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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  October 27, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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welcome to fox 8 news on this soggy thursday, it has been called and rainy, finance accommodation especially after sunset, melissa myers is here to let us know if there is the the answer is yes beginning tomorrow. tomorrow will be a good-looking day. nighttime lows the rainfall today with some lake enhanced rainfall in the snowbelt. we had 47 hopkins and
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the land is for the last between five and 15 mphph earli was gusting up to 35 right now the only gusting new philadelphia about 21 mph. had the high today about 9:00 a.m. and since then it's been falling. their snowfall in upstate new york and heading towards new england. we will have some cloud breaks tonight especially towards tomorrow morning, taken up with partly sunny skies. and then partly cloudy skies from friday afternoon until kickoff of friday night touchdown games.
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and the forecast for the world series i chicago? and the trick or treat forecast coming up in the 8 -da outlook.d for the first two games of the world series, we saw many chicago cubs fans here by now that the series has moved to chicago, so have the tribe fans as with some as they hit the road. >> check in and with ticket brokers in many fans are not in those wrigley prices, some are going to stay here to watch the game still going to chicago eve though they would like to be there, not be as many tribe fan at wrigley. >> only about an hour by air from cleveland, they have plenty of seats to get you there, and with games three, four and five
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would be going to chicago, while there are plenty of tribe gear at hopkins you don't have any takersipli. >> it was about two-$3,000 cheaper to come here than chicago last just for the ticket. et >> sean smallwood, san diego says thatat in our flight to chicago would have been cheaper by getting into the game not so much to fly from san diego have family here and do not have to pay for the hotel was provided i just had to pay for the ticket. >> even diehard cubs fans, clea the was a better deal, he said it was more cost effective to fly from san francisco to hopkins, the hotel three days i rent a car and buy two tickets to regressive than to fly to chicago. t at wrigley, as you have season tickets are not selling because of the high demand and
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$2,400 for the worst seats in the house. >> and those would be the great first>> at wrigley in deep cent that start at $2,400 up to $3,700, behind the visitors dugout , i mailed the mid- 5,000 up to $10,000, the cheapest sea behind home plate is about $5,000 up to $30,000 coming to see that fly from colorado to clear them instead of yur family home in chicago is worth every penny. >> scanning all in chicago is about $700 and i can sit in the seat here foror $1,400. you still have money left over to treat your friends do s
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the end as are at wrigley field to get ready for game three as josh tomlin will be pitching, john telich is more for chicago. >> at wrigley field, on friday, in game three of the world series, josh tomlin,am will be pitching for the tribe, is healing father, is only now abl to travel to see his pitch in the world series. a lot is riding on it in here are his thoughts. >> he is here, i don't know when he will fly up but he should ge here tonight w, we will be grea to see him tonight and to have dinner and then get to work tomorrow, he is confined to a wheelchair, and hope that that is through heat rehab o again o day walk again but it will be a
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>> and, josh tomlin takes the stage and one of the biggest sporting events in the world, as john telich are outside of wrigley field chicago.. more a lot we can expect from game three to go to p.j. ziegler. the end as loss last night also they lost home-field advantage and they have lost designated hitter, they are at wrigley field, the have a tough decision they will lose the designated hitter they are in and nl park, the tribal see if they can have carlos santana an the outfield and mike napoli in the line-up, he knows they need as much power as possible. >> were thinking about it,
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secret were trying to balance scoring wall runs with them, he is a big part of the offense, h is also never played right fiel they can 2012. there would be some concern. francisco lindor has been named a finalist for the golden globe awardhe , he is the only indian this year. stay with us for more coverage of the indians pursuit of the world series title we have crews in chicago you can get updates at fox
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i-team learned of a man facing charges for selling fake passes the world series co-edan we talked earlier about others who were arrested this week for selling fake tickets, but he is accused of selling fake credentials. that allow people to get past security and into the game for free. two people were stopped trying to use the fakes and they help the police to track down the cellar, the suspect from a walking, they say that these fake passes head mlb logos identified them as stadium staff, so far police have yet file charges against the sellero local officer accidentally fires his gun where that bullet ended up that has him answering
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investigation to determine if a local officer will face charges after his gun discharge to send a bullet into a day car center, dave nethers has learne more about the incidentnt. >> and cuyahoga falls, the volunteer police officer and patrolman in east cleveland, cayuga police were called 330 monday when ebola came through the kindercare learning center on state road in a room where children were playing, police chief says that the officer was in his home near the day care center when he was unloading a gun in hise bedroom when the
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exterior then into the learning center. there were students in the classroom, they saw the hole in the wall, and the person who h accidentally discharged, immediately went to the day care center and informed about what had occurred.t it is a reserve police officer for the c fallsr because of that relationship we thought it appropriate to bring in outside prosecutor to make a determination of charges or appropriatem. they released a statement which they say- fox 8 studio at
