into contact with her mother, the late margaret mcnulty, to get the information that enables the killer
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shopping center. h >> people are not given up and downwn this is going to be solv. just that one little cable bus this wide-open, i'm sure that they have the technology 2 years ago, it might have been solved already. >> there now offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest, could eventually solve the case. with 11 days until the election, both campaigns are focusing on battleground states like ohio. tim kaine, stumped for hillary clinton today at lorain high school, he broughtp minnesota senator and snl alum paulo franco nia long.
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specifically his refusal to accept the election outcome.i after the rally, they moved to columbus to speak. donald trump, rallying voters in ohio, you will be in geneva at 7:00 p.m. tonight, that he talking supporters in springfield, insisting thatt th election process' rate despite offering no evidence, a new pol shows 64 percent of his supporters believe those claims. in fact the clinton foundation, cardinal law from t find out if they are paid to play scheme would jeopardize their charitable status with t irs. that they were willing to play
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fast and loose with their enterprise, when they weren't i the white house, just imagine what they will do given the chance, to once again control the oval office. was also in toledo, tomorrow he will stop in new hampshire, maine and iowa. as world series moved to chicago so does fox 8 news. we have a very busy, as john telich is on his way to chicago with this we are on the way to wrigley field in chicago for game three of the 2016 world series. >> so far, even though tied, th indians bats about woken up, just one run last night, and give one got those two home runs
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guys on this team that have to get moving, where going to workouts and get the lay of the land in chicago
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like from 3d satellite. you can see a swirl, does not take a neurologist to see shapes that's the cold front that came through if you follow that is where you will see bloo pressure screening test to the north of toronto. it is currently snowing for muc of ontario, callback also new england in upstate new york. many of the higher elevation towns in new york and vermont will pick up between three and n pretty quiet as we look at the webcam from cedar point. with mostly cloudy skies,
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will be warmer this weekend to comear today, it would have bee cold clammy day with winds gusting as high as 35 in akron canton oregon sustained of 21 burke lakefront. nuosce temperatures last night in the 40s appeared we will jump briefly into the sector after the game. have the highest temperature at 10: into the 40s, tonight 39 degrees mostly cloudy, breez and tomorrow, may start with morning cloud cover but should break out intostt partly cloudy times mostly sunny sky with a high of 57. that is pretty close to normal, the winds aloft map, in about five or six days, with that
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air, upstream the warmer air will be moving into chicago tomorrow and then saturday. we are alternating between cool an warm phases of this particular winds aloft had her perk as we get deeper into november looks like a cold pattern may try to set in, then tomorrow to seven, saturday 70 with late da showers and also sunday 59 and that monday and tuesday, 62 degrees and 70 on tuesday
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of the reality. but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses to the united states and to the american people.
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reat and to keep us safe. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. a couple is laughing at a moderate muslim backfired. >> natalie herbick as those in the edition of the update. in this case she tried to prove her husband ron and it paid off,
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and two corrections officers recover after a fight inside of the cook county jail, video fro the present as several inmates were stabbed an officer hit wit the food tray during a fight in thehe jail, they say that there were treated at a hospital, none of them weren't life-threatening, they say the cause is unknown and investigation is ongoing. lifey continue to search f trapped after two earthquakes in central italy, widespread damag reported,, a 15th century church collapsed, so far no deaths reported, aftershocks continue to be felt. the release a new video shows the status polar bear in the world.
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at been making headlines since c t mall opened in january it shows the polar bear pacing back and forth, they say the video does not accurately show the living environment they say that it is a large tank that measures 1600 square feet. apple delays release of the new airpods, the first unveiled a newod wireless airpods with a estimated shipping date of october earbuds will miss thatbu time they savem the not believed to ship product before it is ready, no word on what is behind the delay. t a while try to teach her husband a lesson, backfires after they went $1 million. she wanted to show her husband that buy lottery tickets was a waste of money after she purchased a $10 scratch off ticket, she knows that she won big
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lump sum of $40,000 she says it will go to her granddaughter's college tuition . the case against chief wahoo is heating up, this time goes
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the tri- mascot is once again in the spotlight. >> elizabeth noreika is here with today'sel facebook live
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saying about this one this time trend to this topic as many people talking on facebook page, after the world series is over, baseball commissioner rob manfred says he plans to meet with indians owner paul dolan t talk about the team's use of th chief wahoo logo. has been controversial for years, the first appearance wa in 1947 not until the 70s some people complained about th useh, said that it was racist, they dropped chief wahoo as the primary logo three years ago, some wanted to be gone together , the commissioner says you can see why that logo would offend some and everyone's major leagu baseball understands. that's what it will be. revisited after the world series. as always, we want to hear what you said, here is what you said
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it depends on who you ask, some people perceive it ass racist and other say that it
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is racist they are us proud of its tradition. you don't know where it is headed. in the washington post company in discussing the redskins in 2014 they took a survey of native americans and, nine out of ten said that they were not offended. >> interesting to see what come after this meetg, world series. >> halloween is just days away, if asked wrist roll is getting into the holiday spirit,, and w
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people are putting the finishin touches on how the inconstant. a new york burger king went all out for a halloween prank, we're lk building, this burger king in queens new york dressed as the ghost of mcdonald's, the entire building was draped in white cloth. site outside reveals the prank, says that we still flame broil our burgers,
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19 is there as a comment learns his fate for selling counterfeit tickets to local sports fans. the tribe in some loyal fans hit the road to go to chicago, but some loyal fans pay to seei the indians in chicago. the extendew outlook is straight ahead.
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chicago, they just arrived in chicago for tomorrow's game three of the world series. but it is really windy here, it was not like this 24 hours ago, it would have been even worse than progressive field. >> we have had summary earlier today, most of it has been cldy we had some gusty winds between 25 and 30 mph after the front. currently we have cloud cover. sprinkles of the snowbelt. we did reach the high temperature between eight and 10:00 a.m. in the upper 50s, since then it has been falling.
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will begin to relax overnight. sustained between five and 15 mph. a few spotty sprinkles moving through geauga county, but most of us have had a productive cloud cover and well-being of their trade overnight. tonight, there will be fewer clouds, some partial clearing b don. a good friday night night football and also watch parties to watch game three at a bar or from your home. it will be breezy and on the cool side, looking at the weekend forecast and halloween forecast on monday and coming up.


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