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a crime that shot cleveland, 1989, ten-year-old amy mihaljevic was connected bay village, the bodies of four months later in ashland county jack shea spoke to her father o this anniversary says he is confident that his daughter's killer will be caught.ry says that the ear of not knowing what happened to his daughter only then kn do some y ago turned to grief , when her body was found four months late in ocean county,
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years the killer has remained a mysteryhe the shame that some of her seven years of freedom,t wh that person did not deserve to be free. there have been submitted developments, in june, they reveal this drink is made from old bedspread was found at the crime scene as was his blanket, and dna prove that these items were used to wrap her body and she was killed. and it is a big key to solve they just don't know where it was painting and as soon as they find that out,i they can backtrack. >> after 27 years of examining the case, there sure that the person who lured her to the shopping center knew someoneur the familyew and was familiar w their schedules and habitsa. so i knew what was going on
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more than just someone who drove down the street bets are sure..t they're focusing on those who may have come into contact with the late margaret mcnulty to get the information enabling the killer to entice her to meet him at the shopping center.e >> they have not given up, they have not thrown, and the town, this is going to be swelled to set little key will bus is wide will bus is wide open ofb sure at the technology 27 years ago, it might have been solved already. >> jack shea, fox 8 news. >> donald trump wants to rally voters in ohio today, the way stops in springfield and toledo beforere speaking at the spire institute geneva today, the live look is a way for him to come t the stage, he is running a bit
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talk, polls show him with a slightlyp in ohio, as election day nears, you can see there is a packed house, there to hear what he has to say parker if you want to hear what he has to say go to fox >> .. tim kaine stumping for hillary clintonor bringing along l frank and of course they both talk quite a bit about donald trumpt at lorain high school. >> he asked if he would respect the outcome of the election, he said, he says that i'm not going to make a commitment, want to keep you in suspense, this is not a tv show, such as next wee on hawaii 5-o, this is not abou
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tradition.. after that rowling, then moved onto columbus are they both spoke today. these clouds, all day long agogo . hi was 57 at 9:00 a.m. and
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currently in the 40s, sunset was at 6:28 p.m. tomorrow should be on par with where we should be. there should be a chance of som spots prickles till about midnight and then it shouldf quiet downl snowfall in new york state, vermont, new hampshire and also made some could get several inches, for us, stable conditions to break about the cloud cover until the next system that will bring us a chance of showers over the
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advisories have been posted in new york area in the higher elevations between three and 6 inches ago drama in omaha 74, that is the kind of chicago tomorrow so it should b good for game number three posted >> forgot. on saturday quite a few unproductive clouds so enjoy some outdoor activities such as raking leaves. it will be mild with quite a fe
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sunday tomorrow, upper 50s, in chicago, mid- 60s and gusty winds at times up to 25 mph. on sunday chance of rain on monday low '60s and they're back tos s then tuesday world series returned sear it will be 70s. how lame is just a couple days away, the babies won't let the fact that in just a few day
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welcome back, a big limb and, hopefully you are at home, watching fox 8 news in keeping nice and warm inside. >> if you enjoy a beer every once in a whi day, october 207i national american beer day, 2100 breweries, most are microbreweries, also called craft breweries, us beer styles include pale ? la the most common is american lager ricki lake spring company celebrating one of the annual batch alele i now on tap, it is a favorite fo
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you can only get at their location on market avenue, but that will be available in stores soon beginning on monday october 31, it'll be on shelves until it is sold out. just a few days until hollowing andnd newbury is gett into the spirit, even some babies in the hospital, at st. luke's in kansas city, dressing up, for the march of >> repairs to the costumes and the nurses how to get the baby ready the photographers donated their time to take these photos for the family, parents also got a card with their child's footprints. >> that does it for fox news,
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our children, they look up to us. eat others. and now they're looking to see what kind of leaders we choose. who we'll entrust our country and their future to. will it be the one respected around the world, or the one who frightens our allies and emboldens our enemies? the one with the deep understanding of the challenges we face, or the one who is unprepared for them? a steady hand?
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a woman who's spent her life helping children and families, or a man who's spent his life helping himself? our children are looking to us. what example will we set? what kind of country will we be? hillary clinton, because we're stronger together.
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oh, hey, stuart, i got you a little souvenir from my trip to space. well, howard, that's very nice of you. yeah, maybe. open it first. it's my official nasa portrait. "to stuart, your comic book store is out of this world. for the record, he also thinks the walgreens and the dry cleaners are out of this world. that's not true. at the walgreens, i was "over the moon" for their store-brand antacids. hey, stuart, i see you're getting ready for your halloween party. yeah, it's my annual attempt to meet women. ninth time's the charm. would you like me to help? i do have a certain je ne sais quois when it comes to soirees.


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